New Alagaesia Newsletter details Christopher’s adventures on tour

Christopher Paolini has released another edition of his Alagaesia Newsletter from overseas, detailing his travels on the first leg of his international book tour for Inheritance. Some highlights from the newsletter include various interactions with fans, from a Spanish girl who had Christopher’s signature tattooed on her arm to a group of German fans who almost knocked Christopher’s signing table over in an excited charge.

Christopher has promised to update us with another newsletter following his adventures in Australia and New Zealand. In the meantime, feel free to view the first installment of our Christopher on Tour summary, which includes dozens of photos and Twitter updates from the author’s travels on the first leg of his international tour! You can view the first tour summary here.

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Kvetha Fricaya. Greetings, Friends.

Wow! Quite a lot has happened since my last note to you. I had an amazing book tour in Europe, and I’m just finishing my tour through Scotland, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand.

The European tour began in Germany, then proceeded onward to The Netherlands, Spain, France, the Czech Republic, and finally Italy.

In every place the kindness of the publishers and the enthusiasm of the readers bowled me over. The last time I toured Europe was in 2006, so I wasn’t sure what sort of response to expect. It was, to put it mildly, epic.

At nearly every event, hundreds and sometimes thousands of people showed up. In Prague, I signed for five hours straight. In Barcelona, a young woman had me sign her arm… and then she had my signature tattooed onto her! In Germany, I had a crowd of kids charge my table, almost knocking it over. In the Netherlands, I attended the awesome Elf Fantasy Fair and got to sign outside a real-life castle! In France, the mayor of one of the towns came to my event, and I got to watch the sun set over Paris from within the Jules Vern Restaurant at the top of the Eiffel Tower. And in Italy, I got to see lots of beautiful countryside, and readers asked some very interesting questions about religion and ethics.

As always, I feel humbled by the love that readers have for the Inheritance cycle. Seeing it makes me all the more excited to write something new.

In total I will have been on the road for about three months. And though I’m not yet through this trip, I already know that it’s changed me. It’s given me a broader sense of the world, and it’s helped me to see my own path more clearly. I’m glad I went, and I’m glad that so many of you were able to come to my events.

So thank you. And may your swords stay sharp!

In my next newsletter, I’ll share my adventures from Down Under!

Christopher Paolini


    CP visited my brother’s school here in Australia
    IM SO JEALOUS! Then they had a book signing but….
    Thus, all four of our books are unsigned….

  • Jjerzey

    i notice the ad for bud k how about someone gets some good inheritance based swords to market, there would be a strong customer base right on shurtagal.

  • Nikiforosp

    why he doesnt come in Greece?????

  • Speedsk8

    He spelled Jules Verne’s name wrong. He forgot the e at the end

  • ShurtugalLiam

    why isn’t england on here? :S

  • HB

    a real life castle! LOL!!!

  • Murtag

    I want to read the next book of adventures Eragon and Saphira. This is very interesting story. I like this story because it is very fantastic story full of mysteries.

    • Nikiforosp

      is it going to be book 5/?????

      • Murtag


  • Saerina

    It’s nice to read this, but WHERE IS THE INTERVIEW?! (How long is this going to take?–King Julian, Madagascar–)
    Have you chosen the questions? Dying for a sequel to Inheritance.

    • LoicAdlar

      What she said!

    • The Grey Rider

      You’ll get that sequel.
      I was at the event in Melbourne, and he said right up on stage in front of everyone that he already has book five plotted out, and it’d have a lot to do with Angela.
      But, he wants to do that sci-fi one first.

      Cut the guy a break, he’s just done an around the world tour, not to mention god-only-knows how many book signings.
      He’s more than earned it.

      • Saerina

         I get that, just it’s hard hard hard to wait. Glad that he has number five planned out. Any hints?
        And you ARE SOOO lucky to be at one of the book signings. (MI? please?)
        Sci-fi. Huh. Hope it turns out like the Inheritance Series.

  • BidDaumJuNiorR

    This didn’t have anything to do with Alagesia…

    • Orox1229

      By Alagaesia it meant the website which sends the newsletters to people who have registered.

      • BidDaumJuNiorR

        Should be called Shurtugal newsletter instead then since this site isn’t called Alagesia after all.

        • But it was originally published through Christopher Paolini’s official site

  • Ekarwelden

    Reading what the fans did reminded me what I had done. I had the Gedw
    ë y Ignasia, with Saphira’s eye in the middle, painted onto my wall by my brother! It looks awesome!

  • BromxD

    Will be the new edition of movie?

    • EternalShade

      Huh? Where does it say that?

      •  It doesn’t. I think the poster is asking if there will be any more movies.

        • BromxD

          yes, so will be?

          • Taz

             I went to the signing in Rotterdam and of course there was a question about a new movie. His response was that he couldn’t say anything about it because some big people would be angry. So I think ist safe to say that there is going to me an other movie of some sort because if there wasn’t then he could have just said so.

  • EragonSaphira

    I got to meet Christopher in Wellington!