Happy 28th Birthday, Christopher!

On behalf of the entire Inheritance Cycle fan community, we here at Shurtugal.com would like to wish Christopher Paolini a very happy twenty-eighth birthday! It’s bizarre (in an awesome way!) to consider that the brain of the Inheritance universe has been at it for thirteen years now (since the age of fifteen), giving hope to millions of aspiring young writers around the world. Christopher’s continued success from an early age has shown us all that hard work, perserverance, and a fun idea can bring you far.

So, happy birthday Christopher — and thank you for the wonderful stories, the heroic characters, the years of encouraged theorizing, and for being so hands-on and incredibly generous with your fans and fan community over the past thirteen years. We hope you’re able to find some time for a cake or two in between your jam-packed tour schedule!

As a birthday gift from Christopher to his fans (that’s not how birthday gifts work, Christopher!), the author/artist has shared a sketch he made featuring a Lethrblaka…. wearing a top hat! We’ve included the awesome artwork after the break.

  • Arya Drottning

    I think that, for all of you dying for another book/series to tie up the loose ends at the end of INHERITANCE, that Paolini purposely put loose ends at the end of the book so that we can use our own imagination to come up with more stories to continue, or have literary discussions, predictions, etc so that we can build as writers. Isn’t that what Paolini wanted? I mean, it would be nice to have a sequel, but I think it’s better this way. Like Dogebones, I’ve shown an interest in building on the Inheritance Cycle with my own stories. In my version (and I’m pretty sure that Dogebones’s is different), some kids get transported to Alagaesia and need the Dragon Rider’s to solve one of the nowaday threatening political problems (poverty, climate change, etc). I haven’t worked out all the details yet–I’m still working on it.
    GO INHERITANCE!!!!!(that book is awesome :)!!!)

  • Dogebones

    Christopher, I am a teenager who is hoping to get in contact with you. I am writing a book based on your Inheritance Cycle and need your help. Please contact me whenever you can! You can reach me at 402-613-3843. Se onr sverdar svitja hvass!
                                     -Katelyn Decker

  • Deyabasi

    ohhhh another questions ….. Arya is the first female dragon rider in the history of dragon riders?

  • Deyabasi

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHRISTOPHER!!! OR FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS!!! Hope that you enjoyed it… :)I haven’t read it yet, but I’m dying to do it. I will do my best to get the four book here in my country. I have been reading the comments of the other readers and Just like everyone else I hope you make another series/book on how Eragon and Saphira raise the new dragon riders and who could be the new enemy or enemies or will happen the same thing like Galbatorix.  Or what happend with everyone else too. I have more questions!!!  Anyways  I’ve loved this series!!! Best series I ‘ve ever read and probably the best ever written over the world and  good luck with everything that you are or will began to do it….  THANKS FOR A WONDERFUL BOOKS!!

  • Guest

    The ending of Inheritance was kind of depressing. Really, can’t he have some hope of going home sometime? Instead, he is doomed to stay in one place for the rest of his life-which, considering he’s immortal, could be a while.

  • Ginger Eyes

    Hey! Where in the heck did you guys find a drawing of my Trigonometry teacher?!

  • Elfie

    I have just finished Inheritance…loved the book, but was desolate at the ending, with there being seemingly no hope for Eragon to return,- even for visits! This seems unduly harsh, and also surely Arya & Firnen could wiong their way to him from time to time also? Just a sliver of hope that that was possible would have left the book on a more hopeful note for me.

  • Ky_111

    finished inheritance a bit over a week ago. What a great series. I just hope that the story will continue on for eragon and saphira. If any one hears any news about any new books I would really like to know. Also please correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t recall Broms last 7 words too play any part in the last book.

  • RichIan

    I just remembered something Brom said ( No it isn’t about his 7 words ! ) to Eragon that was proved true in Inheritance. He said that fate has a morbid interest in their family and particularly on their love interests and advised Eragon to be careful as to whom he devotes his heart to. This was proved true as Eragon received a most painful blow in regard to his romantic interest Arya as he is doomed to a life where he will never be able to be with his one true love. 

