“Big Twenty” – Who Is the Green Rider?

For the final Big Twenty article, we theorize on what could possibly be the most debated topic in all of the Inheritance Cycle: who is the Green Rider?

Mike is busy in New York City, hobnobbing with Random House and Christopher and getting ready for the final book release, so he wasn’t able to give his two cents. However, the rest of us podcasters have a few favorite theories, and of course we couldn’t leave out you, the fans!

Without any more delay, let’s take them one at a time:


Chris’s thoughts: Obviously, she is the fan favorite for the green rider. Her magic is green. She has even more extensive training than Eragon, and at the hands of one of the last dragon riders that lived after the fall of the riders. She is an elven princess who has already hinted that she would not have to take the throne. This leads me to believe that her destiny lies outside of the mundane role of queen and is instead as a ruler of the sky. Perhaps she will accompany Eragon on his foretold exodus from Alagaesia?

Lauren’s Thoughts: My guess for the green rider is Arya. I know, boring, expected guess, but I am going with the masses with this one. It just feels right; it has always felt right.

Let’s look at the facts. CP has confirmed that it is someone we have known throughout the books. Granted, that could be many different beings, but she counts in with that. She is an elf, and though above the age where they are usually selected, Saphira loves and trusts her, so the dragon(s) overall approve of her.

Also her magic is green. Yes, magic color can change, but that seems a bit handy and might be a clue planted from the start of Eragon. Add to this the fact that she has the choice to opt out of becoming the next leader of the elves, if she should want to. I think if Islanzadi was to die right at the beginning of Inheritance she’d probably do that anyway, because of her free spirit and love of traveling, but the fact that it is even an option for her removes a huge obstacle for the elven princess.

And can we forget the Eragon-Arya love-affair? The thought of him being with someone who will grow old and die saddens him immensely. Plus, he’s irrevocably in love with her, and as Brisingr has shown us, she might be starting to warm to the idea of him.

Here are a few fan theories:

Tim K: Arya. The next rider won’t have the time or the ability to undergo the Blood-Oath Celebration like Eragon, and therefore we should assume, in the best interest of Alagaesia and the war against Galbatorix, that the fourth rider is elven. Also, this would take Eragon and Arya’s relationship from being so unbalanced and put them on the same ‘level’ so to speak, finally allowing them to be together.

Brandon P: The new Rider will be Arya, because just as Eragon his magic is blue influenced by his bond with Saphira, but there are sudden hints like Arya has green eyes, and her magic is green. It would not be a far out of the box idea to conclude that she is the fourth rider… Arya has emotions for Eragon and, as Saphira is the last female, he might be tilted to forge a bond with her so Eragon can have his mate, as well as Saphira, seeing as how each one of them is necessary so that dragons will not go extinct.

Kaitlyn B: Personally, I think the Green Rider will be Arya. In the main, I think this due to her constant affiliation with the color green, i.e.: green magic, pine needles (which, at their most potent scent wise, are green), and the numerous other depictions of “green.”

Secondly, I think Arya due to the fact that status as a dragon rider would put her on even footing with Eragon (both immortal, Shadeslayers, ambassadors of their races, etc) and close the gap between them so that their romance may flourish. Thirdly, I think Arya due to the fact that the greatest feats each of them have accomplished, such as killing the shades, was accomplished together. In my mind it makes sense that the greatest accomplishment of the series, presumably killing Galbatorix, would be a joint effort between the two as a means of keeping symmetry in the series. Finally, I think Arya due to the fact that she is the most likely candidate as she is affiliated and accustomed to all the prominent races (human, elf, dwarf), most experienced with magic, most privy to the lives and ways of dragons from being Saphira’s guardian, and most experienced in battle and weapon skill.

Justin F: Arya, because as many people have already stated, it’s just common sense. Already skilled in magic, swordsmanship, and very knowledgeable. She will ‘inherit’ her own responsibilities when her mother passes on, and then you add in her own green-colored magic. It’s been stated earlier that Christopher doesn’t talk about Arya being the next rider so much because everyone thinks it will be her. There’s a reason ‘everyone’ thinks it will be her.

Arya being the green rider would tie things up in a neat little bow.

However, since Christopher isn’t the type of author who seems to like to tie things into neat little bows, I want to explore some of the other fan favorites.


Lauren’s Thoughts: Though I think Roran will become king (that’s another discussion, but Mike covered it brilliantly in his Big Twenty article on the future king of Alagaesia, so check it out!), there is the chance he could score the last remaining egg. As relative of Eragon, he already has a reputation as someone who is loyal, influential, and a fierce warrior, all things that a dragon would love and respect in its riding mate. And you know something big is going to happen to him, whether it is leader of the Varden, leader of Alagaesia, or the last rider. CP wouldn’t set us up to let us down, you know? (That’s what I’m telling myself, anyway. I’ll know tomorrow!)

Fan Theories:

Amol G: I have a slight feeling that the next dragon rider would be Roran… In this way, there would be a relation between all dragon riders. Roran has also gone through considerable turmoil to reach Eragon and Katrina.

Lindsey R: I think it’s Roran. Inheritance has been a series about growing up, coming into your own and forging paths for yourself. Furthermore it’s turned into a story of three brothers (half brother is still a brother!) and how they each find themselves through events that occur around dragons. After how we’ve watched Roran mature through book 3, he is the green rider.


Lauren’s Thoughts: I wasn’t really going to write about Nasuada as a potential rider, but knowing Chris’s strong hate for her, and Mike seeing everything in black and white with no wiggle room, I thought I should take a stab at it and try to do her justice, if I can.

I find this idea to be highly implausible. She loves the Varden, and it is her own Inheritance, in a way. She has done things, terrible things (whipping post, anyone?) for the sake of bettering them as a group and getting them to beat Galbatorix, which is the ultimate goal in the end. So why would she ever give that up?

The only thing I could see happening is if the egg hatched for her and she had no other choice, because there’s no way she could be a rider and lead the Varden, there’s just too much to do. She has a lot of great traits that would make for a great rider, including bravery and a cunning mind. She stands by what she thinks is important, regardless of the cost, and with a dragon sharing that mindset they would make quite a pair. And I wouldn’t put it past Christopher to shake us all up as readers and make something like this happen. However, for now I’m sticking with my original theory. I know the story is going to be amazing regardless, so I’ll happily be proven wrong come Tuesday the 8th!


