Win a signed copy of the 10th Anniversary Collector’s Edition of ‘Eragon’ as our way of saying thank you for the warm welcome back!

10thAnniversaryCoverWe want to thank everyone for their support in our first week back… by giving away a signed copy of the 10th Anniversary Collector’s Edition of Eragon! We had been looking forward to our relaunch for quite a while and were completely overwhelmed by the comments, support, and participation we saw from the Inheritance Cycle community.

We are so thrilled that you have enjoyed the content we’ve released so far and know that if you’re happy with what you’ve seen over the past week, you’ll absolutely love what we have in store for the future. Good news, international fans: we love you just as much, which is why we’re opening this giveaway to international fans as well!

To enter, simply complete as many of the below tasks as you would like. Each task will offer you one entry into the raffle, for a grand total of eight entries into the drawing! The giveaway ends on September 15th!

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We will reveal the winner in this post on September 16th!

  • Atila Keresturi

    Congrats to the winner. Hope he replies to the e-mail. 🙂

  • The post has been updated with the winner! The winner has 48 hours to respond to our email before we choose another winner.

    If you didn’t win… don’t worry! We’re going to have many more giveaways in the future!

    • Angelica Damp

      Awww. I was soooo hopeful! As I am sure many others were.

  • Atila Keresturi

    Please, please, please, PLEASE, PLEAAAAAAAAAAAAASE, let it be me who won this. FIngers crossed. :3

  • babybear666

    I liked the Alageasia Minecraft post 🙂

  • Ann

    One of the best fansites I’ve ever seen. I love how it’s packed with information and interviews.

  • taesyagi

    Made me reopen my eyes to what life means

  • Job Lin

    I like the story where there is hope to see how the character walks through time of the pages.

  • Rocio – @OhSneakernight

    This is amazing ! Thanks for everything, greetings from argentina!

  • Davengar

    Favorite book series!

  • Matthew

    Love this series.

  • Linda Isakson

    This contest is the content I like best this week!

  • Adalgisa Amarante

    I love this website, it has all the information needed to the inheritance fans, some clues for what’s coming next and many things (art, forums, ect.), I hope it also think about the fans with others languages, because I think this would be global

  • Lareesha

    Shur’tugal was the first forum I ever joined and the first website I followed diligently. Ahh memories… I was so clueless then as to what the internet was capable of what with its ships and gifs and crossovers.

  • Avanko

    I just loved seeing the artwork posted this week! I especially liked seeing it paired with excerpts from the novels.

  • Michael Nielsen

    Loved the series. Have read it multiple times, and now my daughter is reading it!!!

  • Nikki Siegel

    This series changed the way I read and opened my eyes to where fantasy could take me. Awesome adventure!

  • Jennifer

    My daughter would freak out if I won this for her. It would be a great Christmas present!!

  • MarissaKatlyn

    Oh I would so love to win! Eragon is my favorite book. It would be a great keepsake for my future children to get and start them reading the series!

  • Ben Lee

    This is one of my favorite fantasy series!

  • calsifur

    It would be so great if I won this. This is the first book series that I’ve ever really loved. Can’t wait for tales from chrisopher Paolini!

  • Bryan Bruce

    Loved the books. Looking forward to more stories in the future.

  • Shane Connor

    This is the book that sparked my inspiration to really write. Because of Eragon I wrote my first novel that is currently being queried out to agents.

  • Taqi

    Singlehandedly the best series of books i have ever read and probably ever will read. And to think that all of this started when Paolini- Elda was 15

  • Cainã Maia

    A true Rider never leave the feelings of his dragon away.

  • RheaAmalthea

    It’s been so AWESOME to see just how many fans are out there. :3 It’s like a big, talented family. The mine craft bit was especially cool!

  • Mary

    One of my favorite fantasy series’ of all time. Christopher Paolini is definitely one of my inspirations to be a writer!

  • Rosangela Dowe

    I simply love Inheritance Cycle!!!

  • Rocketcoder

    Loved the series and meeting the author at a book signing.

  • Nicole Barber

    The Question and Answer section is my favorite part! I enjoy reading the flow of conversation and information direct from the source!

  • Xilla

    My favorite series!

  • Alba Hernandez

    I liked the Q&A the best:)

  • LaRasta

    Started reading Eragon years ago and I am still so obsessed with them! Will always be my favourite book series 🙂

  • Dakota

    This is still my favorite fantasy series! I can’t wait for Christopher’s future books!

