Explore the world of Alagaesia as a 3D recreation inside ‘Minecraft’ (a building and creation video game)

alagaesia-minecraft-shurtyA group of dedicated Inheritance fans and Minecraft building pros have embarked on an epic journey: creating the world of Alagaesia, based largely off of Christopher Paolini’s illustrated map and descriptions found within the book, in the popular voxel building video game, Minecraft!

The project’s lead, known as “Nomadic Penguin”, was kind of enough to provide our team with a number of progress photos as well as details on the project and how various areas were built. It’s important to note that the project is in the early stages of development, but it’s both interesting and exciting to see Alagaesia coming to life!

The team began with Christopher’s illustrated map of Alagaesia found within each copy of the Inheritance Cycle. Using the map as a guide, they built on top of the world, first creating the flat land divided by the world’s “biomes” (grasslands, ocean, desert, snow). Once the land was properly divided by biomes, the team set out to begin the 3D aspect of the project – raising the mountains, lowering the ocean and river floors, and more. You can see the biome outlines as well as their early 3D world generation, all built on top of the map, in this image:

Alagaesia's World Map

Some areas of the project, such as Vroengard Island and the Beor Mountains, are further along in development than others. This side-by-side of two different views of Vroengard Island – an aerial view and a 3D view – shows the detail and terrain levels of the island:

Alagaesia's Vroengard Island

The team has so far provided a host of progress pictures showing detailed looks at various in-progress areas of Alagaesia. We’ve compiled all of the photos into one gallery which enables each image is able to be viewed individually, with all of the images offering descriptions of what you’re seeing!

We plan to keep the community updated as the project continues to grow and develop. When available, we’ll share more information, such as how fans can contribute to and explore the project!

Now we ask: What do you think of the progress of Alagaesia in Minecraft so far? If you could explore the world of Alagaesia within a video game, what would be the first location you journey to?

  • Margaret Ann

    I love rp to!!! did something simular for the hunger games. Now i have something new to try!!!

  • Olivia Sounders

    If I had Alagaesia in Minecraft I would probably go to Du Weldenvarden and role play the book as Arya.

  • Rubén Amador Salas
  • Cristina

    I would go to Vroengard

  • Rylan Arnold

    I would think this would be a awesome mod! With dragons, elves, dwarves, the Varden and the Empire! I would love to play this mod or world when it is finished! Keep up the good work guys and just like Mr. Paolini puts it,

    May your swords stay sharp!

  • Julia

    I would love to see Ellesmera…elves are just so graceful and sophisticated. I’m sure it would be absolutely gorgeous

  • harpychan!

    I’d totally visit Teirm.

  • Simon Isaksson

    vroengard, defenetly!

  • Samuel Brnčal

    100% Farthen Dür !!! I WANT IT NOW !!! It’s such an amazing game with this amazing world … WOW

  • jacob

    I’ve ALWAYS wanted to see what Terim looked like.. I cant wait!

  • Martin Nikolov

    Hats off this is amazing. 😀

  • Mina


  • Alex Carreau

    That’s amazing!

  • Jon Cypher

    The progress looks great, looks like its going to be very detailed. I would start where the series begin, Carvahal, then move to the Spine.

    • Jordan


      • Jordan

        I would follow the storyline

  • Bryan W Kappler

    Outstanding! Sé onr sverdar sitja hvass!

  • Chris Wegner Boehning

    Wow this sound so awesome. My son will absolutely love this. He has read Eragon 24 times and would read it more if i would not hide the book on him. I hope this will be a map that everyone can explore when it is finished. Can not wait to see how it progresses and the place I would love to visit? Wow that is a hard one. I just want to see it all. From the Dwarves to the Elves. it all sounds so beautiful. Am so excited 🙂

  • Nolan Holley

    Minecraft is such an awesome avenue for creative minds to show off their talents. The volume of deep, detailed projects out there never ceases to amaze. I can’t wait to see where this one goes!

  • Dylan Huhu

    Amazing will this be on xbox360?

  • Jessica Leigh

    Wow, that is just incredible! The first place I would visit would definitely be carvahall!

  • Ramiro Jr FoxCastillo


  • Ian Franz Dresarie

    I would totally start by visiting the forest. everything build by efles is beautifull.

  • Ace

    This is incredible, can’t wait to see how this continues to develop! I would most like to see Farthen Dur.

  • Roy


  • Jasmine Miriama Willis

    Oh my goodness THIS IS BRILLIANT!!!! You guys are awesome. The first place I would visit would be Helgrind. Past the illusion wall and into the caves looking for lethrblaka and Ra’azac!