Video: Christopher Paolini on The Early Show!

Christopher Paolini made an appearance on CBS’ morning show this morning to discuss his writing career and the release of Inheritance! The hosts seemed truly amazed and interested by his wild success at such a young age and even more impressed to discover that Christopher had the biggest single-day book release of 2011! We now have video from Christopher’s appearance on the news show which you can view after the jump!

  • Guest

    Much better than Harry Potter. (Finished Inheritence today.)

  • blengyel327

    Inheritance was WAY OVER my expectations!  I loved how all the battles going on, the small details he paid attention to in every chapter, but the best part was the ending.. yes, the ending.  It represented that he was mature enough to end the story with a sad closing but he also left several questions open MEANING probably he is going to write another story..  and actally it makes me a lot happier, instead of having Arya and Eragon a happy ending as it would mean the real END of the story.  Maybe that’s how you should think about it guys.     

  • SMD

    i loved the ending, but still im really hoping that CP will write a novel on the new generation of riders that Eragon and Saphira will teach

  • Rubydragon

    I also loved the series from the begining to finish. It sure ended alot better than THE GREAT TREE OF AVALON, which took forever to finish. When I read about Saphira and Eragon’s trip to Vroengard, I kept playing some pretty song in my head that matched the traveling mood of the two. Eragon’s discovery of his true name was like a holy moment. The cool thing about good stories is how they end with the  main character leaving or going somewhere.


    Fart…he said that Tenga, the elf children, BladeSinger, Wolf Eyes, Brom’s 7 words and heaps more stuff was gonna me talked about….none of it… The ending crushed me, it was so sad.

    • RichIan

      Yeah but that is the way with really good authors. They never seem to include the stuff that they say are going to be in their novels and we fans are left disappointed. But the best part is that this usually indicates that there will be a future book addressing these issues. So lets keep our hopes up!

  • Cmsshuler

    Who were the 3 people that saved Roran in Uru`baen, during the final battle? (The mysterious passing strangers) 

  • Cmsshuler

    Who were the 3 people that saved Roran in Uru`baen, during the final battle? (The mysterious passing strangers) 

    • EternalShade

      Wasnt it obvious? It was Bladesinger, wolfeyes and….. some stalker child that tagged along. Or were you being sarcastic?

      • Cmsshuler

        Explanation please??

        • EternalShade

          Just read how they were described. Then compare it to how Eragon described them in Brisingr. They’re the same people.

          • Guest

            Yeah they were the same people… but who were they? any explenation anybody found?
            and did they say their names in Brisingr?
            been a while since i read it…

          • EternalShade

            Nope, no names. Didn’t learn anything about them at all

  • MicJaySCI

    I don’t know, guys. I enjoyed the book a lot.

    Now, if you want a REAL letdown, go read a Dance with Dragons. 

  • Mikekolb1

    Another thing…unless i missed it. WHAT WERE BROMS 7 WORDS!?

  • yeaah

    wtf? at 3:02 hahahahah wtf is she doing? laughing so hard! aaaaaahhh!!!!

    BUT! if he doesn’t come back and explain the things he chose not to do i will kick him in the nuts

  • Vandalsim

    Inheritance was below my expectations. How could Paolini not even have given us a RIDER BATTLE?/ Galbatorix never even sat on Shruikan or killed anybody!

    And Thorn only spoke 2 lines. What the heck?!

    • RichIan

      Even more dissapointing was Arya and Eragons seperation. But overall I think the book lived up to its expectations. maybe CP has a twist in the future to adress the issues that were so painful to us….

      • Tom

        Yeh the ending with Arya and Eragon was gutting, cant stop thinking about that. 

        • Tom

          By the way, forgot to say how Amazing the books have been!, each and every one of them and the ending was right and leaves alot of room for another book, i know im wishing for that. These books are up there with all of the greats and definitely my favorites. Thanks CP! 

        • RichIan

          I wholeheartedly agree with you. Felt the same. Life hasn’t been the same since reading the ending of Inheritance. I have begun to appreciate my loved ones and my friends more. 

          • Tom

            Yeh i know, its crazy how a book can make you feel that way, you feel like your there with them, like its actually you that its happening to.

          • Firnin

            I constantly have to remind myself that it is a story and not real.

        • Xsaavedra1995

          I agree with this. I can’t stop thinking about the fact that Eragon and Arya couldn’t end up being together for atleast a while,as Saphira and Firen were able to,as it was obvious that they did want to be together.

          • RichIan

            Yeah. But I think that it is in Arya’s nature not to hurry things along (particularly Romance) just because they wont have the chance for it again. But she did have a deep connection with Eragon though not physically and it is again acting according to her true nature. It was more of a spiritual or mental bond as shown by the exchange of true names. 

            But the best fact that indicates her deep connection to Eragon more than to anybody else was that she did not share her true name with anybody else other than Eragon (not even with Faolin whom she spent more than 20 years of her life and valued very highly). So at least with this fact I am at peace but I admit that the parting at the end was really painful and emotional. 

