You’re a member of the new generation of Dragon Riders… which race are you, and what color is your dragon?

new generation of dragon ridersAt the end of the Inheritance Cycle, Eragon, Saphira, and many of the long-hidden Eldunarí leave the known parts of Alagaësia to form a sanctuary for the future generation of Dragon Riders; a place away from harm and the day-to-day activities of Alagaësia. Here, with the help of the elves and Eldunarí, Eragon and Saphira will raise and train the dragons who hatch from the recovered eggs, as well as any Riders bonded to them.

In an interview with Shur’tugal and Lytherus, Christopher elaborated on his vision for the new Riders’ sanctuary for the first time ever. Christopher sees Eragon and company, with the help of magic and the strength of the dragons, building a place “very equivalent to Vroengard”, a stronghold or aerie, which will function as a place for the dragons to grow and Riders to be trained. This “New Vroengard” (our name, not Christopher’s) will grow slowly over time, likely starting with a massive stone hall perched high up on a mountaintop, built large enough to allow dragons to come and go within its chambers. Outbuildings will surround the stone hall, including nesting houses and hatcheries, as well as places for Eragon, the elves, and future Riders to live.

new-generation-of-riders-full-artIn the years to come, “New Vroengard” will continue to grow as one of Alagaësia’s most impressive locations, acquiring a mythical stature in the eyes of many outside of its confines. Over time, as the new generation of Riders begin to take up partners, the city’s population will increase, filling with the spouses and children of varying races and forming its own community bustling with life. “New Vroengard” will begin to take on an entirely unique look — a mixture of cultures and tradition, proudly displayed through celebrations, decorations, and its people.

Which leads to our question of the month:

You’re a member of the new generation of Dragon Riders, training under Eragon Shadeslayer and some of Alagaesia’s most ancient Eldunari. Which race are you, and what color is your dragon? (Be as specific as you’d like, and feel free to elaborate! Include your Alagaesian name, origin story, dragon name, and more, should you choose!)

Once you’ve figured out your story, share your answer and join in on the discussion in the post’s comments! Who knows, the best responses may be rewarded with tweets from @itsshurty or even Christopher himself!

*The artwork used in this post, featuring a fan’s interpretation of Eragon and Arya training a new generation of Dragon Riders, was done by the brilliant Eumenidi on DeviantArt.

  • Laura Spann

    I’m bored so here a second one enjoy.

    A egg lost though time found by one with no name nor memories.
    Chased by Forsworn and the Dark Kings fiends,
    they fled in fear from the darkness that surrounded them.
    In a ancient forest they found safety where no darkness could enter.

    Though they did not know the forest had its own dangers,
    for winter was coming.
    Snow fell cold winds blew lost cold nearly dead

    they walk among the trees.

    Music soon reach them filling them with warmth and strength.
    They walked into a clearing filled with warm light.
    “Please help us” they cried and with that they collapsed.

    The elves treated them and nursed them and prayed.
    Weeks passed and the child rider’s hair turned white,

    so too the dragon’s scales.
    Then one morning both opened their eyes revealing frosty blue eyes.

    The child had no memories from before she found the egg.
    Elves used their magic with no success,
    the child’s memories were gone.
    The elves named the girl Icelyn and the dragon Blizzard.

    Their strength grew quickly soon they were able to start their training.
    Icelyn learned the arts of sword, spear and bow,
    Soon Blizzard was large enough to carry her rider.
    masters Oromis and Glaedr called for them to start their training.

    Years past and both Icelyn and Blizzard grew,
    Magic gave Icelyn strength no one had ever seen.
    Standing nearly seven feet tall at the age of twenty

    she was slender and beautiful like the elves but
    more muscular like the Urgals.

    More years past then news reach Ellesmera that the Varden had stolen
    an egg but the thief and egg were lost and a race to find them had started.
    Icelyn and Blizzard wanted to join but their master forbid it.
    Their are others looking for the egg they said if it hatches and we are not here to teach the new rider you must.

    Enraged Icelyn and Blizzard left Ellesmera and headed east. Decades past as they explored til one day Eragon, Saphira and the elves who were traveling east ran into them. A couple elves in the party knew Icelyn and Blizzard. They talked for hours when Eragon told them their reason for traveling east Icelyn and Blizzard knew the perfect place and showed everyone their memories it took a couple weeks to reach the place. Once they did Eragon and Saphira knew it was perfect.

    It was a large valley the size and Du Weldenvarden and the Hadarac Desert combine. North, west and south were surrounded the valley with high mountains. The valley itself was flat and mostly grassland with forests near the mountains. High plateaus rose up above the grassland that were impossible to reach unless you could fly. waterfalls from high the the mountains formed hundreds of rivers which flow into two lager rivers before combining into one giant river the size of the Spine then emptying into the ocean to the east.

    There was also tons of wildlife deer, bears, boars filled the forest. while in the grassland wild horses that they planned to tame and breed ran around free along with rabbits, deer, pigs, hundreds of different types of birds some that could fly and couldn’t. Along with new animals that have never been seen before. Great bull like animals ran around in herds they where bigger than horses, with horns of their heads and where covered in long brown colored hair. Blizzard shares with Saphira her method for hunting them and together they catch a couple.

    The rivers had hundreds of fish, along with dozens of different turtles. Even more birds that were different from the ones in the grasslands had brightly colored feathers. Along with large water reptiles that had flat scaly bodies long powerful jaw filled with sharp teeth that were six to twenty feet from snout to tail.

    Eragon and Saphira picked a plateau near where the two rivers met. It was the largest of all them from the top you could see the peaks of the mountains to the north and south along with all the other plateaus. We set up camp at the base a safe distance from the river since the river reptiles were large enough to take a human or elf maybe even an urgal.

    Months past and the first of the halls was built along with a lift. Huts were built in the trees below and docks from the shore out into the river were all high enough up so new riders that would be coming would be safe until more of the land was clear and wards placed so the larger beasts couldn’t enter.

    There’s still much work we have set up out posts more elves have joined the man them. Along with mirrors to contact each other though out the valley. In time I know this will be a wonderful place live.

    I know its long but i hope you enjoy it.

  • Lucas Coquillat

    name is Owen, I’m a human, I’m 18 years old, my skin is white, I have brown
    short hair, hazel eyes, I’m muscular from medium size. My parents are Vardens, a
    proud people. My father name’s Pierrick, and my mother’s Malvina. I’m one from
    the numerous Vardens who fought with all our heart against Galbatorix’s army. I served my nation under the command of Major Roran
    Powerful-Hammer. I’m an excellent fighter at the sword. At the ends of the war,
    when I heard than the rider were back, I felt a big happiness. I was in town when I saw a big gathering. Intrigued,
    I approached and tried to see what’s happened there, but too much people were
    watching the unknown show. I cleared myself a passage in the crowd. In the
    middle of the circle which the inhabitants had made around them were held 4
    elfs. Two of them transported something in their arms. When I saw what it was,
    I thought my heart would stop. They
    had two dragon eggs; one yellow and one purple, they were shining like the sun
    and even more than the stars. That was so incredible. A black hair elf was
    smiling to me and asked me if I wanna touch one of them. I hesitated, I
    approached and I finally touched the purple but nothing appends. I was very disappointed. But when I put my
    hand on the yellow, it moved, I was so surprised and the egg began to make strange
    sounds when it suddenly exploded. When the shock was passed, I was able to see
    a wonderful little yellow dragon, here, just for me. He’s small, his yellow
    scales are shining like diamonds, his teeth and his claws are white like ivory
    and in his back it were some big sharp spines. He has big yellow eyes. I was so
    surprised as I did not make movement, that was so unexpected. He pushed a small
    squeak and turned his head in front of me and approached in my direction. People
    around us don’t maked a sound. I hesitated one second and slowly approached my
    hand. When I touched his head, I felt a lot of energy running into my arm to
    finally affect all my body. It changed in a big pain; all around me began black
    and the face of my dragon disappeared into that darkness with everything. I
    lost consciousness. When I woke up, I
    was lengthened in a bed. An Elf was at my side in a chair. He was the black
    hair elf who proposed to me to touch the special eggs. When he saw than I was
    awake, he smiled to me and he told me than his name is Sindgen. I wondered what
    append and suddently felt my right hand hurting. When I looked at it, I was
    surprised and search into my memory to try to find how I injured myself like
    that. That was a really strange injury; a strange silvered scar into the back
    of my hand. Seeing that I fixed it, Sindgen told me that it was the gedwëy
    the Dragoner’s mark. On the bed, at my side, was the little
    dragon. I jumped when I had felling a spirit came in contact with mine. His
    little voice saying my name : Owen, Owen. This voice came from this
    dragon. It was strangely soft, autoritarian and former in spite of its young
    age. I told Sindgen than the dragon spoke to me into my head. He smiled to me,
    explaining than a Dragoner and his dragon can have a communication by thought. He
    told me than he will detail more along the way. My look came again to the
    little dragon. I had so much questions in my head. I asked him if he was a
    female or a male. She told me in by this strange way, in my head, than she was
    a female. I was thinking all this time that she was a male. I don’t had a lot
    of time to think about that because Sindgen told us we had to go. We left the
    hotel. I took my dragon in my arms. Outside, evrybody intensively fixed us.
    Along the way, I spoke to my dragon ang tried to find a name to her. I proposed
    her names but she rejected all of them. I was discouraged, and then, a name
    came to my mind, I proposed it to her and she accepted it at once.I was so
    happy, I named her Luna. We rejoind the Elfs , they smiled to me and welcomed
    me, telling me shu’tugal. I asked Sindgen wath did it mean and he
    explained that this meant dragoner in
    old language. He told me than we had to go, on an island far away from Alagaesia
    where Luna and me will be formed. I had to say goodbye to my family. That new
    punch me even if I expected it. Along the way, I tried to think about what I
    could say to my parents. When I was
    finally at home, my heart tight. I took my courage and knocked at the door. My
    mother opened it, and screamed when she saw Luna. My sister looked at her with
    bigs horrifing eyes. My father appeared with a big sword in his hands. I told
    them than she was not dangerous. They hesitated, but my father tidied up his
    weapon and invited us to enter. So we go inside of the home. The Elf presented
    himself, my mother was in the kitchen making herb tea and we all going on the living-room,
    my father, my sisters and myself sit down on a chair but Sindgen refused the
    offer. When my mother arrived, she sits beside my father on a chair and gave
    cups of herbs tea to evrybody. All my family was fixing Luna and she lloked at
    them with curiosity. I did not know by what to begin, I took a big breath and
    begined to explain wath happend. I told the story without interuption but when
    I began to spoke about my depart to go far from Alagaesia, my mother and my
    sisters started to cry. My father asked to Sindgen if he could accompany us to
    the port. He told him yes. I go in my room and began to put clothes and other
    things in my bag. Luna entered and smelt evrywhere and evrything. When I had
    finished my package I go outside of my room, looking one last time to my room. I
    went down the staircase. I was sad but I
    knew that the formation is essential and had to be my priority. My family was
    there with Sindgen, they waited for me in front of the door. We left the home,
    Iwas so sad. I looked one last time to my home, I had left. We are arrived to
    the port, there was a boat. The Elfs were there and wait for us. I looked at my
    family. When my mother hugged me, I saw that she was crying. I told her than
    evrything will be alright. After, I told goodbye to my two little sisters, they
    were crying like my mother and Luna was trying to confort them by rubbing her
    on them. They cherished her. I go see them, and hugged them in my arms. I told
    them to take care of them and to my parents. And finally, I going see my
    father. We were made an embrace and he told me to take care of me. I thanked
    him and rose to the boat. Sindgen was there with me and another dragoner and
    his dragon. When she saw him, Luna was verry happy. She rushed towards him. She
    never saw another dragon before and when I saw her like I could only smile. Seeing
    her happy like that gave me some happiness in this sadness. I told a last
    goodbye to my family and they told me good luck. Having make sure than evrybody
    were in the boat, Sindgen gave the signal, and the boat gone. I looked at my
    family until that I do not see them any more. I felt so much sadness in me,
    thinking all what I left behind. Luna came see me and I smiling looked at her.
    I knew than I was not alone. This life will bee better for Luna and me, I know
    it. During the next days, the Elfs learned us somethings about the dragons, the
    magic and we practice to fight at sword. I leard to know my dragon and her to
    know me. I spoke with her in more and more complex conversations. She has a
    wonderful personality and the most bigger heart than every people in Alagaesia
    combined. I can confide her my problems without any problem like she can
    confide me her problems. Her only fault, like all the dragons is her vanity. She’s
    the person in my heart, in my soul and on my spririt. She’s the most important
    person in my life. After our first meeting, her and me, never left the other.
    She understands me more better than nobody ever has understood me. Our spirits
    completely merged, they’re everytime in contact. We hide nothing to the other. I
    always find that funny when I scratch her behind her ears or under her chin and
    she purrs. I would sacrifice me for her and I know that she would make the same
    thing for me. She speaks to evrybody, learn than she can and make new things.
    We have to travel during several days of boat but finally reached the island. When
    I saw it I had breathlessly and the other dragoner has push a big exclamation.
    The Elfs have smiles by seeing our reactions. The city is simply majestic. Buildings
    are of a striking beauty. When we arrived in this incredible city, there were
    two silhouettes, a saphir blue dragon and a young man who looked like an Elf. I
    recognized them at once because I had fought of numerous times by their side. They
    were Saphira and Eragon. They welcomed
    us. They asked us that they were new masters for the formation, than they will
    made us visited the city, they will responded to all our questions and than the
    Elfs will transported our packages to our new house. Having seen their exploit
    on a battlefield, I knew that Luna and me were between good hands with our new
    masters. A beautiful relationship of trust quickly settled down. They showed us
    the city, the training ground, the library and all other wonders of this place.
    They assigned us our house. It was spacious and made on the length. My bed is
    next to the couchette of Luna. There’s a bathroom, on office and a door where a
    big dragon can easily pass. Luna is so happy. She walks everywhere in the room
    to lie down on my bed. A little time
    after, Sindgen came to look for us, Luna and me. I wondered wath happens. When
    I questionned him why, he asked me than our masters wanna see us. Why they
    wanna see Luna and me? We arrived at the Eragon’s office. The Elf left us
    alone. I banged in the door and it opened. Eragon was there with Saphira and
    the eldunari. We entered and I wondered
    wath we maked here. They all welcomed us. We returned the politenesses by
    curtseying. I waited that our masters tell us the reason of our presence. Eragon
    has broken the silence, saying than if we were there, it’s because he had to
    give me my sword. When he said that to us, Luna and me were so happy. Eragon
    took a yellow sheath and gave it to me. It was so magnificent. There was an
    incrust diamond of the same color than the big
    yellow diamonds of Farthen dûr. A flash of lighting is graved on the
    shealth. I have to unsheathe the sword and my breath stop. I felt the same
    feeling of delight at Luna. This yellow sword is wonderful, it shine more than
    the sun or of one million of diamonds. In the knob, there’s a big diamond like
    the one on the shealth but more bigger, a flash of lighting is graved on it. There’s
    a written word on the shealth of the sword. Seeing than I tried to spell out,
    Eragon told me than it was the name of my sword, kveykva. In old language, it
    significate flash of lighting. I was in
    shock, unabble to speak, further to this wonderful present which they had
    offered me. Luna touched the sword with her nose. I managed to articulate a
    thanking and ask what we could make to thank them. Eragon has smiles and
    Saphira answered amused, we had to hardly study and to pay it attention to this
    present. After a last reverence and thanking, we go outside of the office, I
    was smiling and I felt a big hapiness from Luna. We looked each others and I
    caress her head. She maked a purring. I trained to fighting by making moves
    that I knew and others than Elfs learnt me.
    Sindgen came to look for me, I showed him the sword, he told me that it
    was wonderful and to take care of it. I put back the sword in its sheath, and
    collided the sheath on my belt. He put back to us to our house. During the next
    weeks, the classes and the trainings followed another. Luna grew up more and
    more. When Luna learnt to fly, I was happy for her. She was so majestic, graceful, and elegant.

