Christopher Paolini announces a new 10th anniversary edition of Eragon, set to feature new artwork

Christopher Paolini took to Twitter to announce that he’s started work on his contribution to what will become the 10th anniversary edition of Eragon! Eragon was first published by Random House Children’s Books in 2003 after the rights were purchased from the Paolini family, retiring their self-published edition.

Christopher shared that six illustrations in total will be included in the 10th anniversary edition, each illustrated by a different artist. Christopher has yet to announce the other six artists and what they’ll be illustrating, but he has shared what he’s working on:

Random House, publisher of the Inheritance cycle, has yet to release any details on when this book will be made available and what its cost will be. Christopher has stated that the book is slated for a release “later this year”. We’ll keep you updated as soon as we learn more!

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  • SaphiraXThorn

    Any updates on when the next part of the interview will be out?

    And awesome about the anniversary addition!!!!

  • Hopefully it’ll include the Murtagh POV scene they cut out!

    • Denmark111

      Yea, if they did that, I would definitely buy it again.

    • Laezandul is my dragon

      the murtagh POV scene is in the paper back edition of Eragon that i got. along with an Brisingr bookmark

  • EternalShade


  • Delpheas

    A revised text please!