Brewfest is coming… help us invent the first Alagaesia holiday!

brewfest-announcement-posterWe are very excited to announce Alagaesia’s first holiday: Brewfest! Brewfest is a time of celebration for all of Alagaesia’s races signaling the heart of Fall.

Over the next ten days, we’ll be inviting fans to help contribute to and shape this holiday. We will be providing (and encouraging fans to submit) recipes for teas, beers, and food! We’ll be inventing Alagaesia games, traditions, and decorations. We’ll be writing our own community-sourced short story based on the holiday.

This is your chance to leave a lasting impact on our favorite fantasy world! This is the first in what we hope to be many major community projects.

The first major Brewfest post will hit Shur’tugal tomorrow! Stay tuned.