    It and come me even very proud, I shines have say that I have test a great pride, it my will touch the arm with its muzzle, I alluvium to cherish, it has emitted a humming. My that year it has ether large enough for me transported, we were told that one would fly together. I panicked, me which suffers from giddiness, only say to think its returned to me sick. Luna my say that would be itself well. I refused to fly, Eragon and Saphira are fact reassure one is proposed to come with us I accepted with their assistance and supports. One went slowly, the first time I closed the eyes, is when Luna his throw in the vacuum, I shouted so extremely that when the flight finished I had more voices. Quietly its its to improve, one remained more in longer in flight, going more and more quickly. Now I adore to fly with my wrist-strap his my more beautiful moment. His my taken time for controlling the magic at the beginning well I was my steps cabals to make steal small stones I was to frustrate, my Masters my say not to worry to me am well to involve itself, am studied extremely, I took their advice, I read manuscript, learned the old language, am much of other thing, am now I became a frightening adversary, is more nobody can penetrate my spirit, my Masters came to congratulate us on my great improvement. I am much to improve has the sword has force of me involve with my Eragon Master is the elves. I have Luna as there is much improvement, at the end of as it as weeks, it to pass from a small wrist-strap has a powerful wrist-strap. With the trainings with Saphira Master, his body became can is muscular, it exceeds of a head the largest horses, its hook is SEN scratches its as long east slice as a butcher’s knife, it and now become wild warlike. It is much more endure in flies, is resistant physically. It can transport several passenger, to carry of large stones, to make numbers of very complex stunt-flying. I remember when it to spit its first flame of a yellow burst, I were proud of it. At the beginning it lasted on average a minute, its can improve much. It spit about it more and more a long time. Now it has can spit of the flames several minutes of continuation without stopping. She learns from the operations in flight with our Saphira Master, is multitudes of other things, like the history of the dragons for example. She learned much from it, east goes learns some much from other, our Masters one all congratulated. Queen Arya us one seen, us with involves. She came to see us with her Finrnen dragon to congratulate us on our large progress, they are very nice. One studies very strong Luna is me, to become one of the best duets dragon is dragoner of the history, is to make reign justice. Our Eragon Master learned that there are big problems in Alagaesia is that one needs our assistance, Luna is me leave with our Masters, for save Alagaesia. I am proud to be a dragoner.

    Mr Paolini that would be really nice to see extraordinary if you were to me the dragoner and its wrist-strap with their history which I have create of in your next book, you could put them with characters that of another person one invented for the next generation of dragoner. To think knows if, you would be recognized like one or if not the author nearest to his reader on planet, is people would be charms, you could mark it at the end of your book. Monsieur Paolini read my proposal please thank you very much. Afflicted for the length of text, is the spelling mistakes, English is not my mother tongue thank you

  • Radvilas Stroggnonimus

    My name is Dareloth, im 29 year old human, im tall I have brown hair and a small brown beard. I have one special thing, my eyes are yellow-orange colour, I always wear that colour clothes and thats what connect me and my dragon – Tuelonth. He’s very young one – 2 months old but i can already say that we’re like clones, we think, act the same way, even our imperfections are the same. But I think thats good because we can concentrate on them together.
    My father was a blacksmith, he taught me alot about his proffesion I decided to be warrior and explorer. I come from land called Kerdunia which is …. I don’t know where. One usual day in Kerdunia, town called Falnosar, at home I was practising magic before going to hunt vrangeras ( giant beasts with human leg long claws, havent seen any in Alagaesia ) but suddenly everything around exploded and I wake up in forest in The Spine near Kuasta. Since that incident 7 years past and I live in alageasia now.

    I am a good mage, skilled in art of concentatraton. Also a very good swordsman with two handed swords,but on the other hand im awful with axes spears or other weapons so if i lose my sword I better fight with bare hands ( and magic ofcourse ) than axe. But most important that Im an Archer. I spend all my life practicing with bows, I believe i can say im the best archer in all Alagaesia. (Elfs still angry on me for beating everybody in competition at Silthrim and Kirtan) I also have yellow-orange colour scale armor made from special kind of steel, it better steel than made by humans but almost the same as one made by dwarfs or elfs. And while I still lived in Kerdunia I found some very strange ,resistant to magic, metal, my father after a long time experimenting made my 2h sword, bow and arrows from it, later i found out that Shurtugals used to make their swords from such a metal.

    I live like nomad and explorer I visited all du Weldenvarden, crossed all Hadarac desert climbed to highest mountains of The Spine. After some times humans started calling me “The Orange Piligrim”, Elfs have a name for me also but let me know it ( probably not a good one since they are still angry about our archery competition), and urgals call me Turdalmhkal ( no idea what that means). So thats how I met Eragon Shadowslayer and became Teulonth’s Shurtugal, one simple day i was traveling to the east when I saw some dragons, elfs, and few humans , I was so glad that I met a real dragon !! So they called me to spend some time with them. The next day Eragon looked strangely at me and asked to go with him we went to a cellar and he gave me an orange dragon egg, and OH GOD it started to move. Later a dragon colour as my eyes hatched and as you know I named him Tuelonth. Since them I live with Eragon, elfs and other riders as one of them. I believe the was not an accident that connected me and Tuelonth ( well look and my eye colour and his colour and its obviuos) maybe destiny, maybe magic, I dont know but i understand that that had to happen, maybe Eragon understood that too.

    Thanks for reading, sorry for language mistakes ! !

  • GingerSwag

    I am Zack. My Dragon’s name is Varoc. My dragon is male and gray scales. I am 15 and I have longer black hair and electric blue eyes I am a human but my appearance was altered by the Eldunari. I live in Teirm with my two twin brothers Kanor and Ralnor. Se onr sverdar sitja hvass

    • Nakatay

      Hey. I don’t have the translation guide, but I was wondering if you could translate that Ancient Language bit. I know the first part means ‘your’, in a possessive way.

      • Rokushon

        I don’t have a translation guide open at the moment but I’m almost certain that ‘Se onr sverdar sitja hvass.’ means ‘May your swords stay sharp.’
        I remember seeing it at the end of Brisingr and Inheritance and beeing like ‘What does this mean?’ then looking at the translation guide and finding out.

        • Nakatay

          Cool. Thank you!!

  • Raven Marie

    My name is Winter,My dragon is a large Black female with green eyes.Her name is Ebony.I am a orphan,no one knows who my parents were.I am a elf,with white hair,strangely red eyes,and a pale complexion.Ebony has ivory claws and spikes.I am 13.I am good with healing.

  • Nakatay

    My name is Nakatay, 14, who lives in a small village of humans on the edge of the Hadaraac. The parade comes through bearing a black dragon egg with shining silver swirls. I don’t want to go with the other children at first, but I do. I end up being the Rider to a black dragon with silver eyes and silver claws and spikes with the ocasional silver streak in his scale patterns. I named him Othello. I have short cropped dark brown hair and ice blues eyes.

  • Neanthia

    Fairly young elf with long curly red hair, silver dragon with purple eyes and black claws, my name is Neanthia and my dragon is Yin.

  • Grayce

    Grayce, a 19 year old wandering human who happened to bond with a black and red dragon named Shiina. I prefer a bow to a sword so I can pick off my enemies from afar.

  • Alex

    Hi, I’m John, 12 years old. My dragon is Emerald Green and his name is Unarliki. My race is elven and my sword is called Farnith.

  • Aelsar

    I am Oredail, I’m a 13 year old male elf with raven black hair. My dragon is White and his name is Umanin. He hatched for me while eggs where being ferried around from Humans to Elves to Urgals to Dwarfs and back again. When It was my turn I thought it would be like it always was but, it wasn’t. I lightly brushed Umanin’s egg it started to wobble. I thought nothing of it for it happens on a regularly. Bu as my hand moved off of the egg and I went to walk by like I had so many years before it started wobbling violently and cracks appeared.
    I mind started to flying. The egg suddenly shattered and I dove and caught Umanin right before he hit the ground. He looked and be and then gave me the Gedway ignasia. Since then, we have been in training. My instructors say I learn very quickly and have much potential. Soon, we get to go out of Osilon for the first time since we bonded.

  • ixoria

    I am Ylena, an elf with long silver hair and eyes like ice. After Galbatorix was defeated, I moved to live next to the sea, north of Narda, because my longing for the sea was too strong. So, i made my own little sanctuary there, and i adapted to it, making my skin smoother and making myself being able to breathe in water.
    I lived there for 20 years, before I decided to come back to Ellesmera, to visit my family. In fact, it was my best friend, an elf named Kiskereya, who told be that I should touch dragon eggs to see if one would hatch for me, and so I did it.
    So, As soon as I was able, I went to do it. I touched the first one, which was dark red. Nothing happened. After that I went to touch the next one, and few seconds after i touched it, it started shaking, and, in the end, it hatched. We touched, and I fell to my knees and cried: it’s been my dream to be a dragon rider. I named her Archana, because she was dark purple with silver belly and eyes and long whip-like tail, and that colour reminded my of the flows of magic.
    We went to the New Vroengard, and we are training there. And, to be honest, i couldn’t be happier.

  • Katarina

    Ahh… Read if if you’d care to. It’s Inau’s story! 😀 Please comment if you like it!

    I am known as Inau. I don’t care to be called by my old name
    anymore. I have my reasons. I am human, though I once was bonded to a dragonlong ago. To understand my story, you must hear it first. It was in the time of the old riders. I knew Galbatorix before he went “insane”. I didn’t much care for him at first, but I still knew him, and for a short time, my dragon knew his.
    I was young, much younger than he, but I felt drawn to him. We were
    friends – if you could call it that – though many times I felt that he was
    unstable emotionally. But still, I felt that he trusted me. I had told him how
    I had wandered to the land of the elves, demanding to see a marbled white egg from the dreams that had been plaguing me ever since my existence. Sure enough, an egg had begun to hatch for me. But there were complications with the egg, and my dragon could not hatch even though the bond between us was stronger than anything the elves had ever seen before. We both knew we belonged together, but there was something wrong with my dragon. He was sick.
    Galbatorix had told me not to worry. He told me that his
    dragon had complications when hatching too, but I could tell that he was lying. He was strange, but he was loyal. He would say anything to make me not worry. I felt that he cared, but there was something more about him that made me wary. The closer I got to him, the more nervous I would become inside. My dragon hatched to me a few days after Galbatorix’s dragon was killed. I understood his pain and confusion when his dragon died. I understood it even more when my very dragon passed into the void after finally hatching and giving me the mark of the riders. We were both broken souls then, but unlike Galbatorix, I did not ask the elves for another dragon. I did not want to endure the pain again. I could not replace my nameless companion who passed so silently in my arms that night. I tried to speak with Galbatorix as he ranted to me about stealing an egg and taking his revenge on everyone who stood in his way. I truly did try to
    persuade him otherwise, but then realization struck. We were different. And different in a way where he could not understand my actions and I his. It was a painful departure. When I refused to join him, he was calm, but I knew deep inside that he was more furious than all the madmen in the world put together. I betrayed his loyalty, and I would surely pay.
    When he rose up to power, I fled the land and stayed in hiding. My dragon had given me its youth and remaining strength before it died, so I remained unscathed by old age Galbatorix would recognize my face if he saw
    me again. I knew if I returned to the elves that they would turn me away. I
    knew that I would never have a chance to ride again with Gabatorix in control of the remaining eggs. I knew that if I ever saw him again, he wouldn’t hesitate to kill me. I was a coward. I couldn’t bear to face Galbatorix, even after hundreds of years. Even though what he did was wrong, I still felt I betrayed him. So I remained in hiding, hearing only the news of the farm boy turned rider who destroyed my once loyal friend. It pained me, but I felt an odd sense of freedom, a chance to start over again. I decided to cast away my old name,my old past, and forge a new identity which I now associate with the name Inau – the name I would have given my dragon. Now I travel to the lands beyond my home to seek out this new dragon rider. I will find this new land, and I will become a true rider this time.

