We ask: If you could be a character in the Inheritance cycle, who would you be and why?

which-character-shurtyReading a series you enjoy is only half of the true experience. The other half, and arguably the most exciting, is transporting yourself into the world you’re exploring. Imagining yourself adventuring alongside your favorite characters and fighting your least favorites adds to the story in a way that the book’s author can only dream about.

We’ve often found ourselves daydreaming about being an elf or a Rider. We’ve daydreamed countless battles and swordfights against our enemies, have rescued our allies, and have befriended some of Alagaësia’s most interesting inhabitants.

Now’s your chance to share with us, and your fellow fans, just who you are in the Inheritance universe!

If you could be a character in the Inheritance cycle, who would you be and why?

To help you better explain your character, your back story, and your motivation, we’ve put together some writing prompts. Feel free to answer any or all of these questions in the comments section! Additionally, you’re more than welcome to add any extra story or information to bring your character to life.

Keep in mind: your character can be from any timeline! If you want to be living during the events of the Inheritance Cycle rather than after it, that’s great! The first Rider war? That works too!

  • What race are you?
  • What is your role, occupation, or hobby? (Mercenary, farmer, pirate, soldier, member of the Varden, Dragon Rider, or anything else you could possibly think up!)
  • Where were you born and where do you currently reside?
  • What would your back story be? (Think age, family and friends, motivation and purpose in life, etc…)
  • What is your ultimate mission?

We’re looking forward to reading your responses! Additionally, jump in and comment on your fellow fans’ stories! We’ll be selecting some of the best responses to share on social media!


  • Arlen

    I would be a guy called Arlen, and the Rider of a dragon called Comet that was green/silver/black. I would weild the sword Lenar, which is a made-up word for light.

    • Arlen

      oh, and I’m an elf, I’d be an orphan that his a dark past as an assassin, I’d be born in Dras-Leona, and I’d be twelve. My ultimate mission would to be to save lives instead of taking them

  • Kira Bond

    My name’s Klarina and I’m a human dragon rider from before The Fall. I’m the rider of the silver and gold coloured dragon, Argentum-Aurum and wielder of the sword Wryda.I was born in Dras-leona and lived there with my parents and two older brothers. When I was 12, the dragon riders sent an egg to my home and it hatched for me. For years I trained until I had learned everything I could and got my sword. I fought Galbatorix until he took over.Me and the other surviving riders fled Alagaesia everyone thinking we were dead. We all lived on a big island for a hundred years until we spotted a ship in the distance. When we saw a dragon on board we all cheered. We were not alone!!!! We flew to the ship and everybody on both sides asked many questions. One that looked like the leader introdusts himself as Eragon and told us everything that had happened in Alagaesia. In turn we told him everything about our lives.

  • Emily Pettingill

    I would be a beautiful shimmering purple dragon after Eragon defeated Galbatorix. I would be bonded with a human (female) rider who used to live in Aberon. My name would be Aiedail (means morning star in ancient language) and my scales would contain a purple, light purple, and light blue. My egg was passed on around Alegesia till I found my rider. We currently reside in Vroengard learning from our teacher/mentor Eragon. My ultimate mission would be to keep my rider safe. -This is my dream character

  • Aziah Taplin Bishop

    While I have the ability to write, I do not posses the time or inclination. Therefore, I give anyone and anyone the right to use this character as they see fit (within reason of course). I suppose the best self-imagined character I could imagine would be Zhariah the wanderer: successor, understudy, and all things apprenticed to Angela the Herbalist. Origins unknown to all, save myself, because origins aren’t nearly as important as what you do that affects the places you go to a positive (or less desirably negative) effect. Having a wide knowledge of the unusual and forgotten usually becomes helpful when you need a round-about way of overcoming wards, or another person’s way of thinking. for example, if one warded a ring to prevent deadly disease and infection against the bite of mad Rabbits, one would have no fear of wandering. While riding dragons is nice I’m sure, one becomes painfully obvious to the world, large scaled wonder aside, because of the influence of dragon magic. the same can be said for the magic of Elf’s. If on truly wishes to wander unnoticed, the trail left to be found must be one that would be easily overlooked because no one knows what it is, or what to look for.

  • Anonymous

    I’m thinking about writing a fanfic for the character backstory, to have a fanfic character that is not OOC. Anyways…
    “My name is Lindalin. I am a wild dragon, slightly older than Saphira. I used to be human, but got turned into a dragn and forgot mst of my previous life. I often make references to the 21st century, but don’t seem to have actual memories of what they mean. I am orange in colour, with golden spikes and horns and claws. My eyes are bright green, with streaks of orange in star pattern, radiating from the center of my pupils. I am level-headed, and can adapt virtually instantaneously to any situation. I live in the Beor mountains. Saphira is NOT my mate.”

  • Cristina Alvarado

    I have a little problem to talk on the third person when I’m writing a story, so there is what I have created: Hvedra Nirk.

    “My name is Hvedra Nirk, Murtagh’s wife. I’m human and also a Dragon Rider trained by Arya. My story is quiet complicated. My family was born in Bullridge, and I was born there too. I have 9 brothers and sisters. We lived outside the city near the Ramr River, working on we could, until my father died on a work accident when I was 13. Then, we moved to a new building at the center of the city for our security, but one day, my brother Olik were in trouble. He tried to steal to a Galbatorix soldier, so he was arrested.

    When I realized about this, I run to the central place. One of the soldiers told me than the King was looking for new people for his Court, and I offer me to go to Uru’baen in exchange of my brother. They accept, so I came to the palace.

    My life there was comfortable, but I was too far from my family. Moreover, I disagreed with the major part of Galbatorix’s laws and usages, so I began to want to run out. The only thing that made me stay there was someone I met at the gardens: Murtagh Morzanson, the king’s favorite. We became friends quickly, and told each other why we were there.

    One day, I met someone who told me he could pass me information about my family. I was happy about it, but everything on this life takes a price. I should be a spy for the Varden, and try to discover where the rest of the Dragon Eggs were. I accepted, because I wanted to be useful to something I was dreaming about since I was born: the return of Dragon Riders.

    I started my investigation, but I didn’t find anything. Two or three months after I started to work for the Varden, Murtagh ask me to go for a walk. I enjoyed his company, so we went. When nobody could hear us, he told me that courtiers were talking about my strange behavior. I wasn’t afraid, but he proposed something that would change my life: marry him. He argued that if I was his wife, everybody would shut up, something that could allow me to work in peace.

    I was 16 years old when we married at the chapel of Uru’baen palace. Galbatorix was happy about Murtagh had found someone special, Murtagh was happy to be envolved on a new adventure, and I was happy to be with an incredible man.

    Since then, everything went quick. Murtagh run out one night with no reason, and I didn’t know about him until he returned with the siblings. We were joined again, but we were too worried about the consequences of his flight. Suddenly, he became a Dragon Rider, and started to be the most important piece of Galbatorix army. I was worried about him, because he had a strong enemy: his brother Eragon.

    When the war ended, we breathe in peace again. He travelled around Alagaesia trying to recover himself of all the physical and psychological pain, but we keep in contact all the time. I moved to the mountains, where nobody except Murtagh, Eragon and Arya could find me.

    One day, Arya came to my home with a dragon egg. It hatched, and my dragon was called Fënix. I travelled to Ellesmera to train as a Dragon Rider should do and, after a few years, I went to Murtagh’s encounter to travel beyond Alagaesia to meet his brother Eragon.

    Now we live in a quiet beautiful village near the Dragon Riders camp. We had two sons, Olik and Sanya, and we are happy at the end.”

  • Dallin Nield

    “My name is Kantifar –Kantifar the Necromancer. My entire life I have dedicated my time and intelligence to the evasion of the degrading and corroding effects of time. In other words I have sought to attain immortality. For years I have studied this craft in solitude in the far reaches of the North. But still despite my magical prowess and dexterity it has continued to elude me. I have devised numerous spells and incantations that can extend one’s life –I have evented the Druid’s Slumber that is a form of hibernation that can extended your life over multiple decades and even save you from within an inch from death -The closest thing I have achieved has been animation of corpses which is but the imitation of life”.

    “It was on a particularly cold winter day that I ventured into the Wilderness about my small cottage and came across a rouge Urgal who in his frenzied desperation for renown among his kind attacked me. I was caught unawares and was mortally wounded –though I was able to bring the great beast down. As I lay there bleeding my life away I considered entering the Druid’s Slumber but cast that aside knowing that it would take an external force to awaken me again. It was not an option to sleep there –completely defenseless and vulnerable. It was then that I made my last desperate attempt at overcoming this world’s greatest ailment: death. I cast a
    spell unlike anything I have ever devised before –perhaps it was my desperation –or maybe an innate magical instinct that took over as they often do in times of fear and danger that guided my actions”.

    “I had achieved immortality. But it was not without price. A week after the incident I noticed something queer about the tips of my fingers on my right hand. They appeared to be decaying. I was immediately disturbed by this discovery and related it to my fore mention spell. As days grew into weeks and weeks progressed into weeks it became apparent that it was spreading. The rotting flesh had progressed to my palm. Yet the most peculiar thing about this condition was that I still retained complete control of my fleshless fingers of bone. It was a wonder of magic –another one of those inexplicable phenomenon that challenge everything we masters of magical lore believe”.

    “Something has gone wrong. This condition seems to be addling my brain. I feel it like a growing presence in my mind. I fear that it may overcome my own thoughts. It’s like feeling a foreign presence probing at my magical defences, the only difference being that they are my thoughts; crazed promptings to murder –to kill –to slaughter all living. I have parried these thoughts easily enough so far but I fear that I may eventually succumb as they grow stronger”.

    “I do some calculations and determine that the ‘Disease’ –as I call it- will have completely have overcome my flesh within two years. That is assuming these thoughts do not overcome my mind completely. I have to years to live…..what do I do with that time? I have nothing to lose but everything to
    gain. Will I endanger those around me?”

    • Austin Nield

      I actually like this one better than mine…..

  • Chetan Bharadwaj


    as the battles between the empire and the varden raged on,i sat in a tent with my father in the battle field and my mother seated besides me,I was told that the battle should be over soon and my father should return any time that day

    but he did not instead there came a letter with it my fathers helm.I knew not what was in that letter but it made my mother cry that much i knew.Now i am at the age of 15 and still do not know what happened to him but i hear rumors that he died a worriers death and that makes my chest swell with pride.Today started like any other day and i hoped it would go on like that but fate had a different path chosen for me,when i returned from lake leona after a swim with my friends,i found there was a great hustle in the city,when we asked a man that walked past us,he said ” Queen Arya and her green dragon,Firnen have just landed in palace carrying two dragon eggs and is going to host the ceremony to chose the new riders today”.As soon as we heard these words my Friends bursted out with joy and when asked about it they said “YOU STONEHEAD any of us could become a new rider”.So i ran to my house and wore the finest clothes i had.At noon a messenger came bursting out of the castle on a sleek white steed,he stopped in the middle of the town and from the saddle bag on his stallion took out a scroll and read it out loud”HERE ONE AND ALL,QUEEN ARYA WILL HOLD THE CHOOSING OF THE RIDERS AT THE CASTLE GROUNDS AN HOUR AFTER THIS ANNOUNCEMENT,ALL WHO THINK ARE ELIGIBLE MAY GATHER IN FRONT OF THE CASTLE GATES”with that rode back to the castle in full gallop.The town burst into cheers and everyone started assembling in front of the castle gates and so i ran as fast as i could,took a place in the third row of the crowd.As far as i could see,i saw humans,elves and dwarfs who had rode steeds from ellsmerra an farthen dur just to attend the ceremony.At long last the gates opened,the palace was decorated with roses and flowers of all colors,in the center of the grounds lay two caskets of gold in which wrapped in red velvet cloth lay the two dragon eggs.One was white and had lines of slight grey on it forming an intricate pattern of webbing as if tongues of flame had intertwined themselves all over the egg.the next egg was black and had the same pattern of intertwining webs but this time they were of a stark orange color.

    Lady Nasuada and queen Arya came out of the castle door accompanied by king orrin and his guards they greeted the gathered crowd and gave the instructions of the ceremony. Many great scholars of our city and from cities nearby as well as that of the elves and the dwarfs were called upon first.they one by one touched the two eggs but the eggs lay still as stone.Then was the turn of the cities elders,they too touched the eggs and after along Que of lads and ladies came the same result.Then came the turn of the youth,for a moment i looked at Queen Arya who shifted in her high back chair as the youth started the ceremony and i think i saw a flash of hope in her eyes.The line of youths and children proceeded forward but to no avail until one of the girls from the line touched the white egg,the egg stirred in the casket and broke open reveling a marvelous white dragon hatchling, the crowd cheered with joy as the girl was called upon by Queen Arya and taken into the castle by the guards after which there lay only one egg. the line continued until it was my turn as came near the black egg,i thought “why! why would the hatchling choose me,i am not a scholar not even as experienced as the elders,WHY”as i placed my hand on the egg that lay before i felt something in my mind as if a being with a vast mind had just rammed its mind with mine and from it came a light but resonating voice and it said”WHY NOT YOUNGLING”.As the resonance cleared and i came back into the world around me,i saw a black dragon curled up in front of me.He lay among the shattered pieces of his egg shell,his scales were black but had a effect of orange in them,he tried to get up on his legs,fell a couple of times but then managed flared his batlike wings and saw the world with a never ending curiosity.until the guards came for me and escorted me and the hatchling into the castle.

