Question: Where in the world is Angela the Herbalist? And what the heck is she?!

Angela the Herbalist and SolembumIf there’s one topic that fans of Inheritance love to discuss, it’s the simple question of “What happens next?”.  Tune in to any given conversation regarding the conclusion of Christopher Paolini’s Inheritance Cycle and there is a good chance that the chatter will find its way towards the story’s most enigmatic character: Angela the herbalist.

Throughout the Cycle, Angela’s continuous stream of wit, knowledge and strength was mirrored by layers of mystery that kept fans guessing to the very end of Inheritance.  From our in depth Big Twenty series to past community discussion posts, fans and readers have left no stone unturned in their quest to discern the origins of Eragon’s most eccentric ally.

While we’ll have to wait a bit longer to find out any more details on Angela’s past, we can always look towards her future adventures. From “Blood Price”, one of the final chapters of Inheritance, Angela shares a hint with Eragon on where she might travel next:

“The time has come for Solembum and me to relocate to more friendly climes: the Beor Mountains, perhaps, or Du Weldenvarden.”

Eragon hesitated for a moment and then said, “Would you like to come with Saphira and me?”
Solembum opened one eye and studied him for a second before closing it again.

“That’s very kind of you,” said Angela, “but I think we will decline.  At least, for the time being.  Sitting around guarding the Eldunarỉ and training new Riders seems boring…although, raising a clutch of dragons is sure to prove exciting.  But no; for the time being, Solembum and I will stay in Alagaësia.  Besides, I want to keep an eye on Elva for the next few years, even if I can’t watch over her in person.”

“Haven’t you had your fill of interesting events?”

“Never.  They’re the spice of life.”

Now we’d like you to give the knucklebones a toss and read into Angela’s future, just as the herbalist did for Eragon so long ago at her cluttered little shop in Teirm. It would certainly seem as though Christopher will include the character in his confirmed Book V. For someone who is always ready to make an appearance for momentous occasions, the whereabouts of Angela certainly begs the question:

Where in the world is Angela the Herbalist? And just what the heck is she? We want to hear your theories, thoughts, and ideas in the comments!

*Angela and Solembum artwork by Ticcy on DeviantArt!

  • Rubén Amador Salas

    Sounds like a good videogame XD

  • andyroo1256

    Interesting thing about this is (and christopher I do not intend to put you under any pressure) that Mr Paolini seems to be encouraging shurtugals regular uploads of information regarding book v. This demonstrates to me that even though he says that he has already plotted it although not finished and also that he Is working on another project, I feel as though book v will be realeased much sooner then anticipated. Why would Christopher agree to relay this information orherwise? It is clear that he would not want to prematurely excite his audience for its release only to experience the anti-climax of a drawn out waiting period. Hehe we all know how clever he is aftter reading his books anyway 😉

    • Ze End

      I think he said he has plotted it out. He still has the fine details to put in, and many authors have admitted that the original ending of their stories have changed by expanding their stories universe.

      • andyroo1256

        Interesting response, but kinda what I expected. I’m thinking that although Christopher has the inspiration to write so many more genres I think he’s “soul novel” will always be the inheritance cycle. He mentioned once that he’s greatest weakness and strength was his attentional to detail so he would of course love to continue with inheritance and I dont know how many other genres he can write before he goes back and answers questions in book v.

  • Ze End

    “sometimes a cigar is just a cigar”. I have heard some great theories about Angela over the years, but she could also just be an “odd ball”, a mysterious person for the sake of being mysterious. See is still a product of her time (the frog vs toad debate), and we will just see in time more info about Angela.

    • Deef

      Its Angela. Calling her “Just” Anything is almost an insult.

  • selo

    Plot twist!
    She’s a dragon,

    • Nolan Holley

      What color???

      • Deef

        Purple, or a smokey grey.

  • Emily Pettingill

    I believe that Angela is one of the grey-folk and the soothsayer. I mean how can she be at the events early if she doesn’t know what’s about to happen in the future???

  • Christopher Armstrong

    I agree that she is probably the Soothsayer, and not entirely mortal.

  • Kerry

    i believe that she is one of the Grey Folk

  • Anonym

    I believe that Paolini wouldn’t put obvious Doctor Who references, just little snippets, for aesthetic purposes. My theory is that she is the Soothsayer, because someone called her that in Inheritance and that she is one of the Grey folk, because the Soothsayer is not one of the known races in Alagaesia. I do not know the letter from the deluxe edition of Inheritance, so I don’t know about what Nobody said

  • Regnvær

    I have no doubt that she is an Inare, (Inare: the word in the ancient language for Time Lord). Her TARDIS has gotta be somewhere.

    • Nolan Holley

      Wouldn’t that be awesome? A time hopping Inheritance story!

  • I spy a hidden TARDIS!

  • Nobody

    There’s no precedent for any evidence, from the Inheritance Cycle, to
    support any certain claim. What we do know about her doesn’t help too
    much either. Not much can be discussed further beyond that.

    Here’s a list of what she likely is or what she might be. This ideas having merit in the text yet no supporting evidence to rule one out over another. All are possible and none are.

    -She’s the Soothsayer that Galbatorix spoke of.

    -A member or roots in her genealogy of the ancient-mysterious species known as the Grey-Folk.

    -She’s an Inare. Whatever that happens to be. Taken from Jeod speculation in his letter at the end of deluxe edition of Inheritance.

    -Unlikely, though I’d be remissed not to mention it, she’s a Time Lord from
    Gallifrey who happened to the universe of the Inheritance Cycle through
    her T.A.R.D.I.S.

    -She’s none of these and we’ll find out whenever Christopher Paolini decides to write about her mysteries.

    • Nolan Holley

      This is a great summary.

    • queenofhell69

      I’ll back the Time Lord theory! She’s merely one of the many incarnations of River Song!