    At least Brom was able to fulfill some of his romantic desires with Selena (which incidentally gave birth to Eragon!….so one cannot call it unfulfilled….lucky Brom…and not to mention lucky Morzan…..)  whereas poor Eragon has only a “true name sharing”  session to treasure throughout eternity unless CP makes Arya appear out of the blue to wherever Eragon decides to establish the riders and gives up the throne. But looking at the other family members, Roran for one has a successful ( and official one too!) family life and Murtagh has a potential family life too with Nasuada (he wont be gone forever). Interesting to see how CP develops the story on this particular aspect. 

    • Saerina

      Murtagh and Nasuada didn’t really have that successful of a relationship considering Nasuada’s human and Murtagh’s immortal :'(
      I’d like to see a dragon hatch for Nasuada 🙂

  • Kylee April

    what about arya and eragon??? i wish i could be on the tour but i was in phoenix,sedona,scottsdale AZ at the time of the seattle&redmond tours.  D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D:

  • Kylee April

    awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   im 8 yrs old & i finished inheritance a few weeks ago. it was so sad i cried for hours afterword.     I WORSHIP YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I HOPE YOU GOT NICE CAKE!!! (saphira,umaroth,glaedr,cuaroc,thorn.firnen patterned cake)

    • Faron

      THAT WOULD BE THE COOLEST CAKE EVER! And good job reading these books at only 8.

      • Kylee April

        THANKS!!!!!     PEOPLE SAY IM A READING MANIAC!!!   off caps lock now.

  • Firesword$$$

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHRISTOPHER!!! Hope it was a good one…lots of cake 🙂
    Just like everyone else I hope you make another series/book on how Eragon and Saphira raise the new dragons and riders and what their new land is like.  Or what happend to Murtagh and Thorn or Rorans family and Carvahall and Orik, Arya, ect… Just too tie up the loose ends. because I am really curious about all those questions Especially Murtaghs new life and if Eragon will ever return to Alagaesia and Arya and Eragons relationship. Or mabye Eragon finds a new Kingdom or the first civilization where humans and elves came from and/or WILD DRAGONS.  Anyways i just loved this series!!!
    Best series ive ever read and probably the best ever written till the end of time and i hope you give some thought to this comment.  THANKS FOR A WONDERFUL series!!!! :):):):):)

  • Nathanial SheepBiter

    I really enjoyed this series, especiallly the part about making Galbatorix feel all of the pain he’s caused. that was a stroke of genious. i really wish that there would be another book that would tie up some of the loose ends, such as what happens to thorn and murtagh, and what eragon finds across the sea. plus, there should really be more about the whole Eragon/Arya thing. I mean, from the first book he was devealoping the romance, and in the third and fourth it seemed like arya felt somthing for Eragon to. It was a cheep shoth to end it on such a sad note. I would also like to know more about angela the herbalist, and about elven culture. a story about eragons next generation of riders would be welcomed to. 

  • Safiyah

    Wow, happy really late birthday, Mr. Christopher! Great picture, too :D!! I started writing stories when I was 10 :). Like seriously long stories, and I meant to make them into real books but I began to lose interest in them after a while. But now I’m writing one that I’m really happy with and I’ve written about 30 pages (I know, it’s a little pathetic, but I’m still a little kid)!

    Your books have really inspired me and I really hope I can grow up to be a great writer like you!

  • RichIan

    Fantastic background of Ellesmere in this page. Good job!

  • Tomo-liverpool

    Awesome pic CP! ;). 
    Great series brother hope to be reading great things from you and would really like if you would right a spin off with Arya’s pov, would be awesome to get inside of an elves mind.

