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We are excited to announce that we will be interviewing Christopher Paolini in the near future and for the first time since Inheritance released, are asking members of the Shur’tugal community to contribute interview questions for the author! Because the interview is fast approaching, the opportunity for fans to submit questions will not last long. If you have a question to submit, please be sure to do so right away.

The staff of Shur’tugal will be sorting through questions submitted by our audience and choosing what we feel are the best questions. Chosen questions will be asked during the interview. We do not know when the interview will be released on Shur’tugal and may take up to several weeks after the recording date.

If you would like to submit a question, please continue reading!

Looking to submit a question? Please remember that your time to do so is limited. If you have a question, submit it right away!

Please try to keep your questions focused on Inheritance (Book 4). Please do not ask about the Eragon movie or any remakes, as we’d like to keep the focus of this interview on Book 4 and future books.

Please submit your questions in the comments below. If you have multiple questions, please try to keep them all in one comment for easy sorting!

  • Kronos23237

    Will we see a new generation of riders unfold from the point of view from one of the young riders but with eragon as the leader and only a charecter in the story. Or something like that.

  • rien

    Will there be a sequel to the last book because I have trouble me that the series stops?

  • De-liiin

    For me, it never was the question wether eragon would defeat galbatorix, as it always seemed clear that somehow he would find a way to do it. The question rather was (if both of them survive) how his love story with arya would end. 
    So my question is: will we see a continuation of the eragon-arya story or at least some more information on it? 
    Concerning this, the end of Inheritance just seems to be too bitter. I think they definitely deserve some continuation, or at least us readers who have suffered with them, especially with eragon, do!

  • DogzrRulzYeah

    Why didn’t Brom use the energy in Aren to heal himself when he was wounded by the Razac?

  • Robyn M Jones

    Why do you charge for book signings, Mr Paolini, if you are a bestselling author?


    in inheritance on page 420/421 the oracle in illeria is mentioned, was angela the oracle? it would explain a lot!

  • dragoth the dragon king

    when you said in the acknowledgements that you might right a new book.                   if you do when do you think it might be 

  • Akshayraj Aitha

    I’ve always wondered about the world beyond Alagaesia. You mention Alalea, the home of the elves, but do you have an idea whether there are any other continents, or how far Alagaesia extends to the east? Also, would you ever consider revealing those continents in future works or at least creating a world map? 

  • Naegling

    Is anyone else having a problem getting into the forums? I haven’t been able to get on in about 4 months and I have tried from 7 different computers in that time and the same thing keeps happening. The internet freezes everytime.

  • Eragon elda

    For begin i’m french and very bad in english but i hope you will understand wath i say…
    First i have been sad about the end of the last book because Arya and Eragon are not together . In all the cycle i hoped Angela’s prediction never happens fot the part the where he leaves Alagaësia but it happened… I think if you haven’t talk about this love is because that is more complex and you can’t develop this love in few page. However did you ,in an other book, develop this love and ask at all this open questions ?

    Secondly congratulation for the series , all events arrive and chained with logic. It’s with many emmotions i’ve followed the cycles Eragon 

    Atra du evarinya ono varda

    • IronEagle

      Je compronde asse bien.

      • Eragon elda

        merci 🙂 

        • Ben98lalonde

          Je pense qu’il voulait dire  “je comprends assez bien”.
          Je suis Québécois

  • Guest

     If the opportunity for fans to submit questions is not going to last long, why are you guys still taking questions almost a month later?

  • Ahmed_27

    Why does Saphira barely talk to Eragon after she meets Firnen? And who does she love more, Eragon or Firnen?

  • Jrqls

    What was the point of the 2 mysterious women that debuted in book 3 (Angela reading the Dragon Bones for them), but had only one miniscule part at the end of book 4 where they saved Roran?

  • JJ_S

    One more question. About how big in feet are the dragons in the stories?

    • bigmike

      they all varied. Gladre was large enough to fit Orimis house in his rib cage…. thats pretty big…….

      • JJ_S

        Yes. But we don’t know how big that is. I meant, about how many feet long are they? (And yes, I know they’re drastically different sizes).

  • Ja Moravec

    Why did you let Eragon go and never see Arya again ? 

  • LoicAdlar

    Hey. I just remember. You said we would learn more about spirits. So, what exactly ARE spirits?

  • Guest

    Question for the interview:

    What would happen if someone gave a command in the Ancient Language? Does the person the command is directed at have to obey it?

  • Aidan Bracher

    Also, I was severely disappointed with Inheritance. I was at Waterstones an hour sooner and they opened early just so I could get the book. I read it at every opportunity and had finished it within 8 hours of opening it. Compared to the others it was a let down.

  • Aidan Bracher

    Why did you leave so much unanswered? What were Brom’s seven words? What were Eragon and Saphira’s true name? Why does Brisingr burst into flames when Eragon says Brisingr? Why didn’t you tell us more about Angela? My guess is that she’s the Soothsayer. What happened to the Belt of Beloth the Wise? What happened to Naegling? When will you be in the UK?

  • IronEagle

    You referenced Doctor Who 3 times in the cycle, and mentioned your next book is going to be sci-fi. Will it also have Doctor Who references, a camio? Inheritance references?

    • bigmike

      What were the three references? I must have missed them.

      • IronEagle

        The first was the Lonley God reference in book 3 when Eragon and Arya were sitting by a camp fire. The second and third were in book 4, the second was when the werecat (Solumbum?) mentions a room bigger on the inside, the third when Angela was knitting a blue hat that said “Raxacoricofallapatorius” a planet from Doctor Who.

  • Iodine 13

    Will there be any more books about what happens to Eragon and the “New” generation of riders, and if so, what would be an approximate time for the release of such a book?

  • ThornsTornTail

    1. If Murtagh knew the true name of the ancient language, why didn’t he use it to break off his oath with galbatorix? Surely the true name of the language outweighs/trumphs the true name of Murtagh and thorn? I can’t imagine that he was content with his situation and chose to serve galbatorix willingly. And why couldn’t he use the name to free nasuada?
    2. Why didn’t they search for oromis’ sword if it held so much power? Eragon could have transferred the power into Aren/Brisingr/belt of beloth the wise.
    3. If you found out your true name, could you command yourself to do something, like finding a way to kill galbatorix? Or let’s say someone else knew your true name and ordered you to do the same thing. If you had no choice but to come up with a way, you might eventually find

    • ThornsTornHorn

      A way to do it. ( it might not work, but on the off chance that it might it’s worth attesting at least once)

      Sorry I’m writing the rest of this as a reply. For some reason it didn’t let me write more in the box.
      PS: my name was thorns torn horn*, not tail.

    • LoicAdlar

      good question. hop it gets answered

  • Carlysierra

    Somebody already asked this, but it was a while back, and I thought it was an interesting question, so I’ll mention it again. Why did the riders kill off all the razac? Isn’t that basically genocide since they only killed humans to survive? What makes them inherently evil?

    • Akshayraj Aitha

      Well, the books mention that the Ra’zacs’ primary source of food is humans. They are adapted and built to hunt and kill humans. Therefore though it was genocide, I see it as sort of a survival of the race sort of thing; the humans and Ra’zacs inherently could not make peace, so they had to be killed. 

  • Naegling

    My question for CP is: Mr.Paolini do you think it would be better if authors had to write the whole series before it is published or do you think it is better to write and publish each book separately and leave fans waiting years for a book to come out?

    • bigmike

      I say that the authors should make the readers wait. It builds suspense and leave the readers ready to rush out and buy the new book as soon as it comes out.

      • Naegling

        Why so an author can start a great series to get fans then have it go to crap after they have fans?

        • bigmike

          Fans are fans. It doesn’t matter if the books are released at once, or drawn out over time. It doesnt change the fact that good books draw in fans.

  • aprentis

    What is angela’s sword made of of and where does it come from?

  • Nengchiang

    Although you made it extremely clear Eragon does not believe in any higher beings, why did he so willingly accept his fortune told by Angela? For some reason, I believed the 3rd part of the fortune telling to be subjective, because the first 2 had a place in Alegaesia already.
    Although you promised us more would be revealed about Angela, we did not learn that much about her. Likewise, she was even more mysterious than before.

  • LoicAdlar

    Hey. When is this interview actually going to take place? Have you started looking through the questions yet?

  • EmperorK

    Are you considering a release of “Domia Abr Wyrda” (with or without Jeod’s addition of Eragon’s era, it would be thrilling in any case)?

  • EmperorK

    We have got many references of Vrael and Umaroth throughout the Inheritance cycle, yet we learn nothing about them, save a few general bits ‘n pieces and vague hints, as well as a brief introduction into Umaroth’s Eldunari. Will we learn anything more about them in the future, such as their role in the Battle for Doru Araeba and what preceded it? Secondly, will Eragon and the New Dragon Riders discover new peoples and/or civilizations to the east of Alagaesia? Lastly, will the New Dragon Riders face any similar threats?

  • Hesstyler50

    Will ther ever be a book where eragon and arya get together and get married

  • IronEagle

    Eragon concidered trying to revive Brom.  Is necromancy possible in any way?  What would the reprucussions been had he tried?  Did Riders get vacation time, or were they “on call” like firemen.  Is the calender of Alegasia the same as ours?  is the solar system the same?  Do dragons from larger eggs develop/grow at the same rate as those from smaller eggs, how does that work?
    P.S.  Thank you, Lord Paolini, for sharing with us your wonderfull story.

    • bigmike

      I was wondering if the egg size has anything to do with the size of the dragon when it hatched as well. Or even if a dragon from a larger egg will be of a larger size full grown then one born of a small egg?

  • IronEagle

    Is the calendar of Alegasia the same as ours?  Did Riders get vacation time?  Do dragons from larger eggs develop at a different rate than those of smaller eggs?

  • Hannah Marie Arbeiter

    What is life like in Vroengard before and after Eragon and Saphira left? Does Doru Araeba ever get rebuilt? Who is Angela, you never really clarified what was so special about her, please explain!!! (P.S. Please write more! Continue the Cycle!!!PLEASE!!)

  • Ari

    Who exactly is Angela? As the series progressed, we got more and more little hints that there was something very significant about her. I always expected some big reveal near the end, or at least some more information. But it never came. More information please! 

  • Rabailbadar

    why have u left the location of the belt of beloth the wise a mystery???

  • IronEagle

    On evolution in the different races, did the Elves, Dwarves, Humans, and Urgals all evolve from a similar ancestor like the Grey Folk.  Also what inspires the nucular explosions and mutations from radiation?

  • IronEagle

    How would you describe your relationship with your sharacters?  Are they like your children?  Friends?
    What will life be like for Eragon and Saphira once she has children?

  • Krispin S

    What did Menoa tree take from Eragon?

    Why didn’t you tell the real names of Erafon, Saphira or Arya?And what about Murtagh? Where did he go? And will Nasuada and him meet again somewhere?
    Really, this end have open ending and too much unanswered questions and I don’t like it.

  • Jett Kirkerud

    Hello, I’d like to know if you are thinking of even the possibility of making more books, like a “2.000 year before” book?
    If so, just remember to make it as fantastic as you have already shown us you are capable of.

  • LoicAdlar

    One more. Why could then environment support all the wild dragons and the paired dragons, especially when many of them were ancient and had reached a massive size, but now cannot support the few remnants of the dragon species still in possession of their bodies? 

    • LoicAdlar

      “the” not “then”.

    • bigmike

      Its probably because the human world had grown used to not seeing dragons and it would be a shock and hard to bring them back into peoples lives.

      • LoicAdlar

        That hardly seems like a good reason. I mean, people can adjust to changes fairly easily.

  • Isc0924

    Why did you close the book like that. With so much sadness

    • Isc0924

      Also I had been wondering why eragom had to leave.
      He was not the best swordsman.
      Was not the best at breaking into minds.
      Not the best at magic.
      Most of those go to arya at least she was better than he was.
      Yet she got to stay.
      About dragon hatchlings.
      He can hatch the dragons any where.
      He can raise them with the elvs with out showing he likes them better.
      And why would it matter are other nations children th

    • Standing Dragon

      Farewells are often bittersweet.

  • Anonymous

    1) why was martland redbeard at the battle in Uru’baen, when he had been left in command of Dras’Leona? … edit/organisational error much? XD

    2) Why are you not going into detail about Angela? Unless you’re planning a side story about her being Soothsayer/Grey Folk remnant or Queen of the Urgals.

    3) What happened to Bullridge and Oromis’s/Glaedr’s body?

    4) Why didn’t Eragon explore Vroengard a little more when he was searching for his true name? Surely his curiosity would have peaked after he saw those strangers…

    5)on another note, who were they?

    And finally … could i perhaps write a little side story of my own? 😉 Please please please lol

  • LoicAdlar

    1)What happened to Oromis’s sword?

    2)Did Glaedr ever mate? Is the eldunari of any of his mates still alive? What about any of his young?

    3) Why don’t dragons mate for life? Or is that only when they’re young? They are such complex, intelligent, fierce, but also compassionate creatures, it seems odd that they are incapable of finding true love and forming longterm, deep emotional attachments with a mate. 

    4) Why did Eragon have to leave because he was too powerful, but Murtagh did not? (And also, what happened to Murtagh after the cycle?)

    5) What were some of the main character’s original fates that you changed?

    6) Can you tell us more about Shruikan. For how long after Galbatorix had him was he sane? How did Galbatorix control him? During the final battle, did any part of him want to die? Did he let Thorn and Saphira kill him?

    7) Why was Saphira so quick to mate with Firnen? She had only known him for a few minutes. Would not Thorn have been a more appropriate choice? They’ve met more often, are closer in age and size, and even joined forces and fought together in the end?

    8) How can Arya be a queen and a rider? Doesn’t that disrupt the balance of power? 

    9) Why was Saphira in this book so much less than in the others? (I mean, she was there but she didn’t talk much).

    10) If you could change one thing about the cycle, what would it be?

    11) Can you tell us a bit more about Angela? We’re all dying to know!

  • GeliBlack

    What happened to the bodies of Oromis and Glaedr? Will there be a grave?

    If you had the opportunity, would you chose to live in the world of Alagaesia or would you prefer to stay in our world?

    In what aspects did you change the story compared to your original outline?

  • GaBeRock

    1. Do you write/read faniction about you’re own stories, if you do, have you created any crossovers, or have any you particularly want to read?
    2. Are you on tvtropes, or at least spend time there?
    3. Given the choice between writing a fifth book before or after the cycle, which would you prefer?
    4. When you hear people rant about the ending to the fourth book do you a. Sympathize, b. Ignore, or c. Label them as fangirls?

  • Rider651

    Are all elves vegetarian atheists, or just the vast majority?

    Will we ever know the truth about Angela?

    Could you tell us something more about what happened after the end of Inheritance? Some tidbits about what happened to the main characters, or to Alagaesia?

    Did you plan the books to end the way they did when you first wrote Eragon?

    If there was one thing you could change in the books, what would it be?

  • Benjiwade

    Did any other riders, indlvarn or dragons survive Galby’s purge?
    Is the Gedwey Ignasia unique to the rider bond or is it a thing which happens for a person to first touch a dragon hatchling?
    What was the apparition of the dwarf god at Orik’s coronation? Was it a real god, an echo from a past civilisation?

    • In another interview, Paolini said that Galbatorix hunted down and slaughtered every other Rider and dragon, including wild ones, in the world, leaving Glaedr and Shruikan the only dragons to survive the Rider War. (Dunno which interview it was but I remember reading that on Inheriwiki.)

  • Ottoodey

    Will there ever be a story about Arya and Eragon? I just have this feeling that altbough Eragon is the hero, he is still shortchanged in the story. He was consistently criticized by everybody, he didn’t become king, he had to leave Alaegasia. Even the credit for killing Galbatorix was given to Murtagh! Will you let Eragon win @ something?

  • Anonymous

    I’ve got a few questions, as I’m sure most do, so I’ll just give them to you one at a time.

    1. What do you think makes a good villain?

    2. What do you think makes a good story in general?

    3. What do you like most about dragons?

    4. What do you find most interesting about your own series?

    5. What are you most proud of concerning your own story?

    6. What do you think was the hardest thing to write about, or come up with?

    7. When you first came out with Eragon the book, how much of the following storyline did you already know?

    8. Since you became a popular author, has that fame ever interfered with your life?

    9. What has changed most about your life since finishing the cycle? 

    Hope you guys have fun picking out a few from all these questions people have submitted. Bet that’s a fun project, though to be honest I’m not sure I’d want to trade places with you. Well have fun anyway. …Cheers! 

  • Kingkiller

    Hi Christopher, 
    first of all I want yout to know, that I´m a big, big fan of your Inheritence-cycle.
    Unfortunately I didn´t really like the end of Inheritence, because it was not the end I expected and hoped for, but i can understand your argumentation you gave in recent interviews.
    But now I come to the questions :
    1.) Will Eragon and Arya the main-characters of youre book 5?
    2.) If yes, will there be any chance for a future relationship? And kids?

  • A big Fan

    Is there going to be any more books in the series or another series after? because I think the inheritance cycle is the best books i have ever read and i really hope to see more in the future.

  • Cameron

    I would realy like to see another Eragon film. I would also like a few more books if you are thinking about writing more books. What would it/they be about?, when will you be writing more books? and if you have already started a new book when do you think roughly when it/they will be finished and published because I can’t wait for another book.Yeah so i would realy like to see more books so if you can please write more. The inheritance cylcle was the best books and book series i havew ever read. Thanks for writing the first books.

