From Rider Swords to Ascûdgamln, Shur’tugal Presents: The Top Ten Weapons in the Inheritance Cycle: Part 1 (#6-10)

top-ten-weapons-headerEvery true fantasy hero (and villain) needs a good weapon.  Whether in a large scale battle or a duel of champions, a warrior’s chosen weapon can mean life or death.  Not only used for fighting, they can also be symbols of great power, hope and despair.  Fortunately for fans of the Inheritance Cycle, the series is loaded with amazing weaponry both beautiful and meaningful.  From infamous Rider swords, to improvised tools and unique enchantments, the weapons of Inheritance are fantastical and far reaching in so many ways.

Below you’ll find the first of a two part series where we’ll count down the top ten most incredible weapons from the Inheritance Cycle.  Starting with numbers ten through six, the remaining top five will be revealed in tomorrow’s post! (Note: This list is only the Shur’tugal staff’s opinion, and we’d love to hear what your top ten list is in the comments!)

Without further ado:

10-volund10. Volund – This warhammer is a legendary weapon among the dwarves.  Forged by the first dwarf king, Korgan Longbeard, Volund has served as the personal weapon of dwarven kings and queens for generations.  King Hrothgar wielded Volund in the battles at Farthen Dûr and Burning Plains, where he was slain by Murtagh.  It was then passed on to Orik when he became King of the dwarves.

Why it’s so epic:  Volund is a powerful symbol for the dwarven race.  Being an ancient weapon wielded by kings, it gives the dwarves an everlasting symbol to rally behind in difficult times.9-naegling

9. Naegling – This was the sword of Oromis, the venerable Rider and mentor to Eragon, Brom and Morzan. As with many Rider blades, Naegling mirrored the color of the dragon ridden by its wielder. Just as the dragon Glaedr was golden in color, this sword had a similar rich golden-bronze hue. A large golden jewel was set in the pommel for storing energy.

Why it’s so epic:  Not only was Naegling the sword of one of the wisest and oldest surviving Dragon Riders, this blade was stored with an immense amount of energy. The yellow gem was pumped full of valuable energy by Oromis, Glaedr and several other elves. Naegling is now the subject of much speculation, as it was lost in the invasion of Gil’ead where Oromis fell, and has yet to reappear.

8-tinkledeath8. Albitr (Tinkledeath) – This weapon is as mysterious as the person who wields it. The sword of Angela the Herbalist, Tinkledeath got its name from the sound it makes when tapped. Though its exact materials are unknown, its transparent blade is extremely strong and sharp like diamond. Angela even professed Tinkledeath to be the sharpest blade that exists, and it could easy cut through any material free of magical wards. The sword was also accompanied by a scabbard that was protected against its sharpness.

Why it’s so epic: Angela is one of the most powerful beings in Alagaësia, so the fact that she has such a dangerous sword makes her even more impressive. Since Tinkledeath is basically unblockable without some sort of magic, it is extremely effective in many battle situations.7-ascudgamln

7. Eragon’s Ascûdgamln – The Ascûdgamln are a unique weapon designed by the dwarves. Meaning fists of steel in their language, these knuckle weapons are just that. By drilling holes into the knucklebones, the dwarves were able implant sockets into which various spikes and studs could be attached. This was a very risky operation and not many dwarves would go through it, and Eragon could not due to having smaller human hands though it did not diminish his respect for the Ascûdgamln. To help balance his newfound elvish strength when fistfighting, Eragon used magic to form calluses on his knuckles in the same fashion as the Ascûdgamln.

Why it’s so epic: While Eragon’s Ascûdgamln were not fists of steel in the traditional sense, they were still a major alteration for him.  As part of his elvish transformation, Eragon’s physical change was significant. He was truly a force to be reckoned with, and no longer just a mere human.

6-tamerlein6. Támerlein – Originally the sword of Dragon Rider Arva, this blade rested in the trove of the House Valtharos in Ellesméra before being claimed by Arya at the end of Inheritance. Though it was once offered to Eragon to use, he was not fond of its style and fit. Like all Rider swords, Támerlein has a gem set in the pommel for energy storage, which in this case is an emerald. This large sword’s blade was similarly matched with a lustrous green hue.

Why it’s so epic: Though we don’t see this sword much in the Inheritance Cycle, it is nonetheless important because it has come forth from an old generation of Riders to a new generation. Matching the green color of Arya’s dragon Fírnen, Támerlein is a sign of hope and reflection of Arya’s power as both Rider and Queen of the elves.

Now we ask: What is your favorite weapon from our list so far?  Would you change the order of our list in any way? Which weapons do you think will make our top five?