Random House is giving away ten signed copies of Inheritance to celebrate Christopher’s “Author of the Year” nomination!

As we recently reported, Christopher Paolini has been nominated for the Children’s Choice Book Awards Teen Author of the Year award for Inheritance!  The Children’s Choice Book Awards is the only national book awards program where the winning titles are selected by children and teens of all ages. Voting is still open (and will remain open until May 3rd), and we encourage all fans to vote for Christopher! Voting is simple and is open to USA and international residents. You can cast your vote here!

To win a signed copy of Inheritance, head on over to the giveaway page on Good Reads to enter. The giveaway will close on April 20th, so enter quickly!

  • LoicAdlar


  • Shade37

    What about the 20 words contest???  I’ve just about given up any hope I ever had of that ever happening, and I spent hours collecting the words.  🙁

  • Albaturky1903

    So sick of all the random giveaways only being open to the US and I finally see one called international and I go through all the trouble to write my details i get told US ONLY and i go back to this page and the very post that linked me has been changed… Would be nice if I didn’t get misleading information and waste time on something I can’t even participate in.

    •  There was no misleading information. You just need to read a bit closer.

      • Anonymous

        We BOTH read closer, it was misleading.

  • Anonymous

    Wow … not being funny Mike, but you’ve said its open to international fans as well, but yet the site has said i Can’t enter … either that (you “lying” to us) or you’ve put two posts in one and misled visiters to this site … 

    “Vote – international
    get signed copy – Americans only? 

    • “No offense”, but you need to read a bit better. “Voting is open to international visitors” NO WHERE do I say that the book giveaway is open to international visitors.

      There was no misleading information. You read it wrong.

      • Anonymous

        See Mike, I’m not the only one who believes this is misleading. Your title encourages people to “vote” for CP (and Random House is giving away signed copies) then we get and see instructions to vote which is still open, and then further down the page you say “Win a signed copy of Inheritance”

        This is misleading, face it. Or just block me because you can’t stand to be wrong once in a while.

  • It would be nice if the contest was international too…
    And why isn’t Canada at least included ? I mean, we’re not that far away.
    Alaska is farther than us !

    •  That is a bit odd, as I believe Random House USA serves Canada as well. Sorry — I wasn’t involved in this (this is a Random House contest, I just reported it).

  • Aw, I thought the “international” part applied to the giveaway too. sigh.

    • The publisher throwing this contest is a USA company, so they have to limit to the readers they serve. It is up to your international publishers (whichever country you’re from) to serve foreign contests. Sorry!