        • Firnin

          I found that re-reading the series is the best way to stop thinking about it. I’m a little over 100 pages through Eragon, but my mom took it before I went to bed because she’s afraid that I’m going to read it. Rather than take the ipod that provides light to read the book and is full of games, she took the book that made the light useful. Now I’m on here, a couple hours later, because I started thinking about the ending again and it got me sad. It’s taking me awhile because things that seemed insignificant before now carry a lot more weight. Ex: Brom getting quieter when he says Saphira as a name when Eragon ask’s him dragon’s names. Unlike when reading it for the first time, I now know that Brom’s dragon was named Saphira too.

  • Chopin’s doppleganger

    Loved it. I can’t thank CP enough for the amazing journey I’ve had wih these books. (I’m going to compose a piano suite inspired by the Inheritance Cycle) I’ve laughed, cried, thrown my book on the floor a couple times in disbelief, wept, and thought about every little detail for hours. I loved the ending and the ‘loose ends’ . . keeps me thinking about it . . and is’nt that the fun part 🙂 

    I’m excited and can hardly wait to see what happens next . . or further details of what has happened (set in Brom’s earily years or what-not).

    Mike your comments are the best things ever.

  • BlackArmorWhiteDragon

    This had a great ending and i would name either a pet or child after my favorite characters Roran, Glaedr, and all the others. I would love to see a spin off…like this sort of follow up to Murtaghs travels and him possibly returning to Nausada. Things like that would make my hopes for Chris much more brighter which is saying somethin considering how amazing he already is

  • BrunoLikesInheritance

    I’m so sad its over… just woke up dreaming about the series haha

  • Tab

    It really bugs me when I see how many people out there feel disappointed in the way the book ended.  I personally felt the ending was perfect, there are supposed to be loose ends and speculations left for the imagination.  I understand that everyone has their own view on things, but you don’t have to say more than once how disappointed you were.  All you do is make yourself look like a hateful miserable person that has nothing better to do than put someones hard work down.  Go and write your own books and make it end the way you want and leave the rest of us to enjoy this awesome book in peace.

    • Naegling

      It’s not really the loose ends that bugged people; for me especially, it was the barely tied ones. The Menoa Tree, that was a loose end. All the stuff with Firnen, just barely tied. He didn’t have near enough presence for all the hype surrounding him and his role in the book. You can tell that he wrote the book with action in mind and then remembered the loose ends he still had to tie up, so he briefly dealt with them at the end (Birgit, I’m looking at you). I personally enjoyed the book, but it did have its disappointments

      • galbyh8tr

        yes the book had its disappointments but then again what series books don’t have some sort of disappointments in the end, in terms of loose ends I’ve read many books that forget a lot of loose ends so the fact that he tied them up at all is a credit to his memory and his writing. also i don’t see how anyone could have really expected Firnen to have much of a bigger role in the last book i mean the pace at which things were progressing with there only being one book left there was nowhere near enough time to do a character building for us to be happy with it unless he was already hatched before the last book, cus if he were to hatch for anyone in the varden he wouldn’t have been able to provide much help because he would have had to of had the time to grow to a size with which to be of any use.

        • Firnin

          My biggest quarrel with the end is that Eragon and Arya part. I kind of understand after reading the interview, but I’m still not at all happy about it.

  • galbyh8tr

    honestly i disagree with most of you on the bashing of the end of the story, while i will concede the fact that it did seem a little rushed and i also wondered why he couldn’t restore Vroengard Island and raise the dragons there, i do understand his not bringing Eragon and Arya together in the end, when the prediction was made it did say that i could end for good or for ill, and Christopher made many hints that it wouldn’t end in the greatest way through the hole searies. as a matter of fact the love affair ended better than i expected but not as well as i hoped. in that aspect i think it was great righting because he didn’t choose an obvious ending for it. again i would have liked to see more but that is also a sign of good righting because he left himself a way to return to the world of Eragon by leaving people wanting more, if he didn’t leave us wanting more how could he come back and not have people thinking he should have just left well enough alone… this way people will be exctatic to learn more, like who is the first dwaf, and Urgal riders, does Arya ever abdicate the thrown and join Eragon in the new riders headquarters, do the riders establish outposts in each of the seperate kingdoms once they have enough strenght to do so, what becomes of the eldenary that are insane with anger, and who were the two woman that eragon blessed in Brisingr, and what happens with Thorn and Murtag. there is so much more for him to tell all he needs to do is come up with a good antaginist… i for one Can’t wait for him to return to this world and give us more

  • masked raider

    Angela predicted eragon will never return to alagasia which is true. But eragon is immortal and who is to say in a a hundred years the namme of the land wont change. For instance the usa was not always called that before people migrated from europe. Who is to christopher wont change the name of alagasia to something else. The way the last book ended is exactly the waay author wanted it to end whether it dissapointed you or not.if you listen to him in the video he said that he wanted to write that HE would want read now can you really blame him for that. Also the way he ended opened him for more series or cycles. I personally liked the ending im tired of these happily ever after endings its old and im tired of seeing it. And you people disrepect him by writing how you were sooo disappointed grow up he wrote a book HE would want to read your just the fools who bought and mae him rich by doing so.