Fan theories:

Matt P: You know, I’ve been thinking about this for a bit. As much as I would like to say that the new rider will be Arya, I’m leaning a bit more towards Angela on this one. Solembum seems to take an interest in people who are going to shape the future of Alagaesia, and Angela so far seems to be at the center of a lot of things. Plus, the green armor that she dons when she goes to battle is generally a good indicator as well 🙂

Skyler S: I am willing to bet that the Green Rider will be Angela. I think this because she already occupies a Dragon Rider-like position within the Varden. She can do whatever she wants, even slap Eragon, and she is included in many of the highest meetings. Also there is an eerie coincidence between Solembum’s eyes and the covers of the next book. Solembum’s eyes in Eragon were red, in Eldest they were golden, and in Brisingr they were yellow. Ironically the green dragon’s eyes are yellow, and he is the only dragon we have seen who has different colored eyes. Also, I think Angela is a half-elf!


Chris’s thoughts: Christopher Paolini was surprised at the fervor of attention Vanir received. It does not seem likely that he would make him a dragon rider. While he may be skilled with the sword, he is also older than Arya, and has little presence in the story after Eragon defeats him. Bringing him back in a largely prominent role would make no sense at this point.


Lauren’s Thoughts: I think Elva as a rider would be fierce to behold. Frankly, she scares the crap out of me, now that Eragon released her from her burden but left her with her powers. I don’t know if I would ever fully trust her as a rider, because a dragon that would hatch for her would know her heart and feel a kinship with it. That doesn’t make me feel safer, and it seems like they’d be an extremely powerful duo. Eragon would have his hands full with that one, especially because Elva at this point isn’t exactly sure how she feels about him because of the curse and everything that went with it. Plus, in episode 20, CP pretty much nixed this as an option, and since he’s the final say in everything Alagaesia, I believe him.

Fan Theories:

Jesse H: Elva will be the new green dragon rider in my opinion. Think of it, the dragons are anything but predictable and are very different from humans. The fact that Elva has already been touched by a dragon will probably mean a lot to the dragons for starters, and in general is a very strong character that I believe the dragons could relate to, with her being wild now because she can block out her ability to sense other’s pain.

Horace P: If not Arya or Nolfavrell, then I’m going with the wildcard Elva. She is an orphan, as would be the final dragon, is young and her blood runs with magic. I think that the dragon would pick her because she has no family and can relate to the dragon. She already has a gedway ignasia and is sensitive to magic. I also think that her accelerated growth could be linked to Greenie’s and allow Greenie to take a part in the final battle. Elva has spent a significant amount of time with Angela, a powerful person in Alagaesia, Eragon spent time with Brom, and Murtagh spent time with Galbatorix. Finally, she has been in all three books.


Lauren’s Thoughts: This is actually my favorite theory, though I don’t think it will ever happen. I love his character, and I think he would make an amazing rider. He is skills with an ax are unparalleled, and he has always been fair, as a leader and a friend. Also, he’s not afraid to put Eragon in his place (a trait he actually also shares with Roran, which I forgot to mention), which I can imagine will be a skill important for the green rider to have. Plus, he’s actually ridden on Saphira, which I believe was the first time that a dwarf ever took to the air on dragon-back. Granted, I know that dwarves aren’t included in the original rider contract, but so much is changing in Alagaesia, why can’t this?

Fan Theories:

Clark F: Despite what everybody is saying about it can’t be a dwarf, we still don’t know what the Rock of Kuthian and the Vaults of Souls will do. Could they somehow allow Orik or another dwarf to be the rider?

Bladesinger or Wolfeyes

Chris’s Thoughts: Another duo that was only introduced to us, but once again, their importance is conveyed in only a couple of pages. Angela casting the dragon knuckle bones to tell their future is a sure sign that they will help to shape the future of Alagaesia. Perhaps the younger of the two is young enough to be considered to be the new rider; no doubt they will play some part in the final book of the series though.

Fan Theories:

Paulina Ł: Remember the two women Eragon met in Brisingr? Yes, I think that the younger one will become the dragon rider of the green dragon because Angela the herbalist said that they are going on a very dangerous adventure. I think that they are going to steal the dragon egg from Galbatorix!

The Elf Children

Chris’s Thoughts: Though we did not see much of the elf children in the story, their raw power is conveyed most convincingly. Most people in Alagaesia consider full grown elves to be something to fear, but these children could do magic that older elves couldn’t dream of. If one of them was made a rider, then their power would be a formidable obstacle for Galbatorix to overcome. Since they are still young, they are at an ideal age for a dragon to choose them to be a rider.

Bob’s Thoughts: The possibility of one of the elf children becoming the Green Rider is an interesting prospect. One of the biggest reasons why is because they are the correct age for becoming a dragon rider. They are also extremely powerful elves which could make them an extremely formidable enemy for the king. Another thing these elves have going for them is that they are elves and as such speak the ancient language as a first language and would be very proficient in spells. The extent of their current knowledge is unknown, however, and any lack of knowledge would hinder the progress of the Varden as any training would delay their usefulness.


Bob’s Thoughts: The reasons for saying Sloan could be the Green Rider are purely fun and not logical in any way. One of the cool aspects of this strange pairing would be the fact that Sloan is blind. Can you imagine anything cooler than a rider having to see the world through the eyes of his dragon? The pairing would have to be very strong to support the handicap that Sloan brings along with him. It would also be a great way for this broken man to redeem himself. One problem (only one?) with this pairing would be that Sloan would require a huge amount of training in the Ancient Language and the use of magic and most likely wouldn’t be useful to the Varden for a very long time. Then again, I guess the elves could fix his eyesight. Then this entire paragraph wouldn’t make any sense. Oh well!

Fan Theories:

Chris K: I think it will be Sloan. I feel CP would not have let him live if he won’t be used again. We also learned that his eyesight can be fixed and he is in Ellesmera and the egg is likely going to go there and he has been in all the books. Plus Tamalin was made for someone with his build.

Rebekah T: I personally fancy it to be Sloan because of his yet-to-be-resolved plot concerning his “curse.” The life-changing event of becoming a Dragon Rider could alter his true name, releasing him from the oaths. Anyway, he needs a happy ending. 🙂

Other Ideas

Horace P: If not Arya, then I think Nolfavrell. Christopher said in the podcast that he wasn’t sure if he said the rider would be in all 3 books so far, or just one or two of them. Nolfavrell has been in Eldest and Brisingr and he is about the right age for a rider. Also he lost his father Quimby recently, which I think has something to do with who a dragon chooses. Just look at the last two riders; Eragon (mother at very young age, then father) and Murtagh (mother and father at young age).

Jack P: My theory is that the green dragon egg must have already hatched simply because a new born dragon wouldn’t be able play an effective role in the final book (unless the green dragon is under Galbatorix command and he has manipulated his growth like Thorn’s). If the green egg shell in Ellesméra was from the hatched green dragon then maybe one of the elf children though the question is how did the elves steal the last egg?

