Christopher Paolini releases another “Alagaesia Newsletter” discussing his tour, future tours, and more!

Christopher Paolini just released his annual holiday-timed newsletter, in which he discusses the completion of his North American tour (which ended yesterday) along with his experiences meeting fans across the country. Christopher also mentions his spring 2012 tour in Europe (dates to be announced in the future) and teases possible future dates outside of Europe as well. Lastly, the author discusses what the future has in store, mentioning several new ideas he hopes to begin work on! You can read the full newsletter after the jump!

Kvetha Fricaya! Greetings Friends! And Happy Holidays to you and your families!

I’ve finally returned home from my tour across the United States and Canada. Wow! What an amazing experience. I couldn’t have asked for a better way to say goodbye to Inheritance and to the series as a whole. I’ve always been impressed by the response of readers to my events, but this time the amount of excitement, dedication, and devotion for the Inheritance cycle really blew me away.

During the tour, fans gave me both an ostrich and an emu egg, battle-patches from Afghanistan, pictures, drawings, and marriage proposals. I signed swords and dragons, books and posters. And I even had one young woman faint during one of my readings (a first for me). What really got to me, though, was hearing from so many different people who have been deeply touched by the books. I can’t tell you how much that means to me.

Now that I’m back, all I can say is, “Thank you!” Thank you for supporting the series. Thank you for showing up at the events, and thank you for your enthusiasm for the series.

Also, thanks to the many booksellers, librarians, and folks from Random House who made this tour possible.

For those of you who have already read Inheritance, you may be interested in reading the interview that I did with Mike from wherein I discuss many of the questions readers have had about the end of the story. Be forewarned, there are spoilers galore.

Click here to read the interview.

So, what does the future hold for me? Well, I’m going to rest a bit, and then I’ll choose one of the many stories that have been bouncing around my head for the past ten years and dive into it. That said, I am going to be heading to Europe for more events during the spring of next year, and I may visit a couple of other places too.

In the meantime, I wish you the very best for the end of the year and the beginning of the new one.

Atra esterní ono thelduin.

Christopher Paolini

  • Waryke

    what a narrow would be nice to see all four books as GOOD movies,i will not watch an epic failure of a movie about the books i love.the reason the first one failed is because some moron decided it wasnt important to read books and get the plot correct!!!by the way,if I am offending any of you that read this post just know that I dont care if its offensive because its either mostly or completley correct.

  • Eragon

    why was only “Eragon” made into a film? i would personally love to see Glaedr on the big screen…

  • Waryke

    and if it continues,notice the IF,that pattern that would mean they would be headed for terain somewhat like……Texas???

    • Eragon Fan

      Or north to the Dakotas maybe they could train riders on …… mount Rushmore

  • Eragon Fan

    Has anyone else noticed that the map of Alagäesia might be loosely based on the southwestern United States

    • Eragon

      thats because cp based it on where he was living when he started writing the series

  • unknown fan

    i like the idea of book 5 about the history of Brom or someone else from the old times but it would not be the same without the following history of Eragon and saphira.
    and of cause thumbs up for the continuing relationship betwen Arya and Eragon!.  

  • Waryke

    lacuna means a missing portion of a book or manuscript,a gap.perhaps in those 2 chapter eragon FILLED IN part of history that was missing.

  • Waryke

    I didnt know there was a movie…anyone care to explain???

    • Saerina

      in one word: Horrible.
      Terrible acting, (making Saphira like a common work beast), plot line (Durza having a weird shadow dragon, Arya having blond hair etc) and directing! just to name a few things wrong with that film. hack, I hate to call it a movie!

      • Waryke

        sounds like a remake is needed.thank you.

  • Ethan Todd3

    I just finished the 4th book and it was epic! and You have to continue the series its like something is missing from my life after the 4th book………… or maybe go back and tell the story of past riders or the story of new ones eragon amd saphira train

    • Waryke

      I agree.It makes you feel like somethings missing.

  • I got to meet him and he signed my book “svit-kona” with my name!! He called me wise!:D

    • Waryke

      lucky.very lucky in my opinion.