    • RichIan

      Now that is one great idea I hadn’t thought of. So far we didn’t get the point of view of an elf, dwarf and urgal. Out of these 3 the elf would be the most interesting especially Arya as she is even more unique in her thinking and personality when compared to a normal elf. That would be a major blockbuster and just the thought of it sends shivers down my back. This goes to show how clever CP is cause even though the series is officially complete fans are impatient for the next book. 

  • Anonymous

    Happy extremely late birthday!

    I hope, in the future, a huge spin- off series happens where a new rider comes along, and stuff happens and he/ she meets arya, eragon, murtagh, thorn, saphira etc. Just tie up all the loose ends.

  • greeny

    This question is to Mike. I was wondering since Inheritance is now over, will you be changing the name of the website? Or will you keep the title as is. 

  • Horsegal4ever

    Man, this is late. But I had a crappy computer for a few days there . . .

    Happy B-day CP! Hope you’re already working on your next book! (Even if you are on an exhausting tour lol)

  • Ylime432

    Happy birthday Christopher! I cried on the last page of inheritance and I cant wait for book 5! 🙂

  • Thomas Moe

    Oh, that’s what a Lethrblaka looks like.
    I always remember them as white, very tiny eyed (Non-stalked) creatues with Giratina-(From Pokemon)esque wings.

  • guest

    Happy late birthday christopher!! And just so you know I might die if the Eragon/Arya story isn’t followed up 🙂 Thanks for an awesome past decade!

  • guest

    I had a dream that i was reading another book and it was about Eragon as the leader of the Riders. It’s gonna happen!! Haha im stoked!

  • RichIan

    I’d like to point out a major flaw that CP has overseen. How is Finren supposed to get his training? Arya does not know enough about dragons to possibly teach him in the manner that Glaedr taught Saphira. Also there are no eldunari too in Alagaesia who could train him. So is he going to get his training online (I mean by magically contacting saphira)? This sounds pretty lame though. He cannot visit saphira physically though cause the training would take at least a year and he cannot stay that much of time apart from Arya?….. I think CP will have to somehow make Arya and eragon come together if Finren is to get his “dragon” education. Isnt it inevitable? 

    Without this training how would he train the future dragon that hatches for a human, dwarf or urgal adequately?

    • RichIan

      Also how will he be able to fight as a true dragon when the need arises?

      • Horsegal4ever

        Well, I think they’ll be fine. A: Arya is an elf. She’s lived a long time already and is very knowledgable. B: Arya has seen Eragon training, she knows some moves for Firnen. And C: What she doesn’t know, she can look in books, or go to older elves who can remember that stuff. Besides, she and Firnen don’t need as harsh training as Eragon and Saphira. There’s not a world calamity. They can be slower, more thorough, more steady about it. Besides, I think they’d have the brains to figure out what they would need to know on their own, if it came down to it. And again, they can contact Eragon and Saphira and the Eldunari through the magic mirrors Eragon left behind.

        • RichIan

          True, but in any case I am keeping my fingers crossed for a future book from CP (dealing with especially the Arya-Eragon relationship). Their breakup was most painful and emotional to forget and I am sure that CP feels the same way.

          • Anonymous

            Yeah, maybe a spin-off series. Rick riordan did that with Percy Jackson, creating the lost hero and son of Neptune. They still have Percy and annabeth in them, but with three new demigods.

          • Vyrux

            new book just came out 😀 im getting it

        • Anonymous

          I also noticed this, also Firnen was younger than saphira was when eragon attacked Gil’ead, and she struggled to carry three of them, how then could he have managed it with Roran, Katrina, Ayra and Ismira ….

