Last Week on Swords, swordfighting, and the stories behind some of Alagaesia’s most memorable names

last-week-on-pnetThe second week of, the Paolini’s official website, has drawn to a close. Week two did not disappoint following the site’s successful first week and its exciting content, with several stories and another essay from Christopher hitting their blog! Here’s a preview of this past week’s content:

“Christopher Discusses Making Swords and Swordfighting Swords and Swordfighting” – In a new and exclusive essay, Christopher discusses making swords and swordfighting, including his history with both and how he worked this knowledge into the Inheritance Cycle.

“Behind the Naming Process of Some of the Inheritance Cycle’s Memorable Characters and Locations” – Readers are given a behind-the-scenes look at the “secrets” and inspirations behind some of Alagaesia’s most memorable character and location names in this interesting blog post!

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Last week was just as exciting, offering all kinds of new content available on the website at launch as well as multiple updates throughout the week. We put together an in-depth look at the website’s launch content as well as the first week’s blog content, but we’ll highlight some of the best content from that week:

Christopher’s Current Writing Project – Christopher discusses his current writing project, a sci-fi novel, in a new video exclusive to their website!

Christopher’s Art Desk: The Process Behind the Illustration of Aren, Brom’s Ring – Readers are given a behind-the-scenes look at the process behind illustrating Aren, Brom’s ring! The article includes never-before-seen sketches, references, and more.

Christopher Discusses His Favorite Writers – Christopher discusses many of his favorite writers in this blog post. Inheritance Cycle fans may find several great recommendations for new authors and books to explore.

Christopher Discusses Finishing the Inheritance Cycle and Begin New Writing Projects – After completing a project that consumed over a decade of his life, Christopher was ready to try his hand at new things: short stories, research, and his current project – a sci-fi novel.

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