  • Waykre

    you have to wright a book5!!!!!!!!!!!!i will go mad if you dont.nothing has ever before become such a large part of my life.too many things have been left unanswered.Eka elrun ono wiol forn thornessa.Gulia waise medh ono,Argetlam un se ono waise ilia.Atra esterni ono thelduin.

  • :( Continue Eragon!

    Please continue the saga ;-(
    I am very sad for Eragon…

  • bromandsaphira

    20 sweepstakes words?

  • Anonymous

    Honestly I think you should continue the series.  You could do that by telling of Eragon and Saphira’s search for a place to settle the dragons and maybe even include a hint to a new series about another rider that shall appear while Eragon is training Dragon Riders.  It would also be nice if Nar Garzhvog’s son become a rider and also one of Roran’s descendants maybe a great-grandson. I think that would be a splendid continuation.

    • Eragon

      true. great use of the word “splendid” too 😉

  • NotAnthreragonmovie

    I’d suggest a Mini-Series for the books rather than attempting a major motion picture.   something like Dune, or Babylon 5, or Lost….

  • EternalShade

    Now all we need is a podcast

  • Dnat555

    so did u just rant about how you didnt like the book i dont think anyone really cares

  • i now hate these books

    i hate the fourth book i have been waiting for this for two years it trash what was he thinking ok charecter changes one in paticlure from a caring vegetarion eragon to a meat eating kill happy bezerker orrin turned into a drunken alchalic with anger issues plus wat epic romance hell no if there was a romancethis would have been a better book
    who the hell was the lady and the girl who showed up in two books 
    what were the seven words brom spoke of
    who really is angella
    and much more
    ok the critcs say this new style of writing is beter no he says the same name over and over and over again
    the ending was the most ovious thing ever who ever heard of that spear thing in any book and galbatrex totally a villain out of a cartoon who blows up he really blows up murtagh and nasuda romance ended abrubt and pallini said the fourten telling of angela whouldnt be set in stone but in the end it did and with all the power eragon had the name of the anceint language restore vangaurd  the arubt wanting to leave alagazia forever 

  • E&AFan

    Thank you for the series.  I will eagerly read another book in the series if you ever produce one.  I am also content in the ending of Inheritance.  I am not so unimaginative as to not be able to further the lives of the heroins in the series as it is written.  Good luck in the future and thank you for the memories.

  • nik porter

    As @e0e3712d62f60ee7314362218d58cad6:disqus  put it, Inheritance leaves off very openly and without much said about the life of Eragon, Saphira, and the future Riders afterwords. I really would love an ‘epilogue’ of sorts (novel length :D) detailing what happened afterwords. Would be quite interesting.

    • Anonymous

      Not Epilouge but a complete series off of the Inheritance cycle

  • Spectra…


    • tecky

      Hear hear! I believe the movie does not do justice to the book at all. Not by a long shot. Saphira was treated like a common beast in the movie! Remake please.

      • A reader

        Didnt saphira get hit by lightning and become fully grown in the movie?


  • Saerina

    Merry (belated) Christmas!
    and a happy new year (early!)

  • chris newell

    i think there needs to be. it leave sreally open like theres going to be more.

  • John

    Ie there going to be another book?

  • ____

    What does “Lacuna” mean, in pg 553 and 554? The name of those chapters were “Lacuna, Part the first” and “Lacuna, Part the second.” I checked the ancient language dictionary at the back of the book, as well as the Alagaesia language dictionaries, and they didn’t say anything about “Lacuna.” Those chapters were both about Eragon finding out about the eldunari and eggs in the vault of souls. This could be a hint. Hmmm…

    • Tecky

      Kvetha Fricaya,

      It’s not part of the ancient language dictionary but it’s part of OUR dictionary. So try the Oxford, or perhaps Merriam-Webster dictionary. 🙂

    • Sophie

      I know one meaning of Lacuna is “empty” in Italian which can also mean “a gap or an empty part”. Hope this helps! 🙂 

  • Arya<3

    What is with the whole going to vroengard thing?

