You’re a member of the new generation of Dragon Riders… which race are you, and what color is your dragon?

new generation of dragon ridersAt the end of the Inheritance Cycle, Eragon, Saphira, and many of the long-hidden Eldunarí leave the known parts of Alagaësia to form a sanctuary for the future generation of Dragon Riders; a place away from harm and the day-to-day activities of Alagaësia. Here, with the help of the elves and Eldunarí, Eragon and Saphira will raise and train the dragons who hatch from the recovered eggs, as well as any Riders bonded to them.

In an interview with Shur’tugal and Lytherus, Christopher elaborated on his vision for the new Riders’ sanctuary for the first time ever. Christopher sees Eragon and company, with the help of magic and the strength of the dragons, building a place “very equivalent to Vroengard”, a stronghold or aerie, which will function as a place for the dragons to grow and Riders to be trained. This “New Vroengard” (our name, not Christopher’s) will grow slowly over time, likely starting with a massive stone hall perched high up on a mountaintop, built large enough to allow dragons to come and go within its chambers. Outbuildings will surround the stone hall, including nesting houses and hatcheries, as well as places for Eragon, the elves, and future Riders to live.

new-generation-of-riders-full-artIn the years to come, “New Vroengard” will continue to grow as one of Alagaësia’s most impressive locations, acquiring a mythical stature in the eyes of many outside of its confines. Over time, as the new generation of Riders begin to take up partners, the city’s population will increase, filling with the spouses and children of varying races and forming its own community bustling with life. “New Vroengard” will begin to take on an entirely unique look — a mixture of cultures and tradition, proudly displayed through celebrations, decorations, and its people.

Which leads to our question of the month:

You’re a member of the new generation of Dragon Riders, training under Eragon Shadeslayer and some of Alagaesia’s most ancient Eldunari. Which race are you, and what color is your dragon? (Be as specific as you’d like, and feel free to elaborate! Include your Alagaesian name, origin story, dragon name, and more, should you choose!)

Once you’ve figured out your story, share your answer and join in on the discussion in the post’s comments! Who knows, the best responses may be rewarded with tweets from @itsshurty or even Christopher himself!

*The artwork used in this post, featuring a fan’s interpretation of Eragon and Arya training a new generation of Dragon Riders, was done by the brilliant Eumenidi on DeviantArt.