Saphira Released as Third Playable Character on “Inheritance Quest”!

Inheritance Quest has officially launched its third playable character this week: Saphira! Players can now experience life in Alagaesia through the eyes of their favorite dragon, following in the footsteps of the game’s first two playable characters — Angela and Murtagh.

Inheritance Quest is a text-driven Inheritance Cycle Facebook game produced by Christopher Paolini’s publisher, Random House. The game allows you to play as five popular Inheritance Cycle characters — Angela, Murtagh and Saphira so far — going on quests, adventures, and tasks all in the shoes of each character. Our very own Mike Macauley played a large role in the game’s development as a creative consultant and co-writer and wrote a majority of the storyline and quest text you’ll see in the game.

Want to learn more about this week’s character addition, including some behind-the-scenes information and a refresher on Saphira’s character? Keep reading!

Need a refresher on Saphira? Here’s an excerpt from The Inheritance Almanac:

The dragon who hatched under the watchful eye of Eragon. Her sire was Iormûngr and her dam Vervada. Saphira’s egg, one of the three known dragon eggs in existence, was in the posession of the elf princess Arya when the Shade Durza and his Urgal agents almost recaptured it in an ambush. Arya succeeded in magically transporting the precious egg to a wild area of the Spine, where Eragon, alone on a hunting expedition, discovered it. Eragon had trouble naming his blue-scaled dragon until he realized that the hatchling was female; as he went through the names the storyteller Brom suggested, the dragon herself indicated her name: Saphira.

As with all dragons and Riders, Saphira and Eragon communicate telepathically and their bond is a deep and everlasting one. Saphira carries the wisdom of her race, and Eragon often turns to her for guidance and comfort.

Saphira was an incredibly fun, exciting and unique character to write for the Inheritance Quest. Her quests offer readers a glimpse through her perspective during events throughout the first three books, including her time spent within the Empire’s control, her “kidnapping” of Eragon during the Ra’zac’s first invasion of Carvahall, her work in evading the Urgals hot on her tail during their run through the Beor Mountains, preparations for battle via training with Eragon and Arya, ancient messages of old, and more! Several of Saphira’s quests offer glimpses at stories not available in the first three books.