#PaoliniOnTour: Christopher Paolini is Down Under!

Following a month long break after an extensive tour through Europe, Christopher Paolini is back on the book tour circuit in Australia and New Zealand! Christopher has been and will continue to document his travels on his official Twitter account using the hashtag #PaoliniOnTour.

Random House has compiled a useful list of all of Christopher’s upcoming tour stops on their official website. Be sure to check the website soon, as Christopher’s tour is well underway!

We’ll soon be launching a series of articles looking at the first leg of Christopher’s tour, including tweets, interviews, and photos shared by the author during his travels!

  • EragonSaphira

    I met Christopher yesterday!! He signed all five of my books!!

  • EragonSaphira

    I’ve bought my ticket to see him in Wellington!

  • aylithe

    I got my stuff signed a few days ago, and he’s a really nice guy, too 🙂

  • Dragonasker

    Blast the one day OF THE YEAR I am not in Auckland Christopher is……..

  • Denmark111

    That’s great! Too bad this content doesn’t matter to me 🙁

    It’s still good to see a life sign from you though 🙂

  • InvincibleShade

    What ever happened to the 20 words contest?  You know, the one that we were all excited about…  Are you ever going to hold the contest????  0_0
    Please respond.  We fans need a response from you as to whether the 20 words contest is ever going to happen.  :/

    • Denmark111

      Agreed. If it wasn’t something hyped up to be something among the lines of the pinacle of give-aways during the inheritence cicle, then it might have been alright. But, if I’m not much mistaken, you said something among the lines of early January during the podcasts. Or at least I think so. It’s been a while…

  • Irock13198

    OHHHHHHH new thing!

  • hoke

    When is the interview from early April coming up? (the one where we all asked questions for CP to answer)

    • shurtypoo


    • War Rider

       Yes, I want to know that as well.