First Post-Inheritance Interview with Christopher Tackles Book 4’s “Hot Topics” and More!

Our first post-Inheritance interview with Christopher Paolini is now here — and it tackles many of the biggest topics from Book 4 and beyond. Christopher tackles his book tour, the series’ hot-topic ending, Christopher’s shift in thinking and plotting with several major characters, returning to Eragon’s story and love life following the end of Book 4, Book 5 and potential smaller off-shoot stories, Roran, Nasuada, Brom’s seven words, a possible epilogue, and more!

This is the first in a series of interviews with Christopher over the coming months. We didn’t tackle all of the questions fans have had since finishing Book 4 but we made a major dent… and we’re looking forward to incorporating fan-submitted questions in future interviews! As always, this interview is FULL OF SPOILERS!

Mike Macauley: Hello Christopher! Thank you for taking the time out of your busy tour schedule to join us for the first post-Inheritance interview! This interview will not be as long as our normal interviews, as we are aiming to tackle major topics in a series of separate interviews over the coming months.

Christopher Paolini: Thanks for having me!

Mike Macauley: You’ve had a busy few weeks with the launch of Inheritance and the start of your book tour. How has the tour been going?

Christopher Paolini: The tour has been amazing. Almost every event has had 600-900 people showing up — so many that it’s almost too many to sign books for! That said, I’ve really enjoyed meeting the fans and hearing their reactions to the end of the series. I’ve even gotten some marriage proposals too!

Mike Macauley: Glad to hear you’ve been having a good time. Marriage proposals — wow!

Mike Macauley: Like all good series, the Inheritance cycle had to come to an end… and like all good series, the ending you wrote has had fans discussing and debating. We’ve seen some fantastic debates over the past two weeks on how the ending happened and why it had to happen that way. Let’s touch on this as our main topic for the interview.

Christopher Paolini: Sounds good.

Mike Macauley: Did you always plan to end the series the way you did, with Eragon leaving Alagaesia with Saphira and Arya staying behind?

Christopher Paolini: The ending evolved as I wrote the story. Originally, Eragon and Arya were to leave together, Roran was going to become king, and Queen Islanzadí — well, at first I was going to kill her, then I decided to let her live, and then I decided that if Arya was to stay, Islanzadí had to die after all.

Mike Macauley: What caused the major shift in thinking?

Christopher Paolini: Basically, I realized that the characters weren’t the people I thought they were back when I was fifteen, and that if I forced Eragon and Arya together (and it would be forcing them) I would end up breaking Arya’s character. I wrote a big chunk of Inheritance thinking that she and Eragon would be together. However the scenes between them, scenes where they were rather openly flirting, just did not work. Essentially, I was writing Arya the way that Eragon *wanted* her to be, not the way that she actually was. So, I cut back on the flirting. When I did that, I realized that it made no sense for Arya to suddenly turn on a dime at the end and leap into Eragon’s arms. If she did, it would seem as if she was only doing it for the sake of the dragons, not for Eragon, and Eragon himself would have noticed this. It would have left a very bitter taste in peoples’ mouths, I think.

Mike Macauley: That’s always been my argument. When reading, we experienced a strong, independent character struggle through the death of her companion (and potentially more), constantly denying Eragon’s advances… then to turn on that and run away with him? I’m all for happy endings, but I truly feel that would have not felt proper for Arya.

Christopher Paolini: Originally, my idea was that Eragon’s exposure to the Eldunarí in Vroengard would mature him so quickly (sort of like what happened to him physically during the Blood-oath Celebration) that when he returned, Arya would see that he was now grown up and would be willing to have a relationship with him. However, doing that was too big a shift in Eragon’s character. When I wrote those scenes, I realized that even if the Eldunarí exposed him to all of the wisdom of the ages, it would still take him years, if not decades, to understand it all. The thing to keep in mind is that though the series is over, Eragon and Arya’s story will continue. They’re going to live for a very long time, and their relationship is far from over.

Mike Macauley: I think that’s what a lot of fans want to hear, and it’s something everyone should keep in mind. Both are still very young (even with Arya being 100!) and have a long, potentially “limitless” life ahead of them. Besides, both have dragons — traveling to visit isn’t that difficult!

Christopher Paolini: Exactly.

Mike Macauley: Arya chose to become queen — this is something people are torn on. Was it in character? Was it out of character? Arya seems to be a character who has always put the needs of the people around her — family, friends, and her race in general — ahead of herself. We see her do this here with her decision to remain behind and lead her people. Did you struggle with this decision or did you see it as a natural fit? What drove you to want Arya to be queen?

Christopher Paolini: Arya is/was so devoted to the service of her people, she had the yawë glyph tattooed on her shoulder. Remember, the yawë symbolizes selfless service. She left Du Weldenvarden in the first place because of her differences with her mother and her need to serve. Well, now Galbatorix is dead, as is her mother, and it seems entirely reasonable to me that Arya would have no trouble returning to Ellesméra now. Also, keep in mind that as a Rider herself, Arya won’t stay in Du Weldenvarden as much as Islanzadí; she’ll be constantly flying out to participate in the events of the land.

Mike Macauley: Do you ever see yourself returning to Eragon and Arya’s story, possibly giving the hope of having a story with them together, or is that something that will solely be up to the imaginations of your readers?

Christopher Paolini: I have a number of other stories set within Alagaësia that I hope to write. Some of them feature main characters from the Inheritance cycle, others do not. However, I don’t think it’s giving away too much to say that we will see Eragon and Arya again at some point.

Mike Macauley: Many fans have wondered why Eragon and the elves simply did not attempt to cleanse Vroengard to raise the new dragons and Riders there, as was done before the Fall. Although I believe this was explained in the book, could you elaborate on why this was not possible?

Christopher Paolini: The contamination on Vroengard goes far beyond just fallout of the sort that Galbatorix’s death produced in Urû’baen. The battle between the Riders and the Forsworn loosed all sorts of forces on the island, many of which were responsible for the creatures such as the shadow birds and the burrow grubs. It would take a prohibitive amount of time and energy (even with the help of the Eldunarí) to attempt to restore the island. And even the most dedicated effort would surely miss some pocket of darkness. In short, it’s really not a healthy or safe place to stay. Not to mention that there are people, of some sort, already living on Vroengard, as Eragon saw during his visit.

Mike Macauley: Reading through Inheritance, paths and clues for future books are fairly evident. We know that you’re interested in some day writing a prequel story featuring Brom. However, we also know now (as you confirmed through Twitter) that the “two mysterious women” from Brisingr (who made a re-appearance with a third party member in Inheritance) are the main characters of their own story. Aside from these two potential tales, do you have any other stories planned?

Christopher Paolini: Heh. Those are actually two of the *smaller* stories I have planned. The main one (a potential book five) involves something else entirely. At last count, I believe I have around seven more stories set in Alagaësia — and one of those is in fact a series.

Mike Macauley: You may be apprehensive to give any sort of timeframe for this, but aside from a Deluxe Edition of Inheritance (which we’ll get to in a bit), do you have any idea how soon (or far away) your return to Alagaesia may be?

Christopher Paolini: It won’t be the next thing I do. That much I know for certain. However, beyond that, it’ll really depend on how I feel. I won’t wait too long, but at the same time, I very much want to try my hand at some other stories. As much as I love Alagaësia, it’s not the only world or story that exists in my imagination.

Mike Macauley: Let’s talk about Roran and Nasuada, as their stories mix a bit in the end due to the debate over who will rule Alagaesia. You mentioned that you had intended to end the series with Roran as king… but that wouldn’t have worked too well when you consider those two characters, would it?

Roran has always fought for his wife, future child, and the home that was taken from him. He had always pledged to return to Alagaesia, presumably to settle down and resume some semblance of a normal life. I can’t see Roran, knowing all of that about his character, throwing everything away to live a life of luxury and politics.

As for Nasuada, can you imagine if you had given her character the boot after so long?! She worked tirelessly as leader, and had perhaps more experience than anyone else at the time. When you were considering making Roran leader, how were you justifying giving Nasuada the boot?

Christopher Paolini: Well, when I first plotted out the Inheritance cycle, I didn’t really know who Nasuada was. In fact, I didn’t really intend to have her character in the series in the first place. All I knew was that I was going to kill Ajihad and that someone within the Varden would take his place. That someone, of course, ended up being Nasuada. Again, all the way back in 1998, it seemed like nice symmetry to have Eragon be the head of the new Riders and Roran the new human king. But as you said, it just wouldn’t have worked for the characters. If nothing else, putting Nasuada aside, or having her step aside after Galbatorix captured her, felt profoundly unfair. I think if I had done that my readers would have rightly been howling for my blood.

Mike Macauley: And it isn’t as if Roran doesn’t get a bit of leadership — he’s now leader of Palancar Valley!

Christopher Paolini: That’s right. He ends up being king of his own home, which is what I think he would have wanted in any case.

Mike Macauley: We’re going to save Galbatorix’s death for our next interview… but while discussing character endings, we can’t avoid Murtagh and Thorn. Was your decision to send them off to re-discover themselves one that came naturally to you? Did you ever plan for a different fate for the pair?

Christopher Paolini: I went back-and-forth throughout the whole series as to what I should do with the two of them. For a long time I was convinced that the best thing to do was kill them both during the final battle. However, as with Nasuada, I ended up deciding that that was just too unfair. George R. R. Martin would have done it, but I couldn’t.

Mike Macauley: Do you think they’ll ever find themselves, or are they doomed to a life of soul-searching on their own? (a.k.a. Any chance for Nasuada/Murtagh in the future?)

Christopher Paolini: Ahh, good question. . . . No comment.

Christopher Paolini: Yes, we’re back to that. 🙂

Christopher Paolini: Read book five, and then I’ll be happy to talk with you.

Mike Macauley: Here I was thinking I’d never see those two words again! But that’s an interesting answer. Fans like hope and I think that gives us some.

Christopher Paolini: [Chuckles.]

Mike Macauley: Let’s talk about Brom’s “seven words”. There are fan theories on both sides of the aisle here — they’re either seven regular words of no real importance, given to Eragon to help him survive the next few weeks (my personal favorite) or they were seven powerful words that Eragon never got around to using. Were these included in the books without mention, or something else entirely?

Christopher Paolini: There is a mention of one of the words (a death word) in either Eldest or Brisingr. However, the words didn’t have a role to play in this series. I tried to find a place to fit them in, but there wasn’t any. Eragon doesn’t use words to defeat Galbatorix, and the one place where it might have made sense to draw upon them (the hallway going into the throne room) Eragon uses what Oromis taught him about teleportation to defeat Galbatorix’s traps. So, a long time ago, I decided to address the seven words separately, in a short story aside from the main series. Again, as I said before, Eragon is going to live a very long time, and the events in the cycle are only at the very beginning of his life.

Mike Macauley: So it’s safe to say that any “loose ends” we may come across are intended for future tales? Such as, perhaps, the belt of Beloth the Wise?

Christopher Paolini: Possibly. The problem is, there are *always* loose ends. If I write another story, it’ll probably raise as many questions as it answers. Still, yes, the belt of Beloth the Wise will pop up again somewhere else. Personally, my favorite theory is that Angela swiped it in Dras-Leona. But then again, I can’t imagine she would have done anything to harm Eragon’s chances of killing Galbatorix.

Mike Macauley: I know that there are a lot of fan questions about Angela (not surprising!), but we’re going to save those for a future interview!

Mike Macauley: Many fans wonder whether you’ve considered returning to the Inheritance Cycle prior to writing a possible future book set in the world to extend or further explain the end of the series?

Christopher Paolini: I’m currently considering writing a short epilogue to the series as a whole, but nothing is set in stone.

Mike Macauley: That’s all for this round of questions, Christopher. We’ll be catching up with you again soon to tackle our next set of questions regarding Inheritance. Until then, enjoy the remainder of your North American book tour and thanks for your time!

Christopher Paolini: Great! Thank you, and thank you to all of the readers of the series. I couldn’t do this without them. Eka elrun ono!

  • EragonsPoop

    Why the poop did Eragon start eating meat again out of nowhere!?

  • Adamiser1

    Need to make the rest of the movies

  • Waryke

    what are arya and eragons true names?has anyone wondered at that or am i the only one posting?

    • EragonsPoop

      I have also wondered, but apparently CP doesn’t want to spell out any of the mentioned true names for us, (Sloan, Eragon, Arya, etc.) for reasons I understand. Though I’m still ever so curious.

    • Arya<3

      Ita funny that sloans is only three words, while eragon and aryas are more (its not spelled out but its obvious becuase eragons contained his failures, succeses and his love of arya, which is a lot)

  • Doug Stewart

    I love how Paolini thinks and speaks about his characters and books as if they are something beyond his control. He is the author, if he doesn’t write it, it doesn’t exist. Yet he tries to make the story as real as possible, despite changes in the storyline it might cause.

    • Arya<3

      The only thing that makes the series “unreal” are the references to doctor who and timelords and stuff. Theyre too modern to fit in with the series…

  • Guest

    I found the ending very depressing, it somehow is wrong, that Arya is both queen and dragon rider. And as well it’s odd that every sentence of the forecast occures, except the marriage with Arya or even being with each other. But i think the ending doesn’t let space for sequel roman, because Eragon is far too deadlocked in his ways of acting. It seems like he does everything to let the forecast become truth, excpet his relationship to Arya. It may be wrong and I truly hope, that CP will write another book about Eragon and his adventures in the new lands in the east and of course about his love to Arya. Beyond this Inheritage is a great book, the whole series is. Except the last two pages, as my former poster said. I hope CP suggests to all of these feedbacks

  • Any future books occurring in Alagaesia (or beyond it, as with Eragon) should have a map including the far eastern boundaries of the landmass and perhaps even farther than that (encompassing where Eragon’s ship decides to settle, depending on where it is).
    And does anybody else find it strange that seemingly nobody else before Eragon has taken the initiative to travel eastward down the Edda River and reach the “dark lands beyond”? Or perhaps they have, just unmentioned. Oh well. It would be terribly sad if Eragon and the elves got where they were going and there were already people there who might be quite ticked off.

    • Waryke

      true.needs to have a map for the ships final destination.

    • that one guy

      yea i’ve always wondered that too. I mean, the dwarves and the elves certainly could do it; theyre close to the edge of the map

  • ben

    I just want a new series in the whatever land eragon decides to settle in, i dont particularly care about some ‘short’ stories about roran, nasuada or anyone else, sve for angela who im alittle vurious about

  • Anonymous

    Why doesn’t Eragon ever get laid?

  • that one guy

    I know that C.P. is working on a new book now (which I will be interested in reading) but i want him to come out with book 5 relatively soon.  Hopefully in the next 2 and a half to 3 and a half years with the latter being the most.  And come on, it’s not like the next book needs to be that long, at least not as long as Inheritance or Eldest. 300 to 400 pages should suffice if there aren’t any extremely lengthy parts about other characters.  I also think that book 5 should be released before any side stories.  I’m wanting to see some side stories as well (such as a book about that mysterious woman from Brisingr and a book about Brom) but i think the main storyline should be finished before any filler books are written

  • Anonymous

    I just finished the book today and was fully impressed with the quality of the book. But with all good stories, there of course has to be questions.

    I am not sure how to feel about Arya and Eragon not ending up together. I do agree that the characters were not meant to be together now, but then again, if Eragon actually does never return to Alagaesia, then the whole romance that was going on between them served no purpose between them.

    If they ever are to be together somewhere in the future of Alagaesia, then would new Eleven Children come into the world? Or would they be hybrids? As stated in Eldest, there are currently only 2 elven children in Du Weldenvarden, and they were the first in apparently over a century to be born.

    I really hope that there is a Book 5 that takes place at least 10+ years in the future of Alagaesia, else the book would honestly not make any sense to me at all.

  • andy

    maybe that word angela said a bit of to eragon is her real name

    • Chopin’s Dopplegänger

      I thought the same thing but I was told the “Raxicori. . “<<that thing has something to do with Doctor Who.

  • I finished this book today. The ending was kinda a cliffhanger :/ as a lot of the other people said, there were a lot of loose ends. Oh well. It was awesome though; I sat reading for 3 hours (when I’ve got loads of homework to do. ARGH)

    One question. Could Eragon have possibly avoided leaving Alagaesia on his own accord? Of course he was abiding by Angela’s prediction, but the decision to take initiative and leave was ultimately his own decision; I didn’t notice any sort of magical “force” making him decide to leave. Could he have just stayed, or would fate eventually do something!?

  • that one guy

    some of C.P’s explanations seem kind of weak to me:

    Such as not wanting some characters to act out of character.  Well wouldn’t you think that Arya was acting out of character by accepting the role of queen when she has stated that she does not want to be queen a few times?  As a dragon rider she should know that a rider should not be in a position of much political power and i thought it unwise of her to accept queen.  For once it seems that Arya has made a stupid choice.

    Also, doesn’t it kind of seem odd to you that every one of Angela’s predictions came true EXCEPT for the one about an “epic romance”?  Let’s face it, that was NOT an epic romance.  I felt it unfair that in all the books Eragon and Arya’s relationship and Eragon’s leaving Alagaesia were foreshadowed several times and to have it only follow through with Eragon leaving and abandoning Eragon and Arya’s relationship at the last minute.

    “Essentially, I was writing Arya the way that Eragon *wanted* her to be,
    not the way that she actually was. So, I cut back on the flirting.”  What? I can think of 4 or 5 scenes with them flirting especially the one after Dras Leona when Arya and Eragon essentially get drunk with each other.  This led me to believe that something would happen but he completely abandoned the relationship

    Other than this, I did enjoy the book even the ending (except for the last 2 pages).  I did like how he tried to explain what was happening to the country after the events of the book, it was just those last two depressing pages that ruined it for me.

    • Waryke

      some of those explanations were terrible.wet paper is stronger than some of them.

      • that one guy

        exactly.  when he said that it “would have left a bitter taste in the mouths of the fans” to have Arya go with Eragon and help raise the new dragons even if she wasn’t in love with him would have been a much better ending than this depressing one.

  • RhubarbCrisp

    Awwwww. the ending made me depressed. but its a good cliffhanger. but i have been reading these book from the day Eragon came out and i read through them over and over until the next one came out and so on. and all i wanted to see was eragon and arya finally be together. but by the end of inheritance i think the ending was smart. it left me wanting more. sooooo i will keep reading through this cyle until i hear more of  Alagaësia. i am excited to see whats next hopefully its of eragon training the new riders and being with arya and at least explaing a little bit more of angela.

  • Junk11560

    Does Chris think he is clever in the way he writes? Face it he is a horrible writer and a great story teller. I loved the books minus 4 but cut 300 pages of bs out of inheritance and tie up the loose ends and people would be happy. Saying there will always be loose ends is just an excuse for the main plot lines he dropped the ball on. This wasn’t just an everyday ball either this was the game winner at the super bowl. Too bad he has such arrogance about himself that he won’t even admit his foul.

    • Waryke

      you’re 100% correct.

  • C Santorini

    I just finished reading Inheritance and  in the end I was sobbing. I was really disappointed by the end, I mean Eragon has fought all the way since he got Saphira’s egg to bring peace to his land and be with his family and friends and in the end he just decides to go away? I think it would have been nicer if at least Arya had gone with him, so I’m really looking forward to the 5th book, I hope they finally get together. What I would also like is Angela’s, Murtagh and Nasuada’s tales.

    • Waryke

      when i finished the book i sat in shock for a few min and almost started to was that and the acknowledgments that killed me.

  • Brady

    I think Angela’s tale should get her own story. Possibly a full book? For sure though, Eragon’s ending was not closure at all, and I couldn’t accept this as the ending. I’m hoping that Paolini intentionally opened a doorway to another story in Alagaesia, (and this new land for the dragons) and that it will explain the aftermath of the main characters for inheritance.

    • Chopin’s Dopplegangër

      I too want Angela’s whole story told. . . . but I highly doubt that Cp will do that for us. I think he enjoys driving us mad. “. . . – wonderfully, gloriously mad, but mad all the same.” 🙂

  • Cedricmcintosh

    I have a feeling that either Angela or the mysterious woman Roran encounters in the final battle will turn out to be the Soothsayer.  Galbatorix mentioned that the Soothsayer disappeared after the magic of the area ran out.  Angela always knows what is going on, maybe because she has previously or still is seeing the future…. 

  • Pogd

    book five is needed i feel lost without another book :”)

  • ForeverChanging

    so i realized what made it a cliffhanger for me, it was because of the prophecy that said he would leave and never come back, it was just sad to me that he’s leaving everything behind just like that when he obviously can come back one day…. i really want that prophecy to be wrong, i really want him to come back and visit his friends and family from time to time, i don’t know but that thought of him leaving and never coming back really leaves a hollow longing feeling inside me

    • anton wihlborg

      Exactly how I feel, I mean it doesn’t even make sense for him to never return. Why on earth would he DECIDE to leave everything except Saphira and CHOOSE to venver see Arya, Roran and everyone else.

      • Fan

        Dragons are too fast… why not return and see her beloved???????

        CP you make me mad!!!

        • Waryke

          he’s driving me mad.

  • ForeverChanging

    just finished the series and the ending really had me hanging, there was a lot of stuff left unexplained and i was just sitting there thinking, wow it all just ends, just like that, and than i came on the computer looking for possible future sequels etc and found this haha, it really put me at ease to learn that there may be more to this than at the end of the 4th book, judging from how murtagh and thorn left, i’m pretty sure that one of the branch offs will be about them, as with the random encounter roran had in the midst of the fight with the woman, i really want to see what happens with eragon and arya too, i would like for them to be together as they’ve been through a lot together, as for angela, she’s got me wondering but her mysteriousness is one of the things that makes her so interesting, i’d like a little more background info on her, but not everything, just enough to know how she knows what she knows and a little of her life story and where she is from, i hope you make the sequel before long, before i forget the tale of Inheritance, i’m hoping before the end of the decade, as for how long it takes you to write the book, i’d rather have you take your time and make it the best it can be than be a rushed epilogue

    • Dragon Rider

      I feel the same way, and, even came on here to see if there was gonna be a book 5, ect. XD So glad I found this! I like that CP takes his time, but, I really wish he would take up only a year of our time, as, some of his fans I knew, like forgot about the book in 3 years [reffering to Brisingr]. I liked the ending, but so many questions. I know CP won’t disappoint us in his future books, and I have a feeling it isn’t “The End” like he intended it to be, due to the realization of the loose ends. Sure, there will be more loose ends, as I read a lot and a lot of authors end a series with a cliffhanger, however, I have a feeling CP can rap up everything perfectly, leaving possibly one or two loose ens, as is normal, but there are like 10 loose questions after Inheritance >:D [>: cause loose question, 😀 cause more books]

  • Elphiebelphie

    Okay, so, who is Angela???? What does she say to that one priest guy to make him freak out???? (By the way, I also thought that murtagh was going to die, but I actually liked your ending better) I love almost everything about the ending except one thing: Arya should’ve been either queen or dragon rider: NOT BOTH!!!! Frankly, it was a little too fanfictiony. but, having vanir (I think that that’s his name) be ambassador, was a stroke of genius! I just reallllllllllllllllllly want to know who angela is. Like, a LOT.

  • Sarah K Adkisson

    But now since you’ve already written Inheritance, that adding is of probably no more use to you than just a random fan’s opinion. I know there is probably no way or hope that this will come to your mind when writing Book Five or one of the many short stories(for I am really hoping and expecting you to write those; however long it will take), please, PLEASE consider–and I am just saying CONSIDER, not even REALLY think about it, just CONSIDER, even as just the slightest possibility–putting this into either one of those, maybe as a fate that Eragon and Arya will never, ever see each other again or something; I don’t know; but just please, even of the littlest or slightest possibility, CONSIDER putting this into your next books about Alagaesia.

    • EternalShade

      Are you insane?

  • Sarah K Adkisson

    (continued again)

    (repeating) for a moment, then kissed him softly; a faint but definitely loving and real kiss on his lips, then Fírnen swept down from above and snatched her off the deck of the ship, buffeting Eragon with the gusts of air from his wings.
    Saphira and Eragon cried out in a simultaneous, mournful wail, for they knew they would never see their lovers again, as long as they lived.

    I know my adding is nowhere CLOSE to perfect; far from it indeed, but I would have liked an ending resembling that better than the cliffhanger you did, even though I still LOVE your ending.

  • Sarah K Adkisson

    And then Fírnen swept down from above and snatched her off the deck of the ship, buffeting Eragon with the gusts of air from his wings.