  • Eragon Shadeslayer

    I would like eragon to return to ellesmera when he can and not when their is a marriage between arya and an elf for eragon knoes her true name and so does she and saphira should lay eggs also I would like to see a marriage between arya and eragon because when I finished the last book I had heartache because o thought the series ended eragon should have a son and name him brom and he gets to be a dragon rider. From which the egg is an egg from saphiras eggs will eragon return to allagaesa? Will he marry arya?will they have a child ?will the child be bad? Will eragon fight him? Maybe when he fought galbatorixs the kings spell transported him another land like where eragon is going to move the eggs? And the most important ? Of all is will there be another book or series

  • Lucas Bertoni

    How does Eragon feel about Saphira being able to express her love with Firnen? I find it incredibly unfair that Saphira has the chance to express her love (and have that love expressed back to her) while Eragon has to side by the sidelines and hope for the best with Arya. If I were him, I’d be in a jealous rage over the whole subject, and heart broken because of Saphiras willingness to mate so quicky.

  • Saphira1972

    I would also like to say that the inheritance cycle is not just for young adults. I’m 39yrs. old and i couldn’t put it down. I personally would love to see the movie redone, following the books more acuretly. Or better yet turn it into a series on sci-fi so that all us fans could see the story unfold in living color. I for one would not miss a single episode!!! As long as it followed the books as closely as possible. Maybe even a 360 game that follows the books. ( I mean the first game was an insult to the cycle!!! ) It should be done in the form of Skyrim!!! Christopher if you ever read these I would appreciate you sending me an e-mail in reply to my comments. Cause I think I could give you some really good ideas that would do justice for the inheritance cycle.

  • Saphira1972

    First I’d like to say I loved the inheritance cycle!!! I hated to see it end. I was disappointed though to see how Murtagh left. if he writes a 5th book it should shed some light on him. And I TRULY believe that the Inheitance cycle could make for a much greater movie than lord of the rings trilogy ever was!!! As long as they followed the books better than they did on the first try!!! Or maybe turn it into a series on sci-fi. I think it would have a bigger following than Merlin.

  • Shadowdarkstaf

    it might be a good idea to branch of on the lade and the girl Eragon blessed in book three.

  • Shadowdarkstaf

    like other have said you kinda left us hanging is seems like you set us up fore another book. I have read all of the books three times each except 4. if you make another one, you can be sure I be buying it.  p.s. might i suggest that Eragon come back.

  • Frans

    i have to be honest. i am kind a hoping that, when you(Christopher) start writing again about Alagaesia, you won’t leave out Eragon and Saphira,Arya etc. somehow there story isn’t finished yet. there are to many questions that still need to be answered. will Eragon and Arya ever be together? will he ever come back to alagaesia even though Angela told him he wouldn’t? etc etc. i could make up hundreds of questions.  you could combine the story about eragon with a new story about a student of him for example. but i think i speak for many of us when i say that it would be nice if the end of eragon would be a little more concrete. what you have done is amazing! you have written the best books i know in my opinion. better then Harry Potter better then anything. but i really hope this isn’t the end of eragon yet. it just feels…unfinished. i’m not entirely satisfied.    

  • Celeste

    Are you going to write another Inheritance book? I loved them! Also, are you working on any other books right now?

  • Alex

    The warrior introduced on page 350 in Brisngr who lost his leg and saw the lights around him in people, eldunari, and energy sources; how did his ability develop, is it a form of magic, and what happened to him throughout the rest of the story?

    • Guest

      And what was the point of having him in the story?

  • Anonymous

    I mean no disrespect but i was a little disappointed by the ending of Inheritance, although i loved the series and the book. My questions are… When or if you make another series or if you continue this one, will you include all or most of the old characters? And last when will you start writing the new series if you do?

  • Davidjwhite92

    When Eragon has no pressing duties, what is his ideal bedtime? 

  • Davidjwhite92

    When Eragon has no pressing duties, what is his ideal bedtime? 

  • Kachill

    Why did you leave out the words Brom whispered to Eragon, and what were they?

  • Asadhaiderhaider

    would you write a short book about ANGELA the HERBALIST????

  • Guest

    1. What did the Menoa Tree take from Eragon?
    2. Is there going to be any future books about new Riders? (how about Ismira or Hope becoming Riders in some years..)

  • Anonymous

    Saphira  feel it when in book one her egg was hit with a hammer. 

  • Shadowslayer

    Hello. Will Eragon or Arya be the main character in your next book/series about Alageasia? Or at least will they be one of the main characters?

  • Vintarr

    My question is:
    Why does Eragon never return to Alageasia? What are the reasons? Or maybe Angela’s prophecy won’t come true? Maybe Eragon can change the prophecy using the ancient magic’s name?

    • Vintarr

      Or maybe Eragon’s true name has changed, and the prophecy no more concerns him?

      • This is not a real thrue. His name changed after prophecy. Btw, Angela’s prophecy wasn’t spoke in ancient language. The leave from  Alageasia was Eragon’s resolution. 

  • Jjerzey

    hot and dirty
    like good coffe
    spills forth

    what happened to the fan fiction i miss all the good stories and awful poetry

  • Keith

    Is there going to be any future books concerning Eragon’s upbringing of the Dragons? I think it would be great if you (Christopher) perhaps made a stand-alone book not part of the inheritance cycle sort of closing up any loopholes Inheritance left open,(Does Arya eventually leave with Firnen to join Eragon and Saphira? Is Saphira perhaps pregnant? Where does Murtagh go?) Also, this doesn’t concern the Inheritance cycle, but I’ve been meaning to ask. Have you ever played World of Warcraft? It’s just I’ve found many references in the books concerning Azeroth. (Hrothgar’s name for instance). Love the books and hope you read this. Se onr sverdar sitja hvass!

  • Pessimist

    Wow Really? We all want to ask the same question he has answered many times already? Will he write another book in Alagaesia? He has said yes many times already. He is writing a sci-fi book with his sister Angela. Which will probably turn into a trilogy. So that will take up his next 9 years. After that he will write in Alagaesia again, but it won’t be Eragon and Saphira as the main characters. Also, he said some of the characters will be back in it, but not all of them. 12 years to wait is way to long for me. I probably will not read anything else he writes unless it is a billion times better than Inheritance.

  • Anonymous

    Do you have a fan mail E-mail address?


    I just had an awesome idea, CP should write a book that is about the first urgal and dwarf riders

  • Belgarion

    Will Eragon ever meet the mysterious Grey Folk?

  • GiuuM

    It was said that Tenga would make an appearance in Inheritance, but he didn’t appear. Or at least that I noticed. Why did you decide to cut him? What was Tenga’s purpose in the stories?

  • Eragon

    Your book was great. Will there be a book 5? If so does Eragon ever find a female to replace Arya or do they still end up together?

  • Eragon Shurtuagl

    Why you had Arya stay when she so wanted to go with Eragon? It’s obvious they belong together. Why make her stay and have her rip Eragon’s heart out yet again? 

  • Anonymous

    What do you think about the Eragon movie?  I know that movies are never as good as the books they were based off of, but the Eragon movie was not as good as it should have been (not just to me but to many others as well).  Do you think you would even consider having the Eragon movie re-made?  It is impossible to make an Eldest movie because 20th Century Fox omitted too much key information in the Eragon movie.  I know many fans as well as myself would love to see the Eragon movie re-made.  What do you think?

    • Anonymous

      I Agree. The Eragon movie needs to be re-made before they can even consider making Eldest.

  • Benjiwade

     When Eragon and Saphira ran into the head wing on the way to ellesmera in brisingr, Eragon prayed to the king of the dwarf gods and soon after the wind abated, was that just coincedence or divine intervention?

    • bigmike

      Also, speaking of the dwarf gods, I am wondering how simular the urgal gods are to the dwarf gods. Both are old races, both have the same amount of toes, which might mean that they have some common ansestry of even the littlest kind. Maybe their gods have some things in common as well. Just a thought.

  • Goldiegam

    Who thinks that Murtagh loved Nasuada?

    • Steve

      Its been obvious since Eragon 😀

    • Anonymous

      I Do

  • Paul McCann

    hello my name is Paul McCann i know you’re saying right now just another stupid fan. You’re rong, you’re novels inspired me to right a book. when i finished inheritance i was sad not because of the ending because there was no more books. i think you should right a book with this idea. a cult of loyal people to galbatorix snuck in to the castle because they knew a secrete that galbatorix still had eggs not just the green one but 30 more. this cult steals the eggs. but there is a huge black egg make it hatch to someone so he can be the leader. and right about how they try to destroy the varden and erago returns maybe with the dragon soldiers. or eragon stays behind and the dragons and riders he has trained go ahead with another leader. and they help them try to destroy the cult. it could even be another siries.

  • Goldiegam

    do Murtagh and Thorn ever come back?

  • Goldiegam

    If you don’t make book 5 of the Inheritance Cycle, can you please please please write another book??? I love your style of writing! 😀

  • Goldiegam

    If 2 people learned the true name of a person and they told him/her to do opposite things, what will happen?

    • bigmike

      CP touched on this in an interview before book 4 came out. He said something alone the lines of a lot of blood coming out of the ears and either his head explodes, or some type of very painful death that i cant remember. Pretty much, its not good to give someone contradicting orders………

  • BidDaumJuNiorR

    You told us that in Book 4 you’d tell us if the Gods were real. It didn’t appear. Why?

    Why didn’t you tell Angelas secrets? You’ve been holding on for it for well over 10 years and then you finish off your cycle and NOT telling her secrets. Why?

    Arya said that she didn’t wanted to become Queen. Yet when she’s a rider and shows feeling for Eragon she chooses to BECOME THE QUEEN. Again, why?

    You started up the series good, but ended bad, I would be very pleased if you would answers my question.

    • Steve

      He just has to make Book 5. He ended the Inheritance that way… He would be stupid if he didnt make Book 5… There is so much room for it…

      • Shadowdarkstaf

        it takes a ton of work to make a book, I know, I tried. some times your just to worn out to keep going, don’t get me wrong i would like to see another book but lets not strain him.

    •   With regard to Angela, they wouldn’t be secrets if he told them to us,
      now would they? If he did that, it would effectively take away any real
      possibility of writing a book about Angela

      • bigmike

        And that book would not only be awesome, but also probably raise about twice as many questions as it answers, which would make her seem even more mysterious.lol

    • Guest

      I’ve been wondering the same things. I really hope we get answers!

  • Anonymous

    To start off the whole series was amazing thank you for sharing your world with us. I would like to know what happens with Elva? It would also be interesting to know about the dragons that are being raised. 

  • Cloudy109

    ok, here goes nothing; 
    do you forsee eragon dying?
    faolin was a rival for eragon, are you planing for arya to have a rival as such?
    do you wan’t to have the movie re-made, and if so when?

  • Golden

    You said you originally had another title in mind for Inheritance. What was it?

    • He said in another interview that the original title of the final book was going to be Empire

  • Weaversam8

    How did you think about the movie? I heard it wasn’t too good.

    • Goldiegam

      you are right! it was TERRIBLE! one big thing was that Arya flirted with Eragon when in the books, she is just friends with him! Also, the actress who played Arya had blonde hair and they dyed it red when it said many times that Arya had raven hair which means black! + Eragon has brown hair, not blonde! 

      • Steve

        They have to make Eragon (movie) again… It contains just about half of the important info… They would be screwed if they have tried to make Eldest movie….

        • Saphira1972

          not to mention that the only part of the movie that even followed the book was how Brom was buried. That’s it. THE MOVIE TRULY SUCKED!!!

  • Steve

    Since fans are asking for it… Are you going to write book 5? Inheritance cant be end of Inheritance cycle!

  • Vintarr

    I think the most important question for fans. Arya and Eragon – why? Why they are not tougether. Will they ever meet again? Will you explain it in another book?

  • Master Of Bows

    Where do Eragon and Saphira end up?
    Do they ever see Arya and Fírnen again?
    Is Angela “The Soothsayer”?

  • Dragonborn

    -Who are the Grey Folk (apart from what we were already told in the series) and where did they live?  Are any still left in the world?
    -Why did the elves leave Alalea?
    -Did the elves and Urgals originate in the same land?
    -What are the other lands that Eragon has read of (mentioned in Inheritance)?

    • bigmike

      I thought the urgals followed the humans when they came from over seas.

      • Benjiwade

        yep they did

  • Melanie Marcus

    Are you doing any more book 4 tours?

    Whre does angela end up?

    why couldn’t you write a book 5?

    Does Katrina, Rowan, and the baby arrive safely?

    Does Nausuada ever encounter some spellcasters that Eragon missed?

    Does the eldurandi that are insane ever get better and are able to train more riders?

  • DevanteTrinton


    Why did you leave so many things unexplained while and say that you would not continue the Eragon series. 

    Will you do more stories in Alagaesia?

    What happened to Eragon and Saphira and Arya and Firnen?

    Will Eragon ever come back to Alagaesia? He should, since Angela’s prophecy said he would not return to Alagaesia, which could be interpreted as dying in Alagaesia. So Eragon could die in his new land.

  • Lgklages

    If the elves could cleanse Uru’baen after the battle, why couldn’t they cleanse the island of vroengard, and continue training riders there?


      a. eragon, not the elves cleansed Uru’baen 
      b. their was a large difference between the messed up magic on vroengard and the spells in Uru’baen, and the true name of the ancient language only deals with magic dealt with by the ancient language 

  • Dovidh77

    I have a good idea. So many things are left unexplained. To give a little background why don’t you do ‘the adventures of Angela?’

    • Eragon<3 Arya

      That is SUCH a good idea! 😀
      Angela is so mysterious with so many secrets!
      she is my favorite character in the movie!

  • Percy

    Is the eastern land really as empty as the Eldunarí say it is?

  • Percy

    Who exactly is Kulkarvek, the Urgal king, and where are the Barrows of Anghelm?  What lore survives of Alalea?  And are there any dragons, human, elves and Urgals left elsewhere in the world?

  • Gazbygary

    my questions, is why the hell did you leave so many things open unless planning to write another book, which i hope for since the ending did not do the book series any justice plus like some people before me wrote why did Eragon had to leave straight away since there wasn’t any riders to train which would of helped the romance between Eragon and Arya..by the way your writing in all books was superb however you need to learn how to keep your characters attributes the same, like Arya becoming queen what the hell man she didn’t want the thrown from eldest to inheritance and then suddenly wants the thrown after her mother died hmm big change there..my last question is will you do a book about the beginning of the riders since you didn’t go through much detail about the first Eragon.


    • Goldiegam

      he had to leave to FIND a place to train the riders

      • Gazbygary

        Yes i understand that but why so soon he explains in book 1 that it might take years and probably centuries before a egg hatches why did he leave so fast since his cousin was gonna be a father plus he should of helped rebuild Alagaesia since HE IS THE LEADER OF THE RIDERS.think before you comment please =p

        •  Fine, he left Alagaesia because he had become to popular with the people, knew the Name of the Ancient Language, and therefore had become too powerful to remain independant from the competing nations. Just like it said in the book.

        • booboo955

          in the last book it says that the eggs can be suspended for a long time but if it is too long, then the dragons inside become “twisted”

  • Halo306

    I would really like to know more about where Eragon and Saphira go to raise the dragons teach the riders? Also what is to become of the new riders and the rest of Alagaesia?

  • Anonymous

    I have only ONE question, the ultimate question I guess a lot of people are dying to know. 

    Why on good earth didn’t Eragon and Arya (Or whoever else) end up together or even had a fling somewhere in the cycle. 
    I loved the books to bits and I will read the series again and again, but the Only thing that ever bothered me is that Eragon never found someone who would love him in return.

    I, and probably a load of people need to know the answer to that one

  • Aleitheia

    What happened to Shruikan’s Eldunari?

    • Someone

      He didn’t have time to disgorge it during the blast?

      • bigmike

        Unless Galby had made him disgorge it when he was of good size.

  • Angel Alumbaugh

    What does the written ancient language, specifically the yawë symbol, look like? I’d also like to know what the decorative elvish writing looks like.

    • Shadowdarkstaf

      you cant cover everything, can you picture trying i come up with an entire form of speech.

  • An Italian Fan

    Christopher-elda, when I finished to read the book, the emotion I felt was barely describable. I was overwhelmed, but kind of empty at the same time. I got to know so many things, but yet, lots of questions still lack an answer.

    The most pressing question is: will Eragon and Saphira ever come back to Alagaesia?

    Another question is: will Lady Nasuada reveal and spread the technological and scientific discoveries -which were born through the centuries, hidden by the Riders and Galbatorix until now- in order to create some kind of progress in the continent?

    Eka elrun ono, Christopher-elda. Sé onr sverdar sitja hvass!

  • luca villo

    What did the Meona tree take from Eragon/Saphira?????? It wasn’t clear for me, and it didn’t turn out in book 4.

  • Speedsk8

    What is the unnamed shadow from Eragon’s guide to Alagaesia? That is something that I’d really like to know, but you’re probably going to use it in some future book an won’t tell us.

    • Speedsk8

      Also, how did they manage to figure out nuclear fission before discovering gunpowder or electricity? Even with magic that doesn’t make sense.

      • Shadowdarkstaf

        wen did they do that?

        • Speedsk8

          the whole thing about turning the matter in one’s body into energy. Carn and Galbatorix do it when they die. nuclear fission is the exact same, you take the mass from the radioactive material and transform it into energy.

