Take a look at all of the great content to be found on Paolini.net in its first few days

pnet-postPaolini.net, the Paolini family’s official website, launched earlier this week with an incredible response of support and fanfare from fans around the world! With so much great content available on the site during its launch (and even more coming in the weeks and months ahead), we thought fans may appreciate a guide to finding this content!

Christopher discusses his current writing project – It’s one of the most frequently asked questions: what’s your next project?! Christopher filmed a video for fans discussing his next project, a sci-fi novel, and what you can expect to see!

The Writers Corner – Christopher wrote Eragon at the age of fifteen before going on to self-publish, and eventually sell the rights to a major publisher. With over a decade of writing experience between Christopher and his entire family, the family has decided to offer a section dedicated to aspiring writers with advice, tools, and articles exploring writing, world building, and more.

Christopher discusses finishing the Inheritance Cycle and moving on to a new project – Christopher discusses what it was like to finish the final book in the Inheritance Cycle and the writing process that led him to his current sci-fi writing project, including several short stories, in an essay on Paolini.net!

“Christopher on Story” – Christopher shares an essay with fans discussing what makes a story interesting, both from the perspective of an author and of a fan.

“Christopher on World Building” – Christopher shares an essay discussing world building, including his thoughts on the process as he embarks on new writing projects.

“Christopher’s Writing Tips” – Looking to jump into writing or needing advice for your current writing project? Christopher shares eleven great writing tips in this Paolini.net essay.

Paolini.net Newsletter – This newsletter promises readers access to major announcement and content 48 hours before it’s posted on the Paolini.net blog! Additionally, fans who sign up for the newsletter have access to a newsletter-only piece of never-before-seen art by Christopher in addition to multiple social media kits allowing you to have some really nifty Inheritance-themed banners and icons on your Facebook and Twitter profiles!

The Educators section – The educational content found on Paolini.net is largely derived from many of the lessons Christopher’s parents used while homeschooling Christopher and Angela. Educators, as well as interested readers, can find lots of great resources in addition to Talita Paolini’s first book in the Paolini.net Educators section!

Six Races of Alagaesia party ideas – Talita Paolini, Christopher’s mother, has put together an incredible set of party ideas based on the six races of Alagaesia. Whether you’re looking to host a memorable birthday party or themed Halloween get-together, you can find some great ideas from these six race-themed parties!

Be sure to continue visiting the website, following Paolini.net on Facebook and Twitter, and staying tuned to Shur’tugal – lots more exciting content will be hitting the web in the coming weeks and months!

Now we ask: What’s your favorite Paolini.net content? What would you like to see on the website in the future?

  • Kelly Palmer

    I am so excited about this site. So far I am most impressed with Mrs. Paolini’s sections. I will be following it closely and getting her ebook. I also really enjoy the writer’s corner. I really look forward to watching this site grow.

  • It’s been an absolute pleasure for me to be able to finally discuss a project I’ve been deeply involved in for the past year. The Paolini family was kind enough to invite me to work with them on this project – an honor after working with them and Random House for nearly eleven years as the “guy behind Shur’tugal”.

    We have a lot of really great content available now on the website (as you can tell) and we have even more planned for the future! Fans can expect new Inheritance Cycle blog posts and articles, updates from Christopher and the entire family on their projects, writing advice, and education, as well as any updates made available related to Christopher’s current projects.

    My role on the website is as co-manager with the Paolini’s fantastic assistant, found as “Manu” on the website, as well as their social media manager and a contributor to the blog.

    I am more than happy to hear any feedback you may have and will do my best to answer any questions!

    • Alive285

      The site is really great so far (so have been the sudden resurgence of updates at Shur’tugal). One nitpicky thing I would suggest is, the “P” logo with the mountain used as the profile picture on the Facebook page should be incorporated into the website somewhere (other than just in the address bar). It’s simply perfect and I can see IT becoming an identifiable logo for the Paolini “brand” for the future. I think if it was placed at the top left corner of the website and the “Paolini.net” text was pushed over just a little so it was right next to it, the website would be that much more perfect. Just a suggestion… I look forward to all the future updates.

      • Thanks for the feedback! I’ll be sure to bring it up in our next meeting. 🙂