We’re interviewing Christopher Paolini — submit your questions for the author now!

We are excited to announce that we will be interviewing Christopher Paolini in the near future and for the first time since Inheritance released, are asking members of the Shur’tugal community to contribute interview questions for the author! Because the interview is fast approaching, the opportunity for fans to submit questions will not last long. If you have a question to submit, please be sure to do so right away.

The staff of Shur’tugal will be sorting through questions submitted by our audience and choosing what we feel are the best questions. Chosen questions will be asked during the interview. We do not know when the interview will be released on Shur’tugal and may take up to several weeks after the recording date.

If you would like to submit a question, please continue reading!

Looking to submit a question? Please remember that your time to do so is limited. If you have a question, submit it right away!

Please try to keep your questions focused on Inheritance (Book 4). Please do not ask about the Eragon movie or any remakes, as we’d like to keep the focus of this interview on Book 4 and future books.

Please submit your questions in the comments below. If you have multiple questions, please try to keep them all in one comment for easy sorting!