Christopher Paolini is hitting the road again for a brief Inheritance Deluxe Edition promotional tour!

Random House has announced that Christopher Paolini will be hitting the road again for a brief promotional tour to celebrate next week’s release of the Deluxe Edition of Inheritance! Christopher will be making four scheduled stops in Colorado, Georgia, North Carolina, and Texas in addition to one Twitter live-chat the author will be hosting with all of his fans. You can find all of the tour specifics over on, which lists dates and locations for the four stops in the above states. The mini-tour kicks off on October 23rd, so be sure to make your plans soon!

Will you be picking up a copy of the Deluxe Edition of Inheritance? The book features a lot more than just a beautiful gold-foil cover, including deleted scenes, new scenes, new pieces of art, a fold-out Shruikan poster, additional commentary from Christopher, and more! You can pre-order a copy of the book through Amazon for $19.79!

  • Can you get the deluxe edition in Ireland???

  • Too bad he never comes where I live!

  • Shadow


  • anymouse

    When will the Inheritence interview be publsihed? It’s been a year almost since it was published and no word contest results or interview

    • Hey, can you elaborate — which interview do you mean? I have a three part interview from months ago launching later this week, a “FAQ” with CP launching soon (probably in the next week), and I have a bunch of copies of the Inheritance DE and Inheritance paperback to give away.

      • Activist

        Whooo! 😀

      • EternalShade


      • Activist

        So much for the interview…. Please don’t say things unless you mean it.

      • anymouse

        well, it’s been a week, and look, no post inheritence interview. No book giveaway, and no FAQ. Good job with the forums going down.

        • Morzan

          Of course. What did you expect. This is “Mike Oath-Breaker” we’re dealing with.

      • EternalShade

        Come ooooon….. 🙁

  • Activist

    When’s the Twitter live-chat?

  • EldunariElder

    well this also be a book signing?