  • ThornsEyes

    I have a question. Does Eragon really love Arya that much, or is she maybe right that he’ll change his mind in a while. The reason I’m asking this is that even though he professes to love her, he’s basically ok with leaving her, possibly forever. He doesn’t really make that big of an effort to change this. Contrast this with Roran who I think we all know would NEVER accept being separated from Katrina like that. 

  • Jace Gallagher

    Hey Chris, will we see any more adventures for Roran, Murtagh/Thorn, or Eragon/Saphira in future stories, or are you pretty much done with them? Also, is there anybody left who can challenge Eragon now that he has all of Galby’s Eldunari and the ones from Vroengard?

  • mk

    When Eragon leaves Alagaesia, he says that it has always been predetermined for him to do that (“This was always meant to be, he thought”, second section of the final chapter, “Leave-Taking”). Yet we know that prophecies do not have to become true (like when Elva claimed that Nasuada would win the Trial of the Long Knives despite her vision saying the opposite).
    While we know that he didn’t have many other options (Vroengard would have been very difficult to restore, as CP explained in the previous interview), Eragon did not even appear to consider leaving the predetermined path. He even secretly knows that he would never see Arya again (though the previous interview suggests the opposite, which leaves room for hope) and does not even think about finding a solution to that.

    Why does Eragon simply submit to his fate of leaving Alagaesia instead of trying to change it? Overall, he appears rather fatalistic in the end, something that is not very typical of him.

  • Daryn

    Christopher Paolini, do you plan on writing Brom’s history, or an epilogue on where Eragon and Saphira and the other Elmundri go?

  • guest1

    What did the Menoa Tree take from Eragon?

  • Du Sverdar abr Wyrda

    Hey, Christopher.  I understand the pressure of fans and how tedious reading all of these must be for you and your staff, so we thought that we would just put this in as simple terms as possible.

    1. New books.  If you make another book regarding Alagesia, what is your plan?  proceed with the timeline or go into the past?  Or  have you thought of publishing a book that takes place at the same time as the Inheritance cycle, like a parallel storyline?

    2.  New Movie.  I don’t speak for all fans here but from the general feel of the Eragon movie I think we hated it more than the Critics did.  By itself the movie is good enough, but nowhere near the level of depth and quality we have come to expect from your writing.  With that in mind the prospect of a new Eragon movie is very welcome.

    3.  Blade singer and her partner.  They are an obvious choice for the topic of a book and we are wondering if they will be the main protagonists or simply side/background characters?  (though we doubt you will reveal any information regarding that topic).

    4.  Angela.  Personally, I would love more of her story, since so much is still shrouded in mystery.  This is just a personal request and does not entirely reflect the views of those I am speaking for.

    Thank you for your time.
    Your Friend, Du Sverdar abr Wyrda

    • Speedsk8

      Trust me, a lot of people want to know more about Angela.

  • jacob

    P.S. It should say though not thoough.

  • jacob

    Will there be other things now for Angela the Herbalist and Solembum? It never did say much on their personal story even thoough she is AWESOME!!!!!

  • Eiyra

    Sooooo, we know CP’s a Dr Who fan…… So…… What Dr is your favourite??

  • Akash Deep

    will we ever know what happens next?

    does eragon and arya ever get together?
    does murtagh ever retun to meet nasuada?
    and atlast i would really really really like to read another book in which arya and eragon   get together.
    sorry if it may seem rude i had somewhat anticipated the ending much beforehand…

  • dbkersch

    My question: Why did Eragon and Saphira leave Alagaesia when there were no new dragons and dragon riders to train? I mean, they could prepare, but wouldn’t they get bored waiting and waiting– maybe even for years. Also, because there were no new dragons and dragon riders, Eragon and Saphira really didn’t have to leave right away when there was so much work to be done.

    Sorry to be so technical. Congrats Mr. Paolini! I’d really like to see another book, though. You left a lot of things open.

    • WanderingDragon

      Great question. I totally agree! Especially since, even once the eggs hatched, wouldn’t the dragons be too small to cause any ecological damage for quite a while?

      • Speedsk8

        they still would need a lot of food. that would cause ecological damage.

  • Sumantra sen

    how does Angela know everything? Why is she respected so much by the elves

    • Goldiegam

      I don’t know myself but Oromis talked about her one time and got all quite. Also, when Angela told the high priest of Helgrind her name, he started screaming.

  • Sureou

    were you dissappointed from the readers reactions of the book?

  • Sureou

    were you dissappointed from the readers reactions of the book?

  • Haliwelhunter

    Did the elves’ view on religion as well as Saphira’s reflect Christopher’s own views on religion and subjects concerning gods? It something I’ve always wondered.

  • Bennybigggs

    What did Angela tell Selena that made her so sad and how did Selena really die?

  • Bennybigggs

    How did Murtagh learn The Word?? 

    • WanderingDragon

      Yes. And why is Eragon too powerful to stay, but not Murtagh?

      • Goldiegam

        Because Murtagh is going to the north far away and because of that, Eragon is the most powerful person in Alegasia and he knows The Word

    • Goldiegam

      Galbatorix told him because Murtagh was enslaved by him and Galbatorix thought that Murtagh wouldn’t change his true name. 

  • Anonymous

    Christopher said that there was a clue in Eragon’s guide to Alagaesia about who the next rider would be. What was that clue?

  • apprentice

    will there be a anceint languge dictonary book, explaining more about the language?

  • zach k

    will there be a new book describing eragons adventures?

  • Zach

    what will happen to murtagh and thorn?

  • Alundir

    1) Is Arya going to Eragon after several years, when she has enough of her task as Queen of the Elves, so she and Eragon and Saphira and Fírnen are finaly together?
    2) And what is the wyrd of Murtagh and Thorn? Are they going to return to Alagaesia or else to Eragon and Saphira?
    3) What is going to happen to Vroengard? Is it possible that it’s going to be liveable in several years?
    4) And, my last question: Where are the Riders going to live after their training is done and they come back to Alagaesia?

    • Goldiegam


      • Alex

        No, she has the eldunari

        • Alundir

          Is’nt the Eldunarí gone together with Eragon and Saphira so no one could misuse this?

      • Alundir

        No, ’cause she knows enough to be not trained, but i meant to say by my question if arya is going to eragon so she could start a relation with eragon…

    • Goldiegam

      Vroengard can’t be livible because of the poison in the air.
      What happens to Glader? does he give up and pass into the void?
      or does he accompany Eragon and Saphira to the east?

      • Alundir

        he does accompany eragon and saphira.

  • rupertthedinosaur

    1. Arya and Eragon! All the fans wanted them to come together or at least show that there was hope for their relationship, so why let Arya and Eragon depart without any sort of “epic romance” prophesied by Angela? The fans need this romance! 
    2. So many loose ends! for example: who is Angela? the Menoa tree? belt of beloth the wise? Tenga? faceless monks at Vroengard?  
    3. Why did Arya choose to become Queen? This is completely out of her character; she has always distanced herself from her mother and the rest of the elves.

    I guess what I’m trying to say is: PLEASE WRITE ANOTHER BOOK! The series simply does not feel finished at all. Most people are desperate to know the fate of the relationship between Eragon and Arya, the answer to all the loose ends, and the future of the characters. I understand that rounding off an epic series is not easy, but this one is too much of an anticlimax, too sad, and too tragic! WE CANNOT COPE! On the other hand, it leads perfectly into another book that fulfils our needs, so….

    PS. Obviously I sound like I’m completely ignoring you’re situation, but 4 year gaps inbetween book means loss of fans. I almost forgot what an amazing story the books told!   

  • EragonFan123

    also, who is the royal blood in angela’s prophey in “Eragon”:
    and you will have an  epic romance with one of noble blood.

    • Anonymous

      Ayra, she is a princess.  And it said “his love will be of noble birth,” not that their is necessarily a romance between them.

  • EragonFan123

    my question is:
    In “Brisingr” while eragon is exploring Helgrind, why did he destroy the seithir oil?
    They could have used it against the Empire and Galbatorix.

  • Giannivanmeel

    my question is: 
    will you wright a book about Murtagh’s life after the death of the king Galbatorix,
    or a book where Murtagh will go to the otherworld to join eragon and find new advantures in the new world as friends and brothers again?

  • Elesdor

     Will there be any chance, that Arya and Eragon will end up together as a couple? Angela said that Eragon will never come back, but Eragon knows true name of Ancient Language so why he can’t change his own destiny? He is the greatest Rider ever was, we all love him and his love to Arya shouldn’t end like this. It reminds me “The Ring of the Nibelung” and it is too sad and lamentably.  Sorry for my bad English but it is too important for me.

  • Anonymous

    My question is, since you left so much manuevering room, will you continue books on Eragon? Because there are so many unexplained things (as mentioned in comments below). Not to mention, the fact that you could do a book on Eragon raising the eggs… and that’s only one example! -Lane (cool2443)           p.s. IwishIwasacartoon, ALEXANDER SALAZAR, Jamie, and GraveGril all had good questions! (to name only a few….)

  • Anonymous

    And I was wondering in the second book arya says something to  saphira and she would not tell eragone, is that important.

    • Anonymous

       In which part of the book was that?

      • Anonymous

        When eragon meets arya for the first time after she wakes up.

      • Anonymous

        When eragon meets arya for the first time after she wakes up.

    • Eiyra

      Yeah, and what did she say????

      • Anonymous

        The book does not say, all it says is that it was in the ancient language, but dosen’t give the words. I just thought it might important.

  • Anonymous

    The inheritance cycle is awesome!!!!!! my question is that you take alot about the different races skills,abilities and traits but what do you think are some 
     skills,abilities and traits of humans that are different from others races of alagaesia. I think there more adaptable. 


    I was wondering a couple of things:
    1.  who or what the robed figures in Doru Araeba were?
    2. in the chapter Infidels on the Loose Angela kills 20 men while escaping with Eragon, Arya and Solembum. How does she do it? She says something along the lines of: time, motion, heat and energy being the same things. What does that fully entail? Can fire then be used as a energy source?

    • Eiyra

      WATCH DR WHO! gosh, guys, obviously she’s a Timelord.

    • Speedsk8

      I don’t know how Angela killed all those men, bbut Tenga says something about “Fire, heat, lightning, light” on pg 135 of Brisingr. I think Angela learned the spell from him.

  • Emeric

    Nasuada was such an annoying character. Whyyyy didn’t you just let her diiiiie?

    • Horsegal4ever

      You’re opinion is not the same as half of us. Maybe some people wanted her to die, like you, but she’s a good character. Besides, she had a purpose in the end of the series. An author doesn’t just kill off a character because they’re “annoying.” Get a grip. 

      • bigmike

        I say that he shouldnt have made king orrin a sloppy drunk as the reason for him not to lead. He should have made orrin more interested in his experiments then ruling. That way he would have retainned some character value instead of becoming a jerk. When Galbi first said that there was a traitor very high in the ranks, I first thought of Orrin because of how he was acting. My question is, why didnt Cp just keep King Orrin more interested in his hobbies and learning like he was the first time we met him, instead of turning him into a complete baffoon?

        • Benjiwade

          i agree. If it was me, i would have had orrin kidnapped instead of nasuada and have him be the character who got killed instead of islanzadi. that way, things would have been much different because nasuada would have lead the varden, islanzadi would still be queen and there would be no need for arya to take over, eragon would have had more freedom to train and develop their power, becoming stronger and more of a match for murtagh and thorn. Plus there would be a position of power that needed to be filled if orrin was kidnapped and killed and my number 1 candiate would have been roran. also arya probably would have left with eragon as well because ehe wasnt held back by the elves. Orrin isnt a particulary important character, he seems to be on the tertiary ring as well as islanzadi, but his army and resources are invaluable to the varden and if that was disrupted, then that could wound the varden greatly. i would have had it so that nasuada was attacked and nearly kidnapped and orrin fought the attacker, allowing nasuada to escape and call for help. the attacker knew  they had no chance of seizing nasuada and settled for the next best thing: Orrin.

  • Rabailbadar

    are you planning to write more books on alagaesia on the future and please do!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jamie

    are we ever going to find out Eragon,Saphira,and Arya’s true names? will there be more books in different view points?

  • GraveGril

    Could there be a book in Murtagh’s point of view. Even just a few chapters would be cool. It might put a new light on certain things. 

    • murtagh rules

      good idea. murtagh is awesome and i want MORE! (of all alageaisa,but espially murtagh)

  • Brisingrblue

    I recently read online that Christopher has sued the film company for the rubbish movie made behind the public eye. Is this true? i read it on what i guess is an unreliable source, that being ask.com. If it it however true, is he actively looking for a movie producer to sell the movie rights to or is he just happy to leave it as a book?

    • What you read about a lawsuit is not true.

      • bigmike

        To bad though. He really should try to get the rights back, just not through a lawsuit. Hollywood would most likely win is it was a court battle.

  • IronEagle

    Not exactly related to the book, but.  Can you tell me where I can find an authentic hand-and-a-half sword, like Eragon’s, that I could actually duel with in the unlikely event that I am in a fight to the death?  I have found several sword sites but they have all been for decorative swords, props, or training swords.

    • Horsegal4ever

      You could try Medieval Times, the dinner show. They sell all sorts of things, including a bunch of different swords. They look authentic. You can’t buy one unless your 18, so I didn’t inquire after them, but the miniatures are real! 😛

    • Speedsk8

      try ebay. my friend who does kung-fu gets all of his katanas from there.

  • Guest

    Was Galbatorix born into a noble family? Random question I know but I was just wondering. Galbatorix sounds like a noble’s name.

  • Arya<3

    In the Battle at Urubane, how come Islanzadi was able to use magic at her will while the other elves could not?

    • bigmike

      the other elves could use magic, but when they did, the results were not what they wanted to happen.

      • Benjiwade

         plus they might have been afraid of hurting their queen and comrades if their magic had an undesired and fatal effect

        • bigmike

          Also, I want to know what what the spell she cast, just before she died, was ment to do.

  • Bromson1

    I have a couple questions.
    1. Are you going to write a book about Brom revealing more of his secrets?
    2. Will Arya ever leave the throne and join Eragon?
    3. What were the 12 words Brom spoke to Eragon in “Eragon”? I never found out. 

  • Irock13198

    the story can switch between all the main  characters point of views as usual, but with this we could see how training with arya is and how eragon stands as a teacher when the dwarf and rider come to him

    • Irock13198

      this is ment for a reply to the comment below

  • Irock13198

    I am just sharing an idea here, but i think i know a good time for the next Alagesia book to kick off. I was thinking mabe when the dwarf egg hatches, and we have arya’s point of view. Just having Arya’s point of veiw while she tells Eragon the news would be great. Being in her view just for that once, we could be able to see exactly how she thinks of eragon, as we only know what eragon thinks. it would also be nice to see how her dragon thinks and talks (i cant remember his name at the moment).

    • Anonymous


  • Ashley

    Why did u make Arya a rider??? I always thought of her as an
    independent woman now she doesn’t seem all that independent…….

    • Benjiwade

      she was the most suitable candidate. Plus she wasnt all that independable. She seemed lonely and withdrawn from society and lonliness is a horrible thing which anyone wishes to end however they can. Eragon became the first person to get a little bit close to her after faolin’s death and Firnen would make sure she was never lonely agen. 

  • Luis-burger

    Hello Mr.Paolini

    I have a few questions for you.
    But First of all i just want to let you know, that i am a big, big fan of your inheritence-cycle
    So now I come to the questions
    1. What will your next book be about ? Do you continue the story of Eragon and Saphira and how they rebuild the order of the dragonriders and raise the new generation of wild dragons? And the probably most interesting question for me: will there be any chance, that Arya and Eragon will end up together as a couple ?
    2. And if nothing from above will be the topic of your book 5 will it them be maybe a prequel ? Or will it just be a book about a complete other topic ?

    Please answer because i think that i am not the only one who didn’t really like your end of inheritence and really want that arya and eragon will end uo together 😉
    Though i can follow your argumentation when you say you would have broke Aryas character if you “force” them together, but the end left a pretty bitter taste in my mouth

    Sorry if there are some spelling- and grammarproblems. I wrote it with my iphone and english is not my motherlanguage.
    But i hope you will start writing again very soon.

    Best wishes LB3003

    • Haris

      paolini said his next book will be about a different topic but he might come back to alagaesia later and he hasn’t divulged anything specific about what he will definitely come back to 🙂

  • Lex

    Are you gonna write another serie with Eragon in it? Maybe a view in the future?

  • bomberboy740

    1. Murtagh and Nasuada are totally in love right?
     2. What are the small stragne looking creatures that Eragon sees on the doors leading into Galbatorix’s chambers?
     3. Roran’s daughter or another child that he has in the future better become a rider or I am going to be pissed!
    4. Is Angela the Oracle that Galbatorix talks about while torturing Nasuada?
     5. Are the people that Eragon sees on Vronegaurd a possible future enemy? Are they possibly not from Alagaesia at all?
     6. Where did all of the races that sailed to Alagaesia come from? Why did they leave where they came from? Why did they decide to settle in Alagaesia?
    7. Does the ancient language work outside of Alagaesia?

    • Anonymous

       I’m pretty sure that the ancient language does work outside of Alagaesia. The elves brought back the ancient language to Alagaesia and they came from Alalea, which is not in Alagaesia.