    • Josh Okie

      I like that idea.

      • Katarina

        Thank you kindly!

  • Aidírn

    They call me Aidírn, and my dragon, Crea, is midnight blue. I am a male elf, and was aged 32 when Crea’s egg was presented to me after journeying to Ellesméra from my hometown of Kirtan.
    You could say that I am a mistake. My parents aren’t exactly the model citizens of Du Weldenvarden, nor do they take it upon themselves to follow the ancient elvish traditions. And, well, I suppose I am an offshoot of that rebellion. My being was not begun by the same ultimate passion that has so commonly sprung other elves. My parents refuse to see me as their kin, and I dislike them for it.
    Thus, I have to dispel the superstition around my less-than-orthodox birth myself. In this regard, I like to see myself always finding a better solution before acting from my gut. In some cases, this is a hindrance, but most of the time I am praised for it, and it is my best quality according to Crea.
    After becoming a rider, I happily travelled away from my unhappy beginnings. Crea and I excel in mind combat and Eragon tells us that we have the most strongly shielded minds he has even encountered, apart from Arya.

  • Josh Okie

    My Name is Brom Evandar Son of Eragon Shadeslayer and Arya Drottning. (Christopher Paolini finally came to his senses and wrote a 5th book in which Eragon and Arya have a child together.)
    Other Riders say I am a good mix of both of my parents. My Hair is A dark Brown color. My eyes are hazel and slanted. My ears are pointed. I stand around 6 foot tall. Being born on New Vroengard has its advantages! I knew almost all the dragons and Eldunari by name at a young age of 7! At age 10 my dragon hatched for me. His name was Raedyrn (a magnificent yellow color)we had a closer bond than even my father and Saphira. My father, Saphira, Uncle Murtagh, Thorn, My Mother, and, Firnen all played key roles in our training. We began our training 6 months after Raedyrn hatched with our cousin Ovetek Oriksson. Father taught us magic, Uncle Murtagh taught us combat, Mother taught us mental combat.I excelled at all and was a prodigy even by rider standards. (My swords name was Battleclaw.) At age 15 I competed solo in the Alagaesian Games. I placed first in boxing and mental combat, third in wrestling, fifth in archery, and second in Swordsmanship to cousin Ovetek! Father, Mother, and Uncle Murtagh were very pleased with us. Two years later however a new threat stalked the land. One of Galbatorix’s old pet magicians managed to steal a few Eldunari from a young careless rider named Undite. The magician turned Undite into a shade. A Dragon Rider Shade. He wreaked havoc on the dwarf kingdom and Uncle Orik sent a message to father and uncle pleading for their help. Both were very concerned and consulted with Glaedr and Umaroth and left Immediately with the oldest and most powerful Eldunari, Mother, and a few of the older riders to confront Undite. I wanted to go but they told me to stay trusting my obedience they did not make me swear to stay in the Ancient language. Dad should have known better as I inherited my knack for trouble from him and my namesake. I left as soon as they were out of sight with a handful of my own Eldunari and Raedyrn. We flew from New Vroengard with haste to the last sighting of Undite. From the Beor Mountains we tracked him to the Hadarac Desert where he was Assaulting a company of Nomads. Raedyrn and I attacked from behind. It was a long and furious battle. I had fought dad, mom, uncle , Glaedr , and many others in mental combat. Undite was as powerful as fighting all of them put together. I was hard pressed to defend myself. I finally broke through mental wall and siezed control of his mind and stabbed him through the heart but not before he managed to chop off my left hand. I screamed in pain and fell unconscious and remembered no more until I woke. I was in a strange room. Dwarves stood over me. My hand was not salvageable they said. The had made me a metal hand and dad and mom had attached in with magic and made it a part of my body. Then they grew a layer of skin over my hand. When they came into my room to visit Dad was furious yelling at me telling me what an idiot I was! Mom however smirked and told him how much I reminded him of her when he was younger. At that he glared at her and stalked out of the room. Now a year later at my 18th Birthday I sit writing this account of my short but already very eventful life. I am getting to forge a new sword and be initiated as a full member of the Order of the Riders in less then a few minutes. I better make this quick! After the slaying of Undite I became known as Shadeslayer as my parents and also as metal hand Brom Evandar Shadeslayer Metal Hand. What a hike of a name! I met a young Elf Rider who just arrived a few weeks ago. Her name is Aerin. She is very beautiful. I am very excited for the endless possibilities my future holds! I must go now. Aerin is my date to the feast being held for my initiation as a rider and she is calling me to come give my opinion of her dress. Life is good. But my family never seems to stay out of adventure for long! Until next time.
    Brom Eragonsson

    • GingerSwag

      you should wright a book

    • Laura Spann

      cool i love it

  • Sara Desotell

    My name is Mirallia, a self described lovely, yet absent-minded young
    girl. My large friend here with the beautiful purple scales is my
    dragon, Sarvirok. He’s already incredibly vain, so try not to give him
    too many compliments.

    I’m a normal human, with a single exception. I’m much younger than I appear to be. I was part of an experiment carried out by Galbatorix’s magicians during the war with the Varden. They used magic on myself, and three others to excel the growth of our bodies at an alarming rate. As a group of children around the age of ten, we looked like full grown adults. The only problem they encountered with us was that our minds were having trouble catching up with our physical age. It prompted them to use the same method to try and magically expand our minds to match. The consequences were dire.

    For the first day it seemed that the experiment was a success as a whole.
    We began learning at incredible rates, and adapted to our new bodies quite well. The day after, though, was when all hell broke loose. It started with the three other children first. They began showing severe psychological problems that baffled the magicians. Screaming at voices only they could hear, cowering at the sight of horrifying hallucinations, becoming terrifyingly violent.

    The magicians started to search for an answer to the problem when I started to experience the same symptoms, only coming to the conclusion that the magic they had used scarred our delicate minds when the three other children had already taken their lives. I was the last one left, slowly
    going absolutely insane. The experiment was labeled a failure, and I was
    thrown out into the streets of Gil’ead without a second thought.

    After the battle in Gil’ead, nothing really changed for me. My mind was
    broken, and still breaking. I was beginning to forget things as gigantic
    gaps in my memory would suddenly appear, only to disappear the next
    day; returning the memories I couldn’t recall a mere few hours before. I
    was eventually discovered by a few elves before they returned to their home in the Du Weldenvarden. They recognized how truly sick I was, and after relating to them my tale, with some difficulty, they convinced their
    people to bring me back to the great forest with them.

    The elves called me “Mirallia du Vanyali Fodhr,” because of the damage that magic had done to my mind. Most of my time was spent wandering Du Weldenvarden with elven guides, when I wasn’t spending time with magic users who tried futilely to repair me, that is. Nothing they tried had worked, so I had all but given up on being fixed. Then, the queen of the elves came
    to me, carrying a royal purple dragon egg.

    Ayra only said “Firnen has a feeling,” before setting the egg into my arms. We waited for what seemed like centuries, staring at the egg intensely, waiting to see if it would hatch. I eventually gave up and began to hand the egg back to the queen. I remembered thinking that the dragon was better off hatching to someone who was healthier than I. Then, miraculously, the thing all but exploded. A marvelous purple dragon rolled around in my arms,
    squeaking happily. Sarvirok, my greatest friend and ally, was born.

    Arya and Firnen took us under their wings after Sarvirok had hatched. Even
    though my condition made it incredibly hard for me to learn things like
    the Ancient Language, Arya proved to be a wonderful, and understanding
    teacher. Firnen was a great teacher too, you had to be to get through
    Sarvirok’s thick skull.

    As Sarvirok grew, I discovered that my head was becoming clearer. My memory didn’t randomly disappear, the hallucinations stopped, I didn’t hear any voice in my head except for Sarviroks. I was beginning to learn things much easier too. When I spoke of it to Arya, she only smiled and said “It seems Firnen was correct.”

    The queen and her dragon had been approached several times by their magicians, who asked if they had any ideas on how to fix me. Every time, Arya had come up blank, except recently, when Firnen had suddenly suggested that I be presented with a dragon egg. She informed me that the mental connection I shared with Sarvirok was slowly repairing my mind, and that as the connection strengthened, so would I. Sarvirok and I were so happy about the news, and it pushed us to work harder to bond as dragon and rider.

    When the time came for us leave and begin our training across the seas with Eragon, Arya was nowhere to be seen for the several days it took us to prepare for the journey. The night before we were to leave, Sarvirok and I were about to go out in search of her, we didn’t want to go without saying our farewells. She beat us to the punch, though, when she and Firnen landed outside our dwelling. She approached, the formal air she wore during every other meeting gone. In its place, an exhausted expression and a soot covered face.

    She bore with her a long, blanket wrapped object. Firnen carried a dragon saddle made with incredible craftsmanship. We stood outside and talked at length about my departure while Sarvirok soared around in the night sky with Firnen until dawn. After there was nothing left to say, and my journey loomed only a few hours away, Arya finally offered me the item she held.

    I unwrapped it slowly, gaping as I slowly reviled the weapon held
    within. It was a riders sword, one that matched the hue of Sarviroks scales perfectly. The purple sheathe held the glyph for “Mor’ranr,” which meant “peace” in the ancient language. I was able to put two and two together, and figured out that Arya had played a hand in the forging of this weapon.

    She only smiled gently at me, explaining that she had Rhunon oversee the project with an expert eye while she forged the blade. Then she apologized for naming the sword for me. I only laughed as I marveled at the gift, one that the queen of the elves herself had MADE for me. The name was very appropriate, and I made sure to tell her so. It was symbol of the peace I had gained since Sarvirok hatched for me, and had I been the one to name it, I definitely would have chosen the same name.

    After a few hours of peaceful sleep, Iwoke and prepared Sarvirok for our flight. The saddle given to us by Firnen was a perfect fit, and would adjust to fit Sarvirok for years to come. Another short goodbye to Arya and the other elves that took care of me in my time of need preceded our departure. I almost didn’t want to leave as I looked back at the forest, and the many people I had come to love.

    My destiny awaited with Eragon Kingkiller, though, and I made a promise right then that I wouldn’t return to Du Weldenvarden until I was as great a rider as I could be. I owed them all for what they had done for me. Had the elves not found me in Gil’ead after Galbatorix’s fall, I would have died without anyone around to even witness my passing. They gave a broken doll like me the chance to become something greater, and one day, I will repay their kindness.

    I am Mirallia the Magic Marked, friend and ally to Sarvirok the purple, and I am a Dragon Rider.

    ((Opsies, I might have went overboard. D:))

  • Jeriah
  • Linnëa

    I am Linnëa Kirjefinna (Letterfinder), named for the ancient maiden of the Menoa Tree. I am the 18 year old Elven daughter of Alanna and Lanir.

    My mother was very young during the rise of the second generation of riders, only twelve years old when the Rider Eragon and his dragon Saphira first set foot into Ellesmera. Growing up at the edge of Du Weldenvarden in the city of Kirtan, she told me the stories of the war, Eragon’s departure from Alagasia, and the reconstruction of the Riders in our homeland. Never did I think I would be blessed with a dragon of my own, but when I came of age, I was sent with the other children to see which one of us would become the next Rider.

    To my surprise, the beautiful blue-gray egg hatched for me, and I became the Rider of the female dragon Laidon. We were sent to study the old ways with the new generation of riders, and I found that my skills lie in archery and translating Ancient Language scripts. I have trained for five years with the help of the Elders, including Eragon Shadeslayer and Saphira Bjartskular, as well as my fellow Riders. Alongside Laidon, it is now my duty to act as archivist of books and scrolls in our library, and mentor the new riders that study there. We will ensure that the new Riders never forget our past.

  • Mark Secoolish

    I am a Kull named Otvek, named after one of the Urgal leaders that joined the Varden.

    My dragon was the one in the egg that was sent to the Urgals after the spell was cast the last time Eragon went to Ellesmira.

    My dragon is orange and named Akor. He hatched when I went to the Spine to get food for my family.

    After he hatched we spent a few weeks away from our village, alone, so he could grow bigger and able to carry me to the east and search for Eragon to start training, I knew he went away from Alagaesia because I stopped in Ellesmira for a little more than a week so Arya can train me before i go and get into danger for whatever is beyond the Az Ragni.

    After I went to the east for further training we found a small group of soldiers still loyal to Galbatorix. We killed them all and casted our first spell on our own, Brisingr, without knowing the word for it, or how much energy it would take. It just slipped and burned the rest of them alive.

    After we found Eragon and Saphira, I went to Eragon alone, Akor hiding in a cave nearby, so I could tell him that we need help, and after I asked, I called Akor.

    Eragon first taught me a few sword moves with a basic sword, for I was used to a club.

    After Eragon thought I was trained enough with a sword, he went to a room in his hall, hidden with magic.