    Inside the castle there lay a room full of decorations and on the middle of the room there rested a long table at the far end of which sat Queen arya and by her side the female rider chosen by the white dragon. As the Queen turned her gaze towards me it was only then i beheld the true beauty of her.she said “Ah at last the black dragon has chosen its rider come young one sit”she gestured on the chair by her right.As i sat ,she asked”what might your name be?”,”Arion” i answered,”ah a name well suited for a dragon rider”.”Who might you be ” she asked as she turned her gaze towards the black dragon,”My name is volcanus,the heir of shruikan the great,My lady!”said the dragon.As he finished the sentence i saw a hint of remembrance in the queens eye but if it was there it vanished a second later.As time passed in talking the cheering outside the castle subsided.in the end of all the greetings queen arya tilted towards my side and said “rest if you must but do not leave the castle grounds the guards will escort you to your quarters and if you wish to call your family just tell them”.as i followed the guards to my quarters many people stopped in the way and greeted me as Shur’tugal. In my quarters i requested the guards to call my mother and told them the directions to my house,the guards bowed and departed at once. after they left i turned my sight to find volcanus and found him siting at the window starring at the moon,As i approached him a voice inside my mind said “its beautiful,isn’t it”astonished i asked “what” the world’ said the voice. Bewildered by the sensation i asked “is that you volcanus” ‘ofcoarse its me whom else did you think’answered volcanus.Now stop fooling around and answer my question “Yes it is ” i said,”hmm”said volcanus .we talked until my mother arrived all out of breath as she had just run a mile without stopping,she ran into the room and and hugged me with all her might and said “you have made me and your father proud my son.”.Then turned towards volcanus and said “thankyou for choosing my son” at the moment he turned and bowed to my mother.the night passed as we rested in the room.

    In the morning when i was getting ready there came a slight knock from the rooms door ,as i opened it i saw a messenger standing in the hallway,he said”Queen arya requests your presence in the sparring field shur’tugal”with that he left.As i hurried to the sparring field there came a wave of greetings some for me and some for volcanus who sat curled in my arms. as we entered the sparring field i saw Queen arya and her dragon firen sitting curled besides her .as we approached and greeted the Queen she said” this my partner of heart and mind,firen”as she announced his name the large green dragon lifted his head and said “greetings hatchlings”
    as the talks proceeded the Queen said”you will be travelling with me to ellsmerra,tomorrow,say your goodbyes today”and with that she departed.

    the day passed as me and naina greeted a lot of officials and nobles and the night was even longer than the previous one.as i returned to my quarters and told my mother what had happened ,she said”Go my son bring back victory and pride to your families name”

    As dawn came there was only one thought on my mind and i felt the same from volcanus “We knew not what adventures fate had planed for us but we knew together we could overcome any difficulty”.

  • Lucas Coquillat

    name is Owen, I’m a human, I’m 18 years old, my skin is white, I have brown
    short hair, hazel eyes, I’m muscular from medium size. My parents are Vardens, a
    proud people. My father name’s Pierrick, and my mother’s Malvina. I’m one from
    the numerous Vardens who fought with all our heart against Galbatorix’s army. I served my nation under the command of Major Roran
    Powerful-Hammer. I’m an excellent fighter at the sword. At the ends of the war,
    when I heard than the Dragoners were back, I felt a big happiness. I was in town when I saw a big gathering. Intrigued,
    I approached and tried to see what’s happened there, but too much people were
    watching the unknown show. I cleared myself a passage in the crowd. In the
    middle of the circle which the inhabitants had made around them were held 4
    elfs. Two of them transported something in their arms. When I saw what it was,
    I thought my heart would stop. . They
    had two dragon eggs; one yellow and one purple, they were shining like the sun
    and even more than the stars. That was so incredible. A black hair elf was
    smiling to me and asked me if I wanna touch one of them. I hesitated, I
    approached and I finally touched the purple but nothing appends. I was very disappointed. But when I put my
    hand on the yellow, it moved, I was so surprised and the egg began to make strange
    sounds when it suddenly exploded. When the shock was passed, I was able to see
    a wonderful little yellow dragon, here, just for me. He’s small, his yellow
    scales are shining like diamonds, his teeth and his claws are white like ivory
    and in his back it were some big sharp spines. He has big yellow eyes. I was so
    surprised as I did not make movement, that was so unexpected. He pushed a small
    squeak and turned his head in front of me and approached in my direction. People
    around us don’t maked a sound. I hesitated one second and slowly approached my
    hand. When I touched his head, I felt a lot of energy running into my arm to
    finally affect all my body. It changed in a big pain; all around me began black
    and the face of my dragon disappeared into that darkness with everything. I
    lost consciousness. When I woke up, I
    was lengthened in a bed. An Elf was at my side in a chair. He was the black
    hair elf who proposed to me to touch the special eggs. When he saw than I was
    awake, he smiled to me and he told me than his name is Sindgen. I wondered what
    append and suddently felt my right hand hurting. When I looked at it, I was
    surprised and search into my memory to try to find how I injured myself like
    that. That was a really strange injury; a strange silvered scar into the back
    of my hand. Seeing that I fixed it, Sindgen told me that it was the gedwëy
    the Dragoner’s mark. On the bed, at my side, was the little
    dragon. I jumped when I had felling a spirit came in contact with mine. His
    little voice saying my name : Owen, Owen. This voice came from this
    dragon. It was strangely soft, autoritarian and former in spite of its young
    age. I told Sindgen than the dragon spoke to me into my head. He smiled to me,
    explaining than a Dragoner and his dragon can have a communication by thought. He
    told me than he will detail more along the way. My look came again to the
    little dragon. I had so much questions in my head. I asked him if he was a
    female or a male. She told me in by this strange way, in my head, than she was
    a female. I was thinking all this time that she was a male. I don’t had a lot
    of time to think about that because Sindgen told us we had to go. We left the
    hotel. I took my dragon in my arms. Outside, evrybody intensively fixed us.
    Along the way, I spoke to my dragon ang tried to find a name to her. I proposed
    her names but she rejected all of them. I was discouraged, and then, a name
    came to my mind, I proposed it to her and she accepted it at once.I was so
    happy, I named her Luna. We rejoind the Elfs , they smiled to me and welcomed
    me, telling me shu’tugal. I asked Sindgen wath did it mean and he
    explained that this meant dragoner in
    old language. He told me than we had to go, on an island far away from Alagaesia
    where Luna and me will be formed. I had to say goodbye to my family. That new
    punch me even if I expected it. Along the way, I tried to think about what I
    could say to my parents. When I was
    finally at home, my heart tight. I took my courage and knocked at the door. My
    mother opened it, and screamed when she saw Luna. My sister looked at her with
    bigs horrifing eyes. My father appeared with a big sword in his hands. I told
    them than she was not dangerous. They hesitated, but my father tidied up his
    weapon and invited us to enter. So we go inside of the home. The Elf presented
    himself, my mother was in the kitchen making herb tea and we all going on the living-room,
    my father, my sisters and myself sit down on a chair but Sindgen refused the
    offer. When my mother arrived, she sits beside my father on a chair and gave
    cups of herbs tea to evrybody. All my family was fixing Luna and she lloked at
    them with curiosity. I did not know by what to begin, I took a big breath and
    begined to explain wath happend. I told the story without interuption but when
    I began to spoke about my depart to go far from Alagaesia, my mother and my
    sisters started to cry. My father asked to Sindgen if he could accompany us to
    the port. He told him yes. I go in my room and began to put clothes and other
    things in my bag. Luna entered and smelt evrywhere and evrything. When I had
    finished my package I go outside of my room, looking one last time to my room.
    I went down the staircase. I was sad but
    I knew that the formation is essential and had to be my priority. My family was
    there with Sindgen, they waited for me in front of the door. We left the home,
    Iwas so sad. I looked one last time to my home, I had left. We are arrived to
    the port, there was a boat. The Elfs were there and wait for us. I looked at my
    family. When my mother hugged me, I saw that she was crying. I told her than
    evrything will be alright. After, I told goodbye to my two little sisters, they
    were crying like my mother and Luna was trying to confort them by rubbing her
    on them. They cherished her. I go see them, and hugged them in my arms. I told
    them to take care of them and to my parents. And finally, I going see my
    father. We were made an embrace and he told me to take care of me. I thanked
    him and rose to the boat. Sindgen was there with me and another dragoner and
    his dragon. When she saw him, Luna was verry happy. She rushed towards him. She
    never saw another dragon before and when I saw her like I could only smile. Seeing
    her happy like that gave me some happiness in this sadness. I told a last
    goodbye to my family and they told me good luck. Having make sure than evrybody
    were in the boat, Sindgen gave the signal, and the boat gone. I looked at my
    family until that I do not see them any more. I felt so much sadness in me,
    thinking all what I left behind. Luna came see me and I smiling looked at her.
    I knew than I was not alone. This life will bee better for Luna and me, I know
    it. During the next days, the Elfs learned us somethings about the dragons, the
    magic and we practice to fight at sword. I leard to know my dragon and her to
    know me. I spoke with her in more and more complex conversations. She has a
    wonderful personality and the most bigger heart than every people in Alagaesia
    combined. I can confide her my problems without any problem like she can
    confide me her problems. Her only fault, like all the dragons is her vanity. She’s
    the person in my heart, in my soul and on my spririt. She’s the most important
    person in my life. After our first meeting, her and me, never left the other.
    She understands me more better than nobody ever has understood me. Our spirits
    completely merged, they’re everytime in contact. We hide nothing to the other. I
    always find that funny when I scratch her behind her ears or under her chin and
    she purrs. I would sacrifice me for her and I know that she would make the same
    thing for me. She speaks to evrybody, learn than she can and make new things.
    We have to travel during several days of boat but finally reached the island. When
    I saw it I had breathlessly and the other dragoner has push a big exclamation.
    The Elfs have smiles by seeing our reactions. The city is simply majestic.
    Buildings are of a striking beauty. When we arrived in this incredible city,
    there were two silhouettes, a saphir blue dragon and a young man who looked
    like an Elf. I recognized them at once because I had fought of numerous times
    by their side. They were Saphira and
    Eragon. They welcomed us. They asked us that they were new masters for the
    formation, than they will made us visited the city, they will responded to all
    our questions and than the Elfs will transported our packages to our new house.
    Having seen their exploit on a battlefield, I knew that Luna and me were
    between good hands with our new masters. A beautiful relationship of trust
    quickly settled down. They showed us the city, the training ground, the library
    and all other wonders of this place. They assigned us our house. It was
    spacious and made on the length. My bed is next to the couchette of Luna. There’s
    a bathroom, on office and a door where a big dragon can easily pass. Luna is so
    happy. She walks everywhere in the room to lie down on my bed. A little time after, Sindgen came to look for
    us, Luna and me. I wondered wath happens. When I questionned him why, he asked
    me than our masters wanna see us. Why they wanna see Luna and me? We arrived at
    the Eragon’s office. The Elf left us alone. I banged in the door and it opened.
    Eragon was there with Saphira and the eldunari.
    We entered and I wondered wath we maked here. They all welcomed us. We returned
    the politenesses by curtseying. I waited that our masters tell us the reason of
    our presence. Eragon has broken the silence, saying than if we were there, it’s
    because he had to give me my sword. When he said that to us, Luna and me were
    so happy. Eragon took a yellow sheath and gave it to me. It was so magnificent.
    There was an incrust diamond of the same color than the big yellow diamonds of Farthen dûr. A flash of
    lighting is graved on the shealth. I have to unsheathe the sword and my breath
    stop. I felt the same feeling of delight at Luna. This yellow sword is wonderful,
    it shine more than the sun or of one million of diamonds. In the knob, there’s
    a big diamond like the one on the shealth but more bigger, a flash of lighting
    is graved on it. There’s a written word on the shealth of the sword. Seeing
    than I tried to spell out, Eragon told me than it was the name of my sword, kveykva.
    In old language, it significate flash of lighting. I was in shock, unabble to speak, further to
    this wonderful present which they had offered me. Luna touched the sword with
    her nose. I managed to articulate a thanking and ask what we could make to
    thank them. Eragon has smiles and Saphira answered amused, we had to hardly
    study and to pay it attention to this present. After a last reverence and
    thanking, we go outside of the office, I was smiling and I felt a big hapiness
    from Luna. We looked each others and I caress her head. She maked a purring. I
    trained to fighting by making moves that I knew and others than Elfs learnt me. Sindgen came to look for me, I showed him the
    sword, he told me that it was wonderful and to take care of it. I put back the
    sword in its sheath, and collided the sheath on my belt. He put back to us to
    our house. During the next weeks, the classes and the trainings followed
    another. Luna grew up more and more. When Luna learnt to fly, I was happy for
    her. She
    was so majestic, graceful, and eleganttouch the arm with its muzzle, I alluvium to cherish, it has emitted a humming. My that year it has ether large enough for me transported, we were
    told that one would
    fly together. I panicked, me which suffers from giddiness, only say to
    think its returned to me sick. Luna my say that would be itself well. I refused to fly, Eragon and Saphira is fact reassure one is proposed to come with us, I accepted with their assistance and supports. One went slowly, the first time I closed the eyes, is when Luna his throw in the vacuum, I shouted so extremely that when the flight finished I had more voices.
    Quietly its its to improve, one remained more in longer in flight, going more and more quickly. Now I adore to fly with my wrist-strap his my more beautiful moment.
    His my taken time for controlling the magic at the beginning well I was my steps cabals to make steal small stones I was to frustrate, my Masters my say not to worry to me am well to involve itself, am studied extremely, I took their advice, I read manuscript, learned the old language, am much of other thing, am now I became a frightening adversary, is more nobody can penetrate my spirit, my Masters came to congratulate us on my great improvement. I am much to improve has the sword has force of me involve with my Eragon Master is the elves. I have Luna as there is much improvement, at the end of as it as weeks, it to pass from a small wrist-strap has a powerful wrist-strap. With the trainings with Saphira Master, his body became can is muscular, it exceeds of a head the largest horses, its hook is SEN scratches its as long east slice as a butcher’s knife, it and now become wild warlike. It is much more endure in flies, is resistant physically.
    It can transport several passenger, to carry of large stones, to make numbers of very complex stunt-flying. I remember when it to spit its first flame of a yellow burst, I were proud of it. At the beginning it lasted on average a minute, its can improve much. It spit about it more and more a long time.
    Now it has can spit of the flames several minutes of continuation without stopping.
    She learns from the operations in flight with our Saphira Master, is multitudes of other things, like the history of the dragons for example.
    She learned much from it, east goes learns some much from other, our Masters one all congratulated. Reine Arya us one seen, us with involves.
    She came to see us with her Finrnen dragon to congratulate us on our large progress, they are very nice. One studies very strong Luna is me, to become one of the best duets dragon is dragonnier of the history, is to make reign justice. Our Eragon Master learned that there are big problems in Alagaesia is that one needs our assistance, Luna is me leave with our Masters, for save Alagaesia. I am proud to be a dragonnier.

