Christopher Paolini and the Inheritance cycle make NPR’s “Best-Ever Teen Novels” list

Thanks to your voting, Christopher Paolini and the Inheritance cycle have made their way onto NPR’s “Best-Ever Teen Novels” list! The final one hundred were determined by fan voting, who eliminated over 1,100 titles to complete the final top 100 list!

You can view the entire list on NPR’s website, which features some incredible reading selections for those of you looking for a new book to enjoy after finishing Inheritance!

  • Mad

    Interview please!!!

    • War Rider

      Indeed, where are those latest Paolini interviews at? We’ve been waiting for those for months.

  • Kieran

    Where were Mortal Engines and Narnia in this list? Both of those are excellent series’, yet didn’t even make it into the top 100

  • War Rider

    I voted for Harry Potter ’cause I was more displeased with the ending of Inheritance than with Harry Potter. Ended up winning, go figure. Not happy to see so many teen chick books above Inheritance though….

  • bromxD

    Yeap, twilinght series is on 27 position :/

  • I have no solid, factual evidence to base this off of, but it would really appear that the voting was dominated by teen girls judging by how many teen romance novels made the list

    • Well, explain the fact that Harry Potter is Number 1.

      • Well, that would be easily explained by the fact that both boys and girls voted for it. However, I seriously doubt that many boys voted for twilight or the Gallagher Girls series, for instance 😉

      • It’s the #1 best selling book series of all time. I’m guessing that has something to do with it being #1 on a popularity contest list 😛

  • John Caliburn

    The Inheritance Cycle made it to #48. I wrote it on my blog.

    3 Reasons Why NPR’s 100 Best Ever Teen Novels is a terrible List

    • Can I just point out that the reason why To Kill A Mockingbird was number three was because that people voted for it? Kind of shoots down your theory that no teens like it as a book they want to read

      • John caliburn

        People voted for it. But I never said that teens voted for it. The voters were mostly NPR readers (which I doubt were mostly teens). For some reason they believe they know what are teen’s favorite books.

        • While I will give you that probably many people who are not teens voted, the list was for the best teen books ever. If you’re going to make that you’re goal, then you need to consider teen books from all periods of literature, and also what people who used to be teens think about their favorite. It wasn’t a list of the best teen books written in the last 15 years.

    • To Kill a Mockingbird certainly wasn’t one of my favorites, but I know *many* people who have it on their favorites lists. This NPR article was definitely voted on by teens, and it made that list for a reason.