Christopher officially joins Facebook (and an important reminder on official pages, websites and fan mail)

Christopher Paolini has officially made the big leap onto Facebook, where he can now be found on a Facebook Page established for his fans. This page will host similar content to Christopher’s Twitter account, extending his social media presence to his Facebook fan base! Like his Twitter account, this Facebook Page account is operated by Christopher himself.

Christopher can now be found on Facebook here and on his Twitter account at @InheritanceCP. Christopher regularly documents his travels, writing, and shares interesting and hilarious links with his fans! Please remember: all other Pages and accounts purporting to be Christopher Paolini are not official and are not operated by or associated with Christopher or his publisher.

Fans looking to interact with Christopher can either send him a tweet at or use his official fan mail address to correspond with the author. We released a helpful guide to sending Christopher fan mail, including the address, last year. Christopher replies to all fan mail letters he receives! Please note that Christopher does not give out his e-mail address.

Note: Shur’tugal is also on Facebook (here) and Twitter (@itsshurty). Our sister site may also be found on Facebook (here) and Twitter (@Lytherus). Mike Macauley, who operates both sites, may be found on Twitter at @MikeMacauley and often offers sneak-peeks at upcoming content for both websites!