    Monsieur Paolini that would be really nice to see extraordinary if you were to me the dragonnier and its wrist-strap with their history which I have create of in your next book, you could put them with characters that of another person one invented for the next generation of dragonnier. To think knows if, you would be recognized like one or if not the author nearest to his reader on planet, is people would be charms, you could mark it at the end of your book. Monsieur Paolini read my proposal please thank you very much. Afflicted for the length of text, is the spelling mistakes, English is not my mother tongue thank you

  • Keelyn Wright

    Whenever I reread the Inheritance Series these days, especially Eragon, I like to imagine that there were still dragons alive, living in the wild, because
    despite Galbatorix’s power, I can’t imagine that he managed to kill them all.
    So, I like reading and pretending that there were still dragons around, living
    in hiding in the Hadarac Desert. With that in mind the character I like “adding
    in” the books as I reread is Indrial, a human dragonrider. I read Eragon many years ago and I still love the book, so this is rather long (and much longer in my head) so bear with me. 🙂

    I am the daughter of Morzan (because who doesn’t want to be related to Murtagh?) and a woman named Alia, who Morzan slept with about the time that Selena left him. After my mother realised was pregnant with Morzan’s child, she fled the town she was living in with her fiance, planning on making her way to the Varden.

    Things didn’t go as planned and they stopped their journey before entering the Hadarac Desert, until my mother had me and I was about a year old. Shortly after we resumed their journey, but after a few days of traveling in the desert we ran into a group of Urgals who slaughter my parents, but for reasons unknown left me alive.

    Of course, alone in the desert a year-old child wouldn’t be expected to live long, and I likely would have died were it not for a recently hatched silver dragon, named Herinat, who wandered away from home and discovered the crying infant. When the dragon’s parents came in search of him, they found me as well and made the decision to bring me back to their home to be raised among the wild dragons. Herinat would become my closest friend as I grew up, always there for me.

    As expected, there were a number of difficulties in a human being raised among dragons, but such problems were solved in time and I grew up learning from dragons, a few of whom had been alive since the time of Eragon the first. At age eight, I bonded Serval, a green dragon, and started my training as a dragonrider. Since dragons were teaching me there was a great deal of study of magic and the dragons who raised me would occasionally lend me their power to use for more difficult spells. I also got a great deal of history and culture of the various races. Training with weapons was harder, since there wasn’t anyone I could practice with, but some of the older dragons had watched humans and elves train with swords and bows, before Galbatorix’s time, so they shared those memories and I attempted to learn why those memories and lots and lots of practice. My training wasn’t only the training of a dragonrider, but also training so that I might one day slay Galbatorix and avenge those he had killed.

    Time doesn’t mean as much to dragons as it does for humans and I believe that I would have spent many, many years training, were it not for the rumours of a new dragonrider who was standing against Galbatorix. Taking those rumours as a sign that it was time to act, I left my home, with three dragons eggs that my Servai laid after mating with Herinat, after swearing an oath in the ancient language that I would not under any circumstance reveal the location of the dragons.

    Heading out with Servai and Herinat, who refused to leave me and Servai, I made my way to the Varden, finishing the journey my parents had started so many years ago. Before arriving Servai and Herinat went to hide, not wanting to reveal their existence just yet, and I arrived at the same time as Eragon, Murtagh, and Arya. Unable to break my oath and reveal the location of where I had been raised, I was not able to submit to the Twins’ mind probing and as a result got myself thrown into prison with my half-brother, until the battle, when Servai and Herinat came to my aide and my identity was revealed.

    When the battle ended, more of the dragons came and speaking for all of them, I swore that we would aide in the fight against Galbatorix until our deaths.

  • LittleWolfy

    Name: Nimue
    Age: 20
    Occupation: Dragon Rider
    Hair color: White
    Eye color: Crimson

    I was born in the city of Cuenon during the war with the Empire. I don’t remember my parents very well, or even if I had any siblings. All I know is that I was separated from them when the city was attacked, and I haven’t seen them since. Having no one else to really turn to, I lived on the streets, being shunned by most people because of my appearance. It was a hard life, but I managed, and even discovered I had a knack with animals, being able to tell what was wrong with them by their energies. Having this ability allowed me to work odd jobs, though still some were wary, and I became a healer of sorts. Eventually I managed to save up enough money to get a small house on the edge of the forest of Du Weldenvarden where I lived alone for many years. I can safely say some of the elves were not happy about me living so close to their domain since more often then not I would catch one watching, even when I made it clear that I was no threat and cared for the forests and animals as much as they did. One fateful day I was out by the river when I saw what looked like an odd stone floating on the current. This was odd since stone sink, not float so I climbed on top of a low hanging branch, and reached out to try and grab it. That’s when the wood snapped and I was sent into the cold waters below. I was swept up in the current that was too strong to swim in, even without the stone, that I somehow had, in my arms. I thought for sure it was the end, but just when I was about to lose consciousness, I felt a hand grab the back of my dress and yank me out onto the bank. When I came to, I saw that my savior was no other than Queen Arya, along with her magnificent emerald dragon Firnen. Even though I was exhausted, and looked worse for ware, I still politely bowed my head, and thanked her for saving my life. Of course she already knew who I was, and instantly began asking how I came into possession of an egg. There was no point in lying to a rider, much less a queen, so I simply told her that I found it. To my amazement, she believed me. For a moment, Arya said nothing else. Just looked lost in thought. It was another awkward silence before she invited me to Ellesmera, much to my surprise. She explained that it was only temporary, just to see if the egg would hatch. Unsteadily I rose to my feet. Arya had to help me on to Firnen’s back since I was still weak from my ordeal in the river, but soon the great dragon opened his wings and with a couple powerful beats, climbed high over the trees. It was absolutely thrilling watching the forest race below us. When we landed i was disappointed that it was such a short trip. Even if it was just a glimpse of the world from above, it is something I still feel blessed enough to get to experience. We entered the Elven capital, and I was led to a room where I would wait to see if the shiny blue egg would hatch. If not I would be sent back to my home, possibly with my memory erased. A day or two passed, and I was worried that the egg would not hatch for me. On the third day though, it did. A deep blue dragon hatchling with eyes like autumn leaves looked up at me and chirped. At first I wasn’t sure what I should do. Cautiously I reached out my hand to touch the baby dragon. Suddenly a shock of what I swear was a mix or ice and electricity shot through my body and a silver oval appeared on my left palm. That was the day I began my training. Now Azurus and I are part of the new order of riders. Everyday we train in every way to make sure we are prepared for anything our enemies can throw at us, and even accompany the queen on diplomatic visits. Arya and Firnen are effective teachers. More than once I’ve ended up on my back during sparring sessions, or Azurus was pinned by Firnen once he was big enough to fend for himself. I’ve come along way from being some poor street rat, and with Azurus at my side, I feel like we can handle anything.

  • Luna

    Well, I always just thought about it like, you know, myself thrown from our world into Alagaesia. But now..
    My name’s Luna and I’m half human and half elf. My mother was an elf who was not satisfied with living such a boring life in Ellesméra. So she left Du Weldenvarden and travelled across the country. She kinda abandoned her own race after she met and married a human magician(my father). He was strongly supporting the Varden. We lived happily in Teirm until an assassin killed my father in sleep. I was 2 years old. So my mother left Teirm and took me with her. We travelled all across Alagaesia for about 13 years. I never had the chance to call any place my home, even though we stayed quite a time in Luthvira and Ellesméra. When I was 15 my mother told my to stay in Ellesmera with her friends, so I will be safe there, while she decided to go to the Farthen Dur. I had not heard from her for a very long time so I went to Tronjheim myself. I was shocked when I arrived and she wasn’t there. Later I found out that she had been captured by Galbatorix and that few weeks after that a group of elven spellcasters rescued her. I stayed with the Varden and since I have the abilities of an elf and I’m also skilled in magic, I helped them with various tasks. I surprisingly made friends with many people among all the races (well, except ra’zac) and completely shockingly I found great listeners in Eragon, Saphira, Arya and even Angela. They really helped me with lot of my problems I had to deal with until my mother returned. My biggest dream and hope was always to see the day when Galbatorix is killed and there’s peace in Alagaesia again. Since that dream has already come true, now I really hope to become Shur’tugal. 🙂

  • Adam Crow

    I am human they call me Crow.
    Before I became a Dragon rider we lived the farthest North anyone would dare venture for in fact you would have to brave the spine to get to us unless you venture by air. My family were farmers and were part of a expedition of a few hundred humans, 100 elves and and 3 Dragon Riders to venture further to see how much land beyond Alagaesia there was and to see if there can be a place for the Wild dragons to possible return closer without causing to many problems, or to move the borders of Alagaesia a little further out. The first winter was a struggle even with magic over half of the Expedition died humans and Elves both suffered greatly I was told. After 5 years only 97 human were alive and due to that first winter 78 Elves and in turn 1 of the Dragon Riders died saving many from a rock slide. It has been 20 years since the Expedition started the land covered has been far a great. But to all of the hardships it was a success our town is called “Drachenzahn” which is known as Dragons Tooth for at a peck that is seen from our Village was found a Dragon’s Tooth from long ago but finding it did bring hope, my town has been here for 12 years, I had just turned 9. But as I said we lived even farther away North than others we lived 7 miles away from the Village the Elves did live a mile from us and were always around helping with (playing with me) the farm that feed all of the people in the Village thanks to some magic from the Elves. But one night a stranger came from even farther North he killed my parents with magic and took me away, for months I was tortured for months I was given very little to drink or eat only enough to keep me a live until finally the Dragon Riders found me, but the rescue wasn’t the greatest 7 Riders came to find and rescue me but two of them died to this strangers powerful dark magic and just before the stranger died he cursed me and from then on I could never walk again. Fearing I was fouled in the mind the Riders looked through my memories and to their joy I was not. But being unable to walk or have a family they took me to Drachenzahn where my recovery from being abused and sick was long and in some cases painful but the Elves helped a lot. In fact here is where my story gets even more interesting at age 11, I repeated what an Elf said for the fun of it, I called him Greyback because he could turn into a Grey Wolf which I thought was just amazing he was only in human years 40 and me and him were like brothers, but anyways one day he and a Rider named Arlem a male Dragon Rider asked me to hold a stone in my hand and say “Stenr Reisa” it was weird and I did and nothing happened after 5 hours of constantly trying, then the Rider did something not many would have done for a boy who can not walk without the help of magic, he gave me a dragon egg it was a silver color so amazing and smooth. I asked why do I have it, the Rider said “you didn’t give up on us to find you, you did not give in to the Shades evil, you remained strong, though your legs are useless and your family is gone you bring happiness to the Village and never focus to long on things that other dread, you shine the light so that others will follow I believe you are meant to have this chance” For 3 months I had the egg(we were going through a hard winter but we were all surviving and thriving) when spring came I heard a “peep” come from the stone then another then a crack I yelled on the top of my lungs full of excitement my friend Greyback slammed opened the door trying to figure out what just happened(I lived with the Elves, where they helped me with things and they would try and give me back my legs but to no avail) when from the egg came another peep and another crack, then a hole the size of a pecan nut appeared then it became bigger and bigger until finally poking out was a grey little head and neck of a baby dragon. She eventually decided she need to show off her wings and finished breaking the egg. The dragon looked at me then crawled into my lab like a cat and when I went to touch her WHAM! By then the 2 Dragon Riders Arlem a male human Rider and Cantor a male Elf Rider were there excited and curious. After that things were all but quiet. For while the Gedwey Ignasia formed something happened to my body and for the first time since my Rescue which was closer to the 3 year mark than the 2nd I was able to walk…. I was then flown to Ellesmera where now the New Riders are trained it took two weeks to get there due to distance and well the weather was not the best but me and my Dragon Stella(which means Star) started our journey oh did I forget to mention the day I meet Stella I had turned 12. At age 16 I was pulled from the basic training that 3 others were in and went into a more advance training after my level of skill was seen and I started caring about the lessons. At age 18 I was one of the youngest to join the ranks of the Riders. Now at age 19, Stella and me ride the sky one thing I do is bring hope to those who have lost it or are losing it. We do get into a little trouble for not doing our cleaning jobs when we are suppose to, but why clean during the day when you could be flying. My mission is to keep the peace, though sometimes peace is not possible for example last month 3 Urgal brothers went Rogue killed half of their own village and me and one other Rider was sent in to stop them they wanted to kill and fight and nothing else so the job was done and they were no more we were told NOT to use magic and we did not Stella grabbed one Urgal with her fangs and chomped down the other Rider Cantor cut off the head of the second Urgal swinging through the Urgals powerful arms and with a not so graceful swing from my sword the third Urgal fell motionless. My ultimate mission besides to not make Cantor angry is to find a way to help others not focus on the pass for to long but to find joy in something keep moving forward and enjoying what they have already.