    When he was finished with the room he came back to me with an orange sword. A Rider’s Sword.

    He told me the sword was called Reona. Reaper.

    After a few years of training Eragon told Akor and I told us about the Eldunari and introduced us to Umaroth and then the others.

    After Eragon thought I was skilled enough he sent me off with a dragon egg so I can fly it around Alagaesia and find its Rider, First to Du Weldenvarden, then the Empire (or whatever its called now), Then to surda, then the spine, and the Beor Mountains. I was attacked in the Beors by a group of Urzhadn and Nagran. I would have died if it were not for a dwarf warrior named Dewi.

    After we finished the beasts off I had the man take the egg into a cave overnight and told him it was just a stone.

    When morning arrived I went to the opening of the cave and knocked on the cave wall. Dewi came to see me and tell me the egg hatched!

    There was now a Dwarf Rider. His dragon was brown. I never got his dragon’s name.

    When he was finished telling me about his dragon I trained him until his dragon was large enough to fly to Ellesmira to meet Arya and have her train him.

    I went back to Eragon once I finished directing Dewi to Ellesmira to tell him anout the dwarf. He had me use a scrying mirror to show him the dwarf and Arya. He was learning how to make an orb of water with magic. He held the orb for a few seconds and then cancelled the spell to avoid passing out.

    Eragon and I waited tor Dewi to come to the hall to the east of alagaesia.

    And he was trained the same as I untill he got his Rider’s sword, a brown one.
    I cannot remember what the sword was called.

    After he was trained enough we both got a dragon egg to carry around Alagaesia.

    I carried my egg to the elves first, and Dewi sent his to the dwarves.

    And we repeated that with the rest of the eggs.

  • Catie Caroline

    My name is Raksha Angelis Starwhisper. I am the daughter of Alarah and Morgead. My mother was an elf. My father was human. They met after the land was free of Galbatorix. The love they shared was not very common and often looked upon with distaste. Soon after I became the fruit of their passions. I am more refined than humans but not as angled as an elf. I have the strength of both races an almost none of the weaknesses. Because of this I have been an outcast for most of my life. When I was young my mother became very ill and passed away. My father became very distant after that. When I came of age, as is tradition, I placed my hand on the egg that was brought to our village. To my surprise the egg hatched for me. There was an instant bond between my dragon and myself. The name of my dragon is Malkyor. He is strong and handsome. His scales are a gleaming white with a beautiful mother-of-pearl sheen. His eyes are white with tiny flecks of color. Together we made the journey to the new home of the Riders. We have much left to learn but have much potential. Malkyor and I know there are many great adventures in our future. But for now we are content to learn from Eragon, Saphira, and Arya. We have all the time in the world to satisfy our wanderlust. We love the land we live in and will do anything it takes to protect it.

  • Rolf

    My name is Rolf son of none. I was found in the fringe of du weldenvarden by a hunter hailing from ceunon when I was a month old. The man took me in and raised me as his own teaching me how to survive off the land and how to defend myself. At the age of fourteen ceunon was seiged by the elves with the help of the man I called father I escaped into the woods and hid. My father and I were searching for food when he was killed by a stray arrow from a careless hunter I fled south to the varden and managed to get there alive. They accepted me into their ranks and I fought till the end of the war. After hearing of the rider’s stronghold to the east I thought would try my luck and see if an egg would hatch for me. When I met with Eragon he said that he could sense that I had the skills needed to be a rider. He showed me a large white dragon egg and immediately I could feel it shaking as I held it and as it burst open I felt a sudden rush of cold go through my body. I looked down at my hand and silvery mark was upon it which eragon identified as the gedway insignia. I then stared at my dragon and thought about a name for It and an idea popped into my head I would name him Raugmar.

  • Amaris KnifeHunter

    My name is Amaris KnifeHunter, I’m a human and my mother escaped with her orange dragon, Belmorth, just seconds before the Riders fell. She went to a new land and there I was born centuries later. My mother died when I was six and she told me many stories about the Old Ones.

    When I turned fourteen, just a year before Eragon became a Rider, I saw a silver dragon egg. It was beautiful! That’s when my dragon, Rithux hatched for me.. He’s different than the other dragons that everyone else sees. Why is that? Because his father was different, he and his fellow dragons are born without wings and do not breathe fire. They still fly of course. Instead of fire, they have this bright white light coming out from their mouths with so much energy it’s impossible to look at. Then it forms into a ball and when the dragons release it, it can destroy a whole village.

    Rithux also has his mothers side, which is like the dragons you see today. He can breathe fire, if he wants, and he does have wings though he can fly without them with no trouble. His body is much longer than the dragons you see and he has a small bump in the middle. He is faster than any other dragon I know of so far. So if you wanna race, let me know.

    I promised myself that I will not allow Rithux go to Alagaesia till I know for sure the king is dead. When I heard that the king is dead and Eragon left Alagaesia for good, I decided to go find him and tell him many things of how I was taught by the Wild Ones.

    The longer I talked to Eragon the more questions he asked me that not even I could answer!

    • Laura Spann

      very cool Rithux ability to shot the ball of energy reminded me of one ability from a different series. story is also cool

  • Nicholas Wayne Yetman

    My name is Neok Skint. a dwarf from an ancient yet highly unknown family. In the family we have had some of the best miners of all the dwarves. We support the varden and I was one of the dwarves to fight along side Eragon when he first came to the Varden. Upon hearing of his leaving to go build up the riders away from Alagasia I decided to go and see if an egg would hatch for me. I am tall, for a dwarf at about 4 feet in height with long bushy black and brown hair with my beard being braided the same color featuring specles of grey and white which has came from my years of wisdom.
    My dragon hatched from a dark hazelnut egg and upon hatching I learned that my male dragon was a dark chestnut with a few splotches of black in there. His name is Shaleorn.
    I prefer to weild my axe that is known as Gromlock, but when needed I can use my sword.
    Me and my dragon love to go flying and exploring mysterious caverns around the island as I enjoy still mining which I do to help mine stone and metal for the new riders weapons.

  • Nienna

    I am Nienna, a female human whose family were part of the varden for many years. I was born following the defeat of galbatorix so I have no memory of war, yet I still spent much of my time learning to wield a bow. I grew up as a service maid for Queen Nasuada who sent me to New Vroegard when I was 18, as she thought perhaps a dragon may suit me better than a mop. I was fortunate enough to be bonded with Holocene, a male sea foam coloured dragon. Holocene was much like other dragons, yet at times he seems more interested in getting me into trouble than learning dragon and rider lessons.

    I have not returned to Alegaesia since my bonding, but I hope to return someday with Holocene in order to serve under Queen Arya’s high order of dragon riders. I dream of protecting my people, as well as all others in Alegaesia. Yet for now I must be content with teaching my young dragon to not destroy all my clothes.

  • bigmike

    My name is ridire dorcha and im the son of a man i have never met . i know nothing of my past and help people in any way i can, but cant seem to stay out of trouble, which is ho w i was met and noticed by Eragonshadeslayer. fola, my deep purple, on occation the color of the blood running through my vains, dragon offsets my hyperactivity and my trouble making side. My prefered weapon is a double bladed naginata. lately i have been waking up from visions a dark man on a black dragon. what can these visions mean? just who am I? How do i cut down my foes with sickening ease? And what is this dark side fola shows while in combat? These thoughts keep me up at night to the point of insanity. Just how much will my heritage haunt me?

  • Du_Hjarta_Skulblaka

    My name is Sunny, short for Sundavar, though I never use that name. I know I have elvin blood but I consider myself to be human, and hide the slight points of my ears with a headband and in the way I wear my long black hair. I am the illegitimate daughter of a bar wench from Dras Leona and I lived there my whole life until…things changed. I never met my father but I know he was an elf. He abandoned my mother and I have no love for his race.
    I am forty two years old, though I look at least half that. As a child my elf blood only caused me problems. Children younger than me were already considered almost adults. My mother died in my teenage years, leaving me to fend for myself.
    I was taken by slavers, served thieves and murderers. I used the skills I learned from them to escape and earned my living as something of a thief myself. My live changed when I robbed a jeweller’s cart and found a strange Indigo gemstone, the same colour as my eyes. I thought it was lucky…right up until it hatched into a dragon.
    Turns out the Riders had had their eyes on me for a while. Gods know why. It’s difficult for me to adjust…I was never much one for authority. But in Rhyne I found a bond I never thought to have. She means the world to me, and if she means I need to become a Rider…I’ll do it. Perhaps with the power I have now I can save other children from the pain my life was.
    Unlike the other Riders I never had a weapon forged for me, I never asked for one. Weapons are expendable. Instead I fight with a collection of steel daggers and always have a few hidden on my body. I can swing them as fast as Rhyne’s claws or throw them as far as an arrow, either way, they’re every bit as deadly as some fancy named sword.

  • Nicole Tooley

    My name is Idalia. I am a 22 year-old human with shoulder-length golden-brown hair and midnight-blue eyes. My parents both died of an incurable disease when I was only 10, and I was raised by my grandmother. My village had been attacked by a group of Glabatorixes soldiers that had somehow escaped after the war. My grandmother did not survive and I was one of the few survivors, and was taken to New Vroengard. After a few months exploring, I was brought before a dragon egg to be tested. It hatched for me into a beautiful female dragon. The scales on her back start out a deep purple-blue, like the sky at twilight, and turns to a deep, pure blue the closer to her claws and face. Her claws are a pure black while her teeth and spikes on her back are as white as freshly fallen snow. Her wings start the same color as her body before lightening to an ice blue near the bottom edges. Her name is Lazuli, as the color of some of her scales is close to that of the gem Lapis Lazuli.

  • James Hansen

    I’m Kyn, a half-human, half-elf archer, aged 19. My father was a human warrior, but I grew up in the forests outside of Alagesia with my mother, a musician and wood-singer. I found myself presented to Eragon Shadeslayer at the age of 17, and bonded with a violet dragon who I named Kil’stra. I trained her by taking her hunting with me often, and she now enjoys the adventure as much as I do (though my mother disapproves).

    Unlike other riders, who carry swords forged from Brightsteel, I carry a bow that I sang from a birch tree that I sang the metal into. It’s unbreakable, and can throw arrows much farther than any other bow.

    Aside from that, I practice magic often, though I rarely use it for combat.

  • Dillon J Defoe

    I am Korgoth Hanun-son, i am a human of a nomadic clan of warriors called the Wanderers, at an age of twenty amd three, My Dragon Kezereth is Bronze and Silver, his fire is silver and red, we have finished our schooling with eragon, he has entrusted us with 3 old Eldunari, a large grey one named Xerketh, a small black one named Shiaken, and the largest and by far the oldest of the 3, of a pure white color, we belive this to be the first eragons dragons eldurnari, it has yet to open its mind to me. After myself and Kezereth had finished or time at the school, we traveled the world, be-friending other riders. We even came acros Murtagh and Thorn, we traveled with them for a time,till he left in the night with out a word of notice. as of now we are now traveling back to the school to aid eragon in his teaching new students.

  • Mercedes ‘Merc’ Johnson

    I am Taya, a human thief with no recollection of my past since I was washed up on the shore, at about the age of 20. I was alone but met a young man who took me to his friends, a notorious group of theives (or so i had been told). I became the most prolific thief of the group, but the mystery of my past would haunt my dreams. I would feel cold and wet surrounded by complete darkness. An unknown voice would speak to me, telling me to seek help from the dragons and their riders. So I went to Eragon Shadeslayer for help only to find myself bonded to a black dragon by the name of Calemvir. Together we travel to try and discover my hidden past.

  • Erich N

    I’m Hanussen, I’m human, born in Ilirea. My grey dragon, Tharion, lives now in his eldunarí. We are wanderers in this vast world, and friends to Eragon Shadeslayer.

  • Sedjwick

    What happened to my post? I posted something here last night (about 20-21 hours before this post) and now its gone. I put a lot of work into that post and went through a lot of trouble to post it and now its gone. To make matters worse, I can’t repost it because I don’t remember everything I wrote originally and don’t have a copy of it saved anywhere. I don’t suppose anyone can help me out here?

  • Seth VanDerwerken

    I am Theodred, a jarl from the west. I am Jarl of a raider ship come down from the north. Our first night in the lands south of the father land found my company riding down a main road when we crossed paths with elves. The elves of our home land had left we were overjoyed at the sight of allies. However there were so few it was a company of only three The lead rider was kept his hand on a pouch at his side. We agreed to travel with them to their capital. During the night we awoke to a ruckus. From within the elves tent what i new from legends of old to be a dragon hatching. I found my self drawn to it and when i reached touch the creature we bonded. I named him Ancalagon after a fearsome dragon of legend from my home land. We are being taken to see the head of the order of their dragon riders by the elves.

  • SappireSaphira<3

    I am

  • gilder ironfist

    my name is Estheral i am the dragon bonded to Terios of the vast mind. An elf he lived alone for more than a century. We are both…diferent my form has been morfed from exposure to many magiks before hacthing, and he is considered a wizard one who spend their life enchanting items storing power collecting relics and gathering knowledge. When he goes to the hall of the riders he will stay where his wisdom is most needed, and i will bask in the pride of his briliance and in of my own power.

  • gilder ironfist

    i am Thertar the red an elf raised in Oislin. I was but a boy when the eggs came around. i felt drawn to a deep blue one like the deepst sea and within those murky depths i saw myself i held the egg close when it hatched. I cast a spell beyond reason and pushed the fragments; into my chest into my very being. We were truly one.

