Last Week on Lytherus: Avengers Trailer, Avatar 2 Spoilers, Xbox 720, Hunger Games Movie Posters, and a Percy Jackson 2 Movie Release Date!

Before this week’s Big Twenty article and Book Club podcast hit, we wanted to share all of the biggest fantasy, scifi, and horror news from the last seven days with our visitors from our sister site, This was one of Lytherus’ best weeks yet as we covered dozens of breaking news stories, offered exclusive coverage of New York Comic Con, broke news about Hunger Games and the next Percy Jackson movie’s release date! We also released the full trailer for The Avengers, posted a huge batch of Skyrim screenshots and game manual photos, reported on Xbox 720 rumors, and released a huge batch of Hunger Games movie posters! On top of all that, we have over ten fantasy and scifi reviews to help you find some new content to enjoy! All this and more in this week’s “Last Week on Lytherus” news and review!

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