  • I Ride a Purple Dragon

    A human mercenary named Meg, about 17 or 18 years old. Born into a peasant family, her father was a soldier in Galbatorix’s and always wanted to be more than what he was. Her father was a very domineering man and never believed his daughter could fight, instead he wanted her older brother, Kal, to follow in his footsteps. Kal didn’t have the build to wield a sword or an axe; he was bookish and quiet, the exact opposite of their father. Their father died in a skirmish with a group of Urgals. A lieutenant from the local barracks of the army was sent into Meg’s village to gather more recruits. He had fought alongside Meg’s father and knew he had a son. Unfortunately, Meg’s father had greatly exaggerated his son’s capabilities. The lieutenant went to recruit her brother and was rather surprised to be greeted by Kal. He thought that Kal was pretending to be bookish and quietly tempered so that he would not be forced to join the army and made him leave his home to become a warrior. Kal made it through the six week training period, though just barely. He died in his first major skirmish. Meg’s mother, through the loss of her husband and the absence of her son, was forced to become a servant in the castle of the local lord. The food and bedding weren’t enough to sustain a woman that worked as much as she was forced to and she became sick in third week she spent working at the castle. She wasn’t allowed to return home to rest and died before the week was out. Meg didn’t know ’til she went to visit her mother on the last day of the week. She was gruffly informed by a housekeeper that her mother had died about three days previously. One of the head housekeepers decided that Meg should take her mothers place. She refused and guards were called to drag her to the courtyard to receive lashes. She fought and managed to break free of the guards and started running. She ran into the sergeant in charging the recruits. She tried to fight him too and he managed to subdue her. He thought that perhaps she could be trained to fight and lessened the amount of lashes the guards were going to give her to three and then had her imprisoned until the next day. It took him much longer than he had expected to get Meg to train. She agreed the day after she found out her brother was dead. She trained for a year before she was sent on missions as an assassin. On a mission to track down and kill a deserting general she disappeared from the empire. She hiked into the Spine and hid in an abandoned cabin. She eventually came out of hiding and began striking out against the empire.

  • Jelly

    I’d probably want to be Saphira, because she’s just awesome inside and out. 😛 If I had to pick someone else though, I think I’d be a human rider from the Golden Age. I personally think it’s more fun to be a human rider than an elf rider, just because you get to learn so much more during training. Elves already know most of the magic they need to know, and they have a sense of their culture. For a human, it’s so much more exciting. :3 As for my backstory, I’d probably be some small-town girl from the Spine. I think my parents would run some kind of a shop, and I’d be bored out of my skull with small-town life. 😛 As for my life’s mission, I have no idea.

  • Brenton

    A half elf son of a human wandering soldier and an elven woman, named Sir Brenton of Ellesmera. His real name is Sir Brenton of Ellesmera but later in life, after being captured by Galbatorix, he is forced to think he is the illegitimate Prince Brenton Bromsson of Ellesmera. He is around 160 years old but looks to be only around 30 or so when he doesn’t use magic to alter his appearance slightly. Brenton when growing up lost his father to a stray arrow and so he was tossed into the life of providing for his mother and helping her all while training in weapons and magic. Because of his thirteen years of being a man of the house and still finding time to train properly, a knight who saw him took Brenton in as his apprentice. He spent another two years learning the ways of the knights before finally being able to be knighted and soon was off into the world. Brenton went on campaigns for around 100 years until he received an egg and Undbitr from a mysterious man on the side of the road. When Brenton rode off he went into Carvahall and the egg hatched for him, where Brom immediately started training him. Yet eventually he was forced to leave and so Brenton went out only to be captured by Galbatorix. His mind was corrupted into believing he was a prince but eventually he escaped the Empire. Now he hopes to one day be king of the elves and be able to help train the riders of the new age.

  • ruben

    pues yo seria un elfo llamado threldor nacido en ellesmera a una edad muy temprana empece a entrenarme para ser un jinete de dragon y cuando me vieron suficientemente capaz me hicieron entrega de un huevo de dragon y que pasado un tiempo eclosiono y dio lugar a mi dragon buluth, pero debido a la gran multitud de ellesmera me voy al bosque donde construi una cabaña y ahi segui hasta que me entere de que los jinetes de dragones habian vuelto, volvi a ellesmera y visite a un viejo amigo que me dio cobijo, cuando me vi listo fui hasta los limites de ellesmera y segui adelante rumbo a la escuela de eragon, donde le pedire cobijo y a cambio le ayudare a entrenar a los recientes jinetes que lleguen

  • River Hess

    I’ve always wanted to be asked this, funny enough. I would certainly want to be a character that is true to the current “cannon”. I would like to be a Rider. Maybe one of the first Urgal to be one, as that was one of Eragon’s latest accomplishments. As an Urgal, a naturally combat-oriented race, I would marry a golden rider’s sword that has been modified into a spear from the back of my male dragon comrade, Perun. I have named my spear Gungnir, as I had earned the nickname “God of Thunder” from the roar of my dragon, as well as our remarkable size and strength as warriors. My weapon has two diamonds, bright as lightning itself, on either side near the head of the spear. My comrades would be the new generation of Dragonriders, I suppose, and my motivation is to seek glory as a warrior, a champion, and soon, a guardian. My mission aside from this, would be to seek out Eragon (or rather, Firesword) and be trained by him, as per instruction by our clan’s Nar and Herndall.

    • Emily Falcon

      May I ask what you mean by “cannon”?

      a large, heavy piece of artillery,
      typically mounted on wheels, formerly used in warfare.

      a general law, rule, principle, or
      criterion by which something is judged,

      I believe you meant the latter.

      • Lauren Heaslip

        Another word for official. Used quite often in fan fiction to differentiate between the official storyline in which the fan fiction is based on.
        “This fan fiction story is actually pretty close to being canon written by the original author.”

  • Birko

    Name: Birko
    Race: Dragon

    A green-blue dragon. That lived outside the country of Alagaesia. According my size I would be a young dragon. Learning the basics of living all on and dragon magic by myself. Since in his area, there are not many creatures, he started to explore new places to find more knowledge and a trusted soul,( dragons or maybe a rider) that will accompany him in his ways.

    Birko is a very curious dragon, so he has a problem sticking his nose in places, that sometimes have a hurtfull consequences. In his soul he is a kind dragon a bit childish that is trying to find solutions in quarels firstly by reasoning with all involved sides.

  • christos855

    werewolf close friend with the dragons

  • Darchwolf

    Marcus Shadowfoot


    Hunter and scout of the Alquez tribe.

    Marcus was born in a nomadic tribe known as the Alquez. His
    jobs were many, ranging from pitching tents and caring for the young and
    elderly, to hunting for food and scouting for good camping land. Despite being tribal by nature, his tribe was far from illiterate and savage. The Alquez traded with villages they came across, selling pelts and oddities for tools and food.

    During one of these trades, at the age of 15, Marcus heard a
    fascinating story of flying lizard creatures called dragons and magical beings that rode them. He heard how the dragon scales shone with every color of the rainbow. He heard how dragon eggs were a beautiful sight. He heard how the dragon riders would travel to the villages in search for those select few that a dragon would hatch for. And he wanted so bad to see such things. All his life, Marcus saw only the greens and browns of the land, the blue of the sky, the gold of the sun, and the silver of the moon. He wanted to see these colors and more shining off the scales of these giant beasts known as dragons.

    But when he asked his village elders about it, they scoffed
    at the idea. They told Marcus that dragons were extinct and those in the
    villages make up stories to occupy themselves because they lack adventure of their own in their quiet, sedimentary lives. But Marcus believed the tales. He needed to believe them. He had grown tired of the same routines of the nomadic life. He needed this to be true. In the black of night, Marcus packed up all the supplies he’d need for a long journey for he did not know how long it would take to find the riders, but he was prepared. He snuck past the tents of his friends and family. He knew that he would be seen as a deserter and never welcomed back. And though it saddened him, he had to see for himself these dragons. He was one of the best scouts, so sneaking past the sentries was easy. He ran into the town and found the inn. Inside, he saw a wandering bard. He concluded that if anyone knew the location of the riders it would be him. He was correct.

    The bard gave him almost perfect directions to the rider’s
    keep. Unfortunately, as Marcus discovered upon his arrival, the bard didn’t
    mention that it was on top of a steep mountain. Marcus was not deterred. He had traveled too far, lost too much. He was not about to give up hope now. When dusk approached, he reached into is bag and grabbed two iron tomahawks. The tomahawks had metal spikes on the back of the axe. It’s wouldn’t be perfect, but it would give him some stability. He started his ascent, using cracks in the rock when he could or making his own if there was none with the spike.

    It took him awhile, and he almost fell twice, but he finally
    made it over the cliff edge. He couldn’t stop to rest though, for there were
    sentries patrolling the keep. Night had fallen, and he used the dark to slip
    past. He found a dark corner to hide in while he thought of his next move. Marcus wasn’t new to infiltrating. There were times when a village wouldn’t trade, and times were tough. He needed a plan. He didn’t know how many were inside, or where the dragons slept, or where the eggs were kept. He didn’t know how these magic beings would react to his presence. The front door was obviously out. He needed a back door, or window. He scanned for sentries, and then stepped out of the shadows to scan the keep in earnest. He saw torchlight in a window 5 stories up. His arms were exhausted, but time was short.

    He started climbing the wall. His tomahawks weren’t needed,
    for the stone had many handholds. Quietly, he scaled the wall. He didn’t know how good a dragon’s hearing was. He didn’t want to find out. At the edge of the window, a stone cracked off and fell, knocking against the wall as it fell. He knew a sentry or worse might investigate; he quickly scrambled through the window. He was in a bedroom, luckily empty. He crept to the door and peeked out. Nothing. He quietly went through the hall, scanning the rooms. Finally, he noticed a sentry guarding a room. That had to be the egg room. He grabbed his club. He ran up to the guard and took him by surprise. Marcus knocked out the guard and moved him into the shadows. Then he entered the room he was guarding.

    It was very bright and warm inside. Along the wall there
    were dragon eggs of many colors. All of them were beautiful, but one stood out to Marcus. A lone blue one. He felt something, something about the egg. It was like it was calling to him. Mesmerized, he approached the blue egg. It was beautiful. A dark blue hue, mixed with streaks of white. Like the waves of water on the night of a full moon. He touched the egg, tracing its streaks. Then a sound broke him out of his trace. It was high-pitched, like a squeaky door, or a mouse. He turned to the door, but it was still firmly closed. He waited… *squeak.* There it was again, it came from behind him. The egg? Was the dragon hatching? A part of him wanted to run. He didn’t know anything about dragons. Were they deadly straight out of egg, like poisonous snakes? But a part of him wanted to see a dragon. Wanted to see one hatch. He walked up to the egg again, cautious, but curious. He touched the egg again. It moved! He jumped back, hand on his knife. The egg began squirming about; squeaking could be heard in earnest now. He was afraid someone would hear.

