Looking back: Deluxe Edition of Inheritance offered us the biggest glimpse at life after ‘Inheritance’ yet… plus new art!

deluxe edition postIt’s been nearly a year since the release of the Deluxe Edition of Inheritance and it seems as though some fans are still missing out on the incredible experience provided by the last of the Inheritance Cycle Deluxe Editions! Remember: like the three previous Deluxe Editions released for Eragon, Eldest, and Brisingr, the Inheritance Deluxe Edition won’t be around forever!

The Deluxe Edition of Inheritance offers fans looking closure after the ending of Inheritance exactly what they want… in the form of a letter from Jeod Longshanks detailing life after Inheritance. The letter, addressed to a member of his “Order”, aims to update his companion on the current happenings and whereabouts of many of Alagaesia’s most important individuals, including Eragon and Saphira, Murtagh and Thorn, Arya and Firnen, Roran, Nasuada, the dwarven and Urgal dragon eggs, Angela, Galbatorix, and more!

In addition to the letter from Jeod, Christopher took the opportunity of a new edition of Inheritance to add new scenes to the story, as well as changing, clarifying, and expanding on several already-existing ones. These new scenes include Eragon again meeting the blind man who can see light from Brisingr, as well as Jeod and Saphira’s flight together. You can find a complete list of scene additions and changes on the Inheritance Deluxe Edition page.

To cap off the Deluxe Edition, four new drawings and paintings were included in the book alongside several fan-favorite pieces of Christopher’s artwork from previous books. The new art includes Shruikan painted by John Jude Palencar, the series’ cover artist, as well as three drawings from Christopher featuring a drawing of Brisingr, Shruikan’s eye, and Glaedr’s eye.

You can see a full list of story additions and artwork featured in the Inheritance Deluxe Edition, as well as learn how to order your own copy, on our Inheritance Deluxe Edition page!

  • Markus Weißner

    You delete all critical voices?

  • Markus Weißner

    It is an insult of CP that he is trying to make even mor money with his weakest performance ever. His crippled end of book 4 is a slap in the face for the Fans and a deluxe edition can’t change that! He is just trying to fix the worst plot holes! (With little success!)

  • Splaj

    Fans wanting closure? Yeah, sadly the Deluxe Edition gives us a fraction of that. Closure my foot…
    Jeod’s letter is full of vague, uninteresting points in my opinion. Nothing solid to go on for us fans. Have to hope with future IC books I guess.

    • Markus Weißner

      Paolini ist just trying to make an extra bug. He should not have changed the emd of bool 4in the 1st place!

      • Splaj

        Exactly. I just don’t get why he had to leave it on such a note of farewell, end of, etc. If not for the past interviews, I’d never have stopped thinking that Eragon won’t ever see Arya again. Paolini could’ve at least added some sort of hint that characters will see each other again rather than having to find out via a post-book IV interview. Sheesh. Still, the series overall was great. The ending just tarnished it though for so many fans alike.

        • Markus Weißner

          I couldn’t agree more! And he is not even writing book V right now! He is goofing around and we are stuck between the rock and the hard place!

          • Splaj

            Agreed. Just have to wait now I suppose… the waiting game nobody likes. And I like the picture, I can somehow imagine a crazy Galbatorix doing this.

          • Markus Weißner

            The waiting…..the hardest time!

    • Markus Weißner

      My answeres got delected but I still agree with you!

  • Markus Weißner

    This is so pathetic! Paolini is just trying to cover the worst plot-holes of his crippled patchwork-end! He cheated the Fans and now he is trying to make an extra bug! I’m just glad the sale of the Deluxe Edition sucks! That is the answere to CPs treason! He backsteped the fans! If he realy cares for them he should publish an alterned book 4 with the end as he planed it in the 1st place! He can set it up as an alterned Timeline and built a 5th book on his crippled patchworke if he is so in love with it. But he should give to the fans what he stole from them!

    • Chris Pennanen


      • Markus Weißner

        Ok what?

  • Markus Weissner

    This is so pathetic! Paolini is just trying to cover the worst plot-holes of his crippled patchwork-end! He cheated the Fans and now he is trying to make an extra bug! I’m just glad the sale of the Deluxe Edition sucks! That is the answere to CPs treason! He backsteped the fans

  • Kevin Martin

    i think Christopher should do a fifth book; a book of how Eragon’s life is going in his new home as well as how some of the other characters lives are going

    • Mitchell

      It has been confirmed that he does a 5th book.

      • Markus Weißner

        Yes, when he feels like writing it! 4years from now, 8 Years or 10!

  • I still don’t want it. If he truly wanted it to be in the story (new scenes and letter), I’m sure he’d have kept it in the standard version of the book. If not, then that seems a bit greedy.
    (Not trolling. Inheritance is an awesome book, and the entire series is amazing. I just don’t like these Deluxe Editions.)

  • Sofie Kodal Jensen

    Sadly i cant get the deluxe in my language. 🙁

  • Matt helset

    Lol I have 3 copies of inheritance the regualr hard copy as well as two deluxe ones. I have two because I got a signed one As a gift and I didn’t want to crease the spine so I had to buy one I could read!!

  • Spencer Brester

    but like
    so much want
    i just
    i cant
    i need

  • Kayla West


  • Skyson Harma

    WAAAANNNT!!!! But I’m poor.