  • Laksana Baskaran

    There is so many unanswered questions, yet I am kinda happy beacuse of that. Now I can freely imagine what happens next with Eragon and Saphrira… These books have given me so much happiness since I was 10 (Got Eragon and Eldest just a few weeks after my B-day). Since then I’ve been a hardcore fan of Eragon, and not to talk about CP ~~ 
    Thank you ~

  • Stelios

    Greece wants you here CP!! I hear every day teenagers who want Inheritance as sooner as possible! I’m one of them! 

    • Anonymous

      Yes Greece needs you here! Come asap!

  • InheritanceCYclefanatic

    u guys do know he is writing a book 5. read the interview

    • Dnat555

      he said he might right one but not for awhile

  • Whitewintersky

    I gave him a letter.  He responded.  And I wonder where one would get an emu egg

  • Anonymous

    Its good to hear that he will get back to writing. I hope we get another Alagaesia book soon, I want nothing more than to delve into another one of his books. I friggin love ’em! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Another thing that I also admire in Christopher is that he’s always kept in touch with his readers (and now I see it clearer because of twitter). And it seems to me that his story as a writer has just begun. I’m sure that we’re gonna have dozens of his books on our shelves over the years, because one that has the gift simply cannot stop using it. I wish y’all (CP, shurty’s staff, shurty’s visitors, lytherus’, and Inheritance Cycle readers) wonderful holidays 😀 I’m sure next year will be just as great as 2011 to this community :] 

  • dragon rider

    where is book five?!

    • Jelpesdaturtle

      How is he supposed to write another book that fast doofus? Inheritance just came out a month ago!

  • dragon rider

    i want another book with more murtagh, HE IS AWESOME. i can’t believe cp was going to kill him

    • Yeah, but thinking about it I guess we all expected that. So obviously that’s where he expected the story to go too. But he knew that would be unfair to the character and I’m glad Murtagh is alive.

    • Lancek, Rider of Ignitus

      But he didn’t. Although, yes, I wish we had more Murtagh. Especially since we haven’t had much time with in the first place. Kudos on the series, Christopher, you will always have a fan in me.

  • Hrenaise

    There will be book 5… i think i’m gonna read the series all over again 😀

  • Eva

    I think Murtagh and Angela must be my favorite characters. I hope we see more of Murtagh in book 5. And I believe that Angela is the Oracle that was referred to in the last book. We’ll see 😀 

    I love the series (:

    • Eragon

      that would explain a lot, such as why Solembum is so devoted to her (her prediction saved his life) and why she lived so long. p.s love the name, very original 🙂

  • Saerina

    Question about Galbatorix’s master plan: Nasuada is a mortal. She would die after maybe 80 years! Who would replace her then?
    And if he could make her immortal, wouldn’t Murtagh do that for her in book five (possibly?)

    • Johnsonl634

      I doubt Murtagh could, he is nowhere near as powerful as Galby was, especially now he no longer possess any eldunari. Such a feat is even beyond Eragon, despite the vast amount of eldunari supporting him. In short, Nasuada’s staying mortal… unless she becomes a rider 😛

      • Saerina

        I hope that happens! (Nasuada being a Rider. with a silver dragon)

        • Dragon Obsessed

          that would be awesome but I doubt it’s gonna happen. One of Nasuada’s most important traits is that she is mortal and has done so much even though she is mortal. It would be like Roran becoming a Rider. It would just ruin the character. And Alagaesia would not react well to another all powerful Rider as their leader. But maybe if Murtagh, Arya, and Eragon got together with the help of the Eldunari, Saphira, Firnen, and Thorn, maybe just maybe they could make her immortal.

          • Saerina

            That would be cool (I’m still holding onto the hope of her being a dragon rider though)

          • zion

            but why would they do that …they just got rid of an immortal king

    • Blaseter

      His plan was to force the third egg (Firnen) on her, breaking the oath, similiar to how he did with Shruikan, so she would become immortal because of her becoming a rider.

      • Saerina

        REALLY?! didn’t think of that thanks!