        • Anonymous

          OH!! never mind, he gave Arya and Firnen two Eldunari … never mind XD

  • Guest

    I would really like a new part of the series come out, its were in about 5 years Eragon has had some dragons hatch, has sent some eggs to alagaesia and those hatched, and is training the riders, and a new story could await them all

  • Saerina

    I really want a fifth book to come out and have the outline something like this:
    Its set 5 years after Eragon’s left Alagaesia and Nasuada has trained a predecessor in the case if she dies.
    The egg for the Urgals has hatched and an egg is coming to the humans. Nasuada goes and checks if the guard for the egg is a good one and the egg hatches for her
    Nasuada stays in Du Weldenvarden for a year and then meets Murtagh…. fill in the blank 😉 

    • guest

      i dont agree about her becoming a rider but i was hoping somthing would materialize between her and Murtagh

  • Anonymous

    Did the 7 words Brom said to Eragon ever get mentioned? Users have said they have, but i do not recall …….

    • Arya<3

      it wasn’t mentioned specifically, but they are the 7 death words that oromis taught eragon in Eldest.

      • greeny

        Wait I’m fairly sure they were never mentioned throughout the series. It was never determined what the words ever meant. I may be wrong if so call me out on it with evidence. 

      • fool

        oromis taught him 12 death words

    • RichIan

      The 7 words were definitely not in the 4th book. So far I read the whole book twice but couldnt find even a mention of it. Its probably false rumours that are being spread around or else it is printed in invisible ink.

  • Dash Watson

    Happy b’day, Chris! And thank you for this awesome series! May you live long… (as long as it takes to spit out another and yet another series for us). 

    Atra esterni ono thelduin, Mor’ranr lifa unin hjarta onr, Un du evarinya ono varda…

  • Vyrux

    Happy Birthday man! I love your books! Keep writing! Also for Mike or CP, how will we find out if another of your books get published? is this site gonna stay here?

  • Arya<3

    What does lacuna signify in Inheritance? It had 2 parts when they were in the VoS. I know the words means a break or gap, but how does it tie in?

    • TheFirstUrgalRider

      Its like a pagan term, i aint sure how it ties to the VoS.

  • Wrought-Iron Soldier

    Happy Birthday Christopher! I hope to see you when you stop by in Vancouver for your tour!

  • Radhi124

    Happy B-Day! Keep writing and I love your books.

  • TheWindsWhisper

    It is so weird to think that even though CP is not even 30 yet he has a bestselling series on his first swing at being an author. Not to mention a movie, I know it sucked but bear with me, and a video game even. The funny thing is that the game was better than the movie hahaha. 

  • Nate

    Happy birthday Christopher!  Thanks for an amazing series.  I can’t wait to see what’s in store.  Many blessings.

  • Arya’s Lovechild

    Happy Birthday Chris!!! The Inheritance Cycle will stand the test of time. It will take it’s place on the Pantheon, and stand sentry, in the hallowed halls of literary classics. ‘Inhertance’ was a fitting end, to this savage and tender saga, filled with pathos and humility. It has a love story, to rival the ‘Dark Materials’, Lyra and Will, or the Bard’s Romeo and Juliet.
    I only hope, that in the fullness of time a visionary director comes along, and finally does justice to this Alagaesian masterpiece. It deserves it. P.S. Can’t wait to read your next creation.

    • Anonymous

      It does not rival that of Lyra and Will. It was good, and cruel, but crap. Arya is right that now the elves have a rider, but the Riders of old were impartial to everyone. Eragon leaves, and therefore should relinquish his duties to the humans and dwarves. She should have gone with him, as should have murtagh. There was no class to the ending, it was rushed, in 4 lines, several months pass. I personally think CP could have done a lot better. Unless he revisits the land again, explaining Tenga, Angela, more about what happens and this “unforseen” evil that spreads across the land, then i will not be satisfied (and yes, discount my view, but look at the thousands of people displeased) ….