    I guess it does make for a cliffhanger ending to have your readers pondering on, but I would have liked it better if where right before Arya said farewell and after she puts her fingers to his lips (and take away the arm over her head thingy), she gave him a light, faint but real, loving kiss on his lips. It would go like this:
    He opened his mouth to speak again, but Arya forestalled him by placing three of her fingers on his lips for a moment

  • Sarah K Adkisson

    CP, the only one thing that I have a problem with and expected but didn’t see in this fantabulistic, awesomely great book was that Eragon and Arya didn’t kiss. You know where in the book, it reads:
    She whispered his true name in response, and he too shivered at hearing the fullness of his being.
    He opened his mouth to speak again, but Arya forestalled him by placing three of her fingers upon his lips. She stepped back from him then and raised one arm over her head.
    “Farewell, Eragon Shadeslayer,” she said.

  • BromEragonsson

    Are you sure only 5 books is all you want to write on this CP? I remember you said something like this over 10 years ago when you said you only wanted to write 3 books & got me sucked into your long term contract like a door-to-door vacuum salesman.

    • Waryke

      LOL.that comment just made my day.

  • Lemurs

    I personally loved the ending to the whole series. It reminded me a lot of the ending to Lord of the Rings. The only question I wish was answered was Who are the girl and mom who go to visit Nasuada? So that would be the series I would be hoping to see in the future.

  • Kimberley

    I’d personally LOVE to see a prequel. About the Forsworn or Brom and Morzan growing up…or something like that

    • Chopin’s Dopplegangër

      Yes!! Me too!!

  • Bromsson

    An epilogue would be some excellent closure that at the moment, having finished the book yesterday, I am desperately craving. Please.

  • Vivienne

    A book should be dedicated to Murtag’s and Angela’s life. Just tooo intresting 😀

    • Kimberley

      yes that would be awesome!

  • This was a great book and i loved the series. They were all really great books. The first movie was awful and it would be neat to have it remade and then continued on with the other books. The only problem i had with the series was the ending. It was almost anticlimactic for me. Whether its too obvious or not i think Eragon and Arya should be together in the end. I would also have liked and epilogue included to see what everyone else is doing at a later time. That being said i am really glad to hear that he will be writing a fifth stand alone book at some point to continue some of the characters old stories as well as including some new ones. I know it wont be his next project but i look forward to it. Hopefully Eragon and Arya will be together in that one and i look forward to hearing more about the dragons. I would also like to see what becomes of Thorn and Murtagh. It was a great series and its disappointing its over so i hope he does write a fifth stand alone book to continue the story.

  • Inheritence Cycle pwns :d

    Great series, i loved all the books, though Inheritance was not quite the ending i was hoping for it will suffice for now! Hence the words”for now”. I would really like to know more about the lands that Eragon has decided to travel to, the future of AxE, and more. One of the commenters below made a good point on how Eragon refuses to eat animals, but than picks right back up on it, as well as the contradiction of making dwarves riders. So many questions to be answered! I hope the best for CP, and good wishes so that he may come up with some great ways to fill in the gaps! 😀

  • 123abc

    I think it would have seemed awfully convenient if she had gone with Eragon, they both go away, to live happily ever after and their dragons mate and have children. Too predictable. It would have ruined the realism that is one of the great qualities of the inheritance cycle.

  • Flame

    Ps. In the book ERagon says do you think we could fly to the moon? I think it would be cool if they did, just a suggestion.

  • Flame

    I think the ending was good as it can be used as the end of the series but leaves enough questions and room for a follow up wen he wants to make 5. Also i would like to know why Eragon decided to go east when he could have gone north or south, north being easier to meet arya and the elves perhaps would have maps of that area so he would have some idea where he’s going.

    • solem bum

      isnt the coast right next to du weldenvarden

      • Dovakin

        Uh tht too

  • A reader

    I would love a preview of Angela the Herbalist



    • Chopin’s Dopplegangër

      I completely agree wih you however was the Caps lock really necessary?

      • Waryke

        yeah,way too many caps.

  • Arya’s cousin

    I think he should have a prequel series from Oromis’ view, and then a sequel series like from one of the new Rider’s views, having Eragon similar to how Oromis was and Saphira being that giant majestic dragon and that way, the trainee could learn slowly about Eragon and he could fill in everything that he left loose in this series. Roran and Katrina’s baby could even be the Rider, because that would be totally amazing.

    • Kimberley

      A prequel would be so awesome! I want to know more about The Forsworn and Brom and Morzan and Selena

  • Tris

    This is one of my favorite book series and it was great! But the 4 book was not as good as the others, a lot of things confused me like Eragon won’t eat animals and all of a sudden he eats animals again. and what inspired him to add urgals and dwarves to the dragons bond especially when in eldest when eragon and orik were flying to the burning plains orik said that dragons don’t belong inthe sky! but overall the series was really good! 🙂

  • anton wihlborg

    Is there any ETA on the next interview in this series. Reading about the next book about Arya and Eragon is the only thing keeping me sane right now.

  • Brom Master

    I’m glad to hear their will be a book 5

  • guest

    I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little miffed at the ending. I don’t quite agree with CP’s reasoning for Eragon and Arya going their own ways. The way I read it, it seemed like her character changed a lot from the third and fourth books.
    Also one of the questions that really struck me was didn’t Arya need training as a dragon rider? Didn’t really explain that.
    That being said, I look foward to a fifth book. I think it would be pretty neat if it were based on Eragon and Murtaugh, kind of like the back and forth with Roran and Eragon in the Inheritance Cycle. That way you could follow up on their stories and he could tie in Arya and Nassuada, but I think it would have to be based at least 10 years in the future. The other characters would make good stories but I think that the foremost in most of the readers’ minds are Murtaugh and Eragon’s plights. Could be wrong though, but that’s just how I see it.

  • Vivienne


  • Sapphire

    I really think CP got too caught up in describing every detail of every fight and battle in Inheritance. The story was sort of lost at a few times. And talk about overdoing the Roran plot. Inheritance was more about him than Eragon. He was the one who got the happy ending. Eragon just got a life of badly reasoned exile that was quite unecessary. I also wanted to see more of Murtagh. I don’t even care that Eragon and Arya didn’t end up as an item by the end of the book as it seems they will eventually and after all they have 1000s of years to develop their relationship. Although I think it would have been nice if something had happened with them at some points as I felt it should have and was just about to and was unnaturally curbed. I really don’t like the fact that Eragon left Alagaesia. I thought it was unnecessary and it sort of ruined the whole series for me.

    • Shadows987

      Agree with most of what you said, especially the Roran parts. His part must have been as big as Eragons! If it had been anyone else it might have been okay, but hulk man Roran? It was just a drag seeing as Roran my least favourite character; he is just plain and boringly unstoppable. CP could have doubled the Eragon POVs instead.

      • Sapphire

        Ohhh yeah!!! By the end of Inheritance Roran was my least favourite character too…

  • Julianamati

    i’ll be honest, the book was really exiting to me right up untell the final 3 chapter.  galtaborixes death, eragon leaving, no love ending betwen eragon and arya were all exeptable to me.  what ruined the book for me was angela.  she was always kind of a small charecter but every once in a while she would say or do something that would make you really curios.  
    -first of all there is tengan, the crazy old man in the tower who poseses 4 books FILLED thin words of the antchent languedge and spends his days serching for the answer to an unknown question, than sudenly we find out he is angilas teacher and you expect somthing to come of this.  
    -second there is the fact that she has a backround that is hinted at through the entire seires (she won a tradishinal dwarven wepon from a dwarven priest, she ofended the wherecat king, ect) so to never conclude is outrageous. 
    -third even in the final book he is building up for somthing big with her, she posesses the sharpest blase in existance, she fights her way out of the trap set by the ra’zack priests (forgot their name), and finaly their is the part when she is about to kill the head ra’zack priest and tells him he wouldent have messed with her had he known who she was, than she wispers in his ear and the priest who was calm in the face of death shits himself

    it seems like cp was building up ot something with her and changed his mind at the last minute.

    I was going to spell check this but, I’m at the airport and my flight is about to leave.

    • David Osullivan

      Haha 🙂 It is a disapointment but CP says he might be writing more books and Angela is bound to pop up during the next story, but shouldn’t we be kept in the dark about her? It makes you think about her background.

      • Chikigal

        I think Angela is the oracle that was mentioned

  • Penutbutter

    All I have to say is Eragon and Arya need to be together its the way it should be

    ps: great books loved them all very much

  • yogesh kumar

    first time i read the great christopher himself speakin,thanks to mike macauley.
    for the book 4,i have to admit i was very disappointed by its endin but it doesn’t seem so bad after all given the reasons eragon had,but i still hope a  epilogue can be written on the whole sequel showin reunion of arya and eragon!
    whatever ,thanks to christopher for writing such a *grand piece of art*,i really enjoyed it

  • Slmotes

    And just why couldn’t you have come up with some reason for Eragon and Arya to get together? Not even completely. Just a little. Like maybe having Eragon make one of his stupid, rash decisions again? I dunno. I was just hoping that *something* would finally happen between the two. Just sayin’. Despite that minor fact though, I really loved the book. A great installment to the series.

  • Tommy

    Read the books, like them but thought the ending was highly rushed and really went against what his characters were like.  I know he said some things in an interview that might explain his thinking, but that interview isn’t in the book  (can anybody remember an interview Tolkien did after LOTR came out?).  If he comes out with a Book 5, maybe he can explain a few things and bring some peace to readers questions.  Here’s mine: Eragon was all about his family, yet leaves them to go east to raise dragons.  Well, maybe he’ll fly back to see Roran and company, but according to Book 1 he’ll leave and never return.  And why go east?  Is the east devoid of critters?  Could be trolls, gnomes, or smurfs out there for all he knows.
    Arya:  said a few times she was uncomfortable around her people, and if I recall the elves thought she was doing human things rather than elven things, and they we’re happy about it.  So her mom dies and they vote her queen, and she accepts.  Really?  I don’t buy it. 
    Murtagh:  Flies off to wherever.  I guess he finds an uninhabited part of the land to exile himself in.  Too bad he didn’t share it with Eragon.

  • TheGrudge154

    So, to sum up what Christopher has said here in response to the questions put forward:

    -He introduced the plot element of Brom’s words only to conclude that it didn’t really matter at all for the SERIES (note how he didn’t say book).
    -Eragon couldn’t have rebuilt the city on Vroengard because it would be too difficult and a waste of time, despite the fact his knowledge of the Name of Names can change and alter the rules of magic and the effects it brings (easily do-able with have the help of hundreds of Eldunari who know the Word as well, along with Arya and Murtagh who also know it). He’s proven it’s possible by altering the utterly huge magic of the Rider Bond. And the ruins of Doru Araeba are still there, would it not be fitting to re-use what the Riders did all those years ago?
    -Even though Arya says she doesn’t want to become involved in the role of Queen if it became available to her, she does anyway because she wants to serve her people. It may be in character for her beliefs, but it contradicts what her personal opinion on it is. Besides, hasn’t she done all of her actions in the series for the good of her people?

    Whilst it’s nice to see that Paolini has at least tried to give some reasons for his decisions and that he may continue onwards in short stories to provide further closure, I’m still a little iffy on his explanation of events given all that happened in Inheritance. I would look up actual quotes to back up my comments here if my copy wasn’t on loan. For now, I’ll just hope these short stories will at least make me understand…

    • Benfolksullivan

      I agree that the argument on Arya is a bit iffy, I think he is justified with the Vronengard issue. You are right that Eragon COULD fox up the island via the name of names, but it would only cause problems. Think about it, he refuses to tell the leader of Nasuada’s mage group the name of names because “With it, they could destroy the ancient language.” (page 809, Inheritance). Also as Paolini has said, Vronengard is saturated with contamination on a much larger scale than what Ilirea has. The amount of manipulation upon the ancient language required would destroy it, and there is no guaranty that they would cleanse every bit of contamination. Also, is Eragon really the type of guy who would kick someone out of their home? (the people who now live in Doru Araeba)

      • TheGrudge154

        Even so, it doesn’t seem right when Eragon used such a power to alter a feat of magic as huge as the Dragon Bond without a single doubt in his mind of using it. And who says he has to tell anyone about it? He knows of it’s power and given all he’s been through, surely he’d be mature enough only to use it for such a big thing and keep it as secret as it was intended to.

        Also, if Eragon can suddenly turn from someone who feels bad with himself at killing animals to eat to suddenly bask in the glory of battle and feel “grim satisfaction” at cutting down a solider in the space of a book, who’s not to say he wouldn’t be as equally cruel?

      • Vivienne

        honestly, i thought the movie was abhorrent. 

      • Vivienne

        darn i replied on the wrong post sorry

    • solem bum

      I see what you mean regarding the fact that they could clean up vronegard but the problem is that Cp pretty much already told us that eragon would leave in the 1st book and he coudnt go back on wat he had already said…

      Yea this book is very sad but theres been worse books,, e.g phillip Pullmans amber spyglass where the chick and the guy have to separate to save the world.

      ily Cp and heres a question 4 every1; wat dragon will b on the cover of book 5????????

  • David Osullivan

    I first began the series with Eldest, it made little sense to me at the begining but I have to say I am passionately in love with the series. I have read all of these books and watched the movie, they have been a huge inspiration to me. In the hole time I have read these books I have found them believable even in modern time, what if Alagaesia was a tiny, undiscovered island in the middle of an Ocean? The only question I ever had about the series is: If Saphira gives birth to lots of dragons, who will those dragons mate with? Of course, my question was answered when Eragon, Saphira and Glaedr entered the Vault of Souls and discovered the dragon eggs and Eldunari. I wish beyond ANYTHING that you could return to Eragon and Saphira’s lives in Alagaesia; Will Eragon eventually have a relationship with Arya? Shall Murtagh and Thorn return? What is the only Urgal king like? I do understand the reasons you have for not proving answers for these questions. I also hope that you could make another Eragon movie because the first was a small dissapointment, it could be called The Inheritance Cycle: Eragon/ …ance Cycle: Eldest? …ance Cycle: Brisingr etc… Please e-mail : [email protected] . Thank you.  

  • Jesus Christ

    Forget a 5th book. You juat need 1 chapter to finish this book properly CP. It’ll save everybody a lot of time and money if you do it that way….and you should charge only $2.95 for it in bookstores.

    Ps. You’re welcome

  • Haterwu1827

    Forget a 5th book. You juat need 1 chapter to finish this book properly CP. It’ll save everybody a lot of time and money if you do it that way….and you should charge only $2.95 for it in bookstores.

    Ps. You’re welcome

    • Shadows987

      $2.95 for one chapter?!? Are you high? That would be the biggest rip off in publishing history: if you add up what a whole book of that would cost. CP has around 30 chapters in his novels, if each chapter was priced at that the cost of the whole book would be around 90 buck.   

      • Hater’Hollerin

        It’s like a business….you know? 1 for $2.95 or buy 30 for $20.

        • Hater’Hollerin

          Oh who am I kidding? It should be for free since it’s owed to the rest of book 4 & to us – the consumers.

    • Vivienne

      UNLIKE! i dont give a rats buttocts about what happens to eragon, I WANT MORE MURTAG 

  • Nameless

    Fp if you can see this, please add my email: [email protected]. Thank you.

  • myname

    you should have killed off orrin…

  • Blagden

    if there is  going to be a book 5 than it should be a sequel to inheritance not a prequel…we already know enough abou the fall of the riders. Also it should contain at least eragon and arya their relationship is the most intriguing.

    • Hera

      yeah, and murtag

  • Treiga

    To start off, Poalini has written an entire series of masterpieces, I especially like the similarities in the series to Star Wars, which is my favorite movie Saga. On another note, I am extremely sad that, at least for now, the adventures of Eragon, Arya, Roran, Saphira, and Nasuada are at an end. This series has made me re-evaluate how I look at life, that even the greatest powers can be defeated. I REALLY hope that the story of Eragon and Saphira will continue at some point in the future. I also hope that Eragon finally gets to be with Arya at some point. I know that at this point it wasn’t possible, but the build-up makes it seems likely that it will happen in the future. Also, I really would like to know what happens to Murtagh and Thorn  with their “self-imposed exile” if you will. Plus their is the whole Nasuada/Murtagh romance that Inheritance hinted at. So, as with the Eragon/Arya romance, I do not believe we have seen the last of Murtagh and Thorn. Lastly, PLEASE WRITE A 5TH ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The series is to good to end, not yet, at least. 

  • Blagden

    The only regret i have about reading this series is the pain and sadness i feel at its end…I guess we can only hope Christopher write another book, this series is just too good to die. The ending was extremely emotional, especially after arya left. I have spent the past 6 years reading these books and each time i finished one i felt joy and hope for i knew there would be another book. I guess all good things must come to an end and we can’t stop the passage of time, but i can’t accept that this is the end: Too many good memories. This series is too good to die off so if you ever read this, CP, I beg you to write the next chapter in this series.I don’t want this to be the end of eragon and arya, it’s too sad so please let there be a book five as soon as possible for we can’t stop time and i can’t bear to think i may never feel the thrill and joy of alagaesia once more.

  • The Green Dragon

    Haven’t been on the site in a while. People seem to still same the same things.

  • M.M.

    There is one question, in both Brisingr and Inheritance, that keeps intriguing me and that is what did the Menoa tree take from Eragon?

    • inheritancefreak

      It didn’t take anything. It was satisfied with Eragon leaving Alagaesia forever.

      • Vivienne

        oh when i read that part i thought perhaps he was castrated or something, cus i mean:
        a) hes gonna live forever so it would be horrid if after a million years he ends up with something like a gazillion kids.
        b) what better punishment can there be besides making a dude infertile? (back in the day when people actually wanted to have tons of kids)
        c) would the menoa tree do something like take a piece of intestine, or shorten his urethra, or.. steal his gallbladder?? i mean, what is she going to do with it? fertilize herself? thats not just pointless and dumb, its wrong.

        what would be cool, if Eragon changes so radically, so does his fate/destiny/ect he ends up coming back to Alageasia.. and then in turn, sets off the Eragon-Tree/Elf wars. 
        Arya is torn between her people+(nature?) and the secret love of her life! Oh dear!

        how exciting (that would be)

  • Devonski_15

    I can’t say that the ending was what I was hoping for but it wasn’t terrible. Looking back now, I’m glad CP didn’t end it with the “happily ever-after” ending. Eragon and Arya staying together would have been nice but it makes sense why they couldn’t. Arya’s duty to her people and Eragon having to find a new home for the riders, although I think restoring Vroengard would have been possible. It’s not as if their relationship is over anyway, they know eachother’s true names, one of the strongest intimate relationships they could share. It is goodbye for the time being, but they are both virtually immortal. They have all the time in the world to be together, the only limits are the imaginations of us, the readers. Besides, with a potential book 5, I’m sure this is not the last we will see of Eragon and Arya’s relationship.

    • Shadows987

      The whole ‘immortal’ thing is a misconception, I think. They are long lived, not immortal. Eternal life is a concept that may not even be definable.

  • Anonymous

    Spoiler Alert

    It felt like a 100 years waiting for the last book in the cycle, I finally got it and I can say I am a little bit disappointed, but I would of been difficult to meet two years worth of expectations, I loved the first three books and how the different characters have evolved. For the most part I enjoyed the story throughout but there was only two problems I had, 1) dragon were never really doomed – the problem i found with this was the fact that it made the last green seem unimportant and this made feel that the chapters of saphira     when we saw of saphira trying to come to terms with the fact that she was the last female dragon in existence seem unimportant.2) Eragon and Arya happy ending – After Angela’s fortune telling and Eragon’s long pursuit of Arya, at some point we all assumed that after the war they would finally fall in love, and live happily ever after. I was annoyed like many others when Eragon left (and in my view not very good reasons) without for filling his fortune, the main reason  I was disappointed was because I thought that all the signs in the book suggested that they would end up together. I hope CP rights a fifth book where there relationship finally works and they can be together.   I fell I do need to say thank you to CP as this has been the first book series that I have really enjoyed reading again and again and again. I pray that you right a fifth book and maybe a prequel. Even though I didn’t like some aspects but in my opinion this series is ten times better than harry potter. 

    • Petrik

      I finally went through book IV too, and am too a bit dissapointed. there are some things that pleased me – like the dragons eggs in VoS and especially the way Galbatorix ended (that it was the knowledge and understanding of his own evilness that killed him – this was very believable to me, since I could hardly imagine any “standard” way to kill him, being so powerful etc).
      but what dissapointed me and what was not so believable was that the battles seemed to me to be too “easy” for the varden and that at the end, almost everyone survived. really who of some importance beside Islanzadi died? the story would be more believable for me if there were more casualties on the varden side. the ones like Jormundur, Orrin, Nar Garzhvog (or what his name was) etc were not that important for the ending of the story, they could have died to make the story more believable in a way that Varden had to pay dearly for their victory. and the most of all, I really expected Murthag and Thorn to die, especialy after the discovery of dragon eggs in Vroengard (Thorn won´t be necessary needed to restore the dragon race). it wouldn´t be fair to them, but it would make the story more believable to me

  • khione

    can’t murtagh and thorn return?

  • Rickjacked

    There couldn’t have been some romantic release from all of this tension? Dang, Eragon only had to kill the king, tons of enemies and leave his family and friends for nothing??I hope that he will give my imagination some sort of conclusion because after just finishing the book I’m left with nada.

  • Daniel S.

    I liked all of the book except for the last 10 pages which saddened me greatly I know though that CP will not end alagaesia where it is now I hope that the next installment of the story will be from eragon’s point of view but if was from the point of view of one of his trainees I would also enjoy it as long as it is written as fast as the pen can move besides that the story was great It only took me 4 days to read it can’t wait for CP’s next book one more thing, after reading the acknowledgements I had a bittersweet feeling because of what the first few paragraphs contained ( you can read them for yourselves ) I would like to say more but I cannot put my feelings into words until CP takes us down a new road ( either with book 5 or a new set of characters ) I can only say this : may inspiration strike the minds of you all ( especially you CP ) and may alagaesia continue to host many more stories of eragons and other’s adventures for years to come

  • zion

    love the idea for a prequel but first book 5 and hurry I better not grow a beard or else

  • guest

    I like many others was… disappointed with the ending however through reading this interview and many MANY reviews today i am pretty sure there will be a different conclusion between Eragon and Arya and we will see a conclusion of many loose ends. That being said my question is how long until CP is ready he said that he would not wait to long but this comes from the guy that takes 2 yrs. to write each book meaning it could be years before he even started on it. Still i’m looking forward to it

    • EternalShade

      Well it will be less than 20 yrs. He said so in Random Buzzers. For some reason i think that it’ll be around 6 or 7 yrs. Dont ask me why. And two yrs to write a book isnt very long. Some people take 5 or 10 yrs.

      • Viviennetien

        NOOOOOOOO ;( i want it now… in 20 years i’ll be 36!!!!! Time, i defy you!!

        • EternalShade

          Its NOT going to be 20 years…

  • jesus

    all i have to say is why NO ERAGON AND AYRYA WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sO MAD iloved everthing else but come on not even a kiss come on ! THAT left me sick so much antacipation for  nothing  christopher better get book 5 out quick and countinue there relathionship or im gonna be relly mad and i mean a ROMANTIC relationship no friend zone bull crap she admitted to likeing him so in book five i better see some action end of story 

  • Fbt24

    I will bi sad for a lot of time because of you Cristopher. I loved the Inheritance Cycle but it left me wounded for a while. I grew up with Eragon and I fell in love with Arya. I hate you for not having an ending with them togeather. I will curse you like queen Izandli did to Barsar!

    • anton wihlborg

      “Fell in love with Arya” I’m not alone then.

    • Vivienne

      oh dear

  • Swathi9611

    I finished INHERITANCE and it has left me sore. Years I’ve waited for the final conclusion and it did not disappoint me. No book has gripped my imagination the way this book has.The characters in this book have certain depth none of the fantasy books have. LOTR is a book in which the characters were presented to us in a very impersonal sort of way. By narrating this story in the characters point of view…not only the lead one but also many others was a great tactic. We grew with the characters. Another thing C.P. did that I respect and admire him for is the way the series is strewn with amazing female characters.
    Nasuada-Leader of the Varden
    Arya-Powerful independent elf who began the story and also help end it. Queen of elves in the end.
    Islanzadi- Beautiful and strong queen who died valiantly.
    Angela-Mysterious character who entertained.
    Elva-Created by Eragon
    Selena-Black Hand(feared more than Morzan)
    Trianna- leader of Du Vrangr Gata(no matter she is not very strong)
    Bladesinger- I shall remember her. 
    Katrina-Strong character.
    Elain-Who braved everything in order to save her child.
    Birgit-The unrelenting woman who avenged Quimby’s death.
    Six female elven gaurds Eragon had.   
    I’m sure there are more I’ve missed.
    Thank you.

