Last Week on Lytherus: A Summary of Last Week’s Biggest Fantasy, Scifi, and Horror News and Reviews!

Before this week’s Inheritance Quest character, Big Twenty article, and Book Club podcast hit, we wanted to share all of the biggest fantasy, scifi, and horror news from the last seven days with our visitors from our sister site, Readers were treated to several surprise announcements, leaks, and revelations this week — mostly within the video game and movie communities. Batman news made the biggest splash this week with its public filming revealing several new characters, costumes and more. Hunger Games also made a bit of a splash with their own filming coupled with a few photo leaks! Blizzard may have accidentally slipped up on their next World of Warcraft expansion, rumored to be “Mists of Pandaria”. Meanwhile, League of Legends: Dominion was announced and previewed in a new trailer, and Borderlands 2 was officially announced following months of rumors about its existence. Check out our full “last week” summary post for all of the latest news and reviews!