  • Gmoney5732

    What is the haunting yet beautiful melody played near the end of the inheritance book 4 audiobook?

  • Guest

    Will the next book he makes be part of the main series, will it be a seperate book set in Alagaesia. Or will it be short stories. If my memory serves me correctly, I remember him saying that it will be a seperate book, but not many people are happy with the ending of Inheritance so I was wondering if he would change it.

  • Jennifer

    I don’t understand why Eragon says he can’t come back. They have to be far enough away from danger for the young dragons, but yet close enough to be able to go home and keep the peace. So why couldn’t Eragon visit home?

    • Benjiwade

      Angela foretold that he would never return. Eragon’s reason is that the riders are too powerful to be able to remain in civilised land so they have to go to a uncivilised place but not too far for riders to travel back to alagaesia to keep the police. is it just me or are riders glorified police?

  • Jennifer

    How old is Eragon at the end of Inheritance? In human years, that is.

    • Benjiwade

      no older than 19, he turned 16 in Eragon.

  • murtagh rules

    will you write another book, please?  (about murtagh :))
    why won’t you let eragon go back to alagaesia?

  • Saerina

    I have another question, about dragon eggs: can two dragons come from one egg, and if they do, would one dragon be smarter than the other?

  • Gigasceptile

    You said that one day you would ‘revisit Alagaesia.’

    Are you going to write a Brom prequel, a continuation of Eragon’s story, or a different character all together?

  • Chase Burge

    Does eragon and saphira go to the elves home land, Alalea, that was mentioned in the beginning of the first book?

    • Benjiwade

      Considering the fact that Alalea is in the far west, over the ocean, and Eragon went into the east, he would have to fly over alagaesia in order to get there and Angela foretold he would never return, I dont see how it is possible, unless flying over the land doesnt count.

  • Aleitheia

    If the first Eragon found Bid’daum’s egg and raised a wild dragon, is it possible that the same could happen with any of the wild dragon eggs from the Vault of Souls?

    • Aleitheia


      In the December 2011 Random Buzzers interview, you said that you considered having the final Rider of the Cycle be Elva. {As we all know, the green egg hatched for Arya.] Will Elva become a Rider in the future? (She certainly could match the median age for when Riders of the Old Order were chosen in a few years.)

    • Benjiwade

      Well if it happened once, why not again?

  • Zebbe Nisse

    I just have to know, since you mentioned that you wouldn’t just abandon the world you had built up after all it took to do so and that you were planning to use it again in a future book. So, do you plan on making that in the same “realm” as the Inheritance quadrilogy or will it be in a parallel universer but in the same world?

    Also, (but I doubt this can be answered) how is the true name of the old language pronounced?  =P

  • Thrasherkris95

    Do you plan on making more Eragon books?

  • hoke

    Might be a little late, but who were Thorn’s parents?
    Who were Firnen’s parents?
    Why are adolescent Razac not as intelligent as the Lethrblaka

    Can’t wait for the interview!

    • Benjiwade

      3. The Ra’zac are young compared to the Lethrblaka, whom have more experience, and still have to learn.

  • LongtimeFan

    I know the Arya and Eragon ending has been examined to death since Inheritance came out but I have to make one last comment/question.
    Throughout the series (which I have been reading since Eragon was first mass published in 2003) I feel like I have been in Eragon’s shoes.  And it has been an amazing journey through the years.  But in the end I felt slighted.  Christopher Paolini’s ending is the only one that could make sense but it just isn’t fair to Eragon’s character after all he sacrificed.
    I guess my question is that Saphira and Firnen were able to be together for a few days before they parted, so why couldn’t CP have done the same for Eragon?  After all Eragon did for the Alagaesia world, to not reward him just seems unfair.

    • Luculi

       I agree..

      • Shadowdarkstaf

        same hear.

        • Eragon Shadeslayer

          Same hear

    • Thrasherkris95

      I completely agree with you

    • Yazdan Khan

      I totally agree with you, although I liked the ending, except for Eragon and Arya’s part and Eragon’s departure.

      Very well said.

    • Benjiwade

      It might have made sense, but CP could have made Eragon stay in alagaesia for a while, to help repair the damage caused by Galbatorix. That way, Eragon, Arya, Saphira and Firnen would have had more time together and their feelings to develop more as there is no war to distract them. CP Could have done that but the real question is, why didn’t he?

  • IronEagle

    Wouldn’t Thorn be a better match for Saphira than Firnen?  We got to know Thorn much better than Firnen, and Thorn is closer to Saphira in age.  I just feel that Firnen was rushed into the end there, and we never really got to know him.  How could Saphira feel Firnen was a good mate after only knowing him a few minuts?

    • Jamie

      Thank You I have always thought the same thing.

    • Karli_S

      YES!!! I also would love to hear an answer on that!

    • Benjiwade

      one of the simplest answers is probably because eragon and arya were more or less inclined to see each other in a romantic light, then their dragons were likewise influenced.

    • LoicAdlar

      YES! Same question here!

    • bigmike

      I think the answer may be that because Saphira has never tried to kill Firnen like she had with Thorn, there wasnt any mixed feelings with him. Remember, the first time Saphira saw Thorn, and many times after, she was ready to rip his throat off. There was bad blood between them because of the past rivalry. Plus, Saphira and Firnen together was probably use as a forshadowing device. I remember that Saphira said that the person Eragon gave his heart to, that she will start to care for that person as well, and vice versa. If she were to love Firnen, and Firnen her, then there is a chance that Firnens love for Saphira, and through her, Eragon, will rub off on Arya. Just a theory.

      • IronEagle

        Are you saying that you think Saphira mated with Firnen to influence Arya into loving Eragon?  Rather selfless.

        • bigmike

          No, I think that CP had Saphira mate with Firnen as a foreshadowing element. As a plot device to explain why Arya has sudden feeling of longing for Eragon. For Eragon, Arya, Saphira, and Firnen, the effect is most likely unknown and unintentional; but to the writer, who said that the relationship between Eragon and Arya, it can explain a reason for them to get back together.

          • LoicAdlar

            I still agree with IronEagle. I’d love to know what CP says on the matter. And Saphira never wanted to kill Thorn if she could help it, nor do I think he wanted to kill her. And there’s still the fact that as an intelligent creatures, you’d think Saphira wouldn’t mate with a dragon who she’s know for literally a few minutes, and who is barely more than a hatchling. Thorn has proved himself capable of bravery and sacrifice and he and Saphira have touched minds on several occascions and shared experiences. He still seems like a more likely mate. 

          • bigmike

            There are many likely explinations, but only CP knows the true reason for what he did. I agree with asking him. Im just putting in my opinion on the subject.

          • LoicAdlar

            Very true. Great! 😀 Haha. Yeah. You could very well be right. 

      • IronEagle

        I do not think there was “bad blood” between the two, as they fought together in the end.  Also, you don’t drop a building on someone without having strong feelings for them, it’s practically flirting.

        • bigmike

          True, but also, there is the fact that dropping a building on him was a very effective way of slowing him down to give Eragon and the rest of his team a chance to get to Galbi’s castle. If Thorn would have gotten too close, he might have realized that the image was a fake and the mission would have been a failure.

          • IronEagle

            You are a very insiteful reader, bigmike. Something occured to me while typing this, Saphira may know Firnen very intametly because of their mental contact. It is a much faster and more personal way of getting to know someone. But now I wounder what Firnen was thinking while flying to meet Saphira, he heard of her from Arya and he knew she was the only adult female dragon. Firnen probably had one thing on his mind the entire flight from Elesmera.

  • totally hooked fan

    After reading inheritance i became oddly attached to all the characters in the book. I really think the way the book ended left far too many possibilities for another book despite the way you tried to tie up loose ends. I heard word of a possible book in the future but i honestly feel that this story is so strong that you easily could write another cycle from this one. 

  • Ross sitges

    What is the epic romace

    • Benjiwade

      Eragon’s love for Arya, will outlast empires.

  • Your #1 Fan

    can eragon and arya still see each other? they have to, i mean, it cant just end that way.

    • Elesdor

      Yes, it hurts me when i think that Eragon and Arya will not be together in future, it can’t be right. Цill there be any chance, that Arya and Eragon will end up together as a couple ?

  • Guest

    can you please write another book in the future? The way it ended with eragon and arya just cant stay that way. I usually dont get so emotional about books but for some reason this one has. Please, for my sanity, write another book and have eragon and arya at least visit each other from time to time.

    • Shadowdarkstaf


    • Eragon Shadeslayer

      Same I almost died at the endind

  • Ola

    i have one question could you write  a book about Firnen and Saphira because im interesting  consequences of their relationship. Other book can be  about Vroengrad durning the reign riders. I would be happy if you were driving around Europe came to the Łódź in Poland.
    Greetings  from Polish fans !
    We  love you Christoper 
    Atra du evarinya ono varda Christoper finiaerl 
    Gulia waise medh ono Christoper finiaerl

  • WanderingDragon

    1) What color was Jarunvosk? What was she like?

    2) Was Shruikan always completely mad after Galbatorix had him, or did he gradually descend into madness? What was he like? Could he speak? How did Galbatorix control and “twist” him?

    3)  What is Thorn’s personality like?

    4) What is Firnen’s personality like?

    • Benjiwade

      I dont recall any mention that Shruiken was mad.

  • Chanel

    I love your books, but my questions are more geared toward the movie. I’m sure you’ve been asked these questions already, but here goes.

    1.) Why was Eragon the movie filmed in the direction that it was?

     At one point the director literally states in the DVD that he changed things on purpose because he wanted to. I had not read the books when I first saw the movie…which I thought was awesome at the time. Then I read the books later only to keep yelling out loud, “WTF?!!” If you hadn’t read the books you had no way of knowing that there were elves and dwarfs the whole time among other completely off-base decisions. With that said,

    2.) Are there any future plans to “redo” Eragon in a more accurate adaptation?

    I would love this.

    • Chanel

      Oh! I’m sorry. I just read that we aren’t supposed to ask these questions. Okay, well if you have time or if not no worries.

  • M1K3Y

    sorry bout this i know i wasonly supposed to wrie one question, but could you write a book about galbatorix’s life?
    even better-brom’s?
    se ono waise ilia Christopher-finiarel


  • M1K3Y

    just one more question, maybe your next book could be eragon when he’s the age o oromis but now the riders are fully restored but could some new race sail into alagaesia and pose a threat???
    se onr sverdar sitja hvass

  • M1K3Y

    in your next book could you make it from a new riders view and eragons (first person), like the new rider is helping eragon build a fort and then defend it and then eragon teaches him untill the threat comes up? i think you should avoid roran and nasuada too. this seiries could start with the name of the new rider as the title
    eka elrun ono, Christopher-elda, wiol forn thornessa abr Eragon,
    atra du evarinya ono varda.

  • Michael deZ

    Are you thinking to continue into the future with Eragon and your assortment of already established characters, or are you more interested in divulging into the extensive history of Alagesia?  For example: Vrail’s life story.

  • Reitifoh

    well my question is one which i am sure many want answers too:

    What did the menoa tree take from Eragon?

    personally i am of the belief it was Arya, afterall she was asked…. multiple times to become the new queen which she reluctently accepted (making her the only dragon rider with multiple responsibilties)

    my second less important question is:

    you hinted earlier in the series that you would write a book on the tales of Brom, do you still intend on writing this, even if eragons story is now over?

    thank you and i look forward to hearing the results XD

    • Benjiwade

      How could the menoa tree take arya? she wasnt eragon’s to take. No, she took something from his person most likely.

  • Örjan Bjanesoy

    two split question; wil you return to eragon and saphira any time soon, and will they be as they were when you left them(young and relatively unschooled)?

  • michael w

    can you give an example of a true name not one from the series if you dont want to

  • Dreamer

    When you continue the story, could you please keep Eragon, Saphira, Ayra, Roran, and Nasuada but they dont have to be the main characters, My question is could you make a mini story about Roran and his family and the rest of Carvahall about how their life turned out because i have been wondering about this for some time.

  • Guest

    What do plan on doing when you coninue the story and does Saperia give birth to dragon eggs

  • Anonymous

    1 -What is Selene story

    2- Who is Angela

    3- Who was the girl that helped Roran

  • Argetlampuppeh

    Murtaugh was given a warning before he departed at the end of inheritance. I was wondering, is Murtaugh in a mental state where he can heed the warning, or is he likely to plunge into those dangerous circumstances as a way to vent?

    The creature of the deep that Eragon encountered on his way to Vroenguard was incredible! Was it always a part of the story, or was it something you came up with as you wrote?

  • George Celtics

    i have question’s about some dragons…

    1. did glaedr ever sire any children?2. what was the name of glaedr’s sire?3. why didnt glaedr put his name in the vault of souls, like umaroth did?4. was cuaroc a wild or bonded dragon?5. what were the names of some of the other dragons in the vault of souls, that you didnt mention?6. what was the name of the largest dragon EVER, and what how large was it?7.  what was the color of Jarnunvosk? it was never mentioned in any of the booksnow, some other questions..1. where did vrael come from?2. what were the ranks in the dragon rider order?3. who was the first rider to have a gedway ingnasia? (seeing as it wasnt the first eragon)4. how did the riders choose the next head rider, when the position was vacant?5. if one got old enough, could they “retire” from the order? or were you in for life ? 

    • Benjiwade

      1. Glaedr did. he says in inheritance. 
      6. Glaedr says somewhere in inheritance.

  • Jedaiah Falone

    Did you actually consider having Eragon to attempt resurrecting Brom while writing Inheritance?  

    If so, what possible outcomes of that ordeal did you think of writing?

  • Jedaiah Falone

    Will you have a companion series that features Eragon and Arya, or anything about Riders from the other races?

    Also, will Murtagh and Thorn be brought back into the story if you make another book?

  • Aleitheia

    1. Will we get to see an Urgal and/or a dwarf Rider in the future?
    2. What is the new home of the Dragon Riders like? What is it called? Is it a settlement of only Riders, or a settlement with Riders and non-Rider settlers alike?
    3. Will a new “Vault of Souls” be constructed for the Eldunari and the eggs?
    4. Now that Eragon and Saphira have left Alagesia, as well as Murtagh and Thorn, will the humans receive an egg for a new Rider as well?
    5. Will Elva ever become a Rider or a magician? Will she stay with Nasuada as Nasuada’s primary “bodyguard”? Will her powers expand? Is she the physical manifestation of “white-browed fate” (Wyrda brunhvitr) mentioned in one song, considering the Gedwëy ignasia on her brow and foretelling ability?
    6. Does Du Vrangr Gata become the new “society of magicians”, or is a new society formed?
    7. Does Trianna head the new society of magicians, or someone new?
    8. Can/have pearlescent or opalescent (white with a iridescent sheen or opal-like effect) dragons exist/existed? Or are they merely a diamond-like white?
    9. What is Fírnen’s personality like? Is he like Arya?
    10. Where exactly have Murtagh and Thorn gone in the North?
    11. Are there volcanoes or badlands to the North?
    12. Are there human countries/settlements elsewhere in the world? To the East?
    13. Did any elves or Urgals stay in Alalea? If so, what happened to them?
    14. Will Eragon and Saphira ever return to Alagesia?
    15. Will Arya ever abdicate the throne to join Eragon?
    16. Does Nasuada love Murtagh romantically?

    • Aleitheia


      17. What colors were the eggs left with the dwarves and Urgals? How big were they?
      18. Why did you choose to make Islanzadi die? Was she a plot device to have Arya become Queen of the elves?
      19. Arya is Queen of the elves and a Rider, yet Eragon refuses any sort of political position, and leaves Alagaesia, as precaution against “becoming like Galbatorix”. Why? Are Riders allowed to be rulers, or are they discouraged against it? Will Arya becoming Queen as well as being a Rider have any negative consequences further down the line?
      20. Was Shruikan even capable to thought-speech, or was he “dumb”?
      21. What color was Galbatorix’s original dragon, Jarnunvosk? What was her personality like?
      22. What were the names and species of the other Forsworn?
      23. You mention that four of the five mentioned Forsworn, Glaerun, Enuriel, Kialanadi, and Formora, were all elves – yet Galbatorix seems to be anti-elf. How did Galbatorix manage to attract elves to his side?
      24. Do dragons always choose Riders who are “good” and “noble”? Or can there be “evil”, self-centered, etc. dragons? Why did the Forsworn’s dragons agree to serve their Riders in joining Galbatorix?
      25. A lot of fans on on Inheritance Forums expressed disappointment at the lack of a massive fight scene between Galbatorix and Shruikan, and Eragon and Saphira. How was Shruikan killed so easily by Arya, Thorn, and Saphira?
      26. Why didn’t the opposition to Galbatorix try to send in “kamikaze magicians” to “Be not” themselves at any point in his reign?
      27. In several other series with dragon riders, the riders use very long or certain weapons for aerial combat versus other Riders. Why do your Dragon Riders use swords, and not spears or lances? Are your Riders primarily ground fighters, or do they also fight aerially [and with what weapons/magic]?
      28. Are the Ra’zac extinct in Alagaesia? Or did Galbatorix truly hide eggs that will later hatch into Ra’zac?
      29. Why did Eragon berate Elva over the loss of Wyrden, one elf?
      30. Who exactly are Bladesinger and Wolf-Eye?
      31. Why didn’t you include the werecats in the Rider pact?
      32. Quite a few fans were baffled by the reveal of the third Rider near the end of Inheritance. Why did you have Firnen hatch for Arya so late into the plot?
      33. Are Riders allowed to use other weapons besides swords? If so, then why did every Rider have a unique brightsteel sword? Did Riders have other weapons made of brightsteel? And will new brightsteel weapons be forged [either by the existing store from Linnea, finding new brightsteel ore, or melting down existing swords for reforging]? Or simply modified?
      34. Will Rhunon stay in Du Weldenvarden, or travel to the Riders’ new home? Will she train an apprentice, seeing as she is growing old?
      35. Why did you introduce Lord Barst into Inheritance?
      36. Did Galbatorix also collect the Forsworn’s swords after their deaths? [Excepting Za’roc]
      37. What color is Arvindr? Which Rider did it belong to?
      38. Who was Silvari the Enchantress? Was she elf or human?
      39. Was Cuaroc a wild dragon or a Rider’s dragon?
      40. What did wild dragons think of Rider’s dragons, and vice versa?
      41. With Nasuada’s coronation, has the Broddring Kingdom been re-instated?
      42. Did any of the other Dauthdaert survive? What were their names and colors?
      43. Have you played Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning?