      • Dash Watson

        Ya, I agree. The ending was rushed and not to my liking. The story feels unfinished… most of the “loose ends” are left untied. 
        And CP completely failed to surprise us. The ending was just as predicted. Eragon simply finds a hidden Eldunari cache and ‘casts a spell making Galby realize his wrongdoings’. I wished Eragon had defeated Galby through wit or using help from Tenga or something, not simply using the Eldunari. And as Angela’s prophecy says Eragon will never return to Algaesia, I’ve been thinking of the possibility of Arya/ Murtagh/ Angela going after him and finding new lands or something… That’d be cool as the topic of a new book…
        But I’m sorry I’m speaking in all negative. I want to thank CP for the nice artwork. I completely loved the… hat! Ya, the Lethrblaka are OK, but the hat is better (kidding). Keep it coming, CP!

    • Kylee April

      ive read the dark materials too!!!

  • Daria

    Happy birthday Christopher!!!
    Hey Mike, when can we enter in the 20 “hidden words” from the book club podcasts? I just wanna know if I’m missing anything… Thanks!

  • Natalie santiago

    omg i cant believe this how can Eragon just decide to emigrate this soon  to take care of the dragons ;( honestly if there a sequel about Brom of all people he is my least favourite character why not Murtagh he would be more interesting to write about him traveling the northern part of the spine 🙂

    • Zannagrace98

      YES! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Saerina

    My favorite characters in the series have to Saphira and Nasuada. DEFINITELY.
    How do you ask questions for interviews? Cause I have TON of questions that I’d like answered :]

    • Saerina

      Elrun ono, Christopher Paolini for the AWESOME series and THANK YOU so much for NOT killing Murtagh and Thorn (I probably would have stopped reading the series forever if you had 🙂
      All you readers of this comment, please do not take offense, Theyna.
      Again, Elrun ono, fricai Christopher Paolini

      • Anonymous

        I agree 🙂 glad murtagh was not killed, but it sucks – the ending. Plus, the series is finished, he said he is done from eragons POV which also, sucks -.-

        • Saerina


  • Dom_modmod

    when are we getting the info about the interview that you had with Christopher Paolini, Mike. Really interested in what was discussed. Thank you.

    P.S. sorry if that came off rude, just really want to know

  • Invisichick

    Happy belated birthday Christopher! And awesome picture!!!!! For some odd reason I’m expecting the Lethrblaka to begin belting out some showtunes XD

  • Shur’tugal

    Happy birthday Christopher!!!! hope it was good… And might I ask that you please make another story of some sort or work it into a new story that Eragon and Arya end up together PLEASE!!!!!!!!!! Im a huge fan of yours and your books thank you so much for sharing them with the world!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • RichIan

      I wish the same too that he would make another story with Eragon and Arya together.

  • TheFirstUrgalRider

    Happy late birthday Christopher 🙂 Could I point out that the Ra’zac look more insect-like and Lethrblaka  take on a more dragon-like appearance? Almost no resemblance between the parents and offspring. If we knew where Christopher lived, we could have all sent him copies of Inheritance with our names and birthday greetings on them. 😀

  • EragonandArya!

    Oh my goodness, happy late birthday! And thank you for this wonderful series, Christopher! These books…I’ve been following them for years, and they were great. I hope you’ll come back to Alagaesia as promised someday. Till then, I’ll be waiting and reading the rest of your sure-to-be-awesome books!

    • Saerina


  • JimmyV

    maybe for a birthday present he’ll get to rewind time and rewrite the ending

  • Anonymous

    Three more days before I can finally read Inheritance (Is it odd to feel honoured that my birthday is this close to his?) Late happy birthday to the man who fueled my imagination for 13 years and inspired me to start my own writing, thanks for everything Christopher!

    • Stupid

      that drawings awesome happy late birthday!

    • TheFirstUrgalRider

      happy late reading 🙂

  • Wolfbird_94

    Happy late birthday…. I’m just starting to read  Inheritance… you have inspired me to start writting my own novels, and a Role playing game…. I will miss the series after reading… Passing the books to family memebers as they will love your wonderful writting skills…. Again Happy Birthday

  • Asdf

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHRISTOPHER!!!!! (I know, I’m late) I finished Inheritance last Friday and cried for an hour after the ending. I almost don’t know what to do now that the series has ended, even though I haven’t been able to follow the series it’s entire existence (I’m only 13) Anyway, your series made me write my own 500 paged novel, which i’m trying to get published now. Thank you for the inspiration, and then for the messages sent through your book <3 Happy Birthday once again!!!!

