Our LIVE Twitter chat and interview with Christopher Paolini is TONIGHT at 8pm EST/5pm PST! #Eragon10th

eragon the hunterThe last of our series of four interviews with Christopher Paolini ahead of the 10th anniversary of Eragon is finally here! Our live Twitter chat/interview with Christopher will take place tonight at 8 PM EST/5 PM PST!

Tonight, Christopher will participate in an hour long interview on his official Twitter account, @Paolini. We will be using the hashtag #Eragon10th to mark the occasion. Christopher will be doing his best to answer all of the questions that come in during this time, and using the #Eragon10th hashtag will ensure that we all see your tweets!

Staff members of Shur’tugal will be joining in on the conversation using the official @itsshurty Shur’tugal Twitter account. Our staff will be asking questions submitted via the comments section of the post announcing this interview, as well as submitting questions of their own!

Join us on Twitter for a live interview with Christopher Paolini on @Paolini using the hashtag #Eragon10th! TONIGHT at 8pm PST/5pm PST!

*The above fan art, an illustration of Eragon hunting before he encounters Saphira’s egg at the start of Eragon, was done by the artist Cruzarte on DeviantArt!