    • Amanda

      I disagree with you on some points, but I did have that exact same thought that the name of the land may change, prompting Eragon’s return.

    • TheSpaniard

      when she said that he would never return could also mean Eragon dying and hence never returning to Alageasia

  • Kathrynmxpx

    and he ends with “…and i really hope people enjoy the end of the series.”

    are you kidding me!?!?!    ;(

  • Ryanf.

    OMG. The hosts were so annoying -____-

  • Rk0324419

    he was being nice the movie didn’t do the book justice

    • Tom

      Yeh they need to get the guys tht made the lord of the rings movies onto the Eragon books, then we would have something worth watching and a film tht could maybe live up to the book!!!

      • Atleger

        I agree completely. I’ve been saying that Peter Jackson should direct the Inheritence Films, every since Eragon first came out. It would be amazing.

  • Stella

    I hope he comes back to the series soon, after I’ve considered the ending for a few days I still feel a little disappointed. I mean, you can’t always have a complete happy ending, but it’s kinda sad that none of the relationships worked out… it could have been that Murtagh and Nasuada couldn’t be together but Arya and Eragon’s did… or at least something like Eragon also kisses Arya on the brow right before Firnen takes her away 🙂 I also still think that the ending was really rushed, everything happened all at once. In the future books I hope he writes a story based on Brom starting from when he became a rider to when he goes to Carvahall to live there; and the full life story of Angela (even though he probably won’t since he likes to keep her mysterious -,-) but I really want to know how she met Solembum, how she manages to be everywhere at once, why she was in Teirm and how she ate the moon! It would also be cool if he writes a story about Murtagh and Thorn, but I would rather have a story about a new rider, possibly an Urgal or dwarf, training with Eragon and Saphira… and I also want him to extend the map cause I loved following the map while reading the story, but Eragon just completely disappears… ANNOYING. Anyways I want those three books: Brom, Angela and a new rider 😀

    • Tom

      I reckon that Angela is or was the soothsayer, who else could it be!

      • Guest

        “In time, the air lost its potency and the oracle and her attendants departed.” Inheritance p. 421 l. 15-16
        doesn’t that mean that the soothsayer is dead?

  • Mr. Anonymous

    Eragon movie… what a joke! No wonder he had an amused look on his face when they mentioned it.

  • French person

    I’m a big fan of the novels but I actually prefer reading in french and I was curious about its release date.

  • ElvenLord

    In reply to JD

    I agree with what you have said about not being able to recomend this book to anyone… friend has bought the fourth book but due to work commitments he has not had time to complete it yet and i said to him that i would not read the book or the series again due to how upset i was with the ending.

  • MikeKolb1

    Great books. Wished arya had left with him at the end like most but it left it open for another book, and that im happy about. Wanna learn more about Angela, and where the other razac are.

    All that time, and eragon never got laid!

  • JD

    I, like most people, loved the book, but really didn’t like the ending, actually, only the part with Arya and Eragon.  It seems like he must have left all of those things, and their relationship open, so he could create another book.  I wonder how he expected the fans to react to him not letting them be together?   Perhaps he thought we would be satisfied with the emotional bond of sharing the true names, but we are all humans, and humans love physical company.   We have all been lonely, and it makes me sad to envision Eragon on that Island lonely for the next few hundred years.   Besides, the elves would be there to take care of the dragons, so surely he could take some vacation to see Arya and his family.   If the distance is so great he needs a ship, that Saphira can’t fly it, he can use a ship and power it with the all heart of hearts.  Make it go so fast, like a super sonic jet or something.   

    I would like it if he we create another book a few 100 years later as well, but it will take some sort of super villion because the riders are so powerful.   Otherwise there will be no story.  Some riders will need to go bad, and that would suggest Eragon was a bad leader, so that seems unlikely.  Or Aliens, or a really powerful race from a new land.   I just don’t know who or what the villain would be, but that is why CP is CP.  Hopefully he will come up with something great.   

    After the other books came out, I always read, and then reread the books several times.  I even did this with Harry Potter after book 7.  I just have no desire to reread this book because I thought the ending was so sad.   I also lost my desire to recommend this book series to others.  I must have recommended it to like 20 people over the last 5 years, and I fear I won’t do that any more.  I can’t recommend something i don’t want to read my self.     Hopefully I will convince my self to do it, and find solace in the emotional connection…..but that seems unlikly.   Come on CP,   give us a happy ending.  There are enough bad things going on in the world, and enough sad things going on in the world.  I know I would be reading this book if he kept them together.  I know it!   At least we can use this website to all complain together, and make ourselves feel better.

    • christy

      very well said i can tell you speak from the heart! lets hope he returns to it soon!