  • Tyreese Sweeney

    I have to say, I’m a fifteen year old male from Pittsburgh Pennslyvania. I picked up this series last year and I loved it, and still do love it to death.

  • Adam Crow

    Read the books through the roughest time of my life brought me some much needed hope. Can’t wait for what’s more to come, loved the if you could be a character post that was fun.

  • Kathy Daigh

    This is the 4th time I have read this series!!! Needed to get away!!! And these books do just that!!! So awesome!!! My favorite books!!!!

  • Arillia Paige Szyikowski

    The inheritance cycle has been with me since I was young. Becoming my favorite book in elementary school and after buying and completing Brisingr within 2 days I can honestly say no series has effected me the same. I even got a twitter for the sole purpose of talking to Christopher Paolini, I’d be honored to win the giveaway!

  • Midnightmoon

    Looking forward to hearing more from this great author!

  • Idris

    Read this book throughout my darkest days. Yeah that was grade 7

  • Ethan Barbier

    Looking forward to seeing more from Paolini! I loved the Q & A!

  • Luz Gaby

    I loved everything! it’s an amazing web page!

  • Dario Nunez

    The Q & A!

  • Brandon

    I’m glad that this site has been revamped.. I’ve been a fan of the books for years and this city has been wonderful for a fan like me

  • Alex

    Love of dragons are the best!

  • Daniel Bylsma

    Love the Inheritence Cycle. Amazing series. Going to start reading them again tomorrow! Best series ever. Great artwork on the Battle of the Burning Planes article!

  • Florencia Alvarez

    The Q&A 🙂

  • Ray

    I am so glad to have found this site and re-live these books

  • Jonathan


  • Taylor Wright

    The Inheritance Cycle is perfect in every way.

  • Viv

    Eragon has been a childhood favorite and will always stay close to my heart 🙂

  • Guilherme Lenin

    Eragon is so perfect, o love it !

  • Carolina Trindade

    Since page 1 from Eldest this site has been the place where i can go to Alagaesia… I just wish I had discovered here first. Thank you all for the giveaway, now I’m just waiting for the main reason I started writing myself…!

  • one2bezoned

    I’m hoping I win! Loved the book and can’t wait to see what else comes out.

  • Judy Celeste Maxwell

    Only recently read these and loved them. Excited to hear what he is up to next!

  • Sandie

    I’ve really enjoyed hearing what Mr. Paolini has been up to and what we can expect to see from him, hopefully soon. And I’m definitely excited to hear more about Eragon and Saphira in his next work about them!

  • Genoa Horsthuis101

    These books are ingenious and I cannot stop re-reading them!!

  • Benedetta David

    I read this book in english and italian…I want a new copy!!:)

  • Lawton Meyer

    This story is what I grew up with. It made my childhood and has inspired me as an adult.

  • Bogdan Osypenko

    I had been read this book for a 3 times and i will read it again. I love this book

  • Emily Falcon

    I enjoyed the “create yourself as a character”.” Though I haven’t been on here as much as some others, I like hearing about updates.

  • Caren Smith

    I have really enjoyed the recent articles, especially the compendium of Christopher P’s recent Inheritance tweets.

  • Jenn Larsen

    I just love Eragon and all of the other books

  • Heather Renner

    I absolutely love this book! I’ve read it three times and it is simply fabulous

  • irresistaple_kai

    This is a wonderful opportunity! Thank you so much! I don’t have any one particular favorite as I have enjoyed all of it. However, if I have to pick a favorite, it would be the interview recaps. There is nothing like getting information straight from the source. Great web site! Thank you!


    I WANT THIS FANTASTIC BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

  • Fernando Jimenez

    I want that book 😀

  • hugo’

    It’s good to know Eragon’s fanbase o/

  • Patricia Huynh

    I practically grew up with Eragon and it holds a special place in my childhood and memories. It’ll be a great thing to have this book in my collection!

  • Francisco Vázquez

    Alagaesia in minecraft it’s just awesome

  • star478

    Having the site back up and posting new stuff in general.

  • evaritia

    when I saw that “Thorn versus Saphira” fan art, I was so amazed! that girl’s deviantART gallery…wow 😀 made my day

  • This is an awesome contest, super rad of you guys! 🙂

  • Marco Antonio TL

    Want. That. Book.

  • Zachery anderson

    The interview recaps

  • Sammy Phoenix Havok

    The Minecraft map of Alagaesia!