David L: Katrina- Pretty good twist, albeit extremely unlikely. Imagine having a little baby rolling around with a baby dragon, because of their strong connection to Katrina. Roran’s whole character is based on being a normal person without magic, so it would contrast well with a family full of magic-users.

We could go on and on with theories, but these are some of the best thoughts on the various subjects. What do you think? Who is your pick for the coveted spot of rider to the green dragon? What’s your favorite theory?

Regardless, we don’t have long to wait!

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      You make some sense there… but it would have been even better if Roran was the last Rider! Because, if you think about it, then all three Dragon Riders would have some sort of family connection, and that would allow them to team up to defeat Galbatorix because of their immense trust for each other (assuming, of course, the green dragon hatched before the final battle and was actually able to fight in it).

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    2 of the rest stay in Alagaesia and 1 dies in the story

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  • BigFan

    omg, i finished the book yesterday, it was aaaawwwwweeeeeesomeeeeeee 😀 can’t believe how wrong our theories were xD

  • Shur’tugal

    Anyone tellin’ me where the vault of souls is and what the seven words in the ancient lang that brom said are..Please….

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            I will tell you….if you read the last book. And you have to pinky swear.

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    I am convinced that Angela is the rider and the dragon has hatched for her a long time ago but she doesn’t want to expose him to the war.

  • Elena Shadeslayer

    it better be arya….. gosh im going to finish brisingr (for the 10000000000000000th time) then FINALLY READ INHERITANCE !!!!!
    *and its signed by CP himself…AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH* jut say him in NYC, front row…waited forever, totally worth it…

  • Hoiboy909

    On Wikipedia, the synopsis of Inheritance says that Arya will be the new rider. Can this be confirmed?

  • Ericst

    As we know true names are what people are in a name… So is it possible if eragon changes his true name he could avoid leaving alagaisia.

  • Murtagh

    I personally would not like the rider to be Arya, because she is hard to relate to. It is kind of hard to relate to an immortal elf princess. (Even though it will obviously be her.) I am pretty sure it is not Roran, because his main thing is that he is just a mortal man, and he still is a great leader and warrior. I would like the Rider to be Angela, but it is unlikely because she does not wield a sword. (Then what purpose would Tamerlin serve?)  

  • sekqr

    lol wikipedia spoiled the whole story

    • Guest

      tell me about it.thanks wikipedia

  • Jeremiah Miller

    There are so many possibilities. . . My first thought would be Arya is the next rider, but that’s extremely predictable. She’s definetely the best suited to be the next rider, but I also know that Saphira picked Eragon as a farm boy, not the hero he is now. something tells me it could be someone in a low position, I can’t decide who. . .

  • Madelyi

    I think the green dragon rider dies… In Eragon’s Guide to Alagaesia, there was no mention of another rider besides Eragon and to whom the book was speaking to. I also believe it is Arya, but my second guess is one of the elven children or Birgit. Birgit has been in the three previous books, and is a pretty strong character. Also, making her a rider would allow her to take her revenge against Roran more easily.

    Unfortunately, I will not find out until Thursday. My parents are holding my copy captive until then, and I have tried to offer them bribes, such as making me do all the chores they want for a day, but they are so set on not letting me have it! They say it is because I wouldn’t put the book down for two days. They are probably right. xP

    • Sekqr

      hasn’t anyone read the book?

  • Greenifan

    I think Arya will be the new rider. first of all she has green magic, the same color as the dragon. She is very powerful with magic, has killed a shade (a feat only 3 other people can boast of) and has supernatural speed, strength, and knowledge because she is an elf. In the books, CP hinted that she did not have to become queen if she did not want to. Also she goes on many adventures with Eragon; one of them could be to rescue the last egg from Galbatorix. Lastly, in the first book, Eragon had a dream where two people were sailing away on a boat (one of them was definitely female) and two dragons were circling in the sky.

  • Lance Miller

    Ok ok ok i know this is a bit far-fetched but hey what the heck i’ll take a stab in the dark what if it is oh i don’t know…oh i can’t rember his name umm the wepon master for the varden? He has all the experince with a blad he needs, Eragon could just project the ancient language into his mind, and lastly he’s just cool. ok if it isn’t him then Jeod because he had a part in freeing sapphiras egg, therfore the dragon would know he could be trusted. oh what the heck do i know just ready for book to come out

    • Dhampir98

      Jeod is too old to be a rider. He wouldn’t be much use.

    • Are you the designer of the Actuator deck by any chance? 😀

  • Trumanwest

    if not arya it will definitely be roran  i think he would like this role much more than king just for the simple fact that after the war he wants to move back to palencar valley with Katrina and he might be able to somehow do this as a rider 

  • Anon

    just to say that no-one should trust wikipedia. the content changes every few minutes.

  • thrifsson

    every one seems to forget that angela has been a focal part in all three books so far she has proven herself to be a formadable fighter not only that but she has also hinted that she is far older than she appears and the fact that she has the knuckle bones of a dragon i believe that she was a dragon rider not only does she seem to have uncanny wisdom of all the languages including elvish dwarvish and even urgal and every one is either mad at her or puzzled by her i believe she is very much going to either be the new rider or train solembum to be one

  • Anonymous

    Wikipedia already says who the green rider is. Don’t go there unless you want a spoiler.

    • Greenifan

      wow, thanks for the tip…that would have been terrible if id read that!

    • Murtagh

      I feel very tempted to go see who it is, but I will restrain myself.

      ONLY ONE MORE DAY!!!!!!!!!

      • cunninghamfiniarel

        Being in China, I have to wait another week!! I am going crazy here people

        • Vassilyaid

          You’re in f***ing China and all you can think about is a book? Show some class. And gratitude.

  • love

    If the green dragon has a brain, he will hatch for someone who is already trained and strong enough. Not Elva (I’m personally hoping that little troll meets her demise), Birgit, Katrina, etc. Arya is the obvious choice. Some people are saying she will inherit the throne, but she said she does not wish to rule. I would like it to be Vanir, mostly because I’m a fan. And I don’t believe it will be someone like Nolfavrell… not even quite sure who he is. It’s possible the elf children could eventually become Riders, after the cycle is over, but I doubt it would happen now. I do agree that Bladesinger and Wolfeyes are possibly going to steal back the egg. Orik already said he doesn’t like flying, and isn’t he the Dwarf King or something? Nasuada hates magic, so that would be a bad idea.