    But there is one thing that disappointed me. The end is a bit too sad. None of the lead characters had a happy end. Eragon left. Roran lost Eragon forever. Nasuada a queen but lost best friends Eragon and also no Murtagh by her side. Murtagh himself leaving. Arya queen but lost Eragon and her mother. Saphira lost Firnen. THATS CRUEL!! i LOVE ALL OF THEM AND i WANTED A HAPPY ENDING FOR ATLEAST SOMEONE. I hate you for that..

    That said and done it was an amazing series. The movie sucked and I want a remake. Sometimes I feel the story runs in my head like no other and I believe I can even direct it. I would love to meet you Christopher Paolini and I’m serious. I believe this a way of communicating with you. After all it is a fan site. I hope you hear and appreciate the fact that you have me as a devoted fan. The ending is so sad that I felt sad for an entire day. 

    I want more books. I have loved you and your books dearly. I have all four and I shall read again and again. I want to know many things about the future Eragon AND Arya. I knew they won’t get together but it is an enduring friendship. 

    However Vroengard did not satisfy me. Nor did your answer. Eragon knew the name of the ancient language by the end of the series. He could have used it to cleanse Vroengard. That way he wouldn’t be far from Alagaesa nor from Arya and Roran. I really did not like the way you seperated Roran from Eragon.

    I could write on and on. But I have to stop. I really really wish I could thalk to you Christopher Paolini.
    Thank you for making me imagine.

    Love you
    A die hard fan 

    • Saerina

      Wow. Looonnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggg post 🙂 I agree with you on the female character points and the sad ending :'(
      Come quickly, book five!

    • anton wihlborg

      I agree with you regarding the ending, it was too sad. You were depressed for one day. I finished the last 300-400 on christmas eve night/christmas day morning and have had trouble falling asleep since.

    • Vivienne


  • Wyrda78

    I hope that he makes a sequel to the inheritance cycle, maybe about 50 years in the future. I would really like to see more of Arya and Eragon. 

  • Jsutme

    While it may not have been the ending everyone hoped for for the characters that survived, reading this interview has convinced me that Christopher made the mature and realistic decisions regarding who his characters were and wrote the end of Inheritance accordingly. They didn’t all get their “fairy tale” endings, but that is what seperates true fantasy from fairy tales.  

  • Ccullen34

    He left the two dragon eggs so they will hatch for the urgals and dwarves and when they do they will join eragon where he is and he can send more dragons eggs back he also states in the book why he leaves because he is not just trying to bring back the riders but also the dragon race as a whole and there is nowhere in alagasia to do that with them being wild they will decimate dwarves cattle if there in beor mountains and anywhere else is to close to human settlements so he has to leave

  • Guest

    I’m actually kinda frustrated with how CP kept changing his mind about major plot details throughout the series. I know he didn’t intend to, but he misled a lot of us into thinking things like Roran would be king, Eragon and Arya would be together, etc. Also, I think there was some kind of mention from Angela that her prophecy was just a possibility and not set in stone. So he really shouldn’t have said that Eragon would never return, because that kinda ruins the series. :/

    • Guest

      oh shut up if you dont have a good opinion…i personally think this series is awesome, even if he changed his mind more than once. wold you rather have a stupid ending just to satisfy yourself or the awesome ending that satisfied everybody else?

      • tofuwaffles

        This ending satisfied no one. I don’t know a single person that liked it. For one the final battle was just like the star wars original trilogy just like the rest of the books have been, and the endings for every character were terrible and melancholy. 

        • Saerina

          I liked the ending.

          • MS

            you said it was sad…in any case I would have to agree with swathi’s earlier post. NONE of the characters got a truly happy ending, maybe you could say Roran would be happy in Carvahall but come on, give us something to be happy about at the end. Being a romantic I have to say I was sad not only that Arya and Eragon didn’t work out but that Murtagh and Nasuada also didn’t work out. Where is the joy? What was the point of defeating the Empire only to leave everyone sulking. 

          • EternalShade

            What was the point you ask? Why to write another book and rectify it of course! It would have been rushed if he had gotten them together in Inheritance

          • Vivienne

            I think Murtag should have hugged Nasuada or someting like that. sigh.

      • Loicadlar

        Number one, everyone is entitled to their own opinion and number two, NOT everyone was satsified – quite a few people like tofuwaffles were less than pleased.

  • Gianny

    i have an interesting question, and that is, why would he go to another land to raise the new riders? where is he going to find the people to ride the dragons? the spell that binds the 4 races together to be dragon riders wouldnt affect any other unknown races that may be in the new land, so they would not be able to ride dragons. so who would be the new riders? the 20 elves who went with him? i dont think so… also, if he had such an issue with raising the dragons in alagaesia, why did he give 2 eggs to leave in alagaesia?! it doesnt make sense… all that time he was complaining about why he shouldnt raise the dragons in alagaesia, and there he goes giving them eggs. finally, how was the order of the riders in alagaesia supposed to be remade if the riders would  no longer live in alagaesia? sorry, the ending just stumped me a little becuase of the loopholes, and i just want some answers 😛 any ideas?

    • At1145

      He left the two eggs so that when they hatch, the Riders will be sent over to where eragon is and he will send some more eggs back to alagaesia to hatch, and then he will raise the Riders there… if you had read more detailed you would have noticed the meaning of it…. no offence… 

    • ms

      The point about raising dragons somewhere else is due to the fact that raising two hundred some dragons would require a lot of resources and that would perhaps cause tension among the inhabitants of alagaesia. Just two or three at a time however, is reasonable.

    • Tommy

      Better question is:  How does he know the lands to the west are unhabited?  Could be trolls, gnomes, or smurfs out there for all we know!   

  • Guest

    I just finished the book and I really wish it hadn’t ended.  I hope for a book 5 where I can learn what happens after.

  • stellar

    All i can say is i liked the book series and that i loved the ending.I cant wait for book 5 and hope it explains everything that happens to eragon and the urgal/dwarf riders when they come to be.

  • Kurokuma

    All I can say is… I’m super excited for the new books! The wait better not be too long! I’ll give him five or six years. Hopefully by then (or before then!) he’ll have a new book out about 

  • Jeremy

    still in shock that almost ten years of reading and speculating is over…
    thanks for the memories and hope that there will be new ones!

  • Andrew Cowie

    All amazing besides ‘Roran’s’ storyline, however in any other book it would have been interesting, ‘Eragon’s’ storyline was just too exhilarating and eventfull so it overshadowed ‘Rorans’

    • ms

      This reminded me of when queen Islandi died. How was it that she was able to use Magic to stop the horse that was Barst had thrown towards her within the confines of Uru Baren where Magic was apparently rendered innefective? 

      • Angel

        MOST of the magic went wrong, but something always happened when someone cast a spell. Islanzadi took a risk when she cast that spell and it payed off- in the short term, at least.

  • Shadowhunter

    I really like how Eragon and Arya didn’t really “end up” together. It definitely makes the story less conventional and manages to stick to the personalities of each character. However, one thing I really couldn’t make amends with was that Arya became a Rider. That’s one of my main disappointments, I guess. I know that there was always a chance for her to become a Rider, especially as she was in charge of ferrying the dragon eggs. It just seems too typical, I guess. Also, I think it makes things too easy, especially regarding Eragon and Arya’s relationship. 

    Really appreciated the Murtagh-Nasuada portions though. It really added to Murtagh’s development as a character. Definitely looking forward to a 5th book or at least an epilogue of some sort!

  • Scott

    Ah, this was a fantastic series, really enjoyable to read… right up untill the last 50 words or so. It wasn’t so much the decision not to give Arya and Eragon their happy ending that shocked me – from an author’s point of view, unhappy conclusions are often much more effective and dramatic (not to mention realistic) than the cheesy ‘happily ever after’ ending – but rather the way in which it was written. It was as if CP suddenly had to adhere to a word count, or was paying per letter for printing, and had to finish as quickly as possible. For Eragon to go from crying with grief, and mourning the loss of his ‘brother’ and the woman he loved, to smiling and seemingly feeling happy in the space of a couple lines struck me as insincere and dissapointing. More time (if only an extra half a page) could have perhaps been devoted to explaining the shift in his mental state.

    I also felt the way that Arya was ‘snatched’ off the boat was an unnecessarily harsh parting, making a mockery of the tenderness on display just seconds before. If for no other reason than atoning for the ending of the 4th, a 5th book would be most welcome. Having said all that, the Inheritence series has been sensational, a truly stand-out addition to the genre and I’m grateful for its creation, since I have grown up alonside it and have enjoyed it immensely. Here’s hoping there is indeed a Book 5 Epilogue!

    • anton wihlborg

      Definetly agree with the “snatching” thing. Too cruel

  • Shadows987

    AxE fans. There may not have been the solid confirmation you were looking for, but Eragon did get the girl. Arya told him her true name, that is very intimate, more so than sex. She gave him the power to control her whole existence (life) and her fate and trusted him not to misuse it. You cannot get closer than that. In fact I thought it was unrealistic seeing as Arya has never told anyone other then Firnen before and E&A have only known each other a while; in a sense ExA lost their virginity to each other. LMAO. 

    • ms

      Arya had never told anyone, even Firnen… and still although intellectually I could understand the importance of them telling each other their true names, i still yearned for at least a kiss at the very end before she was torn away.

      • Shadows987

        Arya obviously told Firnen, seeing as they know everything about each other and are like one person; their souls are joined.

        • Danny

          wrong , she didn’t tell Firnen . It is stated clearly in the fourth book by herself that she had never released her name to anybody before.

          • Shadows987

            That was said BEFORE Firnen hatched for her.

    • anton wihlborg

      The trust shared between them by telling their True names could just as easily be built between two close friends, family, mentor and protege. It does not necessarily indicate something romantic.

      • Shadows987

        Perhaps. But that “trust” is much deeper than romantic love, the bond is much stronger. Anyone can see that. That’s why I find it unrealistic.  

        • anton wihlborg

          I understand what you mean but most of the people hoping for Arya and Eragon to end up together was hoping for it to be in a romantic happily ever after kind of way not just deep trust etc which the sharing of true names show.

          I myself have always hoped for them to be together, though I would have found it weird if the happy ever after happened in this ending. I guess I wanted something in between.

          I think we are both right. (Read my post further down if you want a more in depth POV from me).

  • Hrothgar’s faithful servant

    Die Murtagh DIE!!!!!!! I wish Murtagh could have died in the final battle, he was so mean by killing Hrothgar in book 2. I mourned his death and cursed Murtagh when I finished Eldest. The dwarves should at least have their revevnge in this last book.

    I know that Murtagh was serving Galbatorix, but, as was explained in Inheritance, he did it of his own accord!

    Overal a great book and a great series though, congratulations Christopher Paolini!

    • Saerina

      Please don’t say that.

      • Loicadlar

        I second that! After everything he went through, he doesn’t deserve death! Of all the character in the book, he had the most to deal with and the most interesting choices to make.

  • Bjrjammin

    Did no one else catch the quick snippet between Nasuada and Eragon about his faith? I mean come on that was screaming “double meaning” or symbolism. Even though this was very short I’m a little uppset that he had to put in a small religious undertone to the ending of the book, whether or not it reflects on Paoloni’s beliefs. Seriously? Eragon believes nothing is greater that him?

    • Shadows987

      Eragon never said that… he believes that the dragons are greater than him and he believes his elders are greater than him.

      • Bjrjammin

        Same type of thing… whatever he said is beside the fact. The point is the same

        • Shadows987

          Are you talking about god?

  • Brandontheguy

    Book Five Plot : Nasuada struggles to rebuild alagaesia murtagh comes back their romance falters murtagh tries to take over alagaesia and eragons unreachable

  • Sam

    I wrote this comment on the Wall Street Journal comment section. I figured I’d share my opinion here as well. I share both praise and disappointment. 

    I praise you, Christopher, for doing what the majority of other could never do, publish a book, but have it be extremely successful is another praise in itself. That being said, SPOILERS, SPOILERS, SPOILERS, for the rest of this. Overall, I enjoyed the pace of the book. The battles that took place from city to city as the Varden advanced towards Galbatorixs final lair, Uru’baen, proved to keep me interested. I found myself interested in Rorans story this time, which was a surprise from the last book. At first, I thought I would be upset when I turned the page to see Rorans POV, because in Brisingr his story was the biggest waste of pages and dragged until, thankfully, Eragon took place again. Rorans story was not true for Inheritance as it was for Brisingr, but rather a journey to see him become true to his name, Stronghammer, a Father, a Leader, and help ending Barst. Also, I love how Christopher synced Eragon and his story together at the siege of Uru’baen. The transition back and forth proved exhilarating to read.
    MORE SPOILERS. Galbatorixs death was surprisingly good, I thought I would predict how they would end the King, but I was mistaken (Although, knowing that the Eldunari/Eggs are still alive somewhere, was obvious to me). To have Eragon make the King feel the misery, pain, sorrow, and even good from those he affected over his years of rule, felt like an adequate way to torment Galbatorixs mind to the point of distraction for Eragon to end him with a stab to the stomach.
    SPOILERS. The ending of the book, however, is beyond atrocious. You wrapped up such an amazing series/Inheritance Cycle with the biggest rip off of Lord of The Rings I have ever seen. An Elven sailboat to take Eragon away to a far distant place where he can live for millions of years and grow/train the riders with elves. Really? You really just stole J.R.R Tolkien entire finale and wrote it in Inheritance terminology, pathetic. That being said, I will never understand why you ended Arya and Eragons story the way it was. You had Saphira and Firnen mate while they were alone at the river, and not once was a single kiss given between Eragon and Arya. Although, I do commend you on how you wrote of the two of them sharing their True names. That being said, I love how you made them re-say their True names just before they parted on the boat, but 3 fingers on his lips? Really? Not a kiss on the lips Eragon has been dreaming of through your writing of 4 books? It’s beyond depressing to read something the author has hinted at for 4 books and yet not follow through to even the slightest of it, but then again that makes great books, I suppose?
    To conclude, overall I enjoyed the Inheritance Cycle, void the atrocious ending. Finally, (SPOILERS-SPOILERS-SPOILERS) I love how you made Solembum the only character in the entire book to officially (Murtagh sort of said it, but fare welled him as brother, not Kingkiller) announce him as Kingkiller through speaking directly to him, before they parted. It seemed both ironic and adequate that he, the one that through the Eldunari told Eragon of Brisingrs (sword that strikes Galbatorixs in the stomach) metal under the tree, and of the Vault of Souls (Combined energy from the Eldunari to help Eragons wordless spell) . These two in-sights to Eragon made it possible for him to defeat the King. Finally, I wish you would of at least told us that Angela is in-fact the Soothslayer, which seems apparent to me. That is only one of the million secrets Angela holds, so why not tie-up one loose end?

    • Guest

      I can’t believe someone can express my opinion about the ending of the book so well! I totally agree.

    • Guest

      That was beautiful and like the other reply, it summed up most of my thoughts on the book as well.

    • anton wihlborg

      You are so right in this, it’s such fantastic series but the ending did just not measure up with the rest of the books. It was way too sad of a way to end an entire series of books. The fact that he will return to Eragon and Arya in later books is not enough to make up for building up everything for Eragon and Arya to be together and then just rip it out.

      I also hate the fact that in the final scene I constantly had the shadow “and will never return” prophecy hanging over me which made it much more depressing. I mean come on, some rare visits from Arya every few years is not enough. Eragon has to come back to Alagaesia “permanently”, not just to be with Arya but his family and friends.

      Just like in LotR the ending was too sad which I really don’t like, defeating Galbatorix was kind of made undone with such a depressing ending. I don’t really care about the other loose ends since they may lead to great stories on their own and I wouldn’t even have needed for Arya to go with Eragon. All I wanted was for their relationship to have the chance to really embrace the changes it went through in the last ~50 pages. 

      I have to say that all four books are some of the best books I’ve read and I thank Paolini for them and wish him all the best. I just wish the ending would have been as emotionally captivating as it was but in a positive way. I’m sure a lot of people agree and just as many will think I’m wrong but I had ease my depression (created by this book) by airing some of my opinions.   

  • Devoted Fan

    How can anyone be dissatisfied with a story that didn’t play out in their own heads? I personally loved the entire cycle, and can’t wait for more. Moaning about things that we as readers wish would have happened only takes away from the story itself, as well as future possibilities that are a recurring theme here.

    I just finished Inheritance not half an hour ago, and I can honestly say that the time spent reading these books over the past years has definitely influenced my life today. I applaud Christopher Paoilini for his work, and all those that helped him bring these stories to life.

  • Jazz ajihadsson

    major disapointment the ending with arya and eragon was waiting for them to get some bbq and get busy from book 1, probs CP was rejected and wanted readers to know how he felt lol had to insult him slightly he wasted so much of my time with these long ass books

  • Guys, if he solved EVERYTHING at the end, that would be IT. He still has us theorizing and thinking with just the right amount of clues. 849 pages isn’t enough to explain everything (Angela alone needs an entire series). And we would just know. That’s not as fun as to be kept wondering about some things, and he already said he’ll write more, explaining more. The series itself ended on a perfect note.

  • mel

    needs more murtagh

  • dragon rider

    how about a book about murtagh? that would be awesome.

    • At1145

      No, I don’t think the life of murtagh has been long enough for a whole book…

      but maybe…

  • Anonymous

    It definitely didn’t end how I expected it to, or originally wanted, but I’m glad that it ended the way it did. If Christopher had tied up all lose ends at the end of this book, it would THE END. But now, I know I don’t have to say goodbye to my favorite series just yet! And while it may take a while for the true conclusion to come, I have something to look forward to! And that makes me very happy.

  • Rohan

    Since I was younger this was my favorite series. I just could never put it down. But the end was very disappointing for me. More than words can express. I always hoped that after waiting so long, there would be something between Arya and Eragon. I was waiting throughout the book. The last 100 pages disappointed me so much. Even though now I have read that there will be another book, it kind of infuriates me to think that I will have to wait another four years or maybe more to see if anything happens between Eragon and Arya. But, a job well done none the less. All the books were extremely well written.

    P.s. You said that you wrote a massive chunk where Eragon and Arya were flirting. Could you perhaps post that along with a small extended part where eragon and arya are together as an alternate ending to the book ? Just for the fans 🙂 I know that it would be extremely time consuming and so I would not blame you if you do not.

    Thank You,
    One of your biggest fans

  • George Fahrenkopf

    Who is the women and her daughter???????????? I think Mother and a new sibling.

  • angela

    ahh i hated the endind of book 4!! i loved the endings of the 2nd and 3rd books because of the surprise in the ending. i’m soory, but book 3 ended exactly as everyone expected! Arya becoming dragon rider, islanzadi’s death, galbatorix dying in a really stupid way.. bah!! there was no action at all! 

    • Azntrooper93

      i think arya had to be the rider who else would it be lol why didnt they let werecats become riders urgals riders that stupid sorta i saw hik dying that way i was kinda distracted with the whole gab owning there party by freezing them the books was boring to me to much filler i just wanted to see how he died was waiting on the guy who can see hearts of hearts more info on angela book was failed

  • Adam

    As an interested reader, I think you should write a fifth book on what happens at Eragon’s training camp for Riders.

    • Sherry B

      I so agree.  How does Eragon handle raising all the dragons.  Not all will be paired.  The book just seems to be a very unfulfilled ending as it is. Who was Tanga, how old is Angela and who/what is she? 

  • Guest

    As a more elderly reader, I Like books 1 & 4 best!  Great pace, great metaphor, great moral. Just one suggestion for a possible future…if you decide to allow another movie to be made from your books, follow JKs path and DON’T sell the rights. Eragon the movie was horrific. Several of my friends and book cohorts that loved the book agree that the movie strayed too far from the book.  DO NOT let that happen if there is an “again”.

  • Guest

    What is the WORD!!!!!!

    • Arya<3


      • Guest2

        Why Jerday?

        • Twilight’sInheritance

          It’s actually a silent J. It’s what the grey folks answer to you when you ask them whose day is it today

          • Anton

            The bird, obviously.

            I was my understanding that everyone had heard: The bird id the word.

  • Walkjk

    I noticed that Eargon didnt mind eating meat again in the last booK. Wonder what happened there>

    • Donnyb

      If you recall in either eldest or brisingr he denounces his endeavor to only eat meat and he says if it is offered he would partake in it 

  • Guest 2

    I have just finished reading the interview and all the comments made by everyone.  I read them every time.  I don’t usually make a comment.  Although, the target audience might be the youth, the elders like the books too.  I always read a book at least 3 times, one usually misses things the first 2 times.  If it hits my fancy I’ll re-read a book 1000 times….Although, I might not like the ending, I would never dream of demanding from the author something else.  Some of my theories panned out, some where not addressed. However, I am more than pleased to know there will be more coming.  These were interestingly written, thought provoking, catch you up in the moment and put in the middle of the action.  This is good writing, no matter the author this is what makes a book.  Now I just hope he does these additional books before senility and old age take my mind.  I don’t know what to hope for first, continued E&A, M&N, a story of Brom’s life (oh now that would be one to read and re-read) a story of Angela’s life(even stevens w/Brom’s life as far as I’m concerned).  Flip a coin CP, just give me more Please.

  • Guest

    Man… Although I’m glad there are lots more future books for Alagaesia, I think we’ll have to wait for a lifetime for the loose ends…

  • Guest

    Its good to hear that there is hope for a Book 5! It’ll be interesting to see how the Dwarves and Urgles do as dagron riders, as well as the cultural twists that they will bring.

    • Arya<3

      I can’t imagine an Urgal intelligent enough to be with a dragon. Wouldn’t they be frustrated?

      • Bakshisayan

        well were’nt urgals and dragons r quite da same……always liking to tear down people!

  • Nishant Mehta

    Well thank You 🙂 Atlist this Answers some of my Questions 🙂 🙂 So there is going to be a book 5? Well that will definately be worth the wait 🙂 🙂 Thank You Christopher 🙂 And Hey Shurtugal 🙂 Goooood Job Mike 🙂 

  • Shurtugal sucks

    why don’t you have video or audio? why go to the trouble of typing a transcipt instead of just posting the video or audio record of the meeting? I could understand of this was an online chat, but I get the impression that this was an in-person interview…

    • lamasi99

      quite right…..

    • Nameless

      It’s probably full of edits. Although I do appreciate the fact some issues of book4 got addressed (thank you). I still wouldn’t trust Mike as far as I could throw him. With CP, they come off as a couple of crooked senators. Too much Star Wars influenced-dark-side-democracy-political moves if you ask me.

  • Silentsir56

    I watched the boy scout QA for CP and when he talked about the last word “Dark” i think eragon is headed into another adventure. Thats why he was able to finish the last sentence in book 4 knowing that eragon isnt finished! he’ll be back

  • Amanda

    So for those worried about when book five will come, I was worried too, but I just realized, CP is too big of a dragon nerd to be satisfied writing about a world without them for long.

  • Tbowes1928

    Anybody find out what the elf-tree in duweldenvarden took from Eragon?

    • Becky

      I asked Christopher Paolini that very question at a book signing.  He said “Read book five!”  My personal theory is that the tree is going to have his baby.

      • Azntrooper93a

        my guess is his heart or something she was elf that was betrayed at first i thought she was gonna kill saphira tree dont like fire maybe she wishes to be free

  • Devsr2001

    I can’t wait for book 5 hopefully it is better than the last 4 books where did eragon go I can’t wait I’ve got to be the biggest fan I’ve read the books each about ten times please hurry with book 5

  • JustBri..singrIT

    I hate The Rock.

  • Smith

    Let down….. That’s all I can say, 4 books 2800 pages and the last 100 or so pages ruined it for me. Really WTF? Big disappointment man, this series WAS my favorite of all time. Now I will probably never read them again.