      • Aleitheia


        44. Have there been elf/human couples before? What do elf/human hybrids look like? Can the children have children of their own, or are they sterile?
        45. Does the elven kingdom have an established dynasty or royal family/succession, or is each new monarch chosen, regardless of lineage, by the council of elven lords?
        46. If, according to Saphira, dragons don’t mate for life, is it possible that she could mate with Thorn in the future? (It would certainly help the dragons recover from their bottleneck, as well as the species’ genetic diversity.)
        47. You mentioned two “Kings of Dragons” for the wild dragons. Did the dragons ever have a monarchy? Or was it merely a more primitive form of keeping order, i.e. like animals in the wild?
        48. Selena, Eragon and Murtagh’s mother, came from a backwoods farming family in Carvahall. How did she become a seasoned assassin and join the Black Hand?
        49. How do dragons inherit eye color?
        50. Are dragons warm-blooded, or cold-blooded? if they are warm-blooded, how to they manage internal body heat?

        • Benjiwade

          44. yes it says in Eldest.
          46. yes, only if she finds thorn ideal.
          48. Morzan visited carvahall and she fell in love with him.
          50, yes they are warm blooded. Look at the fight between eragon and murtagh in brisingr.

  • IronEagle

    Will we ever see a map of the rest of the Inheritance Planet?
    Also, is Angela a Timelord or a former companion of The Doctor?

    • EternalShade

      I want to know the answer to the first question. The second one…?

      • Sed

        Like donna but after she was doctor donna but her brain doesnt melt

  • Canat

    If you return to Alagasia in a later series with Eragon much older, would the original homeland of the elves be explored and would any wild dragons return with eragon from where he went? or would it be a story of a different rider who is decended from Eragon returning to Alagasia to face a new evil? If so could he be named Ajihad with a dragon named Breorn? Those are cool names.

  • Shade Of Shadows

    First off the inheritance cycle is my favorite series ever! 

    1. The seven word Brom told Eragon, will they have any importance in the next book?
    2.Will your next book about Alalgaesia be a Prequel  or a sequel?
    3. What part  or parts Inheritance did you  find hard to write?
    4. Is it possible for a Shade to become “good”? 
    5. What are your top favorite characters in the entire series?

    • Jedaiah Falone

      For your 4th question, I believe it was Oromis who told him, but when Eragon inquired about sorcery in one of the books, I think when Oromis teaches him any magic of his choice, Oromis tells him that only the most evil of spirits form Shades, since the good spirits find it distasteful, so a Shade cannot become “good”.

      • Go

        It could be good shades that got bored or wanted to do good

  • Acdragonrider

    What is the future of the Inheritance stories with Eragon, Saphira, Arya, Roran, Nasuada, Murtagh and the rest? Is there a possible sequel trilogy that you might write?

  • Benjiwade

    I am a writer (unpublished) but can’t seem to finish any of my books either because I know I can write them better, or because they seem too much like other books, at least the first few chapters. Any advice on how to avoid that because I have billions of original ideas but the storyline still sounds the same as another book. 

    • Benjiwade

       Also what reference books did you use when writing the series?

  • Benjiwade

     The idea of making Galbatorix understand and feel all the suffering he had caused was an extremely great idea, where did you get the inspiration?

  • Benjiwade

    What happened to Tenga and why did you put him in Brisingr?

    • bigmike

      Tenga is the one character I wanted to learn more about. What happenned between him and angela? How did he get all of those scrolls? Will he show up again in a future book?

  • Benjiwade

    How did Thorn cope with a body older than his mind?

  • Benjiwade

    Does Murtagh have any other family? As in an uncle or aunt on Morzan’s side of the family?

  • Benjiwade

    You said in your books that everything has a unique name in the ancient language, then why do humans, dragons, elves etc, only have a description of their essence?

  • Benjiwade

    If you can control something by saying its name in the Ancient Language, then wouldn’t you be able to control any human, elf, dwarf, urgal or dragon by saying the word for each race in the Ancient Language? I mean if you said human in the Ancient Language and infused the word with energy and directed the magic at a particular human, wouldn’t you be able to control that human?

  • Benjiwade

    Was Galbatorix’s bond with Shruiken the same for him as it was his first dragon?

    • Few


      • Benjiwade

         What I meant was did it feel the same to Galbatorix? Of course it weren’t the same, it was a unnatural and abused for of the bond. All i want to know is what it was like for Galbatorix personally.

  • Benjiwade

    I would really like to know if Galbatorix ever had a love life?

  • Brandon Scott Higgins

    What all did Saphira and Thorn talk about when Saphira was telling Thorn about the eggs? Will we ever seen their conversation?

  • BestGuest

    On page 709, when Eragon is in Galbatorix’s throne room, it says “Then Eragon heard a series of thin shrieks as twelve orbs of light appeared around Galbatorix’s head and fled outwards from him and passed through the walls of the chamber and thus vanished.” It goes on to say that Eragon thought these were sprits, but that he wasn’t sure. There are twelve orbs of light, and twelve diamonds in the missing Belt of Beloth the Wise. Is it a coincidence? Is there any significance with the number twelve? 

  • Akamarufan18

    1 Why did the urgals call Angela Moon-Eater
    2 Would Brom have told Eragon he was his father later on if he hadn’t died
    3 What was the purpose of those two girls, Angela had fortold thier futures to if they didn’t appear in Book 4
    “Final” Why wasn’t the boook finished with two of the fortunes Angela predicted not come true “I understand one of them might be true on what CP maybe thought about it”

    • Akamarufan18

      oh yes 1 more, When they said that long before they used to line peaple up in a city and have them touch it to see if thier a Rider, how would that work since Eragon had Saphira for almost half a day until she hatched

      • Benjiwade

         Might depend on how quickly a dragon takes to a person, it might take years or it might be instant the same as when you meet a person for the first time either you immediately like them or you don’t

    • Benjiwade

       Which ones? The one about eragon having a love that would outlast empires?

    • Jedaiah Falone

      For your 3rd question, the two women actually did appear in Inheritance.  If you remember the part where Roran is struck indirectly by a boulder and is knocked unconscious, he is detained by a group of the Empire’s soldiers.  Just as they are about to wear down his wards and kill him, a mysterious woman dispatches all of the soldiers.  Roran notices that she is being trailed by a young girl and a small boy, and also that she has many horrific scars on her arms, like she was chained up and struggled to the point wear she cut to the bone, the same observation Eragon made before he gave his blessing to the two women.

      The only thing different is the boy with them.

    • Afdas

      to answer #3 they saved roran i think maybe another character in book 4

  • Cuxxy

    Please continue…

  • Sp1kemaster101

    I would love to understand a bit more about Angela. She is very mysterious throughout the series and it was entirely frustrating not to be able to understand her character. Any background on her?
    Keep up the great work. I love your writing!

  • Saerina

    One more question, did Thorn know about Murtagh’s midnight visits to Nasuada, and has he ever talked to her?
    What was his feelings on Murtagh’s affection?

  • Conner

    Where did the Belt of Beloth the Wise go? I personally think Murtagh is withholding it, but if not I’d hate to see it just disappear. 

    • Benjiwade

       How would Murtagh have gotten it though?

      • Sdfghjk

        the priests put it in a place that galby would know/or they could have teleported it with magic like saphira’s egg

        • Benjiwade

           But galby is more likely to keep such an artifact for himself

  • Conner

    So, How did you come up with such interesting and unpronounceable names that actually fit with the cultural speech patterns of the different races? Did you just smash your fist onto the keyboard and add vowels? Or did you take lots of time for each one?

    • Dfgh

      THe ancient language is a real langugae but it is a dead one like latin

  • I have read all but the last book and was wondering did you have any other movies done after Eragon. I seem to see the entire movie to the next two books in my head and thought I must of seen them some where?

    • Benjiwade

       Not to tell u off but its says above to not ask about the movie.

  • Benjyrob2000123

    Sorry for 2 posts but could a rider go into a newly dead creature and control it’s body because the newly dead creature still had energy?

    • Benjiwade

       No unless they used magic to reenact it (like inferi in harry potter). For a rider to use their mind to control another being, the said being would have to have a mind themselves and if they’re dead, then their mind has went with them.

  • Benjyrob2000123

    Will you ever go to the different continents of the Algaesian world? Will we find another continent to the far east of Algaesia? Will we find a strange new forest with strange new animals? Basically will we learn more about the world where algaesia is with new people and races but the same rules of magic and so forth?

  • lastrider

    wil you ever mention broms seven words to eragon in future books?

  • Mitchell

    At what point did you know Arya and Eragon wouldn’t end the story together? 

  • Sebastian

    Will we ever see (or read, rather) the land in which the new hatching grounds is placed? Although my imagination in this has no boundries, I’m dying to witness the rebirth of the riders firsthand.

  • PepsiMan

    Why did Galbatorix kill off all of the wild dragons? Is it possible that any survived? 

    • Benjiwade

       My guess is they were a threat to him. They were too friendly with the riders to his liking.

      • Jedaiah Falone

        Most likely because the banishing of names, which, to Galbatorix, was proclaiming that the wild dragons would side with the Riders, and if not that, because of the fact that they joined in the final battle against the Forsworn.  

        Possibly also because of the way Galbatorix twisted Shruikan to his will and formed a perverse imitation of the bond between Dragon and Rider.

        • Benjiwade

           Oh yeah that as well.

  • War Rider

    Do Dwarf clan chiefs have to vote for a king during the voting process or may they choose not to vote?

  • Elvy

    What happened to the Belt of Beloth the Wise? 

  • makelovenothate

    Wow some good questions that have been asked before. I wish people would check out his old interviews before asking questions. lol
    My question for CP is how many years until we see another book in Alagaesia? My guess is about ten years but I am curious as to what CP will say.

  • Ben Galbratih

    Hey Christopher at the back of inheritance you said you weren’t going to stop writing about Alegasia (I am sorry if its spelt wrong) and Eragon and I was really hooked into your first series and I want to hear about how eragon trains the new riders and how arya does and how orik does with the Dwarfs, also I want to know if Murtahg and Nasudah end up together(Spelling Errors). Please let me know if your writing new books about all these things. Your the Best Christopher  

  • Ash Ogilvie

    As a young fantasy authour in the making could you give me any tips?

    • Benjiwade

       I can, im a writer myself just look through my previous comments and there is one in particular where i helped another person, read my tips. Take a look at the Fanfiction.net site and read a couple of stories, study writing styles and how the authors string their ideas and plots together. No1 tip though, before you really start writing your book, develop your writing style before you start the big books. Continue developing your writing until you are 100% satisfied with it. The easiest way to do that is by writing short stories. I only mention this because my biggest problem with writing is that i always know that i can do the writing better so i end up scrapping stories.

  • Andrew S.

    How long did it take to draw the Alagaësia map?


    Did Book 4 end as a cliff hanger? And if so in the future will you continue the story? say in years to come?

  • Fervidtopher

    In the way that Angela the Herbalist was Influenced by your sister, was Eragon’s Romantic Passion with Arya inspired by a real-world event?
    (A wee bit personal)

    • Benjiwade

       CP said that arya was his dream girlfriend.

  • Horsegal4ever

    What are some books/series you could recommend?What do you suggest for writer’s block?
    How do you stay on the same book for years at a time? I have trouble sticking with one for a few weeks! 
    How do you write your languages? 

    • Benjiwade

       I’m the same about sticking with books. Languages are easy heres and example you could have Jilop say for fire. you could add sounds to make it fired or fires like jilopa-fired jilopu-fires. etc. For writers block i would suggest focusing on something else, develop and idea in detail for the book, write a short story, ask someone to give you a good starting sentence. My advice for sticking to a book is not to write it constantly, space it out, take a break from it, focus on thinking of new ideas, write character bios instead of the story as well as histories, legends, myths, religions and cults, lands etc.

      • Benjiwade

         If you want more help, just ask on here or i could give you my e-mail. (i got seven a few which i hardly use).

      • Benjiwade

         Also, Take a look at the Fanfiction.net site and read a couple of stories,
        study writing styles and how the authors string their ideas and plots
        together. No1 tip though, before you really start writing your book,
        develop your writing style before you start the big books. Continue
        developing your writing until you are 100% satisfied with it. The
        easiest way to do that is by writing short stories. I only mention this
        because my biggest problem with writing is that i always know that i can
        do the writing better so i end up scrapping stories.

  • Kass

    I really, really want to know: Ĉu vi parolas Esperanton? 

    (Do you speak Esperanto?)

    • Saerina

      Mas o menos, 😉

  • Chase Burge

    If you continue to write a story on murtagh life will we also get to here from roran and through roran mirror eragon gave him will we hear from eragon and saphira????

  • hoke

    Final questions, I promise. What did Murtagh say that made the soldiers think he was the enemy, and what did Angela say to the high priest in Dras Leona?

    • WanderingDragon

      I would like to know that also!

  • dragonthunder

    I think we all think the time has come for enlightenment regarding our favorite herbalist.  Don’t you?

  • angelaisselena

    What were the seven words?

    • Benjiwade

       i know that at the end of eragon when eragon was struggling to free himself from durzas mind, he said some words that helped him, cp didnt state the words but maybe they were part of the seven.

  • Andrew S.

    What type of sci-fi do you plan on writing?  Are you going with the popular dystopian genre, or are you going to stick with classic 1950s style space adventure?

  • Patchoulli98

    Do you have any plans for an Eldest movie or even an Eragon remake?
    If you were to write another book, would you create a whole new world or keep the Algaësia concept?
    Do you have plans to write more books, and if you do, would they be fiction or non-fiction?
    What inspired you to write Eragon?
    Your story sort of resembles The Lord of The Rings. Did Tolkien give you ideas?

    • XxxX

      A. Christopher has no control over that

      B. He said he’s writing new stuff, but might return to Alagaesia.
      C. Yes. He’s already planning on writing a sci-fi novel involving fractal geometry
      D. He was bored because he had nothing to do after ‘graduating’ from home-school and was waiting to leave for college. In that time, he wanted to write a fantasy novel (as he was an avid reader) about a boy his age who experienced many great adventures.
      E. Yes, he modeled his books after Star Wars and Lord of the Rings but with his own twists. His literary style also emulates Tolkien’s. 
      Go read like…any other interview.

    • Fordy757

       The first question is a really good one to ask.
      If he does decide to do movies about the series again, I hope he gets Eragon remade. No offense to anyone who worked on it but it was very poor.

    • Benjiwade

       it says not to ask about movies. he has already stated that he will write more books, probably fiction as that is what he has already done, he has stated that he will return to alagaesia and his characters but he has a few other project to focus on first, he has stated that he got a lot of ideas from the star wars plot.

  • Brandon Scott Higgins

    What was Murtagh saying to Glaedr when Glaedr accused Thorn and Murtagh of killing Oromis and his body?

  • Brandon Scott Higgins

    Was Thorn ever scared of Saphira when he fought her?

    • Benjiwade

       Most likely as he was forced to grow and knew less about his own abilities than saphira did as she grew properly and was able to adjust. also saphira had more battle experience which would give her an advantage as she was more battle hardened, had more endurance to pain.

  • Brandon Scott Higgins

    Why did Murtagh try to kill Eragon when Galbatorix forced them to fight each other? And what was Galbatorix thinking of Murtagh during that moment?

    • Benjiwade

       Murtagh was probably so enraged with his slavery to Galby and so enraged with eragon for being free to choose, probably hated being used, hated having  no control or ability to make choices in his life, probably angry over the thought that if eragon hadnt litteraly made him go to the varden then he would never have been captured, that he hates being used , he hates all that so much that when he faced eragon, a person free to make choices, it all broke out and in his rage he lost sight of reality. Galby was probably trying to test their strengths against each other to decide who should be his right hand and he probably pitted them against each other for his entertainment (playing with his food before he eats it)   

  • Brandon Scott Higgins

    What did Valdr mean when he showed Eragon the vision of the beams of light turning into sand and the worries of starlings gathered up until it became to the concerns of kings?

    • Anonymous

      that even the smallest of people are as important as the Kings

  • Brandon Scott Higgins

    Where was the sword Neageling (Oromis sword)?

    • Benjiwade

       It fell from the sky very high up above gil’ead and was probably lost.

      • bigmike

        But they were flighing over the battle field when it was dropped. there is a very large possibility for one of the armies to have picked it up, my friend. So it might reshow itself in a later book.

