Join Christopher Paolini for a live Twitter chat interview tonight at 8pm EST!

Christopher Paolini will be hitting the internet to host a live Twitter chat with his fans tonight using the Twitter hashtag #rhkidschat! Christopher is currently on a short tour to promote the release of the Inheritance Deluxe Edition, which hit store shelves across North America on Tuesday! The chat will last approximately one hour, so make sure to “arrive” on time! (You’ll need a Twitter account to participate.)

When not participating in a live Twitter interview, Christopher can be found on his own official Twitter handle at @InheritanceCP!

  • Activist

    Hey guys, so I have an idea.

    Mike isn’t responding and we haven’t had a real update in months, so instead of sitting around complaining, let’s do something about it!

    Maybe we can get in contact with Paolini ourselves. Or start our own website. Or something! I’m so tired of just sitting around waiting for Mike to get his act together (which – let’s face it – may not happen).

    • Shadow

      That’s a good idea. My brother can make websites so maybe I can get him to do something?

  • Pissed Off

    Mike is a liar…I mean come on dude! It doesn’t take months to update things.

  • Anymouse

    So, is this website officially not updating or something? Or is promise breaking just part of the site now?

  • Lawl

    The Forum is down and I can’t find anywhere else to post this, so why is it down? When is it coming up?

  • crazyjjvols

    wheres the interview???

    • Activist

      At a party with Bigfoot and Nessie.

  • SaphiraXThorn

    Wait, we were supposed to get the three part interview this week. Mike said in the comments on the article before last. Did we REALLY just go back to waiting for that darn interview?!

    • EternalShade


    • Activist

      Come on Mike, it isn’t fair! I know you probably won’t respond to this, or if you do, you’ll probably just attack me, or get self righteous, but the fact is, you have repeatedly promised the interview, and not delivered. You strung us along for months, and then last week you said “it’ll be here this week” and it wasn’t. Please don’t get our hopes up and make promises you can’t keep. Maybe to you, everyone here is just a name on a computer screen, but those names represent real people with lives and feelings. Please don’t lie to us. Tell us the truth. Don’t give us false hope. Don’t ignore us. You made this site, but what would it be without us? Just an empty, lifeless place. It had life because of us. Advertisers pay you to put their ads here, because of us. Give us something back in return. Give us the truth!

      • Mini-mitch

        There probably have been some reason why he hasn’t put this up. He did promise it, however, you have to take into account there was Hurricane Sandy (which I though was the main reason he never posted it) and also the elections.

        Yes, there is a back load of stuff he has promised us, but he did give a very valid reason a few weeks ago. His life revolves around more than just this site – so give the guy a break. He knows he made a slip-up with the interviews etc, but hopefully he will pay us back in the future.

        I don’t think Mike would ever, ever lie to us. Just sit and wait, stuff will come and it will be worth the wait…

        • Morzan

          Umm, lol??!

          1) If he posted when he was supposed to (according to the latest promise), he would have posted BEFORE hurricane Sandy. (And if he posted when he ORIGINALLY promised to, that would have been almost a YEAR before Hurricane Sandy).

          2) Yes, he has a life. But remember, he also makes money off this site, so don’t feel too sorry for him. This is a pretty lucrative job. I have a very busy life too but I am still making this post, even though I’m not getting paid for it. If I made money off of posting, trust me, I’d find a way to be on hear MUCH more. Also, regardless of how much incentive Mike has or how busy he is, it DOES NOT TAKE A YEAR TO ISSUE UPDATES A FEW KEY THINGS!!!

          3) Mike would never lie to us????!!!! Really? REALLY??!! What on earth led you to that conclusion? A lie is a false statement! All of Mike’s false promises of “it’ll be here next month” or ‘update coming soon” or “it’ll be here next week” did not come true and thus were false statements, a.k.a LIES.

          • anymouse

            Morzan, so true. And if you notice people his “real blog” aka Horror movie central is updated all THE TIME. He just doesn’t have time for the people that got him popular. He’s made his ad money, and that’s what counts.

  • EternalShade

    Cool interview. Didnt really reveal anything new, but nice to see him interacting with us.

    • Activist

      But we’ll get the transcript of the interview we’ve all been waiting for this week, finally. Can’t wait for that! It’s sure to reveal some new stuff!! 😀 😀

      • EternalShade

        Yeah ive been waiting for that too! 🙂

        • Activist

          Believe me, with you %100 there! We SHOULD be getting it this week, so we’ll see. I think we definitely all thought of some great questions.

          • Activist


          • Activist

            Well, so much for my optimism.

          • EternalShade

            I know right. Whats he thinking, honestly?

  • crazyjjvols

    i hope i can make it