  • Guest

    i am Sungandi. I am an elf i was raised in du weldenvarden by an elf who i call my mother, Mia my skin is like moonlight as is my hair. My eyes are the color of sliver. i fought in the battle of Urubaen and i was wounded by an arrow that peirced my chest. I was 17 years then i am twenty now. When i turned 18 i was walking through elesmera with my friend vanir who had just returned from Ilraie with a message for the queen. We walked right in front of the new dragon eggs that eragon had sent and there was three. I decided i would touch each of them to see if one of them would hatch i tried the first one a bright red egg and it didnt hatch the next one a light blue was no different so i tried the last egg it was easily three foot tall and two and a half wide it was black as night. I touched it and immediatley it started shaking as it hatched i touched it and felt it felt as if ice cold water had gone all over my body and i looked i had the gedwey ingnaisha on my hand i knew then the dragon would be my partner for life. i met queen arya a few minutes later and she was surprised that the egg hatched at all we debated on a name for the dragon but most of the names that we picked of legend were for a smaller dragon and most of them were female so we picked a name that held gravity for being the largest dragon present at the battle of vroengard. We named my dragon Belgabad and all of a sudden his eyes turned from red to Black and we knew we made the right choice so we trained with arya and fiernen for six months and by the first month belgabad was already larger than fiernen as we finished our training with arya i noticed i was already stronger in magic than she was but i was equal with her in archery and i was not as good at the sword belgabads training was done at the third month he was learning so fast. He was big enough to make the journey to New Vroengard. He is a very calm and caring dragon but i am very fired up. i guess we balance each other out but anyways we arrived at vroengard looking like giants even eragon was impresed with how large he was and how far along i was in the ways of magic he said i was already a rider in full we are now ebrithil and i have one pupil by the name of star she is beautiful for a human and she has midnight hair and light skin her dragon is ruby because of her ruby colored scales she is almost done training with me i hope she blossoms into a great rider

  • Talon Blagg

    My name is Thedas Storm-Hand. I am of elven birth but raised human. My real parents abandoned me on the edge of Du Weldenvarden. I have have always been made fun of. One day i wandered into the forests of Du Weldenvarden and was astonished how big it was. I was then lost, but i felt an inkling in the back of my head sayin “keep going” i then ended up in Ellesmera. There i encountered Arya and Fiernen. I explained to her i was lost. She told me i had a strong sense of perseverance that the Riders could use someone like me. I showed my natural talent with magic, Swordplay, and smithing. i was then shipped off to meet my new teacher. I came to the Grand Fortress and encountered Eragon and Saphira. I am now a Grandmaster in the Order and my dragon is black as night. Her name is Eden Swift-Wing. My sword is hand-and-a-half and i fight in light steel plate armor. I will now explain why i am called Storm-Hand. When i was young i accidentally struck our house with lighting from my hand. Which i used that to fry i big bully back home. I now fry my enemies on the field of battle. I also channel lightning through my sword to add extra punch in melee combat. I have hair darker than the void. I am a decently built mid-thirty elf my eyes are a dark brown. I greet those new to the order with open arms and a loving heart for we are Shield-Siblings. We are a family. Long live The Riders. Atra du evrinya ono varda.

  • Virwen Fabulae

    My name is Virwen Fabulae. I am a human. I am not so special. I have got a mother and father and two sisters. I am the youngest of us. I have got short brown hair and big light blue eyes. I am not tall. I am petite and slim.
    I was seventeen when my dragon Glerull was born. He is amazing. He has got dark red scales, but scales on the belly is white. He occasionally doesn’t perceive, But he is clever and inteligent. He is very good in flying, but he doesn’t like spewing fire. I don’t know why – he doesn’t tell me. And he loves water. When he can, he is near the sea or lake or river and he swim.
    He is also so nice. But he is trying to hide it, but know the truth.
    He likes sitting in the middle of the night and talking. Or just sitting. I thing it’s because at night there is so many different sounds.
    I am good in archery, but I can handle fencing.
    And that’s it. That is something about us. We are not special, but we are perfect for each other 🙂

  • Spencer Brester

    my name is azreal and im an elf with midnight hair. i was chosen to be a dragon rider earlier than some others because i snuck in the line of Riders-to-be in Ellesmera when i was only fifteen. my dragon is a black and green girl named Vaet, and she is one of the smaller dragons, born of a subspecies that is built for speed. when we touched, the gedwey ignasia was burned into my palm. Vaet then did her first touch of magic: she turned my eyes violet. we are now students at the “new vroengard”, being taught by Eragon Sundavar-vergandi and Saphira Bjartskular, my ebrithular. Vaet may be small, but Saphira says she is just as suited to the sky as she herself is. i was also to be taught by Glaedr-elda, but he’s retreated into his mind, lost into himself over the death of his Rider, Oromis Shur’tugal. Vaet and i feel pity for the old dragon, but what can we do? Umaroth Eldunari has taken over for Glaedr-elda in his place, and his power is great. his eldunari is bigger that Vaet’s will ever be. New Vroengard is a new and exciting place, but still i am an outcast. dual colored dragons are rare, and Vaet’s subspecies is rarer still. Not to mention the shame i wrought when i snuck into the testing line. i have been forgiven for the sheer fact of me becoming Shur’tugal, but that doesnt mean that the elves themselves, or my family for that matter, will ever speak to me again. Ellesmera is lost to me in all but a place to stay. many riders dont speak to me, and the only reason im with my ebrithilar right now is because of the talent Saphira saw in Vaet and i. the only comfort i find is in Faenriel, an elf with a dragon the color of my eyes. i have to get back to my studies now, i have an entire list of the ancient language to go over in preparation for tomorrow. atra esterni ono thelduin.

  • Skyson Harma

    My name is Skyson, son of Venrior and Sealin, nobles among the elves. I fought with the elves during the war. My Partner-of-mind-and-soul is Celecon, a silver dragon of great size. I have short brown hair and stand at about 6 feet tall. I’m fair skinned and am a master swordsman. My partner loves to move about and hates to stay in one place for longer than a few hours. Together we help keep the peace in Alagaesia along with our fellow dragons and riders

  • Akivasha

    My name is Akivasha and I am the eldest daughter of Onz Dura who is a lead dam in the urgal society. My father was killed in combat during the recent war with the King and the Varden. I have eyes that are of bright amethyst and a skin color of a darkened bronze with hair white as the full moon. I am the third urgal to be chosen as a rider by a dragon. It has been four years since Eragon freed the races from the evil king. All my life all I wanted was to see the world and show the other races what the proud race of my people can do and what they can learn from us. I finally got my chance when the dragon egg of bright colored rose quartz was brought to my village there on that day is when she hatched for me. My partner of mind, soul, and heart. Boudicca is the name that I gave my fierce partner and together we shall show the world who we are and what we are made of!

  • Amanda The Panda Liang

    My name in this language is Cassandra Jierital.

    I was told that my father, Vaerial, was killed in Du Fyrn Skulblaka by the dragons before I was born. After he was killed, my mother, Navae, took her own life out of grief soon after giving birth to me and I… I remained to be raised by my mother’s brother, Laetri in Du Weldenvarden, away from Ellesméra. Laetri, my uncle, did not participate in the war and was a scholar of the arcane and a collector of artifacts. He did not seem to care for my father’s death or what his sacrifice stood for and this… bitterness and anger for him grew.

    When I was 32, I heard of the abomination that was Eragon and his beast Bid’Daum. Thousands of deaths for nothing. My uncle disagreed. Thousands of deaths for peace. I said he was pathetic, weak. I left but the anger still grew.


My uncle never considered himself a warrior, but long after I left… after peace with the dragons… He became Laetri Shadeslayer but it wasn’t until after his death at the hands of Galbatorix… after the Rider war… that I knew the circumstances of his title. He was my uncle, my only family. I owed him the chance to tell me the truth. Yet I never let him…

In my mind he was always the same, meek and pathetic, until I learned when I came upon the ruins of his home that he killed a shade to protect the egg of a dragon.


Amongst the ruins of his prized collections I found the historic documents of the Battle of Broken Egg and Scattered Nest, detailing my father’s greatest and most terrible achievement… as well as his decision to pay for his crimes with his life. In a box under the rubble I found a bronze dragon egg along with a letter addressed to Arya Dröttning that not all hope is lost and that we still may be saved from Galbatorix becuase of this egg. The letter was dated at least 3 years ago.

    If I had been there I would have been able to… do something… I let my last family die. If I had been there maybe this letter would have reached Arya Dröttning and thousands of lives.. like those of my family… would not have died for nought. I am unworthy of forgiveness, My uncle, Laetri-Vodhr, Shadeslayer, sacrificed himself to protect this egg and I… Now so must I. I must take the egg to the Shur’tugal.


Filled with this… this… new purpose… I vowed to right the wrongs my father brought upon the dragons and to beg forgiveness from the rider Eragon Bromsson Shadeslayer and the rider Arya Dröttning for all that I have done so I may redeem my name and cleans the anger and bitterness that stains it.

    I looked at the egg and felt something stir. Judgment of the purest form awaited me.

    It beckoned me closer and as I touched it…
    it recognized me…
    it marked me…
    he marked me…
    as worthy…
    as Shur’tugal.

  • Ze End

    Well, looking in the four books, the inheritance cycle takes place (in comparison to earth) around the late 1200’s/ early 1300’s. A while has (for such a place to be built up) passed so I have invented the perfect combination of charcoal, saltpeter and sulfur to create and wonderful invention that is so powerful…. that being said….

    MY name is Frederick. I was born into a loving house. MY father worked and owned an apothicary and my mother has a healer with minor magical abilities. MY family has never liked royals, ever since my great grandfather fought for the vardin, our family and close friends have always thought that one day the people will bring peace and freedom to Alagaesia. I have always though for the well being for my fellow man. After my invention I traveled around Alagaesia, voicing my beliefs of peace and freedom to the people, almost getting arrested twice.

    One day, I was approached by some strange men, they presented me, what they said was a Dragon egg. I put my hands on it, and after a minuet, I took it as a bad joke as left (unknown to me, It was a Dragon egg and 20 minuets latter it hatched to reveal a female Aqua Dragon with beautiful bright blue eyes.

    I have now convinced over 3,000 Alagaesians to fight for their and their children’s freedom. (unknown to me, a powerful being was coming my way to change my life)


  • Anna Todd

    I’m a human named Beryl with a relatively normal past. I grew up without much excitement. My brothers have always wanted to be accomplished warriors and left to join Queen Nasuada’s army. I, on the other hand, sought a more laid back life of watching birds.
    That changed when my dragon hatched for me.
    His name is Kazimir and he has ebony scales and red eyes. We seem to be exact opposites; I’m rather shy and timid, but Kazimir is more aggresive and rash. I suppose we help each other out, though. Kazimir helps me do things that I would normally deem unsafe, and I keep him from doing things that would almost definitely get us killed. All in all, I think we make an exellent team. My training with Eragon is a little hard, but at the end of the day, Kazimir always gives me the strength to go on.

  • Amanda Risbæk Hovman

    I’m the daughter of two elves. My mother was a powerful
    magician, and my father a remarkable warrior. My name is Ariana, I’m short
    according to the elven standard, but my body is fit and strong. I can handle a
    sword like it’s an extension of my arm, but I have still a lot to learn, both
    as a warrior and as a magician. My hair is short and in the moonlight, it
    shines like silver. My eyes are big and as blue as the deepest ocean. I had
    chosen the life in the ocean, among the rare species and amazing plants in the
    sea. One time I was swimming around the coast of Vroengard, I found a beautiful
    turquoise dragon egg. I wanted to bring the egg to Arya Dröttning, but before I
    reached her, the dragon hatched. The color of its scales vary from the deepest
    ocean blue, to the lightest turquoise, and as the dragon moves, the scales
    looks like the ocean waves. Its eyes are a bright blue like a sapphire, and
    they are full of trust and wisdom. As I touched the dragon for the first time,
    it marked me and I realized that this dragon was now mine, as I was its. I
    discovered the gender of the dragon, and I named him “Yawë” (the symbol of devotion
    to the elven race)

    We travelled to Eragon Shadeslayer and Saphira Bjartskular
    where we started our training to become a dragon and his rider. I miss the
    ocean, but the sky isn’t that terrible after all 🙂

    BTW sorry for a long text… and I apologies for eventual errors, coz English isnt my mother tongue.. 😛

  • Krowen

    im an elf/human bastard with a rather dark past, my elf mother murdered my father and then turned the knife on me, but she took pity and instead slew herself…my name is Krowen and i was chosen by Reaper to be his Rider…why he chose me i still dont know….my weapon of choice is a sword shaped very much like an ancient Greek kopis and a round shield that spans from chin to knee. I enjoy playing music and meditating…it helps the pain……

  • The Grey Rider

    Funnily enough, me and a few players on Flight Rising are attempting an RP with a similar concept.

    I’m running with a Human Rider from a sci-fi setting of my own devising (had to thrash out some stuff and RP seemed the best way to do it. Don’t judge me.) with the RP DM’s consent along with the consent of the other players.

    But, in the context of canon, I’d still roll Human, because we know how to LIVE dammit!
    We’re not oh-so-superior like them elves and we’re not terrified the gods will smite us if we don’t do X, Y or Z, like the dwarves, (we’ll go on a quest and destroy ’em if they want to smite us!) and frankly, while the Urgals are kind of interesting culturally, it’d be like if Middle Earth made peace with the Orcs.

