Giveaway: Enter to win a signed copy of ‘Inheritance’ in paperback!

inheritance paperbackJust as one giveaway ends, another begins! This time, we’re giving away a signed copy of the Inheritance in paperback! To enter the giveaway, simply be a resident of North America (sorry, international fans) and follow the directions below. Every fan will automatically receive one entry by entering via email below, with the option to gain additional entries into the raffle by following us on Facebook and Twitter, and tweeting about Shur’tugal being back! (If you’ve already “Liked” us on Facebook and “followed” us on Twitter, be sure to click those options in the giveaway boxes so that you still receive your bonus entries!)

Enter quick, as the giveaway is set to close at October 3rd at 11:59pm EST!

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Our winner will be announced in this post on October 4th!

  • Leslie Preece

    I check this everyday still no update…… kinda depressing

  • Dan Czarnecki

    If only there was an easy way to get a hold of whoever ran this contest. I’ve sent @ messages to the Shurtugal Twitter account, but I haven’t got any response back. What gives? It’s almost the end of the month now, and they still haven’t announced who won this giveaway. Unbelievable.

    • Shawn

      hmm, who knows?… I’m tired of keeping this tab open haha. Hope nothing bad happened.

      • Dan Czarnecki

        I’m hoping the same too.

        • Shawn

          The FB page was last posted on today…sooo don’t know what’s up

  • Dan Czarnecki

    We want to know who won!

  • Leslie Preece

    I see this still hasn’t been announced yet, redo maybe?

  • Shawn

    Guess this one just got forgotten…? or someone lost the signed copy.

  • TriGeo

    It’s been a week, how come the winner still hasn’t been announce?

  • Dan Czarnecki

    Who won?

  • andersonlp3

    so who won?

  • TriGeo

    Why hasn’t the winner been announced yet?

  • abigail

    When will the winner be announced????

  • Manuel I. Bueno

    Sweet! Another chance to get signed copy!

  • Pissed Fan

    North America only. As always.

  • Kathy Daigh

    LOVE your books! I just keep reading them over and over.And they gey better each time!!!!!!!

  • Szikra

    A new giveway! A new… oh wait US only…

  • I’m working on putting together a giveaway for non-NA residents, but it isn’t as easy as it sounds. Patience please — we’ll get you one soon!

    • Szikra


    • Guest

      Non-NA giveaway shouldn’t be available for NA

      • So you guys complain about not being allowed to participate in giveaways but you want me to then not allow other people the chance to participate? That seems fair.

        • imstillhungry95

          Some people will never be happy…

        • Taz

          that is fair in a way because people from outside North America never had the chance before to even participate. At least the first one should be Non-NA as an apology to the rest of the world.
          After that these things should be for everyone (as it should have been in the first place if you ask me)
          the first one would just be a nice gesture.

    • Sol

      If you are going to go global, be sure you don’t exclude anyone: Latin America, Europe, Asia and Africa. NA as well, of course, there’s no reason to hold a grudge, we need stop being so intolerant. I believe it would be wrong to restict the participation because some (and I include myself in this group) where angry at some point.

      • Sol

        Ooops, little slip, I forgot Oceania and Australia

  • Guest

    Word is bigger than North America!

  • jamiethewynne

    why cant you have a giveaway for Europe??