Holiday Recommendations: Round One!

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Festivus, or any other of the many year-end holidays rapidly headed our way, you’ll get a kick out of our most recent venture: we’ve teamed up with the staff of Lytherus to compile the ultimate holiday gift guides for books, movies, video games, comics, anime, and more! The guides are great for filling out your wish-lists or shopping for friends and family… and once the holidays are over, they’re a great resource when plotting out how to best spend the gift cards you received!

Each list has ten or more recommendations spanning our favorites in fantasy, science fiction, and horror across all of the media types. We went out of our way to provide commentary and mini-reviews for each item, hoping to further aid you in your decision making process. They’re great guides to check out for recommendations on any level!

(Why wasn’t Inheritance included on our list? Well, that’s an obvious one: all of our visitors already have it or already knew to ask for it for the holidays! As for why the Eragon movie wasn’t on our list… well, that speaks for itself. Check back on Shur’tugal soon for some awesome Inheritance-themed gift recommendations!)