Inheritance Quest Launches Second Playable Character: Murtagh!

Inheritance Quest has officially launched its second playable character this week: Murtagh! The introduction of Murtagh as a playable character in the promotional Inheritance Cycle Facebook game follows hot on the heels of the game’s launch, which introduced Angela as the first playable character.

Inheritance Quest is a text-driven Inheritance Cycle Facebook game produced by Christopher Paolini’s publisher, Random House. The game allows you to play as five popular Inheritance Cycle characters — Angela and Murtagh so far — going on quests, adventures, and tasks all in the shoes of each character. Our very own Mike Macauley played a large role in the game’s development as a creative consultant and co-writer and wrote a majority of the storyline and quest text you’ll see in the game.

Need a Murtagh refresher? Here’s an excerpt from The Inheritance Almanac:

The son of Morzan and Selena, Murtagh was originally an ally of his half brother, Eragon, and the Varden. But, like his father, he would become a Dragon Rider serving the cause of Galbatorix.

Although Murtagh’s lineage had aroused suspicion of his intentions, when he first met Eragon, he was a stalwart friend, saving him and Brom from the Ra’zac (though Brom ultimately died from the wounds he received in the struggle) and even helping him and Arya escape from the fortress of Gil’ead.

Murtagh has since engaged in fierce battles with Oromis and Glaedr as well as Eragon and Saphira. Murtagh’s fealty to Galbatorix is ominous, given the concerns Ajihad had once expressed to Eragon: “[Galbatorix’s] cursed sorcery grows stronger each year. With another Rider at his side, he would be unstoppable.”

Murtagh was our favorite character to write quests for. His quests follow many stories mentioned but not experienced throughout the books and offers fans an exciting and unique glimpse into the mind of one of the series’ greatest yet elusive characters. Murtagh’s quests include his initial escape from Uru’baen and participation in the battle of Farthen Dur!

As an aside: Big Twenty articles have been pushed to Tuesdays until all five Inheritance Quest characters have released.