  • Ericst

    Something tells me Angela is actually selina and arya is the dragon rider

    • Rebelcapt1982

      If the role of Angela was based on CP’s sister, I cant see him transforming her into Eragons mom….that just seems weird

      • elle

        I know, I thought that and just went ewwwwwwwww 

    • Vassilyaid

      Ew. That would mean incest.

  • Michaelfan13

    I just hope no one comes on here and tells us who is the new rider!!!

    • Rebelcapt1982

      its there if people could read between the lines

  • Harry Edwards

    i think that it could be a person that we all know in all 3 books but over looked like one of the villagers or even the guy who trains angela

  • Arya’s Lovechild

    It’s gotta be Birgit! This is one Mamma who WILL have her revenge!

  • Rebelcapt1982

    Your all thinking way to much into this, the prophecy of an epic romance, the fact that the majority of dragons were born to elves. The fact that the dragon is green, and there is only one character who has been identified with green magic. It answer is blatantly obvious, and CP would not have thrown a major curve ball like a new character, or a untrained one into the mix in the last book. Be prepared to be disappointed if you didn’t want the obvious answer to be the new rider!

    • House

      That´s what im trying to say… all the answers are obvously… dont think too much… just accept the fact that arya will be the next rider… and eragon will leave alagaesia…. enough…. go read the book

      • Rebelcapt1982

        I like how people are still posting their guesses, the answer is right in front of their face

    • thrifsson

      not true there are two with green magic the other is angela

  • SS

    Maybe Katrina and Rorans new baby may be the rider – and the dragons magic may affect him or her, or maybe Eragon may be forced to use the spell he used on Elva on him/her

  • Harshj

    Wht if d new rider is an elf or human and the egg has already hatched? The rider has been trained by oromis in secret already… Doesn’t it seem likely? Aren’t the elves supposed to be secretive and not easily trusting? Doesn’t it seem plausible that they would have kept backup if ever eragon and saphira failed? This theory seems likely coz it would save time for the dragon to grow up and the rider to be trained… But the other rider loses patience after eragon is captured and reveals himself/herself… And if not by oromis and glaedr, then the green rider is trained by the werecats… and is presented to nasuada as a gift to show their support… its worth thinking about, coz both elves and werecats thrive on secrets…

    • love

      CP already said there are no other Riders besides Eragon, Murtagh, and Galbatrix.

  • Rebelcapt1982

    I know who the rider is and the name of this person dragon, if you want to spoiler just respond with your email and ill send it

  • Blackthornrose

    I doubt it will be Nasuada, Orik, Katrina or Roran. Nasuada and Orik have enough responsibility to deal with, ruling the dwarves and leading the Varden. As for Roran and Katrina, I just can’t see CP making one of them immortal and letting the other die, not after all they’ve been through just to be together (not to mention the baby on the way). I hope it’s Arya, but I’m sure CP will be give us a good plot twist with the identity of the green rider.

  • Arya Dröttningu

    Ok, I don’t want to be cliché, but I truly think that will be Arya. Why?[ is verysimple, Arya’s magic is esmerald green, just like the third dragon egg… Then, we have her relationship with Eragon. I’m almost sure she feels something for Eragon, but one of the ”obstacles” is the age, but think about it: Saphira is more than a year older than Greenie, and Arya is older than Eragon. Maybe she will leave this thing about the age apart… If she hasn’t done it yet. 
    Arya is strong, wise, powerful in magic and she also controls well all the weapons. And ten, no other rider is female, or an elf… so, I think it will be balanced….
    Aren’t enough arguments?¨I can continue all the day…. If we tie all the clues of the other books, we will be conduce to the same affirmation: The Green Dragonrider will be Arya.

  • Rebelcapt1982

    Will someone send me a spoiler on Face Book! I want to know who the green dragon rider is!

  • Allison Shackelton

    I hope Vanir is the new rider. Having a dragon might make him feel more equal to Eragon. If he start acting arrogant again, there could be interesting conflicts between him and Eragon.


    what about the dwarf  guy? i think that would be a kicker?!

    • Fayt

      Are you talking about Orik ???

      Even if the idea of a dwarf rider would be refreshing, it is very unlikely …
      Remember that the dragons made a “pact” with elves then humans … but not with the dwarf people … So I REALLY don’t think an egg could hatch for a dwarf ! They share absolutely no bond.

      But I really hope it’s not Arya, that’s way too obvious … Though almost everything hint to her …. Darn, so frustrating !!!

  • naegling2

    is this a spoiler

    • Mr-x

      aww noo i hope it wasn’t i saw it earlier ='(  damnit don’t get the book for another hour and 10 mins haha

      • The Green dragon

        what was it?

        • Rebelcapt1982

          I know why are people keep flagging the spoilers, the book is out. Everyone is going to be talking about it. You might as well get over it.

  • birgit

    i have a strong feeling its Birgit.

    • Blackthornrose

      I don’t think it will be Birgit. She just doesn’t seem the type for a rider…but that’s just me.

  • Aaa

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    • Mgoetz212

      wait who did he say it was? lol the anticipation is killing me that ill listen to his bologna

  • Pierre_Alexandre830

    I think the green dragon will have no rider….

    • Chewy175

      Green dragon has to have a rider as egg was enchanted so will only hatch when it geels the presence of his rider

  • ACoolGuest

    Could it beJarsha, you know the guy in Eldest who brings Eragon to the Council of Elders?

  • Sean Coker

    I like the katriana idea, her or arya

  • Yonz

    Also, it can’t be Angela because C.P. said that she was not even a part of the original story, let alone a rider.  (This was said in the interview between C.P. and Michelle Frey after the Brisingr audiobook)

  • Greig

    I think that galbatorix will accidentally drop the egg down the stairs and that it will fall down a drain pipe, and nobody will ever see it again.



  • Yonz

    If it’s arya, I’m going to throw the book out the window and make C.P. pay for the repair.

    • House

      it´s her… sorry guys everybody already knew it….

  • Monkeyman95

    I cant find the book on iTunes!! )’:

  • BiDdaumJuNiorR

    and the book is released! someone who had read in the end to see who the rider is? oh, wait, you don’t need to, we all know it’s Arya!

  • Horsegal4ever

    omgsh omgsh omgsh! so MAD at myself! I totally forgot it came out today till I looked on the B&N website and saw it! OMGSH!!! Some friend is ordering it for my sis and I for a forgotten birthday gift, so I have to wait!!! I might not come back on Shurtugal till I’ve read the book. Don’t want ANY spoilers!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

    As for my personal idea on the green rider, short story, I think it has to do with the women Angela was talking to. Long story, I think it’s galby’s wife and daughter, escaped with the green egg, hatched for the girl, and they’re going to hide in the Beor mountains with the dragon. Why no dragon with them? Flying, of course. Watching overhead and moving past the town to wait for them. Why the marks on the wrists? Because they had tried to escape before and had failed. Maybe they have been ‘escaped’ for a while, and that’s why they’re haggard. My favorite theory. I will love to read the book, but not want to, if it shoots down that theory! lol anyway . . .