  • Danielle

    Super excited! 😀

  • Nick

    I’m excited to have it back in general!! There is so much more to delve into for the alagaesia world. I cant wait to see what else is in store!

  • Brbl

    The recap of all the info on Book V was great. Thanks!

  • Angelica Joy Armlin-Sorgen

    Eragon is my favorite book, from the story line to all the art work people put out about it. This contest is just the cherry on top!

  • The best thing I’ve seen is Alagaesia in Minecraft, my favourite book and game!

  • Jessc

    I love that shur’tugal is back!

  • Uday Dhaliwal

    I loved the series, my bro got me into it. I would love to see how Christopher might continue the series if he ever so chooses to.

  • coolio

    so excited!!

  • Arthur Travassos

    I hope win this contest

  • Michelle Fuller

    I can only do about half of these since I don’t have a Twitter, but I can still try…!

  • Haskimir

    Wooh! Free CP book!

  • Manuel I. Bueno

    I read all of the books through borrowing them from my sister – this would make her very jelly.

  • Ela Nielsen

    I’m just really glad to see the site up and running. I would love more to see the movie remade from the actual books this time!

  • Leila V.C.

    Epic! I love this web site and the Inheritance Cycle <3

  • Ken Dearu

    minecraft alagaesia. holy damn it’s awesome.

  • Mitchell Langille

    Sweet Contest

  • Evan

    I enjoyed the pictures of the Dragon Claw they were fantastic

  • Ryan Vorst

    Definitely nice to see a bunch of new content. I’m glad this site is being brought back!

  • Brittany

    While I was reading this series the first time, eagerly awaiting the last book, I checked RELIGIOUSLY for updates. So happy to see you are back bringing us the newest info on Christopher and his writing. My original paperback copy of Eragon is extremely worn out (as I’ve read it about 15 times). I’d love to win a brand new autographed copy!! 🙂 So excited for this contest!

  • Buck Hòa Nguyễn

    Nice contest!

  • james

    really enjoyed the minecraft alagaesia, it was epic

  • Juan Rojas

    I want the singed copy!

  • Juan Rojas

    Best series i’ve ever read!!!

  • James Anthony Lyons

    The art work you guys produce is amazing, brings the series back to life!!

  • Andrew Constantine

    Great site to find other fans!

  • Clara_WolfSong

    Inheritance is one of the best series I’ve ever read, I’ve read the entire series 5 times and just LOVE IT!!!!!

  • Mateus Lopes

    It’s so hard to find Eragon’s fans here in Brazil, it was great to find a website like this, can’t wait for Christopher’s next works!!!

  • David Bishop


  • Jessie Dias

    i love this series it always made me smile when going to doctors and after surgeries

  • Annamarie Tontz

    I love all the drawing and information on battles that have been posted

  • John

    Inheritance is my favorite series, cant wait to see more from C.P.

  • Katie Stone

    Entered the giveaway! This is so awesome!

  • Ale Valdez V

    I love Inheretince Cycle *-*

  • Katherine

    So so excited to hear about this site booting up again <3 I just recently re-read the entire series…. In 3 weeks.
    Needless to say it was awesome <3 I'd love to see more stuff about Christopher's works and especially his thoughts on book V and beyond.

    [psst…. I've always fantasized of having a new set of movie[s] of Eragon… I feel like it would do the series justice if it got to play out in more than one film. Not to mention that graphics have improved dramatically, so the dragon's scales would be absolutely stunning….]

  • Aaron A

    This is going to be awesome if I win it!! xD

  • Arya

    I cant wait for his next book!

  • WendyandCharles

    We have been anxiously awaiting a new book from Christopher! My son and writing partner Charlie is a big fan of yours and is looking forward to your new book! Christopher Paolini is his inspiration to pursue his dream even though he was still in high school and had dyslexia. He loves to tell stories and was published by the time he graduated high school. I just wanted to say thank you for being such a good inspiration.

  • tonyclarkehawco


  • Rachel

    So excited for the chance to win this book! It was my first “real” novel/series… Eragon holds a special place in my heart.

  • Dylan Driver

    Love the books! I loved the Q & A about Book V. So excited for that and his scifi book!

  • Dormerister

    I can’t stop reading the books, I still wish there was a better adaptation of the books in movie form

  • Duda Pichamoni

    I’m reeeeally loving all these amazing updates about my favorite story ever made! I hope every day for a book 5 haha

  • GokuSS400

    I can’t wait to find out out what the next book he’s writing is

  • CaptainOzone

    Incredibly excited with all the news about Christopher’s new works! Thank you for keeping us updated!

