From Rider Swords to Hammers, Shur’tugal Presents: Top Ten Weapons in the Inheritance Cycle: Part 2 (#1-5)

weapons-header-2Be sure to view part one of our Top Ten Weapons in the Inheritance Cycle post for weapons 10 through 6 before reading this post.

Every true fantasy hero (and villain) needs a good weapon.  Whether in a large scale battle or a duel of champions, a warrior’s chosen weapon can mean life or death.  Not only used for fighting, they can also be symbols of great power, hope and despair.  Fortunately for fans of the Inheritance Cycle, the series is loaded with amazing weaponry both beautiful and meaningful.  From infamous Rider swords, to improvised tools and unique enchantments, the weapons of Inheritance are fantastical and far reaching in so many ways.

In the first part of our Top Ten Weapons series, we focused on five weapons that, while powerful, weren’t necessarily key to shaping the future of Alagaesia. The remaining five weapons, revealed in today’s list, are not only powerful because of their physical strength, but because of what they are capable of and what the weapons have allowed – or will allow – their wielding to do.

Below you’ll find the conclusion of our two part series where we count down the top ten most incredible weapons from the Inheritance Cycle.  Yesterday we gave you ranks six through ten, and now we reveal the remaining top five! (Note: This list is only the Shur’tugal staff’s opinion, and we’d love to hear what your top ten list is in the comments!)


Without further ado, our top five weapons:

5-niernen5. Niernen (Dauthdaert) – One of the twelve Dauthdaertya (Death Spears) created by the elves for the sole reason of slaying dragons, Niernen was a supremely powerful weapon.  Though Niernen means “orchid” in the Ancient Language, its beautiful name was transcended by its deadliness.  A long, magic spear, Niernen’s distinguishing feature was a cruelly barbed blade at the tip etched with glyphs.  The weapon was of an emerald color, with an equally emerald glow surrounding it.

Why it’s so epic:  The Dauthdaertya were the bane of dragons.  Initially used by the Empire, Niernen nearly killed Saphira, bringing her to the complete brink of death.  Claiming it after the battle, this lance was then wielded by Arya and used to slay Shruikan, Galbatorix’s titanous black dragon and one of the biggest obstacles to the Varden in winning the war.  It is believed that Niernen was destroyed with Galbatorix.

4-rorans-hammer4. Roran’s Hammer – Useful weapons need not be elegant or stylish to be effective, and that is truly the case with Roran’s Hammer.  What started as one of Horst’s smithing hammers, this ware turned from simple tool into a weapon of legend within the Varden.  Naught but wood and iron, this hammer is as rugged as its owner.  Becoming Roran’s weapon of choice, Eragon infused the hammer with magic to strengthen its power.

Why it’s so epic:  Stronghammer.  This was the nickname given to Roran by the citizens of Carvahall after he used the robust weapon to defend them and lead them to the Varden.  The simplicity of the hammer is an excellent parallel to the humble beginnings of Roran, and the message than anyone can rise against those who wish to oppress what they hold dear.

3-zarroc3. Zar’roc – Morzan, Brom and Eragon all once fought with this infamous sword in hand, but the ownership now rests with Murtagh.  Originally the sword of Morzan, first and last of the Forsworn, this blade’s namesake translates to “misery”, something that Zar’roc was surely known to cause for many years.  With a striking, blood red blade and a glittering ruby in the pommel, this one-handed sword embodies a lethal beauty.

Why it’s so epic:  Zar’roc is the definition of redemption.  Used by Morzan to slaughter Riders and innocents, this sword was pure evil until it came into the hands of Brom and Eragon.  When Murtagh claimed the weapon on the Burning Plains as his birthright, Zar’roc was again used for evil purposes.  It wasn’t until Murtagh broke free of Galbatorix that this crimson blade was no longer feared by the free people of Alagaësia.

2-brisingr2. Brisingr – The finest Rider blade ever forged by the legendary elven smith Rhunön, this weapon is truly worthy of the savior of Alagaësia, Eragon Shadeslayer.  With Eragon in dire need of a sword as war waged on against Galbatorix, he joined with Rhunön in creating Brisingr from rare brightsteel found under the mysterious Menoa Tree.  Able to be wielded with the strength of two hands, or with single hand allowing for a shield, this shining blue sword was ideal for various battle situations.  Translating to “fire” in the Ancient Language, Eragon can call flames to Brisingr’s blade when he says its true name.

Why it’s so epic:  Not only did this sword help Eragon with several crucial battles that helped win the biggest war in the history of Alagaësia, it will also continue to serve and protect the future of the Riders for years to come.  Having a hand in the creation of Brisingr, the weapon easily became an extension of Eragon’s being and a beacon for those uniting around him.

1-vrangr1. Vrangr (formerly known as Islingr) – In a time where it was known as Islingr (Light-Bringer), this sword was wielded by Vrael, the last leader of the Dragon Riders prior to the Fall.  After slaying Vrael in combat, Galbatorix took up the weapon and renamed it Vrangr (Awry) to use as his own tool of destruction.  This pale blade lacked color in comparison to other Rider weapons, and instead was a deathly white from hilt to blade tip, with an entirely clear gem set in the pommel.

Why it’s so epic: There may be no weapon in the Inheritance Cycle that had as far-reaching of an impact as Vrangr.  Though we don’t encounter this weapon until Inheritance, it was there for the rise and Fall of the Riders, and when the Empire came to power.  Many dragons, Riders and people of Alagaësia fell under Vrangr, the sweeping blade of Galbatorix’s tyranny.   