  • Chibiiboy

    Il have loved this site since the day i first found it. It was awesome reading comments and you guys helped me come up with my own brand of theories i am getting it today after school and cant concentate -to excited

  • Anonymous

    I am Brandon P. and I do really think that Arya will be the next Rider. TIME TO READ!

  • (:(:(:(:(:(::

    I had a dream last night that the rider was Islanzadi, and I threw the book down. Classic! 

  • My ‘to do’ list is almost finished before UPS brings in “Inheritance”. Finish “Star Wars The Force Unleashed II”–check. English essay on “the Odyssey”–2 more pages left. Art Reporduction for Art Class–not even close. 

    I highly doubt that I can put the book down and write an essay. My mind would be too preoccupied to do that.

    • BIG DOG

      i think galby will make a body for his first dragons eldunari using the true name for the ancient language

  • Serath

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    I get to pick up a copy latter today!!!!! It only took THREE YEARS!

  • Denmark111

    I love the idea of Bladesinger and Wolf eyes! I can’t believe anyone haven’t come up with that theory before now! I have always thought that it would be strange to have just those to in a book 5, but as a dragon rider! And it would be perfect, if those two important characters that we know so little of, would be the ones stealing the eggs from Galbatorix.
    I would just have agreed with someone who already said this, but I don’t dare to do so, in case someone already has the book and is talking about it and I mixed up the dates, so that they actually may do that.

    • Arvindr

      Are we posting spoilers here denmark111 or is this a theory?

      • Arvindr

        because if it’s a theory then I genuinly like it ^^

      • Denmark111

        What I said is a theory and a comment to this post. The part of avoiding spoilers is just me being paranoid. I’m not completely sure what you mean though…

  • Arvindr

    I read his intire post, and although a short one. Jamesfishe3474 HAVE YOU EVER HEARD OFF THE WORDS: SPOILER ALERT!?!? No offense mean’t but I’m glad I flagged you. just don’t spoil the fun for the rest off us.

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  • Silvia

    I’ll have to go with Arya.

    I’m still wating to get my copy that I ordered online.

    • New Rider for greeni

      yeah me to. it wouldn’t be sloan because he would abuse his powers and it wouldn’t be the girls angelena cast the knucklebones for because the lady is too old and it would be creepy if it was the girl because if saphira wanted to have Greeni as a mate, eragon would be driven to like the dragon and it’s rider too, and vise versa. it wouldn’t be Katrina because she is pregnant and she would outlive Roran and it wouldnt be roran for the same reason. it wouldn’t be Vanir because he is too insolent and stuck up nor would it be angelena because she is already too powerful a character. It wouldn’t be orik because he is a dwarf and i don’t think it will be elva either because she has already been marked by saphira. But i think it will be arya because she has green magic, green eyes, is skilled in magic and sword fighting and she is also an elf. another twist I would like to throw out there is, in order to defeat Galbatorix, Greeni also bonded with eragon which would also give eragon a major power boost. and that may be enough to defeat galby.

  • Mcase19

    I have no idea why anybody would ever think nolfavrell. just because traditionally he is the “charectar” who is closest to the age of being rider-tested, does not mean that he is the next rider. that is basicallt the same as saying “ooh what about nighthawks guards #4! he’s got talent!”

  • Mr-x

    I have only got 6 hours and 54mins till i get it ahhhh can’t take it any longer

  • Mr-x

    Is it even safe to read the comments im not game to scroll down after what peeps have said about peeps and spoilers

  • Kelly

    I’m hoping for the Green Dragon to be free. It’d be horrible if the history of the Riders just starts repeating itself. The Dragons are a free race and deserve to be respected as an independent race that can flourish alone.

  • Jcrolls

    I dont think it’ll be Angela.  My theory is she’ll be one of the Grey folk with Tenga.  In brisingr i think it was oromis spoke about the grey folk outliving all other races and inventing the ancient language.
    I reckon thatll be her place in the story.

  • Sranjan 2007

    Damn you sadist Jamesfishe3474   (and all others who are posting spoilers), you spoiled my excitement and anticipation, DAMN YOU, somebody ban him fast, I can’t bear it..
    Bye shurtugal for  a few days, don’t  do anything good until I finish the book because I don’t want to miss out:-) an damn that Jamesfishe3474

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    Damn couldn’t control and read the third comment where  some big  ***********(yeah he  deserves  that, ban him, he is Jamesfishe3474   I went ddown slowly to see his name)hass posted the biggest spoiler…..What the hell man?? Enjoy what we have been  longing for so long and let others enjoy it(remain indoors, someone may  murder you for the spoiler, I  feel like doing so) SHIT

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  • Sylvia

    What about Rowan’s son? Surely it must be as when the child is born the dragon comes. But he will be too young. I’m not sure but I think that might be it as Rowan’s son would be related to Eragon so it would make sence. Arya seems quite popular but she’s 100 or something so why would the dragon hatch now? How do people know what’s going to happen anyway? The books only out today for me. Just about to get it! XD. I hope it’s one of the Elf children. BUT I KNOW MURTAGH AND NUSARDAR GOING TO FALL IN LOVE!!!!

  • Sylvia

    How did you get it so fast!?

  • TR


  • FozMC

    i have finished reading it now. what do i do?!

    • Mcase19

      nothing. your life no longer has meaning.

  • Anonymous

    In some ways, i think the thing about colour of magic changing was simply a red herring on CPs part, i HOPE Islanzadi doesn’t die, but if she does, agreed, Arya would not take up the throne, or head of the Tialdari Hall ….

  • Jordan25631

    150 pages in and still going strong:)

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    • AJ

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  • Orca

    I think the green Rider could be Baldor. He is very likeable and understands people. He’s been present throughout the books, standing out here and there (eg. injuring the Lethrblaka, helping Roran sort out the wedding proposal to Katrina). I think he is good Rider material.


    • Alexnichols12

      he wasnt in all of the books though

      • Orca

        Actually he was. See the following chapters: Deathwatch (Eragon); Roran (Eldest); A Delicate Matter (Brisingr), and Gifts of Gold for his first dialogue in Brisingr.