  • Matheus Dias

    I was so happy to know Shurtugal was back on the game. I miss so much Alagaesia and to have such a nice place to be in touch with Christopher Paolini wonderful word is amazing! Thank you for the thriumphant return!

  • Dee O’Bray

    Thank you for the opportunity to win this. Hard to get to a book signing when your in the UK, haha. That said, Christopher would hate if I turned up with my 4 sets of reading copies and Hardback display set. XD Best books ever! So glad the site is back!

  • Andrew Brunker

    Love the books, couldn’t put them down at all. The movie didn’t do the series any justice

  • Kaytlin Evans

    I definitely loved reading the interview questions and answers! BTW, I think Angela is the oracle.
    I’m so happy more content is being posted now! 😀

  • Robert Florian Tiede

    giiiive meeee, my first is brocken :/

  • Keithan

    The artwork was awesome! Eragon, live long and prosper!

  • Sarah


  • eagleman

    I really like the artwork. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Thais Costalonga Gavinelli

    Please, I want a copy _<

  • Zeff

    Great seeing that Christopher is writing again! Really looking forward to it!

  • Tyler Manley

    Who needs a favorite thing about the first week of content when you honestly love it all!

  • imstillhungry95

    Don’t really have a favorite post. I’m really just enjoying seeing all the new usernames 🙂

  • Shay Bode

    By far the best fansite. I love the accuracy of your information and how well written everything is. Your staff obviously loves the inheritance series and it shows. Please please keep up the awesome work and may the stars watch over you.

  • Stephen

    I love seeing old die-hard questions being addressed as well as taking a look into the future of Christopher Paolini’s writings. I’m really glad you guys saw the passion in the fans and brought back the website as a place where we can share our ideas and love for the series. Eka elrun ono.

  • Javier Adragna

    Por favor. Daría lo que fuera por ese libro. Yo amo al libro Eragon.
    Please. I’d give anything for that book. I love the book Eragon.

  • Caroline

    I really like the artwork. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • lana banana.

    I love the new review!!

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    Really hope I win I’m a big fan of the books!

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    Awesome!!!! Hope I’ll win the book!!!

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    The giveaway will be at my birthday, what a present 😀

  • Florens

    Just started re-reading the seies! This series got me into reading.

    • Torterror

      Same xD

  • Ethan Eberly

    Bro seriously I want my book I won. I don’t find it amusing being ignored and scammed like this.

    • Dee O’Bray

      A scam usually involves you giving the scammer money. So what is your book did not arrive, all you did was like a FB page. Besides what would be in it for Paolini to “scam” you? He is has a worldwide best selling series!

  • Ethan Eberly

    It’s a scam guys. He scammed me two years ago when I won “Inheritance”. What a loser.

  • Chetan Bharadwaj


  • Dimitri

    I restarted the series again. I missed eragon & saphira 🙁

  • Deborah

    I would love to win this signed special edition copy!

  • Camille Lemonnier

    I really like Christopher Paolini book cant wait for the new books 😀

  • Monica

    I remember when i first read eragon :3. THE BEST BOOK EVER 😀 i kinda look up to Paolini ^-^

  • Deef

    I love the update on the new book. I cant wait!!!!

  • Javier Adragna

    Primero quiero aclarar que esto lo he traducido con Google, hacique supongo que no estará del todo correcta la traducción. Soy de Argentina y fan indiscutible de la saga (he leído cada libro mas de 5 veces, aunque al primero fueron más)
    He descubierto esta página hace poco, pero he disfrutado mucho las imágenes del fan art. Me ha puesto muy contento enterarme que Christoper escribirá un quinto libro en Alagäesia, aunque sea independiente de las novelas anteriores. Amo esta serie y he llorado al final del cuarto libro.
    La página web esta muy buena. Me ha gustado mucho el diseño. Estaría bueno que se pueda elegir la opción de ver en español, ya que la traducción automática de Google no es muy buena. También me gustaría que lo que se publica en Facebook tenga abajo una traducción al español. Son recomendaciones.
    He visto la collector edición que tiene el libro Eragon y me he quedado impresionado… Es hermoso, un tesoro. He leído hoy que sortearán uno, así que rezare por conseguirlo.
    Amo a Inhertance!!!