    • Atleger

      I agree, a new book set a hundred years later would be interesting, but I would feel so empty not being able to hear about Roran. I grew almost as much on his character than I did with Eragon. It would also be nice to learn more about Murtaugh and Thorn, as we didn’t get much on them throughout the entire cycle. And I can see a band of Riders who want to challenge Eragon and go against his teachings. It wouldn’t necessarily pin Eragon down as being a bad teacher; I mean were the first Riders bad teachers toward Galbatorix? He simply wanted power, and thus rebelled. It would be interesting all the same, so hopefully Paolini will write another one in the near future.  

    • Guest

      It doesnt nessicarily have to be riders that go evil or so.
      “… the barows of Anghelm, where the one and only Urgal king, Kulkarvek, lies in state. Avoid too the ruins of Vroengard and of El-Harim. Beware the deeps, and tread not where the ground grows black and brittle and the air smells of brimstone, for in those places evil lurks” Inheritance p. 738 l. 25-28
      Ok Umaroth speaks to Murtagh and not to Eragon, but I think that that might be bad for both if that evil rises.

      speaking of complaining…
      I thhink I want to know things about:
      The passing strangers
      Murtagh and Thorn

      Tenga has one chapter and a short dialogue between Angela and Eragon
      Angela has the strange Occupation to give more questions than she actually gives answers
      The passing strangers (!!!)
      they appear in exactly two (i repeat: TWO) chapters o the whole circle!
      Who are they? to me it occurs that they are just in the books to be in the books…
      Murtagh and Thorn… they are just awesome. I felt so awesome when Murtagh mouthed to Eragon ‘Ready yourself’ before they attack King G and Shruikan

      Hope I could Confuse some of you…

  • I was really hoping that he would announce that in honor of the last book being released, Peter Jackson was going to take up the series and actually make it into a decent series of movies, but alas, it was not to be 🙁

  • Jswrig01

    I am a huge fan of the series. CP has done what no one in their mid twenties had done before and must be commended for it. But here are my thoughts on the book in particular the ending. This is how I envision the ending to have been.

    -The Vault of Souls was good, probably a few too many eggs made Saphira being the last female dragon (big part of the first three) irreverent.

    -Fine with the Green dragon not hatching till the end. how else were they supposed to get it. and it being Arya was what should have happened. It was only right.

    -Arya becoming Queen is wrong. she chose her life outside of the elf ruling party and it should have remained that way. She dedicated her life to the dragons and should remain doing so.

    -Eragon did not need to leave. He know the word of words so he should have removed the fallout on the riders island and rebuilt it. If that happened Arya could remain Queen and it would have been fine.

    -Him sailing to the island of the riders could have satisfied some of the prophecy and Angela could have been like “I got it mostly right” and laughed in a joking manner which she does!

    -Angela is……???? Come on!! I believe her to be the soothsayer but a little background would have been nice, just a little.

    -Adding the dwarves to the riders is great, they have been so essential to the victory over the king. but he should have promised to do so with the urgals if they continued their ways of piece (incentive)

    -Brom’s seven word probably were the spell eragon used to kill the king but perhaps the scene could have shown that. Eragon remembering Brom as he was about to die/fail and realizing the truth behind the seven words in connection with the oldest dragons teachings. This would have given profound impact to the destruction of the king. and added a great ending to the journey Brom started.

    -Angela should have been put in charge of the spellcasters, and maybe along with Elva when she grew up.

    -Lastly Arya in her time with Firnen could have come to the understand of the deep bond she need with people and overcome her distance with Eragon which in a way she did the true names part. but when the two dragons were testing on another she could have been a bit playful herself and kissed him and stated that elfs take much longer to court then dragons implying the end up together but in time which they both have. And they join eragon in training the new riders.

    would this have been acceptable to everyone?

    • Naegling

      Good points all around, except for concerning Brom’s 7 words. Galbatorix killed himself, using only two words, I believe (I lent my copy to a friend once I finished, so I can’t check)

  • Bkrocker1

    Although all of the books were very good, this last one was by far the best. I can’t wait for you to continue in the future with Eragon.

  • Dani80452

    Christopher, it delighted me to read that Terry Brooks showed you the ropes. I enjoy you’rewriting as much as his. Thank you.

  • RichIan

    Leaving the last section of the book, that is after the death of Galbatorix aside, I thought that the Book was one of the best ever I’ve read. A happy ending with Arya and Eragon together would have complemeted this perfectly and made it the best book ever. 

  • RichIan

    I think that CP explained perfectly well that Arya did not consider Eragon a child anymore and that she gave him her full consent. Just revealing her true name to Eragon is enough to indicate the connection and intimacy between Arya and Eragon and the fact Arya was fully committed to Eragon and that he had her full approval. Plus it is not how long you know somebody that determines their relationship. Just look at what they experienced together. Anyway as I said in my earlier comment, CP could have avoided this separation and spared us the agony by not making Arya the queen. But now we cant change it and the only hope is that CP writes a book in the future where Arya meets Eragon and somehow they live together. 

