Holiday Recommendations: Round One!

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Festivus, or any other of the many year-end holidays rapidly headed our way, you’ll get a kick out of our most recent venture: we’ve teamed up with the staff of Lytherus to compile the ultimate holiday gift guides for books, movies, video games, comics, anime, and more! The guides are great for filling out your wish-lists or shopping for friends and family… and once the holidays are over, they’re a great resource when plotting out how to best spend the gift cards you received!

Each list has ten or more recommendations spanning our favorites in fantasy, science fiction, and horror across all of the media types. We went out of our way to provide commentary and mini-reviews for each item, hoping to further aid you in your decision making process. They’re great guides to check out for recommendations on any level!

(Why wasn’t Inheritance included on our list? Well, that’s an obvious one: all of our visitors already have it or already knew to ask for it for the holidays! As for why the Eragon movie wasn’t on our list… well, that speaks for itself. Check back on Shur’tugal soon for some awesome Inheritance-themed gift recommendations!)

  • Saerina

    One brain storm I had is this:
    Te fifth book is based 20 yr. after Inheritance. A dragon hatched for Nasuada five years after Inheritance. She and dragon (its silver) go to Ellesmera and train for 15 yr. Murtagh and Thorn have been hunting down servants of Galby and killing Ra’zac eggs. Murtagh and Thorn meet up with Nasuada and silver and together they all hunt down 4 Ra’zac that have hatched and have parents to ride one (hence the 20 yr. gap). The Ra’zac and Lethrblaka are hunting Eragon, Arya, Firnen and Saphira. the four of them (A,E,F,S) have met 1/2 way between Eragon’s dragon land and Ellesmera. A,E,F,S don’t know the Ra’zac and Lethrblaka are hunting them. M,N,T and silver have to hunt down the Ra’zac and Lethrblaka before they get to A,E,F and S as the four of them aren’t armed with Eldunari.
    I had fun with theory (I did this with my bro)

  • Puss’n’Boots

    Will Eragon or Arya be in the next book? How many books will you (as in CP) be writing I enjoyed the 4th book. Keep up the good work!!

    • Saerina

      This was NOT me! My bro got onto this!!!!!!!!!! >:(

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  • Saerina

    Argh! I feel as if in Inheritance, every relationship with meaning (except Roran’s and Katrina’s) died.
    Arya and Eragon can get together in the end since they live practically forever, but Murtagh and Nasuada have to either A. have a dragon hatch for Nasuada (making her immortal or B. Murtagh making her immortal with the Ancient Language’s name.
    Not many people like suggestion A (but I LOVE it ), and a lot of people think B. will work. The reasons why I like A better than B:
    Nasuada could have a dragon and still serve Alagaesia, be with Murtagh, and not rule as a Queen that lives forever. She and Murtagh would be the best human/Rider couple ever heard of in history.
    (I don’t consider Arya and Eragon as human/Rider couple since Eragon’s not even a full elf or human)
    Have fun commenting. I feel like its been to quiet for too long 🙂

    • Nstanley30

      Good options but I cant see them working out it just wont feel right with who their characters are but then again murtagh did under go change in the end so maybe it could but I just don’t see it.

  • Anonymous

     ‘The House of Silk’ – Anthony Horowitz

     Anything by Terry Pratchett
    ‘The Curious Incident of The Dog in The Night-Time’ – Mark Haddon
     ‘White Teeth’ – Zadie Smith
     ‘A Clockwork Orange’ – Anthony Burgess
    ‘The Rogue Crew’ – Brian Jacques

  • Kurokuma

    Another good book series that you all need to read, if you haven’t already, is Ranger’s Apprentice.

    • Venatrax

      My brother, and I have read some of The Ranger’s Apprentice series. Soon I’m going to borrow all of them to read. And there’s quite a few of them….lol

      • Saerina

        Read every single last one of them. The author’s coming out with another series, The Outcasts. I can’t wait to read the 2nd book!
        I have most of the Ranger apprentice series.

        • Kurokuma

          Yup, I have to. They’re are all amazing books. We own all of them. We’ve also have the The Outcast. It’s also way good. 

          • Firnin

            I’ve read all but the last book in the series.

          • Saerina

            Who’s your fav character? Mine’s Alyss or Jenny or Gilan (he’s AWESOME!) 😛

  • THANK. YOU. So much for putting this together, it saves me the trouble of hunting down more entertainment. I swear whoever came up with the idea of Lytherus is amazing. It’s surprising how many of the movies I’ve already seen, but I’ll look at a couple that I haven’t. And I really need to buy some games for my new PS3. My friend is pushing me to get MW3 and I really want Revelations, and my other friend wants me to buy Skyrim. I’ll be getting those if I can during the Christmas sales. With the books “Rise Again” looks seriously good, but what’s up with all the zombies and vampires? Not that that’s a bad thing but there seems to be a lot of them in all of the categories these days O_o but anyway I’ll be checking some of those books out too.

    • Anonymous

      all of the categories indeed. from love stories (and i’m partially blaming Meyer here – I mean, some authors saw that a romance between a mortal ordinary human and an immortal creature is good for the sales and decided to put some effort on writing such tales.. ugh) to horror and the like. Some of them are good, some others though, cliche and chilly, I daresay. 

  • Anonymous

    you guys should have made a list of tv shows specials and the like too, such as the upcoming Christmas Special of Doctor Who and the brand new season of Sherlock (BBC series), which starts airing in January. But it’s quite a nice list, nonetheless. And if anyone out there is willing to gift me with the two last books of A Song of Ice and Fire  I’d be mostly grateful, haha. Just kidding. Wish y’all a wonderful Christmas and New Years. I’m sure the year of 2012 will be just as amazing as 2011 was for all shurtugal’s visitors (and lytherus’ too). Very anxious to the new stuff that will be going on about here in a couple of weeks. 

  • What do I want for Christmas? Well, I know I can’t have it this year, but for, say, Christmas 2014 I would like a *REMAKE* of the Eragon movie!

    • Heck yes. Actually I can wait years for them to remake it. It might be that by then a young fan might become a director 😉 (might be me but that’s pretty unlikely). I just want the movie to be good enough so that they can make the sequels, and hopefully the sequels can be good too.

    • Venatrax

      Totally! That would be the greatest Christmas present ever! Those books deserve way more that….*shudder* that other thing, that they call a movie!

  • Saerina

    Not many people commenting on here.
    hehe, nobody want the movie Eragon for Christmas 😛

  • Kris Strand

    when the holydays are offer… :S 

    • I stealth edited that after you pointed it out. Thanks!