Now we ask: What is your favorite weapon from our top ten list?  Would you change the order of our list in any way? What other weapons would you include that we didn’t in our top ten?

  • Margaret Ann

    I like wepons that have a history to them…

  • zerio29

    I think that magic should be on this list somewhere – after all it has the largest impact on the story as it created the riders in the first place

  • Ian Franz Dresarie

    As I have a bit of experience in sword fight myself i can call Brisingr to be my absolute favourite. Not only for the color, material and stile, just the fact it is designed to be used with one or two hands and the option to use a shield with it while still having the nice range and flexibility through to it’s super light weight makes me extremely jelous on Eragon for having it. If we would try to make a weapon like it it would breake in the first seconds of the fight or deform too much to do any damage when you break through your enemys defense. *being sad*

  • Andes Torrez Day

    i think Brisingr should be number 1 because it lights on fire where as vrangr doesn’t thats what i think

  • Olivia Sounders

    Omg I completely forgot about Islingr! That would have to be my favorite weapon other than Tinkledeath and Zar’roc.

  • Emily Pettingill

    My favorite is Brisinger.

  • musa

    What about angelas sword the one that could slice through rock really easily

    • FreeCreeperHugs

      Tinkledeath? That was in part 1.

      • Olivia Sounders

        I love your name XD

  • Aaron Mills II

    What an impressive lineup! One day I hope to see all the weapons of the Inheritance Cycle in full-detailed illustrations besides the two we saw in Eragon’s Guide to Alagaesia. These weapons are very intricate and I think it is agreed that each has its own personal history and uniqueness – I will even grant ingenuity. My personal favorite is Zar’roc because of how much it would be my perfect sword (love the red color and the translation), but Brisingr, the sword of Eragon, is definitely a force to be reckoned with, so I grant it a very close 2nd place. Overall I am overly fond with every weapon of this series, and hopefully get to see more Rider swords in the book(s) to come.

  • Kliever

    Swords and that are great, but that Hammer always stood out for me

  • Rubén Amador Salas

    2 things:
    1 – I think Stronghammer would be a great last name for Roran’s Family (he’s a count now, needs a last name and a shield)

    2 – Other reason because Brisingr it’s awesome its: When you said the name it burns in flames (THATS AWESOME!!!!)

  • Can’t neglect to say that Angela’s huthvir was pretty epic.

    • Derek_anny

      Agreed. There’s not enough love for non-sword weapons.

    • ruby tuesday

      I dont get why it wasnt on the list

    • Nolan Holley

      I’m also a big fan of the huthvir, but we wanted to keep this particular list to just the ten weapons we thought had the biggest impact on the story. But perhaps we’ll do a future list of weapons we didn’t mention 🙂

  • Ze End

    Great list, but I still have to say (on pg 714 in Inheritiance) that the simple spell (to make him understand) eragon cast to kill Galb. is the # 1 weapon. A weapon does not have to be a blunt, edged, or projectile shooting physical thing, it can be an Idea, and a simple one at that.

  • Amy Harris

    I must say, my favorite weapon was Nasuada’s Harpoon Spoon of Doom.

    • Rubén Amador Salas

      Yeah XD

  • Dorcas B.

    A admit I was guessing that Brisingr would be #1, I do absolutely love that sword. It’s creation is one of my favorite parts in the series.
    Vrangr does seem fitting though! While we may not see it much, it is suiting because of all it’s history.
    Well done! (I love seeing all the art, too.)

  • Peyton Bennett

    Does anyone know where we can find replicas of zar’roc or brisingr? Ive been wanting to get one I’ve looked everywhere but can’t seem to find them online?

  • Regnvær

    I think Brisingr should be 1 and Zar’roc 2. They did a lot more to shape the story.

    • Olivia Sounders

      Ya but Islingr belonged to Vrael, leader of the dragon riders, so the best rider would get the best weapon.

      • Regnvær

        But it didn’t really shape the series.

  • Javier Adragna

    Muy bellas imágenes
    Me encantó Brisingr
    Very beautiful pictures
    I loved Brisingr

  • Jasmine Miriama Willis

    Love it (: I think there’d be a little debate on the top 3. Although Roran’s hammer was indeed epic it was more the person that made that weapon. I thought Tinkledeath would surely be up in top 5 but thats just me. Well done, Shurtugal (:

    • Nolan Holley

      Thanks for reading! The fun part about lists is we can all rearrange them into our own personal rankings and discuss 🙂

  • Ryan Tipton

    Yeah it was a good lineup although I feel Eragon’s sword should have been number one, It freed the people and slayed the ruthless king. And will be the protector of the future!

  • Ajay

    Where’s Undbitr? Surely the sword of Brom must be epic. :O

    Still, I agree with this list I guess. Vrangr/Islingr deserves to be no. 1 for it’s duality: first good, then evil.

    (p.s. Roran needs a more manly beard. …Just saying.)

    • Undbitr was a tough one. It’s certainly up there in terms of the most powerful weapons in Alagaesia, but it wasn’t included in the top ten mostly due to it never having been in the actual four book series. If it appeared in a prequel or sequel, it would definitely be on the list.

    • Nolan Holley

      Consider Undbitr an “Honorable Mention” 😉

    • Brenton

      Love the thought of eventually seeing Undbitr in a book but really Brom lost the sword before he got Zar’roc. Therefore it had next to no part in shaping Alagaesia post-Rider War. Still it is high up there in strong weapons.