“Big Twenty” – User Poll Compilation

Over the past 20 weeks during our “Big Twenty” article series, we’ve been asking the fans what they think is going to happen. Until midnight tonight, those who haven’t yet taken part in the polls will be able to contribute their guesses as to what will happen in book 4!

In our first “Big Twenty” poll, we asked visitors who they think will lead Alagaesia after Galbatorix is deposed. The majority of visitors (more than half) believe that Roran is next in line to take leadership.

The next poll in the series asked visitors just what they thought Angela is or was. Most people believed that she was a descendant of the grey folk, the once powerful race that bound magic to the Ancient Language.

Another question we asked was that of the fate of the first Eragon, the elf that united the races of Elves and Dragons. Just over half of visitors believe that they are both dead but Bid’daum’s eldunari still exists.

The next question involved Eragon’s love life. An object of much speculation, almost 60% of visitors believed that he and Arya were meant for each other and they would soon be united in Book 4. Only 7% believe he is doomed, leading us to believe our visitors aren’t as pessimistic as we thought! (We do believe in happy endings!)

Next, we asked a series of questions regarding Eragon’s Guide to Alagaesia. The first of which was whether or not you believed that too much or too little information was revealed in this companion book. There was a definite split, however most agreed that it gave the perfect amount. Goldilocks would heartily agree, I’m sure!

A second question regarding Eragon’s Guide asked what the “unnamed shadow” mentioned in the book was. An overwhelming majority believed it was an entirely new and evil being.

The final question from Eragon’s Guide to Alagaesia asked what fans believed was Christopher Paolini’s intentions behind the book. A majority believed he was trying to do a little of everything, from answering important questions to teasing fans about the happenings of Book 4.

The next question was fairly straightforward, asking fans what they thought the Vault of Souls was. Nearly 60% believed that the Vault was a cache of dragon Eldunari. Another popular choice was that actual spirits could be found in the Vault. Only time will tell who was correct.

The next two questions involved the possibility of a fifth book in the series. Although not likely to happen anytime soon, many believe such a book would follow the two mysterious women that Eragon blessed at the advice of Angela.

Following up from the previous question, visitors were asked who they believe would be the villain for such a publication. A definite majority believe that it would involve the “unnamed shadow” mentioned in Eragon’s Guide to Alagaesia.

Regarding the fate of Galbatorix at the end of Book 4, many visitors believe that he will be dethroned and killed. However, not all of those people believe a greater evil being will be revealed afterwards. More than 5% of responders also believe that Galbatorix will be victorious. How awful!

Finally, there was a significant divide on whether Elva would join the Varden, join the Empire, or just stay neutral throughout the ordeal. More than half of visitors believed she would join the Varden and become a powerful weapon for the rebel group. (And creep everyone out!)

Remember to come back and check to see just how well our readers did in predicting the future of the Inheritance Cycle after you’ve read Book 4. Maybe we’re all as smart as we hope!

  • Bluebiker99

    i just want to say that i have loved this series since 5th grade and im in 10th grade now and i am going to die if i dont get this book soon i swear i will read it in walmart if i dont get it soon

  • SaphiraEragon

    Who else other than me wants the next book to be about MURTAUGH?!?!?!?!?!?!

  • Madelyi


    • Madelyi

      * I meant to say they are holding it captive. BE WARNED!

  • Elena Shadeslayer


    im sooo happpy, i was in the NYC book signing an hour ago and i was in the FRONT ROW, right behind the REAL ANGELA and CP PARENTS!!! and i saw mike there. CP pulled him up stage.
    *soo happy!!!!* i had a shurtugal shirt, a geldewey ignasia, and A HUGE SMILE (plus all the books)

  • ToriaDoria

    Firstly: I’m so glad that people other than me think that the two women (Bladesinger) are important! I think they’ll show up in the fourth book. My personal theory is that they are either a) on a suicide mission to try and kill ole Galby, or b) On a suicide mission to try to steal the last egg.Secondly: The Vault of Kuthien (sp)… It sounds either Dwarvish or, well, Dragon-ish to me. So, either it will be in the middle of the hadarac desert, or deep in the mines of the Dwarves; of the two, I prefer the Dragon theory.
    OR – It’s something of the Werecats. Just saying.

    Thirdly: May I point out that, before the battle of Farthen Dur, Nasuada and Murtagh seemed to hit it off rather well? I think the story could (read: should) benefit from developing that relationship. Now, we just have to make it happen!

    Murtagh will end up captured, be converted to good, forced by his oath to fight for Galby, and dies defending his brother/the varden.

    These are my various theories. Questions? Comments? Deep thoughts?

  • Kelly

    Personally, I’m inclined to think that Angela isn’t a certain race on way or another. She simply is.