  • Du Vrangr Gata

    I grew up reading the inheritance cycle…I think I first picked up Eragon in 6th grade. It was hard for me to tackle, but soon afterwards I found myself sitting up in my bed until the weight of my head felt like my neck was going to snap at night…just to get to the next exciting part. there’s a lot of symbolism in all four books, i think, about learning to accept yourself as you truly are, such as when one finds out their true name. I think that, hypothetically speaking, if all of us were in Alagaesia, any reader would have as much trouble as Eragon had had, to really find out who we were. If there’s something that these books have taught me, is that you must accept your true self and, even as powerful as the dark king himself was, Eragon was sure of himself and he killed Galbatorix. I do admit that I was rather upset at how the book ended. I expected a lot more outcomes, such as murtagh/nasuada, a more revealing tale of angela( In fact, i think that most people would agree that a book, if not series COULD be dedicated to the travels and angela and solembum)..but that’s what writing is all about: imagination. I think that CP always intended on extending the inheritance cycle because…look what he created. A whole world with complex characters and amazing adventures…he could never have “tied up loose ends ” in just 4 books. I was so relieved when I went online and found that there could be hope, in returning to my favorite home away from home in alagaesia…Let’s just hope that it doesn’t take long..because he’s got some splainin to do!

    • Dawn that Shines

      I agree with your symbolism, (I even wrote an english essay about it…) and i also think that he should expand on Angela 🙂

      • Dawn that Shines

        although… the reason i really like angela is her mysterious-ness; and her attitude

    • I absolutely agree with you. I found Eragon (movie tie-in) in my 6th grade teacher’s library and I fell in love. I’m in 8th now, and my own true self means a lot to me. It’s something I’ve dedicated myself to. I feel like I find out more about my true nature as the months go by, and the Inheritance Cycle was one of the things that started my desire to find out who and what I truly was.

      • At1145

        Yur just like a mirror to me…
        i sam also in the 8th grade and started in 6th. im norwegian tough…

  • Twilight’sInheritance

    Team Edward? or Team Jacob? Anybody?

    • Maddie

      this is not a forum for spam! If you don’t have anything book related to say I suggest you post your jokes elsewhere.

      • Twilight’sInheritance

        knock knock

        • Maddie

          who’s there

          • Twilight’sInheritance


          • Maddie

            f*ck who?

          • Twilight’sInheritance

            f*ck you

          • Beuntje123

            Darn nice combo.

          • Guest

            Lol wtf haha

    • Sorry nobody like the sh*t books or movies known as Twilight.

      • Twilight’sInheritance

        1 billion $s says you’re wrong

        • Funny Thoughts

          only because lot’s of little girls think it’s a good, it doesnt make them so.

      • At1145

        @979e73589789292e36df1a49f98d84ee:disqus haha love yur answer…!

  • ____

    It is also possible that the dwarf “god” in Brisingr is also a grey person. He’s super-powerful (making Orik’s crown materialize from nothing(rule of the universe and alchemy(rule of conservation of mass): you can’t make something from nothing)), but can’t really form a physical body. Maybe the grey folk becoming “a shadow of their former selves” doesn’t mean that they still aren’t powerful.

    • Guest

      He didn’t make it materialize from nothing, he just “transported” it there: it was stated that the same crown has been used for many, if not all, of the dwarven kings. This means that it existed before he put it on Orik’s head, and plus, you also have to consider that mass can be converted to energy, and back. An example of this actually happening in the book was with the explosion on Vroengard, where the elf actually transformed his body into energy, similar to antimatter. Also, Eragon, while in the Hadarac Desert said that he could make water out of nothing but energy, but that only a thimbleful would probably be enough to kill him from the energy required. So even if Guntera did make the crown on the spot, he would have probably made it out of energy, which he seems powerful enough to do.

  • guest

    i read all 4 books waiting for eragon to finally be with arya and then it didnt happen. at first i was mad. but after reading this who knows. could still happen. i didnt realise he planned on doing so much more with alagaesia

  • Guest

    Hey, just a guess here(absolutely not saying I believe it), but I think there may be a POSSIBILITY that Tenga is one of the Grey People: not saying I think its true, I actually don’t think it is, but it might explain a couple things with relation to his age, his isolation, and his overall weirdness, plus the fact that Angela actually seems to fear him to a degree. Plus, it was stated that the Grey People, although much of their power was lost in binding magic to the Ancient Language, still existed as a shadow of their former selves, so their may be remnants of their people yet. Also, Tenga casually lit a candle without using the ancient language, which may be a holdover from when there was no language with which to use magic. Again, not saying I think it’s true, just playing the devil’s advocate and throwing out a theory.

  • Oneofham

    wow, all these people screaming bloody murder about the boo ending… I agree on some points, there are too many loose ends left in the end of the book, the one that got to me the most was Eragon and Arya, but thats just me. I would suggest making one more installment to the series. Then (this is just an idea I had when Murtaugh left) you could make a new series of books about his adventures in the far away land that he went to loosely linked together like Dirk Pitts adventures in Clive Cusslers novels (not exactly, as that formula wont work for a few reasons).
    I don’t know of you will even read these, but that my advice if you do.

  • U1029553

    I was sooo glad you didn’t kill off Murtagh!! He’s my second favorite character. I would like to especially praise you on the way you handled Eragon’s issues with thinking he was Morzan’s son. As Saphira says, blood isn’t everything, and relationships matter more. Finally someone in the public eye understands that!! WELL DONE!!!

  • Loicadlar

    Was there ever a dragon/rider pair that didn’t want to be part of the order? 

    • Saerina

      Murtagh and Thorn weren’t part of the new order. but it’s still a good question.

      • Loicadlar

        Well, yes. But I meant of the old order (and not counting the Foresworn). 

  • Ghfghgf

    I got so depressed when I realized that Eragon and Arya weren’t gonna “hook up”. I mean, first he(CP) gives her a dragon, which seems to be getting along with Saphira- [ it would be perfect if the riders and their dragons both got along great(or better than great)]- then they could really have an awesome reltaionship. Then Arya holds his hand and they have that “moment” , Then she shows a little of her feelings towards him, then BAM! He leaves. What the F*** ! I really hated that ending. I mean, it’s as if he got off even worse than Galbatorix. Same thing for Nasuada/ Murtagh. C’mon, Chris, don’t lead us on then dash our hopes. 

  • Wyrda

    i love this series… with that being said please do not consider me as a troll. this statement im making regards Angela. whn i think of her i think of Tom Bombadil, from The Lord of the Rings, and no im not trying to make a claim as how CP stole ideas from that book- face it, every fantasy writer of this generation will have read that series and will have used bits and pieces to pave their own path to take. She’s very old, very powerful, and not much else is known about here. Tom Bombadil stated he had been in Middle Earth longer than anything else – though Gandalf later makes a claim that Treebeard is the oldest thing that exists there. Tom Bombadil is unafected by the ring, and he seems to pop up when he’s needed most as he does on the Downs. i just found this interesting and found a correlation.. u might not feel the same.

    • Book4wasAmazing…

      What the hell??! That makes total sense! CP, you’re such a rip-off artist!

      PS. Give us more than 5 bucks back!

      – Book4wasAmazing [HP&TheGobletofFire]

    • Anonymous

      I am not so sure I agree. I found Angela to be unique and so totally mysterious (never forthcoming when questioned about herself or her past) that the only thing which I have really felt we can say about her is that she has her own hidden agenda. Other then that I have found her to be very difficult to really judge. I am not sure she was on anyone’s side but her own! lol

      With that said, there is a saying that “there are no more original ideas in this world” but I think that authors prove this to be wrong all the time!

  • Jhector10

    Is ARYA and ERAGON going to feature in future books?? Please ask him Mike!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Loicadlar

    Did Glaedr ever have a mate or any young? Oramis? 

    • Saerina

      All of these are questions I’d like answered. I’m not sure how to ask. It would be really interesting to know if Glaedr had a mate and if he did, what was she like? Wild or bonded? If they had young, how did they die? By Galbatorix’s hand? Would that have changed Glaedr’s out look on life if he had a mate to talk to, as they are both Eldunari? (If he had a mate.)

      • Loicadlar

        Wow! I like your version better than my original question. If he did have a mate, perhaps her eldunari DID survive – either in the VOS or in Glabatorix’s collection. Hmmm. 

        • Saerina

          Thanks 🙂

          • Anonymous

            I dont know if this will help or not but if I remember correctly, when Saphira first met Arya’s dragon and was speaking to Eragon in thier minds I believe she told him that dragons dont mate for life. I lent my son the book so I cant go back and double check it for you but I tend to take from that part that dragons lineage does not hold the same importance that it does to humans. I also dont recall through out the series any dragons ever having mates.

            Hope that helps!

      • Callum

        Red the part where theyre traveling to Vroengard, two of the Forsworns dragons were Glaedrs off-spring. One purple, one Brown

  • Loicadlar

    What is Thorn’s lineage and who named him? 

    • KrisLuis

      murtagh named him. the rider names the dragon

      • Loicadlar

        Not necessarily. That would be a perversion of the usual custom, where the dragon chooses its own name. However, that seems an odd name to choose, hence my question. 

  • Loicadlar

    Mike, could you please ask CP to tell us a bit more about Saphira’s parents. Were they known for anything? Are either of them still alive through their eldunari? What did they look like? Who was Iomungr’s rider? Etc. 

  • Saerina

    My fav parts:
    All of the Murtagh/Nasuada parts. I admire Nasuada SO much for her
    strength and leadership. She’s the one who has to make the hard
    decisions and gets blamed for it (Roran’s whipping, anyone?),
    and Thorn are my top fav character cause of the little insights into
    their lives, Thorn’s nobility and strength, Murtagh not wanting to kill
    Eragon, small things like that matter to me 🙂
    CP, you did a great job on the series! I can’t wait for more.
    As an after thought to all you out there:
    Would you rather have CP tie up all the loose ends and leave Alagaesia forever OR have him come back with more characters and stories for years to come?
    I’d choose the latter

    • Vrael

      I totally agree. there are sooo much smaller details in the book that are leading to potential side stories and everyone is more concerned with going on a rant about how CP has ruined the series. In my eyes he has done a great job, i mean granted some of the things that happened i would have liked to have gone differently but alot of them are more fitting the way that they have been tied up. I always had a very active imagination and have been able to write various possible endings to the Inheritance cycle, none of them fabulous but when I finally finished the books after them being delivered 3 weeks late, i was content with the ending. I have also been inspired by these books to begin writing a novel of my own (currently at 25000 words and all seems well, had some interest from publishers aswell. So as a great fan of these books i would personally like to thank CP for inspiring me to pursue such a goal myself

      • Anonymous

        Hi Vrael,

        It seems to me that most of the loose ends people are asking about are not key point to the overall plot or storyline but more minor details which caught their individual interests. Someone had asked what happened to Oramis’s sword, and minor details like that are really best left to individuals imaginations. (personally it seems most logical that it remained with the elves)

        Even though I disagree with you about the ending, which I think most bothers me because it was supposed to be the ending of the whole saga, I tend to agree with the rest of what you have stated and mostly just wanted to wish you the best of luck with your novel!! Somehow you need to let us all know if it ever becomes available because I for one would like to read it.

      • Shur’tugal

        if you dont mind me asking what are your books about?

    • Shadows987

      I hate new characters as a general rule when they intrude into other characters stories. I think that this one saga should have been tied up better. But that isn’t my main criticism. I think he did ok but should have moved on from the Inheritance world now, broaden his horizon

      • Vrael

        how could he have possibly moved on without tying up some of the loose ends??

        • Shadows987

          By explaining the important loose ends in Inheritance.

          • Vrael

            yeah but people feel there is still alot to be explained and also CP feels he can do alot more within alagaesia so why move on if he can still accomplish more from it

          • Shadows987

            A lot by whose scale? I think CP could do much better writing now. He should have tied most of it up and perhaps released new adventures from other characters if he wanted to, but he should have finished the story of Eragon at least with a definite ending.

          • Griff

            Thats one flaw ive found with the series: he set an end to the series when he wrote the first book (the inheritance TRILOGY). He had to extend it to a forth book, but I still feel like it was much too rushed. As soon as Galbatorix died, it felt like the book was in fast forward. A fifth book could have easily been made expanding on the mutagh/nasuada and eragon/arya relationships, as well as all the problems encountered after toppling a king that had been in power for over 100 years. Devoting a mere 100-200 pages at the end of the book to wrap up 2800 of literature was far from satisfying, and CP set a limit on himself so he couldnt expand it to another book

  • Namesless

    What a joke.

  • blahhh

    And personally you would not have to “tackle” book 4’s hot topics if it were a good book… JUST SAYIN.

  • blahhh

    So your saying that its too out of character for her to be with eragon, but that its ok for her to ALL OF THE SUDDEN, accept being the queen??? when she said MANY MANY MANY times, that she would not be the queen after her mother. WOW. Just wow. You ruined your master piece CP. This was supposed to be the most epic book of them all…. and you ruined them.

    • Shur’tugal

      refusing to be queen could be easier said than done in this case…People whether real or not can change…and she didnt just give in the first time she was asked it took alot of pursuading to convince her…I dont think CP broke arya out of character at all.

  • Iridevolcom

    YOU RUINED THE WHOLE SERIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Murtaugh

    If there is going to be another book. . .THEN PLEASE BRING MURTAUGH BACK AS A MAIN CHARACTER!! I loved the idea of him and Nausada falling in love as well!!!!!!!! Maybe add some senes from his POV as well? Please oh please! He is the reason I read the books.

    • Hater’Hollerin

      Are you willing to wait another 8 years for another book? I’m not.

      • Saerina

        I AM!!!!! I want Murtagh back!!!!!!! (not the commenter Murtagh :P)

    • 123

      I want another book too.But I want it because I want Arya back so much. She is the reason I have stuck to this series and will stick to it for a LONG time.She is one RARE type of female character.So unlike Bella in Twilight.

  • Jhector10


    • Anonymous

      Paloni is a he not a she.  That’s an epic fail on your part to call him a she.

      • Jupiter

        Lol Christine

    • Chopin’s doppleganger

      Hahaha . . you made my day with that comment. Christine Paolini anyone?

  • Mehukas

    keep in mind that there “will” be more books in future, so most likely cp wont write the epilogue to be about eXa.

  • Mazumdarsourav

    According to Paolini, the fifth book will reveal “some” of the loose ends…i think he DOES have plans to revisit algaesia and write another saga.

    Meanwhile…back to the fifth books, several questions unanswered such as what did angela whisper into the priest ear will be answered and according to CP, it was Angela’s real name. o.O.

  • Anonymous

    Type your comment here.In my opinion, it was far more out of character for Arya to become Queen then for her to decline the request. Yes, she was obviously dedicated to serving her people, of that there is no doubt, but she had already discussed with Eragon that she wouldnt choose to ascend to the throne, and going through all 4 books she seemed more to be an outsider with her own people, then she appeared to be one of them, and therefore chose at a young age to serve in other ways. She also supported Eragon in his decision not to be King, but then turns and becomes Queen, AND a Dragon Rider. I definitely felt this was “not her” and it would have seemed more natural for to have joined Eragon. Arya was always all about the dragons as well as the riders and I think this is how she would have felt would be the best way to serve her people and the future.
    I dont know what else Eragon needs to do to prove himself, he did after all just save the world, they have shared so much together including their true names so I felt there was more then enough reason as well as a bond between them to get their relationship started. Even if CP didnt want to reward the hero yet with getting the girl, at least it should have ended with her doing what was more natural for her and left there hope for their future together, not saying good bye and the last words of the last book are, “the End”.

    Quite honestly, I was disappointed in the ending because of this. Not left with any hope for the future, which if there was, then perhaps it would have left me with hope for a continued story. I am glad I went looking for a way to voice my disappointment because when I wait years to read a series of books like this and I am left without hope for more then I tend to walk away. When, as a reader, your left with hope at the end of a book you will look and keep looking for more. I shouldnt have had to come here to find out its not “The End”

    • Anonymous

      You wouldn’t be able to explain exactly what i fell with better words.

      • Anonymous

        Hi Lamblood,
        I am glad I was able to voice both of our feelings on this subject. It really bothered me the way an amazing story like this was ended like it did. Even Saphira got a little, “somethin somethin” (lol) but our hero after all he has been through gets rejected yet again?? SAD!!!

    • Shadows987

      Only problem is: Arya is whatever CP wants her to be, if he writes it: it isn’t out of character. Though I agree with you mostly.

      • Anonymous

        I agree, and while I was writing that post it was hard not to feel like I was trying to argue with the author! lol. In reading his interview though, which is what I was responding to more then anything, I disagreed with his logic on why she had to leave and from a fans point of view expressed my feelings on the way the story and character appeared to me. I totally respect his right to create however he sees fit, but I also have a right to my own opinion. Quite honestly, when I read that Arya was to be both Queen AND Dragon Rider, all I could hear in my head was a VERY long lecture from Brom were he there!!!

        Thanks Shadows.

  • Jhector10

    CP said in an interview that there would be a fifth book and that the lose ends in the books are the beginning of other stories that would probably mean that eragon and arya’s relationship would be solidified and whatever else to be.

    • Saphire

      i’m tired of this never-ending promise of another book..under the impression to reveal the loose many pages and books would be enough for CP to complete the whole story?? don’t let the fans to become frustrated with you, CP. 

  • D greusch

    why was tenga not mentiond in book four. i dont know if i was the only one wondering about this but what happend to him? did he die, did he find what he was looking for, dose he have a new question what happend to him. also i was suprised eragon did not visit him after galbbys defeat. why diddnt eragon vist him? its like in eldest when orik is not mentiond while eragon trains in ellesmiera and you forget about him when eragon forgets about him. is this on of your lose ends?

    • Dragblue

      I was thinking about tenga the whole book. He was one of my favorite characters and one of the most intresting.

      • macman55

        I think he was mentioned in a little sidenote when the Eldunarí tell him how to make his little “space pocket” when they say on page 567, “A hermit who lived on northern coast of Alagaesia…” This would also have to mean that he was at least twelve hundred years old though….

    • Loicadlar

      Yeah. That part was so random. I assumed he would have some significance in book 4, but no, yet another loose end!

  • Eiyra

    Hey, guys, what was your fav part of Inheritance?
     I personally loved the scene on Vroengard when Eragon climb the pillar and looked up at all the stars. Probably one of the most vivid, and I loved the fact that there were two shadow birds nearby, it added to the amazing feeling of it. Chistopher Paolini wrote a great book

    • Anonymous

      I would say that I enjoyed the way he defeated Galbatorix the most. I seemed quite evident through most of the book that head to head defeating his through magic or swordsmanship would he been unlikely so to open his eyes for him and drive him mad was awesome.
      Great book indeed but with a dissatisfying end to it!! lol

    • Saerina

      All of the Murtagh/Nasuada parts. I admire Nasuada SO much for her strength and leadership. She’s the one who has to make the hard decisions and gets blamed for it (Roran’s whipping, anyone?),
      Murtagh and Thorn are my top fav character cause of the little insights into their lives, Thorn’s nobility and strength, Murtagh not wanting to kill Eragon, small things like that matter to me 🙂

    • Shadowlord148

      i think my favorite part was when eragon, saphria, and gladr were flying to vroengard and was launched up into the stratosphere and they could see all the stars and the earth. very peaceful and breathtaking just imagining it. especialy if they ever reboot the movie and make it a true adaptation of the series it would be amazing to see it on the big screen.

    • Chopin’s Dopplegangër

      I loved the part when Eragon and Saphira visit Brom’s tomb. I cried my eyes out and found myself deeply moved by the whole scene. I was chuckling through tears when Eragon called him an “old fox”!! . . . and when I read the epitaph he had wrote it was like a blow to the stomach only to be lessend as my heart skiped a beat at the though of Brom coming back to life. That has to be my favorite scene in he cycle.

      • Chopin’s Dopplegangër

        *thought. . . the thought of Brom comming back to life.

  • Eiyra

    Oh! I want an epilouge! It was so great, I don’t want it all to be over!

  • bobba

    What I don’t understand is why people who criticise this book are being belittled or accused of being abusive.

    From what I have seen, the conversations have been pretty constructive and civil, and people are right to say that Mike Macauley was always going to like the book.

    Sorry to single you out here, I rate everything you do on the site and share many of your tastes, and I am thankful for all the hard work you put in. However, Nietzsche once said that all people advocates for their own prejudices.

    The chances are the owner of (one of paolini’s biggest fans), was always going to like the book. Mike was predisposed to, even if it was an absolute clanger of a book (which it wasn’t I mostly enjoyed it and found it to be the best written of the series).   

    That’s why few are agreeing with you when they say you were one of the hardest to please.

  • Jhector10

    Please make another book to solidify Eragon and Arya’s relationship!!!!!!!!!!!! It has been almost 12 years and i would hate for this to be the ending with Eragon getting nothing but responsiblity to train the Riders.

  • Shur’tugal

    Thank God for book five and even more books!!! I was so happy to read that CP said Eragon and Arya’s story was far from over!!!! 🙂

  • PTK

    As a writer myself, I truly appreciate the value of the inheritance cycle and the series as a whole; the characters and the character development was done quite well. But I have to admit, and shame on me for this weakness, I actually found myself devastated at the lack of closure between Arya and Eragon. I will say, on the pride of myself as a writer, that there was no greater shame than that. I could have been happy with the disappearance of murtagh and the stupidity of Nasuada’s choice to try and reign in supremacy over the spellcasters and even the shameful end in which we were left with a total lacking of Angela’s identity (I mean, come on, at least let me know what she whispered into the High Priest of Helgrind’s ear to make him squirm so!)- so long as I got to witness at least one damn kiss between Arya and Eragon. 

    Now, if you say there will be another book between the two and it may contain romance between them, I say- bring it on, I would love that. And if you say that we will see more of Murtagh, mores the merrier, I loved Murtagh and his shotty and incomplete ending with Nasuada left me practically in tears of frustration. And I’ll even go so far as to say I have the patience of a dwarf to wait so long (lawl-worthy reference to an earlier post). But, should your life end before you can write a romance between them, then I swear on my honor as a pen-bearer, I will either hound your descendants like a rabid wolf after a lean piece of rabbit to forcibly demand they write a love story worthy of their potentially-epic romance, or- by the strength of my will and the weight of my dollars- I will buy the rights to your series and write one my damn self (a blasphemy I would rather avoid if I could). 
    That being said, Christopher, if you ever have a chance to see this, you have done one hell of a job of writing a great series. You also did one hell of a job to piss of a rather large fan-base, and I’ve no doubt a few of those fans now have a sworn a blood-war against you worthy of Birgit’s own dissatisfaction and hatred. But, and I say this for as much for the sake of your own continued fan-base as well as that of the sanity of said fan-base, that these interviews will become abound and well known, and put those love-lovers at peace. 

    • Chopin’s Dopplegangër

      Angela had whispered her name (not her ‘true name ‘) to the High preist’s ear. Christopher confirmed this himself in an interview with some kids from a school in Bainbridge, Washington. I would copy and paste the interview for you but for some reason my iPod is no letting me do that at the moment.

  • Anonymous

    I think we are dwelling too much on the eragon-arya love thing. My frustration is why she didnt go with him because she is now a rider! PLEASE ASK THAT QUESTION MIKE. CP talk’s of why he did not put them together as a couple (yet) but what of him being the leader of the riders. It just dose not feel right that she had no training. It actually devalues eragons own training. Eragons training was not just in magic. There are plenty of people that could have become king or queen of the elves. Arya says this herself a couple of times in the series. What of all the stuff Glaedr taught Saphira? It does not seem right that as leader of the riders Eragon was not told at once of Firnen’s hatching, he should have been there to help raise him. If the egg hatched for anyone other than Arya they would have gone with eragon.

    • Ruben tefera

      though this is right alot of eragons training arya didn’t need because she is an elf plus he was not as wise as arya is 100 years old

      • Axjbrown

        This is why she should have gone. For her dragon’s training by Saphira and the eldunari. (Saphira and Greenie should Never have mated like they did for SO many reasons this being just one of them) and her knowledge to help train and protect the new dragon riders. They could train more at a time if there were two of them. Then it would have given E More time to mature and not just want a flirty imature school girl and know what true romance looks like and it would give A time to heal her heart and see if a relationship with E would work.

