Christopher Paolini will be this week’s “Featured Author” on Random Buzzers

Random Buzzers has just announced that Christopher Paolini will be visiting the Random House teen-centric network for a week-long visit to promote and discuss Inheritance! Christopher’s visit will take place on Random Buzzers, where Buzzers users will be allowed to ask Christopher questions. We’ll be sure to update the website following Christopher’s visit to showcase some of his best Q&As!

  • Anonymous

    awesome 🙂 make sure you write up some form on transcript 😛 

    long live CP, long live MM and Shurty

  • Innheritance

    yeah, i’m so happy  great idea

  • hoke

    Good deal!

  • DragonsAreAwesome

    exciting!!! 🙂

  • Jhector10

    Will arya and eragon feature in future books???????????? 

  • Hey has anyone seen this yet it had Inheritance Cycle featured in and it definitely looks like something to be on Lytherus.

    • DragonsAreAwesome

      Hopefully, this is going to be about the books, not the movie…

      • Yeah I hope the movie was just there as a symbol and not the subject itself.

  • Arya+Eragon=Happiness

    Not a question, just a thought: REDO THE BOOK CUZ YOU BLEW IT!

  • Saerina

    FIRST! This is monumental! (I like enormous words )
    My questions: Did Glaedr have a mate, did Oromis fall in love, would a dragon hatch for Nasuada, was Tenga the hermit that developed the spell for the pocket of space to hold things, and finally, who were Thorn’s parents. Also, would Thorn mate after having so much hurt in his life? (ever since hatching) 🙁 poor Thorn.

    • Firnin

      What about shruikan? Being stolen away as a hatchling, forced to serve the man that destroyed the riders and dragons, and finally being killed by a dauthdart (however you spell it) to the eye. At least Thorn got to be with his Rider, has time to recover, and was essential in the death of Galbatorix.

      • Saerina

        I wanted Shruikin to be good in the end; but I guess already deciding to  keep two of your almost bad guys in the end of the series tips the scales. (for CP).
        I mean, wouldn’t it be cool to have a (almost) castle sized dragon?
        Elva could be his rider (the most formidable Rider/dragon ever) and then when he went into a rage or something, she could say the right things to calm him down. THAT would be cool 🙂 Not likely, but cool

    • Mazumdarsourav

      IF you noticed something…when the dragons mentioned about a hermit in the northeast coast (i cant remember the exact location)…they said about 1200 years ago!!
      Now if Tenga is the same hermit it certainly raises some questions!