New interview featuring Christopher with Amazon released, bringing 40 minutes of interesting questions and answers!

Christopher Paolini recently participated in a rather long video interview for Amazon Germany totaling over 40 minutes! The video interview was released in nine parts and is recorded in English (with German subtitles). Christopher is asked a number of interesting questions for which he provided some intriguing answers, offering a new insight into his own life, behind-the-scenes information on the Cycle, and more. We’ve compiled a list of highlights from the interview and have all nine parts available after the jump!

Highlights from the German Amazon interview:

  • Visiting Berlin (where the interview was shot), inspiration from the sights and music. Christopher was heavily influenced by many of German’s most famous classical musicians
  • Italy is discussed — the Paolini family’s origins and the series’ success in Italy.
  • Italy is home to the world’s only published Eragon spoof novel, entitled “Erasol”
  • The influence of Japanese in both the names and languages throughout the cycle is discussed.
  • Christopher remarks that “Kevin” was always a placeholder name before coming up with “Eragon”
  • Oddly enough, some international publishers choose to call the Inheritance Cycle the “Eragon series”, using the proper book names as subtitles
  • “Eldest” was a problematic book title for some foreign language book publishers, as those languages (such as French) do not have a translation equivalent to the word “Eldest” in their language
  • The interviewer remarks that money as an issue disappeared as the story progressed; we frequently see money-related issues at the start of Eragon, and come Brisingr, money is never mentioned at all. Christopher remarks that this is due to Eragon’s changing role within Alagaesia… from poor farm boy to Dragon Rider, ambassador to the dwarves, and guest of the elves
  • The series has heavily reflected Christopher’s own life and personal journey
  • Christopher’s childhood pets (who both sadly passed away last year) heavily influenced the way he saw and wrote Saphira
  • Both of Christopher’s parents were once pilots. Christopher’s grandfather owns a small planes airport
  • If Christopher could choose one super power, it’d be the ability to fly
  • Christopher truly enjoys “forcing” his characters to solve issues and misunderstandings by talking them out rather than holding grudges and ignoring problems at hand
  • Christopher dislikes what he sees as racism in fantasy
  • Christopher thinks that Galbatorix truly believes that he is a good man and that the decisions he has made are the right decisions
  • Brom and Roran are both based on Christopher’s father Kenneth
  • Christopher and his sister Angela just finished collaborating on a writing project, which Christopher says “is a big secret”
  • Saphira is Christopher’s favorite character in the series

You can watch all nine parts in the embedded Youtube clips below. We highly recommend watching the interview to hear and understand Christopher’s answers!

  • GraphiX

    What?!  You just dissed Tolkien.  Unacceptable.  No soup for you.

  • Meh

    Hmph…….CPs favourite character is Saphira? From the way he butchered her character in book 4, you wouldn’t believe it……..

  • EragonMegaFan

    You can’t stop at inheritance Chris!!! Make a before and after Eragon’s time or something!!! So much is unexplained!!!

  • ShruikansRider

    Wow. Talk about a long time for this interview to come out. It was done before Inheritance came out. What A waste of time! May as well not have released it after it’s 3-4 months old. I wish CP would let a real author re-write the IC!

    • SodapopXPonyboylover

      You don’t think Christopher Paolini is a good writer? 

  • Nathaniel Brule

    to long…

  • tob2007

    Erm… I’m not trying to detract from the interview, with it being very good and all, but this interview is from months ago. Mike, did you just find these now?

  • Charlesobama97

    any directors reading this : you will make cash money on making these movies according to the inheritance cycle

  • Lprolitho

    Inheritance was awesome, they need to remake Eragon the movie just like they did Batman and get someone like Peter Jackson  or Steven Spielberg to do it so it can be kept with the storyline of the books and they should have someone who looks like Arya like the actress Olivia Wilde who to me is how I read her to look. The reason why I say all this is because Inheritance would make an excellent Film.

