“The Inheritance Cycle Book Club, Episode Thirteen” Has Officially Arrived! Listen Now!

The Inheritance Cycle Book Club is a podcast-styled read-through of Eragon, Eldest, and Brisingr aimed at refreshing fans and entertaining new readers as we venture toward the release of Inheritance. Each of the twenty episodes will discuss set portions of the books, in order, and will tackle the events of each reading, theories arising from the reading, and more. Join us for our adventure through the series!

Episode thirteen marks the beginning of BRISINGR the final released novel in the series… which means that INHERITANCE is getting really close! The thirteenth installment of Shurtugal.com’s Inheritance Cycle Book Club Podcast has finally arrived! Our latest episode tackles the first several chapters from Brisingr, discussing the important events of this week’s set of reading. Join us as we discuss the Roran and Eragon’s Amazing Helgrind AdventureTM, including the death of the Ra’zac, Katrina’s rescue, and Eragon’s secret side mission! Plus we tackle some fantastic fan questions and theories related to this section in our spoiler section at the end of the podcast. Be sure to read along as we read through all three books over the next twenty weeks


Don’t forget that we’ve “hidden” a secret word in each episode of the Book Club. Collect all twenty words for a shot at an incredible grand prize, as well as many more runners-up prizes to be revealed in the coming weeks!

Shurtugal.com Presents: The Inheritance Cycle Book Club, Episode Thirteen:

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Brief Outline for “Shurtugal.com Presents: The Inheritance Cycle Book Club, Episode Thirteen”:

  • Introduction! Your hosts are Mike Macauley (Shur’tugal, Lytherus, The Inheritance Almanac), Lauren Zurchin (Lytherus),Chris Addison (Shur’tugal), and special guest Helen Beddis (Theory Expert)
  • Lauren was trapped on top of a mountain by a wild herd of goats bighorn sheep in Montana but she survived and is back!
  • Eragon and Roran begin to act like brothers again
  • The duo saves Katrina and kills the Ra’zac (with help from Saphira, of course)
  • Eragon secretly saves Sloan and “punishes” him
  • Hosts discuss some observations from this reading — facts to keep in mind going forward
  • We give this week’s sweepstakes word! (Yes, Mike remembered!)
  • We want your feedback!
  • The spoiler-free portion of the show ends with a spoiler warning as we begin to discuss our spoiler-ridden theories!
  • End of episode thirteen!

Episode Fourteen of the Inheritance Book Club will release on September 23rd! Please be sure to read “Trial of the Long Knives” through “Mercy, Dragon Rider”, stop when you hit “Shadows of the Past”!

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We want to involve our listeners in each show’s discussions as much as possible. This means we want to hear from you! We’re looking you to share your thoughts, theories, and discussion points on the next set of chapters for episode twelve (listed above). The best of these thoughts will be read or played during the next episode of the Book Club!

  • Share your thoughts via text: If you have thoughts, opinions, discussion points, or theories on the next set of reading, please send them to podcast@shurtugal.com — be sure to keep them as brief as possible. Also be sure to include “Episode 14 Thoughts” in the subject!
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We want your feedback!

We’re looking for your feedback! We want to create the perfect book club for fans of the Inheritance Cycle; to do this, we need to know what you’re thinking after our first show. What worked? What didn’t work? What changes would you like to see made? Is there anything you’d like added to the show? Please — let us know your thoughts and we’ll do our best to accommodate all feedback and ideas. Submit your thoughts in the comments below or send us an email at podcast@shurtugal.com — be sure to include the word “Feedback” in the subject!