Thanksgiving Giveaway! Win Signed Books and Posters!

It’s Thanksgiving here in the states — a time for being able to justify the consumption of ridiculous amounts of delicious, home-cooked foods… and a time to be thankful! We’ve had an incredible past year here on Shur’tugal as the community geared up for and celebrated the launch of Inheritance, the final book in the Inheritance cycle. Because of the enormous success of Shur’tugal, its community of fans, and Inheritance, we’d like to give back as a thank you!

Over the next 24 hours, Shur’tugal will be giving away ten signed copies of The Inheritance Almanac, the official companion guide to the Inheritance cycle. In addition, we’ll be giving away five signed Inheritance posters (featuring the four book covers and gorgeous gold-foiled text). This giveaway is in partnership with our sister site, — a news, reviews, and opinion resource for everything fantasy, scifi, and horror! To be eligible to win a signed book or poster, you must either follow Lytherus on Twitter (@Lytherus) or “Like” Lytherus on their Facebook page. Once you’ve done so, send us a Tweet or reply to our giveaway post on the Lytherus wall and you’ll be entered to win!

Again, thank you an incredible eight years here on Shur’tugal and Happy Thanksgiving. We look forward to announcing our exciting plans for the future in the coming weeks. (And we’ve heard rumors that Mike sat down for an epic interview with Christopher Paolini, set to be released some time after Thanksgiving weekend…)

  • Paulio6

    when will the interview be released?

  • James_098

    When do the sweepstakes come out?

  • Connor

    This wasnt the sweepstakes competition was it? Cause i have all the words and everything ready and if it wasnt the sweepstakes (talking about from the podcast) when will that be open for us to enter?

  • Benjamin

    I won a signed copy of the Almanac! (: How exciting! 😀

  • Yulerule

    I have about 42 different questions for Paolini ranging from inconsequential, like why Terim chose to become a city-state to substantial, such as Success at helping the mad Eldunarí? Is it easier for young ones or mid-age or old ones to regain their sanity? to stuff I’m simply curious about such as Why/Didn’t the burrow grubs and shadow owls already have names in the ancient language? 

    What would be the best way to go about getting those questions to Paolini? So at least some could be answered.

  • EternalShade

    How do we know who won?

  • S Mckelley

    how can we tell we on who won posters or not

  • Rosstryan

    I sent a confirmation email to the feedback email and havent gotten a response. Just wondering whets happening. Thank you soooo much for the contest!!! Go Eragon!

  • S Mckelley

    how can we tell we won

  • stroodle910

    OH MY GOSH I WON!!!! 😀 I’ve never won ANYTHING before now! I am SOOOO happy!

  • Babydail829

    So by ‘sometime after Thanksgiving weekend’, you mean Monday right? :3

    • Nope. Probably later in the week at the earliest. I honestly had no plan of announcing the interview so that I wouldn’t have another “When will the interview be out?!?!” situation but Christopher announced it on Twitter so I figured we should confirm it.

      • Babydail829

        Oh, well. It was worth a shot.

  • Vyrux

    when do we find out the winners?

    • They were announced last night on Facebook and Twitter.

  • someguywholikesdragons

    Rats, I didn’t notice this till now, no prizes for me I guess

  • greeny

    Hey this question is to Mike. Will you be changing the name of the website since the inheritance cycle is now complete?

  • zaid bhatti

    Poster and Almanac for me 😀

  • Anonymous

    Anyone know where I can purchase an Eragon/Inheritance poster? I’d love one with the book covers.

    • We have more to win soon!

      • Anonymous

        Ok, but where did you guys get the posters? I’d love to buy one (unsigned) even if I don’t win the competition. I’ll still enter, but it’d be a nice thing to stick on my holiday gift list.

        • eebi

          The posters (from the description Mike gave) were given out at the tour stop I went to, so he probably got them from Random House. So unless someone puts theirs on ebay or something, you probably can’t buy one.

  • MrRaymondh222

    Do you Know how awesome it would be to win? It would be like one of the best things to ever happen to me!

  • S Mckelley

    how do i enter the contest

  • Atabi

    OK. I’ve entered… I think. I liked Lytherus on Facebook, and commented. Can I win now?