  • Alexnichols12

    Also i am betting that Roran is a decendant of King Palencar. He hasn’t gotten his inheritance yet so he will inherate the kingship.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think the green dragon is IN this book …. just another rachet in the works, it could be a wild dragon, and the last egg hatches for the rider in Eragon’s Guide to Alagaesia ……..

  • Arvindr

    there are two, who make the most sense. Arya and either one off the elven childeren. The only thing against Arya fot as far as I am concerned is the fact that she is already a hundered years old. For the elven childeren, it could either be both. they would have proper age, more than enough power, the A.L. from the start and I could go on forever^^. 

    From my opinion it’s either Arya and Eragons together and both riders. Or Arya and Eragons together and a third person as rider ( or just the third person as eragons mate and rider, but somehow I don’t think that that’s going to happen. Correct me sometime after the 17th if I am wrong )( The Netherlands receives the book on the 17th ^^ ). If the last two where to happen then the elven childeren would have the biggest potential.

    • Arvindr

      Don’t mind my spelling either, it’s just so exciting to be able to read the book within days. Have fun reading ^^. 

  • Alexnichols12

    I think that the green rider is going to be Tenga. no one has said it yet so i got first dibs on taking the credit.

  • Brackglandon

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    • The Green dragon

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  • Mattftw420

    Im 100 pages into the book and all i’ve got to say is that the LOTR soundtrack is amazing to listen to while I read this. also I think its Arya that becomes the dragon rider, 3-4 times her emerald green magic is mentioned. Coincidence? I think not. 

    • The Green dragon

      ha yea got to page 100 10 pages ago

      • Anonymous

        I have not got it yet :'( Should have it tonight or tomorrow morning :D!

  • Guest

    Solembum, anyone? He is vastly intelligent and cunning and as we have seen, can turn into a human who is more than capable of riding and/or combat. Plus he may be able to relate to another intelligent magical beast better than a human could. Also, he has done SOMETHING to upset the other werecats…

    • Slyvia

      Oh I would love it to be Solembum he’s one of my fave chariters! But the dragons only made a treaty with the humans and elfs it has said nothing about werecats. But I don’t think I will completely scrub that thought from my mind

  • The Green dragon

    I will not stop reading until i get at least to one revelation

  • help me

    why is the book gone from itunes????
    now i cant read it

  • Lil Uhura

    I can’t believe that I just had my hands on an actual copy of the book while I was at the grocery store.  I almost bought it but I kept repeating to myself “Buy local, buy local, buy local…” 😛
    However, I will be very upset with myself if the bookstore is sold out by the time that I get there tomorrow afternoon.

  • Divy

    What if its just a wild dragon? o.O with no rider whatsoever 😉 just throwing it out there 😀

    • Mcase19

      no, the king probably put spells on the egg to make sure it is a rider.

  • Calen_krueger

    there is now way it could be roran because he is too in love with katrina and there child to go and live forever without them, and nasuada is most likely to rule alagaesia so she would be tied up and not a dwarf becasue they are excluded from the spell that allows people and elves to be riders so it has to be an elf. most likely arya because she is accustomed to dragons and has the vast skill with a blade and magic already so she would not need to be trained.

    • Sylvia

      What if it’s Rowan’s son? Plus Arya is 100 or whatever years old: why wouldn’t the dragon have hatched by then? Plus it might be Nasuasa because she’s going to fall in love with Murtagh which will then change Murtagh’s true name.

      • Anonymous

        No Nasuada wont love murtagh because paloni said that whatever feelings she might of had for murtagh are gone forever because he betrayed them.  Also her falling in love with him wouldnt cause his true name to change unless he loved her back.

  • i have the book.. and reading 🙂 i think it will turn out to be Angela or Arya

  • Aedail

    these are all interesting theorys. arya is a good one for reasons stated, but it could also just be too obvious to be true. elva will certainly play a role, and maybe that role is being a rider. she would certainly make the story more interesting. the final theory that interests me is that the rider is roran. i wouldnt have agreed with this at all to begin with, but then i read someones comment about 3 brothers (eragon, roran and murtagh). none of them are really brothers, but all are major characters and all but roran are riders. my guess is that CP is going to pull something unexpected and clever, even if it is one of these people.

    • Sylvia

      Rowan’s son I bet

  • Melodia

    I’m so jealous for the people who have the book right now

    • should have pre ordered on amazon 🙂

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        • nope i pre-ordered back in august

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  • It is now 1 AM EST so IT HAS ARRIVED!!!!

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  • EragonandMurtagh

    2 hours….. and 11 days 🙁 i have to wait longer cause it is being shiped:(

  • AryaForce

    Arya all the way. It seems to fit and her character seems to be driving towards it in many ways. All the reasons are already listed and plus she is my favorite character. I see the others as possiblities, but these also have small setbacks. Roran just wants to live on his farm with Katrina and raise a small, well to-do family. Nasuada is already the leader of the Varden and my become Queen of Alagaesia. I don’t think the people would want another dragon rider as their leader. Orik is already king of the Dwarves and the dwarves are still wary on the dragons and riders alike. Vanir seemed to only be a side character, but who knows. Angela probably wouldn’t even want the job of being a dragon rider. The only other thing that seems to keep Arya in the spotlight for this is that CP had this last image idea he mentioned several times here and there about a Eragon and some person with their two dragons behind them floating away on a ship leaving Alagaesia forever. They were also hand in hand. Just thoughts and I could be wrong completely, but here is my opinion and why. 

  • Mr. Anonymous

    Not gonna be biased here and just say Arya because thats what everyone else is doing! I think it could be either the girl that Angela prophesies for or Norfavrell. They are just the right ages and seem to have the mindset of a fledgling rider.

    In any case, I really dont have any idea at all and will be delighted at whatever outcome. I’ve waited so long and truly enjoyed the journey of Eragon Shadeslayer and Saphira Bjartskular!

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    thank you so much Bob! i only wrote three theories and you used two of them!!! and thank you mike, lauren, chris, and most of all CP!!!! now i cant wait to read the story!!!

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    omygah the new rider is saphira she learns to ride a dragon and they play tiktaktoe all night long  :OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

    • Melodia

      and leapfrog!!!… or leapdragon??? o_O

  • The Grey Rider

    My favourite theory is that Noelfavrell ends up the Green Rider, simply because it basically puts paid to Birgit’s vendetta into the bargain, plus, for a minor character from the siege of Carvahall, he got a fair bit of face time; a lot more than some of the other Carvahall characters outside of Horst’s family.

    Also, I seem to recall Vanir being described as very young, so I wouldn’t rule him out either.