      • Anonymous

        But look at what eragon gave up to leave.. Family, Friends, Home. He did this for the dragons and future riders. He calls himself neither elf or human, but a RIDER. Oromis showed although an elf he did not answer to Islanzadi when he rebuked her in eldest. He taught Eragon the secrets of the riders, does arya not need this?  I dont buy that she needs nothing just because she is an elf and 100 yrs old. There was months of training between Glaedr and Saphira, (some of which eragon himself was told because it was only for the dragons to learn). Dose Finen not need this? I guess in my head the Riders were their own race once bonded. In the end of Inheritance it does not feel that Arya follows this same pattern, it almost seems as if her being a rider is secondary to being an elf and queen. The riders (eggs and eldunari) need her much more than the elf’s. Love story aside she should have gone with the riders.

  • Anonymous

    at first i was devastated with how eragon-arya love ended…n i read this first few interview and i kinda understand…but after i read the whole interview again i feel devastated again..u said its unfair if nasuada not to be king or murtagh to get killed..but its fair for eragon n arya to b like this???pls CP make another story for them..n pls dont take too long…should i wait till im married and have child n grandchild to see eragon n arya together?i dont have dwarf patience and elf age..

    • Doctor

      I… kinda didn’t understand that…

    • Anonymous

      For real! We’re humans CP! We don’t have long lives! Just write book 5 and let us see Arya and Eragon finally be together!!!! Come on!

  • Wander

    I really really really hope Paolini writes that short epilogue!!!! it isn’t much to ask and there are all sorts of unanswered questions I have. What will happen with Eragon and Arya? What about Angela’s past? And I wanna know if Murtagh and Thorn come back!! What about Murtagh and Nasuada??? NO COMMENT? WWHYY!!!

    But thank you SO MUCH for not killing Murtagh. Honestly I was sure that it was gonna happen and was thrilled when it didn’t. I will look forward to another book, but I hope it isn’t years away. A short epilogue would be nice because it wouldn’t take 10 years to write I hope!!

    • Timmytiger1

      Hes probably gonna right more books. He said he has seven differnt stories and one is a series

      • EternalShade

        He may not write them all though.

  • An Inquiring Mind

    I have a question, and I’m hoping someone can answer it. In the chapter “A Man of Conscience,” Nasuada seems unusually happy considering what she’s gone through. When asked why by Eragon, (page 803) she told him Elva had “told her what she needed to hear.” She also said that Elva had fulfilled a promise that she had made in a castle at Aberon. I looked through Eldest (where Aberon was mentioned most) and on page 334, when Nasuada is meeting Elva, she made a big promise. She told Nasuada that if she (Elva) was used to win the war, than she would ensure that Nasuada’s life is “as happy as any human being has had the privilege to experience.” If this is not the promise Nasuada was referring to, please point me to the correct one. If it is the promise she was talking about, I would like to know anyone’s thoughts on how she made Nasuada’s life so happy. Like Eragon, I don’t completely trust Elva.

    • Never thought of that. My only guess is that Elva just told her that she had accomplished what her father died for. She had done what needed to be done and now she can be at peace.

    • Anonymous

      as happy as any human being has had the privilege to experience…i guess it has something to do with LOVE..maybe she told her relationship with murtagh will work..

  • 123

    Hey Mike, can you PLEASE ask CP why  he didn’t write any chapters in the book from Arya’s point of view? I would have liked to glean a deeper insight into her character.And also what she sees in Eragon.It’s clear why Eragon likes her but what does she sees in him?And why does she accept him after rejecting him?Thank you.(I’m saying this very politely because i do so hope that Mike will ask CP my question! 🙂

    • Gabs345

      i never even thought about a chapter from arya’s view that would be insane- good suggestion im sure everyone would love that

      • I think maybe in the future books that would be great. I think that wasn’t done maybe just because her maturity and experience is much higher than Eragon’s and it might have been too big of a transition. This was Eragon’s story but in the future he could probably include Arya. And Firnen of course. Also if Murtagh returns I really want to know his emotions on Eragon and Saphira’s decision to leave.

        • Amanda

          I always thought that he wouldn’t write a chapter from her point of view, because she needed to remain as much a mystery to us as she did to Eragon, in order to keep us on our toes. If he does return to them though, I think it would be both beautiful and hilarious to have chapters from her POV as her and Eragon reunite and begin a genuine relationship.

        • Shadowlord148

          i think he didnt have a arya point of view b/c he wants to leave a mysterious arua around her. elves are mysterious beings and if one would to live with them for x amount of years one would still not fully understand them. think about this. men are attracted to women who have a mysterious look about them and are drawn to them wanting to know more about them but keeping that mystery intact. the same goes for women. so if we (men) would read chapters from arya’s POV it would eliminate the mystery of her character that attracts her to us. 

  • Hugh Jass-Ole Jr.

    I think Christopher was high when he wrote the last book

  • Brandon Scott Higgins

    What happened to the sword Naegling (oromis’s sword)?

  • VeNoMMoNeY

    First and foremost I’d love to have another book centered around Angela’s past, I think I speak for many when I say that I was hoping to find out who she is and how old she really is. I’d hope that this would also include Angela’s knowledge of the 2 women (And the third?) that made an appearance in both Brisingr and Inheritace.

    Another small question I had for CP is if we know who Roran’s would be assassin is?

    • Gabs345

      i think the assassin was ordered by the mayor (whatever you call it) of Aroughs- im pretty sure thats what it says in the book- post if im wrong! 

  • Rhombus-chan

    1. YAY FOR MORE BOOKS!!! I really hope he tells us WHAT THE FLYING MINT BUNNIES happened to Murtagh and Thorn. And maybe he’ll make some awesome characters. And maybe we’ll FINALLY find out WHO Angela is.
    3. The thing is, I really don’t understand all these loose ends he left in Inheritance. I personally wrote a list of nothing but questions I had that I was hoping Inheritance would answer, and I don’t even think Inheritance answered half of them. I look forward to more books, but really…

  • Mojobro

    if you read the article u know WHY i am so happy!
    especially after Inheritance withdrawal

  • Glaedr

    I think it could have been nice if Eragon told Murtagh where they were going. I know he didn’t necessarily know where he was going but he could have told him his plan. Maybe Thorn and Murtagh could have gone with them and helped establish the ne order of Riders. Just my opinion.

    • Murtaugh

      I agree! Murtaugh is my favorite character and soo sad to see that CP just pushed him out of the story after the battle with Gab.  I stayed up all night just about reading in hopes that he would have Murtaugh and Eragon say goodby or to go with him.   And personally I kinda thought Thorn would have been a better mate for Sapphire than then the young green dragon. It just didn’t fit in my mind. . .

      • Saerina

        I KNOW!!!!!!!!

  • Evythatcher

    This was ridiculous. I was so angry about the whole Arya and Eragon separation and the same thing with Saphira and Firnen. It just makes me angry that we waited this long for nothing! 

    • Firnin

      It’s even worse that he originally planned to have Arya go with Eragon.

      • Gabs345

        hah yeah. we were so close. now so far away 🙁

        • Guest

          the nearer to the ending, the worse these books have become..especially the last one(or so i thought)

          • Murtaughforever

            Agreed! I think there was too much describtions of the varies battles and not enough character development.

    • irate987

      join the club…>___<

  • Jack Mehoff

    Hey does anyone here enjoy anal sex?

  • Tobias Jägebratt

    Hi every body i have wondred how did the dragon eggs chose their rider. i’am a little torn. becuse how i imagininate (from the facts in the books) all the kids just stands in a line and touch the egg and then move on. but did that really work. becuse it took like several days before saphira hatced for eragon. and arya had time to get to du weldevaren before Fírnen hatched.
    Ps: I’am sorry for my English and if some name is spelled wrong i didn’t had the books in front of me i just went from my memory.
                                                                           Thanks: Tobias

    • Gabs345

      i wonder the same question everyday. MIKE YOU HAVE TO WRITE THIS ONE DOWN FOR CP.

      • TBC

        That question was answered in the books at some point.  I think in Brisingr.  They would have potential riders basically parade by the egg, touch it or whatever and someone would be listening to the thoughts of the dragon inside the egg.  That way they knew who the egg would choose without having to wait for it to hatch.

        • Chris’sCousin

          I actually asked Chris this in person. He replied that Dragons are conscience of what happens, and magicians are there to read the brain movement of the Dragon when they encounter a new partner and can see if theres a possible match.  If there is, the Dragon egg is given to the kid to spend more time around. Also, Spahira was not expecting to meet a new partner, all she knew what that she was in danger at the time.  It is easy to see why she took her time to allow herself to open up and meet Eragon, and then decided to hatch for him.

    • Guest

      so many flaws….

  • Muter009

    Well remember there’s still evil lurking in vroengard “people” living there. Maybe the whole vroengard thing gets out of control and eragon is force to return to fight agains a super shade:) maybe when he returns roran and everyone else (humans only) are old, but not to old,and check this out sinse eragon is much more older and experienced after been with the eldunari, arya can finally fall for him. MIKE GIVE THIS TO CHRIS WHEN U SEE HIM AGAIN.LOL. boy i crack my self….

  • Jim

    I am almost 70 yrs old and next to the Bible I read S/F mostly
     This  series is for whom enjoys reading S/F. Just thought I would put my 2 cents worth in
     Enjoyed them all and can hardly wait for more. Hope I live long enough to read them all.

    • Gabs345

      HELL YAH JIM. 🙂

  • Guest

    i was rearly annoyed at the ending,
    but at least he has his reasons. 🙁

  • blue2282

    O hell no!
    Sweet Jesus 
    A book five 

    Man i haven’t read book 4 in a while cuz of the ending. 
    But I’m i guess after that explanation the ending was the way it was supposed to end.
    So I understand.
    Well at least we have Book five to wrap this up.
    Eragon/Arya pairing still has hope people

    • would have to agree, after hearing Chris’s pov, I cant help but feel that that was the only way to end it properly.  hope murtagh is a main in book 5

  • dylan_of_the_world

    HELL YEAH!!!! BOOK 5!!!  😀 I AM SO HAPPY 😀

  • L Alnusair

    i hate the fact that arya and eragon are not together the ending of this book was so bad i was crying on the last page i hate what christopher did with the ending

    • Casey

      I know exactly how you feel!!! The fact that he was leaving everyone behind, especially Arya and Roran, just left me crying through the last pages and then for ages afterwards. I was seriously so torn up inside. Still am, but after reading this interview it gives me hope for the future.

      • Anton

        So true. I don’t think I’ve ever cried as much as I did during the last 100 pages since I was a little. Even though Eragon has grown I still feel it’s bit weird giving up EVERYTHING except Saphira to protect the dragon riders.

  • Sce8218

    i am in Inheritence withdrawal, I feel like a part of me is gone, I need there to be a book 5…

    • Mojobro

      I fell EXACTLY the way you do:)

    • Jeremy 1323

      That is exactly how I felt at the end. There HAS to be more. I hope they re-do the movies.

  • Skeet

    This isn’t Twilight people, the author isn’t writing the novels in the pursuit of pleasing tweens. Though I would’ve preferred a different ending, the way Christopher Paolini ended Inheritance was pretty amazing. Enough closure on some of the main characters, yet an ample amount of gaps and questions remaining at the end of the book. Perfect! Now that i know there will be more about Eragon, i’m fucking psyched!

    • Shadows987

      I don’t get this post. Now whilst non of us want the fluffy crap known as Twilight; Inheritance is still a fantasy novel and the author is writing mainly for teens. They are the target audience. In 10 years there shall be more Eragon. CP wants to write other stuff first. I want a novella next year: I might not care for Inheritance after 10 years.

      • Firnin

        I found Inheritance by accident. I know of at least one other person who didn’t know the book was out. In ten years, I think he’ll have a hard time getting people to know the book was written.

        • Shadows987


      • bigmike

        My dad is forty and he loves the series. He’s the reason I started reading them in the first place. So its not just teens who like the series.

        • Shadows987

          Well there will obviously be exceptions. But Inheritance isn’t exactly a mature piece of work for adults. It is aimed at teens, like I said.The target audience.

          • Burzghash

            I wouldn’t necessarily agree.

          • Shadows987

            Why not? It was written by a teen. So he couldn’t exactly put highly mature themes in and when he was older he couldn’t put them in because he had already set the groundwork. It is a bit like Harry Potter, was originally aimed for kids, still is actually; but a lot of adults like the light hearted magic of the novels (though I don’t like the Harry Potter series).

          • Ruben tefera

            i’m a teen and i read it but i love it

    • Chopin’s Dopplegangër

      I like this comment.^^

  • Almarea

    I have a theory. (sorry if it’s long)

    It seemed to be mentioned a lot throughout the series (especially in book 4) about Magic users and how uneasy they make everyone else feel. So much distrust is harbored around them by the non-magic users. Nasuada, herself, doesn’t like them at all. In (what book was it) she states that if she had the power to get rid, or control them, she would. Well, in book 4 she gets the power and even moves to do so through Eragon.

    This is likewise one of the reasons why so many humans don’t like the elves. I loved how Paolini built that tension between the two races. Especially during that birthing scene when Eragon heard all the mumbling about how they hated that an ‘elf’ was helping. Arya, herself, mentioned that there wasn’t much she could do because of all the superstitions the Human’s have against her race.

    It is due to this that I believe that the main conflict in a possible book 5 would be centered around magic. I, personally, think it would be very interesting, seeing all the political struggle and discrimination as well as the prejudice towards magic users and the form of racism towards the elves who, because they have been isolated for so long (until Arya, one hadn’t even been seen for around 100 years) are probably going to become much more present in a future book due to the return of the Riders. Whether this helps their case or dampers it, I don’t know.

    I also think that this is one of the reasons why the elves were so insistent upon Arya being Queen. Yes, their politics are complicated, but I think that they wanted a Rider that they could be certain would understand and support their own ideals.

    I don’t know. (Random, I know) But just a thought.

    • Tenna Wan

      I like it.

  • Liam

    Hey Mike, in the next interview could you please ask CP if the story between the Menoa Tree and Eragon are done with. I’m really hoping for a chapter in the next book titled “A Boy and His Tree”.  

    • Sce8218

      Hey good question Mike, also did the menoa Tree take anything from Eragon like she said she was going too?

      • claud

        this may just be random but I think that the meona tree was asking eragon to leve…

        mabey he will retern for the blood-oath celebration,
        the world will be in disaray…

        another theaory that I have is that eragon Can’t go back because galbotorixes power seeped in to eragon and if he comes back it will act as a catalist for him and he will go mad… all the darkness that galbotorix released had to go somewhere, on Vrongard it went in to the landscape, what if in illeria it went in to Eragon?

        I also think that angela will turn up again and give eragon a new prediction- because eragons name changed- like ‘you can only retern to Anglesia for four days-chose wisely.’ then the tensions that built up between the more powerfull and the less powerfull races come to a head eragon will retern and resolve the conflict..BUT he will have used up his four days and so as a result will die. aryas last words to him will be ‘i love you’ mabey its just wishfull thinking but i would like to see it happen 🙂

        • Firnin

          I don’t think that’s what’s gonna happen. Plus, the energy from Galbatorix went in to Uru’baen, but they cleansed the city.

        • Glaedr

          That’s a little too J. K. Rowling for CP. The bad guy dies and gives part of his soul to the main good guy. Then Eragon would be a horcrux.

      • Gabs345

        i think i common theory is that he cant have children anymore because afterwards, the book said that eragon felt something in his lower abdomen (that wording could be soo wrong but it was something along those lines) and you can make whatever you want of that, but many people think the menoa tree took away his ability to father children. 

        • Chopin’s Dopplegangër

          just to add, I have the same thought as you. However I had the crazy silly idea that Linnea (spelling?) can now have children and next thin you know see with he birthing trees. Most highly unlikely and very silly yes but for some reason I thought that.

  • Almarea

    I totally think this whole “elves wanting Arya to be Queen” is a whole power trip. She is currently one of the only Dragon Riders in Alagaesia and (although I don’t entirely remember) wasn’t it mentioned earlier in the books that they would have wished Saphira would have hatched for an elf? Isn’t that why they were so adamant in completing the new Rider’s training once one emerged? Wasn’t that why Brom (possibly) was so certain to do the initial training, himself, to prevent anything like that from happening.

    In my own opinion, I think that they just wanted Arya to be queen so that they could make sure that they would be able to keep that small piece of control over one of the Riders.

    Arya did say there politics were complicated.

    • Axjbrown

      I agree with you but truly Arya became queen so that CP had a reason to keep her from leaving with Eragon. Every other reason for her becoming queen and not leaving with Eragon doesn’t make sense.

      • Almarea

        I think it technically “makes sense”, but it is obvious that it was not what Paolini originally had planned for his characters. It just didn’t fit as well.

        • Almarea

          Especially since the previous books were written with the previous ending in mind.

      • Almarea

        I think it technically “makes sense”, but it is obvious that it was not what Paolini originally had planned for his characters. It just didn’t fit as well.

  • Gabs345

    why did Arya stay in Du Weldenvarden? I understand she is now the queen and has a duty to her people, but doesn’t she need training to be a Rider? I know she’s a lot older than Eragon and when it comes to magic and swordplay she is just as good and probably better, but what about the dragon? It needs to be trained by Saphira like she was by Glaedr. I remember them specifically going over flight patterns and battle in the sky. Where is he supposed to learn that? I just feel like she needs something.. why does she just get to go off and rule the elves with her dragon? 

    • Almarea

      I am not sure, but I think I remember them mentioning that they would send the new dragon riders to be trained by the elves for their initial training and then they would be sent to Eragon later. You’d think Arya would already be prepared for that later training, but who knows?

      • Jasen Enlow

        The reason that she stayed in du weldenvarden is stated completely in inheritance. it’s because at the moment, the world is too dangerous for a rider, and if you remember how hard flying was for saphira at the beginning you’ll understand why it’s better that arya stay in du weldenvarden until the dragon has grown. it’s stated through the entire series that eragon and saphira’s training was greatly accelerated. under normal circumstances, eragon would still be struggling to ascertain the simplest of concepts as opposed to being the ruler over magic and dragons alike. eragon has had more help than any rider ever had in the history of riders to become as he is. that he is unique is a grievous understatement. now while i say this, i do not mean to slight arya, or her dragon, but it is in the customs of both the riders and elves to give the riders plenty of time to grow.

        • Gabs345

          if the world is to dangerous for a rider, why is she staying? i understand your points about Eragon’s accelerated training and that Arya’s will be different because they actually have time now, but she is not the only rider in Alagaesia, unsupervsed, and leader of the elves- im not saying Arya is going to go on a power rampage, but it seems unfair to the other races 

          • Gabs345

            she is NOW** the only rider in Alagaesia, UNSUPERVISED** 

          • Saerina

            Don’t forget Murtagh! He’s considered a Shurtugal in full now

          • Gabs345

            especially since it got so awk whenever people suggested eragon take over.. everyone in the room got uncomfortable because it was a bad idea- that happened twice 

        • Almarea

          Yes, Yes. I get all that. i was just thinking about why she wouldn’t go with Eragon to complete her training (at least eventually) as a rider. I understand all the reasons why she stayed in Du Weldenvarden, and all that stuff. I was merely pondering one specific aspect of those reasons.

    • Glaedr

      Oromis already taught her many secrets about magic that only the Riders knew about. She’s more than competent in magic, she’s a good sword fighter, and her mental defenses and offenses are way good. There is nothing that Eragon could teach her. They’re equals in my opinion.

  • Anonymous

    The second I read that he many more books to write a smile just glued it’s self on my face! When I read “I was convinced that the best thing to do was kill them both… George R. R. Martin would have done it, but I couldn’t” that smile totally disappeared. I’m half way done A Game of Thrones and I’m terrified he is going to kill off someone I love D: 

    • Guest

      wait till you read the entirety of a song of ice and fire. he kills more than someONE

      • Anonymous


  • Almarea

    You know, I never really minded that Arya and Eragon didn’t end up together by the end of the book (although i wanted them to!) the one thing that peeved me the most was that it just seemed so FINAL that they would NEVER be together. When I read “as they mourned what could never be” on the last page I was SO upset. It made it seem like nothing else would ever happen between them . . . but I feel better now.

    • Jasen Enlow

      i didn’t think it as final as it seems. everything in this series can and does change, and if you remember eragon was a completely different person when his fortune was first told. it may be that his understanding of his current self never returns instead of simply that he doesn’t return. and i think in giving up arya, he may have already changed just enough to where it wont be so long before he comes back. i think angela simply gave him the advice he needed to do what he needed to do, much like solembum. what i’m still mad about even though he apologized for is the lack of any morsel of information on angela. that angela was not to be trifled with was obvious, she’s not one to gloat, nor is she one to back down when needed. and i want to know what her name is that she spoke to the leader in helgrind.

      • Almarea

        I wasn’t talking about the prophecy at all. I was merely mentioning that when he said he shouldn’t mourn what could never be it made it sound like he had come to the conclusion that he and Arya could never be together even if they did see each other again.

        Besides, one would think that if it really WAS a true prophecy of the future, it would likewise take into account Eragon’s future development (thus altering his true name) . . . although I do want him to come back.

        • Stbetcher

          i was very pissed when eragon and arya didn’t hook up and how CP kept talking about it made me madder, but if he said we haven’t seen the last of them i’ll give CP one more chance but Arya and Eragon and Saphira and Firnen better hook up or i will be more pissed then almost ever before

          • Almarea

            Oh! I totally agree with you! I was so upset they didn’t end up together. I had been looking forward to it the entire series and when it didn’t happen I was extremely upset. After this interview, however, I have a little peace of mind. That was all I was saying.

      • Burzghash

        I think she might have said that she was the soothsayer as that might have held some sway . I remember having a definite opinion on what she said her name was but even though it’s been not long since I read it I can’t remember for the life of me what that was… time to reread book 4

  • Aplussoccerkid

    I think someone should ask if Angela’s true identity was ever revealed in book 4 or any of the other books.
    My personal favorite: Angela is the Soothsayer or Silvari the Enchantress.
    Let me know what you think!!!

    • Burzghash

      oh as soon as the soothsayer was mentioned I was without a doubt it was angela . who else could it possibly be really ? the soothsayer’s description just fit angela so well .

  • Arya Dröttningu

    Excelent! I guess we don’t have to wait to much

  • Naefliang

    I disagree with the Dwarves becoming riders because they even admit that they prefer to be on the ground and there could also be a massive clan war between the new midget riders and the clans that hate the dragons because of their war in the earlier age before even the elves had migrated to Alegasia and the dwarves and dragons were the only race there 
    Also, it would be hard for the Urgals to maintain the pact with the dragons and becoming riders because some of the ones who need a great feat to become one of the greats in the group would try to kill a dragon and could start yet another unwanted war between an Alegasian race and the Dragon race. I think the only races to become part of the Riders are the Elves and the Humans.

    • Gabs345

      I think that Eragon did the right thing. There would never truly be peace and equality in Alagaesia unless the Urgals and the Dwarves joined the pact too. I’m sure the dwarf riders will be able to overcome their fear, it’s not as if it’s the entire race. I also think the dwarves can get over their past with the dragons, especially now that they will have some on their side. As for the Urgals, we can trust the dragons to pick the right Rider and we can also count on Eragon to do a great job training them. And if an Urgal is seriously stupid enough the try to kill a dragon… I just don’t even think that would be an issue unless the dragon and rider become careless and arrogant- i think Eragon and the riders will be especially wary of arrogance considering that’s how Galbatorix came to power.. 

      • Guest

        he did the right thing, BUT can you imagen how uggly an urgal rider would be? not to mention short fat dwarves.

        • Gabs345

          racist? haha.. 

  • Boy Scout

    Boys Life interview is in half an hour! Tune in.

  • Conal

    Imagine if there is a rainbow hippie dragon egg…… cool

  • Jb194

    Couln eragon just change his true name so he no longer is bound to the prphecy set for eragon the farmer?

    • Amanda

      That’s what I thought. His name already changed a couple of times since the prophecy, so why should it still be binding?

    • Gabs345

      that’s a really good question they should ask CP that. maybe it doesn’t change because it’s fate. maybe it doesn’t have anything to do with your true name. I WANT ANSWERS. 

  • Jb194

    will be cool if Galby actually did NOT die and returns bwahahah

    • Jb194

      and becomes a new cycle or this time a trilogy.