  • RichIan

    ah well looking at all the comments it seems that there is a general feeling that the ending did not satisfy many which is also my feeling. Yes it is true that Arya acted according to her principles by placing her duty towards her own people over her own desires and needs. But CP could have avoided all this if he did not make Arya the queen of the elves. He could have either not killed off Islandazi or made somebody else the ruler of the elves. Cause afterall remember that Arya considers herself an outcast among the elves and also she was reluctant to be made the ruler or even be considered the queen of the elves. So it was a bit stupid making her the queen. 
    So if she was not the queen but only a rider she could have left with Eragon perfectly well and we would not all be subjected to an agonizing and heart-breaking ending cause I have to admit that this was the most emotional ending in a book I’ve read in my life. I still cant keep the image of Eragon leaving Arya and Roran out of my mind and not feel the emotion stirring within my heart. 
    On a positive note my fervent desire is that CP will one day (sooner the better) write a book placed a few centuries after the end of Inheritance with Arya passing over the throne to somebody else due to matters concerning Riders as new riders will be popping up and thus going to meet Eragon and staying with him. Plus a bit more on Angela please.  

  • agreyfolk

    that guy who interviewed him was kind of a dick…

  • love

    “It was really neat.” Yep, he hated the movie… like the rest of the world. 😀

  • ElvenLord

    personally i thought that book four was a good read (compared to bringr which i thought was a waste of time reading) However i was very disappointed with the end when Arya did not leave with him but as other people have commented it did not fit in with Aryas character and i respect CP for sticking to her strong beliefs. what angered me as well was tht Angela was left in the open and we found nothing out about her there was plenty of time to explain her character in full detail instead of writing “the months passed quickly for eragon and saphira”

    what did people think to the Urgals and dwarves been inducted into the rides?

  • Daniel

    Anyone find the Doctor Who reference in “Inheritance”? I laughed out loud when I noticed it.

    • Dom_modmod

      Rooms that are bigger on the inside than on the outside. Raxacori…

      • I think there was one other, but I can’t think of it right off the top of my head…

    • There’s actually a second one hidden in there. 🙂

  • Aryashadeslayer123

    I just Met him At a book signing He said he likeed my hat it was beast

  • Dukelord

    so what now, will he continue the story that he made or will fall on the way side. Thats my fear cp may chose a different genera and not come back to the great world and characters he made.

    • Coolcow142

      He said in the acknowledgements “I don’t intend to abandon Alagaësia. I’ve put too much time and effort into this world, and at some point in the future, I will return to it.”. I think he will keep his word but who knows how long it may take him to come back to this. He will probably experiment with other stuff first but I just hope he comes back sooner rather than later.

    • Madeline L

      My biggest fear is that he will return to this world, but it will not be about Eragon, Saphira, Arya, Angela, Murtagh, and Thorn. I think it will be about Brom and the fall of the riders. that way Galby will be in it more and he will be riding Shrukin. Anyway, that would be AMAZING, but not as good as something with the others that happens after this last book.

  • Eragonrocks89

     I would like to say what alot of people are trying to say. We all have been reading these books for years and YES the final book was a let down. I know you will say speak for myself but when you have the majority of your readers that say the samething then YES there is something wrong. as long as I have came to his site you have NEVER had a negative comment about CP or his decisions in the books. You seem more like a friend to him or like your are paid by him in some way so you will not share your real feelings. its not possible to read this many books and you never have disagreed with him. We all LOVE these books but with the length of time it took him to write it and the fact he left so many things out and overall the 4th book felt rushed at the end… YES we are disappointed and have the right to be.

    • Nlinn

      you are just being a baby because you didnt get what you wanted from the book in the end

      • Eragonrocks89

         yup sure am

    • You’re wrong though — the majority of readers do NOT dislike the final book. Please stop making these ridiculous presumptions. You do not speak for everyone.

      I am not paid by anyone — I do this for free. My opinions are honest, not fake. It ticks me off more than anything when people like you roll in here and accuse me and others of having “fake opinions”.

      I have no respect for your opinions if you have no respect for ours.

      • Vlatkovichka

        have you read the inheritance forums? he’s right… just cause you probably wouldn’t mind if CP farted in your face doesn’t mean that you actually know how the majority feels…

        just sayin…

  • Zack

    He said that he might return to the Eragon series…that would be great

  • Orik

    Ok, that is just very weird for someone to name their baby after a fictional character. Seriously.  I feel sorry for those kids.

    • Yeah I know they must be terribly hurt having really unique, cool names

      • Knightess

        now I’ve been admiring you for sacasming your way to all “idiot” comments. But for this one I disagree with you 🙁 unique names are cool when we appreciate them but for kids they don’t (they most likely will when they grow older though). I know many of my friends who have unique names and always got kinda bullied for having unique names …

    • Madeline L

      I disagree. I mean, there are always going to be children who don’t like their names. But I don’t think they would be any more likely to dislike their names if they are named say Eragon, Arya, Murtagh etc. than if they were named Sarah, Emily, Joe etc. I think that most of them will love their names and be proud of where they came from. Besides, I would think it would make them want to live up to their names. How amazing would it be to be named after the person who killed Galbatorix and slew a shade and saved the dragon riders? there are so many people with boring, common names. It would set them apart in a good way.