        • Benjiwade

          Maybe but if it did, its great store of energy would priceless to magic users. It had more energy in it that AREN.

          • bigmike

            If the elves had saved it after the battle, then they probably sent a runner to take it somewhere safe to keep it from falling into the hands of the enemy in case they some how had been defeated.

  • Brandon Scott Higgins

    At the battle of Dres Leona, when Thorn was reaching more Eragon, what was Murtagh thinking during that moment?

  • Where did the idea for eragon come from

  • cwb50

    Have you ever considered writing a Galbatorix prequel?

    • Benjiwade

       No need really is there? We know that Galby was recruited as a rider at an early age, that he is from a place that is no more, that he grew quickly in power, that when he graduated, he took two friends to the Urgals remaining territory, that he probably didn’t do many great feats during his training because of lack of experience and incomplete knowledge of magic and fighting, that his dragon was killed and he lost his mind, that he escaped the Urgals and dwelt in the forest of the spine wishing for death, that he returned to the riders thinking they woud grant him another egg, that he became enraged when they refused, that he convinced a rider to kill an elder, that he fled until Morzan came to him, that he taught Morzan dark magic, that Morzan allowed him into Ilirea to steal a dragon egg, that they fled to bide their time and grow in power, that he bound the dragon to him using magic learn’t from a shade (most likely Durza), that he began his assault on the riders when he was strong enough, that he recruited twelve more to his cause, that he defeated the riders and their races, that he became king and spent the better part of a century to bending the eldunari to him, that he was a ruthless tyrant, that he harldy took control of his kingdom, that he became the last (full) rider to survive the old order, that he became possessed with control others better and finding the name of the ancient language as well as creating his own order of riders. We don’t really need to know any more. Brom’s life would make a better prequel as almost everything about him is a mystery.  

  • Lgklages

    When Eragon left Alagasia, he left behind 2 dragon eggs to hatch and train as Riders. Given that he had over two dozen, why did he only leave 2?

    • Fordy757

       There weren’t many eggs for the riders. Most were wild dragon eggs

      • Benjiwade

         I don’t recall any mention of the eggs being either mostly wild or bonded. It says in Eldest that when an egg was given to the riders, a spell was said over the egg that ensured that the dragon could only hatch when it felt the presence of its rider. I think Eragon only left behind 2 eggs because he had a order of riders to start from scratch and he did not want too many riders to train at one time as he has only been a rider himself for a short while. Also i believe that he was focused more on rebuilding the race of dragons rather than the rider because there aren’t many left whereas when there are more dragons, then they shall lay more eggs and allow the possibility of many more riders.

  • Comet6543

    Mr. Paolini,
    First off, terrific job on inherence cycle. WE have all been wondering the same thing. Will there be another book regarding  Alagaesia?

    • XxxX

      Paolini: It’s possible, I’ve already laid the framework for some other Alagaesia novels. (paraphrased)

  • David

    Mr. Paolini, you clearly put much thought and planning into your “Twilight Games” series. I’m curious. When you first began composing Eragon did you put this much thought into it? Did you begin knowing how you would end the initial trilogy or was it as much of a journey for you as it was for all us?

  • Mr.Paolini
     In Eragon, saphira showed how it feels to fly by merging their conscience. In Brisingr Rhuhron controlled eragon in making the sword Brisingr. My question is, whether eragon could control saphira and vice-versa?

    • Benjiwade

       Technically you can control anyone if you have access to their mind. It says so numerous times in the series. The only reason why they don’t control each other is the love and trust they share for each other and plus they don’t have a reason to. So from what it says in the books, yes they can control each other’s mind, they just don’t need to. I think a better question would be something along the lines of can they control each other or does something in the magic that binds them to each other that stops it?, if so the why isn’t it the same for everyone else trying to control a rider or dragon’s mind? Also Eragon and Saphira only allow the other to read their thoughts and emotions via their minds because they trust each other completely but as Eragon did in Eldest, he shut his mind off completely to Saphira both when he fell out with her at the start and when he fought Murtagh. Plus in Eragon, when Saphira took Eragon to the spine, he could not gain access to her mind no matter how hard he tried because she had ‘put a wall of iron around her mind’ and this leads me to believe that despite their special connection, it does not allow one control of the other without the other’s permission. 

  • Greendragon

    I was wondering if you were going to write more about Eragon and the training of the future Riders. I know the book said that Eragon left a few dragon eggs with all four races, but what about the other eggs? Does he take them with him and then wait for them to hatch, or does put them in specific places?

  • Eragonbook5

    Considering that Eragon now knows “the word”, why couldn’t he just change his fate and stay in Alagaesia?

    • Drache

      That’s a REALLY good question…maybe the Menoa tree has a different kind of magic that operates outside the word??? 🙂

    • XxxX

      Is fate even bound by “the word”…. doubtful

  • Nishaareza

    Mr. Paolini,

                  Was Angela the Soothsayer during the time of the elves and is she part of a different race entirely? I loved your books and Inheritance was amazing.  It’s my favorite series. 

    • bigmike

      I dont think we will EVER know even 50% of Angela’s secrets. It would ruin the mystery that we have come to know her for.

      • Benjiwade

         I think we all would still like a bit of that mystery solved though

        • bigmike

          Yes, some things should have been answered, but i say that the mystery is the magic of her character.

  • SethWass

    I believe it was Galbatorix who said that there were more Ra’zac eggs. Will they make an appearance in any other Alagaesia based books?

  • Slywater

    Who was the old lady “wolfeyes” and the young girl in book 3 Eldest.

  • JonCypher

    Did Brom seven words he gave Eragon ever shows up in the Inheritance Cycle? 

  • Violety

    Hello my question is about the process of changing one’s true name does it happen over time as the person changes or only after that change is understood by the person. I am asking this because it seemed that Murtagh’s realization that he had changed that broke his oaths to galbatorix. And when Eragon sugessted that Murtagh could do that Murtagh said that galbi had cast some spells to make sure that he knew if Murtagh or thorn’s true names changed which didn’t happen. Sorry for the long question

  • Sammi45

    Was it hard accepting that Eragon and Arya would not leave together, like you’d imagined? Or did it just feel right? (because I must admit that I’ve had quite some trouble accepting it).

  • Iandbaker0893

    Did saphira and firnen mate when they flew off together? Is saphira pregnant or going to be pregnant by dragon in future books? Because I remember Christopher mentioned not being finished with eragon and saphira but it would take some time before he came back to them. I’m curious because it would be awesome if saphira could still be the mother of her race even though there are more eggs. She’s still the oldest female, and it just seems like it would work quite well. Especially mixing firnen’s color and her’s. I’m enticed to see what color dragons would come out of the combination.

    • Piv Drottningu

      Dragons lay eggs, lo they can’t be pregnant, but yes she and Firnen mated. And CP has said that a dragon’s colour doesn’t necessarily have anything to do wither parent’s.

  • Lareesha

    1. How is it Galbatorix (with years of mastering spells and his own stash of Eldunarya) managed to break into Murtagh’s mind, almost broke Eragon who was using the combined might of the found Eldunarya, but couldn’t break into Nasuada’s?

    2. Why is it there wasn’t an epilogue for “Inheritance” to provide more closure to THIS particular series in Alagaesia?  

    • booboo

      Galbatorix said he wanted her to submit while she still had possesion of her faculties and free will. (pg 426)

  • John McClymond

    (please forgive my english) because of my deaf, I wonder when deaf person will become rider? I want make sure deaf people will become rider, if not then you have unhappy fan.

    • rs7

       Hi John, I think that what Chris was trying to do in the final book was to allow for “all” races, no matter what their abilities/disabilities are, to have the opportunity to become riders.  So I’m sure that a deaf rider would have to come around  sometime…

      • John McClymond

        it better will happen. 

  • Tyler DiNoto

    Is Saphire going to lay a dragon egg?  I read the book first and now my mom just finished Inheritance and said that on the last page when Saphire says we are not alone and Eragon smiles that means Saphire is going to have an egg?

    • Piv Shenken

      I thought she was talking about the eldunarya they were taking with them, because they wouldn’t have to raise the dragons (when they hatched) completely alone.

  • rs7

    If you return to the realm of Alagasia, will Dwarf Dragon Riders be more confined to the ground than the air… because most dwarfs, at least to this point, don’t seem to like flying all that much?

    Also, do you workout? Your looking quite fit!  😉

    • rs7

       haha… I meant “you’re”

  • Douglas

    Before I ask my questions let just say congrats on finishing Eragons story. It wasn’t the best ending personally but much more satisfying than Harry Potters ending. Also reading your books gave me confidence to start writing myself and plan on writing a series of fantasy novels myself but I’m going to try being different from everyone by not conforming to the stereotypes and cliches of writing specific genres.At any point during writing did you think of splitting Inheritance into two books? I’m asking because it just felt like you were trying to reveal to much much to quickly.Were you influenced by Robert Jordan while writing the series? I’m currently reading his Wheel of Time books and I couldn’t help but think of Inheritance during the first few chapters, especially the descriptions of the Trollocs.

    • me

      It seems like everything gets compared to Harry Potter at some point; personally I just like to enjoy a book series in its own right.
      Good luck with your own writing!

      • Douglas

        I agree. I usually don’t compare franchises but I can say I was more satisfied with Inheritance than I was with Deathly Hallows.

        Thanks. I’ve already finished my first book and am writing the sequel to it. It’s not published yet but I am trying. Pretty much it’s a simple story that splits into three books since each section has a different vibe. The first is the start of a relationship vibe while the second is more of the leading up to marriage vibe and the final part is loss, despair, and conflict. So far I’m satisfied and keep finding unexpected changes with my characters that I didn’t realize when I thought them up.
        After I finish this trilogy I’m going to start on my high fantasy trilogy. Pretty much when it gets released read the general rules of high fantasy and then throw that rule book out the window since I want to reinvent the stale slop that Tolkien gave us.

    • Douglas

      Thought of another question.
      If any of the good guys became evil who would it be?

  • Coolsalmany

    Dear Chris,

    What is your favourite race in the book?? be it elves,dwarves,humans, even snagli, any race?

  • DL

    6. Was there a character in the books that you particularly related to?

    Lastly, I would like to thank you for the books. You are brilliant with your imaginations, I hope fans could pick your brains on details of the series more often, unless you have decided to include them in future novels; or just leave your fans to conjure up their own theories. I look forward to your tour to Melbourne, Australia. God bless you.

  • DL

    1. Is Angela the Oracle, Soothsayer?
    2. Will there be future short stories on what happens to Murtagh & Thorn? Will they overcome psychological factors and rise above all and be great rider & dragon trainers? Or, short stories on the story of Angela – that could be an entire witty saga on its own!
    3. Was there ever any possibility that Murtagh & Nasuada, and Eragon & Arya would have ended up together, have their happy endings? For a rider/ elfin to live that long to never experience starting a family? Or their longevity is a hindrance to the possibility of starting one? But it didnt stop Morzan nor Brom.
    4. I always find so much depth in Murtagh, was there much more you wanted to write about him and elaborated on his character further?
    5. How do you feel that the 4 books hasn’t ended?

  • JJ_S

    1) If the other dragon riders are going to return to Alagaesia after being trained by Eragon, why can’t Eragon and Saphira return? Is it because they know the true name of the Ancient Language? Because if so, what about Murtagh?

    2) Why don’t dragons mate for life? They are definitely intelligent, sentient, thinking, feeling creatures, perhaps far more than humans. So why aren’t they capable of long, sustainable love for a mate? Or do they settle down as they get older?

    3) Why were the razac considered inherently evil? Doesn’t wiping them out constitute genocide? Don’t they kill soon to survive or do they have another choice? 

    • JJ_S

      I meant “kill SO AS to survive” not “kill SOON to survive”. Sorry. 

    • bigmike

      The scene in Eldest, where the Razac killed one of their own soldiers because he defied them, when they had just eaten Quibby. They didnt need to kill and eat the soldier to survive. That was out of anger and not need. I call that evil, but not inherently evil. They might have been twisted do to they worked so closely with Galbi.

      • JJ_S

        I’ll give you the first one. But that may have been a particular individual who was evil. It doesn’t mean the whole race is evil. After all, there are good and evil people, and evil ones tend to work for evil masters. In the second case, perhaps it was the last of a dying race knowing he could hope for no mercy, bitter at the destruction of his kind, asking that his kind not be forgotten.   

  • Kirk

    Mister Paolini,

    I was very curious about why during the last few weeks that Eragon spent in Alagaesia, in the land of the elves with Arya, why more did not happen between he and Arya. I felt like there was a lot of opportunity for them to spend some intimate time together which they both would have wanted to take advantage of since he was leaving so soon but there were no scenes like that.

    I hope you write more in this series in the future. I really do!

  • Dorota

    Christopher Paolini,

    How do you feel when a fan expresses distaste for a certain character, scene, or even an entire book? I know in my own writing that when one of my friends criticizes a beloved part of my story, my heart just sinks. How do you deal with this, and while writing do you take fans’ opinions into account? 

    • If I was CP, I would probably deal with it by not reading fan sites like Shurtugal, which he has already said he does not do

      • me

        Yeah… I think everyone famous has to deal with that kinda stuff. I wouldn’t read online if I was him. 

      • Dorota

        I was thinking more about fans he encounters on book signings and things. I wonder if fans are as frank about their opinions talking to him personally as they are online. Probably not. I know I wouldn’t be.

        •  Ah okay… Well I know one guy when he stopped in my town pretty much told him exactly what he thought about the movie. He seemed to find it slightly amusing

  • Rinphie

    Loved the Inheritance Cycle! The ending caused me to be depressed for a few days, however, I have to admit that the greatest conclusions to epics are like that… Thanks for introducing me to the world of Dragons! <3

    Wouldn't the true name of someone change once they realised who they are? For example, when Eragon learnt his true name, he developed this new-found confidence and self assurance that was absent before, so wouldn't his true name have changed because of this difference?
    Also, if Galbatorix is/was so powerful mentally (when he was trying to break into Eragon's mind), why did he not do the same to Nasuada?

  • Yankeesfan0403

    If there were to be another book in Alagaësia, when would you think it’ll come out?

  • Andrew Brett

    I absolutely loved reading the Inheritance Cycle, definitely my favourite series of books 🙂 I was often lost in them at home, my mum had to actually shout to be heard over the books.
    I just want to ask, do you have any advice for any aspiring new writers out there? It would be much appreciated 🙂
    And out of my own curiosity, will there be any more books released based in Alagaesia?

    Thank you 🙂

  • Rachel Maddelione

    Why did you terminate the series as you did? I was extremely displeased at the resolution of Inheritance, in fact, the end was deplorable. 

  • Michael Steinberg

    Why did you decide to write and at such a young age. How did you feel being published as young as you did?

  • Kait

    How do you come up with names? Do you have a certain method behind it or is it completely random?

  • Vårin

    What is most difficult and important when you’re writing a book you want the readers to love?
    What do you think about your fans?

    -Vårin 🙂

  • Ethiwen

    (before reading, my english isn’t perfect. Still learning.)
    I loved the book and even though I’m a huge Arya and Eragon fan, I understand why you ended it the way you did. Anything else wouldn’t be true to the characters (Though I really wish it was otherwise.)
    My question is asked out of curiousity: When did Arya fall in love with Eragon? Or started seeing him in another light or anything likewise. Was it in the forth book or has she hidden it for a longer time? Or didn’t she even realized it herself? Do you know exactly when or could you guess roughly, with the character in mind? ‘Cause I saw signs during the book but I am (like I said) curious. 🙂

    And a few more questions: How much did acually go as planned in the beginning? What wasn’t planned? Like, who would be the third dragorider for example or maybe how Galbatorix would have died?

    Thank you for being the one who got me into fantasy and thank you for the many adventures you’ve taken me with your books. Can’t wait for more and I’m crossing my fingers in hopes for a sequel! 🙂

    • Aleitheia

      In the December 2011 Random Buzzers interview, Paolini said that Arya’s feelings for Eragon were “complicated” when asked if Arya was in love with Eragon. There’s also more questions and answers on Arya and Eragon there.

  • Piv Drottningu

    Concerning dragon colouring. I think we know by now that dragons colours don’t seem to be a mix of their parents’ colours, since they would all just be brown after a while, but is it just a random thing concerning their magical nature or is it more of a genetic thing, like: some colours are dominant, recessive; a dragon might be a similar colour to their grandfather? 
    Is there some property which makes some dragons (Saphira, Thorn, Glaedr) that gives them a gemlike quality, and others (Firnen, Shruikin, Saphira I) have a different texture scales: again, is it a magical or genetic thing? If it is a magic thing, does it reflect in any way on their mind/personality? 
    Dragon’s fire has been said to be the only magical action they can control, so is the colour of the fire determined by magic or genetics or both (or neither?)?

    In the end of Inheritance when Saphira and Firnen court each other, Saphira says “it’s not as if dragons mate for life”. That implies that a dragon could have many mates in a life, many eggs, many children and descendants. Animals like birds mate for life because it makes it easier to care for the defenceless young, and dragons definitely don’t have that problem. It has also been implied that the female dragon raises the clutch. If this is all true, then a male dragon probably wouldn’t stay around to take care of the eggs very much, and might not have very close bonds with either clutch or mate. I find this a bit hard to believe, since dragons have always been portrayed as very empathic, knowing, and not exactly animal-like in most of the things they do. So, to my question: is the issue of mates, children and their being raised an exception to the portrayal of dragons in inheritance, am I wrong in what I have implied, or is there some other explanation?

