Merchandise of the Month: Angela the Herbalist makes for the best quotes!

Shur’tugal is proud of one of our most popular monthly features: Merchandise of the Month! Each month we feature a new or existing item (or in some cases, items) from our exclusive Inheritance Cycle merchandise store. Featured items will be available at a limited-time discounted price.

The Shur’tugal Inheritance Cycle merchandise store is the only place where you can get Inheritance Cycle clothing and merchandise, including stickers and pins! We have an entire range of shirts, hoodies, and more featuring awesome Inheritance-inspired designs, all at a reasonable price. We recommend checking out the entire store!

This month’s featured items are our Angela the Herbalist quote shirts! Show off your Inheritance pride by repping the shirts featuring one of two Angela quotes, including “Angela says… Watch out for ferrets!” (featuring an awesome ferret) and “Avoid roasted cabbage, don’t eat earwax, and look on the bright side of life!” (one of our favorites):


Both shirts and their corresponding hoodies have been marked down for the entire month of September! Don’t like the t-shirt colors seen above? No worries — you can choose from a variety of shirt and hoodie colors for your favorite Angela design to be printed on!

Visit the Shur’tugal Inheritance Cycle merchandise store to see our full selection of products!