  • Saerina

    Okay, this is my dream for the fifth book:
    It’s set 5 years after Inheritance, Nasuada is training a predecessor, Arya is off visiting Eragon for the first time, and Murtagh and Thorn are hunting down the Ra’zac eggs. The egg for the Urgals has hatched and the egg for the humans is coming (its color is white )
    Nasuada and King Orrin go and meet the ambassador who is bringing the egg (enter Vanir).
    The egg hatches for Nasuada. Nasuada names it Gemini (I’ve had a LOT of time to think about this), and she and Gemini fly to Ellesmera for training. She also renounces the throne to her predecessor so everyone doesn’t hate her for staying on the throne.
    She trains for 1/2 a year until she meets up with Murtagh (not sure how).
    Murtagh tells her that he was attacked by a RA’ZAC SHADE! Together both of them along with Thorn and Gemini hunt down the Ra’zac and kill them.
    Murtagh and Nasuada officially become a couple and together along with their dragons being mates; protect all of Alagaesia.
    Arya and Eragon meanwhile meet up at La la land (I’m not sure where he went,) and the two of them are happy.
    I won’t say what will happen to them cause I’m not sure AND this is only a theory that I wish would happen.
    I had fun with this so please, be nice when you comment on this 😛
    Have fun commenting on this theory!

    • guest!!

      i like your theory!

      my only problem is with nasuada getting a dragon, I believe that it is better for her to stay queen (she was trying to become the ruler since the beggining, it would be wierd for her to give everything up just for murtagh…… i mean cmon eragon and arya didnt)

      • Saerina

        She could still serve Alagaesia as a dragon rider. she could protect the world against the people Galbatorix set up that Eragon didn’t find.
        She and Murtagh would be the best human/Rider couple EVER!!!!!!!

    • guest

      but the Ra’zac can’t use or be affected by magic, and shades are created by sorcerers who summon a spirit too powerful which then in turn takes over their body.  So it would be impossible for a Ra’zac to summon a spirit needed to turn itself into a shade.  BAM!

      • Saerina

        What I mean is someone could summon spirits and put them in a newly  hatched Ra’zac.

    • Amoretta

      This is awesome. I wish it would happen. Nasuada would make an awesome rider and it’s just too sad if Murtagh and Thorn never come back. Also it would be better for their relationship if Nasuada was immortal. The only sad thing is that she can’t be queen, which is a shame because she is an epic ruler.

      • murtaugh

        maybe she could still be a ruler while being a rider as well. . .cause Arya is both Queen and rider. .

      • Saerina

        Thanks for the feed back! It’s nice 🙂

    • murtaugh

      Loved your idea!  I had a theory that Nausada would be the next rider b/c i figured she would escape from Gabby and hide in a room that happened to have the green egg in it and it would hatch for her. That way both she and murtaugh would be immortal and could marry. Love them!

      • Saerina

        Thanks 🙂

  • CR

    Hey Macauley, you wanna post on the site your own (and maybe some others involved with shurtugal) thoughts on Inheritance? I’d be interested in hearing the opinions of someone who has spent so much time working on the fansite. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I would love to see this fight…. The Sword of Truth vs. Inheritance! 😛 Battle to remember.

  • Flybro2013

     overall a pretty good book. just have a few peeves the fact that arya basically STOLE the green egg and brought it back to du weldenvarden pissed me off immensely! AND she wouldnt go with eragon and saphira to raise the new riders b/c the elves wanted her to be queen! COME ON she is a rider! SCREW the elves! her duty is to the riders and alagasia. plus, riders werent rulers. they were gaurdians, peacekeepers, they were above the law!

    and lets not forget that Firenan and saphira are “mating” even though hes only a few months old! brom said in “eragon” that dragons aren’t mature enough to mate untill they are 6 months old! AND how does Firenan carry arya, roran, katrina, and daughter, all the way to du weldenvarden? when saphira was that age she couldnt carry eragon and garrow 10 miles!

    even if arya and eragon werent ready for each other she still should have gone with him! its her duty as a rider!

    i also think that Nausauda will become corrupt. she wanted eragon to totally abuse his power and force people to swear loyalty to her! then she wanted eragon to tell another  magician the name of the ancient language, so he/she could control and abuse people. i think she will become a tyrant, and get assassinated.   

    • Saerina

      NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope that NEVER happens. Read back if you have to but, you will see Nasuada has given her whole life to help the Varden and now she has given her life to Alagaesia.
      Nasuada was only thinking of protecting all of the innocent people that could be killed by the magicians of Galbatorix’s!
      Please, think straight when you start complaining about the book and how it ended.
      Thank you!

      • Gabs345

        your right about Nasuada dedicating her life to the Varden and now the people of the Emipire, but he has a point. I was starting to freak at the end with some of the things she was saying and Eragon was completely justified to tell her no. Literally, she was sounding like Galbatorix, I feel like she’s not even listening to herself she sounded like a tyrant. Asking Eragon to lead a group where they lash out rules and control over magic? Sure magic has its downsides, but it also does so much good. Nasuada is trying so hard to control what she can’t and she just needs to accept it. 

    • myrkr

      I agree with the queen part totally, Aryas a hypocrite accepting the throne like she did. And about the whole Firnen thing, he could have mated and carried so many people because he was of age, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to breath fire remember. Also it was left open if they had mated or not, nowhere in the book does it say that Firnen screwed Saphira. 

      • Eka ai valdr

        I think the reason he was able to carry the wieght was because he had at least two eldunari in the saddle with him.

        • myrkr

          Ok say your right, where did he get those eldunari? Blodhgarm and his elves took charge of the eldunari salvaged from Ilirea and if Eragon had given Arya some of his own it would have been mentioned don’t you think? Plus his rider, two (or more) eldunari, and three passengers might be a few to many people to fit on a five to six month old dragon. Also remember that Arya said that Firnen hatched shortly after leaving the empire for du weldenvarden and that it was his first time that he had breathed fire. Which implies that the time period after galbys death was about seven months to  year. I hear your resoning but I don’t think thats what happened. Believe me when I say that I have spent lots of time thinking about this. 

          • Anonymous

            I think it did mention that Eragon gave Arya a few eldunari…not completely sure though

      • Chopin’s Dopplegangër

        Hmmm. . . I disagreed wih Arya taking the throne as well untill I went back and read through the books again. Arya made it clear she did not wish to rule. However she has made it even more clear that she will do whatever she must for the good of her race and Alagäsia itself. She also explained that their politics were extremely complicated. Cp didn’t explain ‘How it Happened’ but I totally see Arya taking the throne if the other successors<<(not sure if that's the right word) were unfit or incompetent of that delicate position.

    • Matt_

      Over a year went by while eragon was waiting to hear from arya in the du weldenvarden didnt it?

      • Amanda

        More like six months. That’s when dragons usually breathe fire for the first time.

    • Anonymous

      Firnen could carry them because eragon gave her two Eldunari to help his strength ….

  • da bomb

    NO! I want arya and eragon, never to get togerther, shes so independent and shiz itd just be so weird for her to all the sudden fall for this guys shes already shut down like 7 times b4!

    • Gabs345

      she only shut him down because he was young and immature. and she wasn’t always so independent. CP leads us to believe she loved Faolin before he was killed. it would be appropriate for arya to not just “fall for him” (because that’s not her style, agreed) but to be more open to having a relationship with Eragon because he has matured A LOT over this time period and he defeated Galbatorix, if anyone dares call him immature after that then they have got something very wrong. 

  • redchicken888


  • Du Weldenvarden Native

    Inheritance was phenomenal, and kudos to you Chris for rounding up such an epic saga so neatly. However, I did have a few issues with some of the main plot points…
    I really think that after everything Arya and Eragon have been through together over the four books, they would finally get together at the end. I know Eragon’s youth and Arya’s previous relationship were problems that came up, but… True Love, guys!!! They should have at least left Alagaesia together so that Firnen and Saphira could have been happy. Too perfect, I suppose, wih the two dragons AND Eragon and Arya together, but still!
    I don’t agree with Murtagh and Thorn’s ending, either. I know their story might not be over, but there was something about their departure that seemed so abrupt and bitter… If Arya couldn’t go with Eragon, Murtagh should have. He and Thorn could have redeemed themselves by training new Riders and repairing their relationship with Eragon and Saphira, and I really think that would have been a more satisfying ending for them; I could have slept easily knowing my two favourite not-really-villains were doing some good. 
    Mike, I love you by the way, you interview brilliantly:Dxxx

    • Gabs345

      ehh Murtagh and Thorn need time to heal, then it would be cool for them time join Eragon to help train the riders. but i think the healing is still crucial. Galbatorix seriously screwed them up a lot and it would be hard to fix two beings as damaged as Murtagh and Thorn. I mean enhancing their growth and power that fast, and the things he made them do? they need chill time haha

  • Sureou

    it was NOT satisfying at all!!! the three books were PERFECT and the last was almost horrible… he could do it so much better and i can think of alot of ways how he could put everything inside.. he could just let arya and eragon to kiss! this is it!
    he is saying nothing on this interview – the vault of souls was horrible and also the kill of galbi

    • Daniella Romo2012

      Don’t be too harsh. I LOVED when Galby died; I mean, he frikkin burst into light! Plus, he felt all of the pain that everyone he hurt felt. That is at least better that when J.K Rowling did with Voldemort. 😀

      But I do agree that Arya and Eragon could’ve at least kissed. I mean, really….

      The Vault of Souls thingy was predictable, but I TOTALLY didn’t see the whole egg thing coming. I almost started screaming when Eragon recognized the eggs for what they were. That was AWESOME!!! (I call dibs on the giant red egg Eragon touched >.<)

      Overall, the book was well-written. I can't wait for an epilouge or whatever comes next. Anything Chris writes is amazing!

      P.S I think that Murtagh/Nasuada is brilliant. So is Thorn/Saphira.


    • “He is saying nothing on this interview”

      Weird, did you miss the part where it’s three pages of really insightful behind-the-scenes information on his decisions, the future of his characters, and more? Did we read different posts?

      • Gabs345

        i agree that the interview was filled with that stuff, but i also feel like lots of other questions weren’t answered. the list is too much for me to remember to put in this comment, but just go through a page of the comments and i think you’ll see a lot.. i know it’s probably tough to get all our questions in, but.. JUST SAYIN. 
        huge fan btw…….. <3 

      • Gabs345

        Oh yeah and I could have sworn CP said there was NOT Eldunari or eggs in the vault of souls.. am i on crack or did he lie to save the book? 

  • Gabs345

    It would be sweet if CP wrote about Brom, Eragon’s life after leaving Alagaesia, a rider being trained by Eragon, Angela, Ismira, or Oromis and Glaedr. I’m glad this interview was posted, we needed some answers. It wasn’t that much though so I can’t wait for the next one.. I hope in his other books he includes more about the seven words. Also, what are Murtagh and Thorn up to? Writing on his relationship with Nasuada would be great.  

    • converse

       Don’t forget Selena!

  • Nathan

    Glad to finally have some answers. That said, Paolini’s original ending would’ve been much better. Yes, becoming the new King would be out of character for Roran, but as her retribution for her husband’s death, Birgit could have demanded that Roran serve the people as king. It is a kind of punishment, Roran certainly wouldn’t enjoy this task, but I believe he would lead to the best of his ability because he always rises to meet any challenge and usually succeeds.

    Nasuada should’ve been killed in the final battle. I love her character, but one of the biggest disappointments for me was that no major character died (I don’t consider Islanzadi major because she scarcely appears in the series), thus, there weren’t many (if any) emotional scenes in this book.

    And finally, Arya should have left with Eragon. She never wanted to rule, though she is always willing to serve her people. The way I saw it, her romantic relationship with Eragon was only in its earliest stages at the end of Inheritance. She would not leave with Eragon to “be with him,” she would leave because helping him raise the dragons and reestablish the Riders would’ve been the best way to serve ALL the people of Alagaesia.

    The fact that she stayed behind and her dragon and Saphira had tons of dragon sex before the departure just made me feel really uncomfortable.

    I will try reading this “Book 5” Paolini keeps referring to, but if I’m not satisfied with the story in that volume, I think I’ll be done with Alagaesia.

    • redchicken888

      Noooo! Don’t be done with Algaesia! NOOOOOOOO!!!!

      Dragon sex….hehe…..

      • SamHam

        I am new to the site but am utterly in love with the series. Can anyone just start blogging on here?  I have tons of insight as well as questions

  • Yusuf_siddique

    Murtagh is an amazing character, but i think you should have killed him off. You said it’s “unfair” for Nasuada to not get the crown but it’s almost cruel that Murtagh does all that for Nasuada and then just leaves after.
    P.S Brom & Angela’s stories would make the best books

    • Gabs345

      i agree that Christopher should have killed him off. it was what i was expecting- when a character has a life like murtaghs ive noticed most authors kill them off to show that its who they are and their life is unfair and it had to happen that way. i mean he even admitted it in the interview: he just couldn’t do it. grow a pair chris! i guess i did kind of like the murtagh nasuada romance though… ill be honest 

      • SonOfNone

        actually I like the Murtagh lived. He’s always been the lone wolf character and leaving to sort things out with his soul sets the stage for a great story. I had my mixed feelings about the story but I cant see it being written any other way. Gut wrenchin emotions and the need to cheer in so many chapters made it an exellent series even better, but the story shouldnt end here.

        No I want to see a 5th book with the challenges of training new riders. Put erigon in brom’s place. As we could see there were still many troubles in alegasia and there always will be. show roran and his castle. Murtagh can hunt some new ra’zak with erigon and the apprentices or something like that.

        • Saerina

          Please, YES!

      • bromandsaphira

        I disagree. I think it would have been epic if murtagh died, but a little to predictable. I’m glad that he lived, I thought chris handled it brilliantly

  • Ethiwen

    Oh this made my day! ;D I can’t wait! I loved the book, and even if I was really sad that ExA truly happend, I understood why CP did what he did. I would have loved the ending to be more happy but that would feel very fake to me. (especially if Arya had decided to travel with him. Still missing a farewell-kiss though ^^) The Inheritance ending is as true as i should be. 🙂 And to know that there will be many more books in the future makes me really happy.
    Maybe there’s a chance for ExA after all, and maybe even MxN. I loved the scenes between them in Inheritance. I’ve thought about them as a couple before but how he brought them together was amazing! But I’m sad about it too. I mean. Nasuada is only a mortal while Murtagh can live for hundreds of years and beyond.
    Now when I know that this isn’t the end. Inheritande couldn’t be more perfect. ^^ (with our whitout that ExA kiss ^^)

    • Saerina

      I know! Same here. I had thought of them (MxN) as a couple ever since the first book! In my little book of theories (I’m such a geek sometimes) I had put them together as a couple. and I had really, truly hoped they would be together  🙂 Check my other comments to see what I think they should become couple wise.

    • SonOfNone

      I agree the ending couldnt be more real. so real cause you couldnt see it coming but you knew thats what had to be. as for MxN I dont think that she need to be a rider. thats not who she is and itd be a repeat of arya. especially if she gets a dragon that mates with thorn. (way too saphira and firen). even if MxN become a couple, thorn seems like he should be alone and become more like glaedr, a teacher, alone and seen remaining close only to Murtagh and glaedr was to oromis. those two are more similar than most realize.

      For erigon and Arya they will live for a long time so theyre love for eachother should be slow to grow and be greater for it. saphira should lay an egg. (dont ask why or when, but I think her and firen did alot of “mating” in the time they had.) and as for the lack of a kiss, well I think the part where they whisper eachothers true names before parting was way more intamit while at the same time more apropriate for their characters.

      as for the future. we can only imagine but I know CP will create something brilliant that we will all see as a real story and not a farytale where characters chang on a dime.

  • Saerina

    Please answer this Mr. Macauley:
     In your next interview could you please have these questions:
    Did Glaedr ever have a mate, did Oromis ever fall in love with an elf or
    human etc., and finally would a dragon hatch for Nasuada?
    My reasons behind the final question are: If a dragon hatched for Nasuada she could
    be with Murtagh forever and the two of them after going through so much
    pain and trials of mind and body could finally be together and help
    Arya protect Alagaesia. Nasuada could renounce the throne to someone
    else who she could have trained in the case of her dieing (by Galby’s
    assassins). The two of them together could hunt down the last of the Ra’zac’s eggs, stop the assassins that are sure to come,Murtagh could be redeemed in the eyes of the people  by savingthem and finally Nasuada’s dragon COULD be a girl and Thorn and the unknown
    dragon could be mates.
    Just my thoughts 🙂 Please answer if you can, Mr Macualey (I’m not sure what to call you since I don’t really know you 🙂
    Thank you for your time.

  • guest!!

    lol eragon is a 30 year old virgin, and he’s gonna live alone for the rest of his life!

    poor guy…..

  • Sidney :)

    I don’t want to get my hopes up for a fifth book, but just the thought of it makes me all warm inside 🙂
    The ending of Inheritance was great, but it sort of left a little hole in my heart… you saying that there really is a future for Arya and Eragon makes me so happy 😀 
    Nasuada and Murtagh deserve a good ending too 🙂

    • Anton

      A little whole? It only left the mere illusion of a heart.

  • Anonymous

    Like if you want ExA 4eva! 🙂

  • John Rollings

    I would love to read a story about the rebuilt riders at the height of their power. One in which Eragon is their leader, and there are riders of all the races and some of the older riders stay where Eragon settled to teach the new riders and the younger, but fully fledged, riders that were in service lived in Alagaesia in a designated area and watched over the people, keeping the peace, like the riders of old. That would make an excellent read! I look forward, however, to any and all works written in and about the world of Alagaesia by CP. This series has been a huge inspiration for me to try and create my own original fictional series, although I would be exceptionally pleased, and blessed, if I even had a quarter of the sucess that CP has garnered.

    • Eka ai valdr

      I totally agree with your idea John. I honestly feel like the happenings of a later time in alegasia would be a truely appealing story. That was what i looked forward to hearing about the most. I was actually really relieved when CP didnt just sum up a large amout of time after his departure and only give a brief description of the new riders. By not doing so, he left open a vast amount of space for a new cycle, or even expansion of inheritance. Good luck in your writing John, If its inspired through the work of CP then it already has a good amount of promise.

  • Barbara

    please can the next book be about eragon and the dragons hatching at least in part! 

  • Jro50996

    Ok I’ll try not to rage but I have to speak my mind.


    I am sincerely frustrated with CP’s flawed writing style,
    and how it affected the outcome of Inheritance. The particular aspect of his
    writing I’m calling out is his virtually-self-admitted flawed character development, especially how both Arya and
    Eragon failed to develop significantly until Inheritance, and how it affected
    the outcome. Granted, I’m happy that he has the capacity to have reached a
    mostly-justifiable conclusion in Inheritance given the circumstances he
    created for himself, but the fact that he lacked the foresight to have seen that
    he was running their relationship into a wall by failing to subject either of
    them to any major change in character (and subsequently keeping their mutual
    relationship as one of only a friendly nature) until Inheritance is nothing short
    of crushing for me personally. Even though he announced his plans to continue
    exploring this universe, he may not explore their relationship for several more
    entries, and personally I won’t be able to enjoy any further entries set in
    this universe until this and several other key issues are resolved. Also,
    depending on the sequence in which he releases his future books, I may lose
    interest in the series by the time he does revisit this and other subjects of
    importance. I also fear that unless he reflects deeply on the series as a whole,
    the resolution to these issues will be critically flawed. The fact that
    a series that I hold near to my heart could potentially be ruined for me
    because of something as simple as flawed character development leaves me both
    heartbroken and furious. Call me out for the negativity if you want but I truly feel that, had this series been written more responsibly (for lack of a better word at the
    moment), the outcome would have been much more satisfying for myself and most
    other fans of this series.

    • John Rollings

      Life doesn’t always turn out the way we think it should, or the way we want it to. Just because you think the book should have ended one way doesn’t mean that it is the right, or only answer. Life brings about may twists and surprises, and we have to make choices and decisions that may not be so tasteful. Nothing is set in stone. CP did his characters justice as well he should. You are ignorant if you believe that this series was written irresponsibly. This is his series and he will do what is right for it and what he wants. You are a nobody and have no business criticizing anyone’s writing. What have you done lately? How many best selling series’ have you written? In a land such as this, it is nearly impossible to plan for every eventuality, and CP did as good a job as anyone could have ever hoped. Peace.

      • Ethiwen

        I agree with you. Of course I was disappointed about how the ExA relationship ended and I was sad about this for a while. But I also thought that he couln’t have made another ending cause that would be fake and wouldn’t feel right. I would have liked to see a kiss just before Arya leave the boat, of course, but it would feel strange if she acually had joined him. In many ways this ending is like the ending of HDM. You hate how it ended but also know that it couldn’t have ended in any other way. And when you realise that toy both love and hate it. XD I think it was bold of CP to end it as he did, I would probably not been able to do that.

      • Gabs345

        ^ agreed. I don’t think anyone should be saying that they disliked the book and are angry with cp- they should ask their questions before writing negative things. you can’t make everybody happy. 

      • Chopin’s doppleganger

        I’m sooo with you on this. Way to put it!!

      • Jro50996

        Ok srry i was raging last night. it was late and i didnt read through what i wrote. I didnt originally want to come across in that tone, and if i recall correctly i had a section that further justified my statement, but cut it bc it was waaaay too long. I also recently finished writing a very lengthy rant on why i believe that bioware shouldn’t develop the mass effect franchise, and this stems from that argument. Ill probably write a less ranty version of that post at some point, but im too tired now. 

        Also, out of curiosity; do you fully understand what i mean when i use the term ‘character development?’ For that matter, what is the extent of your knowledge of the writing process? just asking.

      • Jro50996

        Forgot to mention: you obviously did not read what i wrote very thoroughly. I SPECIFICALLY STATED that i was happy with the ending that he was capable of fabricating GIVEN THE CIRCUMSTANCES. I just thought that had this franchise been in the hands of a more experienced author at the time of its inception, the resolution would have been much more satisfying for everyone, instead of the salvaged ending that is present in Inheritance. He even admitted that the ending present in the final draft was not the one he regionally planned. That’s not to mention the other aspects of the characters that were broken as a result of lack foresight. For example, Arya should NEVER have been both a rider and queen (as riders ARE NOT supposed to be political leaders). However, the was the outcome that would break her character the least, as her character remained static for too long to develop to a point where it could logically fit into the ending. Now please don’t troll me without giving me at least one definitive instance in which i failed to justify myself. 

  • Anonymous

    Finally…some answers. I like the part that says that CP is not going to wait too long to come back. I hope he does this in about 4 years. I know that is asking a lot, but then again, I really hope he does. I have been reading the Sword of Truth series, and I have to say that I am really loving, there is just so much to read, and so much fun in it too! 😛

    I loved the part that said, “Eragon and Arya are far from over”. It gave me such a great high! 😛

  • mitch Delemeester

    After reading this I realized I really should have expected a riveting emotional ride in Inheritance, not so much physical.  Every other book was building up, and the winding down involved much more thought to the character’s personalities than I expected

  • Anonymous

    I would love to read a story about some of the older riders, maybe the first Eragon or Vreal. Or just a new rider we have never heard of. I think it would be awesome to see what Alagaesia was like before as well as how the riders did things before the fall. Also does anyone know how many riders there were at a time? Was it something that was regulated or did it just depend on when dragons hatched? 

  • I hope one of his Alagaesia books is a story about one of the games. It would be so cool to see someone (maybe Ismira?) go into the games. I really want to see what they’ll be like.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe in book 5 we’ll find out what exactly the Menoa Tree took from Eragon, what the pinch in his stomach was.

  • Saerina

    Please answer this Mr. Macauley:
     In your next interview could you please have these questions:
    Glaedr ever have a mate, did Oromis ever fall in love with an elf or
    human etc., and finally would a dragon hatch for Nasuada?
    My reasons
    behind the final question are: If a dragon hatched for Nasuada she could
    be with Murtagh forever and the two of them after going through so much
    pain and trials of mind and body could finally be together and help
    Queen Arya protect Alagaesia. Nasuada could renounce the throne to someone else who she could have trained in the case of her dieing (by Galby’s assassins). The two of them together could hunt down
    the last of the Ra’zac’s eggs, stop the assassins that are sure to come,
    Murtagh could be redeemed in the eyes of the people  by saving them and
    finally Nasuada’s dragon COULD be a girl and Thorn and the unknown
    dragon could be mates.
    Just my thoughts 🙂 Please answer if you can, Mr Macualey (I’m not sure what to call you since I don’t really know you 🙂
    Thank you for your time.

  • bromandsaphira

    awesome interview mike! is it possible to have the next one be avaliable on audio? i just think those are more fun…but then again, I’m not the one working my butt off for this site am i? 🙂 just a suggestion…can’t wait for whatever comes next!

  • ImaFan2

    “Eka elrun ono!” means “I thank you” right??