  • Madman_Rj

    the fifth book will hopefully follow Brom’s life.  Think about it, we would learn about how Dragon Riders were traditionally trained, witness the fall of the dragon riders as well as Brom’s relationship with Selena.  I believe it would be a perfect prequel

  • Makrimathew

    the new king wont b roran, cos he will b d new rider… he wil join hands wit galby cos galby will convince him 2 make katrina also immortal… nd murthagh will com bak to d gud side.. dat means, d  betrayer in eragons family ws nt murtagh, it is roran… dats y paolini keeps sayin dat d story will b unexpectd… nd roran will die, so does katrina…

    i personally dnt lik dis, bt it is d truth…

    • Foxyextreme

      please fix your spelling, it was hard to read. And on the matter of who will be king, i think it might Roran, he has all the skills for it except political stuff.  And i think Murtagh will die saving Eragon when he’s battling Galby. 

    • Jakana

      Sorry but none of that happens:(

  • Christopher Grimes

    Why has nobody ever thaught that the Vault of Souls is in the Hadarac Desert? I am just curios as to the reason for this as it was mentioned in the first book to be a breeding ground for the wild dragons.

  • Alexnichols12

    I think that poll 1 has two right answers; the new king will be Roran but he will be a member of Algaesia’s old bloodline-a decendant of King Palencar, remember it was said that some of his ancestors still lived in Palencar Valley- Also he hasn’t gotten his inheritance yet so i think he is going to find an old scroll or book from Garrow explaining that he is royalty and become the new king.

    • Kelly

      For starters Roran can’t read, and secondly,that’s a pretty large inheritance for a poor farmer who grew up in poverty.

      • Nick

        eragon was a farmer who grew up in poverty and he became the last hope for the elves and the varden

        • Hej

          But that isn’t the same kind of inheritance. 

  • Sara Fondren

    What if there were still WILD dragons alive? In hiding of course, but still, you get my idea. I’ve been thinking some about it. I re-read the 1st 3 books recently and Saphira seems to obviously REALLY like heat. (Hadarac desert, flying near the sun, etc.) its mentioned that the Empire was never able to go deep into the desert, and Christopher Paolini even shows mountains drawn in the middle of the map. I know its a long stretch, but that seems like the best way for Galbatorix and his vast army to be defeated. The Elves, Warecats (Inheritance chapter: King Halfpaw), Dwarves, Surdans, and the Varden still need MUCH more than that to defeat his vast army, 2 other dragons, plus his obvious huge amount of Eldunari. Why not bring in a hidden dragon army? It’s a long stretch, I just wanted to throw out something besides who the next Rider will be (:
    Please feel free to let me know what you think!
    I will be picking my copy up at 9am sharp!

    • Kelly

      I’m pretty sure that CP’s stated that there aren’t any more dragons (other than the ones we know of)

  • eragnaddict

    gtta wait till afterschool tommrow….hopefully the day flies

  • Lil Uhura

    I think that Angela is an elf/grey folk hybrid.  That being said, I doubt that we’ll be getting the definitive answer anytime soon.

  • Andysan_37

    Am i the only one who thinks galbatorix will be killed by his own dragon??

    • firesword 52

      agree with that or thorn

  • S. J. K.

    I didn’t agree with any of the Eragon 1 theories. I think that him and his dragon are still alive, but they left Alagaesia to explore the world. I don’t think they have any idea about the current situation in Alagaesia, and I don’t think we will see them in book 4. Maybe Eragon 2 will go search for Eragon 1 to complete his training.

    • Dash Watson

      It’s actually Eragon 3, not 2…

      • Asd

        u mental?

      • ToriaDoria

        I was pretty sure that Eragon 1 (The first rider) was the only Eragon to be mentioned besides OUR Eragon, Eragon 2… Y’know, our dear little farmboy? What do you mean by Eragon 3?

      • love

        I’m pretty sure Joed said there had been two other Eragons in history.

  • snowlight silent night

    since its sooo close to the book release am going to say my really crazy theory. in eragon the twins drew a pentagram on the ground while they were testing eragon. i think galbatorix plans on using a pentagram, all hes HoH and all the people in uru baen to open a gateway or whatever u want to call it to the void in a attempt to bring back hes 1st dragon or other dragons/ riders. but its going fail somewhere and release the unamed shadow.