    • hoke

      i put that theory bro! 🙂

  • Deb M

    The Green Rider is…Tommy Oliver!

  • Lforce

    I think Nasuada will end up with Orrin and rule with him, while Roran is king in Alagaesia

    • Dash Watson

      More likely, rule him…

      • Melodia


    • Sylvia

      Oh Please! Nasuada and Murtagh are sooo going to be together! In the second book while Murtagh is in prison he says some stuff about Nasuada! It would then release Murtagh from the king!

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    it is finely hear after 3 years of wating.

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    My bookstore doesn’t have a midnight release, I won’t be able to get it until tomorrow 🙁
    I don’t want Arya to be the next rider, too predictable, I wanna be surprised.

    • The Grey Rider

      She’s like five times older than the elven age-limit, so I highly doubt she’ll end up the Green Rider, even though she’s got green magic.
      Durza had red magic, and he wasn’t Thorn’s rider.

      • haimainameisryan


      • Melodia

        yea I hope your right 🙂

      • Xxiaosaurus

        Well, think of it this way:

        Arya is slightly over a century old, and the green dragon egg is at least that old too (since it has been in Galbatorix’s possession for that time). There IS the possibility of Arya being the new Rider, because if she had been present before the egg while in the traditional age limit of ten or eleven years, the egg might have hatched for her. Even in her present age in the cycle, Arya is still eligible to be chosen by the green dragon. Food for thought…

  • Pudger Frank

    My hope is that it will be Carn. It would be the perfect opportunity for him to become better at magic. 

  • shjdgfsjudgv

    what is mike’s guess?

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  • Mazumdarsourav

    I dont think Arya will be the rider because http://inheritance.wikia.com/wiki/Eragon%27s_Guide_to_Alaga%C3%ABsia
    when eragon seems to be talking to the green rider…hes giving information about Eldurnari..and dragons and the way he is potraying such information it is as if the green rider has no clue about dragons or anything…it cant be arya because she knows all about the dragons and their hearts……

    • Lil Uhura

      We know from Murtagh that Greenie is a male.  Several times in the Guide the unknown Rider’s dragon is referred to as a female, therefore the Rider being referred to in the Guide isn’t the Green Rider. 

  • Artaxeboy

    The green dragon is merely Shruikan freed from Galbatorix’s magic. The last egg is NOT green I believe, but some other color, and will most likely go to Arya.

    • Tenna Wan

      Interesting theory you got there. Maybe the reason they alays describr Shruikan as Galby’s black dragon is because dark magic changed Shruikan’s scales to Black.

  • aje

    It’s either Nasuada…or that girl in Eragon’s dream

  • Arya<3

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  • S. J. K.

    It’s so Arya! It just has to be, and her and Eragon have to get together! I found 8 pages worth of proof from the other books that she is warming up to him. It all just works. She is female and her dragon is male. Eragon is male and his dragon is female. They all live happily ever after 🙂

  • Burke

    This is like New Years eve+ birthday gift+ christmas morning. I have never been more excited in my entire life! 😀

  • Baboo

    The other question that rarely gets considered is “will Greeny actually be involved in the final battle?”.  There is a lot to be said for many of these possible suitors becoming a Rider AFTER Galby’s defeat.  Of course Arya’s stock is probably highest on that one as well. 

    I just question what use this piddly little dragon will be against Galby?  It almost certainly won’t be breathing fire (unless it was born previously and we just don’t know about it).  Heck, flying might even pose a significant obstacle when you consider all of the plotline that still has to occur before it hatches and how close we are to the final battle.  And I just can’t see the Varden using Thorn-like growth enhancement. 

    If the Varden are going to have another Dragon/Rider at their side it will have to be Thorn/Murtagh.  If anything, Greeny will be the “legacy”, not the “game-changer”.

    Either way, we’ll see in a few minutes (plus the weeks that it will probably take me to read it).

    P.S. Thanks to the Shurtugal crew.  You’ve been awesome.

  • OverthMOON

    its Katrina’s child!

  • BrunoLikesInheritance

    I don’t care who it is but it has to be an elf because a human would need to learn the ancient language and elves being that their first language is probably the ancient language it would cut down the time of training needed Arya does seem like a good candidate for the position however that seems a little to obvious maybe CP is hinting at Arya to confuse us? 3 more hours until the book comes out!!! so excited!

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    I’m jealous of Mike and everyone up in NY attending the midnight release. I want to be there soo bad, but I couldn’t go. sniff sniff. I wanted to meet Mike and the gang, experience the release party, and enjoy being in NY for the first time. I shake my fist at you school and work, with your exams and making me work late!!!

  • Arya<3

    Ah I don’t have midnight release in my area :(. B and N doesn’t stay open 24/7, so I have to wait after school tomorow 🙁

  • Jahooty**

    The egg might not hatch at all during book four, maybe just at the end

  • Booboobaa

    when is this book coming out, the just pulled it off iTunes, the 9th?

  • eebi

    I’ll say right off that Arya is my pick. Green magic, green eyes, training, knowledge of the Ancient Language, all the stuff that people have said a hundred times before. Also, there’s no real “right age” for a bond. In the podcast, CP said that dragons USUALLY hatch for people about Eragon’s age or younger. In saying that the elf children are the “right age” and others are not, we’re forgetting that the dragon in the egg can choose. I think Greenie would have enough sense to hatch for someone who would be the best Rider possible, regardless of age.
    That said, then, my arguments against the rest:

    • eebi

      Roran – He, like Nasuada, has a deep distrust of magic. He is of the opinion that there would be less problems without magic. Also, Roran is the everyman character. He’s the “regular guy” who doesn’t have any special powers, but is still a great fighter and husband and brother and whatever else. Having him become the Rider would be anticlimatic in that sense.

      • BrunoLikesInheritance

        yes but his personality and character are already established taking on many enemies without magic etc and I’m pretty sure a ton of fans and even CP himself would not like the though of Roran outliving Katrina.

    • eebi

      Nasuada – Her whole belief system is distrustful of magic, so I think she’d have problems making decisions about the morality of using magic. Eragon has these issues too, but Nasuada sees magic as a necessary evil. Also, she would not be able to lead the Varden or Alagaesia as a Rider. She’s clearly expressed that having another immortal being as a ruler would not be a good thing. Who on earth would lead the Varden if not Nasuada?

    • eebi

      Angela – Though Angela would be an AWESOME Rider, I think her character is already a bit too powerful and mysterious to add the extra layer of being a Rider. Also, dragons tend to fairly logical (Saphira enjoys playing riddles), and any dragon would find Angela’s mind just a bit too out there.

