Calling all artists: Random House and Christopher have launched a new art contest with great prizes!

christopher drawingTo celebrate the 10th anniversary of Christopher Paolini’s Eragon, Random House (the Inheritance Cycle‘s publisher) is announcing a new contest for Inheritance Cycle fan artists!

Random House and Christopher are looking to see fan interpretations of Christopher Paolini’s classic characters. Specifically, Random House is asking for fans to choose a character from the following list, which they must then draw and submit to be judged by Christopher. Eligible characters include: Eragon, Saphira, Brom, King Hrothgar, or Durza.

Christopher Paolini will hand-pick ten finalists, plus one grand-prize winner. The ten finalists will receive signed copies of the 10th anniversary collector’s edition of Eragon (learn more on our 10th Anniversary page). The grand prize winner will receive a piece of original artwork by Christopher himself!

Random House will be collecting submissions from now through September 16th. The eleven winners will be announced in October. You can view the full set of rules, as well as learn how to submit your art, on the official contest page.

Be sure to share your art with @Paolini and @itsshurty on Twitter using the hashtag #Eragon10th once it’s finished!

  • Carolina Motta

    I’m sudying to be a film maker and my dream is to make the remake of Eragon and the other books, then win an oscar in at least one of them… I just want Christopher to wait for me…

    • Julie Ann

      Carolina, it’s not up to Christopher. Twentieth Century Fox owns the rights to Eragon and the first sequel, then they can option the rights to the remaining.
      My point is.. I think this is a great idea! Just don’t bother asking CP, go straight to Fox and pitch them your ideas! And let me know if you need help, let’s do this! 🙂

  • Lúcia Lemos

    Only competes whom live in the USA? Not allowed other countries?

  • Arna

    Only open for residents of the USA? :c

    • Yeah, this is a contest run by the North American publisher. I agree that it stinks, but you should encourage your country’s publisher to run contests for you guys!

      • The Mad Joker

        If this is the NA publisher, can Canada enter?

        • Chris Dempsey

          It only says the US can enter, not Canada 🙁

  • Ken Blankenship

    I just wish I was a talented artist but, alas, that’s not where my talents lie.

  • introvert

    so cool this might be a clue as to whether or not the next book will include some of the fan art or it might just be a cool activity

  • Julie Ann

    I am very excited to see the King Hrothgar submissions! Go artists, go!