Happy 28th Birthday, Christopher!

On behalf of the entire Inheritance Cycle fan community, we here at Shurtugal.com would like to wish Christopher Paolini a very happy twenty-eighth birthday! It’s bizarre (in an awesome way!) to consider that the brain of the Inheritance universe has been at it for thirteen years now (since the age of fifteen), giving hope to millions of aspiring young writers around the world. Christopher’s continued success from an early age has shown us all that hard work, perserverance, and a fun idea can bring you far.

So, happy birthday Christopher — and thank you for the wonderful stories, the heroic characters, the years of encouraged theorizing, and for being so hands-on and incredibly generous with your fans and fan community over the past thirteen years. We hope you’re able to find some time for a cake or two in between your jam-packed tour schedule!

As a birthday gift from Christopher to his fans (that’s not how birthday gifts work, Christopher!), the author/artist has shared a sketch he made featuring a Lethrblaka…. wearing a top hat! We’ve included the awesome artwork after the break.