    He turned to leave, but as he reached the door, he heard a crack. He turned to the egg. A long fissure had appeared on the surface. *crack.* And another. Soon a small head peeked out of the egg. Fascinated, Marcus walked over to the dragon. It squeaked innocently at him. His hand reached out unconsciously. As his hand touched the dragon’s dark blue scales, a sharp, icy, scalding pain made him withdraw. He fell on the floor, nursing his hand. He looked and saw a silvery scar glittering on his hand. He looked back at the dragon, which was breaking the rest of the way out of its shell. Marcus felt something touching his very mind. Fearfully, he ran out of the room. He didn’t care about stealth at this point, too much was going on. He didn’t stop as he speed past a sentry. The sentry yelled for him to halt, but he continued to run, trying to find a way out. He felt another presence touch is mind. He pushed back the presence and blocked out his thoughts. His only thought was to run. He found the front doors but, somehow the sentries had assembled in front of it. He heard no alarms, but every guard in the place knew of his presence now. He didn’t think about it, he just ran into a side room. The guards scampered to catch up, but their armor slowed them down. He leapt out a window, and realized… He is on top of a mountain!

    He dug for his tomahawks in a rush, cutting himself on the axe of one. Ignoring the blood, he began his descent. Then he heard someone
    shout something in a language he didn’t understand. He felt an invisible force prevent him from moving. He struggled against it, but he realized it was useless. He’d been caught. He looked up at the edge and saw a man not dressed in armor. His hair was black and he didn’t look quite human. Then a giant blue dragon swooped down from the top of the keep. It came down and hovered behind Marcus. He closed his eyes in preparation for the worst. Instead of pain, Marcus felt something grab the back of his shirt. Then he was pulled from the face of the cliff and he was in the air. He would have screamed and thrashed, if not for the invisible force that held him. He was flown to the top of the mountain and sat down in front of the strange man. He felt the force holding him lessen and his immediate thought was to flee. But he knew it was hopeless. A heavy rumble sounded behind him as the dragon landed.

    There was silence for a moment, and then a high-pitched
    squeak sounded in the night. Marcus looked up and saw the dark blue dragon he touched in the egg room trot up to him and pounce into his lap. Marcus expected pain again and flinched, but there was none. He looked at the baby dragon in wonder, and the dragon looked back, squeaking happily. It curled up in his lap and purred. He rubbed the dragon, avoiding the small spikes along its back. The dragon purred even louder. He then remembered he wasn’t alone and looked up to the strange man. The man had a stern face at first, but then smiled. He introduced himself as Eragon, and told Marcus that he was now a dragon rider. Marcus was open-mouthed and speechless; the only sound the purring of his dragon.

    Marcus Shadowfoot.


    Hunter. Scout. Dragon Rider.

    (I may have gone over-board, but it was fun writing. This is set a decade or two after Eragon left for the east. The riders have started to make a comeback, but they are still few. That’s the reason some people still believe the dragons and their riders are just a myth. They haven’t gotten large enough to be more than just rumors or stories. They haven’t discovered all the tribes and settlements to make an appearance to them. And I’d imagine there are a few people working against them, probably out of fear. But that’s my story. Thanks for your time ^_^)

    • Adam Crow

      Very interesting story, so young and bold at least you only knocked out the guard I would hope they would give you a lesser punishment during your training if you want to read mine it’s more closer to the top 🙂

  • Fadingone

    Sadey Moraxe, human mercenary. Unaware of her birth place or parents. She lives mainly on the road, traveling between cities and towns. She was found as a baby in a burned down villages by a small group of mercenaries, in a burnt down house a piece of metal landed over her and protected her from the flames. Taking pity on the child they took her along. Upon closer inspection the piece of metal was actually an axe blade. It was a cruse weapon. A shaft five feet in length with a flat piece of metal sharpened on one end. They took the axe along and figured by rights it would be gifted the girl. They named her Sadey and was raised and trained by them. Upon her 18th birthday they jokingly gifted her the axe, nicknamed moraxe during a night of drunken antics. To everyones surprise she hefted the axe as if it were a toy. This willowy young girl hefted a 40 pound axe like it was a toy. What was more amazing she could swing it with surprising speed and efficiency. They also told her how she was found and how they came to raise her, she than decided to track down her village, find out what happened and see if anyone else survived. She trekked out, a homade sling allowing her to draw the axe with speed and power. Years passed and she established a legend for herself for being a near unstoppable force in battle. Her battered axe cleaved through foes with ease. In a pinch she would plant it upside down and use it as a make shift tower shield. A few times she would clear out a house full of enemies by merely battering the walls with her axe. No one else could even heft the thing with massive effort but she was a whirlwind of destruction. She came to be known as Sadey Moraxe, a joke being the axe was more than your body could handle. A joke that turned out to be true to her enemies. Rumors circulated that the axe was myth come to life, that it choose her as its owner, that it was made to slay dragons (which it looked capable of doing) and that she was infact a being of supernatural being. Shortly after turning 21 she heard that the varden and the newest dragon rider had slain Galbatotix and a new queen reigned. She grabbed her axe and made way for the capital. If the stories of dragon riders were in fact true than perhaps she would learn who she is.

  • Dúriel

    Kvetha Fricaya.

    I am Dúriel, an elf coming from the western parts of Du Weldenvarden,
    more precisely, I’m coming from Osilon.

    Back then my older brother was chosen to be tested in front of the blue
    dragon egg of which later on the proud dragon lady Saphira hatched. This makes it obvious that the dragon did not hatch for him and the fellowship that was supposed to bring the precious stone back into the Beor Mountains to the Varden was attacked by Durza, a Shade. Unfortunately the egg got lost during this fight.
    Queen Islanzadí gave orders to my brother to find out where the egg was
    taken to. Despite my for elven standards very young age, I decided to accompany him and together we left the forests.
    But Alagaesia is vast, even for two elves, and without any hint or trace
    to follow we decided it would be best to travel to Dras Leona and try to gather some information there. Soon rumors reached us that a new dragon rider appeared. While still trying to find out more we risked too much and the cruel priests of Helgrind became suspicious. Our actual plan of seeking the rider to join and guard him was overthrown. With the Empire on our track we would have been more of a thread than a help.
    So we fled into the Beor Mountains hiding from our followers. As soon as
    we were sure no one was on our lead anymore we travelled to Farthen Dûr to join the Varden. The hopes that the new rider would make his way there, too, were high.
    Eragon then indeed did find the last resistance against Galbatorix and
    fought alongside us.
    I doubt there is need to tell how the crusade against the Empire continued, as you probably already know.

    After the defeat of Galbatorix my brother was tested in front of the
    eggs again and a beautiful brown dragon hatched for him making him his rider.
    By now I am proud to call Bloëdhgarm my ebrithil. He teaches me the secrets of sword fight and magic until he thinks I am worthy of becoming a dragon rider as well.

    And this is where my story ends so far. Sé onr sverdar sitja hvass.

    • Brenton

      This would be an interesting elf to have run across in Alagaesia, almost like an elf version of Eragon really.

      • Dúriel

        Thank you! Your’re right, I’m just too much into travelling characters who only accidentally slipped into their adventure, just like Eragon 😉

  • Lucy Fredrickson

    My character is a human, known as Tara, but with abilities of future-sight, therefore because of this Galbatorix kidnapped her from her village when she was seven so that he could gather information. She was kept in his dungeons for just over a decade, but was almost useless as she would ramble on and before she could finish an observation, another would come along. From spending so long in the dark (also she had been kept blindfolded, as the King believed it strengthened her ‘sight’), she is now blind, but like most magic users she has learnt to tap into the minds of creatures nearby so uses their eyes to see.
    When the king was overthrown, she was discovered and was taken in by the Varden. She soon befriended Elva, and she slowly learnt to control her future sight. Eragon grew fond of her as she was a valuable friend, and so he – with help from the Elves – gave her a small dragon egg, hoping it would hatch for her. And it did. A small turquoise dragon became her companion and eyesight.
    She was introduced to Murtagh the day she was brought to the Varden, and they soon struck up an unlikely friendship, resulting in her asking to go with him when he left, whicj he surprisingly accepted.

  • Safrin7

    It’d be sweet to be basically any elf, for obvious reasons. Elves are legit. No one picks a dwarf, duh. Sorry every dwarf… ever. Also! Growing up as an urgal would be fascinating as well. Certainly not everyone’s cup of tea, but an undoubtedly cool cultural immersion. Out of the humans, probably Brom or Ajihad. If I were a Dragon, I’d totally be Glaedr because I could witness so much of early Dragon, elven, and human history. Plus, Saphira would totally have the hots for me and that would be hilarious! Okay, okay, okay, in all seriousness, if I could be anyone in the series, it’d probably be Elva. Her life (which could have been really super shitty very easily) started in an action packed way and led somewhere incredible. Granted, she did struggle a lot, but I think that’s what I like about her. Oddly, I somehow found Elva to be the most human character.

    Thanks for asking, by the way.

  • Guest

    Name: Hilblock (yes I know it’s stupid)

    Race: Human

    Age: 20

    Occupation: Librarian

  • Lauren Heaslip

    Name: Lorena

    Race: Human

    Age: Sixteen

    Occupation: Slave, Varden, Empire, Black Hand, Dragon Rider

    Back story: Lorena was born in a house next to the Az Ragni, she grew
    up knowing her parents had once been part of the Varden before they decided it was too dangerous and left—her father a weak magician had taught her how to reach out to others with her mind but not how to use magic—he had also taught her how to fight and she is good at handling a sword. When sixteen slavers ransack and burn their home, they managed to capture her and her parents but her younger brother is killed in the process. Her and her parents are split up and she is taken to Dras-Leona where she is sold.

    Story: She beats her new master unconscious and escapes, she runs
    through the streets and unknowingly runs into Brom and Eragon. She looks just like her mother and Brom recognises her, breaks her chains and she manages to escape the city with them. They make camp that night where is she hounded with questions and Brom attempts to decide what to do with her before the Ra’zac attack. She attempts to fight with Brom against the Ra’zac but ultimately fails and they are captured and bound. Murtagh appears and manages to rescue them all but Brom is injured and later dies from his wounds. With nowhere to go she decides to join Eragon, Saphira, and Murtagh, to help Eragon get to the Varden and join them like her parents once did. While travelling together the three realise that they all have the same interests and they bond over them. Lorena grows close to them both but her and Murtagh bond well, on their way to Farthen Dûr Murtagh claims to not want to go to the Varden and suggests that she accompany him. They discuss exploring Du Weldenvarden, the Beor Mountains, and Surda before finally deciding to go to Surda and start up their lives there, discussing children and careers. When Murtagh finally reveals his identity she defends him when Eragon questions his motives, which helps strengthen their ties. With help from Saphira she manages to hide Murtagh’s identity and words in the ancient language from the Twins. Murtagh is imprisoned and the others are given their rooms. Once Murtagh is allowed visitors Lorena goes to his cell, where the two finally admit their feelings and spend quality time together. When Urgals attack Farthen Dûr Murtagh and Lorena fight for the Varden and after the battle they join up with Ajihad ferreting out the remaining Urgals from the tunnels. The Twins organise an attack which kills Ajihad and they take Murtagh and Lorena captive. They are ensorcelled and spirited off to Urû’baen where they promise each other not to give him any information. Knowing of his feelings for her, Galbatorix tortures them both, attempting to make Murtagh talk, but does not succeed until Thorn hatches which is the last straw for Murtagh. Murtagh is trained up as a Rider and torture is often used on the three of them in an attempt to have them behave. In an attempt to be free from her cell Lorena manages to gain favour from the King and asks him to teach her how to use magic. She succeeds and upon being successfully tested for her killing ability she joins Galbatorix’s Black Hand. Through physical and psychological torture the bonds between Murtagh and Lorena have strained, the two rarely see each other unless Galbatorix wants the two to see each other tortured. On the rare occasion the two manage to meet up mixtures of love, resentment, anger, and guilt burst forth and they eventually realise that Galbatorix has won, that despite their promises they can no longer hope for their escape. When the Varden eventually attack Urû’baen Lorena waits in the throne room with Galbatorix, ready to greet and perhaps battle her former comrades. She watches on from Galbatorix’s left side as Murtagh and Eragon battle and when Murtagh manages to change his True Name and remove Galbatorix’s wards Lorena drives a dagger towards his heart. Galbatorix stops everyone in time, takes Lorena’s dagger and drives it through her thigh before his battle with Eragon. Lorena grabs the children and drags the unconscious Murtagh over to Nasuada where she attempts to break her bonds until Galbatorix’s death, Murtagh regains consciousness and releases Nasuada who helps him to Thorn. Lorena mounts Saphira with Eragon and once in the courtyard outside takes the children back to their parents. Murtagh is about to leave when he spots her and motions her to join him. Lorena mounts Thorn and they fly out of the Capital together. Eragon follows where they both speak to him, and Murtagh hands over his Eldunari and they part brothers. Murtagh and Lorena finally manage to speak and discuss their Galbatorix free futures. The plans they once had no longer seem possible and they decide to separate to heal. Murtagh decides to go north and spend his time with Thorn, while Lorena tracks down her parents. After months of searching she manages to find them they had already found each other, and are overjoyed to see her again, until they found out where she had been. Once she tells them what happened to her and about her unwilling service to the King her parents disown her and refuse to acknowledge her existence. Unsure of what to do next Lorena go to the Capital and speak with Eragon, who invites her to join him in finding a new place for the Riders. Before they leave Lorena tracks down Murtagh and asks him to join them, he refuses but promises to contact her regularly and eventually join her when he felt ready. Lorena leaves with Eragon and when they find a new place for the Riders she does her best to help set up. She has been with the new Riders for almost a year when she is asked by Eragon to help check up on some eggs, and a dragon hatches for her. Eight years later she is a teacher, training the younger Dragon Riders in the ways of magic. One night she goes for a Ride with her dragon and they spot a dragon approaching in the distance, they unsure of who they were they flew out to greet them and discover Murtagh and Thorn had secretly flown out to join them. Lorena hopes that her and Murtagh can pick up where they left off but the two are still damaged from their experiences. Despite not wanting to be separated from each other they both suffer in the others presence, having shock attacks and night terrors. After a few years the two manage to calm themselves and put their experiences in Urû’baen behind them. Finally they are able to be together with nothing to stop them, and they begin the family they had talked about starting over a decade ago.