    So, I’d be something of a smart-ass looking for a relatively quiet but fulfilling life as a wanderer with a purpose, and ‘Dragon Rider’ seems to tick all the right boxes, including stalwart companion as an added bonus!
    And then I met the head man who happens to have a messiah complex. XC

    Still, a hatchling decided she liked me so I’m stuck with him and I’ve made it my life’s mission to drive him to distraction.
    Getting that sword as a sign of my training ending can’t come soon enough.
    I care little for spells, though I’m a fair enough alchemist and I’ve got a knack for explosives.
    That said, I prefer fighting with a sword, though I don’t disdain a crossbow and I’m okay at brawling as well.

    My dragon is as silver as the smile of a dwarven axe and she’s just as sharp, in mind and in body. Doubt I’ll ever get used to her wit, but hey, I’ll always have a source of amusement won’t I?
    Can’t say I’m disappointed in her people skills either: She can leave Eragon speechless with a single deadpan statement and she’s surprisingly personable whenever there’s drinking or feasting to be done. She doesn’t mind sharing a hunt either, which given the rabbit food The Almighty tries to force on us, I can only consider a blessing.
    So rabbits are sentient and partially self-aware? They still make for an excellent chicken substitute!

    Soon as our training is done, we’re heading for Tierm and we’re staying there until Eragon hunts us to ground. Then we’re going to keep moving until he learns to leave us to our own devices unless it’s urgent.

  • Foteini Siola

    My name is Isylia. I am from the elven race and I am a decendant of Eragon I. My hair is dark brown and I have hazel – green eyes. Some months ago, while I was travelling to Kirtan from Ellesmer, I met a stranger who later revealed that was Murtagh Morzansson. He told me he had a dragon egg that needed my care. He gave me a silver egg and disappeared without any other explanation. The egg hatched while I was in Kirtan and a silver dragon came out, whom I named Fanfir.
    As soon as I returned in Ellesmera, I requested an audience with Arya Drottning. When I met her, I explained how I acquired Fanfir`s egg and she immediately contacted Eragon Shadeslayer and Shaphira Bjartskular, who invited us in “New Vroengard” to start our training. We gladly accepted the invitation and left first thing in the morning.
    In Illirea we met a young dragon rider who was send by Eragon and Saphiria to lead us to “New Vroengard”. Once we arrived Firnen was delighted to be among other dragons as the only ones he ever met was Firnen and the one that led us in “New Vroengard” whose name was Gildra. Now we are waiting to be informed about when we officially starn our training.
    P.S Please excuse any mistakes I made as my mother language is not english!

  • Samantha-rose

    I’m half human, half elf (human mother),and don’t remember where my home is, as my father and I moved around a lot as nomads. My mother died when I was young from something I don’t remember. I met my dragon when I was about 8, wandering -lost or abandoned I’m not sure- along a small creek bed. He, the dragon, is a dark purple (almost black), and was almost 5 before we were found by some elves and reported to Arya. We were only caught two years after the war, and were sent straight into training I never wanted. He and I were so used to being on our own, that we made a mess of ourselves on the first day. We tried to leave the City, but were stopped by a dwarf by the name of Orik. He convinced us to go back to training, and gave us something to give a man named Eragon when we meet him. We ship out for ‘New Vroengard’ next week.

  • Rokushon

    My name is Rokushon (Row-Koo-Shon). I am a male human that was born in the city of Carvahall. I have dark brown hair and blue eyes. I was one of the several villagers that left the village with Roran Stronghammer so we could join the Varden. I was seventeen years old when that happened. While on the road to Narda, both of my parents became ill and died later on, a few days before we reached the city. After giving my parents a proper burial, I reluctantly boarded the Edeline to travel to Teirm with the rest of the villagers.
    When we arrived in Teirm, I was jubilant to finally feel solid ground under my feet. In the days that followed, I helped my sister, who is three years older than I, to survive on the beach. When Nolfavrell arrived from Teirm and told us that it was almost time to leave on the ship called “The Dragon Wing” I was excited to finally be able to leave Teirm, considering the Empire could discover us at any moment. But I also knew I was going to miss being on solid ground.
    When we left on The Dragon Wing, I watched as the Teirm docks were set ablaze. I felt tears welling up in my eyes and hoped that the innocent people living in the city wouldn’t be harmed.
    Life on The Dragon Wing was certainly better than life on the Edeline, even if it was still a bit cramped with all of the villagers on board. I stayed on the bottom deck with my sister and a small group of friends -hers and mine- where we spoke about what we thought was going to happen in the nearby future and what had already happened.
    Once we reached the Burning Planes, I didn’t know if I was glad to be able to finally set foot on solid ground again, or sad that we arrived in the middle of a battle. I was one of the few villagers that manned the ballistae then. I remember that my sister told me to not be afraid, that the ballistae couldn’t hurt me. So I did as I was told and tried not to think about how many people I might be killing.
    After the battle, Nasuada offered us a place in the Varden. I accepted proudly, as did many of my friends. The villagers that didn’t want to join the Varden had already decided to stay in Dauth.
    Over the course of the next few weeks, I trained with a sword and a bow given to me by the Varden’s weapon master, Fredric. My sword had a hand-and-a-half long blade and was made by the Dwarves. My shield was small, circular, and wooden. My bow was made from an oak tree and crafted by the Varden’s finest smiths.
    When the Elves sent by Islanzadi to protect Eragon Shadeslayer arrived, my sister, our friends, and I gathered among the crowd to see them. The moment I noticed that the lead elf, Blodhgharm, had fur that he created with magic, I knew that I had always underestimated the elves’ power.
    When the soldiers that can’t be harmed interrupted Roran and Katrina’a wedding, several of my friends and myself wanted to go out into battle to face them. I wanted to test my abilities in actual combat. Surely enough, I was one of the swordsmen chosen to fight. When King Orrin discovered the only was to surely kill them, we were all relieved that they could even die. In that battle I acquired a foot-and-a-half-long scar on my left leg.
    In the Battle of Feinster, I watched as Eragon Shadeslayer and his dragon, Saphira, arrived and I, along with several other members of the Varden, banged my sword against my shield and taunted the enemy soldiers. Later on in the battle, I was right beside Eragon when he cut open the portcullis with his new sword, Brisingr. When we heard Saphira keening in the tower, we all feared for the worst, but were relieved when we discovered that no tragedy had befallen Eragon, the elf Arya, or Saphira.
    In Belatona I watched as the wall fell on Roran. My friends from Carvahall and I were enraged by what we though was his death. When we discovered that he had barely managed to survive, relief washed over us as if we had jumped into a pool of water after travelling across the Hadarac Desert. I remember looking one of the soldiers in his eyes in that battle. He begged me not to kill him after I disarmed him, but I knew it would be too dangerous. After whispering “I’m sorry.” to the soldier, I ran my sword through his heart.
    During the Battle of Dras-Leona, my sister was giving birth to a child whom she named Gabriel, after our father. While we were fighting, I had to force myself to take my mind off of her pregnancy. Once, when I failed to take my mind off of it, a soldier had the tip of his sword against my neck. I only survived because one of my friends from Carvahall slit his throat from behind. I remember watching Saphira and Thorn fighting over a tower in Dras-Leona and burying him and his Rider, Murtagh, in it’s remains. They dug their way out of the wreckage though.
    When we arrived at the gates of Uru’baen, my friends and I knew that it was time for either Galbatorix to die, or for the Varden to perish. When Queen Islanzadi died by Barst’s hands, all of the elves let out a horrible cry. At the sound of them weeping, my friends and I began to cry as well. Then Galbatorix died, and there was a huge explosion. Everybody was worried that the city was going to be destroyed by the walls, concerned they were going to fall on us, but they stood strong. When Roran killed Barst, everyone was astonished. We knew it was the turning point of the battle. We knew the Empire had lost the war.
    A year later, I was visiting the Elven city Ellesmera with my sister and Gabriel. It was a lucky time for us to be there because they were allowing the Elves to line up and touch the dragon eggs. I decided I would give it a shot even though I’m not an elf. When I touched the fourth egg, which was forest green and had white veins, it began to shake. Arya Drotting looked at the dragon egg then looked at me and told me wait a few moments, so I did. After about an hour with my hand on the egg, it hatched.
    I felt a sharp pain on my right palm, then looked at it and saw the Gedwey Ignasia. I looked up and when I saw the baby dragon, I smiled. My sister was almost as excited as I was that I -of all people- was a Dragon Rider. The dragon had forest green scales and bone white spikes. On it’s back, running beside the scales were brown scales.
    After about a month, my dragon and I were having full conversations. It was then that I decided to name him. We went over dozens of names for him, but none seemed to fit. After about fifteen minutes, we came up with Groshul (Grah-Shul).
    My sister and Gabriel left for Carvahall a week and a half after Groshul hatched for me, so I sent word to them through a mirror about Groshul’s name. Throughout the next few months, Groshul and I stayed in the house Vrael and Eragon had both stayed in during their visits to Ellesmera. We had to visit Arya Drotting every day for training. Arya would teach me about combat, magic, etc. Firnen, Arya’s dragon, would teach Groshul about the proper techniques of flying, combat with me on his back and without me on his back, and more.
    After about half a year, Arya sent us to “New Vroengard” on an Elven ship. It was difficult for us to leave after staying for so long. Groshul and I didn’t like leaving what we had liked to call our home. It was even more difficult for me, because, even though she was my master, I felt strangely attracted to her. So did most of the mortal men that met her.
    When we arrived at “New Vroengard”, Groshul and I were greeted by Eragon and Saphira. We were training under them for a number of months. Every now and then, a new rider would arrive, and we would greet them and help Eragon and Saphira to train them. Sometimes, my sister and Gabriel would have a spell caster contact us for them or I would contact them. We often discussed Groshul’s training and my own training. We would also discuss their life in Carvahall, which was going along fine. One day, she told me about someone who attempted to threaten her and how she told him about me being a Dragon Rider. We all laughed like fools when she told me his reaction.
    I currently have two apprentices: Ikartril (Ick-Cartril) and Embarint. Ikartril is an elven female with long black hair and silver eyes. She is extremely talented in magic and archery, sometimes we will even have competitions to see who is better in those subjects I have always won. Her dragon’s name is Rakilnitri (Rack-Ill-Nitch-Ree). He is a marble-white color and has a personality much like Ikartril’s. Embarint is a male human with shoulder length brown hair and tree-brown eyes. He is skilled in swordsmanship and archery. He and Ikartril like to have competitions as well. His dragon’s name is Arulti (Ar-Ull-Tee). She is the color of a purple streak in the sky when the sun is setting. She and Rakilnitri enjoy exploring the island with Ikartril and Embarint.

  • venabre

    I would be a young human, chesnut hair, normal complexion, name still working on, who lived in Uru’baen many years after the events of the Inheritance Cycle. I lived a simple life with my family as merchants; we weren’t rich, but we had enough money to live well. I was usually seen runing errands for my parents all over the city until one day when I heard that the dragon eggs had arrived to the city, looking for new riders, and so I took my chance to see if maybe I could get to see them.

    In order to get close to them I got in in as an applicant, but it never crossed my mind that one of them would hatch for me. The dragon that came forth was dark purple with just a hint of black on her scales, her name Nefira. I wasn’t expecting it to happen, so it took me by surprise, I didn’t get much time to say goodbye to my family as we begun to travel towards New Vroengard.

    On the way I met the other new riders, but the most relevant ones were a dwarf, a rarity due to the stigmata their race still has towards dragons after all those years, and an urgal, which frightens me as, like dwarves with dragons, humans haven’t really accepted them and fear them because of the stories and leyends of the past.

    Since I had a hard time adapting I found the dwarf rider I met on the way to be someone I could relate to and we got along quite well. We became friends fast and since most other riders were elves being the “minority” helped us get even closer. Still even with a new friend and Nefira as my dragon I never stopped worring about my family back in Alagaesia and the life I left behind.

    Eventually while training I got to be close to the urgal rider. At first I couldn’t do it because of my fear, however slowly I tried to overcome it and eventually managed to build up enough courage to go and speak with him. It didn’t happen as smothly as with the dwarf rider, but eventually we managed to create a bond, perhaps not friendship for I still wasn’t ready, but we did achieve a feeling of mutual trust and so despite that he was usually alone, and probably wanted to be, we knew we could count on each other if we ever required it.

    Nefira and I have quite different personalities. She’s strong, proud
    and fierce like all dragons, and she’s also serious, cunning, focused
    and determined, though some times she gets a bit headstrong. Me on the
    other hand I’m usually nervous or worried about something, sometimes
    even afraid, because I still believe this isn’t my world, but I’m also
    determined, and my perseverance is what drives me forward.

    She even told me once, before a decisive battle, that the reason she chose me out of everyone else was precisely that determination, that every other aspect didn’t matter to her, she wanted someone who would fight until the end no matter what, who would push themselves to do what no one else though could be done and someone who knows their limits but isn’t restricted by them.

  • Alejandra Leal Pappaterra

    I’m human and my name is Aliandry. I’m the youngest in a family of poor farmers. A day, me and my father went to Teirm to trade our excess for money and supplies and there we find a crowd in the center of the town. One of the four eggs that Eragon sent to Alagaesia was there. The tales of dragons was just too amazing for a ordinary farmer like me. Me and my father had to fight our way through the crowd to reach the port of the city and accidentally we were reached a side of the retinue of the egg. The knignts of Ilirea were surrounding a lonely knight in the center that was carrying a grey egg. I remembered that Eragon was a poor farmer too and even then Saphira chose him. In a fit of courage I extended my arm to the egg like the rest of the people and touched the egg. It shaked so hard that fell from the arms of the knight.

