Comic-Con 2011: A Summary of All of Our Coverage From This Year’s Convention!

Comic-Con is well over — sitting a good two weeks in our rear-view mirror. Our coverage wasn’t fully finished until last week, when we published our final Comic-Con articles and called it a year. Although Comic-Con is now past, we wanted to be sure to share a summary of our plethora of convention coverage with our readers in case any was missed in the insane and exciting pile of news that is “Comic-Con”!

We personally shadowed Christopher Paolini during this year’s convention to cover all of his events — including panels, signings, podcasts, and more! Miss any of our coverage? Check out our full round-up of news, panel coverage, and more from Comic-Con 2011!

P.S. We haven’t forgotten about our interview with Christopher from Comic-Con. It’s coming soon-ish — hang in there, it’ll be worth the wait.

  • UnknownGuy

    I don’t know if anyone has already found this, but if you agree that this could be a huge finding, please get Mike Macauley to see it!

    Over the books, Eragon has had some pretty important dreams, such as the dragons over the boat, or the encounter with Murtaugh. Here is another one i think might be related to the Vault of Souls. In Brisingr, on Pg. 252, eragon is on saphira right after a feast with the villagers of Carvahall. 

    ” Rest if you want, little one, said Saphira. I shall not let you fall.
        And he rested, and visions beset him of a circular stone city that stood in the center of a endless plain and of a small girl who wandered among the narrow, winding alleys within and who sang a haunting melody.
        And the night wore on toward morning.”

    I think the small girl mentioned might be Elva, but that might be crazy. And where is he? Endless Plains? Circular Stone City? If this is indeed the Vault of Souls, then where is it? Of course I may be getting exited over nothing and just jumping the gun. Please let me know if you think this is consequential in any way in the comments. I couldn’t wait for the next Q & A!

    • That’s funny you would post this now, because just today while I was reading Eldest I came to the part where Eragon meets Maud at Du Weldenvarden. One of the names she gives herself is “The Dream Dancer”. I thought immediately of this dream.

      • UnknownGuy

        Yeah, it seems more likely to be maud. Maybe this place has something to do with were cats.

    • Matt

      Probably Vroengard, they talked about it being made of stone, and because it’s in a crator it would probably be round.

  • Mchl_Andrew

    Its great how mike anticipated the CP Interview complaints and took preemptive action. That’s the kind of reassurance impatient fans need!

  • firemonkey

    Can’t wait for the interview!

  • Anonymous

    Soon-ish  couldn’t come any sooner.

  • Anonymous

    Can’t wait to read it 😀

  • Urmominbedithink

    2nd comment

  • Anonymous

    Looking forward to Soon-ish!

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