  • David Bromsson

    Ok so i just read the chapter of the Tree of Life in Brisingr and i think i know what the Menoa Tree “took” from Eragon. This is just a theory but here it goes:

    Eragon is a mix between a human and an elf. So if you think about itm he’s much like a liger which is a mix between a lion and a tiger, yet the thing is that ligers cannot reproduce because they are a mix of two species and according to my bio teacher, mixes of two species lose the ability to reproduce (the ability lies within the specie). So according to this theory Eragon wouldn’t be able to reproduce…But in the chapter, the Meona Tree shows somewhat an interest in Eragon, wondering what he is. So i think that the Tree didnt take Eragon’s ability to reproduce but, rather it GAVE him this ability. Because of this interest, the Menoa Tree thinks that she can create a new species to inhabit her forest and all of Alagaesia

    tell me what you guys think!

    • snowlight silent night

      in the past there have been elf/human couples that had kids and they were half elf half human.  i think has different has humans and elves r their still close enough in dna so even  if u were a mixture of the 2 they could still have kids unless theirs something wrong with the organs.

      • David Bromsson

        but the Menoa Tree said that she’s never encountered one like Eragon before and sh’es pretty old…idk i was just pondering and the theory just popped up

        • Lil Uhura

          Your theory is similar to mine, except I think she somehow inserted a strand of her DNA into his, thus making it possible for her to have “children”.

          • Mr. Anonymous

            Eragon is unlike the others in that he is a hybrid AND a dragon rider. That’s the big difference.

          • Alexnichols12

            Eragon doesn’t have any elf in him he started changing as soon as Saphira hatched for him and during the bloodoath celebration the dragons changed him and bassically just sped up his changes. he just has the same attributes as an elf…………remember the elves were just like humans before their bond with the dragons.

        • Nikhil_netra

          thats cause shes been sleeping d whole time

  • DragonsAreAwesome

    only a few hours……  but I have to wait until the morning 🙁

    • Rebekka

      I know I’m so excited. Though I have to wait until around 3pm tomorrow for when I get off work and then can go pick up a copy!

    • Lil Uhura

      At least you won’t have to sit through five hours of a digital darkroom class tomorrow morning like I’ll have to.

  • Arthur Z.

    Does anybody else think of “the most interesting man in the world” from those dos X commercials when they try to envision Galbytoris-rex? If they make another movie they should try to get that guy to play him.
    His true name is probably “Stay thirsty, my friends”

    • The Green dragon

      lol thats really funny! but your right he does look a lot like ive envisioned Galby.

  • Kreative-Dragon

    I’m thinking that Bladesinger  comes in the final pages, and becomes the green Rider. The ending of Inheritance is of the egg hatching. Eragon courts her in the 5th book, and Murtagh still lives so that Thorn can chase Saphira around like a Love sick puppy.
    I would LIKE for Murtagh to be a leader for a while, possibly have it so that a democratic system emerges and he gets the first four years, but I doubt the people would allow that, so I voted Nasuada. 
    I have 13 hours to go until it is MINE!!! ALL MINE!!!

    • The Green dragon

      but if you look at the cover of the book youll see that Greeny is actually a little older, with his bent scales and stuff like that.

    • What I’d thought of as the perfect ending was of a couple watching their young son walk up to one of Saphira’s eggs, which I pictured amber-orange. Also there would be all the major characters watching. The egg hatches, they smile at each other, and it ends. And no I swear (in the ancient language and with two fingers on my lips) that I haven’t read the book yet. It actually sounds like a very likely ending to me but if it really happens I didn’t know lol.

  • Dae

    I know I shouldn’t probably post this in here, but I don’t know where to put it. So all the Edmonton, Alberta, Canada fans that are planning on meeting Christopher when he comes, you now require a wristband to get into the event, of which only 200 will be available. To get it, you must buy Inheritance from the Chapters in West Edmonton Mall, and you MUST ask for it, or it won’t be available. More details about the event are on the Chapters website.

  • hoke

    My dad preordered it on his nook and im gonna read it on my computer! plus hes a time zone ahead of me!!

  • Guest

    Isn’t it strange to think we have been waiting 3 whole years, and the book is finally here.. wowzies.

    • Anonymous


    • I know I’ve only been waiting for 2 years but really IT’S HERE. Where I live there’s less than 3 hours left. I’m amazed.

  • Sara

    I voted for Angela as being Galbatorix in disguise 😉 unlikely yes, but it made my night being on the poll laawl

  • Jarvis Lambchop

    Eragon and Arya are just so cute together. 🙂

  • willpower

    Tonights plan get Inheritance at midnight Read through the day (skip school)finish it fast but not too fast once your done kill yourself their is nothing more to live  for ………………. the night is finely upon us yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!                                                   

    • Anonymous

      2 things… #1 Dont kill yourself because CP could be making more books. #2 It is ironic that your name is “willpower” and yet you dont have the willpower to wait to get the book until after school… even thought I am doing the same thing.

      • Mr. Anonymous

        CP WILL be making more books so don’t kill yourself.