    • TheFirstUrgalRider

      Good luck and hope it gets published 🙂

    • Saerina

      wow! I’m 13 also!
      I hope your book goes well!

      • Californiacamposoto

        and i´m 12
        Who said i was to young to read the book in a day??
        look who’s LOL now 

        • Saerina

          I didn’t have enough time to :[ School and other events stopped me from doing that :[

    • Saerina

      what was your 500 page book on?

  • Eragon( I think you know me)

    Happy birthday C.P
    Hope you gone write more books about Eragon or any character from the Inheritance Cycle otherwise I can’t live on further your books are the nicest of all.

  • Angfoanmgf

    Still waiting for book 4….

  • Dom_modmod

    when is the QA being uploaded

  • Gamerknyght

    just finished inheritance!! Happy birthday C.P. and i cant believe you finished with the series its sad but i would wish you continue with Arya and Eragon. 

  • Frankbaney

    I just finished the book and wrapped up the better part of a decade of my life, I sit here contemplating the end and now the future, melancholy over the final events of the story but glad that my curiosity has been quelled, thank you Christopher for the fable and the lessons that you have transcribed to me through a tale of adventure, desperation, and hope. Thank you.

  • Anonymous

    Happy birthday!/Parabéns! (bit late) from Brazil! 😀 Thank you for everything you’ve brought to my life, to the the lives of all the Inheritance Cycle readers as a whole. You deserve much happiness, the stars shall always watch over you. And beware of the earwigs and wild hamsters! ;] 

  • John Caliburn

    I just finished reading Inheritance!


  • Primebrook

    Happy 28th matey, your books are amazing. I’ve put so much of myself into your books and if you don’t right another series about the riders or something to do with Eragon or Arya. I might as well stop living. Funny how somebody of only 28 can have such a huge affect someone else’s life. You’re are a great thinker. May your 28th year be as fruitful as your greatest yet. 

    • Primebrook

      Oh by the way I’m from London, England, you should really come to the UK you know. You’ve got a huge fan base. Mike could you pass these to messages on to CP.


      • Anonymous

        I have told them … but he is coming to bath … not london or brum 🙁 

  • Anonymous

    Happy belated birthday from Sydney, Australia! 😀

  • King Dragon

    Happy brithday C.P from all the way up north where it is bloody cold

  • Just Me

    Nice hat, Lethrblaka! Very spiffy. 😉 Happy 28th, Christopher! Hope you have an awesome year!
    And also, pretty please keep up with Alagasia. It says in your book that you’re concidering it, and it would be awesome if you focus more on Nasuada and Murtagh! They are my favorite couple! Eragon and Arya is awesome, too, but Murtagh is my ultimate favorite character, and it would be nice for his story to continue. 🙂

  • Dragon Obsessed

    happy birthday CP!!! hope u have a good one! thanks for all the adventures in Alagaesia!!!

  • Madelyi

    Happy Birthday! ^^

  • RichIan

    Greetings from Srilanka too CP. How about having a tour outside the US and Canada cause there are countless fans here in Asia and also in other continents. I am currently studying at the University of Hong Kong and there are many Inheritance-mad students here who are actually discussing “Inheritance” during lectures and not the lecture materials! 

    I’d love to meet CP in person and discuss with him about the future of Alagaesia and of Arya and Eragon in particular (any chance of them meeting each other physically ever….Im heart-broken cause of the partings at the ending).

    • No matter the problems people might have had with the ending, it will always make for better discussions over schoolwork!

  • Kirwan

    Happy birthday!! It’s cool to think I was born on the birthday of the author of my fave series…

  • Steliosk

    Happy Birthday from Greece!!

