Vote for Christopher and the Inheritance cycle in NPR’s “Best-Ever Teen Novels”

Christopher Paolini and the Inheritance cycle have been nominated for NPR’s “Best-Ever Teen Novels” list and needs your help to secure a spot in the top 100!

NPR recently took to their blog to ask fans to help compile a list of books to compete for the coveted Top 100 Best-Ever Teen Novels. The response was overwhelming – NPR received hundreds of entries and using a panel of expert judges, narrowed the list down to 235 finalists. Among the finalists is our favorite Inheritance cycle, up against many other incredible book series.

NPR is allowing fans to select their top-10 titles from the list, which means you can vote for the Inheritance cycle alongside some of your other favorite book series. No date has been shared regarding when voting ends, so be sure to get your vote in soon!

Click here to vote for the Inheritance cycle and your other favorite book series!

  • erasaph

    Awesome CYCLE – a heart rendering story ……..

    salute to u Chris…….
    hpoe you come out with more like this !!

    • Guest

      Yeah, heartrendingly BAD!

  • Invisichick

    Finally finished Inheritance a few days ago even though i bought it on day one. Having been with the series since it came out, I was pleased with the ending it was fine! And the series being 48 in a list of BEST EVER TEEN NOVELS is pretty awesome.

  • BromxD
    • Guest


      • EternalShade

        He placed 48 in the best ever teen novels list.

  • Crazyjjvols

    i got here to late to vote 🙁

  • Loicadlar

    I-N-T-E-R-V-I-E-W spells INTERVIEW!!!!! 

  • Sean Clark

    I apparently got in late as well and would have voted for the series. I can understand how some wouldn’t, but I think that many are being too anal about the whole thing. I, and I’m sure others here have read hundreds of works of fiction.

    Once you’re familiar with the genre you start to notice patterns and become accustomed to the way these books are written. It’s my opinion that Mr Paolini followed these patterns well, especially given the circumstances in which he was writing.

    The series, though flawed, as many other books, wasn’t “crap” as some have said. They were well thought out and written. He left plot holes, sure, that was a mistake, but does that really designate a series as “crap?” Really? I wasn’t looking for another Illiad, or LotR. I was looking for a good, riveting read, and I found one in the Inheritance Cycle.

    Chilleth out people.

  • Robinton

    I got here too late to vote (apparently), but…
    I would have voted for Inheritance Cycle if I could have. Not sure if I would have voted for Inheritance(book), since it was supposed to be a conclusion… (or maybe I should just consider Inheritance(book) a transition novel between killing-off-Galby and killing-off-the-dragonshade)… But the cycle as a whole would definitely have gotten a vote.

  • your name

    I love how now, there’s hardly anyone on this site. Now that we got the disappointment of “inheritance” people checking in for spoilers after we ranted. CP I look forward to the next book series you write. Just don’t leave as many plot holes as you did in this cycle.

  • Santeri S

    Sorry, can’t vote for Inheritance since to be honest, it was crap. Such a letdown for all the fans that stuck with the story over the years and even put up with the crap when CP decided to split book III into 2 parts

  • EragonSaphira

    I voted for the Inheritance Cycle 🙂

    • DeafJohnEragonMcClymond

      Me too!

    • EternalShade

      Same here.

  • Orox1229

    Didn’t vote for inheritance. Sorry! There were just so many better books

    • Guest

      Lol! I was going to say the same thing but you beat me to it! 

      • Jennyrosie8

        I have to admit, the first time I read Inheritence (book), I hated the ending at first. I reread it, and now I actually think that the book is amazing. Plus, the ending could have been much worse…(Eragon and Saphira enslaved to Galby for eternity, Saphira dies and Eragon goes nuts, or maybe Eragon gets eaten a by a razac and Saphira goes nuts,etc.) See what I mean? As it is, Eragon and Saphira have an awesome life filled with dragons, riders and magic ahead of them. Plus, Eragon isn’t totally saying goodbye to his friends and family(to me it’s like video chatting through a mirror, lol). I think the book was killer ( in a good way ). Inheritance Cycle has my vote for sure!! 😀 ( And I have read TONS of other teen books…) Thanks CP!!!

    • Shadowstar

      Why not Inheritance?  Its not an amazing book, but it was enjoyable 

      • BidDaumJuNiorR

        Because there are many other teen novels that are both amazing and enjoyable.