  • Saerina

    So… What were the interviews like?! They’re all blocked. 🙁
    Any Inheritance sequels coming up? (Anything on Murtagh, Nasuada, Thorn, ExA?)

  • Purple-kitty

    I wonder if Arya is based upon a real person.

  • Blagden

    i’ll be happy with any book 5 as long as arya and eragon appear in it

  • Fmesto

    i wanna clear that the italian parody is AEROSOL, not Erasol

  • Jfkhgndkg

    In French, eldest, as in first-born, is ainee.

  • ME

    Actually there are evil Elves. Just not really in the LOTR books themselves, but in Tolkien’s expanded works. 
    But I do kinda get what he’s saying.

    • Narf.

      Yes, not all of Tolkien’s elves are perfect, especially in his expanded works.
      Also, I never really saw racism in the portrayal of the orcs… to me they always seemed like demonic creatures, not really any particular “race” – they’re like a different animal or creature altogether.
      It’s a bit like accusing someone of being racist against carnivores for portraying a carnivorous predator as a meat-eater…
      I’m not saying that there is never racism in books, but this is just what I think of this particular example.

      • Bob

        tolkiens orcs are elves that were captured, twisted, and taken over, by sauron bro

        • LOTRFan

          Actually they were elves that were captured shortly after their awakening by Morgoth.  They were twisted and corrupted by him bro.  Sauron was a lackey of Morgoth before he ever became the main antagonist in LOTR

  • Percy

    What’s up with the German subtitles?

    • Lhsbonez

      The interview was done in Berlin and not every one in Germany can speak English. The German subtitles are for the Germans.

  • Edoardo

    Eldest cannot be translate in Italian too

  • Anonymous

    Not being a Squib here, but what does he mean by “racism in fantasy” ??

    • He explains it very clearly in the interview.

      • Anonymous

        I can’t be bothered to watch it to be honest … It was just a question, if your can’t answer it no need to be pedantic…

        • Mr. Anonymous

          It means that the races are somewhat stereotyped to show favor to one group or another or between characters and that writers continue to hold to these cliches so that their stories dont seem too contradictory or complex for a fluid plotline of events.

  • Mcase19

    Does anybody else here watch parks and rec? i noticed in the new episode that ben is reading a copy of Inheritance. Is this product placement or just a coincidence?

    • Guest

      That’s cool.  I think product placement is really expensive though.  Someone who works for the show is probably a fan. 

      • Julie Ann Grasso

        It’s not product placement, but the props department would have needed a release from Paolini and(or perhaps just from) Random House in order to show the cover recognizably on camera. Man I wish I was the Art Coordinator on that show. Would have loved to procure that release!
        Maybe I’ll suggest it for the next show I work on 🙂

        • Carlosquiroz33

          Wow that’s crazy but wherever these books go it makes it just alot more awesome

    • Coincidence, most likely. I haven’t heard of any advertising of that sort happening at Random House.

    • rellana

      And inthe Middle(probably coincidence)I saw Brick reading Eldest.But it’s probably a coincidence.

  • Bpm135

    So Paolini is an Atheist? What a shame. 

    • Anonymous

      why is that a shame? I figured he was an Athiest anyway from the way he was commentating on the Elves’ beliefs …

  • The Green Dragon

    cool cant wait to listen.

  • Interesting interview but I do have to agree with Dravel, this is an old interview.

  • Ummm, why did you say it was a “recent” interview? This is from last year. I saw part of it months ago. Look at the upload date. These were uploaded June-July of 2011.

    • My mistake — didn’t mean to include recent. It was an interesting interview with very little to no time-sensitive discussion (the focus of the interview was more on Christopher’s life and writing, nothing really Book 4 related). I missed this when it first released and due to slow news, wanted to share it with fans.

      • WaffleHermit

        Thank you!

      • Julie Ann Grasso

        I found this one a few weeks ago on youtube. I linked it to CP and he retweeted it. It’s my favorite interview by far. And I really love the interviewer, he reminds me of my German 101 prof. 🙂

    • Anonymous

      well observed i never noticed that …….