    And that’s how I met Silver. His scales are so shining that they reflect the light of the sun, like the steel of a blade, and we use that for the air combat trainings. I´m not really good in combat but I´m quickly improving in magic. I think if you know the names of essencial things of the objects you can control them better so I can beat a lot of the others students, even Eragon was interested in the way I use the names.

    Silver is a very serious dragon, sometimes drives me nuts! but that it’s because he cares a lot about me. It really makes me smile when I scratch him behind the jaw and he stubbornly resist until he give up and start to purring like a kitten.

    PD: The english isn’t my lenguage so… sorry about the mistakes xD

  • Lucas Coquillat

    name is Luke I am a human, I’m 18, my father is a Varden which is
    called Patrick, I have brown hair, Noiset eyes, I am a standard size. I am many Varden who deliver battle against Galbatorix’s army, I’m a great fighter sword. The
    war ended a year old I learned that I was returning riders experience a
    great joy. I said to my father that I aillait even the dragon eggs.
    They mas not hesitate to say is to be careful .
    I was going to go for it or its eggs dragons took me several weeks a
    horse when I get there I’m starting to touch the eggs is all of a sudden
    I have my hand a toujer a color egg poupre they came out a beautiful color dragone poupre. his
    name is Luna has a wonderful personality she has a bigger than the
    Alagaesia whole heart, it helps anyone brave who is worthy, is I can
    confide a problem with it as it can be same, only the default as all dragons is vanity. It is the being of my heart is my soul, the most important person in my life. It’s me it was never leave. For the first time in my life that she understood me. Our mind has completely merge. Luna I have meet our masters Eragons is Saphira, they quickly instaler its a beautiful trust relationship is friendship. Queen Arya came to me for my felicity prowess wield the sword, she is very nice. I am proud to be a rider.

  • Guest

    name is Luke I am a human, I’m 18, my father is a Varden which is
    called Patrick, I have brown hair, Noiset eyes, I am a standard size. I am many Varden who compatut against Galbatorix’s army, I am a great sword fighter. The
    war ended a year old I learned that I was returning riders experience a
    great joy. I said to my father that I aillait even the dragon eggs.
    They mas not hesitate to say is to be careful .
    I was going to go for it or its eggs dragons took me several weeks a
    horse when I get there I’m starting to touch the eggs is all of a sudden
    I have my hand a toujer a color egg poupre they came out a beautiful color dragone poupre. his
    name is Luna has a wonderful personality she has a bigger than the
    Alagaesia whole heart, it helps anyone brave who is worthy, is I can
    confide a problem with it as it can be same, only the default as all dragons is vanity. It is the being of my heart is my soul, the most important person in my life. It’s me it was never leave. For the first time in my life that she understood me. Our mind has completely merge. Luna I have meet our masters Eragons is Saphira, they quickly instaler its a beautiful trust relationship is friendship. Queen Arya came to me for my felicity prowess wield the sword, she is very nice. I am proud to be a rider.

  • Guest

    je me nomme Luc je suis un humain , j’ai 18 ans ,mon père est un varden qui se nomme Patrick , j’ai les cheveux brun , les yeux noiset, je suis de taille standard . Je suis des nombreux varden qui a compatut contre l’armée de galbatorix , je suis un excellent combattant a l’épée. Qu’an la guerre a fini j’ai appris que les riders revenait j’ai eprouvez une grande joie .J’ai dis a mon père que J’aillait voire les oeufs de dragons .ils mas dis de pas hésiter est de faire attention.J’ai foncez pour a aller voire les oeufs de dragons sa ma pris plusieurs semaine a cheval est lorsque que j’y suis arriver J’ai commencer a toucher les oeufs est la tout d’ un coup j’ai ma main toujer un un oeuf couleur poupre ils en est sortie une magnifique dragone couleur poupre. son nom est Luna elle a une merveilleuse personnalité elle a un coeur plus gros que l’Alagaesia en entier, elle aide n’importe qui de valeureux qui se montre digne ,est je peux me confier a elle s’en problem comme elle peux faire pareil, son seule defaut comme tout les dragons est la vanité. Elle est l’être de mon coeur est mon âme, la personne la plus importante de ma vie. Elle est moi on s’est plus jamais quitter. Pour la première fois de ma vie qu’elle qu’un me comprenait. Notre esprit a fusionner totalement. Luna est moi avons rencontrer nos maitres Eragons est Saphira, ils ses vite instaler un beau lien de confiance est d’amitié. La reine Arya est venu me felicité pour mon prouesse a manier l’épée, elle est tres sympatique. Je suis fière d’ètre un rider.

  • Alex

    I’m Gavhedry, the first female dwarf dragon rider existing. Im from Farthen Dur. It was shocking for my people to accept a dragon on the mountains, when in the past our people hid of them in the deep of our tunnels in the mountains. It was no easy to calm all the members of the clans that opposed us, but Eragon and Grimstnzborith Orik plained that the best for our cause was that the dragon stayed for a while in Farten Dur. Korath is my dragon, her scales are of a really deep green, like the nephrite. She’s so friendly and outgoing that all the knurlan couldn’t not love her. She didn’t grew a lot, so she can pass through our tunnels and meet all the knurlan she could met for gain the friendship of all. On the first years all the knurlan of the Beor traveled to Farthen Dur to meet her. When she grew enough to carry me and fly, it was the more scary experience of my life but she helped me a lot, and she shared with me her thoughs of the joy she feel when she flies. Wasn´t so hard, all knurlan lost of a great experience. We flew sometimes inside Farten Dur, because Eragon warned us (through the mirror of the Grimstnzborith Orik) not fly too high or we could get unconscious. But that’s no problem for Korath, she can fly through the hole at the top of Farthen Dur without any problem. When all my people accepted her and even loved her, we left to join Eragon, and now we help him to teach the new knurla students to overcome they fear to fly.

  • Betusta Morla

    She would be a young dam urgal named War. Since little she wanted to become the next warchief of her tribe. She was talented in fight, and so her older brother. They were trained by their father and mother -her mother being the actual warchief. Their family wanting for one of them to keep the power, to show the strength of the family bloodline. But as time passed her brother become better than her, so she trained harder, but always at the shadow of her brother.

    When her parents started to put all his attention in their eldest son, she become furious and asked her brother for a match without holding back, as she knew he would to don´t harm her, as he had always cared for her. He reluctantly accepted seeing that it was something that she really needed.

    The fight ended with an overwhelming defeat, leaving her whit a scar over her left eye, starting in her brow and almost ending in her upper lip. Since then her relationship whit her family and the other urgals of her tribe grew worst, as she felt humiliated for her failure. She became reserved and stayed away of everyone.

    A few time later her parents died and her brother become the new warchief, and so the news that dragon eggs were brought to the Bolvek tribe, for all the ones that wished it could go to see them. Her brother talked to her, saying it was a great chance to have glory. “You were not mean to be Herndall, maybe your path is one far away from here.” He said to her.
    The next day she leaved to the Bolvek tribe. When she was allowed to see the dragon eggs with the other urgals, she felt attracted to a large dark grey egg. The egg hatched for her, leaving her stunned, staring in a par of smart grey eyes.
    Her dragon, a female, who later she named Rakr, make her happy again. Rakr being rely lazy clash completely with her ways, making them fight really often. Rakr really enjoys making her mad, less when is a serious matter. She is not sure of what her path is anymore, and that make her feel lost.

    She doesn’t make any friends as she is uncomfortable around the other riders specially elves, and so she don’t trust most of her teachers, making her hard to advance in her training -specially in magic- to become a rider.

    Ps: Sorry for any grammar error, but English is not my first language XP.

    • Selena

      First Urgal character I’ve seen, good for you! 🙂

      • Betusta Morla


  • Zachery anderson

    I am an elf named tibarn from osilon, i was orphaned in the battle of Urûbaen. A dark green dragon named Kurth hatched for me when i was 17. Before i became a dragon rider i could not use magic, but i was one of the best swordsmen in the elven kingdom.

  • ambria

    My name is Charlotte i was the first elven woman to be born with hair like the sun and eyes like amber.I was raised by my mother Arya in ellesmera till i was sixteen.Then i went to the new land my father Eragon discovered where he taught the new dragons and riders. one day i was helping my father carry the eggs and one hatched for me her name is Avearia she is the color of a flame she starts out a deep red then a bright orange the tips of her wings are yellow.she is spirited and stronge. after she hatched i decided to fallow in my mothers footsteps and become a ambassodor to the varden and other elven city’s.

  • Laura Spann

    I would be a human girl named Summer from Teirm. My father was a fisherman who worked on the docks when ever he could get work. My mother comes from a wealthy merchant family but when she fell in love with my father and got pregnant with me her family disinherited her and she died giving birth. So i was raised by my father on the docks of Teirm. Then during the winter of my 12th year my father died while seal hunting up north. Afterwards I worked on the docks repairing nets and selling fish/shellfish to townsfolk. Then the following spring the Dragonriders came looking for new riders. One egg was sky blue and the dragon inside hatched for me.Her scales are a beautiful sky blue named her Maire after my mother. My hair is brown like my fathers but baby fine and wavy like my mothers. My eyes are also brown like my fathers. I have high cheek bones like my mothers and am tall for my age and slender. My arms and legs are strong from working on the docks. My hands quick and skilled with a knife, spear and needle. The Riders took me to Ilirea where my dragon and I have started our training we hope to one day travel east where most the dragons and riders live.

  • Jackie

    I would be a female human, born in Gil’ead, but abandoned on the edge of Du Weldenvarden as a baby as I have strange white hair and dragon like blue eyes. I would be found by a rider and taken to New Vroengard and raised like a daughter the rider who found me. From a young age, I befriended everyone, and discovered I had magic when I turned 7 and shattered a vase when I had a tantrum. I was trained by Murtagh when the council (Eragon, Arya and Murtagh) realized I had very powerful magic, and was presented to the very special eggs when I turned 13. There were only 4, and all of them were Saphira’s. A white egg with frost patterns hatched for me presenting a female dragon with white, blue edged scaled and blue eyes, like my own, and I named her Frost, for her scales. When I turned 100 and completed my training, Eragon made me the mentor to all new riders under the age of 15, and became a member of the council of teachers.
    I never found love, but I found family.

  • Anna

    My name would be Nia, and I am a female elf, born to elven parents, raised in Ceris. At the age of four I was given a bow, which I took up naturally. It was soon realized that I had a natural talent in archery, and my father honed my skills until I was one of the best. My mother was proficient in singing objects into shape, through her I also gained that ability. When I was 14 years old, Queen Arya brought 10 dragon eggs in her care to my town, where children of my age filed past the eggs to see if we would be chosen. I laid my hands on each egg, feeling nothing until I reached the seventh egg, a deep forest green colour, I touched it, and it hatched! The dragon flopped out and brushed her snout against my palm, which burned with a white light to form the gedwey ignasia. She was the exact shade of a dense forest glade (I imagine a shade or two darker then Firnen) and I named her Iridourn. We trained at Ellesmera for three years, before journeying across the ocean to meet Eragon, Saphira, the ancient Eldunari and other new Riders. After I learned the arts of sword play and the finer points of magic, I became one of the top archery instructors for the new Riders. Through my skills with singing objects into shape, I was nicknamed istalri niernen or Fire Orchid, for a deep red orchid I produced where the petals would continually smolder on the edges with licks of green fire. Iridourn had a natural attraction to Firnen, and after much consultation with the ancient Eldunari, it was discovered that they were distinctly related.

  • Agustina

    I’m a human and my name is Sol, I was born in Illirea a century after the battle. I’m the eldest daughter of an erudite, as such I grew up surrounded by books and I have different approach to the tasks assigned to me. Nevertheless, I never felt the need to spend my life in a cocoon, protected by the walls of the library. I was always a dreamer and naively thought that I could make a difference, I dreamt of freedom, strength, love, poetic justice and knowledge. I chose to present myself before the eggs and on my third attempt, at the age of 19, one hatched before me.

    My dragon is named Kiara and she is is pale lilac with traces of silverlike sky-blue on the belly and under the wings. Though she looks as delicate and kind as you can possibly imagine, her appearance hides an iron determination and desire to perfect her skills beyond what is commonly considered remarkable.

    We both wish to please and astonish those around us with our wisdom and power, so after our training we remain in “New Vroengard” to study and cultivate our minds as well as our magical abilities. We venture the world of the wild dragons and focus intensely on the source of their magic and the wordless spells, field in which after decades we become experts.

    I would like to believe that my ability to cast wordless complex spells becomes highly appreciated because there is no trail of the magic structure, which makes the spells harder to detect and almost impossible to understand or bypass. Eragon sees its advantages and designs the wards of “New Vroengard” around them which earns us a reputation and turns Kiara and I into respectable members of the community even to the eyes of more experienced Riders.

    But we are proactive restless souls and just won’t sit tight enjoying ourselves, Kiara and I decide to take an active role in the upbringing of young wild dragons. We decide to teach and with time we become the main bridge between them and Eragon, Saphira and the Eldunari Council. Eragon and I become colleges, as I am assigned to realize his vision.

    He wishes for dragons to be seen all over alagaesia once again, as in the time of the original Dragon Riders. Kiara and I set a reproduction program to take place in Du Weldenvarden. Not to favor the elves, but because it will be easier to have the control and reduce collateral damage, young dragons are known to have outbursts and quite a temper in the early stages of life, in a magical environment with set boundaries.

    Time goes by and the Agaetí Blödhren arrives, as many dragons participate, the celebration goes out of hand, even for elves expectations. Due to the intoxicating magic that was cast, Eragon and I are surprised to discover that we may be more that just colleges…

    I’ll stop here, before I make Arya followers angry, as they may believe that Eragon should end up with her. But the way Christopher finished the book it gave the impression that Arya was more interested in being queen and her duties toward her people than starting a life with Eragon, even when she had every reason to do so.