  • Californiacamposoto

    Happy Birhtday!!!!!  Feliz Cumpleaños!!!!!!
    You also got spanish fans you konw. c=
    Is CP coming to europe or not Mike??

  • Ulair

    A very happy birthday and great thanks from Austria for this fantastic dream!

  • Angfoanmgf

    Yeah Yeah happy birthday.
    Now can u finish the inheritance?

  • Guest

    Happy Birthday! I’m so glad I got to meet you in Philly! It was totally worth the 7 hour drive! Atra esterni ono thelduin! 😀

  • Patrick Ruehle

    I definitely do not believe that Inheritance will be the last of his books set in Alagaesia. It would be extremely hard for CP to leave Alagaesia and never return because he has spent half his life on it. Happy Belated Birthday Christopher! Keep up the good work!

  • RichIan

    Happy Birthday CP. May u continue to get the inspiration to write many more stories on Alagaesia including Arya, Eragon, Saphira and Angela.

  • Cyppwnsdrake

    Happy B-Day! NOW BACK TO WORK!!!!

  • Purple-kitty

    That looks epic. 😀
    And happy belated birthday, Christopher!! 😀

  • The Grey Rider

    Happy belated Birthday.
    Check out Skyrim if you’ve got the chance, then give Bethesda a look-up and see if they won’t make an Inheritance Cycle video game, or a post-rebellion one.

    Like this if you think this is a good idea.

    • Ebrithrilan

      Yeah, there’s things called forsworn and hrothgar in it, if nobody’s realized.

      • The Grey Rider

        Okay, so the only thing they haven’t stolen was the ability to actually RIDE a dragon.
        Well, that and making them look more like bloody Wyverns.

      • Anonymous

        in skyrim? O.o that’s odd …… 

  • Atabi

    A day late. Aw well. Happy birthday Christopher! Thanks for my favorite book series ever! Can’t wait to see you on tour in two weeks!

  • AryaRose

    Happy happy birthday Christopher!!!! And thank you sooooooooooooooooooo much for Inheritance!!!! XD XD XD

  • RB

    Happy Belated Birthday!!

  • Anonymous

    Happy birthday Christopher old chap.

  • Saerina

    This makes exactly 100 comments :]
    PLEASE write about Murtagh and Thorn. They were both AWESOME characters :]

  • Kristian

    now That’s something that not happens every day…:D

    Happy Birthday CP.

  • Gokugon40

    I wonder if the Lethrblaka have another metamorphosis.

    • Interesting thought… Not sure what they would change into however

  • Bernhard Harm

    Happy Birthday
    and drink not to much :DD

  • Jonathan Winkler

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Nice picture :D! Can´t belive it! Tomorrow the 4. Eragon Band is getting out in german!         HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! 😀

  • neo

    Happy Birthday Christopher i like you work

  • aaron cramer

    Kvetha Christopher-Elda 
    eka celöbra ono. Du dagsburthro onr eddyr du dagshelgr iet. Atra Hugin onr eddyr Heill un sé ono huildar du Gulai. Sé ono sköliro fra Zar’roc, Rauthr un Haina. 
    Atra hjärta onr naina Hugin onr. 
                                Aaron Cramer(Member from the “Du Varden fra Ilumëo”)

    • The Grey Rider

      You must have WAY to much time on your hands to have been able to figure out how to write that in the ancient language.
      I guess you’re the Inheritance Cycle’s version of a Tolkien-fan that can actually READ elvish without resorting to the apendices.

    • Arya<3


      • Anonymous

        I think is says:

            Greetings Christopher- Elda
        I honor you. The (didn’t get dagsburthro) your (didn’t get eddyr) the hollowed day my. Let thought/knowledge your (didn’t get eddyr) heal and may you hold the luck. May you be shielded from misery, misfortune and harm. May/let your heart make bright knowledge your.
            Most of it doesn’t make sense but that’s what I got.