  • hoke

    Just one more. It was mentioned that Razac can’t use magic, but is it somehow possible for there to be a Shade Razac? And how powerful would that abomination be?

  • Any possibility of a continuation of Eragon, Murtagh, Arya, Nasuada, or some other character’s storyline directly post inheritance?

  • Geet

    Nasuada’s torturous regime at the hands of Galbatorix, was it disturbing for you too? What did you had in mind when you wrote it? Till which point you thought to intensify the effect? Please explain the scenario. 

  • Marty N.

    Hey Chris,
    My question is this…
    now that Dwarves and Urgals can become Riders, Will their appearance change over time like Human Riders start looking more like an Elf? Also, I know that the spell to make Urgals rider will also include the Kull. How long will it take them to be able to ride their dragons?

  • Which group of people is the most “advanced” in terms of technology.
    If the elves eventually discover possibly destructive technology, like gunpowder, would they keep it a secret to protect the world? Or would they share it, knowing that the other races will eventually discover it without them.

  • Haileykayrowden

    My favorite part of Inheritance, and possibly the whole series, is in the chapter “A Fitting Epitah”. More specifically the bittersweet visit Eragon and Saphira pays to Brom’s tomb. I didn’t just cry but I wept while reading this scene, was it difficult and/or emotional for you to write?

    • Haileykayrowden

      I’m actually Chopin’s Dopplegangër. I don’t know why it’s changed back to the default enail name.

  • Alenaskye

    Why did you decide to give Arya a dragon? Now she’s practically impossible to kill… What, with her abilities and NOW the dragon..
    Oh, and one last one – will Sapphire and Firnen ever end up together? Because really… they were with each other for a few months? Mated and moved on? 

  • Hannah W.

    Dear Chris, Did Murtagh truly love Nasuada, or was it a mix of many emotions that fueled him to free her. And in your own imagination, do you think Murtagh will ever return to Alegasia. 

  • Anonymous

    Sir,  You left a few loose ends in your books in which you have previously stated a couple you would like to tie up in the future, I was wondering how you came up with the idea of the two women in Brisingr. The mystery surrounding them amuses me. Looking forward to seeing you in NZ in July.

  • Cowgirl_lovescowboy

    star trek or star wars?? or neither?

    • Isn’t that obvious from the books?

    • Fordy757

      There are many siilarities between characters of Inheritance and Star wars. Such as Vrael and Mace Windu and Galbatorix and Palpatine. Look at Inheriwiki for more details

  • Alex D.

    Did you tell your parents you were writing Eragon while doing it, or did you surprise them when it was done?

  • Matt Glaedr Hogrefe

    Will you be able to continue with Eragon’s journey in raising the dragons and riders to continue with Alagaesia?
    Matthew Hogrefe
    Aka. Glaedrskulblaka

    • Matt Hogrefe

      1 other question. Will you come to Northeast Ohio, maybe Avon?

  • Ben Thompson

    Will Van Helsing be making an appearance in the Twilight Games?

    • Hjw231

      April Fools haha

  • Anonymous

    When did you come up with the idea of the dragon eggs in the vault of souls?
    Was it when you realized the serial Incest that was going to have to happen without them?

    • LecherousLad

      HA! you have no idea how long i’ve had to supress the Question of Incest in the series.

    • Anonymous

      Also, How did you come up with the idea of the extra Eldunari with the Eggs?

  • Bryan

    are you going to cotinue  allagaishia ? or are you going to rebuild a new world where eragon goes? what will happen to murtag? his love for nasuada ? arya ?firnen? orik? and the dragons ? elves ,darwes,urgals,human, what about roran?

  • Sydney Lewis11

    what are some tips you can give for some of the people that want to be authors?

  • Taylor Wright

    What is your outlining method?

  • Could you give us a glimpse of what your next book is going to be like?

  • An impatient fan

    Most of those impirtant Q’s.how’s the new books, book 5, etc.

    Relationships? Plz tell me there’s gonna b more.
    Eragon’s impact on the world, riders, Firnen, Arya, Murtagh
    Will Murtagh help the riders? Is there a way say Murtagh and Eragon could sense each other from far away?
    Did Eragon’s clearing a bit of have any significance? Any more of that?
    Cool stuff from Jeod n book?
    Timelines for more books?
    Menoa and loopholes

    Thanks CP best series eva! Make a book 5!

  • Laura Jackson

    Out of the thousands of questions that have ran through my head, I have narrowed it down to a few.
    1). Will you be writing anything more about Angela? (Besides the Twilight Games?)
    2). There are a lot of ‘unanswered stories’, especially in book 4, are the odds high that we wonderful fans of yours will receive answers to the stories that plague us?
    3). This question is a personal gain question, that will profit me and any other fans in the neighboring area. Will you ever be in Atlanta, Georgia?
    4). Did you take the name of Oromis’ sword, Naegling, from Beowulf?

  • Laura Jackson

    Out of the thousands of questions that have ran through my head, I have narrowed it down to a few.
    1). Will you be writing anything more about Angela? (Besides the Twilight Games?)
    2). There are a lot of ‘unanswered stories’, especially in book 4, are the odds high that we wonderful fans of yours will receive answers to the stories that plague us?
    3). This question is a personal gain question, that will profit me and any other fans in the neighboring area. Will you ever be in Atlanta, Georgia?
    4). Did you take the name of Oromis’ sword, Naegling, from Beowulf?

  • Stephanie

    1. The name of the chapters when Eragon goes to the Vault of Souls is “Lacuna” or something like that, what does that mean?

    2. Who are the women who help Roran in the battle at the end? They were mentioned in Brisingr briefly, so I assume they have significance to the story.

    3. What did the Menoa tree take from Eragon? or at least, why didn’t she take something from him when he said he would pay his debt to her?

    • Valondir

      In Brisingr and Inheritance, the Menoa Tree keeps telling Eragon to “Go.” That is here price: for him to never return to Alagaesia. He is a Dragon Rider who controls the Ancient Language, which makes him an abomination and creates a significant unbalance in nature. The Tree is the embodiment of nature and wants him gone so that balance can be restored to the land. The Menoa Tree just didn’t spell out her wishes because it would have been dull exposition. Why Paolini didn’t write Eragon figuring this out is beyond me, but perhaps he was too focused on the more primary bit of evidence: Angela prophesying him leaving the land forever.

  • Shadow Lawliet

    Why is it that you chose not to directly state the true names of any of the characters? 

  • i.am.aXe.

    1. Why did you write the end Eragon/Ary relationship the way you did?
    2. Will there be remakes of the first eragon movie? If not, will there be movies for the other books?

  • Matthew

    Will you write about Galbatorix and his descent into madness after being denied another Dragon? (ie. prequels to Eragon). A new series that explores the era before Eragon and the old Dragon Riders sounds good to me!

  • Inoeth

    In the end of Inheritance, in the acknowledgmets, you mention that Immanuel’s Meijer helped you with a difficult section in the book. What part of the book is it, and why did it present a challenge to an author such as yourself?

  • Will you continue to work on a sub-series of the Inheritance cycle or will you start another series soon?

  • sycamoreent Octogonapus

    1. Why are there two true names for fire?
    2. Are you ever going to write a dictionary for the Ancient Language?

  • ftsfritz

    Would you be interested in overseeing the filming of the series, like JK Rowling did for the Harry Potter movies?

  • Murtagh

    1. Why did Arya agree to be the Queen of the Elves when she had said before that she had no desire to be Queen?

    2. Is Murtagh and Thorn’s story over?

    3. Will the Eldunari that Galbatorix tortured ever return to their former mental state?

    4. Why was there a boy with the two mysterious women in Uru’Baen?

    5. Will we ever know what and who Angela is?

    6. Is Nasuada’s reign going to be peaceful or is there more war in her future?

    7. Are there more creatures in Alagaesia that have not been revealed yet?

    8. You said that the fates of some characters changed from your original
    outline. Who were these characters, and what were their original fates?

    9. What was the hardest part of the series to write? 

  • Alexis

    Do you think that Murtagh would eventually come back and help Eragon train new riders? Would you ever consider writing a book from Murtagh’s point of view?

  • Guest123

    Arya and Faolin, what kind of relationship did they have? When Eragon ask her if she loved him she dosent really give him a straight answer. While reading the books sometimes I think I see hintsclues, that they might have been togheter (mates) and other times that they where just friends.

  • Jennifer Cocoa Fulk

    How many approximate miles/kilometers across is Alagaesia?

  • Peter Bishop

    Who is your favorite character from the Inheritance Cycle and why?

  • Karli_S

    Why didn’t Shruikan fight back more when Saphira and Thorn attacked him?

    You said you changed the fates of several main characters. What were your original plans for them? 

  • kevin b

    How’s the new book coming along?

  • Fordy757

    When will we see Inheritance 5?

    Will Arya and Eragon ever be together?

    Will Vroengard ever be restored to how it was in it’s glory days?

    Will the Ra’zac ever be seen again?

    Will Vanir(Arrogant elf who sparred with Eragon in Eldest, And elf ambassador) make a return?

    Maybe a spin-off series about the games to beheld between all races to prevent wars?

    Any more on the back story of Tenga?

  • Is there any information you can give us about your upcoming Sci-Fi book, such as where the original short story will be published (magazine, online, ebook, etc.) and an expected time frame?

  • Dom_modmod

    Have you written out plans for any of your future, alagaesia-based books.

  • 1. Approximately  how long will we have to wait for an Inheritance Epilogue? Are we talking one year? 5? 10?
    2. Do you play any instruments?
    3. How is your mail hauberk coming along?
    4. Are you planning on coming to Scandinavia on your book tour?
    5. What has been your greatest meeting with a fan?
    6. I bet you got a lot of inspiration for Du Weldenvarden, The Spine and The Beor Mountains from Montana, but what was your inspiration when describing Tierm and the other coastal towns?

  • Grace Barton

    How did you go about creating the world of Alagaesia, such as its towns and plains, social eco-systems and such? What advice would you give to those trying to create a fantasy world of their own, in order for it to be believable?

  • Almarea

    A few questions:

    1) Why were were Firnen’s eyes gold on the cover of Inheritance while the other dragons were the same as their scales? You mentioned there being a reason for this, but I couldn’t figure out why. (maybe I’m just dull).

    2) One thing I especially enjoyed in Inheritance was the almost racist views of the humans towards the elves. I really like that extra layer to the story as well as the inclusion of the humans’ fear of magic and how it added to that fear of elves as well as how it began to become more of an issue of politics as well as superstition. Why wasn’t this included more fully in the previous three books, and will it be possibly a more present issue in a possible book five?

    3) This has already been asked to a degree, but you mentioned that Arya thought it wise for Eragon to turn down the offer to become the next king of Alagaesia due the reason that Riders should remain apart from government. Despite this, however, Arya still decides to become Queen of the elves. Why did this occur? Was it merely a deficiency in the patch up to have Arya stay in Alagaesia, or is their a deeper reason for her to be Queen despite all the things she said earlier in the book in regards to her never wanting the position? She explained that the elves’ politics are complicated, but is their more to it? Is it possible that the elves desired some kind of insurance for their people in having a rider they knew would always be on their side in fear of the perceived prejudice towards their race and magic by the other races in Alagaesia? Is it possible that a fear for the future of their race and the possibility that the other riders as well as their representative riders may someday challenge them?
             If possible, could you possibly go into greater detail on this issue?

    4) You mentioned in an interview that Eragon’s and Arya’s relationship is far from over, but at the end of Inheritance it just seemed so absolute when Eragon states that he shouldn’t dwell on something that could never be. Why did you phrase it this way if you intended there to be more contact between them later? Likewise, (and I know this isn’t about Inheritance) if Eragon will leave Alagaesia forever, how will they cross paths again? Will Arya leave to finish her training along with the other new Riders, or is there a possibility that a loop hole exists in Angela’s prophecy in that maybe the “Alagaesia” Eragon left will change? After Eragon’s dream two cloaked figures walking onto a boat together, I have come to the realization that dreams and prophecies of the future are not always what they may initially appear to be.

    5) How is it that Queen Islanzadí couldn’t defeat Barst? Even with the help of kulls and all those elf lords which, I assume, were lending her their strength as she fought, she still couldn’t defeat one man who only had one Eldunari. I don’t understand how this adds up. Were there some other factors that I missed? (possibly wards that Galbatorix put on him)? I am confused because even when Eragon fought Murtagh in Brisingr, Eragon was still able to defeat Murtagh with the help of Arya and the other elves even though Murtagh had (who knows how many) Eldunari. I at least expected the spell Islanzadi weaved right before Barst struck her down to at least play a part in his death so that it wasn’t all for nothing. I mean, she cursed him and then there was a flash of light and everything!

    6) Finally, just for kicks, will you ever reveal the flirty scenes between Eragon and Arya that you mentioned going back and changing once you decided it was too far beyond Arya’s character to act in such a way?


    • Almarea

      Thought of a few more . . .

      7) Who are the “hooded figures in dark robes walking slowly through the ruins” of Vroengard with swaying lanterns that Eragon sees in the chapter “Snalgli for Two”? When he asks Glaedr, the dragon says that he is not sure and gives suggestions, but it is never clarified. Eragon then states that “He felt as if he was witnessing something not meant for others to see.” which leaves me curious.

      8) Also, and perhaps I missed something, but someone once mentioned that in  Eragon’s guide to Alagaesia, he mentioned a “shadow” or something and Paolini said that it would be further brought to attention later in the series. Could you elaborate on this? What was Eragon referring to, and was it ever mentioned; or will be mentioned?

    • bigmike

      Your question for number three, I believe the answer lies within the question. Eragon didnt want to rule out of fear of becoming another Galbi. Humans are a short lived race, and they need a king who will die in a natural time period. not one who is immortal. In the same chapter, I do believe, it was said that no matter how bad the human ruler may be, his rein will end as he is a mortal. Galbi’s rule was an unnaturally long one compaired to human life spans. Eragon didnt want humans to have to go through that again. Arya, however, became the queen of the elves, who are an immortal race with enough strength to overthrow a corrupt rider queen. The humans didnt have the strength to defeat galbi, and if he would have taken the crown, Eragon when he went mad with power, nor could they just wait for him to die as they would a mortal ruler. I think that is the reason Arya was against Eragon taking the crown, but took the elf crown herself.

      • LoicAdlar

        Galbatorix was a corrupt rider king and the elves weren’t able to overthrow HIM on their own. Besides, isn’t it also a matter of potentially conflicting loyalties and obligations?

        • bigmike

          There is that problem as well. But the main reason for Eragon not wanting the crown himself is that the humans need a ruler who will die just like the rest of them. Not someone who is not only immortal, but is getting more powerful with every passing year.

          • LoicAdlar

            Yes. I agree with Eragon’s reasoning on this. I just don’t see why Arya can be queen since the elves were not able to overthrow Galbatorix (a rider king) and she may have conflicting loyalties and obligations.

  • Okai

    The deadly traps in Galbatorix’s castle seemed out of place. Galbatorix’s plan hinged upon capturing Saphira and Eragon alive to rebuild a race of dragons. Why were they there if they were counterproductive to his plan? As they had a strong chance of killing them “accidentally.”

  • Gary @

    1.How powerful was Vrail?
    2.How Big is Shruikan (compared to Saphira)?
    3.How is it possible that Arya can defeat Shruikan without using magic
    4.Without using Eldunari, who is better Eragon and saphira or murtagh and Thorn?
    5.Can you make a book about the chase for saphiras egg with brom and jeod?
    6.Was it really nessesary to kill Oromis and Glaedr?

  • Okai

    How did Murtagh know the “Name” of the Ancient Language?

    In the chapter “Black-Strike-Thorn-Cave”Saphira’s says, “How the shadow-of-Eragon-Blodhgarm wore was supposed to fool anyone, Saphira could not understand. He did not smell like her partner-of-heart-and mind…” Why didn’t Thorn, being a dragon who could smell Blodhgram’s scent, relay to Murtagh that the rider didn’t smell like Eragon?

    In Brisingr, it was showed Galbatorix could possess Murtagh and use magic to hold Oromis in place. Why wasn’t used when Murtagh and Thorn battled Eragon and Saphira in Dras-Lenoa?

    What is the name of the purple amethyst crystals that disrupt magic? How do they work?

    Why didn’t Galbatorix up til any point try to confront the Varden?

    • Okai

      Going to fix some grammar errors.

      Fixed Questions.

      In the chapter “Black-Strike-Thorn-Cave” Saphira’s says, “How the
      shadow-of-Eragon-Blodhgarm wore was supposed to fool anyone, Saphira
      could not understand. He did not smell like her partner-of-heart-and
      mind…” Why didn’t Thorn, being a dragon who could smell Blodhgram’s
      scent, relay to Murtagh that the rider didn’t smell like Eragon?

      In Brisingr, it was showed Galbatorix could possess Murtagh and use
      magic to hold Oromis in place. Why wasn’t this used when Murtagh and Thorn
      battled Eragon and Saphira in Dras-Lenoa?

      Why didn’t Galbatorix up til any point try to confront the Varden before they reached him? No good reason is really given as to why. Nomotivation, no reason why he’s occupied in his castle, et al. 

      The deadly traps in Galbatorix’s castle seemed out of place.
      Galbatorix’s plan hinged upon capturing Saphira and Eragon alive to
      rebuild a race of dragons. Why were they there if they were
      counterproductive to his plan? As they had a strong chance of killing
      them “accidentally.”