    I would like to read Eragon getting married and having children, but he deserves unconditional love and not to come in as a second or third priority. Maybe Arya should fall in love with Eragon’s eldest son, a man much like his father but keen on politics… Only Paolini can tell.

  • Alexa Christiansen

    I would be a female Elf named Ariza (AH-re-ZAh). I was raised in Osilon by my parents and traveled to Ilia Feon at 16 to find a mentor. At the age of 19 my mentor took me to Ellesmera where I was able to touch a dragon egg. The egg was beautiful violet and hatched a few minutes after I touched it. The dragon, who I named Mesmir, was a mix between violet, purple, and blue. We soon became best friends and grew even closer as the years went by. In our life time, we were trained by Eragon and the Eldunari, found our respective mates, and made a name for our selves in combat and healing.

  • Bard Cadarn

    Do not forget that Dwarves and Urgals may now become Riders!! So far all I see below are Elves and Humans.

  • John Lupo

    I would be a human male named Iohan Knightblade. I was raised in Gil’ead in arelatively normal family. I always had a aptitude for swordplay, and I loved watching traveling magicians preform feats. At age 17 I went to the capital with my father at the same time as the dragon eggs were being brought. Always intrigued by the dragon riders, I did my best to be one of the lucky one’s who got to touch the dragon eggs. I wad shocked when a pure crimson egg was placed in front of me, and hatched as I touched it! The dragon, who I called Infernus, was bright crimson, and soon became my best friend. We would go on to be trained by Eragon and the Eldunari, and later become a well known rider. A skilled swordsman and chilvarous man, I would soon earn my surname :Knightblade”.

  • David Whitman

    I would be elf. My dragon would be golden. I would be very serious about elven tradition. I would specialize in forming things with magic. My and my name is obviously eragon the second because I am eragon’s and arya’s son 🙂

  • The Dude

    I would be one of the first Urgal riders. My name would be Lurs, hailing from a village deep within the spine. I would be the nephew of Nar Gharzvhog, being a kill just like him. I would be about 20 years old with large, but unkempt horns. The day that I touched the egg of my dragon and received my gedwey ignasia was the most wondrous moment of my life. My goal as a dragon rider is to be the best there ever was. I am not very good at magic, however I am improving. Where I lack in magic, I more than make up for in combat. Even the strongest elves have no hope against my physical attacks. No one requests to fight me during training anymore, so master Eragon fights me himself so that I might have an equal.

  • dragonegg22

    I would have been an orphaned human named Elsa Quickbeam, raised by the elves in Ellesméra. I trained in the art of healing and warfare with a elf named Lindell, who was my caretaker as well as teacher. I had always been highly interested in the history of the dragons and learned much on the subject in my years with Lindell, so I was very excited to learn of the new dragon rider. I was determined to do everything in my power to help Eragon and Saphira and their cause, I trained that much harder and soon even the elves were impressed with my skill with the blade. I soon left my teacher to go fight for my land at the age of eighteen. I fought in the battle of Galbatorix’s fall. When the battle had been won, I sat and looked up into the sky, at that moment I saw the glitter of blue scales and a bright tongue of fire. At that moment I knew I had something greater in store, I wanted to make a difference in my world I just didn’t know how. I carried this thought with me for the years that followed. On the day that I turned twenty four I heard news that the age of dragons had come again, Eragon and Saphira finally got the first dragon egg to hatch in many years. The elves celebrated with song and festivals. They said that new students were being let into the land that Eragon and Saphira had established. I set out at once for this land, I finally knew what my destiny was. Lindell told me not to get my hopes up, an egg may not even hatch for me but I had hope. I made the long journey through mountains and streams to the land of the dragons. When I arrived, I stood aghast as the beauty and peace of the place. I stayed in that dreamland for a couple days before it was my turn to see the eggs. There was a whole room filled with them. Two elves, one dwarf, myself and another human were taken one by one to each egg and laid our hand on them. It was tiring work. After about the fiftieth one I started to loose hope. Until I laid a shaking hand on the fifty-first one. As soon as I did I felt a warmth in my fingers and then a burning in my hand. At last, I had found my dragon. I felt that now my life had really begun, I spent many years in that splendid place training with my dragon who was more beautiful than I could have ever wished. Her name was Geladrior, she had shimmering purple scales. I met Eragon and Saphira many times. I had never been happier

    • Matt

      Really cool story, lots of detail.

  • ETrin

    I am a human female called Eira, nineteen years of age. My grandmother was a slave that ended up free through Eragon Shadeslayer’s efforts against the slave traders. I was a maid to Queen Nasuada twenty years after the fall of Galbatorix when Queen Arya paid visit to the kingdom to search for the rider of the remaining egg Eragon left in her care. It was her dragon, Firnen who suggested I be aloud to meet the egg, when he had seen me pick up a child who had gotten lost in the outer courtyard.
    My dragon’s egg was a dappled gray, but his scales are unexpectedly white opal in color and shine. His name is Heddwyn. He is calm in temperament, for a dragon, but quite conceited as the magical beasts tend to be.
    We were brought back to Ellesmera until Heddwyn was strong enough to fly, at which point we were sent to Eragon and the Eldunari.

  • Liver

    Human, named Aivlyn, with very light skin, golden-blonde hair, and grey eyes. I’d have a khaki colored dragon with interesting brown and white markings, that has blue eyes, and her name would be Khaki, after my very beloved cat whom I have had since I was just a few months old. (:

    • Liver

      I’d have been an odd friend of an odd two-hearted-not-human from another dimension in another universe, that got there from an odd coincidence to an odd place, with an odd colored khaki egg. And then I would have touched this egg because from my odd old universe this place had been a part of a book, and then I fell down yelling in pain.

  • Kalglodril

    I am Kalglodril, an elf of Ellesmera.. I lost my parents as a child when they took to the forest and left, only caring for their own carefree life in Du Weldenvarden. I visited the great hall when I reached the age of 33 and first laid eyes upon the iridescent egg. It’s stony shell shimmering in the darkness of the room. K walked up to it with a sense of belonging, and behold! When I laid my blacksmith hands upon the surface, it began to rock, and soon, an iridescent dragon hatched for me. It’s name became Draulir, the dream shield. Soon I left my forge and took the boat to Eragon’s Rider School. I occasionally visit Ellesmera to gain experience of smithying, learning from Rhunon, whom Eragon introduced me to. I also continue my quest to find brightsteel for the creation of the new riders’ weapons, all the while, continuing my extensive education under Orik, the master of the grey dragon and Angela, who helps me gain understanding of the different races of Alagaesia. I am happy, I couldn’t not be happy with Draulir by my side, learning with me and according my incompetence. I love her, and her me.

    • Kalglodril

      Scolding not according

  • Maria Stavroula

    My name is Maria and I was born in a kingdom in the east. I came from a poor family and became an adventurer. I was considered the most beautiful (human girl) in my village and also the best warrior. The Kingdom is ruled by an evil King. The King exiled me to the desert until one day I stumbled along a lake and in an island there was this magnificent building. I saw Dragons flying around it. I never thought I’d see the day that Dragons would be alive once more. They use to be in this Kingdom thousands of years ago. Being exiled left me exhausted. I collapsed on the desert floor. Next thing I knew I was inside the building. Dragons and people all around me. From there I met Eragon. I fell in love and so did he. My beautiful Dragon picked me and it was the most wonderful thing that ever happened to me .My dragons name is Sardon and he is Royal Purple with Metallic Silver eyes, talons, spikes, and underbelly. He is fierce and has a sarcastic and funny personality.His temper is just as fiery as mine. He is the best dragon. Eragon and I stayed together until the end of time and our Dragons as well.

    Now that was the short version 😛

  • Slavaken

    I am half elf with an elf mother
    named Sekrite Marsotes, and half human with a human father named David Longspeed.
    My name is Alexandria Marsotes Longspeed after my parents, who died without

    I have only lived for fifty years
    till present; my life span increased with that of an elf, though in turn has
    made me an outcast from my home village.

    My dragon came to me by another
    rider, one who was traveling to each village to find a person to whom the egg
    would hatch.

    Just like the egg, my dragon is a
    marbled brown fudge colour with bright yellow eyes and a deep red tongue.

    Her name is Athena named after
    the Greek goddess of intelligence, skill, war fare and wisdom.

    We are soul partners, no living being could tear us apart, so we decided
    to seek out new places, one where we could be together in peace.

    We are known to people as the riders of wisdom and justice, as we will
    not stand criminals nor will we stand to let people starve or suffer

    In our power we try and succeed in helping people and now after ten years
    of flying around the land helping common people we decided that we wanted more
    training and to become true riders.

    Then we heard of a place people were calling a new Vroengard, and Athena
    knew it was the place to travel.

    We love soaring the skies, diving into the deepest lakes and fighting the
    largest of beasts.

    I am a dragon rider, and I am proud and I hope Eragon is proud of what I
    will achieve in the future with Athena.

  • KasaiWolf

    Very interesting, OK then as a Human my name is Mathius Karthason (Nicknamed Matt by those closest to him), a human born in Teirm a couple of years before the events of Eragon he was raised by his Father a nobleman after his Mother had left home because of his Father’s cruelty. Despite this Matt used to like going around learning about the various stalls and stores in Teirm. He learned how to use magic from a store owner when he became friends with him in secret. When he turned 19 he decided to go around to seek his fortune in Alagaesia.

    He was chosen to become a Dragon Rider by a chance meeting with one of the eggs held by the new empire and it hatched for him. A black dragon known as Kataris. He is a black dragon with burning red eyes. Despite his fierce appearance he has a heart of gold.

  • Eleanor

    My name is Elinor. I’m human, my dragon is silver and she is called Celebrian which means silver queen. Before I began my dragon rider training I spent most of my time on the back of a horse, my own horse, a chestnut fiery mare named Remha. An egg eventually reached my small village after travelling around most of Alagaesia without hatching. Inside this egg was Celebrian, my future soulmate. Remha is still with the rest of my family, and I miss her so, but nothing beats the feeling of flying on your dragon!

  • KDprod

    I have put quite some thought into this to be fair, If it’s bad, Please bear with me!
    Although not a very Fantasy-esqe name, I’m keeping my name as Kevin,Born to an Elven Father, And a Human mother, Son of Finierel and Mara, Taught in the ways of magic and all things elf by his Father, Yet has human characteristics, Despite having elven attributes (It’s actually quite similar to how Eragon is after his transformation in the Blood Oath Celebration)

    My Dragon is Indlvar, A Dark Green Male, Although we are both very young we seek out the “New Vrongard” Although I have been taught how to fight, I’ve never had to hurt anyone with the talent, I prefer to use two short weapons, One in each hand, No shield for this pesky rider!!

    Having parents of two different races is a recurring think, I think that I have one foot in each world, Unsure of which one I sit in, This effects my confidence in my own ability, Until Indlvar comes along, He, Like many Dragons, Has inherent ferocity, But like many also has wisdom beyond his years, He reassures me, and as he knows me on an unreal level, He rids me of my insecurity, And thus, The partnership is born!!

    I feel like Eragon would understand me, As he’s kinda half and half too, And this Spurs me and Indy (as I call him) on an awesome yet humbling adventure to New Vroengard, Where we begin the greatest quest of all, Life as Dragon and Rider

    I know it has holes, and might be Haphazard, But thanks for anyone who is reading this

    May your swords stay sharp

  • Jase Baum

    I am an Elf, my name is Rathion, i was born in Silthrim, fifty years prior to the birth of Eragon Shadeslayer, after the war i was one of the few lucky candidates to receive an egg from the first clutch of Saphira, the egg i received was a dark grey-blue, the dragon hatched and after the bonding ceremony, i named him Night-Storm

  • Sammy Phoenix Havok

    I am an Elf. My name is Eragona. I was raised in one of the large homes borne of the trees of Du Weldenvarden. I sadly lost my parents during the war against galbatorix. I regret not seeing them more often back when they were alive; I spent more time exploring the forest and trying to find out as much as I could about dragons. One day,I was lucky enough to meet one in the flesh, who has sapphire scales and is known as Saphira Brightscales. I was one of the two children who watched Eragon work on his sword with Rhunon. Myparents had names me Eragona as they had hope I would follow in the first eragons footsteps and become a dragon rider. About six years after the fall of galbatorix, the egg run arrived where I was staying Ellesmera with my uncle. The egg was huge, and the colour of amethysts. I was permitted to join the line of elves wanting a chance to become a dragon rider. The egg didn’t hatch, but when it got to me, noises started to be heard from the inside of the egg. Arya Drottingu decided to trust me with the egg for a day or two to see if it was really hatching. The egg hatched after around seven hours of waiting. Inside was a small, feisty, and very adorable baby dragon. She was the colour of Amethysts, although the shade varied – she was lighter on her spine and wings, and darker on the rest of her body. I named her Purpura Starfire.

  • LIla

    I’m definitely a human female. I’m gentle, soft-spoken, and shy; I don’t understand why I was chosen for a Dragon Rider, and I’m not happy about having to learn how to fight.

    My dragon is a beautiful purple male. I really enjoy his dragonly fierceness, even though in other dragons (or in the other Riders in training), the same trait intimidates me. He tells me that I have much more to offer than I could possibly understand, and that my skills will actually be very important in the coming time of the new Dragon Riders.

    I’m not sure if he means that I’m actually going to be a good fighter, or if being a good listener, enjoying needlework, and singing the traditional songs of my people are going to turn out to be important.