    • lastrider

      i dont know,look it up in the book

    • Yeah I’m pretty sure that’s right. You’re welcome Christopher xD

  • aCycleFan

    Great interview Mike!

    I’m really happy to hear that there will be another book to clear some loose ends
    I’m kinda sad to hear that it will take like 6 years before it comes out

    anyway…. i’m just wondering if you know when your next interview will be?

  • myrkr

    Just throwing these out there, my concerns about Vroengard. 

    1. Does anybody think its a little weird that there’s still radioactive fallout one hundred years after the battle. And since there is  why hasn’t it affected the people living there? They are also a reason not to live there, pshhhh, who cares just serve them an eviction notice. 

    2. The wild magic would just make it a cool, exotic place to live. I mean who else has shadow birds, giant snails, or carnivorous insects in their back yard? You could get in touch with nature like never before

    3. The Vault of Souls, well I will just say this
    Oromis: “It is inconceivable that any great store of eldunari might be lying hidden somewhere.”
    Glaedr: ” Unfortunately, no eldunri.”
    Eragon/Saphira: ” Oh my god! There’s eldunari here!
    I know it was necessary to find the eldunari but it was still a little awkward to find them after so much denial from everybody. Nuff said. 

    • 1. Magic. The people living there are of unknown, but at least substantial power if they are able to be on Vroengard in the first place.

      2. No. All it would take is one misstep by any dragon or Rider, young or old, and they’d get eaten alive by burrow grubs. Far too dangerous, and as CP said, the cleansing would be bound to miss some pocket on the island, where darkness can fester and such.

      3. It was a memory-altering piece of magic, what do you expect?

      • myrkr

        You think I don’y know that already? I was joking dude.

        • myrkr

          I mean don’t, sorry I tend to misspell things when I type really fast. 

  • michelle

    it’ll be a long time coming but i can’t wait for book 5! 🙂

  • Danielm3435

    Please ask will arya and eragon ever have sex

    • Shadows987

      Lol!! You just made my day mate. Mike you HAVE to ask this. I can just imagine CP’s face. LMAO.

      • And I can imagine the answer:


  • murtagh231

    To Mr. Mike Macauley: In your next interview could you please have these questions:
    Did Glaedr ever have a mate, did Oromis ever fall in love with an elf or human etc., and finally would a dragon hatch for Nasuada?
    My reasons behind the final question are: If a dragon hatched for Nasuada she could be with Murtagh forever and the two of them after going through so much pain and trials of mind and body could finally be together and help Queen Arya protect Alagaesia. The two of them together could hunt down the last of the Ra’zac’s eggs, stop the assassins that are sure to come, Murtagh could be redeemed in the eyes of the people  by saving them and finally Nasuada’s dragon COULD be a girl and Thorn and the unknown dragon could be mates.
     Please answer if you can, Mr Macualey.

    • Saerina

      I’m sorry, I entered in as the wrong person. I’m Saerina 🙂

    • Saerina

      I think you just said/wrote my questions. Whats going on?!

    • Yes, I like your reasoning for Nasuada’s immortality. They HAVE to end up together, somehow. It would be unimaginably cruel if they didn’t. Those two really deserve to be king and queen. Their judgement is very good. But Nasuada would have to become immortal.

      • Saerina

        Thanks 🙂

    • Littlee62

      i believe it would be a resounding no to nasuada having  dragon. if you think about it the reason everyone said eragon shouldn’t be king is because he was immortal. they don’t want another leader who never dies. i believe if it was to happen they would ask nasuada to step down as their leader. 

      • Saerina

        I think what he means is: Nasuada could renounce the throne and give it to someone she has trained (in the case that she dies from Galby’s assassins), then she could be with Murtagh while still full filling her duty to the world by protecting it from the Ra’zac and stuff like that. Please answer if you don’t like this.

        • Littlee62

          it would fit i guess. but something i don’t see is nasuada becoming a a magician. it goes against her character. she was try to get rid of and control magic users. 

  • Mr Cleveland

    reading this i feel better about how book 4 ended up. i didn’t hate it but was slightly dissapointed by its conclusion. reading his reasoning behind his decision and a promise of further alagaesia in the future cheers me up again.

  • Saerina

    To Mr. Mike Macauley: In your next interview could you please have these questions:
    Did Glaedr ever have a mate, did Oromis ever fall in love with an elf or human etc., and finally would a dragon hatch for Nasuada?
    My reasons behind the final question are: If a dragon hatched for Nasuada she could be with Murtagh forever and the two of them after going through so much pain and trials of mind and body could finally be together and help Queen Arya protect Alagaesia. The two of them together could hunt down the last of the Ra’zac’s eggs, stop the assassins that are sure to come, Murtagh could be redeemed in the eyes of the people  by saving them and finally Nasuada’s dragon COULD be a girl and Thorn and the unknown dragon could be mates.
    Just my thoughts 🙂 Please answer if you can, Mr Macualey (I’m not sure what to call you since I don’t really know you 🙂

  • joyfullsound

    I don’t want to get up my hopes too much for a Book 5……but the thought of another book with Eragon, Saphira, Arya, Murtagh, Thorn, and Nasuada really soothes the aching emptiness that Inheritance left behind. It was super, uber sad-for me at least. I can see it being the end of just a book, but the end of a series…with nothing more??- just heart breaking :'( I really hope there is a book 5; there’s just so much potential and so many things that could happen!! Please, please, PLEASE with some  faelnirv on the top write a fith book! 🙂 I mean, this  doesn’t HAVE to be the end……you are the author, after all. You most certainly deserve a break first, though! Go have some fun, Christopher 🙂

    Tee hee…marriage proposals, lol. I do believe Eragon got some of those from women within the Varden as well :D. What I want to know is how many of them were serious…..
    O.o haha that made my day!

    • SuperCoolFanGuy

      Oh, my God. You totally voiced my feelings with that “aching emptiness” remark, and I share your hope for future books.

      The only thing is, 10 years? Even if it’s like 5 years, that’s a freaking long time, even for someone who enjoyed Inheritance as much as I did. In 5 years I’ll be graduated from college; in 10 I could have a family and definitely a job, and I’m pretty sure I won’t be as interested then, which is a shame cuz this stuff is super cool.

      Also I’m afraid Paolini might lose interest in Eragon (he’s by far my favorite character), and I reeeeeeeeally want him and Arya to get together. who knows, I might even write my own 5th book to satisfy myself hah. To tell you the truth, I’m selfishly hoping he’ll abandon writing other stuff and return to Alagaesia. 😀

  • Jake12

    also, christopher could write a short story, he wouldnt even have to publish it he could just put it on his website tying up the loose ends on all the major characters.

  • Jake12

    reading this was better than reading the book

  • Shurtugal

    Well a good interview that sheds light on some things. I believe CP made the right decision in holding off from arya and eragon getting together in Inheritance. It would have just been too quick. “it’s like a ship doing a u-turn, it can’t and won’t do it on a dime. It takes a while.”
    Although I found the ending sad, it was the right one, for all of the characters.
    Only problem I have is that we are looking at a 5 year wait absolute minimum and that is extremely unrealistic. 6-7 is likely if he starts on book 5 directly after finishing scifi and 7+ if he decides to take a short break. While I understand him wanting a break and I think it will help him by having time away, the wait is going to suck.

    • callum

      i have to agree……………….with everything

  • Surefire plan to kill Lord Barst, based off of resources available to any moderately powerful elven spellcaster (Codename: Einstein’s Fountain):

    Cast a non-True Speech spell (requires extra concentration, but shouldn’t be prohibitively difficult) to use a small fixed amount of your energy to convert mass in the ground below Lord Barst directly to energy. Stay far away from him. Repeat until his shields fall, his armor melts, and the eldunari breaks, killing him.

    Weaknesses to this plan include large repeated explosions coming up from the ground that might damage you or the Varden, radioactive damage that must be considered, and of course the fact that this plan takes 5 – 60 seconds (depending on how fast you cast the spells). Still, it is a good plan, and Angela really should have used it…

  • Anonymous

    Okay …. wonderful interview, short though it was, IS he going to return to Inheritance (as in Alagaesia) soon? I think if he leaves it too long his writing of the series will change as he adapts to new stories and places :/ I personally don’t like his answers to the Belt, and Mike could have asked beefier questions … such as where are the “hidden” ra’zac eggs that Galbatorix mentioned? other than those two in Dras’Leona… 
    I just wish CP could stop being hasty and just sort this story out 😛 Eragon leaves – fair play. Arya becomes queen – fine! Murtagh and Thorn flee? HELL NO! lol, just need some answers and more story CP … don’t “might” — DO another book 😀 you know you want to…

    • The interview is on the shorter side because I want these to last. I don’t want to do one GIANT interview which will be consumed in 30 minutes. I want to spread the discussion and allow for groups of interviews so that all fans have a chance at asking questions.

      This interview was aimed at addressing the biggest topics.

      • Anonymous

        Sure Mike, but please don’t space out the remaining interviews by more than 2 or 3 weeks at the most! 

  • Imstillhungry95

    So basically CP, with regards to Arya and Eragon, “This song is ending but the story has just begun?”

  • Jp4

    Still disagree about Arya-Eragon. It owuld have made PERFECT sense for her to finally move from her worries and to open up and confess her feelings for Eragon. The dragonshare bit would seal the deal. And for Eragon to keep doing ‘duty’ after all he sacrificed, and to not become independent and happy, was a tragedy.

    Oh..and now Nasuada is as powerhungry troll woman who was still ‘ordering’ Eragon to do things after Galbatorix’s death.

    Awful ending. Simply put.

    • To each their own, I suppose. I really liked Nasuada at the end and throughout Book 4 was not left feeling as though she was power-hungry. Plus, I think Eragon will roll in with an army of dragons and put her in her place if there’s ever an issue there. 😉

      As for her ordering Eragon to do things… he swore fealty to her, and that fealty did not end after Galbatorix’s death.

      • Saerina

        I SO agree with you. Nasuada gave up SO much to serve the Varden and now all of Alagaesia. she even gave up any chance of marriage by choosing this path. I hope she gets a happy ending with Murtagh in the end.

      • callum

        lol, the way i saw that was Eragon/Saphiraroling in and the head of 80-100 riders flying in formation and walking up to her pulling out Brisingr and pointing it at her head and saying “you…………”haha

  • Wyrda

    Chris the ending of Inheritance I’m sad to say wasn’t as satisfying as I had hoped. You need to write a fifth book that ties everything nicely together! You can’t just maroon Eragon off in some distant land. What about his love for Aria, and his bond with Roran? Nasuada? It just doesn’t seem like a fitting ending for such an epic tale. Eragon can’t abandon everyone! He must return to Alagaesia!!!

  • Qasimehdi

    Book 5 may turn out to be a long wait, So I’m all up for a nice Epilogue to the series…and SOON !! :p

  • Dovahkiin

    Chris..loved your books till inheritance came out..that’s when I took an arrow to the knee.

    • Shadows987

      Lol. Did you know that if you add up all the books in Skyrim the result is a book nearly as big as Inheritance.

      • callum

        The book Inheritance or the whole cycle? 

        • Shadows987

          Just Inheritance. Still amazing seeing as they wrote all of them and made the whole game in 3 years.

  • Mia

    OMG, there will be more of Nasuada and Murtagh? I’m so glad that it will 😀 I didn’t like how their story ended, it was so…empty!

  • Aren

    yeah boy. Book 5. I now have something to look forward to.

  • BlackandWhiteDragons

    Ah Chris, so many fans are already howling for your blood with an ending like that >:|

    • Denmark111

      What? Why? Wasn’t it fitting on the characters?

      • Adam

        I thought it was a great ending – It was a happy ending – Galbatorix dead, etc. but sad as well. That’s why I’m delighted to hear it doesn’t have to end there. I was heartbroken when I read the ending.

    • Ebirithil

      What are you talking about B&W Dragon? Yes the ending was very sad but it was still a very good ending that left plenty of unanswered questions for CP to make more stories out of………also it left thousands of fans screaming for more. So i think it was a pretty good ending.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think that the ending fit as a concrete, final end to the story as a whole, but now that there’s a book 5, it seems perfect!

  • By the way, until those stories are out… I think we should consider an “Inherimore” >:D simply… follow the flying grass boat.

  • For the moment, I’m very very satisfied. He left a lot of mystery. I can wait a few more years before we see more of Alagaësia. I’m really looking forward to seeing the rest of Murtagh and Thorn’s fate. Imagine him as the human King! He’d probably have a really interesting perspective to share along with Nasuada. But one thing… I think Nasuada would have to become a Rider. Murtagh won’t age, at least not appear to. Then when their children grew old enough they could turn the kingdom over to them. Kinda complicated, but at least after that the rulers would be mortal (assuming they aren’t chosen by eggs or marry a Rider). With Eragon and Arya’s ending, I… understand. I guess it was hard for me too, to picture that in 800 pages Arya could suddenly fall for Eragon and leave with him. They have plenty of time. Christopher has built up his characters very well.

    • Amanda

      I thought about Nasuada becoming the green rider, but you know, I don’t think she ever would become a rider. I think it would be too many of the circle of people. Perhaps Murtagh would love her till she died. I’m tempted to think that because he knows the name of the ancient language, he could find a way to make her immortal.

      • Maybe. They’ve both endured a lot of abuse, in different ways. They really should end up together. If he stays immortal and she remains mortal, it would probably cause a “Bella-Edward” sort of problem (I hate that example, but you know what I mean). But even more seriously, it would be another cruelty of fate on Murtagh. No, she has to, at some point, become immortal.

        • Saerina

          YES! I know what you mean 🙂 If you look at my past posts on here you would see me talking about that 🙂

          • Glad to see you agree =)

          • Amoretta

            Just thought I’d chime in to say I am also a massive Murtagh/Nasuada fan… C’mon Paolini you CANNOT end it the way it did. I don’t care whether Nasuada gets a dragon or not, as long as she and Murtagh are together!

      • Maybe. They’ve both endured a lot of abuse, in different ways. They really should end up together. If he stays immortal and she remains mortal, it would probably cause a “Bella-Edward” sort of problem (I hate that example, but you know what I mean). But even more seriously, it would be another cruelty of fate on Murtagh. No, she has to, at some point, become immortal.

  • thisguy

    Wow. I can’t believe he actually said read book 5. omg we have to wait another 6 years . like wtf

    • He calls it Book 5, but the Inheritance Cycle is finished as a series. It will not be the fifth book in the Inheritance Cycle. It will be its own story, a side-story, novella, etc. Not expanding the Cycle.

      • Ebrithil

        🙁 damn i really liked the idea of just one more book for inheritance…although i don’t really see any good plot that would go with it. But 5-6 years of waiting for the unanswered question is pushing it to far! God i cant wait that long il die from anticipation.

        • bigmike

          I would have joined, then already signed into an extended contract for the navy if it takes that long. 😮  I hope we dont have to wait as much as we did for Inheritance.

        • Muter009

          Well remember there’s still evil lurking in vroengard “people” living there. Maybe the whole vroengard thing gets out of control and eragon is force to return to fight agains a super shade:) maybe when he returns roran and everyone else (humans only) are old, but not to old,and check this out sinse eragon is much more older and experienced after been with the eldunari, arya can finally fall for him. MIKE GIVE THIS TO CHRIS WHEN U SEE HIM AGAIN.LOL. boy i crack my self….

  • MythrilDragon

    I don’t think that the future books in the series all have to be novels. Even if there is another novel or two written about the Inheritance series’ characters that would cover the major plot points, I wouldn’t mind even a few books of short stories that are like little vignettes for specific events that happen to the characters in the future (the first thing I thought of is something along the lines of the “Tales of Ba Sing Se” episode of Avatar: The Last Airbender). They don’t even need to be anything really major… just a glimpse into how life is in Alagaesia (and wherever Eragon went).

    • I’ve heard Christopher say “novella” in interviews a lot lately. It’s entirely possible that some of these stories could end up as novellas.

    • Tooba Salam

      You know what would be awesome? A graphic novel based on the Inheritance Cycle!

  • Inheritence-FAN

    Great interview mike!

    Can’t wait for the next one

  • j whitman

    Finishing the last book was one of the most depressing parts of my life. Not because i thought it was bad but because i couldnt imagine not having another story about Eragon and the others. Reading this interview has absolutely thrilled me to the max.  I can not wait till some others stories are out to be read

    • Adam

      Those are my exact feelings. The sad ending didn’t help, either.

      To be honest, I think CP tried to murder me at least a dozen times – there are so many moments in the book that nearly gave me a heart attack (Saphira getting run through by the Dauthdaert and Roran getting a building dropped on him, to name but two).

  • Beep

    “Their relationship is far from over” = Favorite line in the entire interview

  • XEldest

    Seven more books….
    Well he seems to have redeemed himself slightly after Inheritance’s controversial end.
    Looking forward to it CP.

  • Anonymous

    Wait a minute though After reading this well ” However the scenes between them, scenes where they were rather openly
    flirting, just did not work. Essentially, I was writing Arya the way
    that Eragon *wanted* her to be, not the way that she actually was.”

    … CP you just left me a bit confused… The “I…See…You” scene
    where Eragon & Arya are sparring+the “bright spark” that appeared in
    Arya’s eye… That I guess you can say was a bit flirty, but are you
    meaning to tell me that that wasn’t real, that that was just the way
    Eragon was seeing her?! Or was that scene supposed to be a bit more

    Maybe I’m making it more confusing than should be…. 🙁

    • Amanda

      I’m pretty sure what he meant was he wrote flirty scenes, but they didn’t work so he scraped them. The “I…See…You” spark was real, thus he kept it. Personally I thought it was more intimate, almost fearful.

      • Anonymous

        Like I said maybe I’m just over reacting. I too think that that scene was very intimate. But since he said he “cut back on the flirting” i didn’t know if he meant that he just stopped writing flirty scenes after a certain section in the book or if he completely cut them all out. Haha wow I’m really torturing myself over this book.

        • Amanda

          Well, seeing as the only flirty scene I recall is the drunken one, I think he cut them out. He wouldn’t leave something that doesn’t feel natural, and even at 800 pages I’m sure the original manuscript was almost double that.

          • Anonymous

            Yes you’re probably right. I guess if you put it that way it make sense that that was probably the only flirty-ish scene, & they didn’t even flirt much. I feel that most of their scenes where intimate, the “I see you”, before Eragon parted for Vroengard, once he’s back & tells her that they learned their true names, & (even though it’s not the last one) the most intimate of all: when they actually shared their true names… In fact not just that particular moment but the entire chapter!

          • Amanda

            Yes, absolutely. I think Arya’s just usually so serious, she’s more of an intimate person, hence flirting becoming ooc and them not being able to move quickly enough for her to leave with him.

          • Anonymous

            Arya has always been probably my favorite character throughout the series. She’s very discrete, yes. These things are the reason why I would like CP to write their story only through their pov.

          • Amanda

            Same here. It’s been said she’s lacked depth, but I always took her to be very passionate, but to put her duty before emotion. I think to see her give in to her emotions for once would be beautiful.

          • Anonymous

            Not only beautiful, but epic. Like somebody else said, & I quote, it would be nice to see an jealous elf 🙂 In this case, an emotional one would be awesome

  • I Was Old Before You Were Born

    Alageasia will never be the same. The dragons are tied with the land, and since every race is now bonded with the dragons, the world has “shifted” as Christopher so elegantly put it in Inheritance.

  • da bomb

    Btw, not trying to be weird or anythang but this is like an online bookclub….tht was rlly off topic srry, but serious, all in favor of an online earagon bookclub? jk

  • da bomb

    YESSSSS! Book five! Lol that ending, the whole ” the end” made me wanna break down, but with a book five, SPEECHLESS! omg when i read tht, my first though “IM JUST GONNA RUN DOWN ME STREET THROWING CONFETTI AT STRANGERS!” I want more murtagh & thorn, more nasuda & murtagh, lots of arya and then some pound cake…..

  • Madeline L

    So part of me died when I finished reading Inheritance, and I know things can’t come back to life, but the part of me that died did!! I can’t even believe it!! I thought the only thing he was going to write about when returning to Alagaesia was the fall of the riders, and here we learn that Eragon and Arya, and most likely Murtagh and Thorn will be coming back!!! And that there may be SEVEN more books!!!! The bliss that I feel right now is too much! Thank you CP for bringing part of me back to life, and a zillion thanks for not killing Murtagh and Thorn!

    • Ellesmerahawk

      Madeline, since this story is pure imagination you are free to rewrite the story as your imagination wishes!  Chris P did make a mistake in character development.  Arya was understandably more mature than Eragon in the beginning but as he matured the realtionship should have blossomed beyond the understandably duty bound initial one.  Their relationship did not mature naturally as the trading of the true names implied. I agree with John below that Arya broke with her independent but selfless service character to become queen.  Even more as she was a dragon rider now and that really does not jive with being a court bound head of state.  Look at how she took off for such a long time to see Eragon off – not coherent as queen.  More of a lover.  Chris P slipped up- but no matter you can write the story any way you want.  As I read this engaging series I corrected various things and I enjoyed the story so much more.  Most of the corrections I made were minor but Arya as a woman who has spent her solitary life serving various peoples as an elven emissary was a natural to become a dragon rider -touche Chris P for that!  In my imaginative story she has joined Eragon as a founder of the new dragon riders and is not parting Alagesia forever as was implied and said to Nasuada.  They will be interacting with their friends even as they do keep a distance for reasons mentioned.  To be placed as inaccessable for reasons of safety of the eldunari or for deer poatching reasons was  scratched in my story.  That does not work for me at all.  Also Arya and Eragon’s relationship will deepen as they get to know each other better.  Also Nasuada released him from his oath of fealty and I corrected his attitude in their last exchange.  I did not let him decide on his own what was best for Alagesia.  It was mutually seen by all parties such as the eldunari that Eragon’s course of action was good.  I also scratched the part about all the people becoming phony in telling him what he wanted to hear.  That was awful to characterize the majority of good people as!  Chris NO!  That was arrogant of the CP Eragon.  Anyway my Eragon was more mature that that.  I cast my spell in a language all of my own from the depths of my heart and the story is now right.  I would love to hear your magic’s version.

  • guest

    I just wanna know why murtag killed the dwarf king if he didnt have to????

    • Fakeemail

      i think it was to please galby

  • Anonymous

    I have now re-read the interview & man, CP if you had just said that “The thing to keep in mind is that though the series is over, Eragon and
    Arya’s story will continue. They’re going to live for a very long time,
    and their relationship is far from over” & like Mike said too, “both have dragons — traveling to visit isn’t that difficult!” you could have saved us the heartbreaking ordeal from that bitter ending. But you chose to have us think that they were probably never going to see each other! Thank you for clarifying this. But yet I say we still need to see their Epic Romance fully come to life through their pov! It would be disappointing to have it only ‘mentioned’, like one would mention any other thing, through some other characters’ pov

  • Saerina

    A thousand thank yous to Christopher Paolini for NOT killing Murtagh and Thorn! A few  questions for future interviews:
    Did Glaedr ever have a mate, did Oromis ever fall in love, did a wild dragon hatch for a person, and finally would a dragon hatch for Nasuada so she could be with Murtagh forever (instead loving each other and in the end of the relationship, Nasuada dies and Murtagh lives on.)
    If these questions could be passed onto Christopher Paolini please do so!
     Thank you!

    • Tooba Salam

      Technically, Bid’Duam was a wild dragon but he hatched for Eragon 1 and then they bonded…..I think

  • bromandsaphira

    I can’t think straight!! thank you christopher! you are my hero! AAH! amazing interview mike!

  • Austin Littley

    It was pretty obvious while reading that Arya was originally intended to go away with Eragon. “I am going to get on the boat with you… but only for 15 minutes so that your vision was correct. “

    • What if that vision has yet to actually take place?

      • Then that would be one heck of a Red Herring. XD

      • That could be… we all know Eragon has absurdly strange dreams.

      • Almarea

        oh my goodness! a twist on a twist!

      • Littlee62

        haha this had to be the vision. two dragons flying over head( Saphira, Firnen). a male and female board a boat(Eragon, Arya). while a man screams like a banshee on the shore (Roran). if it happens again i will have to know why lol. OOO Maybe. the next book this happens the same way but the guy who is screaming is murtagh because he lost thorn or Nasuada 😮

  • Feanor

    Yay! Book 5! I so hope he writes one about Murtagh! Even if I have to wait 20 years! 😛

  • DragonsAreAwesome

    7 stories!!!!! That is soooo exciting 🙂  I can’t wait to read more about Alagaesia!!