    Why: Because even though a lot of terrible things happen, there
    is also amazing things, and who doesn’t want happily ever after?

  • Evanescent-Killjoy

    Link to my character’s bio:

    Shameless plug:

    Argetlam01 (an Eragon RPG) has been around since 2006 and is till going Strong till this very day. We are always looking for new members with new characters and new interesting stories and plots to spice things up.

    Come join the fight to stop the shades from taking over Alagaēsia OR aid the Shades in spreading death and destruction across the land.


  • Tyrone Tornabene

    Name: Booker.
    Race: Human.
    Occupation: Merchant.
    Back story: I grew up as a middle-class child in the city of Uru’Baen, now known as Illirea. With the intention of raising money for my family, I set out to become a merchant in the city but soon after my parents fell terribly ill and died. After the fall of Galbatorix, due to the hate and scrutiny I was receiving from being a part of the Empire before it fell (even though I was very young and was not a part of the fighting), I chose to leave the city and become a full-fledged traveling merchant.
    Story: I merchant for a few years until I meet up with a shabby silver-haired, pessimistic and experienced exiled
    elf woman named Sylvia who has been caught by a group of Kull because she stole from their villages. I decide to pay the debt that the elf owed and in return she joins my company and we become traveling companions. Together, we spend our time manipulating money out of wealthy
    people and redistributing it to people in need (poor farming families
    etc). It takes a turn for the worst when we manipulate the wrong people
    and end up in huge debt to a nasty cult. This leads to us having to
    go on a journey to steal from the Queen herself! (Nasuada). Along the
    journey, the two miscreants fall in love and devise a plan with the aid
    of Queen Nasuada’s most trusted protector (Leader of Nighthawks or
    something) to force the cultists into a trap and defeat them. They end
    up being the economic link between the capital (Illirea) and the poor
    farming people across Alagaesia. This would be the first in a series of
    adventures which end up with the two of them becoming the most well known merchants in Alagaesia. Sylvia’s exile from Ellesmera is removed but she chooses to stay with Booker as they travel across the land.

    Why? Because anti-heroes are boss.

  • Amy Harris

    Despite Galbatorix’s famous defeat, few in Alagaesia knew the full story of Rider Eragon and his incredible journey. To solve this pesky little problem, a teenage Jen and her somewhat quirky father left Teirm to ask questions, take names, and compile the full and vibrant tale of the restoration of the Riders.
    After a year of hard travel, gathering information and even getting chased by a few Urgals, the father-daughter team finished their book. Since literacy rates thrived under Queen Nasuada’s education programs, coupled with the fact that nearly everyone was curious about dragons, the book instantly became the equivalent of a New York Time’s best seller.
    Unfortunately, it stayed that way a little too long, and Jen and her father were confronted by a green dragon, a couple of queens, and a certain bearded farmer, all of whom were fighting mad about the book, cursing all of its “historical inaccuracies,” demanding the books be destroyed with a vengeance.
    Apparently, rumors had invaded Jen’s work like weeds gone to seed, spreading them to everyone in Alagaesia. Jen apologized to the monarchs and co. and all the famous figures calmed down enough to graciously accept some of Jen’s father’s pumpkin seed tea (although Roran tossed his out the window when no one was looking).

  • SaryBear21

    My name is Illìanah, and I was once a handmaiden to a woman named Selena. I was born in Tierm to a wine merchant who did more drinking than selling. With no mother to look up to, I dressed in boy’s clothes to disguise myself and escape my father once and for all. I journeyed with a supply caravan all the way to the capitol, where I was poor, starving and on the streets. For 7 months I begged and bowed and scraped for scraps all day, and my only relief was when the pains in my stomach were muted with slumber. One evening I had wandered further than usual into the capitol and snuck into one of the king’s chicken coops to palm some eggs. There were none and I was tired. That, coupled with an enormous fear of being caught, led me to the decision of staying the night and hoping for an egg at dawn. After a night of fitful nightmares, I awoke and got up into a low crouch to skulk around for my treasure. I immediately noticed a stickiness between my thighs and silently berated myself for crushing one, but as I turned to look at where I had laid I was met with a bed of blood soaked hay. Panic began to set in and my mind reeled with a slew of possibilities. I knew that malnourishment over a long period would lead to excreting your insides out, but I had thought I was doing a bit better than that. A cold fear began to settle in my bones, my chest began to heave for air. I knew I was slowly dying. After another minute of erratic thoughts, tears hot with rage began to roll down my face, seemingly of their own accord. Over the years my heart had hardened and nothing really brought me to the point of crying. Just then the door to the coop flung open and a woman bustled in with a basket whislting a merry tune. Upon first glance she backed away a few steps and shouted “Boy, if I find a single egg missin’ I’ll have yer trussed up like a suckling pig!” I would have replied ‘I’m already dying’ but I choked on the words and began to sob. It was then that she saw the blood and immediate maternal instinct kicked in. She approached as though I were a baby bird about to flutter away and gently began checking for the wound which did not exist. Realization dawned on her when she gently began to remove my grubby trousers. She softly murmured, “Come child, let me help you.” I was led into a doorway and down a servant hall into a shabby mud room with no windows. After being instructed to stay, she returned a quarter of an hour later with two large buckets of steaming hot water and a bar of lye soap amd well as a hog bristle brush for scrubbing. During my bath, Minda cautiously explained that I was a woman now and showed me how to take care of myself. Bemused at the fact that I had never grown up with a woman in the house, she also danced her way about various subjects of my life in a roundabout way. Once I was scrubbed pink, Minda dried me and found a slightly too-big set of clothes for me to wear which was, as compared to what I had before, the nicest set I had the privelage of calling my own in nearly six years. After a quick discussion with the head butler, I was found a place in the laundry part of the basement. I am a quick learner though, amd soon I was promoted to seamstress. By the end of my third year in the house, I had finally procured the title of Lady’s Maid to the elegant Selena. It was always with admiration that I looked upon Selena, pacing the castle in beautiful dresses and a net of fine pearls in her hair. I owed everything to the family that had taken me in, and it was my loyalty to Selena that cast me out of my loving home. It all started when she came back after a trip to a small village named Carvahall, and when she first uttered the name to me. ‘Brom’.

  • Kelly Palmer

    My name is Esma. I was born the daughter of a Surdian silk merchant. I traveled with him most of my young life, that is how I met my first husband, I soldier named Dathon. We married when I was but sixteen. We lived in the capital city of Aberon until Dathon’s orders sent us north, where Dathon was killed in the Battle of the Burning Plains.

    I stayed among the Varden after losing my husband. My mother had passed when I was an infant, and my father had died shortly after Dathon and I were wed. So, at the age of eighteen, I was a homeless widow living on the charity and kindness of the Varden.

    It was among the Varden came that I met another soldier who would change my life, Mandel Byrdsson. We met as I served him dinner one evening. His eyes were kind as he thanked me for the meal. Not many of the soldiers said thank you to the women. Over time I saw that he was not like any of the Surdian soldiers I’d known, or even the Varden. There was an ease to him. Talking to him was like talking to a friend I’d known my whole life. I learned that he’d come from the small village of Carvahall with Roran Stronghammer. He was surprised and pleased when I did not ask about his dealings with the Rider Eragon. Strange as it seems, I cared to know very little of the man who was supposed to be our last hope. Our conversations were often of our childhoods, traveling as a merchants daughter, his simple and carefree in Carvahall.

    When the Riders War took him further into the empire I felt as if a part of me had been ripped away. I feared he would die before I could tell him how much he had come to mean to me.

    Then, when the Rider Eragon Bromsson vanquished Galbatorix, the Varden returned in glorious victory and I saw my Mandel again. I ran to embrace him the instant he appeared. As he held me, he asked me to be his wife.

    Now, seven months after the fall of the Empire, I stand in a simple cottage in Carvahall. I place my hand on my round belly as the child inside kicks. “Esma,” a voice calls from outside. “Esma, I am home.” Mendel is tired, but happy as he come through the door. He hangs his belt by the door, before coming to kiss me. As he bends to caress my stomach, I look back at the belt. No sword hangs from it, only the tools of a stone carver. The war is over, I think with a smile, no need for swords now.

  • lukefirestone

    Name: Azoj Esperon
    Race: Half-Shade Half-Elf
    Occupation: Rider in training with highly unstable and unpredictable magic
    Age: 17

    birthplace is unknown to me and will always stay this way; all I know
    was that my father WAS a shade by the name of Durza. No one knows how i
    came to be like this; having spirits inside me from my birth but not
    controlled by them. I was born with unnaturally strong and unstable
    magic similar to a dragon’s. I was bonded to my dragon in the far east
    when I was exploring and stumbled across a cave with a dragon egg on a
    pedestal; that’s how I met my dragon Zephyr. He’s a royal purple dragon
    with streaks of turquoise and gold on his scales, and he has blood red
    eyes; all in all an oddity of his race, just like me. Now we move to the
    current time.

    -Three years after the death of Galbatorix at the hands of Arya, Murtagh, and Eragon.
    had to make the decision to make myself known to the world… Who knew
    it was so hard to reveal himself to the man who killed his father Durza
    (I didn’t mind him being killed, all he did was beat me as a child) and
    earned the title Shadeslayer. I revealed myself though, so now its time
    to tell what they’ll do to me on account of my heritage and my
    dragon-like magic; as well as Zephyr who has the ability to control
    magic with the ancient language like a elf or human, only time will

    • Austin Nield

      Not sure how Azoj would have similar magic as Durza, unless some of the spirits past on to him, and if that were so he would have no control of himself because the spirits would be in control. That is unless when Durza sired this child the spirits’s were wishing to mate, despite their foreign way of thinking and lack of attraction to other kinds -assuming that they have attractions at all-, or if they mate in some different way -assuming they mate at all……. -perhaps they replicate themselves as cells do. Maybe this means Azoj can talk to spirits! And why does he take on an elf shape and not a spirit shape -or perhaps something in between.

      Does that make any sense? No? It barely made sense to me as it is. To sum it up I LIKE THE IDEA but would add one correction. He would be half-SPIRIT and half-elf.

      • lukefirestone

        Wait; wouldn’t he be part human because shades are usually some sort of species first :p

        • Austin Nield

          Shades are beings possessed by spirits.

  • Analeigh

    My name is Kathleen. Eighteen years ago my father fell in love with an unknown woman. I don’t know anything about what happened then, except that she died during child birth. Disgusted with me, my father abandoned me in a small town called Yazuac. Martha’s (the shop-keeper) front step to be exact. She alone raised me. It was a wonderful life there. I had Martha, a roof over my head, food in my stomach, even a boy began to court me.

    But sadly, it all ended about a year or so ago, when those vile creatures destroyed my home. I was able to escape. Running until I reached the forests. There I met a boy, a man, and a Dragon. At first they didn’t trust me, and I didn’t trust them. But soon after the man, Brom, died, a new man came into our life. His name was Murtagh. Then is when both Eragon and I began to trust each other. Saphira and I even had a conversation once. She is really an amazing being.

    I helped Eragon, Saphira, Murtagh, and eventually Arya and Orik as much as I could along our journey. When it came to the battle of the Burning Plains, I was captured by my father’s forces. Specific orders to capture me alive and unharmed.

    I awake to a pounding head ache and a familiar face looking at me. The man who I had locked eyes with had the same eyes as me, nose, and even nose. He introduced himself as King Galbatorix, and my father. The news hit me like a ton of bricks. He then offered me a deal: join him in the rule of Alagaesia, or be forced into it. I had no choice. He was my father and I longed my whole life to get a glimpse of him. So I accepted his offer.

    I sat at his side, listening to his cruel battle plans. I told him that I agreed with everything that he has done, is dong, and will do. Murtagh spoke with me on several occasions, and then was when I realized that I loved him.

    My father attempted many times to have the final egg hatch for me. But neither it nor I wanted it to. I couldn’t bear the responsibility of a Rider, plus it just didn’t feel right. So my father went to the next powerful thing that he could give me. Magic. He casted a spell that allowed me to access his pool of magic. I went along with it, and to be honest, I did not mind having magic.

