“What are you doing?!” – A look at Arya and Fírnen interacting outside of ‘Inheritance’

Fan art and fan fiction are where some of the most interesting off-the-page stories are born, as is the case with a magnificent piece of art we’re about to show you. Some artists let their imaginations run wild, dreaming up scenes and scenarios which take place in the pages an author chose not to share with us… and the results can be fantastic!

In this case, DeviantArt artist Ticcy imagined and illustrated a scene in which Arya and Fírnen interact in Fírnen’s early days as a dragon hatchling:

"What are you doing?!"

“What are you doing?!”

It’s evident from the look on Arya’s face and the path of destruction behind the tiny dragon that Fírnen has turned Arya’s study, deep within the heart of Ellesméra, into his own little playground. Plants overturned, a Bonsai tree over-plucked, ink spilled, and scrolls eaten…

No wonder she’s a bit angry!

Here’s what Christopher Paolini had to say about the piece, and the idea of this scene having taken place outside of the pages of Inheritance:

This is one of my favorite pieces of fan art. It perfectly captures the mischievous nature of a young dragon, as well as Arya’s frustration and sometimes overly-serious attitude. If I’d written any scenes from her point-of-view in Inheritance, I would have written something very close to this.

Now we ask you: Is this a scene that you could have imagined taking place? What do you imagine happens next?

  • Nakatay

    I read the tacos/hamburger comments down at the bottom and…elves are vegetarians. They couldn’t eat them even if they were invented.

  • Clayton Nathan Drawdy

    He’s probably saying. “What a squirrel got and I tried to catch it but I just missed its tail and got a mouthfull of this scroll instead.”

  • GingerSwag

    I see him saying “You could have made meh a play place!!”

  • taya

    I can see him saying to her “I is hunting!”

  • alex

    I could see him saying scrolls are not dragons there for they can’t teach you I can rips it all up

  • Laura Spann

    I can see a young dragon doing this lol.

  • 11-year old fan. Zhao

    I cannot believe that Christopher did not share this with us sooner. Anyway, Arya does look pretty angry!

  • Denmark111

    I’m glad to see you guys making articles regularly (hopefully not jinxing it again) and not only that, also making articles that don’t feel like filler! Thanks! 🙂

    • I’m really glad to hear that you don’t feel like these are filler. It’s really hard to find articles when there’s no news, but I put a lot of effort into planning and writing nearly three months (almost sixty posts) worth of content that I hoped no one would be annoyed by. Here’s to a fun next three months!

      • Denmark111

        Cheers! 🙂

  • alex

    Off topic sad to see no one cares about inheritance series now that it is over I would come on here there would be 200 + comments( back to topic amazing art to bad we never saw how they reacted with each other of maybe we will wink wink nudge nudge

    • If you could see the traffic statistics on my end, you’d know that there are still a lot of people who care about the series. 😉 A lot of the reactions happen on social media now rather than site comments, so it’s hard to judge traffic based off of comments.

      • alex

        I have been with you guys since 2004 I remember when there was chat rooms lol.23 now just want to see it last forever

  • PanzerSquid

    The little guy would probably give one of those imitation-sad-puppy looks, while thinking something like “what do you mean? I’m having a snack.” continue to finish his bite, and then start realizing that he should probably have eaten the bird that flew by earlier (parchment doesn’t taste very good anyway).

  • Spectral Tendril

    This is exactly how I picture Du Weldenvarden’s homes look like from the inside

  • Skyson Harma

    I have a feelling that she would scold him, then he’d give her sad eyes and act all sad and then she relizes that she is way to serious and strict and she lightens up

  • booksaremypassion

    Brilliant!! I love this! I can totally see this happening 😛

  • Manuel I. Bueno

    Cooking for a baby dragon? Then making a mess and feeling bad. Baby dragon cuddles and says it’s ok. Then they go out for tacos. The end.

    • Skyson Harma

      They don’t have tacos, but that’s funny

      • Laura Spann

        they may not have taco’s but it’ll be easy to make them lol they have everything u need just needs to be invented lol

        • Skyson Harma

          If they’re inventing tacos why not hamburgers

          • Laura Spann

            yummy indeed they might as well lol

    • Now I want tacos 🙁

      • Manuel I. Bueno

        Sorry, admin, but growing dragons need to eat a lot. It can’t grow up on priceless scrolls now, can it? (Only I would give an admin sass. I <3 U.)