  • JREragonfan

    I’m pretty sure that the Menoa tree took either a sample of Eragon’s DNA (ie his Semin) or took a part of his reproductive organs (ie: his testacle) because she considered him to be a “new” species.  Eragon doesn’t know enough about reproduction to understand this…but it’s pretty clear to anyone with a bit of knowledge about antomy that she took something from his lower abdominal area…you just have to use your imagination to figure it out. 

    JREragon fan

    • :D

      Not sure what “semin” or “testacles” are.

      • hoke


  • Woohoo!

    I wish she at least kissed him..

    • Bjames96 Swimmer

      I thought the exact same thing! He suffered for her so much ad didn’t get as much as a kiss!

      • Anthonymeiss

        I thought for sure Arya would leave with Eragon. I was very disappointed that she didn’t but I think I understand Paolini’s reason for her not leaving: it would totally go against her character. She has always done what’s best for her people no matter her personal feelings. It’s gonna take me times reading through the book before I start to accept Paolini’s ending though.

      • guest

        The thing is, she gave him much more in sharing her true name with him. She revealed to him the core of her being, her entire character, and in my mind, that’s something much more special and intimate than a kiss. (But yeah, I totally wanted a kiss too hahah. Oh well.)

  • Mollywaters94

    The people who made The Lord of the Rings should remake Eragon the the rest of the cycle they would do an amazing job just look at what they did with LOTR

    • Anthonymeiss

      I agree completely! Twentieth Century Fox did a horrible job with “Eragon.” I truly wish Peter Jackson would jump on board and be allowed to the Inheritance Cycle.

      • Coolcow142

        Over like the last 6 years that has become like a bucket list thing for me, I have even gone so far as to start outlining scripts for eragon, but it is a monumental task even to just write a script and I imagine the farther you go in the series the harder it gets.

  • ok will there another eragon movie? personaly i kinda wanted to bash my head against the wall after seeing so i believe there should be another movie made to give justice to the book and and it so they can have a sequel ( seeing as how they messed up the movies so bad that there cant be )

    • Xxiaosaurus

      Blame Fox for botching the movie version. It was like they heard what was in the book and went along their own style with no regards to the author or the fans. They just do that for the hell of it, I think.

  • Mari

    I’m getting seriously annoyed that everyone complains about the ending.. It’s not in Arya’s character to leave her responsibilities and duties for some teenager she barely knows! (at least by elven standards.. She’s known him for what, 3 years? What’s that to an elf.) And besides, you keep whining that CP writes a lot of cliches – at least this wasn’t one. 

    • Austin Littley

      Eragon and Arya knew each other as deeply as any two people can. They told each other their true names. Arya stayed for duty, not because he was a “teenager” who she didn’t know.

      • Mari

        Even if they know each other’s true name, he’s still a child to Arya no matter how well she knows him. She’s almost 100 years older than him. 

        • Smpoynter

          If you reread that part though she tells him that she no longer thinks of him as a child and actually says that she does want to be with him.

          • Mari

            I still find it rather squicky. I do like the two of them together, but I’d like for Eragon to mature more first, gain some experience and wisdom, so that the gap between them won’t be so large. 

      • Paul

        I agree

    • Arya<3

      also she’s too young to be a ruler, and she’s too outcast being accustomed to the elves.. also she’s a RIDER

    • Deathscreator

      They dident know each other for thee years.. More like a year and a half too 2 years max

  • haha

    I just realized something. CP wrote in Inheritance that Eragon hated the way his hair curled at his temple* & I noticed that CP’s hair is curly,too. I think CP wrote Eragon to be like himself 🙂

    • Mohithan_10

      i noticed that too

    • Paul

      And Eragon was 15 in Eragon, like CP when he started writing the books

  • hoke

    CP on Letterman!!!

    • EternalShade

      CP on Ellen!!!

  • There are so many things Christopher didnt conclude in Inheritance and it has annoyed me. For example he didn’t mention Undbitr (Broms sword) even if the sword was in the sowrds Eragon retrieved from Uru’baen he didnt mention the Mistery women that Eragon blessed in Brisingr, we didnt find out what the 7 words Brom spoke to eragon were, and we didnt find out what the Menoa tree took from eragon, and some other things as well, would love Christopher to address these issues at some point, he replied to one of my tweets but didnt really tell me anything apart from that Undbitr was another story… broms story, maybe he intends to right broms story in the future, i hope so, but then what aobut the other things he didnt conclude in the book? 

    • Maugs53

      it said in Brisingr that Undbitr was lost in a battle.  The mystery women, like Angela, are just that, mysteries.  The Menoa tree decides to take nothing from him, or it takes something even he doesn’t understand.  The 7 words were definitely that biggest left open mystery.

      • lol ur all stupid

        when the menoa tree said go maybe she was influencing eragon and saphira to leave

      • I know thats what it said about Undbitr, butjust because something was lost does mean it doesnt exist anymore, so i was hoping that it may have been found or at least we’d find out about it, and i was hoping we would find out what the menoa tree took or that she didnt take anything, but that was left open aswell.

