Giveaway: Enter to win an autographed copy of ‘Brisingr’ and ‘Inheritance’!

books-big-brisingr copyShur’tugal is back, and what better of a way to celebrate than to give away free things?!

We’re giving away a signed first edition of Brisingr as well as a signed copy of Inheritance in paperback in what will be our first of many giveaways. Both giveaways are separate, so be sure to enter for a chance to win both books! To enter, simply be a resident of North America (sorry, international fans) and follow the directions below. Every fan will automatically receive one entry by entering via email below, with the option to gain additional entries into the raffle by following us on Facebook and Twitter, and tweeting about Shur’tugal being back! (If you’ve already “Liked” us on Facebook and “followed” us on Twitter, be sure to click those options in the giveaway boxes so that you still receive your bonus entries!)

Enter quick, as the giveaways are set to close at August 15th at 11:59pm EST!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Our winners will be announced in this post on August 16th!

  • imstillhungry95

    Hey! New stuff! Been awhile since things have been posted on here regularly! 🙂

  • Jessica Gerard

    Tweeted but had to remove one of the links due to the fact it was over too many characters ! Hope it doesn’t affect my chances of winning, most likely not once they realize

    • No worries, didn’t affect anyone’s chances of winning!

  • Aslak Røkke

    Could I have it sent to a friend of mine in the US, who then sent it on to me in Norway?

    • Debbie Becker

      Wanted to ask exactly the same question! 🙂 It would be great if they let us do it that way..

  • Rafael Vucovic

    the tweet has over 140 chracteres, I can’t post it :/

  • Mitchell

    Oh great, I just did everything and now I see that it’s only for America. -sighs-

    • Hanna

      Oh me too 🙁 Why 🙁

  • Bekah Davignon

    Haha, this sounds sweet. I’ll give it a shot. So, I see it’s just you and Boob now huh, Mike? Oh, I mean. Bob. =P

    Been so long. Hope you guys are doing great!!


  • Craig Hewitt

    Bit unfair to those of us that don’t live in America. Would be nice if it included countries like the UK

    • Denmark111

      I agree, but it is nice that they are doing it none the less. It would just be even nicer if they wrote it before you have to do stuff, though 🙂

      • It’s written ahead of every other requirement in the news post, well above the actual entry area.

        • Denmark111

          I feel like I’m complaining a lot about this subject to you. I’m sorry about that.

          • Totally fine/understandable. The North America-only thing is a disappointment to me as well, but it’s something that I have to do until we have a budget that allows us to open our giveaways to non-NA residents as well. Some day, I hope.

          • Denmark111

            I wonder, is it possible to create a checkbox called “I live outside the US and am willing to pay the shipping”?

    • I fully agree. The tough part for us is the massive amount of money it costs to ship overseas, with some countries costing over $40 USD, and that’s well over our budget. 🙁