  • Shallwedancefriendofmyheart

    Hey Mike! Do you know when you’re going to end up doing those Inheritance read-through podcasts? Really looking forward to them and I hope you’re still doing them! =)

    • These are something I’d love to get to, I’m just not sure when. I have a lot going on right now with the holidays, and then I move across the entire country (from Boston, MA to Phoenix, AZ) at the end of January. I promise it’s on my list — it may just take a bit to get to it.

  • Doctor

    I hope somebody asks this in the next interview. What did the menoa tree take from eragon??

    • Taz

      I don’t think she took anything. like CP said in some interviews Eragons story isn’t over. he is going to live for centuries so the menoa tree has plenty of time to think of what she wants back from him.

      • Laksana Baskaran

        If Menoa knows what she wants from Eragon, doesn’t Eragon need to go back to  Alagaësia some day?

        • zion

          maybe he will find a way

    • AryaDrottning

      he said ”Read Book V”

  • Taz

    guys we done it!!!!!
    random house finaly lissend to all the people in Europe and CP is comming over here!!!!!!
    now I just hope that it really is a tour and not just stopping in 2 places and then going back to the US. And of course I hope he is visiting a town close to where I live 😛

    • Uhm, that tour has been confirmed for months… the countries are just not known yet (except for Germany, which he told on his Twitter).

  • Inheritance

    Too bad the Inheritance Cycle had to end.:(

  • Inheritance


  • Daishaosborn

    i love that I shared this with my children ages currently  10 and 11.  Love the way they drawn out the swords, dragons, Eragon, Brom, and everything else.  So sad to have the series end with just one ok movie.  Now I have the pleasure to reread the books to  my daycare kids.  Christopher please keep writing and encouraging our youth.  Thanks so much for a great series.  Still a lot more to tell!

    • Inheritance

      There’s ALOT more to tell!!!

    • Taz

      Just one ok movie? What movie are you talking about because I think I missed the movie that was OK

      • Shallwedancefriendofmyheart

        …Movie? What movie? WHY ARE WE GOING TO VROENGARD?!

    • badbadbad

      that movie was absolutely  terrible

    • Dragon Obsessed

      read his interview with Mike. Lots of clues about future books that made me happy!
      and that would be a good question for future interviews. Any chance there’s gonna be a remake of the movie?(It desperately needs it)

  • Arya Dröttningu

    ”I may visit a couple of places too”… Maybe are we seeing you in South America??

  • Vandalism

    You cheated me, Paolini. You killed off Shruikan without giving him so much as a single word of dialogue. I want you to make up for it. Now.

    • I’ve always imagined that the dragon was too far gone to be able to speak, you know? His mind and soul are so tortured that whatever intelligence he once had is far lost to insanity. Now he’s just a creature, no smarter than an animal, driven by this bizarre insatiable bloodlust.

      Just how I pictured him though.

      • Guest

        It’s kinda like the Forsworns’ dragons, just achieved in a different way
        (Forsworn = banishing of names, Shruikan = complete and utter insanity)

      • Ethan Todd3

        I agree though i dont think that he was completely stupid (for lack of a better word) I also think that it was necisarry to kill him because of the threat and they took him out of his misery

  • hoke

    I literally almost threw up from excitement when I saw him haha. That probably wouldn’t have been as cool as fainting though…

  • Emily Sasaki

    man… I didn’t really realize how much of my life this series had taken up until it ended… I miss those days of checking this site every ten minutes and listening to the podcasts…  i’m looking forward to reading more of his books and hopefully more of his alagaesian creations.

    • We miss your emails!

      • Tabitha K.


        Sounds like it’s time for more podcasts to give her a reason to email in….

        *walks away whistling*

        • Ecorumx1b4

          Book five will most likely be murtagh return, the Olympics, and arya stepping down from president.
          And yes she is a president. Each house has to vote then I have to decide. We do not force people to take the throne who do not wish for it

          • zion

            or it could be about eragon running into murtagh in a new land.

        • Someday. I need to have my say on what happened!

  • roran :)

    i want a sequel series about eragon training new riders and living in the new area he goes to with saphira, the eldunari and the dragon eggs

  • Jake

    do an eplilouge!

  • Arya<3

    I miss the waiting days for inheritance 🙁

  • Are his European tour stosp already known?