Christopher’s 40-minute long “Boys’ Life” live interview is now available to watch!

Christopher Paolini recently did a live video interview for Boys’ Life magazine, a magazine and web destination geared toward members of the Boy Scouts organization. The interview lasted over forty minutes and includes Christopher answering a large selection of fan-submitted questions! We now have a recording of the interview for those who missed it, and it’s available for viewing after the jump!

  • Margarita1111

    Christopher  you are wery good writer and I read all parts of your  cycle,it’s cool.
    But it’s a pity that story about Eragon is already ends

  • Kenny

    I am very thankful for this interview. Thanks CP!

  • christy

    I am 35 yrs old!!!! Eragon(and all of the Inheritance cycle) is THE BEST story iv’e ever read…I read ALOT! 1 or 2+ novels a week. Thrillers, sci-fi, and anything fiction. I LOVE YOU CHRISTOPHER!!!!!!!!!

  • Bcveinen

    hello, I am a new author aprouching the wonderful world of writing. I agree with christopher paolini on many fronts because we have many things in common. I have a simple question that I would like to ask him and im trying to figure out how to contact him. if any of you have an idea please send me an email at [email protected]
    warning: this may be off subject

  • derp

    Where can we see the art after CP is done with it?

  • Samuelleeg

    did anyone else see Za’roc in the background. (If i spelled za’aroc wrong please forgive me)

  • ShruikansRider

    its going to take a little bit before we get more books in Alagaesia? lol to funny. I guess 6 years is just a little bit to him, but its a long time to me. It takes him 3 years to write a book. Doubtful though that he is just going to write one sci-fi book. So that makes it even longer before another book in Alagaesia.

    What is truly funny though is that he has answered all these questions before, just not in so much detail. It would have been a lot better if he had actually answered peoples questions about the story/plot line that people have.

    • Random Person

       He is probably (hopefully) going to take less than 6 years to get back to Alagaesia because he stated in the acknowledgments in Inheritance: “I promise to write books a bit faster now!”

  • Saerina

    Request!!!!! Anyone who can see the interview, could you give me a summary of what happened? It’s blocked :'(
    Were there any interesting questions?

  • dabomb


  • Jessica Chisholm

    Hi, just finished reading inheritance!!! I had a warm butterfly sensation when i read the words: The End. I alsp wondered whether anyone noticed the reference to Raxacoricalfalipatorius. Couldnt believe it when i read it! I smiled and trued to stop myself from laughing out loud because my family were watching a serious scene with professor snape in hp1. I also just want to say, thank you so much Christopher Paolini! You have inspired me and probably countless others to write!

  • Taz

    yeeeeaaaah a tour in Europe!!!!!!!!! april and may 2012 so looking foreward to it. ik hope he comes somewere close to where i live.

  • Inheritance

    I hope he makes another book

  • Joh

    Time to write a novel about a fly toaster mermaid hybrid’s singing career in a war torn country 

  • Jack.

    please come to Australia!!!!!!!

  • Arya<3

    Wind howled through the night, carrying a scent that would change the world.

  • Jdja09

    love it

  • Daniela

    I thought that the first word  of the Ancient Language we encounter in the series is “garjzla”, used by Durza in the prologue of Eragon? 😉

  • My 1st favourite author quoted my second. Douglas Adams. They share the top shelf of book shelf.

  • Pompoon

    Mike’s copy of Zar’roc is so totally visible in the background.

    • General Assembly

      Oh yeah…Totally. 😛

      • Cie

        Hai gaiz!

  • Dorota

    I feel like I’ve read that detective novel he was talking about…something about someone using ketchup or tomato sauce as fake blood. For some reason I’m thinking Nancy Drew. Then again, I can’t really see Christopher reading Nancy Drew…

  • DragonsAreAwesome

    Cool 🙂  I still remember what a heart attack I had when the video stopped 😛  I thought it was my computer at first but then he came back on and I was happy 🙂  I enjoyed the interview but I do hope that he does more interviews about more specific stuff in the book 😀

  • Firnin

    I watched this live. I was really disappointed when they weren’t questions about the book, but about his personal life. I checked out for most of this.

  • Coasterking

    when can we submit the podcast sweepstake words?

  • Anonymous

    y’now.. in comparison with our friend up here, when I speak in the ancient language, I sound like a little child trying to speak Chinese or French.. Dear Christopher, You sound perfectly fine either in the elf language or in the dwarf one (many chuckles when he spoke in dwarf.. it is hilarious, somehow. he sounds hoarse, as he admitted).. anyway! loved it. most anxious to his new projects.  

  • Anonymous

    this is so precious! only 10min through and i’m loving it. goodness! the details about how he came up with the idea for eragon.. i can only admire him.

    • Jmbwolfter25

      me too

  • Inheritance

    cool i see zar’roc

  • Smith Andrew195

    plot threads? more like plot boulders
    yay more angela info at sometime

  • Tim G.

    Ha! I see Zar’roc in the background!

    • Yup! That’s the Zar’roc that we (Shur’tugal and the community) had custom built for him. Very exciting to see!

      • Firnin

        So it’s an actual sword? I couldn’t tell if it was a pic or real. Also, is there a way to get another one made so I could buy it 🙂

  • Saerina

    Its blocked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t watch the interview!!!!!!!!!
    Write it up please, if you can! I’d like to hear it also.

    • It’s 40 minutes long, so we won’t be providing a transcript — sorry.

      • Saerina

        tears. :'(

  • Awesome

    why can’t you answer any questions about the BOOK?  ARRRRRRG!!!!  your personal life is great, but i want to know about INHERITANCE!!!!

    my apologies.  you’re an amazing writer… but next time, please make it clear what kind of questions you’ll actually answer


    • He didn’t choose the questions, the magazine did. And they chose out of what was submitted to them.

      • Denmark111

        I love when you can answer that kind of questions with that kind of answers 🙂

  • Mr Cleveland

    Paolini would like to be a dwarf but i think i would prefer to be an elf. You could have all the time in the world to focus on what you are interested in, which for me would be playing guitar and learning as much stuff as possible, and it is almost guaranteed that you can use magic, which seems awesome.

    • Firnin

      Definitely an elf.

  • Mojobro

    Hopefully, i wont be 30 when he comes back to this story.

    • Loicadlar

      Chances are, if you are old enough to be able to write that, you will be! 😛 

  • Go Dwarfs 101

    Thanks for doing this!

  • Anonymous

    Just found out there’s a place called ‘Trondheim’ in Norway. Awesome.

  • Feanor

    Finally! 😀 I started watching it too late last time and only got to the middle of question 3!!!