Inheritance Deluxe Edition e-book to feature seventeen new behind-the-scenes videos of Christopher Paolini

Random House and Christopher Paolini have announced that they will be releasing an enhanced version of the Inheritance Deluxe Edition e-book which, in addition to the new content already featured in the Inheritance Deluxe Edition, will also include 17 never-before-seen videos of Christopher Paolini discussing various aspects of the book as you read through.

Christopher’s videos will pop up after you read certain sections of the book, discussing what you just read and revealing exclusive and incredibly interesting behind-the-scenes information.

The INHERITANCE DELUXE Enhanced Ebook with Video (On sale October 23, 2012 / $13.99) includes all the features of the hardcover Deluxe, plus 17 exclusive videos that take readers behind the scenes with Christopher Paolini for a unique reading experience, as he shares stories and secrets about Inheritance. Videos are embedded throughout the text, allowing readers to watch Paolini’s commentary on scenes as they unfold. He touches on topics and characters ranging from the Capture of Nasuada, the Siege of Urû’baen, the Fall of Galbatorix, Angela the Herbalist, and his thoughts on returning to the world of Alagaësia in the future.

In addition to the full text of Inheritance, the Deluxe Edition includes never-before-seen artwork by Christopher Paolini, a letter from Paolini to fans reflecting on the series, and a new scene within the text.

You can pre-order the Inheritance Deluxe Edition through Amazon for only $19.79 (pre-ordering through Amazon supports Shur’tugal and saves you over $10!). Both versions of the Deluxe Edition will hit stores on October 23rd!

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    Ha ha. Having fun with your dead series and dead site and moronic admins? LOL.

    Jk, have a nice time :’) XD

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    Just me but who would like to see a follow up book on Angela??? She was out of control but just nothing, come on!!!!

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    The forums have been down for like a week, whats going on??/

  • shadeslayer#3

    is it worth buying if I already have inheritance?

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    The interview, the 20 word contest, the book 4 podcast. These are all things you said you were going to do “soon” but havnt. Honestly, if you changed your mind about doing these, at least have the decency to tell us. You’ve practically ignored all of us since Inheritance came out. We’d like to know if we’re wasting our time waiting for this or not.

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      face it, they got thier ad money, now their gonna let this site rot until CP releases his “Sci-fi” novel.

      • Ad money? That’s laughable. This site has never been a paying job for me. Nice try.

    • I have to balance my real life paying jobs, my life commitments, and sleep with hobbies — which Shur’tugal is. I struggle to find the time to maintain the site but when I do (such as today, when I did a sizable amount of work on the website), you’ll know it. I’m sorry to keep you waiting on these things.

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        It’s pretty simple. Don’t promise an interview in a couple weeks wwhen you know life may keep you from doing it for a few months. Mike is an expert at changing the facts and making reasonable people look like idiots.

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    It’s easier to find information on Bigfoot than on this interview we’re supposed to have had months ago!

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      Yes where is the interview?

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        Apparently in the Gray Havens…never to return to the land of mortals evermore.

  • Irene A

    Do you know what format it will be in? Since it includes videos, I’m guessing that this will be computer viewable only? And will it be available from Amazon only? Very cool features though, can’t wait to buy it!