    When it came to the final battle, I was placed on the front lines. Magic flowing through me and an army both in front and behind. I looked a few people I know in the eyes and smiled. I knew that I might get killed by them. Therefore, I was the first to charge, Empire soldiers behind me. When I reached the first opposing man, I turned around and fought the first soldier behind me.

    I lied to my father. I hated his ways. I told him that when I saw him in the throne room, my friends at my side. I told my father that I loved him but that he was evil when I killed him.

    Now I stand at a cross roads. Joining Arya and the Elves. Helping the Varden build a new government. Going with Eragon to explore new lands. Or to hop onto Thorn’s back with Murtagh and fly north.

  • David Shuter

    Name: David Zeusson
    Occupation: Dragon Rider in training
    Age: 25

    Born in Surda, He was the son of Zeus, son of Kronos. They were both magicians, and so was David. Power ran in their family, yet they were told to hide it. His Father taught him everything he knew, so by the time he was 23, he was very powerful. At that time they resided within Farthen Dur, with the rest of the Varden. That was when Eragon and the Dragon Saphira arived, and with them.. hope.

    ..Also the Urgals. David and his father both fought, but his father was slain by a group of urgals.filled with rage, David used his full power to vanquish his father’s murderers. This gave him a certain rank with in the Varden. He was not a leader, but he was treated with respect.. and caution.

    He helped the Varden through its conquest, and survived the whole time..barely. When it was over, David stayed at the Queen’s court, acting as a guard to her. That was how he came in contact with the eggs Eragon brought from the vault of souls. he touched only one.. the Black and red egg. it hatched for him. It was a Black Dragon, with a small red mark upon its brow in red.. a lightning bolt.

    When the Dragon reached a certain level of maturity, it demanded to be named. David could only think of one.. Zeus.. his fathers name. His father always preferred to use lightning in battle, thus the perfection of his name. Zeus accepted it. The elves (using his hands) gave him a black curved sword, subbed kveykva, which like Eragon’s sword, can control its namesake. David utters the name and lightning arks doiwn from the sky and strikes the sword, and electrifies it.

    He was then dubbed ‘lightingsword’ and returned with Eragon over the seas to continue his training, which he has been at for a year or two. When he is completed, he and Zeus hope to help Eragon and Saphira train the new generation of dragon riders, and prays that they return one day to Alagaesia.. and that they do not meet the same fate as the Riders of old.

  • Emily Falcon

    Name: Katarina Elledottr
    Race: Human
    Occupation: Widow
    Age: 41

    8000 AC

    As I see more signs of war, my thoughts return to that fateful day sixteen years ago. I was less wise, less hardened, and easily swayed to a few honeyed words. That is not so now, though I find myself longing for the easier days of old. Now, they weren’t that easy, mind you. There was still war… but not war that anyone knew about.

    I first met the man calling himself Brom when I was attempting to farm my meager plot of land. My husband had passed a few years earlier from sickness, leaving me alone to take care of our children. Ariadne was only eight years at the time, while Jes was five. They were a handful, and I suppose they are even now, but I would not know. As soon as they could, they left to find their purpose in Dras-Leona.

    But, I digress. I lived in a little village between Gil-ead and the Spine, but you would not know of it. We merely called it Home, and no one found any purpose in using the real name. I’m sure that if I think a bit, I may be able to remember what it was. Ah, there I am, forgetting the true purpose of telling this story. Back to Brom.

    The year was 7984 AC, long after King Galbatorix rose to power. It was a cold day when this new man staggered into the village, bleeding from a wound to the chest. At that time, we were quite leery of strangers, so his state was ignored. I, always ignoring the mass views, immediately offered him a place in my home until he recovered. It took a few days for his wound to completely heal, and Brom told me and the children wonderful stories full of dragons, elves, and Riders.

    They were all fictional, of course, as everyone knew that dragons were a thing from the past and long died out. But, the way he spoke of them made me think that he still believed in their existence. I asked about that, of course, since I didn’t believe he was mad at first. The others in the village thought so, shunning him. They wouldn’t even accept aid from me, which was quite troubling.

    “Of course I believe in dragons,” he said haughtily when I asked. “Are the memories of humans so short?”

    That confused me, as he was human. He was quite aged already, but it had not diminished his strength of presence. “There is no proof of dragons,” said I. “I could believe in elves or dwarves, but they are like us.”

    He scoffed at that, shaking his head at my ignorance. “Like you? Pah!”

    That ended that conversation, and I did not speak with him for many hours. However, a hot beef stew ended that confrontation, and I did not question his beliefs again. If the poor man was mad, then I could do nothing about it.

    However, days stretched to weeks, and weeks to months. It so happened that I grew to care for him as a daughter would a father, and I felt that he felt the same way. When news of the death of Morzan reached us, quite some time after the event, Brom confided to me that he was responsible.

    For a time, I was shocked. Horrified, even. But those feelings passed, and I grew to understand his reasons. Or rather, I understand that his life was in danger, so the taking of another was within his… rights. I do not know what else to call it. He never told me the exact reason for the conflict, but I trusted him for his reasons. I still do.

    He had told me long ago that he was heading for Carvahall, but he had never had the courage to actually finish the journey. Apparently, he had a wife there, and a son. Just before the year mark, I put my foot down. My children had lived most of their lives without a father, and I would not let his do so too.

    He left the next day, and that was the last I ever saw of him. I told him to visit someday, to perhaps bring his son here. To… Ah yes. That was the name. Yazuac. I told him to bring his wife too, wondering if she was as beautiful as he had said. I waited for years, hoping.

    But he never did.

    And now, I sit here, writing my final words, as creatures pound on the trapdoor to my cellar. It won’t hold out for longer, but I hope that someone will find these words after I am dragged away. I had hoped in these last few minutes that Brom would finally come back… to save me…

    But he never did.

  • Mina

    Name: Mina
    Race: Elf
    Occupation: Dragon Rider
    Age: 15
    Hair colour: Black
    Eye colour: Blue

    I was born in Ellesmera, but was travelling with my parents when we were intercepted by Galbatorix’s Army. My father died protecting my mother and I- we were both taken to Galbatorix and tortured. My mother dies in the process. I survive- set free many years later when Eragon defeated Galbatorix. I flee only to return 2 years later. I keep to myself and refuse to return to Ellemera to be among my people. When being confronted by Arya-Dröttning and Firnen, my dragon that had been flying high above the clouds drops down in front of me, ready to fight Firnen if needed. I had found Vervada- my dragon- among the ruins of Vroengard. Her scales are like diamonds- her beauty will put all others of her race to shame. My experience with Galbatorix and his evil ways had destroyed the way I viewed others, and in turn destroying Vervada’s. We only knew how to fight. We didn’t know how to trust. I preferred being alone. Being the youngest of the elves I was both admired and looked down upon for my youth, until one day I defeated Arya in battle with magic- without even uttering a word. I was evenually convinced to go to Ellesmera- were I met Rhunön, she became a mother figure to me and I learned all I could about the time before the fall of the riders and what came afterwards- I learned who my parents were and their role in Alagaësia. Vervada and I currently live in Ellesmera alongside Rhunön. Soon, we are to fly to wherever Eragon and Saphira have chosen to train the new Dragon Riders. I am sure they will be surprised to see another female dragon so soon.

  • Ruben Amador

    Name: Reuben

    Race: Maybe I’m “Human” (like angela)

    Occupation: Herbalist/healer/Storyteller/Natural Phylosophist and sometimes I can do “a little bit of magic”

    Residence: I born in a house but now I’m living wherever the wind takes me

    History: I know angela since we are young, but she decided to learn with Tenga, I prefered to study with someone else. I’m always looking for new stories and studiying interesting things.

    Ultimate mission: Go to palencar valley, because I need a breath of fresh air.

  • Austin Nield

    “My name is X. Yea, just X. I am the last of Galbatorix’s attempts to create a superior race –or Elites as he dubbed us. There are twenty-four of us. Galbatorix’s grand scheme was to replace all the races of Alagasiea with his ‘perfected’ versions.

    World domination wasn’t enough for him, he had to take it a step further. He had to rid the world of crime, poverty, disease, death, and all of the other ailments of this world. How does he achieve this?Through us.

    We were humans once…..and elves, and urgals, and dwarves. What we are now I’m not sure. In secret Galbatorix gathered together a select few from each of the races represented in Alagasiea. For years he had dabbled in magic of the deepest and most perverse sort, now, he was ready to apply his knowledge. He began to…..alter us. We are as strong and fast as elves –We can see further than the eagle, smell better than the fox, hear more than the hare –We do not sleep, we do not eat, we don’t even feel emotions as others do –as we should. We are his twisted creations –beings living in the husks of the people we used to be.

    Before Galbatorix fell we were bound to him. But now we are free! Once we could do nothing of our own free will.

    But it was more than our actions that Galbatorix sought to control. He sought to bridle our minds –to have utter control of who we are. It was in this that he never succeeded. He has changed who we are, but the means through which one could truly control us continued to evade him. It is one thing to control ones actions through magical means, it is quite another to truly create and control who they are. He wished to rule us from on high like an all-powerful god”.

    “We are his mistakes -We cannot be slain by the sword –we are not susceptible to disease –we cannot be killed……we can only be unmade”.

    • Kelly Palmer

      This is a very interesting concept. I especially like how you say they “can only be unmade” it is very fitting with the concepts of magic.

  • Haskimir

    My character is a powerful assassin with strong magical talent. His past is dark and mysterious and his heart is darkened by it, yet he still fights to free the world of evil. He is one with the shadows and his magical prowess strengthens that bond. He wears a black cloak and full leather armour, which is said to be forged from the scales of a foresworn dragon he was once contracted to kill, his sword is also said to be forged from a metal so rare that it can only be found in meteorites in that fall from the heavens every thousand years.

    There are stories of this man, some say that he is immortal and cannot be killed, others say he is dragon rider whose dragon was killed in the rider wars and he was cursed by Galbatorix to walk Alagaësia for the rest of his life, to never find companionship or love again.

    What they do know is his name is Haskimir.

    • Brenton

      OMG sounds like maybe Haskimir is a rider whose dragon died. Most of them go insane or partially and the whole walking Alagaesia as an assassin, which I love, is definitely mad.

  • Night Mare

    Name: Freya

    Age: Unknown

    Eye Color: Emerald Green

    Hair Color: Chocolate Brown

    Race: Elf

    Occupation: Mercenary


    History: Freya was a young child when she lost her parents due to an attack from the Forsworn, and was raised by a kindly older couple. When she was old enough, she fled her home in Osilon to travel around Alagaësia as a mercenary in the guise of a human. During her travels, she had come across dragon eggs, but none had hatched for her. She met the Varden after their fight in Dras-Leona, and joined them in the fight in Urù’baen—leaving to travel on her own again after Galbatorix’s defeat. After a significant, undefined period of time, she left Alagaësia to discover new places, and to escape her past for a better future.

    Skilled in: Swordsmanship, Archery, Healing Magic

    Weakness: Afraid to loose her freedom


    I would choose to be this particular character because of the fact that she is a strong woman who doesn’t need to be a dragon rider in order to be as such (although dragon riders are pretty cool…). Despite what life has thrown at her, she is able to get back on her feet, and maintains a freedom only gained through a non-affiliation to any of the governed races in Alagaësia.

