Christopher Paolini attends the National Book Festival in Washington DC!

Christopher is currently visiting the east coast to attend several book events where he will be giving presentations and signing books for fans. The first stop on his brief trip took him to Washington D.C., where Christopher was a guest at the National Book Festival, an Library of Congress event celebrating all types of literature. Christopher’s visit included a presentation and two massive book signings for Inheritance fans in attendance. We have a number of photos from the event showing just how massive Christopher’s presentation and signings were!

Christopher had an incredible turn-out for his scheduled presentation during the festival and tweeted photos of his crowd during the event to show just how large the group of readers was!

[cincopa AkCA2_6nrOZb]
Thanks to festival attendees including author Jarrett Krosoczka and Reddit user mcjobey, we have more photos of Christopher’s events at the National Book Festival:

[cincopa AQAA49KVrOhb]

  • Mistborn

    Wait, where else is he hitting on the east coast? I’m in Philly!!

  • ShadowWriter

    Will he ever come to Oregon? I want to meet him sooo bad

  • Sphinx

    Will he be coming to South Carolina, or North Carolina!!!!??

    • Not on this trip.

      • Activist

        Looked on Twitter. No info. Please, please, just come out and tell us what happened to the interview! I’m assuming it’s not going to happen anymore? Just give me a yes or no answer!

        • ErnaFae

          This really is bugging me about it. There’s been updates talking about the actual book, Inheritance, on this site. There’s no posts by Mike saying “Hey I didn’t see that one coming” or “Yes I loved the book.”

          I’m going to go on a limb and say the that he was probably disappointed by the Inheritance and he can’t face it. So he doesn’t talk about the book nor give any answers to people asking about the interview. Also, the interview was probably a complete disaster. Christopher Paolini probably didn’t have any good answers or just replied no comment. By not releasing it probably saves whatever image Mike is trying to portray.

          I have no evidence for this. I could be completely wrong. The fact that there’s been no update talking about the book or about the interview is very suspect.

          • imstillhungry95

            Or, just throwing this out there, maybe Mike has an outside life and he’s got enough to do running Lytherus…

          • ErnaFae

            That excuse means nothing to me. I’m busy with several things and do have a life: it doesn’t taking me several months to answering this.

          • Activist

            @imstillhungry95:disqus Exactly! I agree with ErnaFae. Writing a short answer on what’s going on with the interview does NOT take much time. He can answer other questions, as we see above; why not this one?!!

            @ErnaFae I think it is also possible that Paolini just refused to do the interview (since he probably has no answers to our questions). However, if the interview actually happened, I 100 percent agree wit you that it was probably a train wreck. Argh! Oh well, I guess we’ll just have to accept it and move on. Although, Mike, if you’re reading this, I’d just like to say I’m really surprised at you – you created the site, but we, the fans, made it; we deserve better from you!

          • Erm, I’m not sure it’s safe to say that “we, the fans, made it” — because that sounds as though I haven’t invested tens of thousands of free hours into the website over the past decade that I’ve been working on it.

            Also, I have answered this question.

          • Shurtugal88

            Yeap Reading through the Twitter Feeds back in april the podcast and internview which was said to be separted probably still is was done. (Mike) sent it off to be transcribed. May, he was looking for People to help him with it and other parts of the site.. May 29 said it was going up in day or so, server crash and then his PC crashed :(. June 4 up for reading very soon. Got DB 3, Went Com-Con. lot of work and personal and stuff through this time…. so yes i believe he has answered on his Twitter account. 30 min of my time wasted but ty Google Chrome and Search feature for “interview” 😛 Keep up the good work Mike 😛 Peace you guys I am sure Random House has the final say on this things so Mike cant release them till they are done and been approved for release. cant wait to hear from Chris, Bob and Lauren. all you guys rock!

          • argetlampuppeh

            I appreciate the effort you took to find the information out, but after june 4, it doesn’t sound like there was anything to keep him from taking the time out of his day to paste the list of questions and their answers, or even if it were an audio upload, to start the process and leave it run (of course, if the interview hasn’t been held yet due to personal obligations, it would make more sense, but that doesn’t sound like the case.)

          • imstillhungry95

            We the fans made it? Arrogant much? This site exists only because of the time and money Mike has put into it.

          • imstillhungry95

            Well, following your logic, Mike is in the clear because he’s answered this question several times

          • This is the unfortunate reality.

          • imstillhungry95

            Speaking of Lytherus, though, what’s been going on with it over the past month or so and all the server outages?

          • “I have no evidence for this. I could be completely wrong.” You probably should have stopped there.

          • argetlampuppeh

            I appreciate the time you’re taking to respond Mike, but I wasn’t able to find an answer on twitter, do you think you could answer on here, if for no other reason than people can point to this thread for the answer instead of repeating the above? I realize you have time constraints, but it has also been a while, with other updates to the site being done, some of which seem far more complicated to do (such as uploading pictures of events) than posting the list of questions and answers. I appreciate everything you do for the site, and hope I don’t come off as insulting.