    • Helper33437

      I agree that he did leave alot of loose ends. Like, what happened to Tenga being in the book? And Angela got even more confusing in that book in my opinion. But the mystery women were in a book but then being there made them even more mysterious. If you go back to the battle of Uru’aben when Roran is etheir knocked out or just dazed (i forget which) by some kind of missle thrown at him at Delwin is killed, it talks about how a mysterious woman saves him from some soliders of the Empire. It talks about the scars on the wrist and when he asks her who she is she just says “A passing stranger”. Also, it desribed the teenage girl who Eragon blessed with her being behind her. There was another boy with that girl, so that just adds to the confusion. Although he did explain alot in that book, personally i feel that he did not explain enough. I did really want to know what those 7 words Brom told him were, and what happened to Oromis’s sword after it fell. 

      • Yeah, i do remember the women appearing in the book, but it didnt explain who they were or anything which dissapointed me, and also i agree that more about tenga should have been talked about in the book and yeah i would have loved to know about Oromis’ sword aswell, i hope he addresses these issues in an interview, just for peice of mind 🙂

        • Eragon fan

          I wonder if Tenga is one of the Grey folk that were said to be the declined and assimilated race that created the ancient language.Same thing with Angela, who is queen of the grey folk, which is why Solumbum follows her around all the while just as the other werecats who sit next to the kings and queens of Alagaesia. She might also be the Soothsayer.

          PS: I think CP should provide us all with some grief counseling.I mean after what happened with Arya and Eragon I might have to change my true name in the ancient language. I was so crushed.  To top it off, howcome the dragons (Saphira and Firnen) got to be the only ones who got together while Arya and Eragon just went along to Ellesmera doing their homework, planning out things in the future, and ate at like… ten feasts without so much as a minute alone? Whhhhhhyyyyy?!?!?!?!?!!!!!

          I think i have to re-write the last two chapters for myself, just to make me feel better.

  • Wwrestler92

    Despite my opinion of the conclusion, I can’t deny that CP is a class act.

  • Anonymous

    Ahh I want to comment on something that happened in book, but I will wait till the podcast and so I don’t spoil anything for anyone who hasn’t read the book yet. Mike I hope yall are having a book 4 pod cast.  I miss listening to you guys.
    I wish Christopher would have come to Atlanta for a book signing. 🙁 I was very surprised when Atlanta wasn’t on his tour list.

  • guest

    One might argue that the ending of Inheritance  was infact a let down.However, it seems to me that, even though many questions are left unanswered , a a part of Eragon’s story comes to an end.
    Of course I do hope that there will be more books in the future  , but not as a part of the Inheritance cycle.There could be a different cycle under a different name  continuing the story.

    • Deathscreator

      I hope so.

  • Do an individual story on Brom or Morzan. I mean, a book from a villains point of view would be cool. And brom would be awesome. 

    • Vanquisher of snails

      Oh ya. It would be awesome too, not only cause it would shed light on the search for saphira’s egg and all of brom’s shenanigans- but it would give an idea of what the riders system, and training was like- and what it was like to be amongst their ranks

      • endisok

        cool name

  • Spitty

    I will dearly miss the books, and I hope you return to Eragon. Alagaesia at the least, but I want more eragon 😀 also the movie sucked lol, well it was good but it sucked in terms of the story and stuff lol

  • Rbyrne760

    since we aren’t going to get another alagaesia book for at least a few years, we had better get one hell of an interview

  • BrownEYEDgirl

    Not going to lie, the ending on inheritance, was SUCH a let down. I feel like I walked away with more questions then I did starting the book. I would have loved to read about some of the new riders getting trained by Eragon and Saphira. And what about the high queen? Doesnt she get her happy ending as well? And the witch child, what happens to her? (sorry, I don’t know how to spell their names.) As well as so many other questions.  I really feel that theres so much left unsaid. I understand that some authors like to leave a little bit of the ending up to the readers imagination, but leaving SO many questions unanswered is such a let down.

    • Spitty

      It was a good book, but yes I understand what you’re saying, I’m sure that he will return (hopefully) to Eragon’s world in a few years and it shows them training new dragon riders (: and hopefully something new happens in Alagaesia and Eragon has to return even though it says he was never going to.. he can change fate 🙂

    • Williamwatson

      The ending was the last 100 pgs of Inheritance was the beginning of the epic romance. The epic romance is intended to take place while Arya and Eragon are separated physically because their love will never cease. CP has confirmed that he will write another book with Eragon set in the future. It will involve Arya and they will be reunited for good. Eragon will be able to return to Alagaesia, that part of Angela’s prophecy was wrong, he leaves but not forever. Read the two letters in Eragons Guide to Alagaesia, CP stated these contained things that would take place in the next book. You can find them if you search Eragons guide to Alagaesia wiki. Also, read INHERITAGONS post on this link:http://www.inheritan…showtopic=70076ANOTHER BOOK IS CONFIRMED. IT IS CONFIRMED ERAGON WILL RETURN. IT IS NOT CONFIRMED THAT ERAGON AND ARYA WILL GET TOGETHER, BUT IT MIGHT AS WELL BE.