  • Emily Norris

    Rumid, scourge of the gods.
    As rain soaked the dark forest a lone dwarf wandered in the foliage. He had ambled far and wide. An outcast such as he had little else to do. He kicked moodily at a cluster of sticks in his path.
    “Scourge of the gods.” he spat angrily. Rumid, as he was called, was certainly one to hold a grudge and he had good reason.
    He had spent plenty of time thinking over the disastrous events of his youth and now that his long beard bore strands of gray he was infuriated by the stupidity of it all.
    The nightmare had all begun after the great war when the rider Galbortorix had gone mad and begun a murderous, blood filled rampage. Shortly afterward the mountain chasms had filled with members of a revolting force calling themselves the Varden. In those days of great change Rumid and his brother Genan were mischievous terrors, taking every opportunity to mock their elders and then dash out sight, just missing the claws of accusation. It was always simple jokes, harmless enough: throwing fruit at someone and running ,writing rude sayings on walls such as,
    “The older dwarves devour all stores,
    They’re never neat and tidy,
    Just one drop of wine or ale makes them
    wobble kneed and flighty.”
    But one evening it all went too far. One of the elder dwarves named Hegat was limping his way home. In the eyes of the two rambunctious youths he was the sourest of the lot and they had decided to really get him. Using coal ash they painted themselves black from head to toe and charged the old dwarf screaming and chanting like demons. Unfortunately, the act worked all to well. As Hegat tried backing away, eyes wide in terror and surprise, he grabbed at his chest and fell. For this killer joke there were bystanders and there was no getting away with it. Thanks to a strand full of lies spewed by Genan, Rumid was banished and the title scourge of gods could never leave him. He wandered the land, forever tormented.
    The rain was still showering down from the gray clouds above. Rumid decided that he’d walked far enough today and, with a big sigh, he sat with his back against one of the trees. He cursed and growled,
    “Oh if only you were here, Genan. If you were, you know what I’d do?” Of course there was no answer and Rumid picked up his pitchfork, his only weapon. “I would take this fork of mine and ram its prongs right down your throat.” he snorted, no chance of that.
    Still, there was chance of something else. Trouble was brewing. Ever since the war the land had been unsettled, uneasy. Some would fight and some would not. The time was ripe for redemption.
    “Yes.” Rumid said, “I’m not dead yet. I’m able bodied and vicious as bear. If I seek out our enemies and fight I could earn respect from the Varden. I’ll prove myself worthy!”
    There was rustling, hoof beats and feet approaching. Rumid stopped talking to himself and hid in the shrubbery. Soon a small group emerged from the darkness. A rider with several urgles marching behind him. Rumid recognized the rider instantly. It was Durza with an unconscious elf limp in his saddle. Durza! If Durza were slain it would be great victory. The slayer achieve admiration and prestige! Rumid grinned widely, a wild light coming to eyes. He crept forward ever so slowly whilst murmuring,
    “No prong for my brother’s throat, but how about a prong through a Shade’s heart?”
    He worked his way ahead of the precession and waited with a white knuckled grip on the pitchfork. Just as Durza was about to ride passed, he sprang, screaming a war cry.
    The effort was hopelessly futile. Perhaps a hunter one day came upon the crumpled body of a dwarf in the forest, but beyond that nowhere was recorded any achievement or recognition of Rumid. Durza, the near victim himself, barely gave it a second thought. His tale is the song of the war’s many unknown dead.
    Emily Norris

  • ProjectFALL

    Hm. I’d probably be one of my existing OCs–Flora.

    She’s the second and youngest child of Eragon and Arya and was born several centuries after the end of the IC (which makes her a half-breed). A dragon hatches for her when she’s 16, who she names Anemone. Anemone is a light weight dragon with deep purple scales. She trains as a rider and is rather peaceful. She was born in the Rider’s new home and lives there. It isn’t until she’s about 90 or so that she joins a competitive racing league amongst the new and plentiful riders. She spends her time speed racing with Anemone and spends the off season traveling the lands and eventually teaching young riders. I’ve developed her to be several centuries old.

    She is surrounded by her family and friends and fellow riders–perhaps a lover. Her ultimate mission is perhaps something she will never accomplish due to a conflict of loyalty. Despite her frustration with the current situation of the Riders led by her own father, she has resolved herself to never act on her true desires and lives through lies and secrets and dreams of life she wished she could live.

  • Aaron Mills II

    My name is Vroen, human member of the house Valtharos and I am a Dragon Rider. I was born in Dras-Leona and grew up there in my childhood and part of my teenage years but began living in Ellesmera after a red dragon hatched for me. I raised and trained with Shrukian and when my training was completed by the elves, I was granted to help Rhunon forge my sword, Edoc’Sil (Unconquerable).

    My back-story is one of destitution and woe; growing up on the streets of Dras-Leona was rough. I had no family or friends and was forced to take care of myself. I hunted in the wilderness around Leona Lake and sold what I slew. Slavery became an underground industry and once in a while I had to dodge the remaining priests of Helgrind and those who use me for their own benefit. I had heard of dragons returning to Alagaesia but with nothing to back it up but with the surprise thwarting of Galbatorix. When Dras-Leona became liberated from the Varden and the few new Riders, a red dragon’s egg hatched to my presence and thus joined their ranks gladly, joining a noble House in Elesmera – Valtharos.

    My mission as a Dragon Rider is to uphold peace and prosperity, and will do anything to do so; with my sword Edoc’Sil and my dragon, Shrukian by my side – I am unconquerable.

  • Cam

    I am the secret love child of Galbatorix.
    Locked away from birth, my father abandoned me. I was kept quiet by the Shade of death, who’s name cannot be uttered by mortal tongue.
    I managed to escape with the help of the Varden rebels, a year after my fathers death.
    Evil still surrounds us, like bitter cold fog, unseen, unheard, gathering forces and ready to strike.
    With the disappearance of Eragon, I have sought out Roran, with his help we may survive a wave of destruction, with my natural gift for magic, Roran and his mighty hammer and courageous followers. My heart has been blackened by my past, will I resist the temptation of evil or join the forces against Alagaesia?

  • Ace

    I would be a human, male. A member of one of the many tribes from the Hadarac desert. At the age of 12, his entire family was murdered by a horde of strange creatures from the east. Being the sole survivor of the massacre, he wandered the scorching desert for days, only to be rescued by a group of mercenaries at the last minute. They took him in, trained him, taught him how to fight and survive. Later, in his early twenties, he swore to avenge his murdered family by seeking out the horde. This takes place a couple decades after Eragon’s story. The new, young riders of Alagaesia are mobilizing to fight this new threat from the east, and my character joins them, pledging to find the answers of his past once and for all.

  • Lawton Meyer

    I am nameless… time less… ageless.. I am a time walker, while I appear to be a fairly young human male my race is in-perceivable my age is limitless, because time is an illusion, what is time but motion? With a thorough understanding of this I am able to walk between the plains of time. I like to be where important things are happening, because it’s just so interesting! My sword is forged from bright steel as is my armor. The color and hue of the steel changes based on the season. It shifts from a mottled brown-black like mud mixed with oil in fall, to a deep dark blue in winter, to a greenish black in spring and finally, Blood red in summer. If I Chose to I could bring all of Alagaesia to its knees, but the greatest strengths are restraint and love. Even the smallest ant is filled with energy, life force, thoughts.. a soul, and is equally important as the mightiest dragons and kings. I only wish to protect the weak from those who would abuse their power or cast a shadow over the land.

    OH and also I’m like.. BEST friends with Angela.


    I would be a human a young dragon rider who has a gift or curse that allows him to transform into any animal he wants to, his gift though came with a price, when he is in his human form he is unable to walk all of which was caused by dark magic when he was only 11. Though rescued by the new era of Riders they could not help him for his curse was magic unknown to them all. But when the Riders took him in for his family were all dead, a dragons egg hatched for him a male grey dragon. Now at age 20 this young rider Adam and his grey dragon named Starhealer, his skills are almost unmatched as Starhealer is now one of the fastest dragons alive and Adam with his interesting set up due to his disability is also unmatched with his magic is not limited like most.

  • Jaclyn Alford

    I have to be only one person? Hmm…good or evil…because I’ve put myself in both positions, to be honest. And if you count a role-playing site that I’ve been a part of since 2008, I believe, then I have been nearly anything you can imagine. I like making new characters. But let us focus on who I was imagining myself to as I was reading the books for the first time.
    Race: human
    Role, Occupation, Hobby: A mercenary-turned-Rider who found a lost dragon egg. Also, my dragon and I just happened to stumble across Eragon and Saphira when the dragons were still just hatchlings.
    Birthplace and Residence: Born in Gil’ead, did a lot of travelling on my own before I ran across Eragon, and after that, wherever he went, I followed.
    Backstory: Born to a noble family of modest standing that is fervently loyal to Galbatorix. I saw all the suffering in the world around me caused by Galbatorix’s reign, and the way many people were struggling to survive. I knew if someone like the Varden could sit someone on the throne, the Empire would have a better chance of thriving. So, after many years of planning, and receiving swordplay and other weapons lessons, I left my family one night to strike out on my own. During my travels, I came across a long-lost dragon egg that soon hatched for me, making me a Rider. Then, exploring with my dragon in the Spine, I ran across a boy and his recently hatched dragon. Since I knew we were both in danger from Galbatorix, I decided to stick close to him, both to protect him and to know that I was no longer alone in the world.
    Ultimate mission: Throughout the books, it was to protect Eragon as he was learning how to fight, and discover with him what it truly meant to be a Rider. At the end of the series, my goal is to train new Riders the way Eragon and I had been taught, and to act as an emissary between Eragon and the rest of the world.

  • Tina

    I am Chay – the half blood offspring of Arya and Eragon – first of my kind.
    I am an aspiring dragon rider and wish to be the youngest female rider/warrior in alegasia!
    My purpose in life is to help raise the young wild dragons, eggs, and young pairs riders and dragons. I spend most of my time with my father but do spend a good deal of time with my mother’s people learning ancient ways. Now that the war is over – travel is faster and easier. I also become a conduit for the relations with murtaugh to heal and become beneficial for all. I occasionally serve Nasuada on minor missions in need of magic – especially against those who still support the empire. I also have the duty of watching my Uncle Roran’s children during the summer when he visits with Eragon.

  • Kaelyn Brie

    I would be an Urgal woman , a warrior who fought alongside the Varden. I would be the first of the new generation of Riders, my female dragon with scales the color of sandstone would be the offspring of Saphira and Fírnen.

  • Mattie

    Son of one of the new-founding dragon riders. Approximately 100 years after the events of Inheritance. Half human, half elf. He is told from childhood that he is his mothers son, and he is thought to be a disgrace and a bastard. But his mother (Proficient in magic) hid his pointed ears until her turned 16 and reached the age of maturity. When she then, explained that she had fallen in love with this rider (now powerful and on the council with Eragon) and begat him. He allows his ears to grow and his strength to increase to that of an elf, but because of his origins or what he is thought to be, he is only allowed to work as a servant to a blacksmith in Illirea. Growing up, learning the basic arts of swordcraft and magic from his mother. He embarks on a journey to confront his father for abandoning him. He eventually is attacked by a band of thugs and kills the lot, suddenly realizing his power he takes on jobs as a mercenary for local governments and eventually becomes a very powerful and feared warrior. He meets his father and confronts him, and his father is distraught for leaving him, he trains more with the riders, with Eragon and the rest of the council and although not a Dragon Rider, becomes incredibly powerful. The rest is up to your imagination.

  • Araelys

    Araelys Acarysson. A Dragon Rider that had joined forces with Galbatorix during the first Rider war. All his life he had been driven by darkness, waiting for his prime opportunity to betray the people who thought him an ally and take his rightful place as King of the Darkness. His Dragon, Tenebris, had felt his ambitions from within the egg and was drawn to it, he loved how perverted the thoughts of this man were compared to those around him. As the war began Araelys found the opportunity he was looking for in the madness of Galbatorix and decided to Ally with him until he found such opportunity to kill him and gain control over the other Riders.

    During the war Araelys destroys man of his fellow riders with glee in his heart, having never cared for them in the first place. As he moves to progress deeper into the battlefield, Tenebris is struck from behind. While the blow is not fatal it forces them to the ground hundreds of feet below, disabling the dragon. Araelys immediately leaps for the back of the dragon and seeks his attacker, a lone dragon lands in the smoke ahead. from the smoke emerges a red blade. Realising that he has been betrayed by Galbatorix, Araelys lunges at Morzan. Valiantly though he tries, Morzan seems to have gained significant skill since the times they fought as children. Araelys is slain and in his final moments breathes a curse on the name of Galbatorix, before passing in wretched Malice.

  • tonyclarkehawco

    I suppose I would be someone somewhat similar to who I am.
    A human male who works and lives on a farm that a close friend’s father owned. The farm wouldn’t be too far from Feinster. Born in Uru’baen about a year before the birth of Eragon Bromsson.

    The close friend’s father could not keep up with the taxation that King Galbatorix imposed upon farms and eventually was marched upon by a squad of soldiers with the intent to seize the land. Being as stubborn as a Mule, he got himself killed in a struggle and his son (the close friend) was arrested for obstruction of justice. After I got back from trading in Feinster, I realized what had realized what has happened and went into solitude for three months. After all of that thinking time, I ventured to the Beor mountains with the intent to join the Varden; and join, I did. My ultimate goal was to prevent this from happening to anybody else by dethroning Galbatorix, but deep down, I wanted to see the close friend still alive.

  • Samantha Slytherin

    I’d be the daughter of Eragon and Arya ;), so I bet I’m kind of hybrid half-human and half-elf. Also I’d be a dragon rider, as suits the daughter of this two dragon riders. I will be traveling the whole Alagaesia and beyond with my dragon who hatched from one of the eggs Arya and Eragon rescued when defeating Galbatorix. My mission would be to carry dragon eggs around to present them to races so they can find their riders and also meanwhile looking for some love interest.

  • Aditya Pawar

    Eragon Shadeslayer

  • Παύλος Γιοβανέρης

    I am thinking of a character in the near future like 20-25 years after the death of Galbatorix…He would be the second son of Roran and Katrina and the story would take place after Roran (the lord of a large city named Carvahall) and the rest of his family were murdered by followers of Galbatorix and his ideas…I think he would travel and find Eragon and Saphira and get trained but not as a dragonrider but as a great warrior and then return and be a guardian of Nazhuanda(eagles of the night…i read the books in a different language..)….as the threat i am thinking of a powerfull new race that would arrive at Alagaesia across the sea even stronger than elves and the dragonriders would not be at full strength and very only a small number would yet exist…3 or 4 maybe after Arya

  • John McClymond

    Eragon Bromsson