    First I want to clarify that I have translated this with Google, I guess hacique not be entirely correct translation. I’m from Argentina and undisputed fan of the series (I’ve read each book more than 5 times, although the former were more)
    I found this page recently, but I really enjoyed the images of fan art. I have been very pleased to learn that Christoper write a fifth book in Alagaesia, even independent of the earlier novels. I love this series and I cried at the end of the fourth book.
    The website is very good. I liked the design very much. Would be good to be able to choose the option to view in Spanish, because of Google machine translation is not very good. I’d also like it posted on Facebook that have below a translation into Spanish. They are recommendations.
    I have seen the collector edition that has the book Eragon and I’ve been impressed … It’s beautiful, a treasure. I read today that raffled one so here I will pray for it.
    Love Inhertance !!!

  • Julia Covolam

    Ow God! I want so much to win this edition … The Inheritance Cycle is my eternal love…

    Forgiveness if there are any mistakes … I did not use reliable sources to translate …

  • Corbin (Valarynx) VanSon

    Just saying this would be the s*** and i would probly die of shock and awe… I mean he inspired me to write my first book

  • Arreozola Hauzerg

    The site was off a lot of time and I really enjoy that now is alive and full of new ideas (a a new epic book).

    I really appreciate The Inheritance Cycle because was my first trilogy and the work that opened my mind to the world of the books. Also, I acquired a big addiction to write and make my own fantasy worlds and characters.

    Happy 10th anniversary and thanks for all the good moments c:

  • Nathan

    hopefully this one gets finished sorry so negative but last ones never were announced winners. glad you guys are back!

  • Yes, excited about another giveaway! Fingers crossed & good luck 🙂

  • Taylor

    Welcome back!

  • Olivia Denyer

    Would love to win this!

  • Sophie-Louise

    I grew up on the Inheritance Cycle just as much as Harry Potter and I always adored it. Brom’s sarcasm and “sass” keeps me on the right track!

  • Alex

    Inheritance Cycle is life.

  • David

    Seeing the Minecraft Alagaesia map was really awesome!

  • austinhunternoble

    I love all of the discussions about the Inheritance Cycle, and the “what if?” scenarios. Plus, the giveaways and such show they really care about their community. 🙂 #InheritanceCycle #Eragon #Shurtugal

  • Bahaa Alnawas

    This is amazing. I love
    the Inheritance cycle and everything that has got anything to do with it! I
    even bought Eragon’s
    Guide to Alagaesia and challenged people on the Quizup app in the series. Every time I remember the fact that Mr. Christopher Paolini wrote Eragon when he was fifteen years old, I feel a chill in my body, it’s really amazing! I am grateful to everyone who contributed to make the series a success; Eragon, Saphira, Arya, Oromis, Glaedr, Angela, Solembum, and all the other characters (good and evil) have a special place in my heart :’)

  • Julia

    Just discovered this website, and I’m wondering what I did without it! I love seeing everything about the Inheritance Cycle…it’s making me think I need to do another re-read 🙂

  • Ethan Eberly

    Oh I also remember it was the deluxe edition. Thanks again.

  • Ethan Eberly

    Hi Mike. About two years back on your website Lytherus, I won a raffle for a copy of Inheritance signed by Christopher Paolini himself. And I still don’t have the book. Please get back to me, as I’m still a huge fan of the Inheritence Cycle and would greatly appreciate reciving the book. Thanks!

  • Joseph

    Awesome! I’ve been hoping another contest like this would creep up!

  • Kristine

    Love having this site back in my life!

  • Ian

    It’s cool to have Shurtugal up to date with new and exciting posts.

  • Ollie

    It’s so greate that the page is up a running again – impossible to chose one favorite blog post, however the news regarding Christopher’s new book and the future of Alagaesia is amazing news, gives you something to look forward to 😀

  • Regnvær

    Awesome! I am so glad that you are finally bringing back the Inheritance Cycle content! I LOVE the books SO much!

  • ProjectFALL

    Welcome back!!

  • Dragon092

    the anniversary article

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    great to see that the contest is not limited to the US

  • Lucas

    Eldest was the best of the Inheritance.

  • Kate

    The article on the Alagaesia Minecraft was great, it was really cool seeing everything actually built!

  • Bob

    Looking forward to some more stories from Christopher!

  • Rabbit Heaven

    I’m so happy that a clear, easy to find fan community has been made, and I’m really glad to see the site back up! I really enjoy to read your posts, and look forward to more content! Keep up the work!