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    Atra Hjarta onr naina  Hugin onr.
                                Florian Bohn
    (Leader of  “Du Varden fra Ilumëo”)

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    CP, wish you a very happy and joyous birthday and I thank you endlessly for the characters and stories within Alagaesia that you gave to us which enriched our lives and imaginations and also became role models for us to follow in our own lives. I have to admit that ending of Inheritance (Arya’ and Eragon’s seperation) was the most heart-breaking and emotional ending that I have ever read and still I cant keep the image of Eragon leaving Arya and Roran forever out of mind and not feel a great emotion gather in my heart. It was also the first part in the whole series that I have cried over and I am a person who has hardly cried since age 10. I wish with all my heart that you did not make Arya the queen of the elves so that she could have left Alagaesia with Eragon and I hope and pray that some day(the sooner the better) you would write another book about 100 years into the future where we could have a glimpse of the future riders, Angela and most importantly Arya somehow comming together with Eragon.

    • MrNobody

      Dear CP, I’m trying to find the strenght to read the last two chapters of the book. As Richlan I’m not a very sensible person but the final separation is breaking my heart. You have a great power in this. I hope that you’ll use it well as Eragon did, creating another beautiful book set in Alagaesia with all the character we know. May the ancient dragons give you the inspiration.
      P.S. Happy birthday from all Italy and in particular from Sicily!

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  • Happy Birthday Chris! I don’t know what it is, perhaps because of the hand and how it looks like a dinosaur/bird…..but it slightly reminds me of curious raptor:/ Except reverse, like it’s going to tell you something important.

    Like how it’s going to eat you.

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    • Sean Coker

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      • stroodle910

        No. I wish! I asked because of the newsletter. So did two other guys at the signing. It was pretty cool. Christopher is a pretty awesome guy.

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    Happy birthday, Mr. Paolini.
    I finished your book today. On your birthday! Ha. Funny, your birthday’s a month exactly after mine.
    Sorry, I’m getting off topic. It breaks my heart to see the final book finish…to see the series end, though I always dreamed of it. Though I was glad to read you aren’t abandoning Alagaesia, and it certainly doesn’t deserve it.
    Have a good birthday, and thank you for everything you’ve done.

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    I GOT MY BOOKS SIGNED TODAY. went something like this

    Me: HI, so how many pens have you used so far (refrence to a newsletter talking about the largest booksihgning werer he used like 15 pens) 
    Paloni: only 2
    Me: I realy  liked how you did the qoute on qoute “boss battle”
    Paloni: Thanks! i try to make the fans happy, if you liked that you might want to check out (dont rember arthur name i was to starstruck)’s magicion books.
    Me: Okay but im reading George RR Martins Song of fire and ice right now.
    Paloni: OH! in that case you might want to read (something with sowrd in the title) by (no idea) it inspired Martin and my honest opinon is its a little better.
    Me: COOL! 
    *leaves before i have a chance to sound like a idiot*

    IS WIN (super hyper due to coffe, paloni, and 2 large cups of doctor peper) 

    • The Green Dragon

      ha yea i met him a couple of day ago and it was awesome! but it ended way too quickly and it felt like i was just seeing him on tv and not real life so it didnt really set in until like a day after.

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    By the way that is some Lethrblaka swag in that picture ^^

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    If anyone from the Czech Republic is reading this, Fragment (the official Inheritance Cycle publisher in the country) has confirmed that Christopher will be visiting Prague from May 3rd to May 6th next year… I will definitely be there and hopefully be able to take some nice pictures for you guys 🙂

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    Anyway…. HAPPY B-DAY CHRIS!! *blows party horn* If I could genetically engineer a lethrblaka from a terradactyl… I shall name it Chris (or Chrissy if it’s a girl).

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      • I would use my mutant to ‘thin the herd’ if you get my drift.

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    Happy Birthday CP!!  I loved every bit of the Inheritance Cycle . . . it inspired a piano piece I’ve begun to compose and I’d love for you to hear it someday!



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