Christopher Set to Appear on The Early Show Tomorrow Morning!

Christopher Paolini took to his Twitter account to announce that he will be making an appearance on the Early Show (CBS) tomorrow morning! We do not have confirmation on what time Christopher’s appearance will air during the show, however we are able to report that the Early Show airs from 7am to 9am EST. We will have video of Christopher’s appearance on the show online as soon as possible for those of you who miss his appearance. Be sure to tune in or set your DVR to record!

  • Chopin’s doppleganger

    I love how stiff Christopher gets when they talk about the movie.

  • Collinjk11

    I finished the fourth book last night and i am very angry how CP ended the series.  Truthfully, i am kind of angry with CP for ending it that way.  He NEEEEEEEEDS to write a fifth book or i think i am going to DIE…

    • Madeline L

      My first thought exactly when I finished. I am seriously going through depression right now. I know that sounds stupid since they are fictional characters, but I love them all so much and I love this cylce so much that they are basically real. This is what happens when you are such a good writer, CP, and you get everyone so attached to your characters that they want to die when it ends sadly for them. So in order to make amends and heal my broken heart, you must write a fifth book. it is as simply as that.

  • Belmin519

    I just want to see him write a book about what happens after Eragon leaves (which i find the stupidest ending ever!) and better have ExA to make up for inheritance he should probably wait until he has been in a relationship though.

  • BEit

    I would LOVE to see CP write out the full version of Domina Abr Weirda. It is an explanation of alagasia before galby took over and would make for a killer background novel for inheritance.

    • Dom_modmod

      love the spelling of wyrda…

  • EternalShade

    Hey Mike, will you be having anymore interviews with Christopher to talk about Inheritance? And will you been doing any podcast episodes for Inheritance?

  • Alexis

    I would love to see him write about Brom’s history, and of what Mrutagh went through right before eragon and during Eldest.

  • Dom_modmod

    gee there wasn’t much on the talk with CP…it wasn’t anything at all actually.   Oh well

  • BloodWolf411

    ok will there be a new eragon movie??? like many others i kinda wanted to bash my head into the wall after seeing it and i feel that they need to remake it simply to do the book justice and pave another path for the sequals ( seeing as how they ruined the first movie sothat they cant)     am i right or what???

    • EternalShade

      You are ABSOLUTELY right… It should be redone by Warner Bros.

    • Crazyjjvols

      peter jackson should make it. he did a fabulous job on the lord of the rings

      • Madeline L

        YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He would do the best job EVER!!!! I think directors tend to kind of wimp out on fantasy movies which doesn’t make ANY sense because they could be the greatest movies ever. they need to go ALL OUT. If they are too worried about their budget then they shouldn’t make it. Peter went all out on LOTR. And the Eragon movies should be three hours long too. I have NO idea how the director of Eragon thought he could make that into pretty much and hour and a half movie.

    • Christopher has said that there is a possibility for future movies but that he is unable to say anything more.

    • Mr-x

      They should do it in as an anime series of such so there not so much pressure on the timing issue plus the characters can look exactly as they need to and the scenery aswell if not a series then a movie but the same thing you know but definitely don’t make it childish just make it epique

  • The Green Dragon

    what part was he in? first, middle, or last?

  • Banad

    I want a 5th book! 🙂

  • ffreak_10
  • D.321


    Is there any possibility that C.P. could explain why some of the confirmed facts about book 4, before it was released, did not actually show up in book 4 after the release?  The chapter brains is one example (although I really don’t care about this one, and I assume it was edited out), but there are a few that I am wondering about because some would of been cool to read, while others might have closed a couple of old storylines.  Maybe you could ask him in an interview? 

    • Panther

      ‘would of’..???

      ‘would have’!

      garrr don’t butcher my language!

    • Keep in mind that the “confirmed facts” list was created by us (fans) and not by Christopher himself. It is possible that there were a few errors in there. It’s also entirely possible that Christopher’s vision for certain parts of the books changed over time.

      But yes, we are doing an interview soon and I will address that.

  • Fp

    Is anyone else having trouble viewing the spoilers 2.o posting?  It won’t seem to load for me for some reason.

    • Anonymous

      same thing with me 2 .. I wonder whether they have removed the thread due to fan outrage!!

      • Fp

        I doubt that. At least I hope not.  I was actually having some decent real conversations on that thread.

      • I think you guys broke it with too many comments. Some of our older posts (like the one where Christopher mentioned Eragon was left chained and tortured in a dungeon that wasn’t Galbatorix’s) break when they hit too many comments. I will look into this, but I wasn’t able to fix the older posts and I’m not sure I’ll be able to fix this one either. 🙁

        I will start another thread soon.

        • Fp

          Ah.  Well thanks for trying Mike 🙂

  • Dom_modmod

    Hmmm… I wonder what will be said about his future writing career…if they delve in any way into that…which I hope…(I like dot dot dots…)

  • Jklm

    What happened to the sweepstakes mike??

  • Metfan4eva57

    Good. Christopher Paolini has much to answer for.

