#PaoliniOnTour: Christopher kicks off his international book tour with a post for Shur’tugal visitors!

Christopher is in New York City, ready to kick off his three-month-long international book tour, during which Christopher will visit the U.K., Europe, Australia, and New Zealand! He recently sat down to write a note to Inheritance fans, which we have to share with you:

Kvetha Fricäya. Greetings Friends.

Hi! At the moment, I’m at the Random House building in New York City, preparing for my overseas tour. This afternoon, I’ll head over to Europe for my first stop. Details of my events can be found here (the list will continue to be updated as time goes by):

Official #PaoliniOnTour International Tour Date List

This is going to be a really big exciting trip. I left home on April 9th, and I return home on July 2nd. In between, I’ll be visiting everywhere from Amsterdam to Australia. Some of the places I’ve been before (most notably on my overseas tour for Eldest), and some of these places I’ll be visiting for the very first time.

I’m looking forward to meeting as many fans of the Inheritance cycle as possible, and my goal is to sign all of their books!

As I travel around, you can follow me on Twitter at @InheritanceCP. I’ll also be writing regular updates to let you know where I’ll be signing and to share interesting stories along the way.

If you can make it to one of my events, I look forward to meeting you then. In the meantime:

May your swords stay sharp!

Christopher Paolini

Christopher’s tour will be using the hashtag #PaoliniOnTour across Twitter and Facebook. All of Christopher’s tour-related tweets will be marked with #PaoliniOnTour so that his fans can easily follow and contribute their own tour-related tweets as he travels the world!

We will make sure to keep our tour information page as up-to-date as possible. Keep checking in for more updates from Christopher!

  • LoicAdlar

    Mike? Are you there? Do you have any idea when we might expect the interview?

  • Arya Shurtugal

    agh!!!!! when will he come to south america????? where he’ll be between 9- 25 may???

  • C Canaridesiles

    I’m so exited for the book’s sucess! i’m in love of eragon when i’m nine… It’s a children’s love xD! i like christopher paolini too, his style is so fabulous, i’m feel fine when i read his books… eragon is so cute too… but i’m french and i will wait sometimes when the book’s is published in my country. T^T i’m so sad… Let’s go eragon fly on the sky and finish with your fan’s communauty.
    It was Clara, a frenchie who had give her opinion…
    Byyyy! <3

  • GeliBlack

    His tour stop last night in Munich was awesome!! He answered a lot of questions! I had a great time, and of course he signed my book 🙂
    Plus I’m on one of the pictures Christopher posted on Twitter 😀

  • Yazdan Khan

    Do Visit India!

    Thank you,

    Best Regards.
    Yazdan Khan
    (Just another Fan)

  • Helen Beddis

    I’m going to Hay, I can’t wait! Let me know if you are going

  • Daniela

    “all of their books” – does that mean I can bring all 5 of them to the signing session? 😀

    • There’s usually a limit per person on the amount of books you can have signed. This is up to the store/venue. Call them to see what their limit is

      • Daniela

        Thanks, I will 🙂

  • Max Idk

    hey, is he coming to spain (madrid) ?? If he comes can anyone say me when? 

    Please, i eanna meet Christopher Paollini , he is the best 😀

  • LoicAdlar

    Any idea when the interview will be? 

  • Saerina

    The Inheritance Series is as old as I am!

    Awesome sauce.

  • Cypher Richard

    Welcome to Prague – Mather of cities and Head of Kingdom of Bohemia – Christopher!

  • GeliBlack

    I’m going to be at his very first tour stop in Munich, yeah 😀 Anyone else who will be there?!

  • Juliana Rodriguez123

     Hope someday he come to Brazil

  • Jennifer F.

    He’d better stay safe on this journey. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    So cool; I wish I was in Europe or New Zealand right now!!!