    Quick question: Is an AMA possible with Paolini? I know he’s busy right now writing his book, but would it be possible to ask him on the matter? I’m sure /r/IAMA or /r/writing would host it if a platform is needed, and I’m quite sure a lot of us have some questions to one of our favorite authors! It would be a great move after the release of his new book, or even before, if he has the time. It would be an event to consider, to further advance interaction between author and fanbase! 🙂

  • Taz

    Nice to see some activitie here again.
    And even a giveaway not only for US. Thanks

  • Astral.ResurgenC

    I hadn’t even heard about Book V until I saw it on here! I am too excited for what Paolini is writing next. Thanks for keeping me in the loop!

  • Kevin Dewanto Wijaya

    The new site now looks way better and easier to navigate. Also, it is very updated with a lot of interesting and helpful news about the inheritance cycle and the afterwards of the series

  • Keelyn Wright

    The new site is great. And to all the people who work on it to keep it up and updated I wish to say Thank you for all your hard work, it’s greatly appreciated.

  • Carissa C

    I’ve been a fan of the series for years and I have fond memories of waking up at midnight and going to the local bookstore to get the last two books when they came out. I am beyond excited for the new book, and I know I’ll love it as much as I love Eragon.

  • Skolir Ramr

    This is amazing! I’ve been coming on and off to this site for a while now after I read the books, but ever since it was relaunched, it has been way more fun to come here and actually learn about what is going on.

  • Jordan Y.

    I’m glad they’re updating so often!

  • Tomer Gill

    I really liked the site being so active. I’ve entered it few times and it was vey good, and now there is even more content! Yay!

  • Lauren Heaslip

    I loved finding out that Mr. Paolini was writing a new story in a new genre. I also loved being given the opportunity to write up what character we would like to be in Alagaësia.

  • For so many years I’ve been checking Shurtugal ceremoniously for any sign of Christopher Paolini writing again, and although it has been a long wait, I am so glad that the site has new content to keep us entertained and updated. I just can’t get enough of this whole other world C.P. has built, it has literally been the world I escape to from everyday routine life! It has been a great pleasure to see the new content, like a new spark to my heart. 🙂

  • Anna

    Stoked to hear that Christopher’s working on a new sci fi series, I need my Paolini fix!! Definitely the best blog post to see on the first week back 😀

  • Nici Davis

    I’ve been reading this series since I became an avid reader. I’m in love with Alagaesia and Christopher. I swear I’ve read Brisingr 50 times since its come out. Its a story I keep coming back to. Its a story I am still rehashing and still reliving. I wish there were more but the ending was too fantastic to want rewritten. I really want this book haha

  • Jeri Gabon

    Really excited on this! I’ve been a fan of the Inheritance cycle and the books are what really made me start to enjoy reading. Furthermore, I am thrilled, stoked even and what words that may describe it, that there would be more works coming from Christopher!

  • Trevor Gruber

    I loved the Inheritance Cycle. I was so upset about how the movie turned out. I hope someone wants to re-make the movie someday and do a better job. It would be great to see the whole series.

  • And, Love

    This is all I need to complete my collection! 🙂

  • Eric

    Can’t wait to hear more news on this!

  • Eric

    I love the entire Inheritance series and can’t wait to hear more about it through this website. I will be one of the first in line to read Paolini’s new book in my area if I can, and I would love to hear more about the project(s)!

  • Angelica Damp

    I am absolutely ecstatic about the return of content to the numerous sites. including this one! I cannot wait for book v of the Inheritance Cycle, and I am super excited as well to read the new sci-fi books! I was geeking out/fangirling to my friends (who don’t care too much for the Inheritance Cycle. crazy, right?!) and they have become overly annoyed with me! But I am just sooooooo excited!

  • peyton bennett

    If I won this 10th anniversary edition would put it in front of my bed and worship it before I go to bed every night!

  • Rafael

    Awesome, it’s so nice to keep in contact with the alagaesia world by the posts of you guys and also to know about the new projects that are coming from Christopher Paolini!

  • Mina


    • And, Love

      You are adorable. If I win I’m giving you mine

      • Mina

        YOU, my friend, are so sweet. Thanks 🙂 I really appreciate it, but if you win, you keep that book because you deserve it!

  • chossenger

    Welcome back, Shur’tugal!

  • Micheal Lopes

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