      New Questions.

      Why could Eragon remember the Vault of Souls yet nobody else could? Why was his true name required to enter it?

      Was there a funnel for Oromis and Glaedr? Why wwasn’t this shown?

      Murtagh and Thorn fly away when the battle of Dras-Lenoa begins? Why didn’t he stay to aid the Empire’s soldiers, seeing as Eragon was exhausted?

    • bigmike

      I think the answer to your last question might actually be a very simple one. Galbi was so sure that with the power of the true name of magic, nobody could defeat him, so why should he bother going out and fighting himself? I say that he had become cocky and overconfident. And that was the reason he never fought the varden himself.

  • Remember111

    Will you write book 5 ? About what will be this book ? Will you write something about Arya and Eragon’s relationship ? ^^

  • Drache

    Did Sloan murder his wife or was he somehow responsible for her death…the whole true name part made the whole incident seem suspicious. Also, what happened to Sloan in your mind post-Inheritance?

  • Author Steven

    Hey Christopher, you’re a big inspiration to me and the Inheritance cycle is one of my favorite series of all time. 🙂 Could you tell us more about….
    1. Tenga (and Angela’s relationship with him) 
    2. What did Angela tell the priest!!!
    3. (probably the most overanalyzed scene in your series) what specifically were the seven words? Was it one long spell or was it a few useful spells?
    4. How did Morzan become a fugitive exactly…and why did he kill Brom’s dragon Saphiria. Also, how did he loose his finger.
    5. Tell us something about your new scifi short story/ book! 😀

    I just want to thank you again for writing one of my favorite book series and for all your hard work! 🙂 Cheep Cheep.

    ~Author Steven

  • Alan Wilson

    When you return to alagaesia will we learn more about angela? And are my brother and I correct in assuming she is the soothsayer galbatorix mentioned in book 4?

  • Tucker Gustavesen

    is there any way you can see the way clear to writing more about Eragon or even writing more where he is not necessarily the center of the story but still involved? 

  • Abbyearle

    Was there a previous possibility of Fírnen entering the story *before* Saphira and Thorn impossibly brought down Shruikan? 

  • Chase Burge

    Why didnt Arya go with Eragon regardless of her position as queen? She still needs to be trained in the dragon riders ways and so does her dragon!

  • StillmanRider1498

    I am very sorry to post another comment but i just thought of another question, In the short time that Saphira and Firnin were together, did they mate. Is it possible that Saphira may lay an egg or multiple eggs.

  • Cloveless2011

    Will there be a werewolf/vampire/human hybrid baby in your fan fiction?

  • IcerEuro

     Any hope about a second movie or even a better remake of the first one?

    • Peter

      would not be a problem, if I can to speak with CP. I have ready all for movies,
      better than first, but not a remake, but here is nobody who is interesting in.
      It’s very hard to find somebody who can to help with this. I worked last 3
      years for this and now, I don’t know who I must to contact. 

      CP ignore my
      messages.. Yes CP, there are many good script writers at the world,
      not only famous names in the U.S.A. , please, think about it.

  • Karou

    Book 5?? A short story?? I wasn’t please with the ending, poor Eragon ending up alone, why didn’t Arya go with him? *major dissapointment there* please reconsider this!
    Also I think Galbatorix went out too easily

  • Karou

    Book 5?? A short story?? I wasn’t please with the ending, poor Eragon ending up alone, why didn’t Arya go with him? *major dissapointment there* please reconsider this!
    Also I think Galbatorix went out too easily

    • Angela’s Lover

       i loved the way galbatorix went out. he couldn’t overpower the king, but the amount of pain he inflicted had to be unbearable considering all of galbatorix’s atrocities. this way before the king’s death he saw the monster he really was.

  • StillmanRider1498

    In inheritance, Eragon was said to have left Alagaesia forever and to never return. Does this mean the total end of the Arya/Eragon relationship or was Angela right when she told Eragon that he will never set foot in Alagaesia again.

  • Jesús Martínez

    Christopher Paolini Inheritance his saga will continue with another book or ends well. If you had to thank one person who helped you most with books who would. Continue writing another series, because I have not found anyone to write like him. I could recommend any book that has marked his youth for being very very good. Thank you very much.

  • Gaby Pendragon

    Why did you separate Eragon and Arya???
    I waited so much for anything to happen and nothing did!!!! WHY???

  • KitaPendergast

    What was your favourite part of writing Inheritance? Or any of the Eragon books, for that matter. PS – could I be the official photographer for the Twilight Games movie? Ha.

  • Anonymous

    Questions for Twilight Games
    Do you have a publisher yet?
    Do you have an estimated release date yet?

    • Is the Twilight Games a reference to something he said on his Twitter account or something?

      • Anonymous

        Yes, he was having fun this morning telling us about his new 12 book series in which the first book is going to be called Twilight Games.  The second book will be called Hunger for the New Moon.  He later said we could ask him questions about his new series in this thread.

        April’s fool!!!

  • Callisto

    Will we ever have book 5?? Maybe with Murtagh as the main character??

  • Dravel Eragonsson

    What Nasuada saw in her vision of her married to Murtagh; was that a premonition or just a completely made up vision that still may not happen? And also, who was the Lord Ferros Murtagh mentioned?

    • I believe that was trickery on Galbatorix’s part to break Nasuada. Either that or she was hallucinating like what happened to Arya in book 1 (she described the hallucinations in book 3). Being held captive can do some funny things to people.

  • Dravel Eragonsson

    Did you pull any April Fools jokes this year? (:

  • firemonkey

    What happened with the elf children who you said would play an instramental role in Inheritance?

  • Guest

    Did Durza serve Galbatorix willingly or not? It seemed in Book One as if he was plotting to turn against his “master.” Also, if Galbatorix was controlling Durza, how would he go about doing that? To control a Shade, does one have to know the true name of the person the spirits possess? Or the true names of the individual spirits? Or do Shades themselves, regardless of how many spirits they are comprised of, have a single true name?

  • Saerina

    Okay, here they are!
    Did Glaedr have a mate?
    Are Firnen and Glaedr related?
    Has there ever been a silver dragon egg?
    Does the two colors of dragons that have mated changed the color of the egg they have together?
    Where’s El-harim and why is it evil?
    And finally, are there future books about Nasuada and Murtagh, and the likelihood of a dragon hatching for Nasuada.
     Also, how can you learn the Ancient Language, writing and saying, verbs and the nuances of the language.
    Thank you for hearing me out, and please, please, please answer my questions!

  • XEldest

    Does Nasuada’s poem she recites when in Galbatorix’s custody have any significance to the next books?

  • XEldest

    Was Murtagh’s fate always the same to you? His name seemed to change a bit to fast for me.

  • XEldest

    Did you ever think of destroying the Varden and putting Saphira and Eragon on the run with a few others to continue their story? Then they would sail across the sea meet some new race and sail back to pull a full out war.

  • XEldest

    If the elves and magicians were powerful enough to clean up Urbane why couldn’t they fix Vronegaurd?

  • Bbh2186

    Wnat was the other title you were thinking of naming Inheritance?

  • Anonymous

    If Eragon was so powerful at they end that he had to leave, why didn’t he make 
    Vroengard free of any poison and rebuild the Dragon Rider’s glory?

  • John Carter

    1. Now that Eragon isn’t having to think about killing Galbatorix all the time, will he have time to learn and study properly like a normal dragon rider or elf?

    2. Do Riders get stronger as their dragons grow?

    3. What did Galbatorix do with his old sword after he took Vrael’s?

    4. What did Murtagh say to Nasuada before he left that made her upset?

    5. Do the eldunarya have anymore knowledge or theories they would like to teach Eragon and Saphira?

    Eragon and Arya questions

    1. Did Eragon becoming almost indistinguishable from an elf in appearance in any way help in Arya liking him as more than a friend?

    2. Why did Arya tell Eragon her true name? She never told anyone before. What did she see in Eragon’s fairth of her? Does she still have it?

    3. Did Eragon and Arya as dragon riders set up a means of communication with each other before he left Alagaesia?

    4. What was Arya afraid of when she and Eragon were talking about their relationship taking the next step? She mentioned Eragon changing his mind in five or ten years and not wanting to make a mistake with him.

  • Valondir

    Will there be a future book focused solely on Murtagh and Thorn and their travels? As he is a fan-favorite character and didn’t appear much in the Cycle, I think there’s definitely a demand for a Murtagh book.

  • Nathan

    The dangerous land of El-harim is mentioned several times in Book 4. Can you give us any more information about this place at this time? Where is it located in regards to the rest of Alagaesia?

  • Ebrithil

    Do we ever find out what Eragon said that destroyed Galbatorix?

    • Abbyearle

      He said nothing. He couldn’t speak, so he formed and executed the spell in his mind, with the help of the Eldunarí.

  • Skulblaka_Shur’tugal

    Does Firnen’s name have any meaning?

  • Jfghyfev

    How do you react to the fact that Inheritance was strikingly similar to star wars??? With Eragon being Luke Skywalker, Galbatorix being Darth Sidius and Murtagh being Darth Vader. Compare the end of the movies!!!

  • Simon

    Thoughts on the Eragon Movie

    Why he chose to split Eragon and Arya

    • People, please! He can’t give us his real thoughts on the Eragon movies, just because if he says they’re horrible, it would hurt HIM!!!

      • The Grey Rider

        It’s the single-most assumed thing in the IC fandom that CP also actually hates the movie as much as the rest of us.
        We just want a bit of confirmation.

  • The Grey Rider

    What is your opinion of the Eragon movie. Your REAL opinion?
    When will we hear more about this Sci-fi short you’re working on?
    Do you play or follow Warhammer Fantasy or Warhammer 40k?
    Do you ever take a look through any of the Fanfiction written about the Inheritance Cycle?
    If so, what do you have to say about the over-abundance of SuesStus in the archive?

  • Max4296

    When the elves made the pact with the dragons, they became immortal. How come the other races didn’t become ageless too?

    • Max4296

      when they became riders*

  • Why wouldn’t Galbatorix have grown old and died? Jarnunvosk was killed but he aged as if he still had a dragon. Was it his fake forged relationship with Shruikan that did this? Brom’s dragon died and it was mentioned that he looked older, but Galbatorix only looked like he was nearing the end of middle aged.

  • Shurtugal96

    1. The color of Murtaghs eyes (nobody knows that exactly; and i’d like to know that)
    2. What will happen in book 5 (have you any ideas you’ll share with us)
    3. What about some unsettled thinks in the cycle (like unbitr,  broms seven words, Umaroths instroductions at Murtaghs and Thorns farewell, the two mysterious woman)
    4. What about a new version of the Eragon movie? (everybody waits for it)

  • Guest

    Do you read much world history? In terms of research.

    I found the birth scene, at first to be a little meladramtic, or was that to show the differences between Ayra’s “singing the baby out” and the human way?

    • Demonthorn

      haha =)) Excellent question 

  • hoke

    1. What happened to Undbitr and Naegling?
    2. Why did Arya consent to becoming queen of the elves, especially when she said that riders should have no allegiance to one race?
    3. Why didn’t Arya give Firnen the chance to have a live dragon (Saphira) as a master?
    4. How long will it take Murtagh and Thorn to heal spiritually?
    5. Will we see more of Glaedr? (love Glaedr!)
    6. Will Alagaesia ever have democracy?
    7. Is Tenga a “bad” guy or a “good” guy, and will we see him again?
    8. Do Lethrblaka eggs survive for an indefinite amount of time similar to the dragons?
    9. It was mentioned that dragons look different depending on whichever race it is bonded to (human, elf, or wild). Will they look even more different when bonded to a dwarf or Urgal, and would they be larger if bonded to a Kull or smaller if bonded to a dwarf?

    • hoke

      a. What happens with Alanna and Dusan? (the elf children)
      b. Who was the boy seen with the two mysterious women in the final battle?
      c. Why didn’t Rhunon assist Arya in making a sword of her own?
      d. Why are Lethrblaka/Razac afraid of water?
      e. Whould a nidwhal take a lethrblaka in a fight?
      f. Why didn’t Eragon use the energy stored in Aren in Brisingr when he was exhausted after defeating the razac? (the bumblebee scene)
      g. Finally, what happened to the belt of beloth the wise?

      • Guest

        The Razac are afraid of water because they can’t swim. Eragon did not use that energy because he did not know about it. Just answering your question 🙂

    • Guest

      And what physical differences do dragons bonded to different races have?

  • Shaheen

    1.If you were one of your mythical beings, i.e. an elf, a dwarf, dragon rider etc, which one would you be?

    2. What parts of the story line in book 4 was changed dramatically than when you first plotted out the story?
    3. Who is your favourite character and why?4.What was your favourite part of Inheritance?=)

  • Victor

    1. What were some of the differences between how you planned out the series when you were 15 and how it eventually ended up. 
    2. How far into the future is the 5th book going to be(as in how many years have passed in Alagaesia)?
    3. How far into the future is the 5th book going to be(as in when will you start writing)? Are there many other novels that you wish to write first(please answer no to this one, I’m rather impatient for book 5)?

    thank you

  • Anonymous

    Was the final battle difficult to plot or had it always been planned to happen that way since the start?

  • Yazdan Khan

    1. Why did you choose such an ending? You could have paired them up. Why split the two?
    2. Please comment on when will you be writing a 5th Book. If yes, will it include Eragon and Arya, and their relationship?
    2. Surely we need to know more about Nasuada-Murtagh, Roran-Katrina and their daughter.
    4. What happens of Alagaesia after Eragon leaves? How will Arya train her dragon? Who will succeed Nasuada?

    Thank you.

    • Yazdan Khan

      Some more questions:
      5. Who were the girls (or women), who had helped Roran during the battle in Uru’baen?
      6. Who were the hooded figures seen in Vroengard? Can you give a bit detail?

      Please continue writing, you are a very beautiful author!
      Thank you.

  • Thequickerpickerpickerupper

    1. Did you ever consider Alagasia having a democracy (like Rome) when Nasuada took over?
    2. The Eldunari talk about the “Urgal King” who far to the North when they council Murtagh. Is that where Galbatorix was when his firt dragon was killed and is this Urgal King going to play a part in a future book?
    3. Does Nasuada ever have an heir?
    4. What happend to the first Eragon?
    5. Are there Raz’ac eggs in Morzan’s old castle?
    6. Were there any other clans behind the attempt to kill Eragon?
    7. How is Firnen going to be trained when all of the Eludari are with Eragon?
    8. Why did Vrael not strike Galbatorix down when he had the chance?
    9. Why would Durza have consented to help Galbatorix? Why would Durza want anyone as powerful or more powerful than himself?
    10. Tenga seems quite skilled. Would he have given Galbatorix a run for his money?

  • ProF_demon

    When will you begin writing the 5th book? 

  • Evan Leatherman

    In “Eragons Guide to Alagaesia,” on the map it calls Doru Araeba a “place of the riders or dragons.” It clearly states place, which is present tense and not past tense. That is where the eldunari were hidden in the vault of souls, making it a place of dragons. It also calls “Du Fells Nangoroth” a place of riders or dragons. Does that mean there are dragons or riders in Du Fells Nangoroth?

  • Anthony

    How far ahead would you imagine the 5th book might be set? If it were to be in the future.

  • Do you plan on having Eragon and Saphira appear as main characters in other books ?

  • Max

    When will you be writing the follow up to the Inheritance Cycle?

  • Anonymous

    Questions:1)  What were the original destinies of the characters such as Nasuada and Murtagh and any others that you changed?2)  Where the rings given to Roran and Katrina meant to have a bigger part?3)  I found it interesting to read about the prejudice against the elves that the humans had which wasn’t brought to light before.  How did such exclusion and distrust arise, especially since there were both human and elvish riders?

  • Venatrax

    Is it possible to have a true name that could take days, weeks, months, or years to say? 

    • Asas

      LMAO =)

    • Yazdan Khan


    • Anonymous

      I would have thought so. I mean, if you were old enough surely it would take this amount of time to describe your essence, your inner being.

    • Author Steven

      That would be a really interesting question…I personally want to know Sloan’s true name. 🙂

  • Guest

    How did Murtagh remember the true name of the ancient language to attack Galbatorix. This question came to mind when Eragon forgot it after Galbatorix used it against him, and it became clear that Galbatorix used a similar spell that the riders used on the vault of souls. To make people forget it. I don’t think that Galbatorix would give Murtagh such a powerful weapon. 

    • RedFlame1

      Yes, I also wondered that!

  • WanderingDragon

    Why was Saphira in the book so much less than in the other 3 books. She talked so much less. 

  • Interview Question:
    If you had the opportunity to give your 15-year-old-self a piece of advice pertaining to the Inheritance Cycle what would that be?

  • EpickPhail

    whats the eta on his new book? teasers? character name?

    • Fervidtopher

      I thought you said “Eta” the Dwarven word for ‘No’ ^_^

  • LoiAdlar

    Did Glaedar ever have a mate? Oramis? 

    • Anonymous

      You spelled Oromis wrong. It’s an “o” not an a”

    • Dom_modmod

      also spelt Glaedr wrong. there’s only one ‘a’

  • Liam Magrath

    Can you ask him his opinion on the movie that was made about Eragon? Does he think that they Botched it?(Stuffed it up)

    • Yazdan Khan

      Good questions, please answer to these!
      Thank you.