        Yes, there are also other series you can check out, too…

    • The Green dragon

      ha i wish my mom would let me skip school she’s only letting me skip the first 2(out of four) classes and it is killing me. im gonna leave in about two hours to go and get the book and i plan to read all thorugh the time i get to school even if it takes fifteen coffes.

  • Nightriderz037

    i been watching dragon movies alll day!!!!! (not eragon, it was terrible) im excited i hope i can get it at walmart at midnight!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Me

    Honestly, I kinda voted for Eragon falling for Nasuada just to drive up the votes for that one and to annoy a certain member of the staff here. (Who shall remain nameless but probably obvious :P)
    Though I really did think of that possibility while I was reading Brisingr. Who knows…

  • 1moreday!

    I don’t have school all this week, (it is fall break here in Sherwood Park, AB, Canada) so this is the perfect time for the book to be released =) I will get in the afternoon tomorrow.

  • Whitewintersky


  • p.i.m.c!

    damn! tried to trick my iphone by changing the time zones to see whether i could download the book on my nook app…… didnt work. i guess it is a smart phone after all 😛

    • snowlight silent night

      roflmao i was thinking of trying that am on the west coast….

      • p.i.m.c!

        pfft! me too. that book better come out EST

  • Anonymous


  • kaylajoyce

    im buying the book before I even go to school. SO EXCITED. 

  • Marty N.

    In the Chapter Souls of stone, Oromis is telling Eragon Where the Eldunari get their energy. “Where does the energy for the Eldunari come from”? Oromis replied ” from magic”, “If one defines magic as the manipulation of energy, which properly it is, then yes, magic. Where exactly the Eldunari acquire their energy is a mystery to both us and the dragons; no one has ever identified the source.” I think that is what the Vault of Souls are, The source of Energy for the Eldunari. I also think it might contain the Knowledge of Every previous Dragon Rider. So Every thing will not be lost.

    • Me

      ooh. Nice one.

    • Opinionated11

      I actually think it is where the dragon souls are kept. There is a huge stash hidden there and Eragon will discover it and use them to hand Galbatorix his ass.


    Last (so far), I think Tenga is Galby, Angela was a forsworn, solembum is the real werecat king but chose to run around with a forsworn which his race blamed on the aforementioned forsworn (cheep cheep), and Roran will be the next king of Alagaesia!

  • mad rabbit

    I think that spirits are really remnants of the grey folk (remember, Oromis said they just “faded away, this is a way that it could have happened).  If they are in the vault of souls, they will be able to tell Eragon anything he needs to know about magic, as it is performed using their language.

  • Alina

    I think Lady Lorana will be the new Queen.

  • Alina

    I think Lady Lorana will be the new Queen.

  • Sallystar6of7

    Thanks Robert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • guest

    i think galby will be dethroned. shrukin killed. all his eldunari destroyed. but i think he will be the unnamed shadow and be a shade just a lot less powerful

  • Anonymous

    Great idea for a big twenty! It’s great to know what all the fans think! and I think that Elva will die!

  • Mike

    I have had a thought.  The words that Brom told Eragon, where they possibly his true name?  I’m sure however that since that point Eragon’s thoughts suggest that he doesn’t know his own true name. 

  • MJ_needs_more_Paolini

    I think that perhaps another possible addition to the series will follow the story of Jeod and/or Brom. And perhaps Ajiahad… i dont know if i spelled that right….

    • David Bromsson

      yea i was surprised that wasn’t one of the options, that would be a cool story to read

    • Mr. Anonymous

      Yeah what happened to a Brom/Jeod option huh?

  • MJ_needs_more_Paolini

    So freaking excited for Inheritance tonight!!! I’m leaving in 5 HOURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chewy175


    • Anonymous

      Ok thank you! I am also very excited for skyrim!!

  • Hahahah

    So excited for Book 4-screw homework, I’m gonna read the book!

    • David Bromsson

      same here

    • MJ_needs_more_Paolini


  • David Bromsson

    i thought there was another article coming out on who the green rider is….??

  • The final Big Twenty article is coming very soon!

    • David Bromsson

      sooo before 12, right??

    • The Green dragon

      hey bob i was just having lots of trouble reaching the site. It was saying that an account had been suspended and when it didnt it was just displaying a photo or something of the main page. any ideas? but i know you’re probably on your way to NY so no rush on an answer.

      • Massive server issues. Apparently, there are just too many people!

        (No NY until tomorrow!)

        • The Green dragon

          will it be fixed soon? this is the first time i was able to get on in an hour. and i thought you were going to the launch party?

  • I’m semi-convinced that the Vault of Souls is where the souls of everyone in Eragon’s world go once they die. I think that he’ll talk to Brom there. Or at least, I hope… I <3 Brom.

  • Melodia


    • Melodia

      or not

  • yo dough boi