Christopher Paolini like you’ve never seen him before: with a Galbatorix-style beard!

Christopher Paolini enjoys regularly keeping his fans up-to-date through his official Twitter and Facebook pages, often sharing details on his new projects and life events. Recently, Christopher decided to share photos of his newest fashion accessory with the world: his beard!

The Inheritance author had been working on his beard leading up to San Diego Comic Con in July. Because he didn’t want to travel with the facial fashion statement, he documented the beard one last time before shaving it. He shared before and after pictures with his fans, which you can see below:

Fun fact: Carl Hiaasen is the author who originally passed the Paolini family’s self-published edition of Eragon on to Random House, which was eventually purchased and published by the company.

What do you think: Do you prefer Christopher with his Galbatorix-style facial hair?

  • Matthew Plante

    You know what he would look best with? Another installment in the Inheritance series.

  • Sedjwick

    Personally, I think he looks better without the beard. Which is a bit weird, since I tend to grow a beard almost like that from about November-May. Ah well, I guess some people can pull it off and some can’t. He’s still a far better writer than me, though, with or without the beard.

  • Matt

    Grow the beard back.

  • Andrea Beatriz

    His bearded self did look a bit like a character from the old tv series “The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams”, but he looks equally handsome….I guess I think that because he’s been my platonic beloved since 2010 when I fell in love with the cycle. I remember being in the coffee/ bookstore at the local mall, looking for a new addiction (I had alredy read all Chronicles of Narnia and Spiderwick books over 20 times), when I turned my head and saw this beautiful and powerful golden/ochre/bronze dragon, and suddenly my mind feels with memories of similar dragons in different bookstores at different times of my life and me asking my mom to buy it but she wouldn’t because she hates fantasy books, I couldn’t open it right there ’cause it was wrapped in plastic but I took it from the shelve inmediately and purchased it right away along with a cup of caffé mocha (my favorite), and I sit at one of the small tables and unwrap the book savagely. And then I oppened it. “No way this guy wrote this thing!” I thought, I mean he was gorgeuos! By the way, the book cost 40 dollars, books in Central America are a bit more expensive I think… And that’s how I fell in love with 4 books and their author, I even got hit by a car on my way to order Inheritance from the online shopping agency…

  • Ze End

    quite a few men at my civil war reenactments have that type of beard….uh oh……

  • Maikeru

    hahah wow!!! nice! wow i never thought to look Christopher up on facebook…