  • Chinmaylalani132

    I think it will be the same questions we have been asking on Shurtugal like what will be jis next project? how did Inheritance pan out while writing? any tips for aspiring writers?………..  

  • Henry Lu

    Is this the first time he’s been interviewed since the books have been released? I’ve heard about a few book signings and such in the past few days but there’s never been any reports or transcripts of them. Has he responded to the furor over the ending of book four and whatever else yet?

    • The Green Dragon

      when i go to my book signing in a week im gonna ask at least one good question cus he is gonna have a Q&A there.

  • TheFirstUrgalRider

    Definitely watching it, it’s a good opportunity to hear his thoughts and feelings about how the book ended and about what he experienced on release day. Lets hope he reveals his future plans, if he’s got any at the moment.

  • BEit

    Hey Mike when we will the next Q&A with CP about book 4 be? Now that he can talk openly about it. I know it will Probly be a while i was jw if you had any idea.

  • Dae

    Exciting! I’m not sure what time that is here but I don’t think we even have CBS! Something about living in Canada… of course I haven’t watched TV in months. And we don’t have a DVR so I will be watching whatever clip comes up on Youtube.

    • Dom_modmod


  • The Green Dragon

    Yay just got a DVR and can record it now 🙂

  • Iceblizard

    I finished reading Inheritance!  It’s epic!

  • Okay, people. There’s no way he’s going to announce his next book during this interview. That would take publicity from Inheritance, and that could take away from the sales. There’s no way Random House is going to let him do that

  • hoke

    do you know when it will air mountain time?

    • Akshayraj Aitha

      5-7 AM. It’s 2 hours behind EST. I’m on PST though, so it’s airing 4-6 AM here 🙁

      • I believe it actually airs later (taped, not live) in PST. Check your local CBS websites, they should say specifically when these things air.

        • hoke

          ok it said 7-9 am here too. do you have a clue when he’ll be on though? i’d rather sleep in a bit than watch morning news for 2 hours 😛

  • This will be youtubed, yes? I don’t think i’ll be up early enough to see it.

  • Naruto_Fan

    Hey guys, i saw a pretty cool comment about an idea for book 5 on this site. Again, this is not my idea, so whoever’s idea this was don’t get mad at me for reposting it:

    So it’s around 40 years after the events of Inheritance. The main
    character of the series would be the daughter of Eragon and Arya (so
    they did eventually get together). She’s around 17 years old or so.

    Anyways, when Eragon’s daughter turns 17, Alagaesia is invaded by a
    powerful army. This army is led by a shade dragon rider. Eragon hears
    this, and returns to Alagaesia. He and Arya go to confront the army, but
    are killed by the shade. All the other riders are killed, with the
    exception of Murtagh. Glaedr’s eldunari survives as well.

    Eragon’s daughter is devastated and seeks revenge, but has no hope of
    defeating the powerful army now sweeping through Alagaesia. However, a
    dragon egg hatches for her, and she sets out to find a teacher so she
    can destroy the shade rider and his army.

    Eventually, Eragon’s daughter finds Murtagh, Thorn, and Glaedr, and is
    educated in magic and the art of being a rider. Murtagh is surprised at
    how powerful she is and how fast she learns (this is partly because she
    is an elf child). She then leads a powerful attack on the shade and his
    army, and after a series of battles, drives them out of Alagaesia.

    I was thinking that maybe Roran and Nasuada could be involved in the storyline too somehow.


      I’m the person who first posted this and lol thanks for posting this i appreciate it.

    • Jay Tee345

      THAT woud be awesome but… instead of killing Arya and Eragon make it more original like in a camatose state or magically teleported… idk but that idea is awesome and the Shade rider should be Dwarven from az rahk anhuin (or however you spell it) 😀

    • I didn’t read this but I have to ask… what does this have to do with Christopher being on The Early Show?

      • I did read it, and can confirm beyond a shadow of a doubt that it has nothing to do with CP being on the Early Show. Cool idea though

      • XxxX

        But don’t you think its cool…except for Eragon and Arya dying…

      • XxxX

        That awkward moment when a comment has more likes than the original

  • Jordantrogers

    i hope that in the book five he will explain what eragon will be doing because it shouldn’t take that long to teach dragon riders.

  • Tuor

    Can upload it to youtube Mike?? I’m not american :|, and i don’t have CBS.

  • Will be waiting to watch it 😛

  • Anonymous

    DVR set!

  • It would be so awesome if he announced his next project…Or a new trilogy following the Inheritance Cycle.
    Though to be realistic, I know that such an announcment will not happen before his tour is finished, and even then, we very well might have to wait another 3-6 months before one is made.

    • Yeah, I’m doubting any major announcement is coming on this appearance.

      • firesword 52

        agree but it would be cool

  • Anonymous

    Sweet 😀 Maybe he will anounce a book five?

  • DragonsAreAwesome


  • MMLooser


  • Vlatkovichka

    first 🙂 anyway, the ending is sad ofc., but awesome… I could really imagine how they feel and jeez… I cried haha

    bet my money on book 5 😉