      • Eklavya

        What? Another book is confirmed?

      • Nothing is confirmed.

      • Arya<3

        why do you spam?

  • The Grey Rider

    I wonder if he knew that the ending he left would leave people feeling so dissatisfied and wanting more?

    • It didn’t leave everyone dissatisfied. Best to speak only for yourself. 😉

      • OromisLivesOn

        I think it’s safe to say that he left the majority of his reader’s dissatisfied.

  • Hgb0019

    Anyone else notice him sort of cringe when that awful woman suggested that he get a Kindle? hahaha!

    • He didn’t cringe. I doubt he or any author would argue against e-readers. They might not be the best way to read a book (I’m a fan of physical copies), but no one can deny that they’ve done a lot to help the book industry and by extension, authors.

      • hoke

        yeah i actually read inheritance on my nook app for my computer. i didnt buy the physical copy until like saturday (hopefully to get signed!!!!!)

  • TheWindsWhisper

    Like this if you think Shruiken would have made better cover art than Firnen. 

    • I dunno, we see more of Shruikan mostly but Firnen’s pretty important. He’s sort of the symbol of the new age that comes after Galbatorix. And personally I love green so it was cool to see him xD but I REALLY want to see a painting of Shruikan.

      • Austin Littley

        I believe there is one. Look it up on Google images. I think it came out on a Japanese version of one of the previous books.

    • hoke

      does shruiken ever say anything?

  • TheWindsWhisper

    I wonder how many readers will never follow CPs books anymore because Inheritance was such a monumental let down. Damn were mean I hope CP doesn’t look at these comments. 

    • You still come to the website to make sure everyone and their mom knows how you “don’t follow CP any more” … yet visit his fan community to post “clever” comments.

    • Deathscreator

      Who cares if he does see them? We spent how many years waiting fir the last book expecting a master piece and in the end he shat on us… So nice of him..

  • DragonsAreAwesome

    Can’t wait for more books!!  🙂

  • guest

    when talking about the movie, I wonder how much he wanted to say “they ruined my story!  they ruined the characters and made it so a sequel was impossible”

    • The Grey Rider

      If it were me, I would’ve sued the idiots who made the movie for everything they were worth, then tried to find someone for a remake after pulling the mockery from stores.
      And the same for that game…

      • RaNDom WEirDo

        SOOO TRUUUUUEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Daniela

        I know it’s silly, but if anyone ever is about to produce a remake of the movie, I want him to be Peter Jackson. He would do MIRACLES with the books.

  • hoke

    CP wanted to say the world of alagaesia so bad, but just said world of eragon..

    • Yeah, I saw that too…
      But had he said Alagaesia, many people would’ve been confused.

      • firesword 52

        the people that are actualy intrested in the interview would have known

        • hoke

          i was hoping he would’ve, even if the jagaloon hosts didnt know what Alagaesia is

        • The goal of these sorts of things are to hook new readers

          • TheWindsWhisper

            Hey Mike are there going to be any more q and a’s with Christopher? I think most fans are going to want at least one more at this point. 

          • Aren’t you the one who said you don’t want to follow CP or his books anymore? Odd that you’d want to read an interview with him…

          • But…. Will there Mike? we fans have so many questions we want answered! 🙂

          • TheWindsWhisper

            I didn’t say I was never gonna follow him anymore that comment was just mild speculation.

          • runner17

            You MUST have one!!!!

          • TheFirstUrgalRider

            If he wanted to hook new readers, he should have taken a better haircut. Anyway Mike, when are YOU going to appear on the Early Show?

  • Carebear-97

    stayed up past midnight the first 2 nights after it came out to finish it! it was amazing, but a little saddening because not everything was answered and the ending, i felt, was sad too. i wouldnt mind a short 5th book to explain further what happens to eragon. maybe a new series will be written on a young new rider growing up with the dragons and exploring all of alagasia’s secrets? cant wait for more of paolinis books!

    • Soragon

      Damn man. Past midnight? That’s going a bit too far, don’t you think?

      • TheWindsWhisper

        Hell no, I was up on the first night cause I couldn’t find any good stopping points. I looked down at my phone at like 3 in the morning and I was almost to page 400. 

      • That’s nothing I stayed up to 4 AM Saturday night to finish it. Needless to say it kept me wide awake.

      • JustAThought

        Not even! I read till around 4 in the morning the first day and then on day 2 i read until I finished it at 7 in the morning!

  • Jmhoppe

    So excited he is writing more books!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Shadeslayer

    I hope CP does return to the world of Eragon soon )=

    • Obsessed FAN 15

      Totally and completely agree, cannot wait till he returns to Eragon, returning  to alagaesia would be cool, a prequel would be good, but I for one want more ERAGON! Just voicing my opinion…  😀

  • There’s a HD version on Youtube :


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