    • eebi

      Vanir, Elva and Orik – Vanir is simply too arrogant. Not happening. Elva would be a very unpredictable Rider. She might just as well decide to seclude herself and Greenie, and since the green Rider is imperative to the Varden’s success, I think Elva is a long shot. It would be cool for Orik to be a Rider, but again, rulers shouldn’t be immortal so Orik would likely have to give up his kingship so he won’t be seen as Galbatorix II, and who would lead the dwarves?

    • eebi

      The women and the elf children – We have seen both the women and the elf children in Brisingr, but I think the green Rider will be someone we know fairly well so that we can relate to them. Most of the major character building happened in Brisingr, and it would take too long to develop a green Rider out of someone we don’t really know.

    • eebi

      Sloan, Nolfavrell and Katrina – Sloan’s blindness is too big a handicap, plus he’s just so set in his ways and unwilling to change that we’d run the risk of another Galbatorix. Good Riders/politicians/leaders are open to all views even if they don’t agree with them and Sloan definitely isn’t. Nolfavrell is just too inexperienced. If Greenie had hatched in Eldest, then maybe, but it would take too long to train him. Katrina is too motherly. She wouldn’t leave her baby, and I would think she’d have a hard time killing people.

    • Nathan Thomas Hall

      I agree! It has to be Arya, hands down!! There really would be no chance without her knowledge and experience. And I also agree that the age has nothing to do with it. This Dragon is needed NOW. So time reistrictions will not apply here. And seriously, all the hints about “green” and Arya being connected. It has to be her…. I might be a little dissapointed if it is here 😉 haha

      • Nathan Thomas Hall

        If is is NOT her. Sorry typo at the end there haha

  • The “Time of Ignorance” as I’ve called it is almost over. So I guess it’s time I say, I can’t thank you guys enough for all you’ve done for every Inheritance fan on the planet. I know it isn’t easy and you’ve had to put up with us for 20 weeks and I’m grateful for that. You gave me a place where I could let loose my Inheritance love and not be scoffed at. I had a lot of fun and I’m gonna miss my weekly dose of Mike, Lauren, Chris, and Bob. So once again thanks, and enjoy the book xD

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    i like the idea of it already being hatched.

  • Either Arya or Alanna/Dusan the elf kids. At this point we desperately need an elf Rider and I think the two kids have to come more prominently into the story in Inheritance because of their prominence. If they’re not Riders, ARYA. Once on the Alagaesia Facebook page I made myself leader of “Team Arya” opposite “Team Roran”. The first time I thought of the Green Rider was when I finished Brisingr 2 years ago and me and my friend immediately agreed it would be Roran. Months later though I discovered the possibility of Arya and my opinions began to change. Sure it’s predictable. But everything fits so perfectly. It has to be her.

    And by the way, if it’s Angela then I have the wild theory that Solembum is Greeni in disguise. 🙂

    • Tenna Wan

      That’d be hilarious! 😀

  • Tenna Wan

    Sorry for the boring answer but I believe (drumroll please) Arya will be the next rider! She’s just the most logically inevitable. Plus, Roran can’t be it because he will live longer than his wife and child, his life. She also makes more sense than Nasuada. Nasuada is getting to powerful for her own good. Elva is too creepy. Angela is the only other possibility that makes any sense at all.

  • spine88

    I love to think that it would be Arya. Yet when i saw that the dragon looked a little older maybe the two women in the third book stole the egg and it has hatched.. hm

  • Laurelleaf9

    Reading about Orik gave me an idea. Remember in Orik’s speech, when explaining to the clan meet what happened when Eragon was attacked? He mentioned how the dwarfs were too proud to join in the spell which created the riders, both with the elves and humans. My theory is that at the end of all this, the dwarfs might join in the spell. I dought the new rider will be a dwarf, but it would also show the beginning of a new age, and be Orik’s “inheritance” to his race.

    • BrunoLikesInheritance

      but it took a great amount of magic to form the bond. i beleive.

  • Anonymous

    My biggest problem, I live in NZ so I unable to get the book until the 9th (tomorrow morning) as I am a day a head of you guys. Not to mention I shouldn’t be reading fiction  but studying for my end of years. Anyway, Green rider, my true vote goes to the elvish children……………

  • Brady M.

    My prediction is that the rider is roran. I’ve always loved roran (especially after Eldest), and it would be awesome to see my favorite character become the rider he is in all but title (and magical prowess and dragon bondage…)

    • Brady M.

      The only thing is, I have to wait till Christmas to find out (my brother’s getting it for me and I don’t want to tick him off by buying the book on my own).

      • Laurelleaf9

        good luck

        • Brady M.

          This is going to be the longest month of my life….

    • Tenna Wan

      My only problem with that is he will outlive his beloved wife and child.

  • Laurelleaf9

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  • Skyler S.

    Thanks so much for including my theory! It is a truly humbling experience to be a part of all of this!

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    Nah mate it going to be the page Jasher, he gets my vote.
    Edit: if you think this is a joke, you are right.

  • The Green dragon

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    Be nice to read the book before all of you!!!!!

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    • I don’t know about any other companies, but Amazon releases Kindle books at midnight Pacific Time. That’s 1am Mountain, 2am Central, and 3am Eastern.

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    am thinking arya has my 1st guess or one of the elven childern. my 3rd would be one of the human childern or elfves thats with the varden or with in one of they cities that there at now or will be at when they steal the egg that is if it hasnt hatched yet.
     i doubt it would be roran or katrina because that love each other soo much and done so much alrdy so they could be togather if one of them becomes a rider it would tear em apart. that and i still think they’re going to be king/queen if they dont die.

  • random guy

    my theory is that the dragon won’t hatch until the end where he will not help

  • Valbrandr

    I’m betting on Arya – can’t help myself. I know people dislike her, but she’s settled herself in as my favorite character and there’s nothing I can do about it now. So excited!

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  • Kreative-Dragon

    Christopher said in the podcast that he wasn’t sure if he said the rider would be in all 3 books so far, or just one or two of them.
    So my dream of it being Jarsha can still live? Excellent, although I still got a lot of money on Bladesinger.

    -.- if it is Arya, Roran, or Katrina, I’ll scream. I like Arya, but that would be a stupid move, and I am so freaking done with the other two, I skim over Roran’s parts.
    does that make me evil?

    • Mcase19

      yes it does

    • BrentonVD

      Rorans parts are great, especially how he develops strategies for battle. (although they are not always that creative) Although I do understand why you would skip over the katrina parts.

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    • Kindle books are typically released at midnight Pacific time. That’s 1am Mountain, 2am Central, and 3am Eastern.

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