  • Guest

    This is exciting news! I would love to read a book set a few years in the future and see how the test of time allows Eragon and Arya’s relationship to blossom fully, or how the new Empire now fares under Nasuada’s leadership. Also, I like the idea of Murtagh setting out to redeem himself to the people. That might pave a path for his acceptance back into society and maybe at least get some real closure or continuation of the Murtagh/Nasuada relationship as well.

    I, unlike some people, don’t think that romance necessarily ruins a story. I think it can add a great deal to it and improve it, as long as it isn’t too heavyhanded. I think that CP has realized how to do this (if that terrible cliffhanger of an ending was any indication), so I’m hopeful that my favorite characters will see happiness in a sequel to these books.

  • Inheritance

    Yesss! This is awesome!

  • Crazyjjvols

    ahhh book 5? 6? 7? back to visiting this site daily again! haha
    loved the interview, it explained a tone and made me feel a lot better! cant wait for another article

  • Citi

    Not gonna lie…I’ve always wanted to see what a jealous elf is like.  Hoping Eragon will “grow up” a little more and explore the wonderful world of women out there before going back to Arya. Not gonna happen I know, but one can dream.

    • That would be amazing.

    • Dam

      Jealous elf? Probably not a good idea, just look at the Menoa Tree 😛

    • Amanda

      Maybe not just like that, but I could imagine Arya coming to visit and a female dragon rider in training being a tad too smitten with Eragon for Arya’s liking.

    • Loicadlar

      That would be cool, but you what would be even more awesome? A jealous DRAGON! Imagine once more female dragons hatch if any of them take a fancy to Firnen? 😛 😉 

  • Sovizitiu

    I just want to see Nasuada and Murtagh have beautiful biracial children. Same with Eragon and Arya, but I don’t even KNOW what that racial composition would look like ’cause we’re not even sure what exactly Eragon is.

    Also…WHO IS ANGELA??????? GAHHH so frustrating!!!!! 

  • Happy Fan

    YES! Now i have a reason for visiting this site for the next couple of years again=):D

  • Mayra

    BOOK 5!!! My life is complete! 🙂 Thanks Chris ! Also, I don’t know if it’s possible, but if you read this Chris, could you use my name in the books? It’s kind of on my bucket list… 😉 I’m Mayra, but it’s pronounced my-ra. Just wondering <3

  • Aust

    “sorry, you have been blocked from commenting on this site.” Why? Just because I said the interview sounds scripted? How pathetic from Shurtugal that you can only leave a comment if it is positive, and if it’s not, you are blocked from commenting. Seems like Shurtugal is trying to engineer a false view of how the fans feel about Inheritance. Keep the good comments and delete the bad. Sad stuff.

  • John

    Arya staying broke her character, as a dragon rider, and as a political leader. She is only going to bring more tension to the races aimed at the elves now that the only rider there is the elven leader. By staying she abandoned her new duties as a Rider, and she tipped the political scale of Alagaesia. Furthermore, she would not have been “running off with Eragon” if she left with him. It could have had no relation to their love, but towards her responsibilities. So I think having Arya “not break character” only made her break her character entirely.

  • Guest

    It is so frustrating reading all the negative comments…especially since I am so excited after reading this interview. I think Inheritance is a GREAT book and that CP delivered more than I ever thought possible. The last 100 pages were not dull, as some would claim. I was completely thrilled that he wrapped everything up as cleanly as he did, as opposed to some authors who end with the final battle, and then a five page epilgoue. There are some aspects of the ending that I didn’t necessarily enjoy as much as others. But, guess what? I am not the author! CP can make whatever decisions he likes. He doesn’t owe the fans anything…we owe him for bringing us the world of Alagaesia to begin with!  He is a great author and I truly believe that he always keeps his characters true to who they are.

    Now that I have vented…I feel much better. Love the entire cycle, loved this final book, and I love that we have more to look foward to 🙂

    • Shadows987

      CP needs us, the fans. Or he wouldn’t have a job and he wouldn’t be rich.

      • That is an incredibly shallow and incorrect view on things. Yes, he needs readers to read his books — I’d never argue against that. But CP does not need hate-filled readers. There is a difference between fans who disagreed with the ending and fans who have been abusive and even at times threatening.

        • Shadows987

          And who are you calling hate filled there son? Did I say I disagreed with the ending? I think it was quite a decent enough book. It was a good read. Not as good as the other three; I loved those, but I think Inheritance could have been a lot better, if Roran’s povs weren’t so long and if Eragon’s trip to the Riders Island was shorter and if the plot wasn’t so predictable. On the whole I would rate it 5-6 out of 10; which is a pretty good score, seeing as I rate Harry Potter: 3-4 and Lord Of The Rings: 9.   

        • Shadows987

          And who are you calling hate filled there son? Did I say I disagreed with the ending? I think it was quite a decent enough book. It was a good read. Not as good as the other three; I loved those, but I think Inheritance could have been a lot better, if Roran’s povs weren’t so long and if Eragon’s trip to the Riders Island was shorter and if the plot wasn’t so predictable. On the whole I would rate it 5-6 out of 10; which is a pretty good score, seeing as I rate Harry Potter: 3-4 and Lord Of The Rings: 9.   

          • bigmike

            Nobody says he was talking about you. He might have just been saying that all of the haters need to, to put it discreetly as possible, just shut the heck up and stop blowing on  an author that some of us have been following since they were ten or even younger. And I agree. Its a lot better to discuss the parts that were your favorites in the books, not the ones you didnt like. Keep a positive outlook on them, dont go around dissing him on how he finished his book. And if all yal do on here is say how he finished the end of the series sucked, or (i hardly imagine) you actully threaten him, yal can just keep it to yourself and share the positive stuff instead. I hate getting on here and seeing all of the comments on how he screwed up the ending and all that hate fulled stuff on here. Just keep your negative junk to your self, thats all Im saying.

          • Shadows987

            He replied to me, which means he was talking to me. I can talk about the positives and the negatives. I bought the book. I never said the ending sucked. Some parts of the book did in my opinion and the only people threatening him are the 9 year old ExA fans; who I must admit are in short supply on here. CP is a decent author, I think he could be great. Given the right cirumstances. That isn’t going to happen with ‘fanboys’ heralding him as the best author ‘eva’. Though the hate towards the last book is just from sore ExA fans. Which I guess I can understand seeing as it is the most popular thing in the whole cycle, if the magnitude of fanfics on the topic are anything to go by. I support the movie remake, don’t think it will ever come through though.  

          • bigmike

            And I wasnt saying you did. I was saying that to all of the people who are being negative about this book. Yes, it could have been better, but I dont look at all the negative, it just leaves a sour taste in my mouth, I look at the positive stuff that I want to remember the end of the series by. not by all its faults, but by its good moments that I want to remember when I look back on the series.Like, I know for a fact that one of the parts that will always stick in my mind would be the end of Moon Eater when the guy screams and they both start laughing. I wasnt singling you out, just talking to all of the people being overly negative and even making threats. Just wanted to clear that up there for you.

          • Littlee62

            chill pill

        • Shadows987

          And what exactly was incorrect and shallow about what I said? It was the realistic truth. If there is one thing an author doesn’t need it is fanboys; they never allow the author to improve.

      • hoke

        he didnt have to write the books at all if he didnt want too. he doesnt really need us to write a book. he did it when he was 15, he does it now

        • Shadows987

          It is his job. If he didn’t want to we wouldn’t know about it.

          • bigmike

            I bet your against the “remake Eragon movie” ideas as well arnt you? You seem to be against just about everything else on here.

          • bigmike

            Sorry, replied to the wrong person.

    • Chopin’s doppelgänger

      I am right there with you!! I too loved Inheritance and I liked how the ending went sad and depressing yes but it had to be that way. I also enjoyed how Eragon wrapped things up. It seemed that for the last 100 pages his life was calm and (almost) like those of the previous shurtugal.

    • bigmike

      THANK YOU far saying it so I didnt have to! CP did an awesome job at creating a way to branch off into a series that has different characters,while still in Alagaesia, that will come into contact with the members of the Inheritance characters in their stories, or even having stories in a different land. So all you who say that he did a horrible job, he did it on purpose,as said above, to give himself some possible paths to answer the unlimited number of “loose ends” that will invariably pop up after every book.

  • Jake12

    i think that arya will realize how much she misses eragon and they will get together. WE NEED BOOK 5 NOW

  • Saerina

    The way I see the ending is this: He was (Christopher Paolini) trying to show us that the world he’d created was NOT the same as it was. The dragon riders, elves, dwarves, everyone had changed in the end. The dragon riders couldn’t stay separate from all races but had to have fingers in each pot, so to speak.

  • Arlyn

    Okay – I feel a bit better about the ending now 🙂  thank you so much for explaining all the planning and thinking behind the ending….  I am quite happy and now I look forward to all of C.P.’s future books!

  • Tori

    Muhahaha Trolini had to give us what we wanted! BOOK 5 LADIES AND GENTS!! 

    I still don’t understand why Ayra is queen permanently though. I mean he made it clear many times over that Dragon Riders were NOT rulers. Ever. With the Elves, I mean they live just as long so it’s not that, but still, it was his rule that Riders and rulers were separate entities. So I just.. I still don’t like that at all. 

    • EternalShade

      She ISNT Queen permanantly. She can resign whenever she wants to

    • Guest

      And the reason Riders shouldn’t be rulers applies more to the humans because they shouldn’t have an immortal ruler. With the elves, the ruler will be immortal either way.

  • Shallwedancefriendofmyheart


  • Kirwan

    I had my own little party when he said that that’s not the end. And we’re back to “no comment”s and “read book [insert number here]”s!!

  • callum

    I think i can speak on behalf of everyone reading this when i say, thanks CP and we need book 5 now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no matter who the characters are

  • Zach

    This makes me feel much better about the ending.  When Inheritance came out, the last book of the inheritance cycle, and ended with THE END, it made it seem like the ending was final and that it wouldnt be adressed again.  But now that I know that  CP isn’t ending it there and that we will hear more about the book, I am much more content with the book

    • Jelpesdaturtle

      I KNOW RIGHT?!? I hate when books end with ‘the end’!

      • Axjbrown

        Especially when it’s not REALLY the end…

  • da bomb

    lol its k stefi i cried too lol i had to make like a 50 page a day limit so i wouldnt finish it to fast cuz it was the last one, oh jesus a book five….im speechless. however if u really think hard, wat else can he do? Im really interested in this, i want to see the rebuilding of the riders sooooo bad

  • BrunoLikesInheritance

    great… Have to wait another 4 years for a book I can read in 3 days… ugh…

    • ItsEminem

      I read it in less then one, but then again I skimmed a lot of it.

      • j whitman

        Why would you ever skim it?!?!?!?!?!

        • Shadows987

          Because I can’t stand Roran and I thought some of the Eragon Rider Island scenes just seemed to drag, with most of it being boring.

    • callum

      3 days? not tryin to brag here but i read it in 1 day!!!!!(24 hours)

      • EternalShade

        I can never read a book that fast. I like to read at the speed that someone would talk. It makes it more real for me and I can also absorb it better that way.

        • Amanda

          That is exactly how I read. The fastest I’ve read a book is five days, Inheritance took a week with school, but I’m fine with that. If I read it too quickly, it won’t have the same impact of greatness I think.

      • Chopin’s Dopplegangër

        Yes!! I picked it up at midnight and finished it the next evening!! I was trying to take my time because I was sad it was about to ‘end’ but I couldn’t stop . . . It was soooo good. I cried from the time Eragon and Saphira visited Brom’s tomb to the end . . . And then beyond that because it’s now over but it was so tools. I loved it CP I can’t wait for more

      • Anonymous

        i finished it in 6 hours

        • Austin Littley

          Well I finished it in 17 minutes. Chew on that for a while.

        • Anonymous

          Because you committed suicide 3/4th of the way through. =D

        • Anonymous

          Because you committed suicide 3/4th of the way through. =D

        • PTK

          Now me, I actually did finish it six hours, lol. Actually hold on… I started at noon today, and now it’s 8:30, so I guess it was eight and a half. But I had to stop for bouts of phone calls from my wife at work and my grumbling stomach. Boy do women talk a lot- but nearly as much as my stomach…

    • guest 2

      maybe not…he’s prolly got so much material from the editing/cutting floor to make at least one good one.

  • I’ve been savoring the last book as much as I could – stretching out reading it for weeks. I finally read the last 150 pages or so last night (it kept me up till 5 AM). Mike, thank you so much for posting this interview today. After weeping through the ending, this gives me hope. This tale will never truly be finished! Long live the Great Storyteller! 

  • Chinmay lalani

    hope book 5 will be in the next 5 -6 years though and not too long or else fans would loose interest

    • DragonsAreAwesome

      Speak for yourself.  I won’t loose interest even if I have to wait 50-60 years 🙂  But I’m still hoping that book 5 will come out soon!!

  • Ellavyd707

    WOOOOOWWW, this is better than I imagined! Book 5 FTW!

    Also, dayum, who else would give an arm for a manuscript of Eragon-Arya’s flirting scenes? :D. 😛

    • ItsEminem

      Book 5 in another 10 years or so. CP wants to do something else before hand. It might not even be about the current characters. And we might lose interest.

    • callum

      meeeeee lol, and not only book 5, but a Brom pov book 😀

    • Firnin

      I’d love to read those

    • Almarea

      Oh my land, I’d give a leg too.

    • Vivienne

      i would give a life for a manuscript of Murtag-Nasuada flirting scenes 😀

  • austin

    Mike’s contributions sounds really forced and rehearsed, like this is some PR stunt to address the shortcomings of book 4, and after all the waiting, now there’s going to be a book 5? As time goes by I regret more and more getting involved with this series.

  • Anonymous

    More books?! This is the greatest day since Inheritance has arrived!
    I’m so very happy 😀

  • Shurtugal96

    Christopher Paolini: Read book five, and then I’ll be happy to talk with you.Yeah! Another book?! I can’t believe it…

  • Arya’s Lovechild

    This is more than we could have wished for. Another seven stories? This will be the mother of all sagas, and because of the way Chris leaves loose threads, which may lead to new stories, or just be red herrings, we will always be left guessing. The imagination has no boundaries, and Chris only lets himself be governed by the innate nature of the characters, and the physics of the world he has created. He, of course, alters those paradigms, yet remains true to logic. 

    I think it has always been an absolute certainty, that since we discovered Murtagh’s fate, that he would feature heavily again. I like the idea, where part of his journey to discover himself, would lead him to fulfill a quest of trust, to win over the people of Alaegasia. Murtagh will be torturing himself, over the deeds he was ordered to carry out, under extreme duress; and for him to find peace, he will have to redeem himself, in the eyes of all the races. 

    In Alaegasia, it is the within the culture of the races to prove yourself, with honour and chivalry; and poor Murtagh faces the greatest personal test, that anyone could face. Only then, will he be truly at peace with himself.

  • da bomb

    Before i go, i have to say some things 1 this interveiw made me get up and dance 2 i would so love to see  more murtagh and nasuda twistedlove thing or wateva they have 3 i wish arya wasnt queen 4 I CANT WAIT FOR MORE!!!!!!!!

  • da bomb

    OMG i really completly LOVED the book, not being mean or anything but the last hundred pages were kinda dull. The ending left me……i cant explain it. But for the first time, im glad tghere was nothing between arya and eragon.

  • Alexis

    Wait that means more Murtagh and Thorn! Even if it’s only a glimpse, I need more! Yeah!

    • Vivienne


  • Angela

    wow amazn interview. I am thrilled to hear of another series.:) 🙂

  • AryaxEragon97

    “The thing to keep in mind is that though the series is over, Eragon and Arya’s story will continue. They’re going to live for a very long time, and their relationship is far from over.” “However, I don’t think it’s giving away too much to say that we will see Eragon and Arya again at some point.” omg you have no idea how fricken HAPPY I am after reading this interview 😀 

    • ItsEminem

      The real question is. Will you even care anymore when it comes out? I think he should release a short novel next year to make sure fans don’t lose interest.

      • Anonymous

        I don’t think we will ever loose interest. But shh… don’t let CP hear that 😉 

        • ItsEminem

          Time is change. IC is a young adults fic, as in teens, from around 13-16. Most of the readers are this age-ish. As we get older the themes may no longer appeal to us. That is why I think the sooner the new book the better.

          • PTK

            I started this series when I was in the seventh grade, I’m twenty now and on my way into the second year of college and I still found myself on the edge of my seat while I was reading this series. On the other hand, I would hate to have to wait too long while the next few books come out. I have to admit, I just finished the last book tonight. And what I can tell you is that I started off a little disinterested- it took too long for the book to came out and I was a little put off- but by the end of the series I was like every other fan out there railing and screaming in frustration at the loose ends in the book.

            But- truth be told- that’s a writer’s first sign of great success. If his readers cared so much about his world as to get truly angry at an unfinished ending then he must have done well hell of a job writing the whole series. And I have to say this: if he had left this book with the news that there would be no more stories or books on this world and it’s ending, I would think he’d be marked among the world’s worst writers in history. But, if he does the job right and gives the readers, in good time, a closure to the series- then he will be among the world’s greatest. But, that can only happen if he does what he said he’d do in this interview. And far too often do I read a good book, and see nothing of the author or the series afterward- despite promises spoken with good meaning. 
            That being said- I will wait to see how this goes. But I will try not to give my hopes up, and I say that the rest of you should as well. He is a great writer, has massive potential, but he needs to do as he said he would or his word- and thus his writing- will become moot and useless. 

          • ItsEminem

            I don’t think he is a great autho, yet. I think he is a decent author. But I do agree that he has massive potential. I mean the Inheritance Cycle was just his way into to writing and he borrowed a ton of ideas from other great author; but now that he has some experience and is older, I think he is finally on his way to writing great, original, books. 

  • Guest

    P.P.S. After all, who is the writer, an independent individual or a slave of every single fan caprice??  I assist, Murtagh will be MUCH more interesting in his process of soul-searching with Thorn than being a mushy suitor or lady’s man!!! Why this should be a “doom” ?!  I don’t get why every book has to have epic romances, love stories, & lovemaking + sex in it to be worth to read??   If Christopher surrenders all speculations about either Murtagh/Nasuada or any other trashy things, I’ll seriously dislike both his character and entire Inheritance Cycle plus I’ll be greatly disappointed by Paolini to say the least. Enough said, I spoke up my opinion…  I really  hope that he reads my poor opinion even if I know very few people agree with me… sniff 🙁 

    • Mari

      You can’t imagine how much I agree with you x3

    • Vivienne

      I dont care what its about i just want more murtag+thon LOL 

  • The Grey Rider

    So, what? No mention of why CP went for the *highly* derivative ending instead of something a little more creative? (I swear, I thought I was rereading Return of the King when I read the last couple of pages, and I couldn’t help but see that scene in my mind’s eye from the Peter Jackson film.)
    Still, it’s good to hear that that wasn’t the end.

    And before someone else jumps down my throat, this *was* more or less confirmation of Book 5, just not said in as many words, and rather obliquely.

    I want to know if there’ll be an updated version of Eragon’s Guide to Alageasia. 

    • ItsEminem

      Not to mention fanfics have been using the same story line for the last 2 years; whilst a number of them have used much better plots. Inheritance had its moments, but it could have been a whole lot better. The other 3 books were much better.

      • The Grey Rider

        You don’t have to tell me twice.
        I’ve completely avoided the Book 4 fics, but it appears that the new craze is going to be book 5 fics.

        I want to know what happened to original characters that weren’t complete Sues.

  • Guest

    P.S. Let Paolini know this, Mike!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Guest

    “Rolls eyes”   Again, those banal “happy end’ romances, love stories, blablablabla….   Dear Christopher, can’t you just leave Murtagh and Thorn alone?!  I’m not saying to avoid them ,but Murtagh/Nasuada Murtagh/Nasuada Murtagh/Nasuada  Murtagh/Nasuada Murtagh/Nasuada …. My Goood, I’ve had enough!!!!!   Please,  Christopher, if you read this, I don’t want Murtagh to be a classical “prince charming” Gary Stu or womanizer Don Juan type, let him be alone with Thorn!  Well, if he returns to Alagaesia, that’s all right, but please again no fairy tale “boy gets girl”, datings etc..  Murtagh is a totally unique character and I want him to stay like this. Mike, if you read this comment, I beg you tell it to Christopher!!!  

    Let them return to Alagaesia, but let them be on their own!  I know I’ll get bombarded by furious fans, but I don’t mind, it’s just my opinion….  

    • Guest

      Calm down. Pairing Murtagh with Nasuada doesn’t change who Murtagh is as a character. Nasuada is a strong female character and I think that their personalities compliment each other nicely. Murtagh isn’t going to go all swoony, lovesick over her, that wouldn’t be true to who they are.

      • Saerina


  • I want to know everything now, I don’t want to wait for loads more months to hear about this book. Just get it over with

  • Fantastic interview. glad to see a few things cleared up, and the future for the alagaesia seems good, if not a long way away! i can imagine myself when im about 30 still reading the latest books in Eragon and Spahira’s story, haha 🙂 but also did saphira stay behind aswell??? i swear she left with Eragon?!, in one of the the first questions it says “…with Eragon leaving Alagaesia with Saphira and Arya staying behind?” did i completely mis-read the ending :O or is it typo? 

    • Brady M.

      I think it has to be read like: “he and Saphira leave, with Arya staying behind.” Don’t worry, I had to read it a couple times myself!

    • Gtboy1

      I think it’s just a bit of bad grammar, it’s missing a comma, ‘saphira, and’ not ‘saphira and’.

  • Anchal Jain

    The explanations for all the changes to characters were nice to finally hear. And I was surprised to find out that the seven words were actually special. hm.

  • hoke

    Waiting for these interviews is like Christmas morning. It never seems to come, but its awesome when it gets here! Thanks Mike and CP 

  • Mazumdarsourav

    Wait I didnt get the last bit…
    Christopher Paolini: I’m currently considering writing a short epilogue to the series as a whole, but nothing is set in stone.

    Is his next book only going to be a short epilogue?? :/ or will he write a new series featured in algaesia?? 🙂

    • A short epilogue released as a short story or bonus content in something like a deluxe edition. He didn’t mean a whole book as an epilogue.

    • A short epilogue released as a short story or bonus content in something like a deluxe edition. He didn’t mean a whole book as an epilogue.

    • Anjileigh

      It will probably be in the “deluxe” addition of Inheritance.  Gotta sell more books…

  • Chopin’s doppleganger


    This makes me so happy I could explode like a little wild hamster in a microwave!!!

  • Anonymous

    I just hope we see Eragon & Arya’s story through their own perspective. It’s the least we all deserve.

    • Amanda

      That would be so cute. I could just imagine all of the nerves running through them. Definitely better than a mention from another character in a future setting.

      • Chopin’s doppleganger

        I cannot wait to see what becomes of them!!

    • Almarea

      Totally agree. I don’t want to see them googly eyeing each other by the perspective of someone else. I want to be able to experience Eragon’s reaction as he sudden swoons at finally being accepted by his long time love. Same goes for Arya. She’s been stubborn, and I want to be there when she finally gives in.

  • Dani

    Mike, thank you SO MUCH for this interview! Loved what he had to say on Arya/Eragon!

    “The thing to keep in mind is that though the series is over, Eragon and
    Arya’s story will continue. They’re going to live for a very long time,
    and their relationship is far from over.” and “However, I don’t think it’s giving away too much to say that we will see Eragon and Arya again at some point.” just made my week!

    • ItsEminem

      I thought what CP said was obvious and was an easy assumption to make. I mean what else could happen other then them dying?

  • Chopin’s doppleganger

    Yay! That made me happy.

  • Anonymous

    Finally! I’ve been refreshing this site every 10 mins for the last 4 hrs!… Was it worth it?… Yes I suppose so 🙂 Eragon & Arya are going to drive me insane as much as CP! Btw didn’t I say it was only the beginning for those two?!

    • Chopin’s doppleganger

      hahaha I was doing the same thing!!

  • Amanda

    I actually feel a lot better now just having him say what we’ve all been speculating.

  • Stevenschierman8

    I never realized how cliff-hanger-like it could be at the end of the cycle! XD No comment haha, didn’t expect to see those words either. I now want to know about Angela. 🙂

  • SammyB

    sick sick sick.