Last Week on Lytherus: Transformers 4, Breaking Dawn Behind the Scenes, Punisher Coming to TV, World of Warcraft New Expansion, and More!

Before this week’s Big Twenty article, Book Club podcast hit (featuring Christopher’s editor!), and a confirmed release of the second part of our interview with Christopher Paolini, we wanted to share all of the biggest fantasy, scifi, and horror news from the last seven days with our visitors from our sister site, The Lytherus team had a whole host of news and reviews last week, including talks on “Transformers 4,” “World of Warcraft’s” newest expansion, big comic news – including “The Punisher” coming to TV, and some great book excerpts, just to name a few. We topped it off with nine fantastic reviews across books, movies, comics, and more. You can read all of these stories and more in the latest “Last Week on Lytherus”!

Head on over to Lytherus to read the full summary article for links to each news post!

  • Mcase19

    no offense mike, but if we wanted news on lytherus we would’ve gone to lytherus.

    • Yeah, I know, not reading an article that doesn’t interest you is just SO difficult.

      I provide Shur’tugal as a free service. You do not pay anything to visit, and I do this for fun — not as a job. That means I get to choose what goes on the website. Instead of whining that you had to read this post (which, by the way, no one forced you to do), why not say thanks to the countless people who work hard to provide these things to you for free?

      Please apply thought before you go criticizing people in the future.

  • Guest

    Wow, I cant believe the administrators on this site are so lame. They banned me from posting any more comments on here under my disqus name because I called them out on trying to filter traffic over to lytherus after shurtugal releases. Lets see how long it takes them to catch and delete this comment. You can’t monitor every comment before it’s posted. Its pretty sad to see a great site like shurtugal failing the way it has in recent weeks. You guys are getting flustered by the impending book release. Peace out. Won’t be back here again lames.

    • Eragonffx

      Thats lame dude.

    • Meh

      Roger Laird, is that you???

      • Steve

        I think that it was him because I saw a comment on here from him before and now it is gone. Some people will be glad to see him gone because he was always talking about his book and they didn’t like that. I didn’t agree with everything he said but I did like some of his theories. From what I remember of his comment I can’t imagine them kicking him off though.

        • Matt S

          It was him, and I don’t know why they would of kicked him off for his earlier comment either. He was just stating what was on his mind just like everyone else. I think whoever did the banning is just having a bad day.

          • AnEx

            I really dislike the way people get lambasted and even banned for speaking out against Paolini or Mike or the way the site is run. I’ve seen, a few times, where they aren’t nasty, they’re not cursing or insulting, they’re just speaking their minds, but it manages to offend the delicate sensibilities of the fans or Mike and so boom, they get banned. These people care enough to come and sign up on this site, they don’t hate the books, they’ve read them and for the most part like them, they just disagree with certain things and because they go against popular opinion they get kicked out. The precedent has already been set on this site that if you don’t conform or you aren’t in total agreement than your presence won’t be tolerated. If you argue over a section of the books you believe were badly written, if you make Paolini look like anything less than the best author ever pick up a pen, than it’s pretty reasonable for you to assume that sooner or later, you will be banned. When you argue with Mike, he feels insulted and instead of being understanding and adult about it, and stating his opinion or beliefs and then defending it, he gets angry and tells folks they aren’t welcome here or even goes so far as to kick them off. Even if its pretty much harmless, it seems like any form of “dissension” is intolerable. It’s really why I rarely come here any more. It’s sad and it’s one of the only sites, if not the only site, that’s like that

          • AnEx

            And what do you want to bet that my comment will be deleted as “spam” soon as possible?? I’d put my life savings on it.

        • Meh

          Why was “the guest” flagged? Nothing wrong with his comment.

          Yeah i was one of the ones he was annoying haha, but i had read his comment and all it said was that he thought Mike is trying to get people to go to lytherus or something. Harmless surely…

          • Steve

            It is probably because he was criticizing the way that this site has been run recently. I actually read his book when he offered it for free and I rather liked it.

  • The Green dragon

    What about the Random buzzers contest?

  • Fanperson

    Yay! Interview…finally!!

    • Coasterking

      what u talking about its not out yet

      • Fanperson

        atleast they assure us they’ll give it to us soon after sitting tight on it for so long. spoilers, big clues, something, hope it doesn’t disappoint otherwise it’s useless so late in the day. 

        • Guest

          The word “soon” was also used 2 weeks ago. Hehe

          • But Mike never said “Before this week’s… confirmed release of the second part of the interview”

  • stroodle_910

    I was wondering if you guys have recorded the podcast already. I just finished reading and I have some comments to send in as a voicemail… Lately, when I call the voice on the other end says I have dialed an invalid number, but I have checked, double checked and triple checked and it was right. Do any of you know what’s wrong?

  • Just say it Mike, when Inheritance is over you need us to follow so you don’t lose advertisement contracts. Nobody will look down on you for it. I wish everyone the best of luck in the future. Now please post the the next big twenty. I love posting my outlandish theories and then going back and forth with people all week. I promise that each time I come back I check the red headlines at the top of the page for news and sometime before the last book is released I plan to bookmark since I will pointedly avoid this site until I finish book 4.

  • I said it in the article, and I’ll say it again here. There shouldn’t be a 4th Transformers Movie. It was supposed to be a Trilogy, and they ended Dark of the Moon with ALL of the Decepticons dying. There is no plot for the alleged fourth movie

    • Anonymous

      Micheal Bay’s new plot: More explosions

    • Fairth

       You haven’t heard of Unicron have you?  He’s a planet-sized transformer bad-guy that makes Megatron (who he will most likely revive) look like a level-one boss from a video-game you’ve beaten five times.

  • Coasterking

    this is for mike lauren chris or bob when is the contest with
    random buzzers coming you guys will be recording any day now and there
    has been no contest. also what is your plan to catch up on the big 20s you are like behind 2


    • Jwelde

      they’re doing their best and they’re doing awesomely

      • Coasterking

        i know but that contest is runing out of time to happen just curious if it was still on

        • The Green dragon

          there’s no set date for when they come out. they could record both of the last episodes in the same day and just release one after the other. i want to know when the random buzzers thing is to if you look above, but i dont care when it happens, because i know that it will happen, and like what Jwelde said, they doing there best.

          • S.M.H

            He was just asking a question. There’s no reason for you to get so defensive about it. If it’s like this for even little things like that….