    • Cyppwnsdrake


  • Evansshawn98

    congrats mike i read the book and you were acknoledged

    • Thanks! It was one of the coolest moments of my life, for sure.

      • tob2007

        Just out of curiosity, do you think the
        ending was a bit different before the 
        series expanded to four books?

  • Love to win!

  • Orik

    Is it too late to enter the draw?

  • Wryda

    i dont evr win anything, so i aint gonna enter for a disappointment lol.. good luck to the rest tht do enter tho

  • EternalShade

    Interview? Thank you! 😀

  • ShadowMaiden03

    Happy Thanksgiving! 😀

  • Anonymous

    Also I’m excited for the interview 😀

  • Anonymous

    Hey Mike, I know this isn’t the best place to ask this but I’m really not sure where to ask and I haven’t seen anything about it but where should we send the 20 words from the Podcast??? Also I entered the contest, I’ve never won a random draw so my fingers are crossed (That would make a good christmas gift eh?)

    • There is no information out about the 20 sweepstakes words. This will be out some time after Thanksgiving weekend, though not right away. Trust us, we haven’t forgotten. 🙂

      • Anonymous

        Yipee!!! Thanks Mike 😀

  • Hriday

    Hey Mike! I don’t live in the U.S. so will I still be eligible to win. I’m a really big fan of Inheritance!!!

  • Vyrux

    if we do all 4 does our chances become higher? and what is to happen to this site? will it stay as a CP BOOK site or what?

    • As I mentioned, we’re excited to share our vision for the future of Shur’tugal with you all very soon.

  • I follow you on Twitter now 🙂 My username is @thestoryqueen. Thanks so much! Fingers crossed!

  • Waynemaendel

    never won anything in these randomly selected contests, fingers crossed:D

  • Frankbaney

    So all you have to do is like lytherus on Facebook, it sounds to simple? 

  • Horsegal4ever

    I hope some contests won’t be centered around FB and Twitter. My mom won’t let me get an account, so I can’t enter in those. 🙁

    • I will aim to find a third way to include people in future contests. Maybe you could ask your mom to create an account for herself to let you participate in these contests?

      • Horsegal4ever

        lol mom barely knows how to use the internet for normal use! ok, that’s a bit exaggerated but still. She has no use for an account and no know-how. she’ll never get one.

    • Alexis

      I’m in the same boat as you. I ain’t allowed a twitter and I dont have a facebook

  • Ydabora

    sounds coooool!!! 

  • Michelle

    officially entered for the inheritance goodies – never won anything before but there’s a first time for everything! Can’t wait for the ‘epic’ interview with chris – hopefully some answers to the whole eragon/ arya heartache 🙂

  • Dom_modmod

    not gonna be able to see the ‘epic interview’ :(…travelling

  • bromandsaphira

    ooooh….an epic interview? can’t wait!! how do we enter??

  • bromandsaphira

    ooooh….an epic interview? can’t wait!! how do we enter??

  • Stenlkk

    There’s no post on the Facebook page? Is it supposed to come within the next 24 hours?

    • bromandsaphira

      I know…I just ended up writing a post on their wall…

    • We got one up, sorry. Thanksgiving had me a bit crazy!

  • James Tracey

    As I am not American, what is Thanksgiving supposed to be celebrating/commemorating/remembering?

    • Horsegal4ever

      It celebrates the pilgrims coming and landing in America. They first had it after they survived winter and into the next fall, when they had a great big feast. Abraham Lincoln made it a national holiday some year. The fourth thursday of nov. It’s a time to remember all that you have and thank heaven for it.

  • Helen Beddis

    I entered on twitter, I hope I’ve done it right! Happy Thanks Giving 🙂

  • hope i win fingers crossed

  • I just entered the giveaway…
    Good luck to you all !

  • S042601

    What an awesome series.  Tremendous creativity, boundless energy.  Thanks so much.

  • Entered.

  • Emeric

    But… there isn’t anything on the Lythers wall on facebook nor twitter. Only on Shurtugal wall. What should I do?

  • so much want!

  • durza11

    lol i would enter, but i already won a signed poster..

    • u cud reenter and send me whatever u get ;D

  • so i commented on facebook and twitter…please let me win 😀

  • cooooooooooooooool